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Found 1 result

  1. YEAR 87 FLORENTINE 3 MARKS [Ferdinand Richardt] 12TH OF SUN’S SMILE Today was a day humanity will not soon forget. King Frederick is dead, and the future of Orenia has never been more uncertain. It began, as great change often does, in court. We were one of the first few to arrive. The King stood beside his wife in silence, waiting for peers to arrive. Only then would Frederick begin his speech. He spoke hesitantly to the few who had dared to make an appearance, tensions were high and this court was believed to be the King’s last. It only took minutes for the crashing of doors and screams of men to startle the denizens within the palace’s hall. About 40-50 figures had stormed in, armored and armed. They were led by Baron Gustaf de Vilain, drawing a chilling silence from the once proud King. It was apparent that he knew what was to come. The King was quick to denounce the men before him, calling the Acre-folk “scum to history” and that the books would remember Gustaf as a “puppet of lessers.” After heated debate, the horribly outnumbered Royalists, consisting largely of Ivanovich clansmen, clashed with the Acre-folk. The King and his wife fled two different directions, abandoning their people and their own children, left alone in the rat’s trap that was the throne room. Blood stained the carpeted floors- most of the men who fought for the King left for dead and butchered. A fleet of men then pursued Frederick, closely followed by our brave reporters. The Acre band’s only obstacle now was the slew of locked doors Frederick had hidden behind, but the wood stood no chance against the impassioned few. At last, the Acre-men arrived at the King’s quarters. The reporters were the first to enter the scene, however, there was nothing to be found of the man. Only a horrid stench wafted, alongside red stains in the carpet. Even then, nothing was seen of the king. Our analysts believe he threw himself from his own balcony. As of writing this, our team is still investigating the river below for evidence. After an hour of searches, the party reconvened in the throne room. There, the men collected themselves, headed by the Baron of Acre himself. He led speeches upon speeches, assuring his bannerman and the citizens who remained. One of our reporters approached the Baron, and was permitted a brief interview. _________________________ SOME DEPICTIONS: [!] The reporters await outside the Royal tower as the Acre-folk break their way in. [!] The reporters examine in awe as the horde attempts to break their way into the room. [!] The king’s odd decor above his bed. [!] The armored Baron Gustaf de Vilain alongside his merry men. _________________________ THE FOLLOWING IS A TRANSCRIPTION OF THE INTERVIEW WITH BARON GUSTAF DE VILAIN: Interviewed by Mischa Lesanov Interviewer: Mister Gustaf, do you plan to run the nation? What of the royal family and peers? Gustaf: This is a filthy city. It will need to be dismembered, brick by brick. Interviewer: Do you have a vision for what Oren’s future is? Gustaf: Are you familiar with farming? Or even forestry? Interviewer: I am. Will Vienne be turned into farming and woodlands? What of the people’s homes? Will they be relocated? Hannes, son of Gustaf: GOD’s Kingdom of Nature will reclaim Vienne. Interviewer: Is that what Oren is to be called? And will your people truly care for nature and her people, or shall there be another war and coup in due time? Gustaf: Those who are left in Vienne and choose to stay will have their needs taken care of. The Barony of Acre will rebuild. If conflict emerges again, then it is only the way of things. There is no new kingdom. Interviewer: No courts, kings, or peers? Gustaf: I guarantee nothing. Only in that this land will be the Barony of Acre. Interviewer: So you mean to say all of this is nearly lawless- left without a king or stable government? And you only stand for Acre and her people? Gustaf nods. Interviewer: Do you have any other words for the worried people of Oren? Gustaf: Any man or woman holds the right to speak with me. Unlike the Viscount who lies dead now, we don’t intend to strike out individuals wanting to speak or seek council. I am an open book. _________________________ Us, Orenians, are left to ponder: were the countless men we’ve lost during the past few wars and coups worth the cause they fought for? What is left to come of this Kingdom? Will we ever live in peace, or are we due for another war in the coming years? Only time can tell, and even then, the people are restless for peace. It is a morbid irony that our strife for harmony has spilled the most blood. _________________________ “ Let it be made clear and now - there is no man present who could best us. There is no warrior who could outmatch our unified strength. In the end, all that remains will be Acre. Any peer of the now-slain king has nothing but to take this opportunity to stay with us and to settle with peace afterward. GUSTAF OF ACRE, 1882 ” _________________________ In other news, those at Books & Books are still looking to purchase literary collections! The library and store have been growing immensely by the month with exceptional works by renowned writers. So do make your way to Florentine and visit! Do not shy away from penning us with any inquiries you may have.
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