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Found 2 results

  1. Memento Meminisse “Let me remember to remember before I forget to forget.” [!] An old painting of one of the founding members of the Ferrymen, pondering on their time in the mud. “Justice and fairness tattooed on my chest, freedom flowing through my veins. An honorable cause that formed the foundation for the most just yet most vicious warriors since lettering was invented. Where did the times go? Where did our traditions go?” The Ferrymen used to scramble for every coin we could get our filthy palms on, just to hand it to some poor farmer. That’s what life was for us, what it was meant to be. What we were meant to do. We’ve grown out of our own skin. So much gold has been acquired from the rich and entitled that we don’t worry about the poor anymore. We worry about our fashion and walletology, the science that explains how big our pockets can get before bursting. We are nested in every city, and their civilian’s minds. The Ferrymen have grown to such a size that we are not anymore a collection of commonmen, but an underground collective of organized crime. Puppeteers on a grander stage. Conductors of the orchestra playing in this realm. Blood is spilt for gold, and gold used to fuel greed. Let it come to an end. To all donning our teal, you are free. You may live your life as just a man, bathing in the glory you’ve acquired on the fields of war, alongside the many women you’ve gained. The gathering of freedom fighters known as the Ferrymen will continue through the actions of their Captain, on a ship without deckhands or sailors. We leave a ravaged path of endless ruin behind us, ruin that could not be stopped by anyone. Unmatched by any villains of the past. I leave you with one final order. Whenever our ferry reaches distant shores, I ask all devotees to remember where we started, where we’ve been and where we are now. Signed, The Ferryman
  2. Greetings Fellow Roleplayers! Today I shall be giving you my top 5 ways of improving your roleplay so that both you, and those around you get to enjoy and fun role playing experience. So let's begin! Tip 5: Lower the use of LOOC as much as possible. When role playing, you don't want yours, nor other peoples chat spammed with Local Out Of Character arguing about who stabbed who in what place and "Oh he's power gaming" etc. Make your role playing decent enough so that there won't need to be any LOOC arguing. Tip 4: Be unique. Toe be unique, one does not need to become a fire Mage from a distant land who can breathe fire like a dragon. One must be completely unique in their own little way. Of course everybody is unique in real life, and it would be annoying if you copied an elf called Steve, and you followed his every move, using all of Steve's traits as your own. The slightest things, such as having an obsession with mushrooms, or fluent in elvish when being a human are all things that make your character stand out that little bit more. Make your character different to everybody else's, but not dramatically. Tip 3: Variety. Variety in roleplay is very important, because if your character does exactly the same thing, at exactly the same time in the same place every single day, then it will just get boring and people won't roleplay with you. Travel, maybe try something that thou has never done. For example if your character is a good boy and doesn't drink, try letting him try going into a tavern and ordering a pint of Emberhard's finest. Or even something as simple as, speaking with different races. If you mostly roleplay with elves or humans, try role playing with some orcs, or halflings! (Halflings are small and usual neglected so do try and roleplay with us some more, thank you ;) ) Tip 2: Develop your character. This is also a very important part of your RP experience. People develop over time in real life, so why shouldn't they in Anthos? Your character should change over a period of time, maybe becoming stronger physically, or mentally. Things that may be inflicted on your character may change how they view things. Just anything, especially the small things. A character that stays exactly the same from the moment they are born, to the moment when they die, is not as interesting as a character that develops and becomes perhaps weaker or more friendly towards high elves or whatever. Tip1: Be prepared to lose. I have seen this personally, there are two types of players on LoTC. There is Type 1, who are the people who are in it for the roleplay experience, and don't care about what they lose or gain, they just let it develop their character. Then there is Type 2, who will do anything to avoid losing their precious items, and even power game/meta game to avoid it. Realistically, everybody loses possessions, and losing is part of life. When you lose, it provides the necessary thought to try and win next time, and losing helps to develop your character and your level of skill in role playing. If you are fighting, let the roleplay run it's course, and if you lose, so what? You have improved your level of role playing skill by being able to lose. Don't get competitive OOC for something that is IC. So that's my top 5 tips for improving your LoTC Roleplay experience. I hope you use these in game, so as to better yourselves. Feedback is welcome and have anything that you feel is more important? Let me know below! I may not use it in my list, but I look forward to seeing your ideas and responses! Thank you for reading! -Hammy
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