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Found 12 results

  1. The First Urguan Annual Gladiatorial Games The final match between Gror Ireheart and Mervel Frostbeard pictured in the year 48 of the Second Age. In the year 48 of the Second Age, a grand tournament was held in the city. by Gildroc Goldhand, the newly appointed Gamesmaster. The games began with an inaugural speech by the Grand-King Ulfric Frostbeard, followed by a pious address by High-Prophet Norli Starbreaker. Next, Gamesmaster Gildroc Goldhand announced the terms of victory of the Games and called forth the first combatants of the games. Starting off the Grand-King’s kin, Mervel Frostbeard faced off against the well-armored Klouf Grimgold, the former easily besting the latter though for a one-armed Dwed Klouf performed most amicably. Next came Yemekar’s Pick Alaric Grimgold against the former Grand King Gror Ireheart, yet age did not daunt the legendary Dwed as he bested the Clan Father of the Grimgolds in single combat. The ever plucky, half-beardless Durin Hammerforge squared up with Mervel Frostbeard in the latter’s second round, yet could not face the wrath of the Frostbeards and was defeated. Finally, in the last round, the elder Gror showed again that experience would always best youth as he vanquished his foe Mervel Frostbeard, stunning onlookers who proclaimed he ‘been banished to the shadow realm.' An artists rendition of Gror and Mervel crossing swords. The victorious Gror standing over the tater-wielding Frostbeard Gror Ireheart was soon proclaimed Grand Champion by the King, in addition to the five hundred mina prize money awarded by the Gamesmaster; the runner-up Mervel granted two hundred and fifty mina for his martial prowess. However, witnesses say a strange elf showed up later, the adoring fan pestering the elderly Ireheart Grand Champion. The Grand King proclaiming Gror Ireheart ‘Grand Champion of Urguan’. Special thanks to Ulfric Frostbeard and Norli Starbreaker for sponsoring this year’s games. Gamesmaster of the Urguan Grand Arena Great-Grandson of Thoak Gildroc Goldhand [!] The signature of Gildroc Goldhand would be found below ((OOC: Thanks to all who came and attended the event, I hope to see a strong showing again next time!))
  2. The First Rivia Tournament [!] A depiction of Saint Edmond of Lachsin slaying an Azdrazi Beast It pleases the House Galbraith to announce the first jousting Tournament held in the honour of Saint Edmond and his Imperial Majesty Philip II for his pious rule which has guided us closer towards god. To honour the Patron of House Galbraith, we will hereby host a Jousting Tournament. The winner of the tournament will receive 400 Imperial Marks. To honour God and the Emperor we will not charge a participation nor an entrance fee, furthermore drinks and food will be provided during the tournament. Therefore everyone is invited to participate or watch. Requirements for Participation: 1. Must be an Orenian Citizen or owning a residence in the Imperial Capital or one of the municipalities. 2. Must bring their own horse and lance 3. Must be above the legal age of 14 If you wish to participate and you fulfill the requirements, you must send a letter towards Mister Philip Rupert Galbraith Signed Rt Hon. Captain Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith, 1st Baron of Rivia, Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Lion Mister Philip Rupert Archibald Galbraith, Heir to the Barony of Rivia
  3. THE GRAND TOURNAMENT OF URGUAN For decades now, the Grand Champion of Urguan is a position that has gone uncontested, a position meant to highlight the best warrior amongst Urguan’s Folk. This vacancy in a previously celebrated tradition is not one that can stand any longer. Grand King Levian’Tol Grandaxe hereby calls for a new Grand Tournament, with its winner being rewarded the position of Grand Champion, amongst other prizes. Said tournament shall be held [8/14], in a bracket-style. Listed below is all one needs to know prior to signing up: THE GRAND TOURNAMENT: RULES AND REGULATIONS For any who wish to attend the Grand Tournament of Urguan, each individual must agree to the rules as follows: I. ONE must be of Urguan’s Folk. II. ONE must be able to attend the tournament on [8/14]. Rescheduling shall not occur. III. ONE must be a citizen of Urguan. IV. ONE must not kill their opponent in the tournament. V. One must sign up prior to the day of the tournament to compete. THE GRAND TOURNAMENT: PRIZE POOL While the winner may receive the title of Grand Champion, other prizes can be won. Said prizes include: First Place: Grand Champion Title, 1000 minas, A cask of alcohol custom made for the winner by The Grand King, A weapon made by the Bekarumm eron da Kornazkarumm Second Place: 500 minas, A cask of alcohol custom made for the runner-up by The Queen Third Place: 250 minas, a specialized weapon OOC: Must sign up prior to 12am EST on Friday Night/Saturday Morning to be added to the bracket. THE GRAND TOURNAMENT: SIGN UP To sign up, fill out the form attached below: ((Username)): Name: Age: Are you a citizen of Urguan?: Are you of Urguan’s Folk? (A Dwarf/Honorary): Grand King of Urguan,
  4. The flyer for the Tournament of Valiant Stars is posted around all of the nations of Almaris. The flyer looks to be made of sand paper, and would be written in cursive. It would also be pinned into the surface with a silver nail Come one come all, Elysium's Greatest fighting tournament shall be hosted in her own White Bear Tavern. Bring your presence, your will and best champions from the land to fight for the Ruby Estrella champion belt. The star that passes over the eastern hemisphere, this is the year to determine the true champion of the Ruby Estrella. The Ruby Estrella is a star of which only comes every 100 years, a red star so bright, it is said that those who look on believe it as beautiful as the northern stars. Many also believe that champions are born under its shine. Its an event that only comes around for that amount of time. And leaves for another Hundred years. So come to Elysium Two Saint months from now with all your champions, and bring them. To prove the champion of the Ruby Estrella, the true Valiant Stars. ||OOC: On Tuesday August 3rd at 2:30pm (latest est) I’ll be hosting this Fist PvP tournament, all races and nations are welcomed to come and fight, If you wish to apply early DM: ScarletFrisket#6545, Entry is 15 minas per fighter || Signed & made by:
  5. [!] A white goose can be seen flying across the lands of Almaris, dropping a missive wherever it may land as it seeks to spread word as far as possible. A number of specially addressed invitations would be sent to royals and leaders of respected groups and nations. “Lliran, the time has come, as it always does, for a show of strength to be held. I’ll keep this short since I know many have limited literacy skills. A tournament will be held within the Fennic Remnants to decide a champion of combat. As I imagine I’m sure many reading this have participated in similar events, this one like many others will be fists only with no armor advantages. I call to the sellswords and bandits, the guards and soldiers of Almaris, to come and prove their strength for honor, glory, and a two hundred mina prize.” - Arevthor Tathvir [!] Accompanying the missive is a number of extra sheets to be used for an application into the tournament itself. OOC: Tourney will be held on 7/8/21, starting around 8 pm EST or once enough participants are gathered, Applications will be closed at 6pm EST to give organization time Application Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScL2VlMwxiIAJnC45ZlMGTx0UlvPX7nRCiCJ5qu6YD3P3l8GQ/viewform?usp=sf_link
  6. A New Year’s Joust [i] Flyers would be sent out to the people of Hanseti-Ruska decorated with the wax seal of the House of Baruch. A painting of the jousting grounds within the Duchy of Valwyck. Penned by the hand of Lady Eleanora Baruch Duke and Duchess-Consort Baruch are pleased to announce their hosting of a jousting tournament located at Lichtestadt to celebrate the beginning 31st year of the Second Age. Any man or woman from Hanseti-Ruska or it’s allies are invited and welcome to attend or compete in the tournament. Prizes The prize for first place will be one hundred mina provided by House Baruch along with a bouquet of Silver Roses grown in the gardens of Lichtestadt. Second place shall receive sixty mina provided by House Baruch and a bouquet of Night Tulips grown in the gardens of Lichtestadt. [OOC: Please reply with your IGN and Character Name if you plan to compete. Tournament is to be held on Thursday, July 1st at 3PM EST.] His Grace, Ruslan Eirik Baruch, Duke of Valwyck, Count of Ayr, Viscount of Voron, Baron of Laval and Riveryn, Guardian of the Haenseni Coast Her Grace, Marjorie Helaine Baruch, Duchess-Consort of Valwyck, Countess-Consort of Ayr, Vicountess-Consort of Voron, Baroness-Consort of Laval and Riveryn Her Ladyship, Eleanora Helaine Baruch established, 1581 "By Mountain, River, and Coal"
  7. [!] Posters would be plastered everywhere throughout Almaris Torneo De Osanora Depiction of contenders dueling for the title of Campeón de Osanora Por honor y gloria! Osanora is hosting its FIRST ever tournament in search of a Champion! Come test your skills and try your chance at winning our grand prize. While in Osanora feel free to stop at the cantina to taste some of our unique cuisine, browse the stalls, or enlist in our newly branded guard. For the tournament all combatants are required to bring their own armor and weapons. All combatants must sign up prior to the first match and the grand prize for the tournament is 75 mina. The match will continue until one person is knocked down, the last standing is the victor. While the tournament is taking place, there will be a stall run by Baron Felipe De Medina, this is your chance to enlist in the Osanoran Guard. Guard benefits include weekly pay- after the recruit phase- free barrack housing, meals, equipment, and training. Enlist now! OOC: Each game will be timed for 4 minutes. Should the game not finish, the combatant with the higher health wins. Time: 8:00PM EST Friday (2.12.2021) Place: Osanora (South Hub road leading to Sutica) Tournament location: Barracks of Osanora accessible through the government building Enlistment desk: Town Hall room near entrance of Barracks To sign up simply show your intent in the comments, include your name and settlement of origin
  8. [!] A note is pinned to the Blazengard notice board, or found flying in the wind, smacking you in the face quite comically! Great Tournament of Amon! ~The Arena of Blazengard, home of champions!~ Hear ye, Hear ye! Time for a great tournament to take place here in Blazengard! Champions shall face each other in single combat, and the fighter left standing is the winner! May the best fighter win, and may we all play fair! 1st Place Prize: 200 Minas! 2nd Place Prize: A Golden Dagger! 3rd Place Prize: A Golden Nugget! Are these not prizes worthy of heroes? Enough minas to pay your taxes for years, a fine weapon, and a lovely souvenir that could fetch a pretty penny on the auction house! If you have any interest in these prizes, or in the tournament in general, head on over to Blazengard, right next to the ferry taking you to Haelun'or, and make your dreams come true! On the Grand Harvest, 8th year of the Second Age ((January 30th, 2021. 6 PM EST)), the tournament shall take place and its prizes given out. Be there to take what is yours! Use the following form to sign up for the tournament: Name: Race: Combat Experience: ((tournament is decided through PvP, for any wondering))
  9. [!] Flyers made of rice paper would be distributed across Almaris, a small ink-brush doodle of what looks like a fun child’s game dominating the page. Battle of the Bei-Blades Calling out to all the kids in Almaris, big and small, as well as the playful at heart - challenge your friends in this fun new game of ‘Bei-Blading’ at Tai Ping District, Talons Port! This traditional Li-Ren sport consists of a match between two expert ‘Bei-bladers’, equipped with their trusty spinning tops. Each contestant will face off against one opponent per heat, with three attempts to ‘Let it rip’ allowed. The winners of each round will proceed to the final match where the winner will be rewarded with an exclusive ‘White Eyes Blue Dragon’ limited edition Bei-blade (ONLY 2 ARE IN CIRCULATION) [A depiction of a normal Li-Ren Bei-Blade Spinner] The rules are as follows: Each match is a 1v1 face-off where each contestant is required to bring their own Bei-Blade or buy it from the venue for 3 mina. Both contestants will wind up their Bei-Blade and unleash it at the same time (one emote). Contestants are encouraged to shout ‘Let it rip!’ for flavor - but this is optional. This will be counted as the first ‘whip’ of the spinning top. (roll 20) The contestant with the weaker Bei-blade will be allowed to take their second ‘whip’ first, using the string of the Bei-Blade to strike it at an angle such as to increase the spinning speed of their top. The opponent will then be allowed to counteract after with their own ‘whip’. (roll 20 again) The above ruling is repeated one last time as both contestants execute their third ‘whip’ to encourage the battle between their Bei-Blades. Winner of the match is determined by the velocity of their Bei-Blade and/or if the opponent’s Bei-Blade is knocked out of the ring. (if you roll a 1)
  10. The Legion Smithing Tournament A letter would be pinned to the notice board of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, telling of the upcoming Smithing Tournament hosted by the Legion of Urguan. Dwarven military might is only as good as the skill of its smiths. For every piece of armor worn by legionnaires must be able to withstand the ferocity of battle and every weapon must be able to pierce through the armor of our foes. For this reason the Legion High Command wishes to find the finest dwarven smiths within the legion and commend them for their hard work. The event will be hosted by Commander Durorn Ireheart, and all are welcomed to spectate and cheer on their fellow clansmen. Though only registered legionnaires are able to compete in the actual tournament. The Tournament All registered contestants will have until the Tournament day to craft their finest weapons and present it in front of the judges. The judges consist of myself, Durorn Ireheart, and two others. Each weapon will be judged based on three things, it’s appearance (decoration), durability, and quality. The requirement for the weapon is that it must be made of a majority of ferrum. Test of Durability In this test, your weapon must be able to pierce or slash through various materials without breaking. OOC: Must roll above a certain preset number to break through the materials, though do not worry this will most likely be used to discriminate between close scores and not so much your overall score. Date: Sunday at 3PM EST Grand Prizes First Place Awarded the Medal “Finest Legion Smith” A prize of 100 minas Gain 100 honor Second Place A prize of 50 minas Gain 50 Honor A good ol’ pat on the back from Durorn Ireheart To Register IGN: RP Name: Rank in the Legion: Do you agree to the rules of the competition? OOC Rules & Notes 1) The weapon must be made through valid roleplay, and be of your OWN work (it can be a pre-existing item). 2) The Judges will base most of your work off your description but will also require a test of durability and quality.
  11. As issued 11th of The Grand Harvest, 2A 6 THE SIXTEEN GRAND CHAMPION OF URGUAN After the conclusion of the Grand Tournament of Urguan, Grimnir Ireheart stood at the Great Dias of the Arena of Urguan being given the sovereign question on his acceptance of the title of Grand Champion. He stated simply he intended to fight only with honor but not accept the title in any stead, thus forfeiting to Durorn Ireheart. He was given the same question with triumph “Durorn Ireheart, vested in me as Grand Marshal of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and seeing you fit as the best example of honor and pride in Urguan. Do you accept the title of Grand Champion of Urguan, defender of the Grand King and the light of dwarven valor?” The Marshal stated simply shouting to the spectators all gazing up with envy His answer was simple. “Aye” Silence overcame the arena as the Marshal would grab Durorn’s hand bringing it up high as a sign of victory “THEN HAIL TO THE GRAND CHAMPION! NARVAK OZ DURORN NARVAK OZ URGUAN” DURORN IREHEART XVI GRAND CHAMPION OF THE GRAND KINGDOM OF URGUAN
  12. [!] Spread throughout Almaris, and especially throughout the streets of Talon's Port, flyers are tacked up to nearly every available space! There will be a competitive darts tournament held within the seaside city of Talon's Port in the upcoming days! The tournament is to be held in the local Alley Alehouse Tavern, and will pit contestants against one another in this classic Talon's game. There will be an entry fee of 5 minas to take part in the tournament, and the victor will be entitled to a prize of the combined entry fees every each contestant. Should you wish to join the tournament, please fill out the form provided below the flyer and send it to Gail Cordius within the city of Talon's Port. Even if you do not plan on joining in as a member of the tournament, all are invited to watch and enjoy drinks at the Alley Alehouse! [!] The official rules of Talon's Port darts are listed below the flyer! Guide to the Game of Darts. Sign Up: Sign Up Form. Please fill out if you wish to join! OOC Details: Time: Sunday, January 10th, 2pm EST. Location: Talon's Port, The Alley Alehouse Tavern Directions: Travel to the West Hub. Follow the road towards Krugmar, and turn off through a cave at the road that branches from it. Signs will point you to Talon's Port.
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