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Found 85 results

  1. NotEvilAtAll

    The Dunshire Markets! [Great prices!]

    [!] A beautifully constructed flier goes whizzing past you, whipping around in the wind. It seems it has fallen off of one of the many noticeboards these fliers have been pinned on, or discarded as rubbish by a passer-by handed one. The Dunshire Markets! ~A view of the Dunshire Market as seen by the songbirds~ A wonderful market experience awaits you here in Dunshire, the land of the wee, for the old Animal Pens have been turned into a gorgeous market, complete with flowers, a dock, and other vegetation. When you enter these markets, please take note of all the well-trimmed and watered flowers planted for your sniffing pleasures, and the light sources kept glowing for your convenience. Beyond just looking pretty, these markets also contain some of the best prices in all of Atlas! Our fertile lands churn out loads of produce, and we'd like our markets to reflect that. If you ever find a shop selling goods cheaper than what is here, please do tell us and we'll drop our prices immediately! Now, onto the wares! ~Harold's Herbs and Oddities~ ~The aforementioned stall~ Harold Applefoot, a notable Druid and proud father of the Applefoot Family, runs one of the stalls at the Dunshire Market. He sells things you might expect to come from a Druid, such as pipes, drugs, and mushrooms! ~Halflings Grass: "A supple chewy root. Smelling oddly pleasant, almost calming." Price: 3 minas ~Wooden Pipe: "A simple made wooden pipe with a decently long oak stem to get a nice and dry smoke. The oval shaped hickory bowl contains an engraving of the Dunshire rabbit." Price: 10 minas ~Wooden Pipe: "An exquisite made smoking pipe with a fairly long oaken stem to get a nice and dry smoke. The hickory bowl of the pipe has been carved in the shape of a pumpkin with a depiction of the Dunshire rabbit engraved on the bottom." Price: 20 minas ~Pipeweed: "Dried and Brittle leaves from a pipeweed plant. Emanating a faint sweet odor when smoked." Price: 3 minas ~Bag o' Bonemeal: ((It is just a bone block renamed.)) Price: 2 minas ~Brown Mushroom, Price: 4 minas ~Red Mushroom, Price: 4 minas ~Halfling grade throwing rocks: "One of the most deadly weapons in the halfling's arsenal, equipped with modernized aerodynamic technologies for extra stability and less recoil on the thrower's end. Stories say these bad boys are able to down even the biggest of orcs with a well placed headshot." Price: 10 minas ~Pocket Sand: "Fine granular objects kept safely inside of your pockets for self-defense. When confronted you can draw the sand from your pockets to temporarily blind or distract your opponent for a quick escape. SHSHSHAAAA!" Price: 30 minas ~Larry's Cider~ ~The aforementioned stall~ Larry Hills is one of the village's best brewers, and thus he has set up a stall for you to buy his drinks and get mighty drunk! While the booze in the tavern may be free, the booze from Larry's Cider will leave you drunk for centuries! ~Farmville Cider: "Made on the farm, this cider is good after a hard day's work!" Price: 3 minas ~Fair View Cider: "Crafted by a skilled halfling within the art of brewing, this cider tastes of freshly picked apples." Price: 4 minas ~Fronder's Fancy Fare~ ~The aforementioned stall~ Petrus Fronder is the sort of halfling who enjoys farming more than anything, and thus his stall sells all sorts of produce from the farms and animal pens. As the proud head of the Frondor Residence, Petrus Fronder is able to get help from almost every other halfling in Dunshire, be they related or not. As such, his shop sells some of the cheapest and highest quality food in all of Atlas! ~Leather, Price: 3 minas ~White Wool, Price: 2 minas ~Beetroot, Price: 0.3 minas ~Beetroot Soup, Price: 2 minas ~Carrot, Price: 0.4 minas ~Baked Potato, Price: 0.5 minas ~Bread, Price: 0.3 minas (This is some of the cheapest bread you can get!) ~Monk Bread, Price: 0.3 (Also some of the cheapest bread you can find!) ~Beef Jerky: "Dried beef made from the fines' mea's in the Vale" Price: 0.9 minas ~Chicken Fried Pork: "Succulen' pork procured from the jucies' pigs in the Vale. Covered in bread crumbs and eggs and fried until a golden brown" Price: 0.8 minas ~Leg o' Lamb: "Tender mea' straigh' from the lamb's limbs. Marina'ed in toma'o juices and apple chunks fer ah refreshing, swee' flavour." Price: 1 mina Afterwords ~Dunshire, artist's interpretation~ Why not come to Dunshire's markets? You get to help out a splendid community of peaceful shire-folks, get great deals yourself, and enjoy the good weather and vegetation of the region! Any comments, criticisms, or suggestions are to be mailed to the Sheriff & Sheriff Deputy Office, Festival Road 3, Dunshire.
  2. Its Just Ed

    [Prisoner Auction] Rose The Heartlander

    *poster would be placed all around shady places in all Atlas* -=Young Beautiful Heartlander Rose for auction=- *A sketch would be shown of the lass* Details: Height: 5'1 Age: 18 Name: Rose List of Skills Cooking Cleaning Works as servant Starting Auction Price: 200minas
  3. Sherlocks_ homes

    Scaevolus Investments

    [!] "O'ye," shouts everyone's favorite town crier, seeming abnormally well-fed, "Scaevolus Investments is officially open for business!" he begins passing around fliers to all who pass by, occationally throwing the odd paper airplane into the wind. Scaevolus Investments Honesty, Tradition, and Redemption Preface "I cannot be sure that the name is not as self-explanatory as I have intended, so I shall elaborate on the nature of this company. I, Marrow Scaevolus intend to bring private investment and official moneylending to the Holmite economy in the hopes of sparking something new to add to the already burning fire of Holmite industry and innovation. However, it must be made clear that I have no intention to act as a miser of funds or some coin-counting crook. In fact, my intention is quite the opposite. If done correctly, moneylending can greatly help a community, and I intend to get it right." With highest regards, Marrow Scaevolus Mission Despite the somewhat unprecedented nature of Scaevolus Investments, we are dedicated not only to our the economic success of Holm, but also that of the residents and citizens of Holm. As a member of the Iron Brigade and senator of Holm, Marrow Scaevolus can guarantee that this venture surpasses mere profit or nobility, but a mission to continue Holm on its way to becoming one of the great nations of the world. Nature and Application In order for Holm and its citizens to fund greater and more illustrious works, funds must be found without too much negative affect on the general population. This is where private investment firms come into play. Both the Holmite government and her citizens will have access to Scaevolus Investments for negotiation of loans for all number of projects and purposes. In regards to said loans, Scaevolus Investments fully intends to make every loan taken personalized for maximum convenience and affordability.* If an individual wishes to take out a loan, he or she needs only to send a bird to Marrow Scaevolus and either a meeting will be arranged or conditions will be negotiated through mail. Jobs Given the current infancy of Scaevolus Investments, we will not be accepting job applications at this time. However, as we grow, it would be a pleasure to support the skilled workers of Holm in any way possible by providing occupation. With this new company I hope to support Holm not only as a patriot, but as a hopeful businessman. *Terms and conditions will vary depending both on the reliability of the client and amount of funds present within Scaevolus Investments. ((Feel free to contact me either in-game, forums, or Discord [@Sherlock's Homes#5636] with questions, loan requests, or just to say hi.))
  4. Arena

    Interte Trading Company

    10th of the Sun's Smile, 1678 "Inter te nosque" Trading Company More colloquially called "Interte Trading Company", the name means between you and us, and it signifies the privacy, easy communication, and care which the Company directs towards its clients. Originally established by the House of Churchill in 1604 at Axios with the intent of obtaining a cheaper method of transportation for raw and manufactured goods, the ‘Interte Company’ was a project that never took-off. Despite seeing some success with dwarven contractors for leather, the market soon slowed as the cataclysm that was to make Axios uninhabitable drew ever closer, its presence made evident through disasters gradually increasing in intensity. After years in Atlas, and having developed a particular affinity for the production and handling of goods, the Churchills decided to bring back their old project. This was encouraged by the current Patriarch of the House, Leslie, who having been one of the two siblings that founded the original Company in the old continent, implanted the proposition in the minds of his two nephews under his tutelage, Andrew and Falete Churchill. With renovated vigor, the two youngest members of the House and Leslie set off to work. Having begun the preparations for the foundation of the Company - its headquarters were promptly based on the family holdings of Tarraco, a fledgling hamlet on the outskirts of Senntisten, the capital of Renatus-Marna. With the headquarter's construction in progress, the Churchills arranged a meeting with their advisors to draw up the foundation of the Company. Thus, in a very productive session that went late into the night, one that was accompanied by tea and wine, the official and final charter of Interte was born. What does the Company do? The Trading Company is a provider of resources. It was rebranded as less of a transport Company and more of a production one, however it retains its culture of shipping goods to its clients at their request. It supplies its clients with a variety of goods, whether said client is an individual, business, or State. To this end, the Company is opening shops and stalls around the continent for the purchase of goods in low quantities. Given that one desires a larger quantity of resources, however, clients must contact the Company headquarters directly so that the goods desired may be purchased ‘in bulk’. All goods delivered to shops and stalls as well as to clients are done so with the use of trading caravans. Goods and Products Interte has a wide variety of goods in stock for their clients. Yet, it must be noted that some goods will only be available through direct contact with the Company headquarters at Tarraco. As per the date of its founding, the Company is experienced and will provide the following goods: Agricultural and Herbalist Goods and Products Most stalls and shops will have wheat (as wheat or hay-bales), carrots, potatoes and beetroots available, together with their cooked/elaborated variants, amongst which are bread, baked potatoes, soups and pastry goods. For the seeds, or any other alchemical herb, clients must contact the headquarters directly. Animal Husbandry Stalls and shops may provide meats, eggs and milk. Herds or individual animals can also be requested, however, the request would have to be made directly to Tarraco. Smithing Goods and Products Stalls and shops will sell short and longswords, for any specific sword design, a client must contact Tarraco directly. Armour will not be provided at shops, for sets of armour individuals must contact the headquarters directly. Mineral Goods and Products Stalls and shops will have iron and coal available. For any large quantities, Tarraco must be contacted. How the goods are produced Interte takes pride in the artisanship which is invested in the individual products which it sells. Much of the production of the goods that take a significant amount of skill, such as pastries and smithing, takes place in small businesses based in the territories of Tarraco. The Company leases the production of the good to these skilled producers, earning them a handsome pay, and the buyer an item of higher quality. Manufacturing can also fall onto the hands of Interte itself, however, this is particularly for goods which do not require a significant amount of craftsmanship, and can be undertaken by the versatile workers of the Company. A business currently associated with Interte is: Dirgesinger’s Smithing This letter was written by the current shop owner, Vraen Dirgesinger: "Here in Dirgesinger's Smithing, we have mastered the arts of the creation and repair of different kinds of armours and weapons. My abilities in this craft go back to my early infancy, when I went on to become the helper of the local smith in my old home; his name was Esteban. Through Interte Trading Company, we are able to get the best business without having to move too much as they become the middleman in many of our interactions, that is, unless a customer shows up to my smith directly, where I tend him myself! I hope I can be of service to you, and that my product is satisfactory!" - Vraen Dirgesinger Getting involved with the Company One can choose to collaborate with Interte in two different ways: as labourers, or as affiliated businesses. Those willing to join Interte as labourersare provided housing and a salary for their services to the Company. Upon joining they may choose whether to work for the “Armorum” or the “Ciborum”, indicating their area of specialty (more information is given once an individual joins). One can also choose to work as a Guard for the continual caravans resupplying the stocks of stalls and shops or the larger orders demanded by clients. Payments to labourers and guards come on a proportional basis, this means that one will be rewarded accordingly for the amount of resources they bring in, or the amount of caravans they escort until their final destination. Those willing to affiliate their current business to Interte must contact a member of the Churchill family (listed below), however, if one hasn't yet opened their business, and wishes to create it, and then affiliate themselves, they can contact the Company directly to receive a plot of land in the Barony of Tarraco, which is ideally placed on the road between the cities of Senntisten (the new and old Capital of Renatus-Marna) and the town of Belvitz. To make an order, or to affiliate oneself with the Company contact: Andrew Churchill (TheArena), Falete Churchill (erniberni) & Leslie Churchill (llucaxu)
  5. ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ Store name: Sew and So Outfitting Store Location: Caras Eldar. Turn left immediately on entering the main gates. Proprietor: Roland Merrithew (ClockworkElves) Employees: Eannen Ithelanen (Redmarch), Aerenna (Bunemma) Sew and So Outfitting is a tailor’s shop owned and operated by Roland Merrithew, a recent migrant to Atlas, formerly operating a location of the same name in the Aeldinic city of Gwynon. Located in the shining jewel of the Dominion of Malin, Caras Eldar, its doors are open to those of all races and all walks of life, if they can afford the steep premium necessary for the quality stitchwork that is offered. Providing clothing in a variety of styles, the shop hosts three artisans in the craft; Roland Merrithew, Eannen Ithelanen, and Aerenna, all of whom can be specifically commissioned for their work, each with their own unique craftsmanship and style. The following is a portfolio showcasing previous works of individuals in the employ of Sew and So Outfitting; Works by Roland Merrithew, specializing in clothing Works by Eannen Ithelanen, specializing in male clothing and armor Works by Aerenna, specializing in female attire To be added In order to commission Sew and So Outfitting, customers can visit the shop in person, which is located to the left of the main gates in Caras Eldar. Business is conducted strictly in person, and one may pen a letter to the proprietors in order to arrange for an allotted time slot for measurements if their schedule is constrained (Send a forum PM to my inbox). Sew and So Outfitting reserves the right to deny any commission based on the item being commissioned, or any of the following; race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political alignment, nationality, physical, mental or spiritual ailment, magical practices, temperament or general state of being of the customer Following approval for a commission in-character, please fill out the following format and post below. Minecraft Name: Race: Gender: References: Hair/Eye color (if full skin or head): Other Information: Agreed price:
  6. [!] A poster would be hung within the Cloud Temple, marked with the Golden Cross of Godfrey. Greetings to any Travelers that may take the time to read this. The Humble Men of Godfrey are currently in search of Horenic relics, or any information pertaining to their potential location. It is of the utmost importance that these relics and their information may be passed unto us so that we may both record, study and ultimately return these relics to their rightful owners. Horenic relics are invaluable to those of Horen descent and that of Humanity as a whole. As such, should one have valuable information pertaining to the relics or have the relics themselves, the Humble Men of Godfrey are willing to negotiate a deal through minae, resource or services provided that the product issued to us is deemed as legitimate. The Following Relics/Information are Accounted for: The Morningstar of the Hydra The Black Morningstar^ The Horenic Temple East of the Dominion The Ashes of Past Emperors The Banner of Godfrey The Dragon’s Helm^ Owyn II Holy Phallus^ (Not a Jest. A relic of the Aeldenic celibate Emperor.) Exalted Owyn’s Left Teste (Not a Jest) The Following Relics/Information are UNNACOUNTED for: The Sword of Horen The Holy Tabernacle of Horen Owyn’s Sword (Most likely lost to time, I.E. no longer existent) Godfrey’s Sword: Triumph Godfrey’s Crown Godfrey’s Scepter and Orb Godfrey’s White Leopard Kharajyr Fur Mantle. Peter Chivay’s Remains The Location of any Draconic beings/Relics Vital Information pertaining to Dragur. Alternatively, if anyone happens to acquire the pelt of a Kharajyr, a reward could also be granted as the furs are considered to be of great religious value. Vim inimici mihi bono inclina, Pius
  7. J Gecko

    I need a Skin

    I need a skin, for my character. I will be willing to pay between 1 to 3k and 800 minas. I will be only giving minas for the skin, that I will give the description of if you were to friend me on discord so I can give it to you. My discord is Gecko #7153 and my mc account is Iilgecko.
  8. Enlightenment

    [Bounty] Crimes of Royce

    Wanted Dead or Alive *A sketch of the felon* Crimes: The criminal Royce ((Laroob)) is wanted for the crimes of attempted murder of a child, attempted thievery, conspiracy, and insanity. Reward: She is wanted alive for 1000 minae, and dead for 500 minae. She is to be brought to Vittore Stefano Volaire in Senntisten if alive for execution, and if dead, her head will do as proof of the completion of the bounty. Information: Her last known location was Belvitz.
  9. Dawsy

    Skin Maker Needed

    I need someone to help me with making a military skin. I will pay for good work. My is Dawsy#9503 add me.
  10. https://gyazo.com/1dcb260ae093650d2913f0cdf3eb87a6 Female Halfling for sale! Upsides: Small, most likely not able to fight back Downsides: Very feisty. Skills: Would not tell us, but can spit very far. Also is seen to have some skill with slingshots. Starting Bid: 100 Buyout: 650
  11. EnderMaiashiro

    Female Kharajyr Skins (Request)

    Hey skinners of LotC! The Kharajyr are looking to have a set of skins made to be used as a base for female kha, which includes the four subraces Kha'Leoparda, Kha'Chetrah, Kha'Pantera, and Kha'Tigrasi. The current male skins that we have are as pictured below. What we are looking for is a similar set that we can use for incoming players for female kharajyr. This includes adding clothing to it or using the basic skin on its own. We are looking to spend around 8,000 minas, 2,000 per skin. If it helps at all, here is the link to the Kharajyr portion of the Wiki. Kharajyr Wiki If you have any questions/comments, feel free to ask and I'll get back to them as quick as possible! ? Example Female Used in the Past Current Set of Male Bases
  12. Kingdom of Santegia oO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Oo Adrián Avenue Shop Guide Located on the pristine waters of the Santegian Sound-- Presa de Madera, the Kingdom of Santegia’s capital city, is a bustling hub of shipping and trade that is home to some of the best shops in all of Atlas. Adrián Avenue, the main thoroughfare in the Presa de Madera, is host to a wide variety of specialty shops to explore, all guaranteed to have a competitive price and to be fully-stocked with merchandise. From lively, custom banners, dyes in an array of colors, delicious baked goods, and the finest armor and weapons found in the Southern Nations, to locally crafted ales, exotic cactus greens, and hard-to-find books on an endless variety of topics-- the Shops of Adrián Avenue in Presa have it all! And, with stores that pledge to be stocked and to offer fair prices, why would you waste your time looking anywhere else? Join us for a day of spirited fun, shopping on Adrián Avenue in vibrant Presa de Madera, Santegia-- the merchanting mecca of Atlas. While you visit, stop by our Little Cuba Tavern to enjoy some delicious local cuisine and some of the finest liquors, wines and ales found in all the Realms-- and, before you leave the tavern, unwind with a relaxing smoke at Bobby’s Buds: Cactus Green and Hookah Delight’s (on the tavern’s second floor)! oO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Oo Adrián Avenue Shops oO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Oo Some of the stores you will find on Adrián Avenue in the heart of Presa de Madera, the capital of the Kingdom of Santegia, include: Billy’s Cakes, Pies and Sugary Treats Billy’s Bakery is the place to go if you are looking for any baked goods, sugary treats, fruits, or even hot soups. He has a wide variety of food including his award winning Billy’s Pumpkin Pie. He prepares, mixes, and bakes all of his goods with love and delicacy as he thinks about all the hungry bellies he will please. Prices ~ Billy’s Pumpkin Pie / Pumpkin pie: 3 mina / 2 mina Baked potatoes: .2 Mina Cake: 5 Mina Apple: 1 Mina Watermelon: 0.1 Mina Cookie: 0.2 Mina Bread: 0.2 Mina Mushroom Stew: 2 Mina Beetroot soup: 2 Mina Do or Dye The Do or Dye Shop is home to all the dye you could ever imagine! And for a nice and convenient price, the cheapest prices in all of Atlas! Any dye you need I can guarantee we have it, so come on down to Presa de Madera and get all your dye needs! Prices ~ Rose Red: 2 Mina Cactus Green: 2 Mina Ink Sac: 2 Mina Cocoa Beans: 2 Mina Dandelion Yellow: 2 Mina Light Gray: 2 Mina Lapis Lazuli: 2 Mina Gray: 2 Mina Orange: 4 Mina Cyan: 4 Mina Pink: 4 Mina Magenta: 4 Mina Purple: 4 Mina Light Blue: 4 Mina Lime: 4 Mina Standards of Distinction Standards of Distinction offers the finest banners for sale in a plethora of colors. We have the basic single color banner, 1 for each type of wool, and we have banners with designs in them. Don’t see a banner you like? Request a custom banner! We are always happy to make custom banners for you! Prices ~ Standard Banner: 7 Mina Designed Banner: 10 Mina Custom Banner: 15 Mina The Smiling Smithy The best smithy in Santegia, we have a wide range from the average shield to the best armour in the city! Contact Vera for orders and she’ll give you a fair price! Prices ~ Arrows: 1 Mina Bows: 10 Mina Swords: 8 Mina Shields: 6 Mina Full Set Of Iron Armour: Only 85 Mina! Iron Helm: 18 Mina Iron Chestplate: 28 Mina Iron Leggings: 25 Mina Iron Boots: 14 Mina The Open Door Bookstore The Open Door Bookstore is the only bookstore of its kind in all of Atlas! We carry a wide selection of titles on a variety of topics; so, whether you’re looking for good read, or perhaps a unique gift, come see out what we have in stock! Not sure what you’re looking for? Check out our monthly specials focusing on a diverse array of themes ranging from orcish children’s books, to rune smithing! See something on the shelf you’re interested in that isn’t stocked in the sale section? Contact the shop owner and she will arrange for you to purchase a copy today! Prices ~ All written books: 25 Mina each Bookcases: 25 Mina each Book & quill: 10 Mina each Stack of papers: 25 Mina each Little Cuba Tavern & Bobby’s Buds: Cactus Green and Hookah Delights Established in 1657, the Little Cuba Tavern lies in the heart of Presa de Madera’s Town Square, and offers an impressive mix of locally crafted Santegian ales, wines, liquors and delicious traditional tapas. Little Cuba not only offers authentic food and drink at a fair price, but also is home to the town’s favorite hookah den--Bobby’s Buds: Cactus Green and Hookah Delights--which boasts the largest selection of premium “green” in all of Atlas. Be sure to come by and have a drink and a smoke with the locals next time you are in in the area! Prices ~ Little Cuba Tavern Dwarven Ale: 20 Mina Santegian Ale: 11 Mina Katdaddy Bourbon: 15 Mina Santegian Cabernet: 10 Mina Croquetas de Jamon: 5 Mina Gazpacho Camarón: 9 Mina Albóndigas with Spicy Tomato Sauce: 9 Mina Malasadas: 5 Mina Fuego Vainilla de Luna: 2 Mina Bobby’s Buds: Cactus Green & Hookah Delights (on the 2nd Floor of Little Cuba Tavern) Cactus Green: 20 Mina Ice Kiss: 30 Mina Black Cactus: 25 Mina Baby’s Brains: 35 Mina Eternal Leaf: 15 Mina Box of Crayons: 30 Mina Ibless Touch: 40 Mina Pure Quartz: 30 Mina Blueberry Cactus: 30 Mina oO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Oo Location Information oO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Oo Presa de Madera is located in the eastlands of the Kingdom of Santegia, on the glimmering shores of the Santegia Sound. It lies both east of Sennisten, and southeast of Holm, at coordinates: 1300, 1650
  13. Pun

    [Buying] Mana Crystals

    *Parchments Posted in settlements , towns and cities around atlas* Wanted Mana Crystals from the Purple Tree Mine. We are looking for them for research purposes ,If you are willing to sell any you may have please Contact either Aewion Silma , or Arwenia. We can be reach via bird or within the Silma Manor in the Dominion. Willing to pay 500 minas per Crystal. Must deliver to us!!
  14. A very simple notice was hung up in various cities and the Cloud Temple " I am looking for the instrument known as a guitar, six or nine string variety, but due to my lack of a messenger animal it would simply be best to contact me with a time and date to meet. On that note I am also looking for a messenger animal! - Zatanaes Iheiuh'onn"
  15. Imperium

    [Bounty] DESERTER

    *Wanted posters are posted across Atlas* WANTED: ALIVE This Criminal is charged with deserting his post, and breaking his oath to the Kingdom of Haense. Hes wanted alive, and upon capture brought to Count Rhys of Metterden (Ave_imeprium) to face justice for his crimes. He may have changed his appearance and name, so be on the lookout for any one resembling him. Name: Peter (MellamoPeter) Location: Last seen in the City of Markev. Currently Unknown Reward: Two Thousand Minas will be rewarded to whom ever brings him to Count Rhys alive, No reward will be given if hes dead.
  16. SaltAlt

    Fuze's Art Shop

    So I've debated doing this for the near 2ish Years I've been on LOTC and have finally decided to open up an art thread. My Pricing goes as follows. Bust: Digital Color - 500 mina EXAMPLES: Bust: Digital sketch - 300 mina No examples atm, but basically Digital Color but no Color, just outlining. Bust: Pencil and Paper - 100 mina EXAMPLES: I am only doing Busts (FOR THE MOMENT) as I can do them relatively quick, but may expand options in the future. Orders will be done within 1-3 days of me marking them as "Being Worked On" (times may vary if work gets busy) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spot 1: Humanistic Spot 2: Rip and Tear Spot 3: Ragnio VIP Spot: (pay an extra 200 mina to jump to the front of line ;) ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Order Form MCName: Type of Bust: (Color, Sketch, Pencil) Position: (Forward, 3/4th, Side) Character name: Hair: (length, color, style) Eyes: (color, shape) Reference: (include at least 2 pictures 1 being the Skin, and if possible a picture its based off) Warning! once paid there will be no refunds, if you don't like how the art came out Ill be willing to re-draw it, please don't waste my time though. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Completed Orders! Skale
  17. TheNanMan2000

    Buying Custom Skin

    Looking to RP as a Dark Elf. Need someone to make me a skin. PM for details about money and such, but I basically want a skin that looks like Leo Bonhart, except as a D-Elf. Referance:
  18. Kingdom of Santegia

    Second Official Santegian Street Bazaar

    Second Official Santegian Street Bazaar ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1666 [!] A colorful notice would be posted throughout the Kingdom of Santegia “On the 17th of Sun’s Smile, 1666, The Kingdom of Santegia will be hosting its Second Official Santegian Street Bazaar! All Santegian citizens, her allies, and those hailing from nations with which Santegia has a neutral standing, are invited to come out and peruse stalls boasting a wide variety of rare novelties, unique gifts, foods, and more. Our vendors will be looking to buy and sell, auction, and barter their wares—so be sure to bring not only your minas, but any items you wish to trade! HOWEVER, if you wish to reserve a vendor’s stall instead, this can be done for you free-of-charge by simply speaking with Alfrik Kastrovat, Lord Steward of Santegia, or by sending him a bird requesting such. The Second Official Santegian Street Bazaar promises to be a most enjoyable event, so please come out to support our local merchants and enjoy the festivities!” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ((For more information, or to request a stall be reserved for the event, please contact Alfrik Kastrovat, (diddyski) or simply post a comment below stating as much. PLEASE NOTE: All stalls must be reserved NO LATER THAN 5:00PM EST/10:00PM UK on Saturday, June 2nd)) OOC: Date: Sunday, June 3, 2018 at 12:00PM (Noon) EST/ 5:00PM UK Place: Santegia Town Square and down Adrián's Avenue Coords: x 1300, z 1650
  19. Flowers: Adding Them as an Item at the Shop at the Cloud Temple The rarer flowers (such as the blue ones that only grow in swamps) are impossible or at least exceedingly difficult to find, and placing bonemeal in Swamp biomes is utterly impossible because the only Swamp biomes are non-freebuild, which means we can't place or break anything, which means I can't grow the blue flowers and have to resort to taking them from other freebuild zones with no way of replacing them. The red and yellow flowers are, of course, in abundance, but the rarer flowers, and especially the two-block-high flowers, are incredibly rare to find in freebuild zones. I don't like destroying things and not being able to replace them. My suggestion: Either create a flower shop somewhere accessible to the public, or make parts of the biomes where the rarer flowers can grow into freebuild zones. I'm not sure if the latter is even possible since the map is already created, but I'm also open to other suggestions to fix this issue. Soulstone Pillars: Why Is Only One Allowed Per Account, Instead of Per Persona? On my second character, I had to travel 8 miles in order to find a freebuild area in which to create his snowlodge/farm. I eagerly awaited getting up to 22 play hours on him so I could get that sweet, sweet third slot on my soulstone, only to find out that I couldn't imbue a soulstone pillar for his home because I already have one for my main character. On the Discord server, I was told that this policy was because multiple SS pillars gave players an unfair advantage and broke EULA despite the latter being entirely based on money and multiple SS pillars are purely a game mechanic not based in the store. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought EULA only dealt with things that cost money and affected in-game things. I admit some ignorance on that. My suggestion: Having a max of 2-3 SS pillars would make sense, since most people use SS pillars purely for convenience because freebuilds and small organizations like my main's guild have to build their homes/headwuarters very, VERY far from the nearest nation SS pillar. From a PvP perspective, if a person used their SS pillar to get to a nation or build they were attacking/war-claiming, then switched personas to use their SS on another pillar, those people would be outliers and easily warned/temp-banned/forever-banned depending on the number of infractions. However, I honestly think that's a non-issue. I agree that the amount of soul pillars a person has needs to be limited - some people have a LOT of characters and a LOT of SS slots - but for personal SS pillars like my second character's, I can easily lock other people from using it and, once again, it becomes a non-issue. However, maxing it to 2-3 pillars would be a far better solution regardless. Otherwise we'd have a bajillion soul pillars everywhere. I get the need to limit, but 1 per account is far too limiting considering how far people have to travel to their freebuilds.
  20. Cloudchico

    [Complete]Shop in Sutica

    Hello There, I'm looking to see about opening a shop in Sutica. Who could I talk to about doing that? Kind regards, Cloud
  21. squishybear7

    (BUYING) Bones/Bonemeal

    *Small signs and flyers would be posted though out all major cities and a single flyer sent to small towns* *Signs and flyers would read the following* Greetings travelers and tradesmen, Do you have any spare bones or bonemeal lying around? Well if you do then Squish Co would like to hear from you. Squish Co and Friends is currently looking to buy large amounts of bones and bonemeal. If you are looking to sell any amounts of bones or bonemeal please contact James K. Nevermore!! Or come visit Squish Co in Sutica! Signed, James K. Nevermore Squish Co & Friends Guild Master
  22. Republic_of_Vrakai

    The Republic of Vrakai

    The Republic of Vrakai History & Introduction “A map showing the location of the Republic of Vrakai, relative to the Cloud Temple (red).” The Republic of Vrakai is an oligarchic trade republic located in the lands surrounding the estuary of the Baltas river. Initially the lands of Vrakai were settled by wayward farmers and fishermen. Its strategic geographical position allowed it to quickly grow out to become an important centre of trade in central Atlas. The first rulers of these lands were the Mercenarial Free Company of The Black Reiters, a group of equestrian mercenaries who settled the region along with the first wave of commoners. Their rule did more to contain trade than to let it flourish, as they sought to live of these lands like any princely state would: By means of heavy taxation and curbing the rights of merchants and commoners in favour of the ruling elite. Eventually learning that their style of governance was detrimental to the region’s prosperity; and in turn their own; the company gradually began to delegate governmental power to local oligarchs. This increased the efficiency of trade flow and the general prosperity of the region. It also relieved the Reiters of their duty to govern, allowing them to pursue their mercenarial profession more efficiently. This shift of governmental power to the oligarchs eventually culminated in the establishment of the Republic of Vrakai, in which the Reiters merely hold a handful of privileges and maintain an employment contract with the state. This strictly professional relation between the republic and the Reiters allows both parties to be left to pursue profit by merit of their profession in an independent political climate. (( OOC Aims )) (( The Republic of Vrakai is designed to be a central hub for trade and roleplay. We seek to promote non-violent (but still competitive), realistic roleplay, with a strong emphasis on economic production and trade. Due to the close proximity of Belvitz; our capital; to the Cloud temple, there is much opportunity for interaction to be found. Vrakai is also the go-to roleplay hub for fans and students of Messy Medieval, which is the Republic’s semi-official building ideology. )) “A view of the Belvitz marketplace on the East side of the town.” Culture Uniquely, the Republic of Vrakai’s Law does not enforce any cultural or religious customs. Its government prides itself to being modelled after the multicultural populace of the original settlers, who eventually founded the republic. Crucially, in Vrakai, its citizens are guaranteed the freedom to practise their own religious and cultural customs without persecution. (( Though cultural and religious customs aren’t enforced, our nation is nevertheless modelled after a generic Eastern European region with aspects of Hungary, Croatia, Lithuania as well Ukraine. )) Social Organisation Notably, the citizens of Vrakia are divided into two social classes: The commoners and the Burghers (or Bourgeoisie). This class system is maintained by rigorous laws that protect the rights and freedoms of the Burghers in order to allow them to pursue their mercantile ambitions. This eventually brings prosperity to all of the Republic as the wealth of the Bourgeoisie trickles down to the commoners. Commoners make up the general population of the republic and practise generic labour oriented professions like farmer, carpenter, fisherman, etc. In contrast with the local Bourgeoisie, they hold few freedoms. But compared to commoners in order human reams, they are relatively more free. The Burghers are the elitary citizen class of the republic. As the driving force of the city’s trade oriented economy, the Burghers enjoy well deserved privileges such as: various trading rights; the right to bear arms; the right to bear heraldic arms; the right to suffrage in the election of consuls (provided they pay the suffrage tax upon casting their vote); the right to be tried by a burgher judge. “The Belvitz Castle, home to the Mercenarial Free Company of The Black Reiters.” Government The Republic of Vrakai is governed by a group of 3 Consuls and one Praeceptor. The Consuls are the representatives of the Burgher class and perform most of the administrative, legislative and diplomatic functions in government. They are essentially ministers who are assigned to a ministerial task by the Praeceptor (more on this below). By and from among the Burghers, the Consuls are elected every 8 years ((2 months IRL)). The duties of a Consul are: The passing of Laws (by simple majority) The revocation or adjustment of unjust laws (by simple majority) Performing the ministerial functions delegated to them by the Praeceptor The Praeceptor is the Republic’s head of state and chief executive official. From among the Bourgeoisie he is elected by the Consuls every 8 years ((2 months IRL)), by simple majority. In order to effectively maintain the Republic’s security, The Governor holds veto powers on matters such as: the acquisition of the title of Burgher; and the passing of new laws by the Consuls. He is tasked with: Delegating ministerial positions to the elected Consuls. Assigning governors to the hinterland territories. Maintaining the internal security of the republic. (( In due time, a separate forum thread will be dedicated to the exact workings of the political system of the Republic of Vrakai. )) Security For it’s security, the Republic of Vrakai depends on privately contracted groups and companies. Notably, for its national security, the republic relies on the Company of The Black Reiters. Whom it allows to occupy the Belvitz Castle and maintains a permanent security contract with. Law enforcement in the republic is maintained by house Montfort through the Montfort Retinue (Belvitz Guard). Current Government Reginald d'Aumary - Praeceptor [SaintPaint] Ludovico di Monteforte - First Consul [LukyLucaz] Louys de Bruyne - Second Consul [Babadooks] Sergei - Third Consul [Zyelon] “A view from the courtyard of the Belvitz castle.” Law & Justice The Republic of Vrakai maintains three books of law, each concerning itself with an important aspect of Vrakian society and the organisation thereof: The Republican Law covers the lawful workings of the Republic’s institutions. It includes legislation on matters such as: government structure; vassals; and trade & monopoly rights. The Common Code covers the legal rights and duties of the commoner class. The Bourgeois Law determines the rights and freedoms of the Burgher class. (( In due time, a separate forum thread will be dedicated to Law & Justice within the republic which will thoroughly explain our justice system and list all laws. )) Joining Commoners wishing to settle in the Republic of Vrakai should make their way to the town of Belvitz ((trouble finding your way?)) and seek to contact a government official. Likewise, affluent merchants or foreign aristocrats who aspire to attain the title of Burgher, and the rights thereof, should travel to the town of Belvitz and contact a government official. Related Posts Mercenarial Free Company of The Black Reiters House Montfort The Montfort Retinue / Belvitz Guard The Montfort Masonry Guild (( Messy Medieval guild: coming soon )) The Town of Belvitz (( to be updated soon )) Belvitz settlement guide Mother’s Breast Tavern (( coming soon )) First Vrakai-Khronheim Friendship Treaty (( other treaties coming soon )) Guide to Vrakian Politics (( coming soon )) Guide to the Vrakian Bourgeoisie (( coming soon )) Law & Justice in the Republic of Vrakai (( coming soon ))
  23. Cornivore

    The Long Awaited Art Shop

    It has come once more, Cornivore is opening his shop once more for the players who want cheap, and amazing art. Each piece you want made, will only cost you a small amount of minas, ranging from 25-100 minas, depending on what Cornivore will draw. If you would like to get one made, all you have to do is comment down below, or send me a Personal Message on Discord or the Forums. Thank you, I will give you some Examples to allow you to view the masterpieces.
  24. Consulary Republic of Holm

    Dominion-Holm Treaty

    Treaty of Caras Eldar 9th of the Sun’s Smile, 1648 Article I: On Sovereignty The Dominion of Malin and the Consulary Republic of Holm(from hereon to be referred to as “the signatories”) do pledge to mutually recognize each other’s status as suzerain powers, meaning: THAT the power of rule of each signatory in their respective territories be fully respected by the other. THAT the signatories agree to engage in diplomatic functions as two states. THAT the signatories accept the authorities of the heads of state of each party (The High Princess of The Dominion and the Despot of Holm respectively) as representative of the will of their peoples, and that the signatories accept no other position claiming such title in stead. Article II: Non-Aggression The signatories hereby established do mutually agree that any forces affiliated with their banner, nation, families-in-power, etc. will not engage in military action against the other party. If such an event is to occur, diplomatic courses of action will be considered to resolve the issue. Article III: Free Trade The signatories hereby established do mutually agree to afford merchants from each respective party to trade in eachother’s lands free of tax, tariff, harassment, or other imposed burden. The signatories do mutually agree that large scale trading agreements between each party can be of either the purchasing kind (meaning that wares are purchased for minae) or of the bartering kind (meaning that different wares are traded on rates mutually agreed upon or previously set by precedent). Article IV: Military Correspondence The signatories enumerated do mutually agree to train their militaries together when chance is afforded to better vest themselves in the maintenance of good relations between the two aforementioned parties. Dominion Signatories: High Princess Awaiti Aureon of the Elven Dominion, Grand Exarch of the Dominion Prince Kairn, Annilir of the Virarim, Prince of War Prince Khaine Csarathaire, Prince of Irrinor Prince Dak’ir Des’Nox, Voice of the Ancestors, Prince of Velunor Prince Belestram Sylvaeri Wright of the Elves, Prince of Valleinor Princess Titania Hawksong, Princess of Valleinor Dwinic Signatories: Dorin Irongut, Consul of Holm, Clan Father to the Ironguts Dwain II Irongut, Consul of Holm Dimlin Irongut, Commander of The HolmIron Brigade Hogarth Irongut, Diplomat of Holm
  25. Consulary Republic of Holm

    Santegia-Holm Treaty

    Treaty of Presa de Madera 10th of the Sun’s Smile, 1648 Article I: On Sovereignty The Kingdom of Santegia and the Consulary Republic of Holm(from hereon to be referred to as “the signatories”) do pledge to mutually recognize each other’s status as suzerain powers, meaning: THAT the power of rule of each signatory in their respective territories be fully respected by the other. THAT the signatories agree to engage in diplomatic functions as two states. THAT the signatories accept the authorities of the heads of state of each party (The King of Santegia and the Despot of Holm respectively) as representative of the will of their peoples, and that the signatories accept no other position claiming such title in stead. Article II: Non-Aggression The signatories hereby established do mutually agree that any forces affiliated with their banner, nation, families-in-power, etc. will not engage in military action against the other party. If such an event is to occur, diplomatic courses of action will be considered to resolve the issue. Article III: Free Trade The signatories hereby established do mutually agree to afford merchants from each respective party to trade in eachother’s lands free of tax, tariff, harassment, or other imposed burden. The signatories do mutually agree that large scale trading agreements between each party can be of either the purchasing kind (meaning that wares are purchased for minae) or of the bartering kind (meaning that different wares are traded on rates mutually agreed upon or previously set by precedent). Article IV: Military Correspondence The signatories enumerated do mutually agree to train their militaries together when chance is afforded to better vest themselves in the maintenance of good relations between the two aforementioned parties. Santegian Signatories: His Majesty, Leoiarizaltzu Salbatzaile de Savin, King of Santegia and Haria, Prince of Evreux, Duke of Savinia, Marqués of Seville and Ponzan, Count of Veldin, Castell and Moncloa, Lord of Biscay, Grand Knight of the Order of the Veldin, Sovereign of the Order of Eminence and the Order of the Golden Steed. Dwinic Signatories: Hogarth Irongut and Kardel Irongut in lieu of Dorin Irongut, Despot of Holm and Head of the Senate Dimlin Irongut, Brigadier Commander of the Iron Brigade in lieu of Dwain II Irongut, Consul of Holm