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Found 62 results

  1. Fuze's Art Shop

    So I've debated doing this for the near 2ish Years I've been on LOTC and have finally decided to open up an art thread. My Pricing goes as follows. Bust: Digital Color - 500 mina EXAMPLES: Bust: Digital sketch - 300 mina No examples atm, but basically Digital Color but no Color, just outlining. Bust: Pencil and Paper - 100 mina EXAMPLES: I am only doing Busts (FOR THE MOMENT) as I can do them relatively quick, but may expand options in the future. Orders will be done within 1-3 days of me marking them as "Being Worked On" (times may vary if work gets busy) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spot 1: Humanistic Spot 2: Rip and Tear Spot 3: Ragnio VIP Spot: (pay an extra 200 mina to jump to the front of line ;) ) SKALE (Working on) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Order Form MCName: Type of Bust: (Color, Sketch, Pencil) Position: (Forward, 3/4th, Side) Character name: Hair: (length, color, style) Eyes: (color, shape) Reference: (include at least 2 pictures 1 being the Skin, and if possible a picture its based off) Warning! once paid there will be no refunds, if you don't like how the art came out Ill be willing to re-draw it, please don't waste my time though.
  2. Shop in Sutica

    Hello There, I'm looking to see about opening a shop in Sutica. Who could I talk to about doing that? Kind regards, Cloud
  3. *Notices are posted around Axios* Come one, come all to the Moaning Maid Inn and Bar, where the drink flows and the music plays! Drink til your hearts content and make new freinds until you can't make anymore. We're located in Norland, not that far from the gate, come down and have some fun!
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a skin to be made for an Earth Atronach. The pain colors going be mainly black and a blue on it. It's also a female looking atronach while it also is not normal styled human shape its lower half is a rocky horse body aka a centaur guess I'll call it then. If there any more info needed please just pm me on here in the chat or msg me in the game then (Dark_elf01) Thanks for your time then~ If this something someone really feels there needs to be pay in mind please just ask and give me an idea on price and then shows me some of your later work if possible if you're wanting me to do the half payment when you start the skin or something of the sort like that then. Idea for the skin though more stone-like and black and blue colored ;w; \/
  5. Send a letter to Maximus Meridio or Vibenius ErNano if you are insterested in buying tomes. Current stock: 4 tomes of the Enchanter. 2 tomes of: Woodworker, Miner, Fisher, Chef, Blacksmith, Leatherworker. 1 tome of: Alchemist, Breeder, Farmer, Lumberjack. ((Pm ShIXTank in-game, Prices will be discussed.))
  6. Santegian Prince for Sale! ___________________________________________________________ [!] Posters would be delivered around Axios by randoms, each poster would be accompanied with a body part from the Santegian Heir "Leoiarizaltsu Salbatzaile". The posters would read the following! "I have captured a Santegian Prince by the name of 'Demetrios Palaoaogaioais', I have slaughtered and butchered the other Prince. However, as a man of mercy I am deciding to allow this Santegian Prince to live - For a price, I will be starting an auction to sell the Prince! Anyone may purchase him! BIDDING STARTS AT : 3500 MINA, BID IN INCRAMENTS OF 500." [!] A very crude portrait that would only detail his HEAD with a large :) would be displayed too!
  7. *A note would have been pinned in towns and villages spread through the Holy Orenian Empire.* Due to the apparent lack of housing in the cities of the Empire me and my family are currently looking for a home to buy to rent at and affordable cost. We are all young and able to work hard to earn our living and rent or taxation should not be a problem as we can work your fields or quarries. We are a larger family but the size of the house is not of concern as long as it contains two bedrooms so the men and women can sleep seperate. So to any man reading this, please if you have a home for us. Send us word and we shall meet. Praise be the creator. Darrion Hanethor
  8. [Complete]Squish Co and Friends

    *Posters would be hung in all major and minor towns/cities of Axios* Squish Co and Friends is proud to announce that we are now selling the finest horses money can buy along with red mushrooms as part of our ever growing product line. If you are interested in any purchases from Squish Co please feel free to send a bird to Jace Kellian (squishybear7) or come to Squish Co HQ located in Sutica to speak to us in person or even leave your contact info at the bottom of the poster. Squish Co and Friends sells only the finest products and the best prices. If you feel that you would work well at Squish Co or you are just looking for a job, we are always hiring! Signed, Jace Kellian *The bottom of the poster would have a section marked off for people to leave there contact information*
  9. The Goldhand Clan

    Clan Goldhand "Born of the First Merchant, Tungdil Goldhand. Said to be descended from The Merchant Father himself. With Gold and Silver flowing through your body. Priceless gems adorning your clothes. Coin filling your pocket. You are of a Noble Clan. You are a Goldhand." The Goldhand Clan is at its core a family of merchants. Those with Goldhand blood have long been amongst the best and most successful vendors in the Dwarven realm, but the clan is not limited to just merchants. The clan includes accomplished architects, soldiers, political leaders, and treasure hunters. Distinguished as a Noble Clan for their accomplishments and long standing support of the Dwarven Nation, Goldhands are proud of their lineage. The blood-bond within the clan is incredibly strong and Goldhands look out for their family members and are willing to fight ferociously for their honor. The Goldhand Code "A rock by itself is nothing more than a stone, swept around by the wind and water. A thousand rocks fused together by unbreakable bonds are a mountain. Storms pass it by and the sea breaks against its shoals. To a Goldhand the Clan is everything." The Goldhands take this to heart. Each individual member will pass on, that is the way of the world. But the Clan stands strong and does not fade with time. As such no betrayal of the Clan will be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to: stealing from the Clan, killing another Clan mate, dishonoring the ancestors, failing to acknowledge direct orders from the Clan leaders. In addition betraying the Dwarven nation is highly frowned upon and may mark the offending Dwarf as a sworn enemy of the Clan. Any oath sworn in blood is binding and cannot be broken without expulsion from the Clan. Such oaths should never be undertaken lightly. Similarly, any oath sworn on one’s ancestors carries the same weight as a blood oath and should not be broken. Disputes between clan members are brought to the clan leader or older clans members immediately. Arguments and disagreements will be solved without going to an outside source unless absolutely necessary. All clans-mates must respect one another. We are all related by blood. Remember to respect your elders. They’ve lived longer than you, and certainly have more knowledge stored away then you might give them credit for. Traditions "We fight as we have always fought. We will build as we have always built. We will feast as we have always feasted. We are Dwarves. Our traditions stand firm as the mountains" Trials: There are no trials for the Goldhands. You either contain the blood of Tungdil himself or you are blood-bonded to someone who does. No trials are set in stone to prove your honor or worth. Instead your deeds for the clan will mark you as a valued and honorable Clans-mate. Your deeds may lead to the Presentation of the Coin ceremony. Blood Oath of Trading: The Blood Oath of Trading has been done since the founding of the Goldhands, though, has not officially been known. As of the reformation of the Goldhands, Finian Goldhand has now officially made it known, along with the proper way to honor special trade agreements. To properly create a blood oath contract with someone, the Goldhand in question would need a mina that holds major significance to them, such as a Goldhand coin they received from their fathers after their Passing of The Coin Ceremony, their first mina made from a trade, or just about any coin that has some significance to the said Goldhand. To officially begin the contract, the Goldhand would cut the palm of their hand, and place their significant mina within it. After that, they would tightly close close their hand and then swear an oath to the Merchant Brothers, Armakak and Grimdugan, so that if the Goldhand fails, they would be shunned by them, along with bringing dishonor upon themselves. If the contract is complete, then they will receive honor, and once they die, will fetch a higher price on the Auction of The Dead. Coin Ceremony: Originally this ceremony was only performed by the Clanlord of the Goldhands when wishing to find a suitable candidate to succeed him after his death. The origins of this were kept secret among the Clanlords, however it was lost through time. Finian Goldhand however had revised this ceremony, and has adapted it to the ways of the Brathmordakin. As Goldhands get older, they will reach an age that will have them unable to continue their duties, for this, the Passing of The Coin ceremony shall take place. The ceremony would consist of the aged Goldhand in question, his clan, fathers and elders of other clans, and the aged Goldhand's specific guests. There ceremony will begin with the Goldhand in questions' walk towards a gilded iron urn containing melted gold, while his friends and family watch. This walk is to signify the Goldhand's journey through his or her's time in this world, to see all of the faces that have helped shape their life. As the Goldhand reaches the urn, the Clan Father shall offer a quick prayer to the Merchant Twins, Grimdugan and Armakak, to signify how close the Goldhand is to joining the Auction of The Dead, and to feel peace in the fact that the twins will look upon them with great interest. After the prayer, the aged Goldhand shall cast their first coin into the melted gold, to cleanse it of it's past honor contracts. After this, a final prayer to all of the Brathmordakin shall be performed to watch over this dying Goldhand, so he or she may pass on peacefully. This is then followed by a small feast, and the Dwed shall choose if he or she would continue serving the clan as a Clan Elder, advising and helping the young Dwed in the clan, or live a life of retirement. Burial: There comes a time in every Dwarf’s life when his ancestors call his name and he ceases to walk with his feat on the stone. On a sad occasion such as this the Clan gathers to remember their fallen family member. When a member dies, either naturally or on the field of battle his body is encased in stone. This is done before the next sunrise if possible. Ale and tears flow freely as the family member is remembered for his deeds. His stone sarcophagus is then carried to a sacred resting chamber to be placed with those of his ancestors. While burials are a sad time, Goldhands also know that their friend will be smiling and laughing at them from the great halls of Tungdil. If the deceased’s deeds were truly remarkable it is said that they might even join the sacred halls of the Merchant Father himself. The Annals of History "May our history be etched into the stone so it may be as everlasting as our race, and so our deeds may never be forgotten." The Noble House of Goldhand, also known as Clan Goldhand, extends far back into Dwarven history. The line goes back originally to Tungdil Goldhand, the fifth son of Urguan. The house originally began in Kal’Urguan where the sons of Tungdil Goldhand proudly and honorably served the nation. As time went on the size and prosperity of the house grew. Sons served in the military or the mines, and daughters married well, solidifying strong political alliances. Many of the stories of the individual house members have been lost over the years to the wear and tear of time, but several journals remain chronicling the participation of the family in great wars, and the proud service to the Dwarven crown. The Archives of Aegis: The Archives of Asulon: The Archives of Anthos, and Elysium: The Archives of Aethera: The Archives of Vailor: The Archives of Axios: Known Relics of the Clan "Sentimental value is what reminds us of who we are, We are known as Goldhands, We are seekers of riches and protectors of treasure." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scales of Tungdil The scales of Tungdil is an elaborately crafted device etched with jewels of many colors. It is not known if it holds any mystical powers, but for many within the clan, it would be seen as a device that would be used for measuring deals and used against those who have done the clan wrong. The Twin Swords of Parathak and Krest Although the origins and description of these two swords are unknown, they still serve as a much sought after relic of the Goldhands. It is a mystery what had happened to these swords whether they perished with their original wielder; past Clanlord Conan Goldhand, or if they were bartered off in some trade. Clanlord of the Goldhands: Thoak Goldhand (Thoak) Clan Elders: Thoak Goldhand Durack Goldhand (KarmaDelta) Morug Goldhand (dsdevil) Ogdan Goldhand (Ogdan) Clansmen: Khazakar Goldhand (Thoak) Galgrock Goldhand (Twistedonslaught) -Kalderbar Goldhand Dagnar Goldhand (Pyro) Valbir Goldhand (pmsl) Benjamin Goldhand (Dreek) Deceased or Missing Clanlords: Gulroid Goldhand (Zuluman111) Finian Goldhand (KarmaDelta) Conan Goldhand Foken Goldhand The Honored Deceased: Rasun Duril Goldhand (Rasun37) Dunhagen Goldhand (Dunhagen) Notable Deceased or Missing: Naztrak Goldhand (Gyutop) Alfados Goldhand (Alfados) Travis Goldhand (travista) William Goldhand (WizardInABox) Arkenos Goldhand (CentralGuard) Praxedis Goldhand (PraxedisG) Borin Goldhand (meltedsnowman) Durrim Goldhand (cmf95) Luke Goldhand (brvhrt1005) Delios Goldhand (Kibeira) Sharr Goldhand (XForrest) Jarno Goldhand (Alphesie) Borin Goldhand (youlovesocks) Burtor Goldhand (Twistedonslaught) Cardinan Goldhand (Tethras) Rae Goldhand (Swampratluc) Hydrose Goldhand (Aptrotta) Magthorn Goldhand (Alikdoril) Tirin Goldhand (Yakmala) Norak Goldhand (Rasun37) Brys Goldhand (Zuluman111) -Hoff Goldhand Toran Goldhand [Alakabam] Orrireat Goldhand [DadElonglegs11] Ethildor Goldhand [Delfato] Rubeus Goldhand [JavaWizard] Adalkrin Goldhand [Sir_Praetor] Gorik Goldhand [llorasec] Draren Goldhand [Jentos] Visitors: Fyresdal (hired hand) Dishonored: Application Application:
  10. [Complete]Looking for elven artifacts

    " I am willing to offer a certain amount of minas for items found at the recently discovered Elven ruins. I have deep pockets, so do not be afraid to send me a letter or meet me at the Warhawke camp - Neci Vincrute"
  11. ♛!Horses for Sale!♛ Best horses in the realm now being sold (350%+), Fast horses, high jumpers, and resistant ones! Prices going from One Thousand minas to ten thousand!! You won't get horses this good from enywhere else!! Contact Vinic or Luke Dunamis For one (W4saki/Lucas84775) OOC: Best Horses in game for sale just pm W4saki Price goes depending on how good the speed and jump combined are. Just pm me with what stats you want your horse and i'll give a price!
  12. [✗] friend

    hi i love being an elf and being friends m0llym0
  13. 2 much iron 4 me *Posters would be plastered in some of the major settlements alerting people of an Iron salesman!* "Callan Gromach, located in Ponce / Daeland is selling iron for 5.5 minas. If you'd wish to look in to purchasing then find him or send a bird to contact him." QUANTITY - LOTS contact: ign: dewper skype: @strohian
  14. Posters of a golden colored parchment would be pinned to notice boards all across Axios, visible to all who wish to take a look. "A mass amount of items is being sold, take a look at the list and if you find anything of which you want to barter for, or buy! If you can't find me, then send a bird!" The items are as follows: ~ 98 Emeralds - 0.2 Mina per 12 Crude Topaz - 13.5 Mina per 12 Crude Diamonds - 45 Mina per 3 Crude Peridots - 17 Mina per 10 Crude Quartz - 18 Mina per 38 Crude Aurum - 15.5 Mina per 34 Crude Rubies - 30 Mina per 27 Crude Emeralds - 23 Mina per 52 Crude Thanhium - 15 Mina per 7 Crude Aengul Eyes - 1200 Mina per 2 Ancient Dragon Scales - 250 Mina per 12 Polar Bears ((Spawn Egg)) - 200 Mina per 10 Parrots ((Spawn Egg)) - 780 Mina per 1 Llama ((Spawn Egg)) 350 Mina 3 Tomes of the Stonemason - 1150 Mina per ~Sold~ 2 Tomes of the Chef - 1100 Mina per 2 Tomes of the Leatherworker - 1050 Mina per 2 Tomes of the Woodworker - 1000 Mina per 1 Tome of the Breeder - 900 Mina 1 Tome of the Fisher - 950 Mina ~Sold~ 1 Tome of the Miner - 1050 Mina ~Sold~ 1 Tome of the Farmer - 870 Mina 1 Sword of Thorns Recipe - 5000 Mina 18 Bottles of Alchemist's Fire - 270 Mina per 35 Upright Branches - 5.5 Mina per 7 Devilish Branches - 30 Mina per 18 Gnarled Branches - 3.5 Mina per 32 Twisted Branches - 5 Mina per 31 Curved Branches - 4 Mina per 42 Slender Branches - 5.5 Mina per 49 Windswept Branches - 6 Mina per ~Sold~ ((Auction Ends 7/25/2017))
  15. SERVICES FOR SALE | MINER / BLACKSMITH Adept Miner and Blacksmith looking for work. Prices and other info can be talked about in person. If interested, send a bird to Wyland. ((Both skills are Adept, currently don't have any lodging, and thought this might be a good way to pay for it since I don't have many minas. Croy007 is my minecraft name.))
  16. [Complete]Buying Diamonds in Bulk

    On the notice boards and various posts around the realm of Axios posters are nailed, wax stamped at the bottom with the mark of House Colborn it reads as follows. "House Colborn is buying Diamonds in bulk get in contact with Eirik Colborn, prices will be discussed but the mercentile house is always fair and expect to trade in such fashion." Underneath the posters there would be information purtaining to the ways of contacting Eirik Colborn. Username: Julius55 Skype: Juliusaakerlund Can also PM me on the forums.
  17. [Complete]Items for Sale!

    Selling Items! The first item that Mukar is selling is specialy crafted dog toys. One of these will cost you 50 minas each. The next item that Mukar has on sale is bear toys. This will cost you 50 minas per toy. The next item that Mukar has on sale is cow toys. This will cost you 50 minas per toy. The next item that Mukar has on sale is cat toys. This will cost you 50 minas per toy. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a wolf pelt cloak which ranges in colour of grey and white. It also holds the bears head still attached. This will cost you 75 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a finely crafted music box. Bidding for this rare item will start at 100 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a bucket of very powerful acid, extracted from the large serpent from the spooky pumpkin realm. Bidding on this item starts at 150 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a pair of sturdy walking boots that you can use to traverse the realm easily. Bidding on this item starts at 50 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a shield of Leyd. Created by a shaman. This shield will increase your strength whilst holding it. Bidding on this item starts at 200 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a magical cake. This cake is quite the treat and rarity as it rejuvenates itself and replicates itself when a slice is taken. It also varies in flavour with each bite! Bidding on this item starts at 400 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a pair of shiny boots for the most fashionable of people. Bidding starts at 100 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a rare rock taken from a cultists den. Bidding starts at 75 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a very rare and magical seashell from the ocean's bed. Bidding on this item starts at 125 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is brawm pipe. Bidding on this item will start at 50 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is orcish brownies! Bidding on this item will start at 75 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a very strong spiders plate. Extracted from the corpse of a very large and venomous spider. Bidding on this item starts at 200 minas. SOLD The next item that Mukar has on sale is a golden sword that Mukar himself pulled from the dock during the Felsen festival. It slays undead rather easily. Bidding on this item will start at 600 minas. Bidding on any of these items will end in three elven days. The items you can buy straight up are first come first served so hurry before they are all sold out. For the bidding items, you must at least increase the bid by 10 minas.
  18. A small crowd would be gathered in front of an auctioneer.. "The auction will start at a 175 minas, the highest bid will win the strong reddish scales from a young wyvern. They can be used to forge armor and many other valuable thing!" The tall auctioneer would state looking around the crowd " Hey you!" He'd point his finger out pointing at you " What is your bid?"
  19. Rare and Magical Relics

    The silent whistles of air breezed past the many settlements of different races, guilds and groups across Axios. These small gusts caused the continuous agitation of the somewhat-loosely hung trade parchments. To the common passerby, the noise was perhaps somewhat irritating. To a tradesman or collector, it was the sound of minae. The hung notices would be quite prominent to a keen eye; the many details and drawings allowing it to stand out from the rest among boards of bounties and trade alike. If one were curious, the parchment would read.. .. -+ Rare and Magical Relics for Sale +- These ancient, rare and often magical relics come personally from the extensive collection of the cryptic elfess, Renn. Some date back prior to any documented settlements, even before Aegisian times. The collector has stated that she is putting these up for sale on the reason that she would like to see use come out of them in the hands of others, rather than sit idle for her own entertainment. - Parchment writer. -- - 'Limited Edition' carved figure of a Cloud Temple monk - A small, Atheran toy; dating back to 1470, shortly after the Chivay dynasty was overthrown. This item was handmade crafted by an expert artist to match the exact proportions, dimensions and look of a Cloud Temple monk. It also seems to have some adjustable joints upon both its legs and arms. Starting bid: 900 minae. (50 mina bid increments) -- - Unbreakable woodlands axe with a cursed and supposedly trapped entity - An oddly-shaped axe. Made completely from wood, and seemingly moulded. This magical relic has a mysterious origin as it seems to have a living entity within; or an everlasting curse. If one were to use it incorrectly, the weapon would attack its user's grip. Starting bid: 1500 minae. (100 mina bid increments) -- - Extremely rare masterfully-crafted cockatrice scale chest piece - This piece of equipment adorns a three-headed hydra to indicate the masterful craftsman behind its design. The chest piece would be mainly made out of cockatrice scales. These scales are far more efficient and durable than any type of ferrum or iron alloy. Not only that, but the scales are far lighter than even tanned hide gear. The piece is in almost perfect condition, and seemingly flexible enough for most races. (A drawing by the craftsman Roy D'Avre - B3ast_Mod) Starting bid: 4000 minae. (250 mina bid increments) -- - Visconti ceremonial axe, complete with Ilatian engravings - An old Orenian relic crafted around the time of the Chivay's rule. The House of Visconti were said to be many in number during Aegisian, Asulonian, and Anthosian times; the family a cultural offspring of the past Southerons. This item of the past is kept in amazing condition despite its age; the ceremonial axe-head adorning a series of Ilatian engravings. Starting bid: 1000 minae. (100 mina bid increments) -- - Ancient Elvish ceremonial blade - A blade ancient, even by Elven standards. The origins and story of such is unknown; though the blade wore an intricate, yet beautiful series of Elvish patterns and etchings. The ceremonial falchion-styled sword is in quite fair condition aside from the inevitable scratches of time. Starting bid: 1200 minae. (100 mina bid increments) -- - Magical moonlit blade - A magical broadsword, said to be blessed by one of the many Aenguls in the skies above. Its blade wore a dull grey within sunlight. Though emitted a beautiful, vibrant glow when exposed to moonlight. The oddity of a blade had a rare scratch or two along the mysterious alloy that made its shape. Starting bid: 1000 minae. (100 mina bid increments) -- Bids close towards the end of the Elven month. (30th / 31st) Bids can be made through magical notes below this parchment, or through a bird. Thank you.
  20. Please remove

    The Guild is gone!! The leader had died!! ~Golden Knights~ The golden Knights Are a small Group That seek Minas and land and to help the common man. The main Goal Of the golden Knights is simple to protect the common man and make minas and glory, defend what they think is right in the world as well as roads and becoming a merc group to one day claim land and build a small village and protect all roads from monsters. We shall Protect any man from beast or a bandit. We are here to make sure every man and woman of every race has a chance to make big Mians And that is why our starting pay is 40 mians a day!!!!!!! Send a Bird to Ser Hoska Grimson ((Kingaff96)) if ya wish to join -~-~-~Ranks~-~-~- ((General's)) ((Pay:100 per mc day)) There will be Two Generals with in the Golden knights there job is to make sure every thing is going smoothly with in the company and make plans for when war is to come they send out orders to the Officers it ranges from gather ores,logs to make sure each Squadron Is in tiptop shape ((Officers)) There Job is to make sure the units with in there Squadron Are trained and always have something to do From just patrolling to finding recruits to even making armor and weapons and even fighting monsters at night there are up to three types of officers Recruiters,Field Commanders,Resource ((Recruiters)) ((Pay 100 per eleven week)) There job is to go out and find new recruits to enlist They get paid the highest Out of the officers for they get 20 minas per recruit ((Field Commanders)) ((Pay:60 per mc day)) These guys handle The Units on the field they train The men to march on the field in formations And Train the men how to fight Ony the best out of the best can become one of these men For each Formation they train a Squadron in they gain 10 minas ((Resource Officers)) ((Pay:100 per elven week)) They Handel the amounts of ore or Resource's That come in. they keep track and watch the books and hand out the ore's and such to each Person that needs them they also gather groups of Recruits to go gather Resource's ((Footmen)) ((Pay:40 a mc day)) These guys are the backbone of the Unit They complete task And train daily to become the best of the best they seek out jobs for the unit or just trade agreements ((Recruits)) ((Pay:10 a mc day)) New men enlisted to seek glory or gain minas there pay starts off small but grows as they rank up ((Ps. seeking some one to make this look all fancy and what not i do not know how make these look great :/ Also seeking some one who can make nice skins)) ((OOC)) Ign: Is this a alt persona: Timezone: Skype: Teamspeak: Age((Optional)): ((Rp)) Name: Age: Reason to join: Race: ((Crafting and such)) Skills:
  21. A crude parchment hung on a wooden post, which seemed to be an advertisement. ~Gukdan's Spirit shop~ I am here to offer my skills as a smith, and a shaman. I have decided to use my shamanism to create items of great proportion that only the worthy men and women can buy from me. The sorts of things you could ask for all depend on the spirit you wish to use in the item, if you are in the dark about Spirits, then here's the list. A list of names and their meanings were scribbled underneath: Where you can find me I will more often than not, be roaming around Sutica, if you wish to ask of my services then you should attempt to find me there. The price you should expect Most items will cost about 600-1000 minas, with some possibly going to 300, depending on it's 'enchantment' What I look like A less than perfect drawing was scribbled on the page, but it wasn't half bad. P.S, Don't get too crazy with the 'enchantment' requests.
  22. You see a banner on a tree written in elegant freehand. "Contact Lithaeril Spruceneedl (Lithaeril) if you would like to sell your Twisted Branches!. Will pay dearly -Lithaeril "
  23. Amount of Item(s) required: One. Price: 1k minas price not negotiable Meeting Place: Haria, inside the cave. Next to soul stone pillar.
  24. On your journeys you are given a leaflet by a lanky man, it reads: Selling iron in bulk purchases! Iron ingot - 10 Mina 64 iron ingots - 600 Mina Iron block - 90 Mina 64 iron blocks - 5000 Mina Please contact Daedalus Taitale if interested.
  25. [Complete][Closed] Seeds

    *You see a poster written in elegant freehand stating* "Purchasing seeds in high quantities. Will pay up to 100 minas. If you would like to take up this deal contact Lithaeril Spruceneedle(ign. Lithaeril) via bird." -Lithaeril Spruceneedle