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Found 119 results

  1. --MYKEI'S SKIN-FACTORIA OPENED--- “Moni fyr skyn, feir dil” Hello, so i decided to open a skin shop, because...why not? My pricing is 1k+ mina or 5-10$ (paypal only) per skin it depends on how complex the skin will be ================================================= What can I do? Armors, dresses, clothes, YOU NAME IT and im sure i’ll be able to create it! My portfolio: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/mykei/ if that’s not enough for you, msg me on discord and ask me to show you my current projects! My discord: Mykei#7300 REMEMBER KIDS “MONI FYR SKYN,FEIR DIL”
  2. The Imperial Association of the Performing Arts Est. Anno Domini 1769, Under the Company of Thespians and Revelers About this Worshipful Guild The Imperial Association of the Performing Arts, established 1769, is a guild under the blanket administration of The Livery Company of Thespians and Revelers. The corporation is a cooperative assembly of verbalist artists. Formed by Peridot Beryl Carrington, the guild represents the interests of comedians, spoken word poets, musicians, actors, playwrights, and other performance-based artists. The guild organizes events for these performers to enlighten the masses, spread their so-saught after fame, and, of course, make money. The primary goal of this merry association is to bring entertainment to all the crowds of Oren, whether it be a high society gala or the local tavern. The Chamber of Romantics The guild is governed in a loose manner, so as not to oppose the freedoms of its performers. Each man or woman is their own, the guild serves more as a means to hone their craft, create bonds with the rest of the performance community, and find jobs. Further, membership is accompanied by a license from the Company of Thespians and Revelers; a member of this guild is a member of that company as well and attains all rights that come with that status. Despite this loose structure, there are basic rankings amongst the group: the organization of this ranking is called the Chamber of Romantics. A key necessary to understanding our organization is that rights afforded to each rank are relatively fluid and ceremonial in nature. Each performer, regardless of their rank in the Chamber, is an individual and has the right to their pursue own activities without oversight. Director-President: The Director-President is the chief amongst the Chamber of Romantics. They are charged with the overall management of the guild and organizing guild-wide events. Further, they are charged with the duty of the purse and are the primary representative to the Company of Thespians and Revelers. The Director-President acts as a manager for all artists and will represent them to potential clients. Master: A master has proved themselves a capable performing artist. Whatever their form may be, they are recognized across the land as a titan of art. Within the guild, masters can induct official apprentices whom they can teach in the arts. Lesser Romantics can also take on students, but these students will not be immediately inducted as apprentices. Journeyman: A journeyman has proved they are above instruction from a master. They can provide their own lessons and earn the right to independent representation. Journeymen are afforded the ability to organize their own events, incorporating other guild members as they please. Apprentice: Usually young, the apprentice is just learning their craft. Apprentices are assigned to a master of their craft if there is one. If not, they are supervised by the Director-President when possible in their performances. Relatively, the apprentice has free reign on their journey to becoming a full-fledged artist as there is no true plan to make somebody into an artist. The Enlightened Endeavor: Stagecraft While the guild does indeed field a wide array of sound-based performers, ranging from musicians to poets to comedians, the primary and recurring function of these artists is the pursuit of drama. Those who come onto the company as thespians will find themselves as the actors of a variety of plays. Further, the company seeks out talented playwrights and directors to aid in the creation and production of these spectacles. The entirety of the guild is incorporated, with musicians and comedians both being brought into the unifying art of stagecraft. Associated Playwrights: Playwrights with associated status are those who primarily identify with the troupe itself. These playwrights can produce their entirely unique scripts and utilize the expert artists and thespians of the guild at their will. The guild, ultimately the Director-President, will act as a producer for the playwright’s plays and coordinate times, venues, and handle the marketing side of the art. These talented writers need to make money after all! Associated Thespians: Actors with associated status are those thespians who run with the troupe and see regular employment in the many dramas set by the company. Thespians of the guild rely on the playwrights (whom they can also be themselves, as artists can be both actor and writer) to provide them with plays and will hone their craft through such endeavors. Actors receive a paygrade from the Director-General via commission of the plays and an actor’s respected role within said play. Scheduling an Event with the I.A.P.A It is hereby decreed that any citizen of Oren or beyond can contract the Imperial Association of the Performing Arts to perform any variety of entertainment at their events. Whether it be a gala or a comedy night, the association can provide entertainment. Below is a format by which to submit a Letter of Request to the Director-General to schedule such affairs. Client Name: Client Aviary Address (Discord): Venue: Entertainment Needed (Music, Improv, Comedy, Actors, etc.) Joining the I.A.P.A Hear hear! All performing actors, musicians, thespians, etcetera, are called to join our Association. You will have access to top-notch production and management, as well as to a semi-regular source of income. Further, you can hone your craft and network within and without our art market. You need not experience, just hope! We can provide lessons and top-notch education in the ways of the performing arts. Applicant Name: Applicant Aviary Address (Discord): Applicant Sex and Race: Form of Art: Would you be interested in acting (Y/N): Experience in the Performing Arts (if any):
  3. [!]Chatter about a new shop can be heard in every town and city, usually from those of a higher class…. “Wow, he can’t do that.” “Schnub must be crazy, no one has ever done this before” “Those prices are so good… I can’t help but buy it all!” “We’re practically stealing from his store” Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is almost too good to be true! Schnub has lowered his iron prices to 1.5 mina and his diamond prices to 6 mina! When asked about these ludicrous deals, Schnub gave this comment. “It iz fur da gud uv da working man dat mi mayke irun agh diamondz affordable. Mi am juzt very humble agh jenerouz mi guezz” It’s true, just outside of Krugmar lies a shop that has incredibly good deals! Stop by today! Legend has it that Schnub is Krug’s chosen businessgobbo, sent to the lands to give very hosh deals.
  6. “The Scholar Bard” Bookstore ((Quick Note: This thread will most likely be updated for different reasons, so if you are interested in keeping track follow it. Any likes on the post would be appriciated also ? )) On the posterboard of Helena would be seen a newly placed and fresh piece of poster. The poster was slightly long, and the material of the paper was clearly of high quality, perhaps due to the profession and skill the person who posted it had. At vertical ends the poster rolled into itself, much like a scroll, but the nails kept it nicely tied up to the board. Different paintings and pictures would be seen around the poster, accompanied by nicely written words of a pleasant, but understandable handwritting. On the left ,right and bottom sides of the main poster some smaller ones would be seen attached, each with different function and purposes, which would be explained in the main notice. “Good People of Helena! It has been nearly 4 months since the grand opening of my dear new bookstore in Oren, and above all else, I’d like to thank you all for not only participating on the opening, but also for frequenting my humble shop. At the end of this notice I shall put some of the paintings I was able to extract during the event, for your pleasure. Among with the grand opening, I’d like to simply brief you, good people, that the store has generally done very good, better than I expected even, and I am more than happy to see people come to me telling how much they appriciate it. Atop this, my book collection has started to grow so good that I’m starting to find difficulty to find enough space on the shelves and displays to cover them all. For this reason I’ve decided to share with anyone who this notice may concern a detailed inventory of all the product I hold and can sell; this inventory list shall be attached close to this notice on the board ((Spreadsheet attached at the end of the thread)). Along with the product lists which shall be updated frequently, I shall also attach another piece of paper where anyone who would like to request any books – be them or not on the store’s immediate displays – can fill the page and I shall deliver as fast as I can. The latter of the letters will not only be for book requests, but also a place where we could potentially negotiate for the price of the specific product, or products you are requesting, since I believe that everyone should get an opportunity to find knowledge. (This however does not mean I will be stupidly fooled to give free or otherwise highly cheapened books.) Lastly, along with the two previous attachments shall also come a third one, which will be dedicated to those authors or otherwise book owners who would be willing to sell me their books. The books that I am willing to buy should be direct duplicates of the original work ((Copies of Origial)), and I shan’t accept any indirect copies of the text ((Copies of Copies)). Moreover, as of now I will not be conducting any partnership with any author, or anything similar. Instead, if there is to be such a transaction, it will be direct and simple, I will give you money for the book or books, if I find them worth buying, and after this I shall hold full ownership, but not credit, for the book, so that I may copy and retail it as I please. This will be done to prevent any complications or else problems which I’d rather avoid. Other than this, good people of Helena, as well as any travelers who see this notice, “The Scholar Bard” and its humble owner are both eagerly awaiting and welcoming anyone entering the shop with good intentions. Thank you once again for your participation and time, Your’s Truly Siol’Avern (the Bard) [IGN: Shlocc Discord: Shlocc#3284] The rest of the above-mentioned attachments would be seen below, neatly nailed to the main notice, being made of the same high-quality material and nicely written ink. Inventory List (Spreadsheet): Paintings and Pictures from the Grand-Opening:
  7. The Compendium of Material Knowledge “These d’arven mines ‘ave been lef’ fer years, yeh know? Nevah know what you’ll find down ‘ere!” - An intrepid Haenseti Miner, delving into the ruins of an ancient Dwarven Mine. Roleplay Nodes Mechanical Functions For The Player A Node is a locked region of varying sizes, 25x25 and smaller, that provides rare resources that are otherwise unobtainable. This system consists of a hierarchy of rarity, rolling mechanics, and lists upon lists of info used for crafting and general use.The hierarchy ranges from Common(T1), Uncommon(T2), Rare(T3), Exquisite(T4), and Legendary(T5), with ‘Common’ being the most abundant and easily acquired resource, to ‘Legendary’ being the most rare and difficult to acquire. Common(T1) resource nodes will not exist, as they consist of things such as Gold, Iron, Lapis, Redstone, etc, and it would be redundant to make Nodes for such. Each tier of resource T1, T2, T3, etc has varying degrees of rolls to determine what you acquire, and all Nodes of the same size universally have the same cooldown time – for example, 1 OOC week, for 10x10 regions. It is required that you know how to RPly mine and gather the resource you are wishing to acquire, as you will need to RP before making an /STreq. If found not knowing how to acquire said ore, and falsely making an /STreq, you are likely to receive some form of backlash in the form of temporary punishment, or I will beat you with a rake. Hierarchy Lists Metals/Metalloids Name: Carbarum Item: Diamond Ore Block Rarity: Legendary(T5) Lore Link: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/185864-world-lore-carbarum/ Environment: Found on the peaks of mountains or deep beneath said mountains. Item Desc: A chunk of an extremely dense and heavy ore, with a blue hue to it. It easily shares many qualities with various types of glasses, from having a glossy sheen to crisp, sharp edges. This would also include the fragility of glass, being quite easy to break or shatter with a light enough strike from a hard object, such as a pickaxe. Name: Nether’s Harvest (Boomsteel) Item: Coal Block Rarity: Exquisite(T4) Lore Link: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/187994-✓-world-lore-volatite-and-boomsteel/ Environment: Found in cold, frozen areas that once had remnants of volcanic activity. Item Desc: An ebony ore with sharp, jagged edges and varying amounts of ash colored dust on and around it. The rock that this metal is within also seems to have varying amounts of flint distributed throughout. This ore is extremely heavy by itself, almost comparable to gold in weight. If one were to allow even a spark to touch this ore, they would quickly discover its minor explosive properties, likely resulting in their own injury if they are close enough to it. Name: Lunarite Item: Quartz Item Rarity: Rare(T3) Lore Link: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/179997-✓-world-lore-metal-lunarite/ Environment: This rare ore does not have any particular prerequisites for where it might be found. It can be found in almost any location, but always on the surface. Item Desc: A lumpy rock about the size of two human fists balled together, with a fair weight to it. The stone appears to possess veins and flecks of a pale gold-ish metallic ore, which glistens attractively in the light. One might mistake it for gold or even nickel were they not privy to its true nature. Even if one is aware of how to harvest and refine it, they will not know its name however. Crystals/Gems Name: Thahnium Item: Lapis Lazuli Rarity: Exquisite(T4) Lore Link: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/188006-✓-world-lore-thanhium/ Environment: Can generally be found anywhere, but is likely to be found in colder environments, likely due to its presence causing the environment to become cold. Item Desc: Brittle, blue crystals which glow softly - can be found on the surface of this chunk of ore. The crystals on this ore have the unique property of absorbing nearby heat and mana, converting heat into mana and mana into heat. The brittleness of Thanhium can prove to be a great danger to those who work with it as a single careless strike can shatter the crystal in its entirety - sending tiny shards flying through the air which can prove harmful if inhaled, ingested, or create a wound. If either of these happen, then the affected individual will suffer from Thanhic poisoning - a terrible malady which freezes flesh and disrupts the natural flow of mana in a mortal. Name: Ruibrium Item: Redstone Rarity: Exquisite(T4) Lore Link: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/130174-lore-ruibrium-demon-stone/ Environment: These crystals sprout naturally from netherrack when there is life nearby, or dead bodies. Item Desc: This red ore contains blood red crystals which sprout from it in jagged formations. Though appearing rather mundane, if one was to hold this ore directly, the wielder would suddenly feel a sharp pain in their hand and quickly become considerably more and more tired the longer they held it. However, merely being in the presence of this ore for long enough will also slowly drain the individual of their strength, as life force is sapped from his or her body. Name: Kulia Crystal Item: Yellow Dyr(Sunstone), Redstone(Inferno), Quartz(Glacial), Prismarine Shard(Marina), Emerald(Evergreen) Rarity: Rare(T3) Lore Link: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/173476-✓-rewrite-kuila/ Environment: Found in deserts(Sunstone - yellow), volcanic regions(Inferno - red), frozen caverns(Glacial - white), the sea floor(Marina - blue), and in caves(Evergreen - green). Item Desc: This crystal varies in color(red, green, blue, yellow, and white), size, shape, and glow depending on where it is found. Each variant also has its own particular property. Otherwise, these peculiar gems have a translucent, polished appearance to them and are rather significant to the Druid folk, seeming to contain unknown power. Name: Lightstones (Divine Gems) Item: Glowstone Rarity: Rare(T3) Lore Link: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/190249-✓-world-lore-light-stones/ Environment: These gems are only found in areas of great deific power, such as near the foundations of Deific cults. Item Desc: A transparent, golden gem that holds a dim glow to it and appears to sparkle. From its humble beginnings, it has a polished sheen to it and seems to have grown from the rock it was found in. If one was capable, they could contain light and holy power within this crystal if they so choose. Cooldowns(w/Regions) & Roll Chances Cooldowns A cooldown on a Node begins the minute it was excavated by a player, no matter the outcome. Thus, no one can use that Node for a designated amount of time afterwards. Tier 2 Material - 4 Days (With additional days depending on amount gathered) Tier 3 Material - 6 Days (With additional days depending on amount gathered) Tier 4 Material - 8 Days (With additional days depending on amount gathered) Tier 5 Material - 12 Days (With additional days depending on amount gathered) Roll Chances For each tier of rarity a player has a specific amount of rolls they may do before the Node goes on cooldown. The individual will roll out of 100(/roll 100) X amount of times. Below is a short list of how many rolls a player has. X = 1 Legendaries a week X = 2 Exquisites a week X = 3 Rares a week X = 4 Uncommons a week Metals/Metalloids When attempting to gather an ore that is considered a ‘metal’ or ‘metalloid’, the player will receive either 0 to 3 ore items. This is dependant on how successful that person’s rolls are and of course, the rarity of the Node. All ore items are the same size, you are just able to acquire several of them if lucky enough. Uncommon(T2) 1-30 = Nothing 31-80 = Shard of Ore (1 of it) 81-90 = Piece of ore (2 of it) 91-100 = Chunk of Ore (3 of it) Rare(T3) 1-40 = Nothing 41-83 = Shard of Ore (1 of it) 84-90 = Piece of ore (2 of it) 91-100 = Chunk of Ore (3 of it) Exquisite(T4) 1-50 = Nothing 51-85 = Shard of Ore (1 of it) 86-91 = Piece of ore (2 of it) 92-100 = Chunk of Ore (3 of it) Legendary(T5) 1-60 = Nothing 61-89 = Shard of Ore (1 of it) 90-95 = Piece of ore (2 of it) 96-100 = Chunk of Ore (3 of it) Gems/Crystals When attempting to gather what is considered a ‘gem’ or ‘crystal’, the player will sometimes receive an item, but its size is subject to change depending on how successful their rolls are. Uncommon(T2) 1-30 = Nothing 31-80 = Fragment 81-90 = Shard 91-100 = Cluster Rare(T3) 1-40 = Nothing 41-83 = Fragment 84-90 = Shard 91-100 = Cluster Exquisite(T4) 1-50 = Nothing 51-85 = Fragment 86-91 = Shard 92-100 = Cluster Legendary(T5) 1-60 = Nothing 61-89 = Fragment 90-95 = Shard 96-100 = Cluster Nothing = Nothing. Piece/Fragment = About the size of a human male’s pinky finger in length, the width may be slightly larger than the width of the same pinky finger. Shard = About the size of a human male’s hand in length, and the width of two index fingers. Chunk/Cluster = About the size of a human male’s hand in length and width, fitting in the palm like a ball. Refining & Crafting If you’re curious about the amount of refined material that an ore item may produce, there is a standard! Simply, one ore item will equal two ingots of that material. With that, there is also a list of how many ingots are required to produce a specific item, though there can be some interchangeability depending on the type of item being made, but this is rare. Weapons 1 - Dagger, Arrowheads(16), Bolt(6) Spike, Hammer-head(small) 2 - Shortsword, Axe-head(small), Blade(small), Hammer-head(large), Mace-head(small) 3 - Longsword, Axe-head(large), Blade(large), Mace-head(large) 4 - Greatsword, Ballista Bolt Note, for items such as ‘Axe-head’ and ‘Blade’, they are just those specific items. It is not an entire axe, merely the metal head of the axe. It is not an entire sword with hilt, crossguard, etc, just the actual blade part. This is to allow people to make a variety of different weapons, such as polearms, spears, glaives, etc. Armors 1 - Gauntlet, Sabaton, Vambrace, Poleyn, Visor 2 - Helmet, Pauldron, Greave, Cuisse 3 - Tasset, Gorget, Couter 6 - Fauld 8 - Breastplate Shields 1 - Buckler, Boss(the round disk that is in the center of many shields, made to guard the hand) 2 - Round Shield 3 - Tower Shield Note, most shields were not entirely metal, few were, and those that were entirely metal were quite small compared to most other wooden shields. However, there are many examples of shields being reinforced with metal, and most often having a ‘Boss’ in the center of the shield where the hand grips the shield from its back. Accessories 1 - Rings(4), Bracelets(2), Earings(4), Piercings(4)(of any kind), Necklace, Metal Parts(2)(Small) 2 - Crown, Mask, Metal Parts(large) Note, ‘Metal Parts’ are simply various objects of different shapes and sizes made from metal, such as pipes, poles, levers, gears, levers, etc. It is really up to the user to determine what is large and small, but generally anything larger than a person’s head can be considered large. Material Index The Material Index is a place you can look to see the different categories of Materials and what that implies. Materials are grouped into four categories – there are Event Materials, Node Materials, Open Materials, and Special Materials. Three of these categories require ST signage in order to be considered legitimate(authentic), while one requires not ST signage at all. Here is a quick rundown of the four categories. Event - Materials that have no means of procurement outside of events. These events are at the discretion of the ST with the reward as an afterthought or carefully planned to fit into whatever story is being told. Event Only materials are signed by an ST. Node - Materials that are gathered through supervised gathering Roleplay of a Node. Nodes are sparsely found in the world, and are areas where certain Lore Materials may be gathered. There is always a sign present to OOCly inform players of whether or not a place is a Node or not. Node Only materials are signed by an ST. Open - Materials that are openly available to all players. These are either materials that are extremely common and require no ST oversight or are a smithing technique. These require knowledge of the player to forge and refine, and we encourage experimentation and the like to learn how to do such. Open materials do not require ST signage. Special - Materials that are often a mix of different groups or have special clauses attached to them, and such is listed beside them. Special materials are signed by an ST. Bellow, all four types are listed with all currently accepted materials accepted or ones that have been since shelved. Event Materials - - Dralachite Node Materials - - Thanhium - Carbarum - Boomsteel - Lunarite - Lightstones - Ruibrium - Kuila Crystals Open Materials - - Gold (Aurum) - Black Ferrum - Daemonsteel - Focus Crystals - Magnetus - Adfectio Stones - Slayersteel - Kadarsi Ore & Qualashi Steel - Redstone Wiring/Tattoos Special Materials - - Arcanium (Requires an MA in any Void Magic, and ST Signage) - Bluesteel (Supplemented with ST Signed Carbarum) All Shelved Material Lore Pieces - - Magegold (Arcaurum) Reason: Redundant, merged with Gold (Aurum) - Bloodsteel Reason: Not wanted by Orc community in a reworked state – like the idea of a Legend instead. - Verdantium Readon: Redundant, merged with Carbarum. - Kodeh Steel Reason: Redundant, served no purpose with Daemonsteel. - Quartz Dust Reason: Belonged in Alchemy, not a resource. - Gemsong Crystals Reason: Shelved in Athera, staying shelved in Athera. - Beastsmithing Reason: Outdated Lore Piece, received no rewrite. - Vehement Smithing(Azdrazi Smithing) Reason: Azdrazi smithing being merged with Azdrazi rewrite. Credits Though I did the majority of the writing for this, I cannot neglect giving credit to Lark to aiding me in producing a past google doc where we essentially created the rarities of Materials on our own(I love that man). I also can't forget to give credit to my supporters and critiques who spent time explaining my flaws(ty), such as SquakHawk, Killmatronix, Archipelego, Nivndil, and a few others who I've forgotten due to this project going on and off the back-burner for an extreme amount of time. However, in that time I'd like to say we have produced a quality and literate post for LotC. Also having to include that the Material Index was rightfully written by SquakHawk.
  8. {!} rough scrolls be pinned up about different notice boards {!} ”The time has come I give up the life of an archer. With such being said I’ve brought upon myself to offer up my priced longbow up for trade. I do not look for coin in this trade but I look too find rather useful and unique material or uncommon items to be added into my own collection in return.” {!} A detailed sketch of an oddly designed longbow at the lower part of the parchment {!} https://gyazo.com/feaa159171ce1ba00dcf891e1beff7a1 {ooc} In the case of Blood magic being removed I do have screenshots of the two materials used for the longbow encase of such being reverted back to original since I had done a lazy way of crazy with this item sadly to say. I’ll be giving such over to whoever offers a better trade at the end. This be left up till this coming weekend on 1 / 4 / 20
  9. The Pact of Stone and Serpent 5th of Deep Cold, 1743 This pact serves as a trade agreement between the following signee states: The Under-Realm of Urguan as represented by stone and The Medri Negasi of Seyam as represented by Serpent. “Well t’en et seems loike weh make teh perfect pair, 's ta speak” - Falk Irongut This pact affirms: ፩ | Trade The benefactors have formally agreed to the terms of a standard trade agreement, allowing the unobstructed free flow of trade between all signee states and their vassals henceforth. ፪ | Recur All benefactors have formally agreed to meet every decade to confirm the necessity of this pact and update it as needed. ሪጋSigned in the name of His Illustrious Majesty, Erasto I of the Sulynèan Dynasty, Ras of Thyra, Suldaan of the Southeron and Seyam. Signed by Falk Irongut, Clan Father of Clan Irongut, Herald of Armakak, and Grand Merchant of Urguan.
  10. *Posters placed in several large cities* My name is Flower, I am wishing to learn about herbs and the use of them in medicine. I am willing to pay to be trained in the creation of medical salves and the likes using nature. I have knowledge of where several herbs grow already and could supply them. If you can train me send a bird to me at Talons Grotto.
  11. EDIT – as of 17:00 GMT, 10/11/2019, my commissions are closed as i complete the commissions i have already accepted! thank you for all the interest shown, this notice will be edited again when i am ready to accept commissions again. BACKLOG – 6 hello! being new to LotC, i’m hoping to earn some minas. in return for minas, i’m offering art of your oc’s! FULLY SHADED, NEATLY LINED, COLOURED: 2700 minas Examples: these drawings usually take me around a day to complete, and under other circumstances I charge £35, therefore i am not cheap when it comes to ingame money. ROUGH LINEART, COLOURED AND ROUGHLY SHADED: 800 minas Examples: the lineart here will be closest to the lilac image, with colouring and rough shading. these drawings take around 3 hours. contact me on discord (D.#3817) for further information! thank you for your consideration <3.
  12. People of Oren! Your Empire needs you! Aid the Empire with the flow of food, iron, stone, and wood! The Empire needs your help to combat the rampant bandit infestation plaguing our roads. No matter your profession, you must answer the call! The Union of Laborers is looking for hard working members to fill the storage bins! The Empire demands lumber for our tools and kindling to keep our soldiers warm! Stone to build the mighty walls that secure our people! Food to fill the hungry bellies of our boys in red! And iron to forge into weapons that will be plunged into the parasite-filled stomachs of our enemies! What will Oren do for you? The Dragon’s Rest Tavern will keep food on your plate and your mugs filled to the brim with strong spirits! You will be paid for your duty and given bonuses if you excel at your profession! A bed will be gifted to you when you require rest to sooth your aching bones! We will build you up for success, because without you, our boys in red risk their lives to gather the supplies they need to defend our people! Join the Union of Laborers today! Be the foundation of our Holy Empire! Support the military, so they can focus on smiting our foes! And ultimately, get paid for it! Contact Dax Illiquin, Undersecretary of Labor (Bawg#4579)
  13. [!]--X--[!] Fawoukh Vendor [!]--X--[!] [!] A poster is roughly tacked onto any surface you may be looking at, so long as it is legal. It depicts a market stall, surrounded by the wares sold on all sides. Pictures of candles with funny quotes, animals hiding within Tokeballs and a variety of other items. Written in the end, as if an afterthought, it states. “Find this stall in Marsumar!” [!] The stall sells quite a few things, including: Hand-Carved Karin Toy: 30 Mina Hand-Carved Basilisk Toy: 30 Mina Hand-Made Woolen Doll With Basket: 30 Mina Grizzly Bears Claws: 10 Mina In The Moment Comedy Candle’s: 5 Mina Freshly Baked Walnut Bread: 4 Mina The Edict Ghost V.1: 30 mina The Edict Ghost V.2: 30 mina Sensory Therapy: 30 mina Tippens Root: 15 mina Blissfoil: 15 mina Serpent’s Stalk: 15 mina Cactus: 3 mina Feathers: 2 mina Paper: 2 mina [OOC: RP items are marked in red. Coords are X -1648, Z 1254. Or use the Marsumar map circling around. If you are having trouble finding it, bird tadabug2000.]
  14. Fliers would reach around all the Towns, Kingdoms, and Nations of Arcas as one particular Flier would catch your eye. You walk towards the Flier as upon closer inspection you realize that not only the paper was ripped a little, not only the Flier was terribly stuck to the wall, but the entire Flier was hand written with mud that has turned dry over time. Reading the Flier you start to wonder what creature or who has made this Flier in the first place, but you soon to find out... “Dear whoever read this, am Goi. Am strong Hou looking for job. Goi don’t care what job is, as long as Goi get paid... Goi can be humble gardener, or STRONG hired mercenary. Whatever client choose Goi to be. Send Goi letter saying where and when Goi can meet client to discuss Job and reasonable price.” There would be a dirty smiley face with a signature at the end reading ”-Goi” The font would be clearly messy however you can clearly read it. You chuckle at the fact how the grammar was off by alot, but ponder if you should hire this Hou or not. The choice is yours. OOC: Thanks for reading and you can msg me at discord, TypeFaster#1429, or on lotc, Blawpadow or scientist301. Also this is temporary work unless you plan to keep paying him. But he might be able to pull some strings to make it long term.
  15. Mojo

    New skin shop

    Yeah so I make skins, Ill do any skin type you request. Payment in crowns is Ideal, though I’ll hear out other payment methods, I don’t have a set price. If you want a skin PM me on the forum or in game and we can discuss what exactly you want VIA discord. I prefer to do and almost exclusively make skins from scratch. Here are some of my more recent skins https://imgur.com/a/Oma33LX
  16. Ford

    Ford's Skin Shop

    Here’s examples of my work: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/ebonsquire/ I’ll take the first three requests, first come, first serve. Give as much detail as you want about the skin in a reply on this thread. Then add me on Discord (Ford#7178) once you’ve posted it. FIRST TWO REQUESTS ARE FREE, OTHERS WILL PAY THE STANDARD FEE. All skins will cost 700 minas. I’ll do the skin, then ask for payment, then give the skin Requests: Apostate Banner Man of Respect LeoRabbit JaketheDog115
  17. [!]--X--[!] Fawoukh Vendor [!]--X--[!] [!] A poster is roughly tacked onto any surface you may be looking at, so long as it is legal. It depicts a market stall, surrounded by the wares sold on all sides. Pictures of candles with funny quotes, animals hiding within Tokeballs and a variety of other items. Written in the end, as if an afterthought, it states. “Find this stall in Marsumar!” [!] The stall sells quite a few things, including: Hand-Carved Karin Toy: 30 Mina Hand-Carved Basilisk Toy: 30 Mina Hand-Made Woolen Doll With Basket: 30 Mina Grizzly Bears Claws: 10 Mina In The Moment Comedy Candle’s: 5 Mina Freshly Baked Walnut Bread: 4 Mina The Edict Ghost V.1: 30 mina The Edict Ghost V.2: 30 mina Sensory Therapy: 30 mina Tippens Root: 15 mina Blissfoil: 15 mina Serpent’s Stalk: 15 mina Cactus: 3 mina Feathers: 2 mina Paper: 2 mina [OOC: RP items are marked in red. Coords are X -1648, Z 1254. Or use the Marsumar map circling around. If you are having trouble finding it, bird tadabug2000.]
  18. While walking down the King’s Road you stumble across a sales catalog written on a tattered parchment scroll. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Golden Harvest Catalog of Supplies for Sale ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We Deliver! To order, fill out the attached form ((Forum pm)) For immediate service, send a bird to the Westmarch Harvest HQ ((JD_DC)) Wonderous Oddities: Odd Libations – 15 minas Timekeeping Pendants – 85 minas Halfling Pipeweed Cigars – 15 minas Fine Minerals: Raw Diamonds – 35 minas Raw Emeralds – 10 minas Refined Gold – 25 minas Refined Iron – 3 minas Cobble Stone – market price Lapis Blocks – 10 minas Redstone Blocks – 10 minas Food Stuffs: Carrots, Bread, and other vegetarian dishes – 2 minas per serving Steak, Chicken, Mutton, and other meats – 5 minas per serving Pumpkin Pies and other baked goods – 10 minas per serving Tools of the Trade: Herbalists Snippers – 45 minas per pair Leather Riding Saddles – 70 minas Maps Made to Order – 100+ minas Office Supplies: Bookshelves – 40 minas Books – 10 minas Paper – 1 mina String – 10 minas Black Ink – 15 minas
  19. I need a skin for my character Rogg Here’s the skin I’m using for him atm: https://imgur.com/hWQBqIo (Here’s one without the beard and scar: https://imgur.com/a/QPZcanS) I’m looking for a more realistic look to his face but with the same deformed eyes and mouth since the one I have now looks way too happy for what he got goin on Here are some references: https://imgur.com/a/K2VxFjJ https://imgur.com/a/JjYhCMa https://imgur.com/a/EGWTgOJ He’s basically Sloth from The Goonies but with hair and a beard Im broke on LOTC but I can pay with Paypal.
  20. [!] There is a notice bearing a red wolf crest posted on every accessible bulletin board. Below it is hammered a small spike, and a leather-bound book is tethered to it with cord. Penned in neat calligraphy, it reads: ~~ To all Buyers & Traders! ~~ Ahoy! Our price reports have been updated. It was updated last fortnight, but circumstances delayed a proper posting. I am including Krugmar as a trial run. Considering what I have to report in Buyer Beware, this may be short-lived. I won’t send people into the maw to get harmed, so Krugmar consider yerself warned. Mess with the traders, and I ain’t including ye here again. [!] The book includes the following information: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rO2JInGU1pn8lmQ8vD6mDrlD0B9Dcz_dojCIXEA-1KM/edit?usp=sharing Buyer Beware! First off, my thanks to former Prince Rutledge of Ves for reaching out to me regarding my last report. He quickly addressed the problem, and after an investigation he was able to confirm the bandits were not Ves citizens, just arsehats smearing his city’s good name. I can only hope good came of it, for his citizens and himself. The man has now abdicated, however I hope his successor is inspired by his example of noble leadership. Seems our neighbourhood Uruk are becoming active again, which of course I trade with many and call several friends. However, they seem to be hell-bent on bringing slaves (snagas) back to Krugmar, and camping the bridges outside of Sutica to do it. So be wary, my fellow traders. I know the snaga bit is something they like to do, but after finding out that they brand, burn, beat and torture their slaves? Well, let’s just say I can’t imagine anyone choosing that life (unlike before when they were treated better). If you see a group of them anywhere, turn around and go somewhere else. If ye don’t, yer most likely going to be harmed. Terribly. So just nope the hells out of that. NOPE. You hear me, Doomie? Love ya, NOPE. Fair winds, may Dame Fortune smile on your cups. Honour Rackham Captain, Howl of the North PS: If you ever have a story to share for Buyer Beware, reach out to me. I always like listenin’ to a good tale! ((OOC: The Trade Report Guidelines)) We will be updating our trading information on the 1st and the 15th of every (real) month. An item must have a quantity available by the dates above to be included. In Stock = 0 will be ignored. If you wish your location to be added to the trade report, contact GoldenGRIE (Discord: GoldenGRIE#0254) to make arrangements. All have access to view, but only the Howl of the North crew have access to edit. This is to maintain a level of trust in the reporting, and to prevent people from accidentally borking the formulas in the spreadsheet.
  21. Around some of the sandstone pillars in the Cloud Temple and of some southern notice boards lie a few finely written posters had been made with writing, three posters side by side. , One In Elven, one in Dwarven and one in common Some may see a hooded and masked Mali posting these, though darts off to the next city before being stopped. Each stating the same wording as Follows. “To those that Read this message I am here to seek out a proper tailor for some new attire(s). The Mina will range somewhere from somewhere between 300-1000 depending on quality, amounts and or tips. One will be consisting of a mage robes but that will be disclosed in person. If you would like the offer come to Llyrias tavern, Llyria being at this location. X -1265 Z -73. :east for the next 3-4 Elven hours Less stated otherwise. Search for one downed in halfplate. Or one named Delimoni If failed to reach a time or contact, Yet still wish to do business send a bird my way. -K ((Ooc note this is my first time making any sort of tailor request, so send a bird to PronceJose270 way in adv. or just msg me some of your work. Sorry if it is bad But i’ll work on improving ^^))
  22. The Grand Stables of Fenn “Hear our hooves and despair” - An Ivae’Fenn proverb The Ivae’Fenn of Fenn has always been known to utilise some of the finest horse archers and heavy lancers this world has seen. Many of which were part of the Hordes of Dunamis! In times of war, each Ivae’Fenn would own two war horses; one to use for traveling and one to fight with. But in times of peace, those majestic war-beasts are usually inside the stables, unused and forgotten. The Princedom of Fenn however believes it's high time to allow the rest of the people of Arcas to be able to own one, as the wars are finally over. The Fennic stable is located in the marketplace, just beside the gatehouse. Prices and Speeds: 12.8 to 12.6 are 500 minas! 12.6 to 12.4 are 400 minas! 12.4 to 12.2 are 300 minas! For lower or higher quality horses, you may send a letter to the stablemasters! With each horse bought, you get a free copy of the horse guide, written by the best horse breeder to ever walk the mortal plane, Officer Grudgebeard! *We sell saddles as well, 55 minas each! (5 minas Fennic Tax) ((To acquire a horse, simply PM Goonhz (EST) or Ioannis(GMT)!))
  23. OXENSTEIRNA TRADING COMPANY Est. 1707 The Oxensteirna is a fiery and enduring Savoyardic family borne from the remains of the of old Lorraine-Savoy Kingdom of Axios. Remarkably esoteric on their origins or affiliations and known for their shrewd business sense, the Oxensteirna has faced numerous setbacks prior to the arrival on Arcas but remains ever resolute, with their gaze set on rising to higher heights. The Oxensteirna Trading Company was borne in conjunction with the fluid state of affairs within Arcas, serving as a minor player in financial markets in Ves, Reza and Helena. Serving dutifully in the purposes of general goods, the O.T.C for short has progressed into a state of expansion in seeking workers and caravan guards for its purposes. Institutionalized with beliefs in the defence of the faith and assistance to the poor, characterized in a form of a ancient common language as ‘Tuitio Fidei et Obsequium Pauperum’ is enshrined in the O.T.C’s moral compass. Its long-term goals remains ambiguous. Partners of the Oxensteirna Trading Company I: Captain Honour Rackham[LD-001] Associates of the Oxensteirna Trading Company [Publicly Redacted] Workers interested in menial labour or fighters with martial prowess in exchange for payment and incentives are sought for. Recruitment Form, to be mailed in any of the stall locations in Ves, Reza and Helena.  Name: Position: Introduction: OOC information: Username: Discord Men and Women under fealty need not apply. New and returning players are welcome to join, and the following players can be contacted through discord to discuss any questions one may have. Cassiflorn | Crines#2975 Laurelin | Liritho#0797 FireCrimson#1915 No part of this document may be reproduced without prior written permission by a partner of the O.T.C
  24. [!] A drawing of a goblin in a jester outfit appears before you. It has the words “Buying wife 20 minas” written on top of it. A note is attached to it. It reads: Hi. I am Omar Grimmer’Lak. I want to buy a wife for twenty minas. She must be able to produce offspring. If you have any daughters, female friends, or mothers who might be interested, send me a bird!
  25. [!] There is a notice bearing a red wolf crest posted on every accessible bulletin board. Below it is hammered a small spike, and a leather-bound book is tethered to it with cord. Penned in neat calligraphy, it reads: ~~ To all Buyers & Traders! ~~ Ahoy me traders! Our price reports has been updated. Brandybrook and the Caravan out front of Aegrothond have been added to the list, along with the city of Thyra. I was interrupted more than a few times trying to put this together for ye, so there may be a missed item here and there. If ye find something truly off, let me know via bird. [!] The book includes the following information: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rO2JInGU1pn8lmQ8vD6mDrlD0B9Dcz_dojCIXEA-1KM/edit?usp=sharing Buyer Beware! So there’s a couple of tales to share, and both of them a bit... interesting. Hang on to yer hats, mates. This is going to be quite the story time. First, there was a clash near me dock, one that broke out between the Sutica Guards trying to keep the peace and a group of Hou-Zi (monkey folk). Once the spat was settled, the victims of this attack shared a frightening warning. They said to be mindful of a new group of Imperialistic Hou-Zi lead by the cruel Shen Cao Cao. Cao Cao and his followers pushed their peaceful Hou kin out of their homeland, and are now going from town to town and attacking them and any passerby. One refugee even shared the horrid tale that these Hou ate some poor soul alive! If ye find yourself faced with these hostile and belligerent Hou, think twice before conversing with them. Ye might end up as dinner. The second story has to do with O’ Sweet Adria! I was following a rather friendly individual to check out a new market when we passed the entrance to the Adrian city of Ves. I’m rather fond of Ves and it’s tavern there, The Bird and The Bard, so this wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. What was out of the ordinary was being attacked by Ves citizens. I made my way into the city, called for assistance, and lo and behold, the bandits followed me in and said they were doing their “civic duty” as citizens by robbing anyone who came by. So this will be me last update for Ves, and until further notice: Adria is off the trade report until such time as it is safe for me to conduct business. I’ll not risk me neck, nor will I direct anyone there to be harmed. Clean up your mess, mates. Fair winds, may Dame Fortune smile on your cups. Honour Rackham Captain, Howl of the North ((OOC: The Trade Report Guidelines)) We will be updating our trading information on the 1st and the 15th of every (real) month. An item must have a quantity available by the dates above to be included. In Stock = 0 will be ignored. If we do not have access to a trade market to verify prices at stalls, the location will not be included on the report. If leadership of a location wishes to grant access solely for the purpose of acquiring prices, we will gladly fix this. All have access to view, but only the Howl of the North crew have access to edit. This is to maintain a level of trust in the reporting, and to prevent people from accidentally borking the formulas in the spreadsheet. Many thanks to the Halfling, George, for their assistance gathering prices in Brandybrook and The Grove!
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