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  1. The Pact of Ash and Falcon The Kingdom of Norland and The Fakhr Oasis ARTICLE I - SOVEREIGNTY The Kingdom of Norland and The Fakhr Oasis recognize each other as independent lands, legitimately overseen by their respective sovereigns, and will make no attempt to subvert the authorities governing them. ARTICLE II - NON-AGGRESSION The Kingdom of Norland and The Fakhr Oasis will adhere to a pact of non-aggression, and will not incite conflict between themselves, nor will they participate in any conflicts that will result in the signatories being in opposition. Citizens of both civilizations have their safety guaranteed within the borders of the other, so long as the laws of the local governments are adhered to. ARTICLE III - FRIENDSHIP The Kingdom of Norland and The Fakhr Oasis, have deemed both signatories as virtuous stock with good morals, good intentions, and a value for mundane, descendant life. Both signatories hereby declare the friendship between the parties and vow to smile upon each other with kind hearts. ARTICLE IV - TRADE The Signatories may adhere to the following trade policies: - Signatories may receive a market stall free of rent in their respective capitals. - Signatories may trade specialty goods free of tariff. - Signatories shall not trade products of alcohol or pork between each other; this includes the raw materials necessary in the production of those goods. ARTICLE V - DURATION This pact shall be in effect for a duration of 15 years. In the case where either The Kingdom of Norland or The Fakhr Oasis is found by the other to be in violation of this pact, or either of the signatories undergo a change in nation status, all articles will remain in effect, while the signatories search for diplomatic resolutions. Signed, Sayyid, Qamar Bin Zayd, Sheikh of the Nabeel, Emir of the Fakhr His Royal Majesty, Vane Freysson Ruric , King of Norland, Duke of Varhelm, High Chieftain of the Rurikkid, Protector of Highlanders The Rt. Hon. Lady, Leyna Edvardsson, Baroness of Krew, Chieftain of Kazimir, Envoy of the Kingdom of Norland
  2. ((saturday the 23 is the official opening 6 pm est)) Hello people of Almaris, we of the Grand Trog, are excited to announce that our wonderful Grand Trog is finally open for use!. I know many of you are probably curious, possibly even dying to know what this place is. Supply and Demand, On Command! In Simple terms, the Grand Trog is a Bazaar, filled with the very light and merchantry soul that fuels Almaris. Founded for those that wished to be in a healthy environment of competition and strived to carve their place within this world of glinting gold. Need a place for a more permanent shop? Go set up on the glistening sacred river, perhaps you want something not so grand? Make a shop inside of one of our many miniature stall’s. Gambling and Grizh! The Grand Trog does not just offer any old bazaar experience, for who would we be as salesmen, without some sources of entertainment! Do you wish to test your luck with the dice? Perhaps you're certain of your skills as a dealer or gambler, then come on down and spend those hard earned mina’s at the tables. Perhaps you want to test your eye’s and aim, then come test your skill at the archery range! Maybe you think your blade and hammer is a worthy foe against those in the ring, try your luck as a champion of the fighting pit’s! Artists show your craft! Perhaps though, you are far more of a charismatic individual, preferring stage and song, rather than blade and bow. Then hop onto the roof’s and play a tune, show your talents to the world as we hold a show of talents! Of course, song and dance is not the only thing we have that is a talent, there are those that work with their hands, and what kind of Bazaar would we be if we did not allow a show of such fine craftsmanship! Alongside the talent show, we will also be holding an artisan competition, to see who holds the best piece of work. Not only will it be hung up on the wall for display at the bar, but, they will also get a chunk of Boomsteel as an award. This, combined with several other perks at the Bazaar, will surely make this Grand Opening something to remember. With drink’s, hookah, and food, nothing is like it. Now you may be curious, where can you find this glorious place? Well, simply take the trail to the Iron Uzg, and you will find us right outside of their gates, a bazaar of wonder and glory ready to sell and take in merchants.
  3. The Waystone Corporation ᛏᚺᛖ ᚹᚨᛁᛊᛏᛟᚾᛖ As issued 12th of The Deep Cold, Year 43th of the Second Age Magni’s Magnus ᛗᚨᚷᚾᛁ×ᛊ ᛗᚨᚷᚾᚢᛊ History: Beardling Magni Irongut has learned the art of smithing & jewelry from two esteemed crafters in the dwarven captial. First is his father,The Golden Flame Wizard Falk Irongut. The second, his boss Armakak’s Artificer Clan Lord Dorimnur Goldhand. They taught him the way of artistry, and the beardling took an interest in jewelry and trinkets from a very young age; it wasn’t before long that the Irongut Beardling began creating unique artifacts & jewelry pieces in emulation of his teachers, even being commissioned to build the crown for Grand Queen Bryldryn Grandaxe. It was now time for Magni to start his own venture under Waystone! Products: While Magni offers a large collection of day to day jewelry pieces including earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, crowns, chains and all kinds of trinkets, Magni’s true specialty is custom commissioned products. These products are tailor-made out of any mineral or material in combination with any gem, designed specially for each client’s desires. Commissioned products that require collaboration with The Living Forge or The Golden Enchantry might also be requested. Prices range from 50 to 5000 minas depending on the amount of work required to make them & the value & quality of the finished product, as well as the materials and gemstones that go into construction. Location: Magni’s Magnus is located within the salt mine & stall complex in the grounds of the Wayside Tavern at Eastfleet. If you find the shop empty feel free to leave a letter in the mailbox with your contact information. Magni Irongut will find a way to get in contact with you.
  4. THE SUTHERLAND CORPORATION Corporaid Sutharlainn ⚘ Sanas | Notice ⚘ The Sutherland Corporation and the Sutherland Trading Company has been operating in the Barony of Rhein for over twenty years and has been largely successful in providing customers with outstanding experiences and bridge the relationship of our company with other individuals and groups in Sutica and beyond. The Sutherland Corporation is always thankful for everything provided to us for the span of these twenty years from the Barony and Sutica. However, due to the recent events of the instability of the state and the rebellions happening in the Commonwealth of Sutica, and battles happened in the Barony of Rhein, the situation for our company has became more difficult than ever. Dispite with the efforts from the armed forces of the Commonwealth, we must do a difficult decision of shutting down our headquarters in the Barony of Rhein, and all the changes regarding to the operation of the corporation will be listed below: Section 1 Monetary Matters 1. All banknotes issued at the Barony of Rhein by the Sutherland Corporation will be expired by the end of Year 40 of the Second Age, and new banknotes will be issued at the process. Please bring all your banknotes and exchange them by the Essential office located at 9 Sven, Varhelm, The Kingdom of Norland. Banknotes issued at the Barony of Rhein won't be accepted after the Year 40. 2. For all company bonds issued by the Sutherland Trading Company, please contact the chairman of the Sutherland Corporation for the claim, the company bonds has an expiry date so please pay attention to them. Section 2 Workers and Employees 3. The staffing venue will be transfered to a new location to be announced. For all issue regarding work, payment and housing, please proceed to the temporary head office at 16-17 Su Weng (H. Rt. Hon. Gent. Filib Sutharlainn), Eastern Yong Ping, The Jade State of Yong Ping. 4. All recruitment will be put in halt until further notices are given, and the company will be providing limited services by the time being, more information will be posted. Section 3 Ordinary Shares and Ownership 5. The divestment is said to produce a loss of 160 mina and it will be paid by the general reserve of the Sutherland Corporation. The ordinary share face price will be stayed the same and will not be affected by this event. 6. The Sutherland Corporation will protect all valuables and goods stored within the safes of the Corporation. All valuables are insured by the Sutherland Corporation and a third-party business entity. Section 4 Treaties and Allies 7. All treaties and agreements signed by the Sutherland Corpoartion, Sutherland Trading Company, The Thistle Post, The Essentials, The Northwestern Almaris Publishment and the the Bishop’s Barter and Production will all remain in place as in normal circumstances. The Sutherland Corporation request all parties not to cancel or alter the terms signed with the Corporation. 8. The Sutherland Corporation will continue support her allies and would respond and require assistance whenever needed. Daibhidh MacFhilib Sutharlainn, Chairman of Sutherland Corporation of the United Clan of Barr and Suther Notice Posted, 19th Sun Smile, 38 Year of the Second Age.
  5. [!] A rather large flyer would be placed upon the majority of nation and vassal bulletin boards. [!] THE BLACK RAVEN EMPORIUM [!] A depiction of Black Raven associates, forging new inventory. [!] Who are we? The Black Raven Emporium is a union branch of the Elysium Trading Company, headed by Absolon de Astrea. The goal of the emporium itself is to spread fair-priced and exquisitely made combat gear from trusted and respectable blacksmiths. The emporium has a main focus of supplying the most necessary and commonly used weapons to those who need it, without those individuals having to break the bank. Inventory Catalogue Ferrum Plate Helmet: 5 Mina Ferrum Chain Chestplate: 5 Mina Ferrum Chain Leggings: 5 Mina Ferrum Longsword: 5 Mina Ferrum Shortsword: 4 Mina Ferrum Warhammer: 8 Mina Arrows: 0.2 Mina Steak: 0.2 Mina Porkchop: 0.2 Mina Golden Carrots: o.8 Mina We sell in bulk for much cheaper prices! Having already supplied entire nations in the past! Need to contact us? Need bulk deals, business inquiries, or want to become an associate to the Black Raven Emporium? Bird Absolon de Astrea (Disc: Jay_#8625) Locations Flagship store and base of operations: Elysium Owned by: Absolon de Astrea Storefront: Haense, Sigismund Street I Owned by: Togrim-Heartstring Vanari For those who took the time to read this, thank you. We look forward to having your business! Black Raven Emporium Owner, Head Ranger, Absolon de Astrea
  6. Trade Agreement 貿易協定 This Trade Agreement, also known as The Agreement, is executed at date, 12th of The Amber Cold, Year 35 of the Second Age, which is also known as the execution day, Between: 此貿易協定(簡稱:協定)之執行日期為雪月十二日,第二紀元之年卅五,介於: Grantor: Sutherland Corporation of the United Clan of Barr and Suther 授予方:巴頓與蘇德蘭聯合氏族之蘇德蘭公司 And, 與, Grantee: The Jade State of Yong Ping 受益方:永平邦 In consideration of, and as a condition of the parties entering into this agreement and other valuable consideration is acknowledge, the parties to this Agreement agree as follows: 考慮到雙方簽訂本協議的條件和其他有價值的對價,本協議雙方同意如下: 1. Except as otherwise provided in this agreement, all monetary amount referred in this Agreement are in Agnethe Notaichean (₼). Where, it is pegged with the Almaris Mina at a rate of 1 Almaris Mina, equivalent to 100 Agnethe Notiachean. 一, 除非於此協定中特別指明,所有於此協定中提到之貨幣均爲艾格妮特諾丁含(₼)。諾丁含現與艾瑪拉斯米娜的挂鈎率為一比百分之一 2. The Grantor agrees to provide a one-time grant of the sum of 150,000 Notaichean under the conditions stated at the next parts of the agreement. The fixed sum of 150.000 Notaichean will be paid within one year of the execution day of this agreement. 二, 授予方將,基於以下條款,贈予受益方十五萬諾丁含。該筆十五萬諾丁含之款項將於執行日期一年之内付清。 The Grantee warrants and represents to the Grantor as follows: 受益方保證並向授予方聲明如下: 3. The Grantor has his docking rights to the ports of the Jade state of Yong Ping. 三, 授予方擁有永平邦港口之停靠權。 4. The Grantor has the right to set up his overseas office at the Jade state of Yong Ping, temporarily setting up at 16-17 Su Weng District at Yong Ping East. 四, 授予方擁有於永平邦設立海外辦事處之權利,現於東永平之蘇翁區十六與十七號。 5. The Grantor has the right to issue documents to his employees travel document of which the Jade State of Yong Ping should allow the bearer of the document to pass freely and afford assistance in case of need. 五 , 授予方擁有對其員工發行通行文件之權力,受益方應承認其通行文件之有效性,對持有人提供通行之便利,并且與必要時協助持有人。 6. There is no legal action or suit pending against any party, to the knowledge of the Grantee, that would materially affect this Agreement. 六, 據受益方所知,沒有任何針對任何一方的法律訴訟或未決訴訟會對本協議產生影響。 The Grantor warrants and represents to the Grantee as follows: 授予方保證並向受益方聲明如下: 7. The Grantor ensures that the payment can be done within one year, in the form of cash, or banknotes issued by the Sutherland Corporation, at its office at the Barony of Rhein. 七, 授予方確保可以在一年內以現金或蘇德蘭公司發行的鈔票的形式在其位於萊恩堡的辦事處內完成付款。 8. The Grantor is not bound by any agreement that would prevent any transactions connected with this Agreement. 八, 授予方不受任何會阻止與本協議有關的任何交易的協議的約束。 9. There is no legal action or suit pending against any party, to the knowledge of the Purchaser, that would materially affect this Agreement. 九, 據授予方所知,沒有任何針對任何一方的法律訴訟或未決訴訟會對本協議產生影響。 Notes 10. This agreement is written with both the common language and the Li-Wen, both version reserves the same degree of legitimacy. 十, 此協定採用通用語言和李文書寫,兩個版本保留同等程度的合法性。 In Witness where of the Grantor and Grantee have duly affixed their signature under hand and seal on this 12th of The Amber Cold, Year 35 of the Second Age at The Barony of Rhein. 見證雙方於雪月十二日,第二紀元之年卅五,在萊恩堡簽字並蓋章。 Grantor, Sutherland Corporation of the United Clan of Barr and Suther 授予方,巴頓與蘇德蘭聯合氏族之蘇德蘭公司 Chairman, Daibhidh MacFhilib Sutharlainn 主席,大衛·麥斐利·蘇德蘭 Grantee, The Jade State of Yong Ping 受益方,永平邦 Patriarch and Chancellor of the Jade State of Yong Ping, Tianrui Ren 永平之族長與内閣大臣,天瑞仁 Minister of Interior and Finance, leading lady of the Arts in Yong Ping, Yunya of the Chen household. 永平之内政部長與文化領導人,陳雲雅
  7. ➵=➵ The Sutherland Corporation ➵=➵ =☒= Corporaid Sutharlainn =☒= [ELV]Iller-Acalin Suther [BLA]Uzg Blarg Zuharlan [LIW]蘇德蘭公司 (Sudelan Gongsi) [OYS]サザランド会社 (Sazarando Kaisha) [HSP]Corporación de Sutherland [AVG]Corporation de Sutherland [NMR]Gelden Bodr Suthalund Coat of Arms of the Sutherland Corporation Introduction The Predecessor of the Sutherland Corporation is the Sutherland Trading Company, founded in Elysium at year 11 of the Second Age. The company is founded by Daibhidh Sutharlainn, a clan member of the Sutherland Clan located at Sutherland, a tiny settlement located North of Norland. Throughout the last 150 years, the Sutherland family has been making different drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic for different venues and consumers. One day, the young Daibhidh Sutharlainn and his sister, Catrìona Sutharlainn decided to create their own trading company in order to provide their lovely drinks from the homeland to all across Almaris. During the Trading Company period, Daibhidh Sutharlainn and his Sutherland Trading Company has been stepping foot into other different industries including the media, raw-material market and publishment. Present, the Sutherland Corporation is made up of four different subsidiaries: The Sutherland Trading Company, The Essentials, The Thistle Post and The North-Western Almaris Publishment. We have a substantial number of workers, and our aim is to provide the best service to all people in Almaris. Thus, we decided to turn the former Sutherland Trading Company into a corporation order to allow different companies to focus on their main business. Businesses Sutherland Trading Company The Sutherland Trading Company is first set up as the predecessor of the Sutherland Corporation. The Trading Company provides exotic goods and products with exceptional quality and reasonable pricing and provide a wide range of raw materials and building materials in bulk. The Sutherland Trading Company also controls the monetary policies of the corporation, including the human resources and the issuing of bonds and the currency Agnethe Notaichean. The Essentials – Subsidiary of the Sutherland Trading Company The Essentials is a brand under the Sutherland Trading Company, which focuses individual sale of raw materials, building materials, a selection of ores and different drinks. There is currently one store located in Varhelm, Norland. The Thistle Post The Thistle Post project is set up recently, aiming to be an entertainment newspaper/magazine for all readers all around Almaris. The North-western Almaris Publishment The North-Western Almaris Publishment provides publish service and helps create exposure for your work. We also help to republish, copy and mass produce your work in a cheaper price to enable you to spread your work. Locations The Sutherland Trading Company Temporary Headquarters/Central Office [C] 16-17 Su Weng, Eastern, Yong Ping. [OT] 16-17 Sràid a dhuine uasal urramach ceart Filib Sutharlainn, Eararach, Litiann. The Sutherland Trading Company Western Office [C] 4 Alley Alehouse, Talon's Port [OT] 4 Alley Alehouse, Port Thalò The Sutherland Trading Company Retailer in Elysium [C] Stall 9, Elysium [OT] Stàile 9, Elisse The Sutherland Trading Company Retailer in Norland [C] 9 Sven, Varhelm, Norland [OT] 9 Sràid Sbhen, Dùn Bhar, Nortiann
  8. One day, at 32SA, Daibhidh Sutharlainn is pacing around in his office at the Barony of Rhein. And seemed to be thinking about his strategy of his business and the future of his company, or companies I shall say. He thus then take out a cigar of which his good friend Kane Redfist gave him, and start smoking and mumbling to himself… Daibhidh Sutharlainn: “The Sutherland Trading Company, the Thistle Post, the Northwest Almaris Publishment… How easy is of me controlling all companies together… The first bonds are nearly expired, too… Maybe it is the time to consolidate the three companies under one banner. ” He would then take out a map of Almaris, putting pins onto different locations: Dùn Rein, Inbir Engòl, Elisse… Soon his map will be full of pins. Then, he would take out a piece of bamboo slip he got from Yong Ping, then would first draw a few circles on it and, draw a big, round circle around them. Thus, started his draft of his corporation.
  9. A small ledger bound in Brown leather with pure white paper and golden ink would be found all over the Decedents capital Cities -= Ledger =- - Link to our portfolio and prices "A kind letter regarding our work please feel free to send Vanya Hileia or Jakob Castington a bird, we reside in Providence for now." Kind regards - Vanya Hileia and Jakob Castington - Space_Gene#1217 or Oh_Ontario#4000 ((OOC)) We are still in the process in creating a proper portfolio, please bear with us <3 Portfolio Youtube nature Build
  10. The Rosius Avenue Auction ❃ ~✽~ ❃ An Architects sketch of Rosius Avenue Two is shown above. ❃ ~✽~ ❃ Deputy Mayor Otis de Rosius' motto "Change That You Can See" has never been more accurate. The Susa Stalls, named after the former Count of Susa (may he rest in peace) have been humbly renamed to Rosius Avenue. After countless years of planning and dedication, raising awareness of the bazaars unused state and lose in foot-traffic over the years, he took it upon himself and began a political career founded on lowering taxes, creating affordable housing and shops, & improving the infrastructure and architecture of Oren. Upon the passage of the ever popular "Susa Act of 1815" (found below) with a whooping Seven 'Ayes' and Zero 'Nays' in the City Assembly meeting, construction began on the first days of the Amber Cold, 1816 and concluded on the Eve of the Snows Maiden, 1816, totaling under two months or two Saints Days. His philanthropic efforts had finally come full circle, he had completed what he first set out to do. Let it be known that there is much more to come from the young Deputy Mayor. Special thanks to Secretary of Home Office, Virgil DeNurem ((@Maur)), Head City Clerk, Natalia Kovachev ((@shay)) and my fellow Aldermen, may we all continue our efforts of improving the Imperial City of Providence and Oren as a whole. Huzzah Orenia! [!] A copy of the Susa Act of 1815 is pinned below: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/200850-the-susa-act-1815/?tab=comments#comment-1835886 The Auction shall take place on the twelfth of the Sun's Smile, 1817, with a starting bid of one-hundred fifty mina for all six properties. ((Sunday, 4/25/21, 3PM EST))
  11. THE SHQIPTAR UNION “Wenn sich Männer zusammenschließen, um die gleichen Ziele zu erreichen und die gleichen Ergebnisse zu erzielen, sind es nicht viele, sondern nur eine” "When men join forces to put the focus of reaching the same goals, to attain the same outcomes, they are not many, but one" The Shqiptar Union™ badge 19th of Gronna and Droba, 368 E.S. ________________________________________________________________ PREFACE Deriving from the Reinmaren word, Shqiptar, which, in itself holds the multiple meanings and can be used to refer to a craftsman, worker or master interchangeably. This would come from the old Reinmaren Chieftain Enver Hosha, who would call his workers Shqiptars, a tradition that was carried by his son Hashi Hyseni and his descendants for about four to five generations, until the word was lost, until now, with the founding of the Shqiptar Union. Similarly, what would otherwise be called a “Guild Hall” for the Union shall be called Lezha, the Reinmaren word for “Assembly”. In the pursuit to add both diversity and encourage trade within the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, the aim of this Union, initiated by Lord Treasurer Ser Brandt Barclay, is to bring together different masters or even prospective apprentices of different crafts. It is a place where those looking to either practice or learn their specific crafts can do so, either for the benefit of the Kingdom directly, or through the providing of commissions for each different craft and its respective products. As such, the Shqiptar Union™ encourages any and all craftsmen, resource-gatherers, prospective apprentices and enthusiastic individuals to unify and work together towards the betterment of trade and the art of craftsmanship, or even the popularization of organized gathering of resources and the crafting of products using such resources. ________________________________________________________________ THE UNION Nature of the Union Initiated as a private enterprise, the Shqiptar Union™ is thus founded with the aim of being governmentalized as a Crown-Owned Enterprise (COE) for the duration of its founder, Ser Brandt Barclay’s, tenure as Lord Treasurer of Hanseti Ruska. Thus, extending the work of the Union towards the progress of Hanseti-Ruska directly, whilst also allowing for the regulation of its future depending on the next Lord Treasurer, who may governmentalize the Union once more, or simply leave it to its own progress. As such, a governmentalization edict can be expected to be placed in order by the Lord Treasurer soon after the publication of this notice. Benefits of the Union In general, the benefits which the Shqiptars, or workers of the Union will enjoy include: Availability of Commissions seeked and handed by the Union The utilization of the Guild Hall of the Union (see THE HALL OF LEZHA), including rooms for the members who are not currently established in Haense, workshops dedicated to the practice of the different crafts included, etc. The benefits enjoyed by the collective working of numerous artisans, craftsmen, and resource gatherers in order to assist one another through both direct trade within the Union. Furthermore, the Union’s Members will be allowed to both utilize and contribute to the collective advancements made within the Union to each of their crafts. Prospective Apprentices of different crafts may use the Union as a means of seeking out tutors and masters, so as to improve on their own crafts. Similarly, Masters of Crafts looking for Apprentices may seek such through the Union. Means will be provided to resource-gatherers to sell their gatherings to the Union, thus allowing an easy means of trade, as well as better trade deals for members of the Union. Freedom of being as integrated into the Union as each member enjoys being. This means that, be they members who are only looking for a medium to sell their produce, or members looking to constantly strive towards the betterment of the Union as a whole, the training of Apprentice, etc. will be welcomed to join. These and more benefits will be extended to the members of the Shqiptar Union™. More benefits may be included in the future. Benefits of the Union As come benefits, so come obligations to enjoy such privileges. Luckily, in the Shqiptar Union™, such obligations are intended to be kept minimalistic and within the bounds of reason, whilst also striving for a more efficient system of working. As such, some of the obligations of the members towards the Union will include: Those members who use the Union’s resources and tools are also expected to contribute to the improvement and maintenance of such. Upon the completion of trade with parties outside the Union, in which the deal was set up by the Union, the members are obliged to extend a small fraction of their profits to the Union, which in this trade scenario worked as the middlemen to the deal., whilst keeping the drastic majority of the profits to themselves. In the case of conflicting interests of trade between members of the Union, in which the trade was set up and overseen by the Union, the members are obliged to have a meeting with one another and the Master Shqiptar, in order to come to a resolve of the conflict. As presented, the obligations included are meant so to ensure the further betterment of the Union, and the smooth running of the enterprise. More obligations may be included in the future. ________________________________________________________________ THE UNION'S STRUCTURE Master Shqiptar Being the head and leader of the Union, the Master Shqiptar is in charge of both leading and overseeing the progress, needs and wants of the Union, including the management of its members, the seeking of any trade deals, the further recruitment of craftsmen into the Union, etc. The Master Shqiptar may or may not hold a craftsmanship profession of their own, though nevertheless has it as their job to maximize the efficiency of the Union and its members. Portrait of Lord Treasurer Ser Brandt Barclay, Founder of the Shqiptar Union™ Currently being held by Ser Brandt Barclay, its founding member, the Union’s succeeding Master Shqiptar is to be chosen by the current Master Shqiptar, who may or may not be a Lord Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska, depending on the circumstances. Shqiptars Being one of the main and most prominent ranks amongst the Union, the Shqiptars are the men and women who are masters - or otherwise established adepts - of their respective trades. These include masteries in different craftsmanship professions, including, but not limited to: Blacksmithing Jewelry Smithing Alchemy Woodworking Magic Architecture, Tailoring, etc. Shqiptars may or may not be teachers who apprentice new prospective craftsmen, depending on their desire to do so or not. These are the Union Members who use the resources gathered in order to make valuable products, be it for commission or for further retailing. As of now, the Shqiptars of the guild will have no specific leader per craft other than the Master Shqiptar, who will overlook the The founding Shqiptar members of the Union include: Ser Zoddric Calliban @AdmiralLB Shqiptar Blacksmith Juliette of Ossiriand @yandeer Shqiptar Blacksmith and Botanist Vladislav of Woldzmir @Hephaestus Shqiptar Alchemist Amaryllis @Oriaros Shqiptar Alchemist, Botanist, and Tailor Resource Suppliers Whilst Shqiptars specialize in the turning of raw materials into valuable goods through craftsmanship, the Union’s suppliers, as the name suggests, are individuals who specialize and work on the gathering of these resources. Be they more common resources like coal and ferrum, or rare materials such as high-end metals, or herb-gatherings, any sort of resource gatherer is sure to find a valuable place in the Union. Although no suppliers were part of the founding members of the Union, the role of such is more than available to be taken, as this rank enjoys the same privileges and obligations as the rest of the Union’s members. ((OOC: Accepting grinders for common Vortex materials as well!)) Depiction of a Union Trader extracting resources at the Haeseni Mines Apprentice Shqiptars Being the prospective craftsmen of the Union, the apprentice Shqiptars are members of any age, who have shown interest in the improvement of a specific craft. As such, depending on the availability of tutors for each respective trade or craft, the apprentices will be able to find a means of learning and improving upon their desired craft through their inclusion to the Union. The structure of teaching and apprenticeship, as of now, will be left in the open, so to give freedom to both the tutors and their potential students on how to conduct their lessons. From the founding of the Union, the three founding apprentices were: Edmund Terrance @BoyWonderr Apprentice Alchemist Tavisha Barrow Apprentice Alchemist Beauregard Arkwright @MakeshiftDoggo Apprentice Alchemist Depiction of a Shqiptar training his apprentice. Traders With craftsmanship, trade becomes essential, so to convert the produce of hard, masterful work into income and a way of providing. As such, much like the Treasury Traders outlined in the Office of the Royal Treasury, 360 ES. the Traders will function to sell and retail the goods provided by the Shqiptars across Almaris, whilst also encouraging national Haeseni trade. Additionally, in the case of the governmentalization of the Union during the leading of a Treasurer as its Master Shqiptar, these Traders can be part of and function as Treasury Traders. Depiction of a Shqiptar Union™ traders selling the products of the Union’s Shqiptars. ________________________________________________________________ HALL OF LEZHA After the unfortunate departure of the Enchtantry from the lands of Hanseti-Ruska, the guild hall previously used and expertly overhauled into both living and working quarters shall be renamed into the “Hall of Lezha”, the meaning of which was explained at the Preface of this notice. The Hall will be available to all Union members, and living quarters will be handed to those members who have not yet been established in Haense, though nevertheless are active around the Union and its activities. Furthermore, workshops for each of the practiced crafts will be provided, so that each Shqiptar may be given a place to freely make produce, train apprentices, etc. The Hall of Lezha may later be expanded depending on the demands of the Union, as it will also be used as a place of gathering amongst the Union members, drop offs for the suppliers, and more. Lezha is located at Lorena’s Wharf IV, at the Haeseni docks. Depictions of the exterior and interior of the Hall of Lezha. ________________________________________________________________ RECRUITMENT As mentioned, the Shqiptar Union™, meant to be an accessible enterprise and means of promoting both trade and craftsmanship, is open in its recruitment of members from any background and specialization, as long as it remains within the bounds of Haeseni Law. This means that, whilst mages are more than encouraged to join, Dark Magic still remains outlawed, and thus practitioners will not be allowed into the Union. Otherwise, the Shqiptar Union™ is open to anyone and everyone. In order to be recruited, a message can be sent to its Master Shqiptar, as of now Lord Treasurer Ser Brandt Barclay @GoodGuyMatt [IGN: Reinmaren ; Discord: GoodGuyMatt#3284], or the following application may be filled and submitted alongside this notice: Application Format: Full Name: Applying Role: Age: Profession/ Trade: (Shqiptars only) Accepting Apprentices?: Haeseni?: IGN: Discord: Signed, His Excellency Ser Brandt Barclay KC, Master Shqiptar of the Shqiptar Union, Lord Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska
  12. [!] A flyer, boasting a postcard of Yong Ping upon it, would read of the Chen family household looking to acquire help. [!] In scrawling calligraphy, the flyer would dictate these words: "Li-ho, the Chen family household is looking to hire both a personal Chef and a personal tailor. There are specific requirements to be hired but can be discussed upon an auspicious date for an interview. Though, if hired, they'd be expecting to move in with the household at the settlement of Yong Ping. Bird Chen Yunya if you are to find interest in this, payment and otherwise can be discussed. - Yunya of the Chen family."
  13. =❁The Sutherland Trading Company❁= ❋Sutharlainn Taigh Malairt❋ Left: Banner of The Sutherland Trading Company|Centre: Banner of the Suther Clan Right: Banner of Barr and Suther Clan Introduction Founded in SA11, The Sutherland Trading Company is a Company founded by Daibhidh Sutharlainn, a clan member of the Sutherland Clan located in North of Norland. The Sutherland clan has been brewing many kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage, including the most famous whisky, made with fruit and honey from Nedved Mòr (Nowadays North Norland). For us, creativity takes a community. Designing delicious whiskies requires constant watch over our tall stills, and skills built up over generations. The Sutherland clan has been brewing whisky for more than 100 years. Nowadays, as the company is expanding, and thus stepped foot in other industries, including weapons, raw materials and more. Products Drinks Single Malt New Sutherland Whisky The New Sutherland whisky is brewed with love in Nueva Tierra (Nedvedmor). Brewed with local fruit and honey, with skills passed over generations from the Sutherland Clan located north of Nedvedmor. You can relish this whisky on the rocks or not. Eliean nam Lilidh (Lily Island) Whisky [Discontinued] A mixture of our specially-sourced barley, ground down and added to our springwater, is heated to 64°C. The porridge-like ‘mash’ turns to sugar, dissolving into a fine sweet, tangy liquid called Uisge-donn. It is drained, cooled and passed into our Wash Backs, where yeast is added and fermentation begins. This whisky is made with local ingredients and brewed with heart in Freeport. The Golden Heather Suther Whisky [Limited Batch of 16] The Golden Heather is one of the most legendary Suther Whisky and has been crafted in small batches. Brewed with berries from Helmsdale, one of the rarest in the region, and Wheat produced locally in Nedvedmor. This is one of the most high-end luxurious whiskies produced by the Sutherland Clan. Reinburgh Pearl Gin The Reinburgh Pearl Gin is brewed with local wheat and grapes in Rhein, and water from a fresh water lake northeast of Rhein. The weather and the watersource also gives the drink a refreshing taste. The gin can be enjoyed alone or mix with lemonade. Barton Blackcurrant Drink A uncarbonated drink made with blackcurrent fruit from Helmsdale, best to served chill and with ice cubes. This drink is sweet with fragrance from blackcurrent fruit, This serve is bottled and produced in Nueva Tierra (Nedvedmor), Hypsia. Reinburgh Raspberry Drink Specially blended to a fruity, berry recipe, with no added sugar. We carefully evolve our recipes over time, using the finest ingredients from the Barony of Rhein. Reinburgh Orange Juice 100% pure juice Squeezed from 10 oranges selected at the peak of ripeness. Natural and the finest ingredients hand picked from the Barony of Rhein. Weapons Crossbows Made with applewood and maple wood harvested in the Rimeveld. Handmade with heart in Hyspia. Others Notebooks Our Leathercover Notebook mixes premium materials with practical design. Like the smooth, Hyspian paper and the “Nord binding” , which means every page of your Notebook stays flat, and you’re not wrestling with flappy pages. All notebook hand binded in Talon's Port. Address Main Office [C] 1 du Casse, The Barony of Rhein, Sutica [OT] 1 den Chlas, Baranachd Dhùn Rein. ---------------------------------------- East and Haelun'or Office [C] 3 Orrar Amphitheatre, Haelun'or [OT] 3 Taigh-cruinn Oràr, Haeluna ---------------------------------------- Talon's Port Office [C] 4 Alley Alehouse, Talon's Port [OT] 4 Alley Alehouse, Port Thalò ---------------------------------------- Elysium Office [C] 101 Ranger Way, Elysium, Norland [OT] 101 Sràid Raonair, Elisee, Nortiann ---------------------------------------- Yongping Stand [C] 7 Spice Street, Yong Ping [OT] 7 Sràid Spìosraich, Yong Ping ---------------------------------------- [OOC] If you need any products listed above, you can contact me by discord: tkr_niflheimr#5091
  14. Barclay Books & Bundles “Stift ist mächtiger als das Schwert nur in den Händen der Gelehrten” - Pen is mightier than the sword only in the hands of the learned _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 11th of Amber's Cold, 8 SA or 357 ES Karosgrad The Barclay Bargains™ Badge _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Following the previous Barclay Bargains™ notices, another one would be noticed around Karosgrad, this time apparently depicting a bookstore, a place for those who wish to learn, extend their knowledge and wisdom. Doing so through the conventional means of learning by the written texts, many written texts which Barclay Books and Bundles™ appeared to provide. With these notices, a rework of the Barclay Bargains ™ store in Karosgrad would have taken a change in appearance, and an expansion downwards, where the bookstore appeared to rest below Barclay Waffen™ The Barclay Waffen™ notice would also be attached Artists’ interpretation of the Barclay Books & Bundles™ bookstore in Karosgrad. The rest of the notice read as follows “Dear and Respected Citizens of Hanseti-Ruska, Upon the official reopening of Barclay Waffen™ in both Karosgrad and Providence, I am pleased to announce yet another expansion to the Barclay Bargains™ trade union. Such coming in the form of Barclay Books & Bundles™, a bookstore trading in books, journals, magazines, tomes, and any type of product that related to the growth of knowledge and wisdom through reading. With little limitations to the range of products we sell and buy, almost all out of the 174 different books are for sale, either through direct display at the shop, or through ordering via the Barclay Bargains’ Commissions Service™, available to all current or aspiring customers. As such, a multitude of products are up for grabs to anyone following the path towards the pursuit of entertainment through smartful reading, or knowledge, be it arcane, alchemical, relating to world studies, and much more. The inventory provided with this notice will allow for anyone wishing to look through our goods can do so easily, with further information provable by its owner, Ser Brandt Barclay through the same commissioning service mentioned above. As such, the genres and subjects of books from Barclay Books & Bundles™ include: [!] Literature and Philosophy, featuring over 17 different books concerning fictional works as well as abstract, philosophical subjects. Allowing the thinkful reader to both find entertainment and food for thought. [!] Art, Poems, and other Linguistic Studies, featuring over 27 different books concerning the beautiful and masterful art of crafting ballads, music, or other poetry through the use of words, allowing the romantic, dramatic, or artistic reader to find entertainment and food for thought alike. [!] World Studies, featuring over 45 different books including many different subjects all combined into one. Books about culture, religion, history of descendants or otherwise, geography, or studies made into common animals and beasts. As such, allowing the curious reader pursuing knowledge for the world we live in to achieve such. [!] Medicine, Herbalism and Alchemy, featuring over 28 different books including studies, guides and further information into the subjects of medicine and alchemy, allowing the knowledgeable reader who pursues the knowledge and skill and saving lives or enhancing them through what nature provides to do such. [!] Magic Studies, featuring over 20 different books concerning the masterful art of bending voidal powers with their mind similarly to how a blacksmith bends steel with his hammer, including books on overall mana usage, different types of evocations, transfigurations, more. [!] Combat and Bestiaries, featuring over 20 different books concerning the masterful art of bending voidal powers with their mind similarly to how a blacksmith bends steel with his hammer, including books on overall mana usage, different types of evocations, transfigurations, more. [!] Crafts and Skills, featuring 15 different books concerning the mastering and understanding of different skills and crafts, such as bronze smithing, the art of trading and bargaining, music, forging, and more. Providing the reader with tips and information on how to learn a particular craft [*] Orders and Trading - Barclay Books & Bundles™, aside the products and articles displayed in the immediate shelves of the store, also offers ordering of many more books from its inventory. Thus far, most of the books are sold as unreplicable copies (copies of copies), however, through these orders customers may be able to inquire and request books of different types, as long as they’re available as such. As a reminder, these orders are taken in the Barclay Bargains’ Commission Service™, where customers may also inquire on other Barclay Bargains™ deals and commissions. Barclay Books & Bundles™ bookstore on the underground floor of Barclay Bargains™ store in Karosgrad. We hope you visit and find the Barclay Bargain while at it! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - Ser Brandt Barclay
  15. Barclay Waffen “Arbeit ist die beste Pelz” - "Work is the best fur" Serving Since 1781 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6th of First Seed, 8 SA or 357 ES Karosgrad The Barclay Bargains™ Coat of Arms, three hands each representing the composing companies, Barclay Waffen (Sword for Smithers) , Edelweiss Diamante (Ring for Jewelers), and Barclay Books & Bundles (Quill for Book Traders). _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As you enter Karosgrad, to happen across a store resting at the corner of the first turn left. Wooden blocks engraved “B A R C L A Y” sat atop the store-front. Another sign, reading “Barclay Bargains”™ would hang at the entrance on ground level. That same first floor would be home to the ”Barclay Waffen”™, the blacksmithing business of Barclays. The owner of the business and the trade union, Ser Brandt Barclay, would occasionally be found inside, either working on paperwork or simply greeting customers. To the right of the store you see a staircase leading up to what is labeled as “Edelweiss Diamante”™ , the Barclay business of Jewelers, owned by HL Luisa Klaire Barclay @Demented_Delila Ser Brandt Barclay and his sons smithing Barclay Waffen™ goods. Notices had been spread around the shop and throughout Haense, seemingly about the first of the two businesses, writing as follows: “Dear and Respected Citizens of Hanseti-Ruska, With much joy I would like to officially announce the reopening of “Barclay Waffen” - or Barclay Weapons as translated from Waldenian. As some of you might still remember, the business was firstly opened in 1781, or 334 ES, approximately 22 years from now. Since then it has provided and continues to provide the people of Hanseti-Ruska - and whoever happens to stumble by its humble services and products - with arms and armor to protect themselves, their country and their beloved since the days of Arcas. This same vision we continue even on a change to continents, going to Almaris, a place where even less is known and much more is needed to be explored, with monsters, abnormalities and other common enemies of Descendants. As such, our work continues with the same fervor as before, with even moreso now, providing people with a different variety of products and services. As it stands, such products and services thus far include: Common Goods: [!] Standard-issue weapons, including swords, axes, maces, and more. [!] Mineral products, including ferrum, aurum, and more. [!] Wooden products, including rods, timber squares, and more. [!] Tailoring products, including cotton and fleece, and more. [!] Scholarly products, including writable books, quills, and more. [*] Hunting Goods, - though not as extensively - including hides, leather, and more. Customised (RP) Weapons: [!] Swords, including greatswords, arming swords, bastardswords, and more. [!] Polearms, including poleaxes, polehammers, halberts, and more. [!] Maces, including a custom morningstar, and more to come. [!] Daggers, including long daggers, wavy ones, and more. [!] Slayer’s, including weapons made of Slayersteel for hunting undead. [*] Ranged, - to be released soon - including shortbows, longbows, crossbows, and more. [*] Axes, - to be released soon - including greataxes, one handed war axes, hatchets, and more. Commissioned Goods: Though the use of the following pamphlet (click here for discord link), customers may commission goods from both Barclay Waffen, and other businesses of Barclay Bargains, including jewlery for your loved ones from Edelwiss Diamante! Prices are not set and instead can be negotiated with the respective craftsman, making sure they are kept fair, external factors are considered, and trading is encouraged. Scholarly Goods: [!] "Guide to Bladesmithing: Swords and Daggers" by Ser Brandt Barclay, including an in-depth, step by step process to get anyone into starting practicing the craft of blacksmithing themselves. [*] Coming Soon - "Barclay Books & Bundles"™ , the upcoming Barclay Business, part of the Barclay Bargains trade union, trading on books of many different genres - as long as the law permits - ranging from beautiful poetry soothing to the soul, and all the way to magical guides. Though a different notice will be made public once BB&B is up and running, scholars and those interested in writing may use the same pamphlet (click here for discord link), in order to request a book of the inventory included below: [An inventory list would be hanged below] PS: The inventory list is still being updated, though all the books listed in should be available if they’re marked as such The main Barclay Bargains™ in Karosgrad, with Barclay Waffen™ standing at ground floor. Craftsmanship Portfolio: Sketches of a portion of Brandt's works would be attached with the rest of the notice, showcasing some of the smither's work since his humble beginnings. We hope you visit and find the Barclay Bargain while at it! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - Ser Brandt Barclay
  16. *Posters placed in several large cities* My name is Flower, I am wishing to learn about herbs and the use of them in medicine. I am willing to pay to be trained in the creation of medical salves and the likes using nature. I have knowledge of where several herbs grow already and could supply them. If you can train me send a bird to me at Talons Grotto.
  17. {!} rough scrolls be pinned up about different notice boards {!} ”The time has come I give up the life of an archer. With such being said I’ve brought upon myself to offer up my priced longbow up for trade. I do not look for coin in this trade but I look too find rather useful and unique material or uncommon items to be added into my own collection in return.” {!} A detailed sketch of an oddly designed longbow at the lower part of the parchment {!} https://gyazo.com/feaa159171ce1ba00dcf891e1beff7a1 {ooc} In the case of Blood magic being removed I do have screenshots of the two materials used for the longbow encase of such being reverted back to original since I had done a lazy way of crazy with this item sadly to say. I’ll be giving such over to whoever offers a better trade at the end. This be left up till this coming weekend on 1 / 4 / 20
  19. [!] Flyers were put up around Oren, Haense and Sutica and some of the trees right outside of it! It’d read: Tricks and Mirages Palace is now looking to hire people for their next venture! Currently, we are talking of expansion into settlements or other nations and need more workers to do so. But, we currently reside within Sutica, Oren and Haense. Job Descriptions: Crafter: A crafter makes the approved ideas for the pranks, no rename tokens required. Payment is 200 mina per week. Herbalist: People who simply go out and gather herbs to bring back for use, noting down where they are found and such. Pay is negotiable and a herb by herb basis. Alchemist: There is always room for another Alchemist. We provide whatever is needed, whether herbal or otherwise. Pay is negotiated. Other: Is there something you believe we may need? Try your luck! You never know. There is room for future promotions and to make more mina but it all depends on the work put in and just how well everything keeps going. [!] A form is attached at the end of the flyer to fill out and bird in! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScoN8kFKNctMl5YTQ7lkunXS_ggQ3ARwgYIixEkV4DIuywFkA/viewform The shop itself is located at Lubba Ward 3 in Sutica, Nauzica Stall 11 in Oren, and/or Rosebud Market 3 in Haense for those interested or just curious.
  20. [!] Found on the Board of many Cities would be a Flyer of which was stating as such -=- Greetings my Fellow Descendents! I, Abdullah Kharadeen, am looking for Unique and Wondrous (ST) Items amongst you all! And after seeing a fellow Descendents Offer, I thought I could make a small Flyer offering Trade! -=- As such! If you see any interest in the items I offer, please send me a Bird (Discord: RhythmrhymE#7874 | IGN: RhythmrhymE) My cart is right Outside Al-Hadirah (-1618 53, 118), though I can travel to meet you -=- Rules of the Trade -I will not Accept Mina for an Item I have, but I will pay Mina for one of yours -Do not bring any Weapons (That you aren’t selling), or Use force, or you will be barred and others warned of you -Please use common sense in these deals, especially when it comes to Mina -For paying Mina, I will use a bartering system, meaning there will be many negotiations -=- What I Sell (There are a Few Joke Items, that I'll probably give out for Free [Mainly 1 – 2]) : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZLpUWBPvp9TuL1rKR0oVzpUgX7kGITM9x85BscpxkDY/edit?usp=sharing What I Wish to Find and Buy : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1p2i5Fz5KxODCkg8DAE-qcRxfgf7SNAS5cz7RA3cMIaI/edit?usp=sharing -=-
  21. -The Metz’Chanca Caravan- Or just Chanca for short Is looking for new companions to travel with them! The Metz’Chanca Caravan is a traditional trading caravan that is run by several Kharajyr who live by the Traditional Culture. We are looking for more companions to come travel the cities with us. Of course, we specifically invite any other Kharajyr to provide them a home, work, and food as it is our duty as fellow kin. We are willing to do the same for some specific other individuals that are not Kharajyr. Though, we will most likely brandish those people ‘Soul-Kha’ stating that they are great friends to us by our culture laws. We offer work, access to various goods and wares, a room in our new headquarters location that is being setup, and a warm welcome. Besides, we also offer you the ability to travel around the realm in our group as we move from one location to another one almost every Elven week or in some cases, two Elven weeks. Meet some of our current members! -Rha’kir Therkul-Morthawl -Araene Leparda -Kisyla -Ma’Kai -R’azirr If you would like to come join us, please send Rha’kir a bird! ((chaos#7283 for information or question)) ((You can ask chaos/Rha’kir personally. Though, you can also fill out this form: https://forms.gle/Z47HEkgdstnquCxb7)) [!] A long and folded up parchment is attached to the flyer labeled ‘Culture’ ((Kharajyr Culture Doc for people that are interested on learning some more about the caravan’s culture: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1k-MoRjuwu_DOgrNoJceqiiIxQaNNr2ovf-kWjnZqJYc/edit?usp=sharing))
  22. The Imperial Association of the Performing Arts Est. Anno Domini 1769, Under the Company of Thespians and Revelers About this Worshipful Guild The Imperial Association of the Performing Arts, established 1769, is a guild under the blanket administration of The Livery Company of Thespians and Revelers. The corporation is a cooperative assembly of verbalist artists. Formed by Peridot Beryl Carrington, the guild represents the interests of comedians, spoken word poets, musicians, actors, playwrights, and other performance-based artists. The guild organizes events for these performers to enlighten the masses, spread their so-saught after fame, and, of course, make money. The primary goal of this merry association is to bring entertainment to all the crowds of Oren, whether it be a high society gala or the local tavern. The Chamber of Romantics The guild is governed in a loose manner, so as not to oppose the freedoms of its performers. Each man or woman is their own, the guild serves more as a means to hone their craft, create bonds with the rest of the performance community, and find jobs. Further, membership is accompanied by a license from the Company of Thespians and Revelers; a member of this guild is a member of that company as well and attains all rights that come with that status. Despite this loose structure, there are basic rankings amongst the group: the organization of this ranking is called the Chamber of Romantics. A key necessary to understanding our organization is that rights afforded to each rank are relatively fluid and ceremonial in nature. Each performer, regardless of their rank in the Chamber, is an individual and has the right to their pursue own activities without oversight. Director-President: The Director-President is the chief amongst the Chamber of Romantics. They are charged with the overall management of the guild and organizing guild-wide events. Further, they are charged with the duty of the purse and are the primary representative to the Company of Thespians and Revelers. The Director-President acts as a manager for all artists and will represent them to potential clients. Master: A master has proved themselves a capable performing artist. Whatever their form may be, they are recognized across the land as a titan of art. Within the guild, masters can induct official apprentices whom they can teach in the arts. Lesser Romantics can also take on students, but these students will not be immediately inducted as apprentices. Journeyman: A journeyman has proved they are above instruction from a master. They can provide their own lessons and earn the right to independent representation. Journeymen are afforded the ability to organize their own events, incorporating other guild members as they please. Apprentice: Usually young, the apprentice is just learning their craft. Apprentices are assigned to a master of their craft if there is one. If not, they are supervised by the Director-President when possible in their performances. Relatively, the apprentice has free reign on their journey to becoming a full-fledged artist as there is no true plan to make somebody into an artist. The Enlightened Endeavor: Stagecraft While the guild does indeed field a wide array of sound-based performers, ranging from musicians to poets to comedians, the primary and recurring function of these artists is the pursuit of drama. Those who come onto the company as thespians will find themselves as the actors of a variety of plays. Further, the company seeks out talented playwrights and directors to aid in the creation and production of these spectacles. The entirety of the guild is incorporated, with musicians and comedians both being brought into the unifying art of stagecraft. Associated Playwrights: Playwrights with associated status are those who primarily identify with the troupe itself. These playwrights can produce their entirely unique scripts and utilize the expert artists and thespians of the guild at their will. The guild, ultimately the Director-President, will act as a producer for the playwright’s plays and coordinate times, venues, and handle the marketing side of the art. These talented writers need to make money after all! Associated Thespians: Actors with associated status are those thespians who run with the troupe and see regular employment in the many dramas set by the company. Thespians of the guild rely on the playwrights (whom they can also be themselves, as artists can be both actor and writer) to provide them with plays and will hone their craft through such endeavors. Actors receive a paygrade from the Director-General via commission of the plays and an actor’s respected role within said play. Scheduling an Event with the I.A.P.A It is hereby decreed that any citizen of Oren or beyond can contract the Imperial Association of the Performing Arts to perform any variety of entertainment at their events. Whether it be a gala or a comedy night, the association can provide entertainment. Below is a format by which to submit a Letter of Request to the Director-General to schedule such affairs. Client Name: Client Aviary Address (Discord): Venue: Entertainment Needed (Music, Improv, Comedy, Actors, etc.) Joining the I.A.P.A Hear hear! All performing actors, musicians, thespians, etcetera, are called to join our Association. You will have access to top-notch production and management, as well as to a semi-regular source of income. Further, you can hone your craft and network within and without our art market. You need not experience, just hope! We can provide lessons and top-notch education in the ways of the performing arts. Applicant Name: Applicant Aviary Address (Discord): Applicant Sex and Race: Form of Art: Would you be interested in acting (Y/N): Experience in the Performing Arts (if any):
  23. --MYKEI'S SKIN-FACTORIA OPENED--- “Moni fyr skyn, feir dil” Hello, so i decided to open a skin shop, because...why not? My pricing is Idk tbh, cuz economy is now **** or 5-10$ (paypal only) per skin it depends on how complex the skin will be ================================================= What can I do? Armors, dresses, clothes, YOU NAME IT and im sure i’ll be able to create it! My portfolio: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/mykei/ if that’s not enough for you, msg me on discord and ask me to show you my current projects! My discord: Mykei#7300 REMEMBER KIDS “MONI FYR SKYN,FEIR DIL”
  24. Hangman’s promise “Big Tony, Big Money.” - Big Tony My figureheads have grown quite the liking of the people of Haense, I even allowed them to teach the HRA a couple of things on the fields of war. I’ve been sending my prayers to up above ever since I got word about the war, blessing the blades of the Haensemen and cursing the arrows of the Suticans, hoping their projectiles would miss the throats of my comrades. Sadly enough, the leadership of the Orenian Empire did not have the sufficient funds to buy us out of the Sutican war. May my brothers coated in green watch my back as I take up the mantle of a leader in this war, may my friends from Haense toss their weapons to the side when I face them on the battlefield, for then they will be spared. Gold and glory, my comrades… gold and glory Once this contract is signed, my men will raise their blades alongside the poor folk of Sutica, who just want to protect their land. It saddens me, the biggest fish going after one of the weakest fish. The Agreement The Suticans: -The Sutican leadership will hand 70 000 minas to The Hangmen. (50% up front) -The Sutican leadership will hand The Hangmen a simple plot of land for when they are forced to move out of this realm. -If there is any way to spare The King of Haense and his people, an effort must be made to make sure that there will always be an option for the Haensemen to get out of the war, safely. The Hangmen: -The Hangmen will aid Sutica and their allies in any militairy exercises against the Holy Orenian Empire. -The Hangmen Keep will serve as an outpost for the forces of Sutica and their allies. -The Overseers of The Hangmen will lend Sutica all of their knowledge regarding waging war, becoming a part of the core of the leadership of the conflict. “I’m sorry, comrades of my people. coin comes first. May our paths never cross during these troubling times.” Signed,
  25. “The Scholar Bard” Bookstore A carefully written and appealing poster would be seen hung on the notice-board of Helena. The satisfying and relaxing writting atop the scroll would be accompanied by numerous images and paintings. On the bottom of the main poster a pocket would be seen, which included numerous sheets. By the look of them, they’d be copies of the Bookstore’s inventory, which seemed to be available for the taking by whoever would need them. A neatly drawn image of the Bookstore from outside ”People of Helena and the whole Empire, Since the last poster of updates that was hung up on the notice board nearly a decade ago, the loved and humble bookstore has seen a number of different changes. To begin with, as it should be known by most at this point, the Bookstore is located at Nauzica Square No. 5 (instead of previously being No. 4). Aside from the locational change, the bookstore has seen a major increase in its collection, now holding over 160 books from all different genres and studies. However, some of these were sold out and are waiting to be transcribed and resold. With subjects relating to Bestiary studies, Magical Studies, Alchemical and Medicine, as well as World studies, the collection also includes literary pieces and art, such as biographies, fictional works, poems and ballads. Because of this great increase in products, it has become impossible to display all of the books in the space within the store’s grounds. For this reason, invetory sheets are available for picking up, so that whoever is interested in increasing their knowledge of the world may inquire on books that are out of display. To ask or request a book, please refer to sending me, Siol, a bird with your order or questions (Discord: GoodGuyMatt#3284). Going alonghand with the previous paragraph, for any customers looking to purchase texts from the store, please remember two things: - The 2nd story of the shop also has texts for sale, specifically Literary and Poetic works - If you’re unsure of what you’re buying, there are samples of the books to read just below the displays, so you may check those. Since the shop took a break from selling during the last year, I’ve now worked and renewed its stock, with different and unique books laying atop its displays. Aside from the products themselves, the prices have also been reworked and lowered considerably, thus... allowing all who seek knowledge to be able and take a grasp of it more easily. As it stood before, my humble Bookstore is still looking to increase its collection. So, if you’re a writter or happen to have a special or duplicable (Copy of Original) text that you’d like to sell, simply contact me and we shall arrange a good price. If you have any other questions or inquiries, please feel free and welcome to reach out and ask such. Your humble bookkeeper, Siol” A painting and representation of the second floor of the store, as well as its displays lay here.
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