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Found 8 results

  1. The Vlachian Surcoat to the left, the Ravenmire Surcoat to the right. THE NORTHERN FRONTIER ACT Scriptum Anno 1969 THE REALMS OF THE FRONTIER C I V I T A T E S F I N E S ☩ ☩ ☩ PREAMBLE The Principality of Vlachia and the Duchy of Ravemire, henceforth known as the signatories, have agreed to the signing of a treaty that shall be known as “The Northern Frontier Act”. This agreement covers trade, mutual defense, alongside a declaration of friendship. TRADE AGREEMENT The states of Vlachia and Ravenmire have agreed to open trade between their two states, each signatory agreeing to allocate room for one stall that shall be tax free. This will drive commerce between the two and fill the void of any resource that may be missing in the other’s realm. DECLARATION OF FRIENDSHIP The states of Vlachia and Ravenmire have declared each other to be most valued friends and allies within the northern frontier of Aevos. This means that any diplomatic issues that may arise in which they are on the opposite ends of the table, they shall act in such a manner to ensure that the treaty is not endangered. MUTUAL DEFENSE The states of Vlachia and Ravenmire have agreed to a defensive alliance in which they shall come to defend each other in the event of an attack upon them, their subjects or their autonomy by a third party. Both through the means of armed conflict and diplomatically. Signed, Dorat Stanislaw Arpa
  2. To New Beginnings & Friendship 3rd of The Amber Cold, 1951 PREAMBLE: The Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania and The Shiredom of Dúnfarthing, henceforth denoted as 'the signatories,' come together with a shared commitment to peace, understanding, and reconciliation. In this spirit, both parties acknowledge each other's sovereignty and pledge to foster harmonious relations in pursuit of a peaceful future. _________________________________________________________________________ ARTICLE I: Non-Aggression I. Both Signatories commit to maintaining peace and refrain from any aggressive actions. II. Citizens of both realms enjoy the freedom to move between their territories. III. Disagreements will be resolved through diplomacy, ensuring the Treaty's integrity and respecting each realm's laws. _________________________________________________________________________ ARTICLE II: Protection I. The people of Redclyf, alongside their knightly company, the Friedrichian Band, solemnly pledge to offer unwavering assistance to The Shiredom of Dúnfarthing in times of peril and against any form of aggression. _________________________________________________________________________ ARTICLE III: Reparation for the Wrongs of Adaranth I. The Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania wholeheartedly agrees to return a substantial sum of 60 diamonds, along with a splendid jeweled crown, as a tangible act of restitution for the possessions wrongfully taken by Adaranth II. The Shiredom of Dúnfarthing extends forgiveness to Redclyf-Rozania for their past wrongdoings, paving the way for a peaceful future between the two, and also recognizes that the actions of Redclyf under Adaranth, including acts such as 'banditry' and 'cannibalism,' are to be left in the past, no longer defining the Redclyfians. For Redclyf is now home to GOD-fearing people who revere the Lord GOD of Horen and his descendants." _________________________________________________________________________ ARTICLE IV: DURATION I. The Signatories solemnly commit to upholding this treaty for an initial period of twenty years, with the possibility of renewal upon mutual agreement thereafter. _________________________________________________________________________ Signed, DUKE OF REDCLYF-ROZANIA, GRANDMASTER OF THE FRIEDRICHIAN BAND, “THE ONE MARKED FOR DEATH” His Royal Majesty King King Cyris Collingwood the First, the Second. Thain of Dunfarthing and her vassals, Prince in-Law of the Petra, Protector of the Wee, Lord of Greater Bramblebury, Bywater, Barnsley, Honeyhill and the Hillmen. Father of Foxes, Liberator of Frogtopia, Leader of the Merrymen, Slayer of Gods, The Oathbreaker, Grand Wizard of Bogwartz: School of Shamanism and Housemagery, Tamer of the Forest, Chairman of the League Of Super Best Friends, Wielder of most holy Knoxscalibur, Emperor of the Former Holy Orenian Empire of Bywater, Shogging Champion, Price Gouger, Guild Mason, Market Manipulator, Attorney at law.
  3. THE LEGACY OF THE BLOODY FOX Published 24th of the Amber Cold, 123 SA With growing concerns riddling Almaris, House Daesmon and the Principality of Celia’nor have decided to band together. From the Mori’Quessir attacks on neighboring nations, and the Voidal Tear plaguing the capital of Fi’andria, these two entities seek to set aside past tensions to confront these arising issues. Thus, under the guidance of the principles held dear by the deceased Bloody Fox, we solidify these agreements. The outline of the accord is as follows; Princess Valyris Ibarallen accepts full responsibility for the death of Vallein Vuln'miruel Prince Kosher Daesmon accepts full responsibility for the war-mongering done under the era of Malinor House Daesmon's land will be considered a neutral ground where the blood of Celianorians cannot be spilled. [See next term for clarification] House Daesmon and the Principality of Celianor respect each other's territory and the laws enacted upon each of them, giving full immunity only to Kosher and Elliphas Daesmon and Valyris Ibarallen. Any laws broken by either party will be judged by a council to determine punishment. Unless given conclusive evidence, neither side will engage in hostile action unless a diplomatic route between the leadership of both parties comes to parlay. In addition, the two parties agree to aid each other in the hunting of dark spawn that plague the lands of Almaris. House Daesmon and the Principality of Celianor will not raise arms against one another, though they are not bound to help each other. Requests for aid may be raised, but are not obligated to be filled. If any of these terms are broken by either side, the pact is considered null and void. AY’PUERAN; Kosher Daesmon, Third Prince of Amaethea, Patriarch of House Daesmon, Hand of Justice Valyris Ibarellan, Princess of Celia’nor, Queen of Gladewynn, Princess of the Alders, Princess of Alderyn, High Empyrean Princess, Sole-Proprieter of Gladewynn, Protector of the High Elves, High Magus of the Arcanic Court, etc.
  4. THE KING’S ROAD PARTNERSHIP Der Straßenpartnerschaft des König The King’s Road Partnership Issued by the Herzog of Minitz in the year of our Lord 1913 PREAMBLE: The United Kingdom of Aaun is a vast realm made up of many great families who rule over the bountiful fields, industrious hills and charming forests of the Heartlands. Cooperation between these families benefits all within the realm in order to make it further prosper. With this in mind, The Duchy of Adria and The Duchy of Minitz hereby extend mutual cooperation and friendship to one another through a formal military alliance, with the permission and supervision of the King of Aaun. ARTICLE I: FULL MILITARY ALLIANCE SECTION I: Military Alliance The Duchy of Adria and The Duchy of Minitz, hereby referred to as the signatories, sign a new military alliance between the two henceforth known as The King's Road Partnership. I. The signatories agree to a full military alliance. II. The signatories agree that an attack by a third party against one of them is an attack against both of them. III. The signatories agree to settle any dispute between them or in which they may be involved through peaceful means in such a manner that this alliance and the laws of the signatories, nor their liege the United Kingdom of Aaun, are not breached. IV. The signatories agree to consult together whenever the territorial integrity, political independence or security of the signatories is threatened in the opinion of either signatory. SECTION II: The King’s Road The signatories agree to engage in diplomatic dialogue in light of Section I (III) regarding the development of the King’s Road between Velec and the royal city of New Vienne.. I. The signatories agree to engage in diplomatic dialogue with one another alongside the Crown of Aaun in regards to any decisions that will affect the King’s Road. Decisions that fall under this purview include; the establishment of settlements and military forts, or any other issues deemed important to either signatory. II. Should the signatories fail to come to an agreement regarding any decision affecting the King’s Road, they will defer to the judgment of the King of Aaun, or his chosen representative on the matter. SECTION III: Marriages The signatories agree that as part of this treaty, House Barclay of Minitz and House Sarkozic of Aaun will provide one another preferential treatment when it comes to the marriages of members of their houses. I. Both houses will consider the offers of one another first when seeking marriages for eligible members of their houses. II. Additionally, The Duke of Minitz seeks a suitable Adrian woman to be wed to his kinsman, Ludolf Barclay, from the House of Varoche. SECTION IV: Royal Sanction Both signatories are subject to the decisions of their liege, the King of Aaun. This treaty in no way takes away from this prerogative. I. Both signatories acknowledge that this treaty is signed with the explicit permission of the King of Aaun. As the rightful sovereign of both signatories, the Crown of Aaun reserves the right to mediate any disputes that may arise between the signatories in abiding by the terms of this treaty. II. Both signatories will abide by any ruling of the King of Aaun or his chosen representative. III. Should any situation arise in which abiding by the terms of this treaty conflicts with the oaths and/or duties of the signatories to their liege, the Crown of Aaun, their oaths to the Crown of Aaun will supersede this agreement. SECTION V: Duration The signatories of this treaty agree to be bound to the terms agreed upon for a duration of fifteen years. Upon the expiration of this treaty, both signatories agree to discuss the renewal of said agreement for a further fifteen years. GOTT MIT UNS, His Royal Majesty, Charles I Alstion, Prince of Alstion, King of the United Kingdom of Aaun, Duke of Corazon, Protector of the Realm, Honorary Lieutenant of Snowy Field’s Watch. His Grace, Brandt Barclay Herzog von Minitz, GMSTSR, Duke of Minitz, Count of Neu Brandthof, Viscount of Tucay, Baron of Boriënwald and Brandthof, Lord of Durres,Grand Peer, Protector of the Aaunic Heartlands, Chief of the Minitz Reinmaren His Grace, Heinrik I Sarkozic, Duke of Adria, Count of Veletzia, Baron-Consort of Aldersberg, Protector of the South, Keeper of the Swans His Excellency, Sigismond Varoche, Chancellor of Adria, Count of Varoche, Lover of Dumacracy Ser Karl von Theonus, RSTSR, Kanzler of Minitz, Patriarch of Theonus Eloisee Veiel von Minitz, Herald of Minitz
  5. 9th Malin’s Welcome, SE 91 01/09/2022 ᚺᛖᚠᚱᚢᛗᛗ Kindred Spirits Treaty ᚢᛁᛊᛏᚢᛚᛟᚨ The people of Hefrumm and Vistulia share many of the same beliefs and principals. To bolster the friendship between these two peoples, this treaty has been created. Going forward Hefrumm and Vistulia shall be referred to as the signatories. Article I - Acknowledgement Vistulia hereby acknowledges Hefrumm’s constitutional rights to its lands and its autonomy, and Hefrumm will acknowledge Vistulia’s sovereignty. Article II - Friendship The signatories also acknowledge each other as friends and thus shall enter into a non-aggression pact with each other. Article III - Trade A vessel shall be organised to sail from Vistulia to Hefrumm, in order to facilitate trade and tourism. Each settlement is also allowed one free stall in each other’s land. Article III.A - Trade Building materials and woodworkers for the construction of the vessel shall be provided by Hefrumm, the cost of startup of the ferry and its maintenance shall be majoritarily provided by Vistulia. Article IV - People Homes shall be made accessible in each signatories land to the people of the other signatory should they wish for it. Article V - Amendments This agreement can be amended should the two signatories agree to it. Article VI - Treaty This treaty shall end only when the Chiefs Council and the leadership of Vistulia agree to it. Signed, Garedyn The Green, High Chief of Hefrumm, Chief of the Mossborn, Seer of Hefrumm, Grand Steward of Urguan, Lieutenant of Dungrimm’s Legion, Quarter Master of Belka’s Fleet. Mao Blackroot, Chief of the Blackroots, Keeper of the Constitution of Hefrumm, Seer of Hefrumm, Protector and Representant of the Cottonwood Clan, Chosen of the Green Collective, Wayfarer Captain of The Grand Navy. Grand King, Bane of the Orcs, Bane of Philip III Casimir Vilchyc, Piast of the Vistulian Clandom, Vodz of the Vilchyc clan, Uniter of Highlands
  6. Signed on the 5th of Malin's welcome, Year 56 of the Second Age Article I: Sovereignty The Silver State of Haelun’or and the Jade State of Yong Ping, hereafter “the signatories”, do pledge mutual recognition of sovereignty and agree: THAT the power of the rule of each signatory in their respective territories shall be fully respected by the other; THAT the signatories accept the authority of the Zhu of the Jade State of Yong Ping and the and Sohaer of the Silver State of Haelun’or as representatives of the will of their peoples and thus the signatories shall recognize no other position claiming such. THAT signatories enumerated do mutually agree to refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of the Aheralic Principality and reject their claims of dominion over the Mali'aheral. Article II - Non-aggression The signatories enumerated do mutually agree that any forces affiliated with their banner, nation, reigning bloodline, etc., shall not engage in military or hostile action against the other signatory or their residents. If such were to occur, the signatories shall endeavor to resolve the issue diplomatically. Signing parties formally enter a pact of non-aggression. The pact will last for the duration of this treaty. After the expiration of this pact, a renewal may be negotiated. Signing parties refrain from participating in any conflicts that put them at odds with one another. Residents of the Silver State of Haelun’or are protected while in Yong Ping territories, and residents of the Jade State of Yong Ping are protected while in Haelunorian territories so long as they act within the laws of the respective realms. Guilds or mercenary contracts stationed within the Silver State of Haelun’or or the Jade State of Yong Ping will be subject to legal prosecution if they violate the pact in city limits or on citizens of either city. Signatories enumerated do mutually agree that the philosophy of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya shall not consider the citizens of the Jade State of Yong Ping, unless individuals would wish to follow such out of their free will. Article III: Trade The Signatories shall enter into an agreement of Free Trade. Both nations shall be allowed a tax-exempt stall that will be allowed for any legal trade purpose. Goods that are sold within these stalls shall not hold any tariff or duty between each respective nation. The signatories enumerated do mutually agree that large scale trading agreements between each party can be of either the purchasing kind (meaning that wares are purchased for minae) or of the bartering kind (meaning that different wares are traded on rates mutually agreed upon or previously set by precedent) Further business transactions or dealings between the signatories shall be entered into further agreements. Article IV: Diplomatic correspondence The signatories enumerated do mutually agree to convene once every four years to promote closer diplomatic relations and cooperation with one another. Were any of the terms of this treaty violated by either signatory, such a violation must be attempted to resolve through diplomacy before the usage of hostilities. Article V: Anti-Azdrazi Provision The Signatories shall cooperate and assist one another in the eradication of the vile race of heretics and Iblees spawn known as Azdrazi. This provision will compel them to share intelligence and assist each other in operations pertaining to the destruction of the Azdrazi, where those actions are not against the Sovereign interests of their respective Signatory. In the case of signatories getting attacked by Azdrazi, both are required to send military assistance to each other. Article VI: Duration The signatories enumerated do mutually agree that this Pact shall last a period of eight years, with the option to renew or abrogate upon the expiration of that period. Signed, Braxus Ni’leya, Sohaer ito’Haelun’or Signed, Usamea An’asul Okarir'san ito’Haelun’or Signed, Tianrui Ren, first Patriarch and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Yong Ping Signed, Chen Wenping, the Illustrious Chancellor of the Jade State of Yong Ping, former Honorable Minister of Justice of the Jade State of Yong Ping. 陈 文平
  7. The North-South Concord Seed; 12th of The Grand Harvest, SA.43 I: The Fennic Remnants and the Principality of Savoy agree to enter into a pact of non-aggression for five years. On its expiration, this pact may be renewed by mutual consent of both signatories. II: The Fennic Remnants and the Principality of Savoy shall hereby recognise the sovereignty of each other’s states and the territory of which they encompass. III: The Fennic Remnants hereby agree to guarantee the right to due process to any subject of the Principality of Savoy, according to the laws within their own respective borders. IV: The Principality of Savoy hereby agrees to guarantee the right to due process to any subject of the Fennic Remnants, according to the laws within their own respective borders. V: In the event either signatory should be found in contempt of the terms of this pact, then the articles above shall remain in effect whilst a diplomatic resolution is negotiated. Signed; His Highness Vytrek, Archon of the Tundrak Bloodline, Prince of the Fennic Remnants and of the Snow Elves, Commander of the Ivae'fenn, Vigilant of Hope His Serene Highness Olivier Renault Ashford de Savoie, Prince of Savoy, Duke of Corazon, Count of San Luciano
  8. The Pact of Jackalope and Falcon The Duchy of Rozania and The Fakhr Oasis ARTICLE I - SOVEREIGNTY The Duchy of Rozania and The Fakhr Oasis recognize each other as independent lands, legitimately overseen by their respective sovereigns, and will make no attempt to subvert the authorities governing them. ARTICLE II - NON-AGGRESSION The Duchy of Rozania and The Fakhr Oasis will adhere to a pact of non-aggression, and will not incite conflict between themselves, nor will they participate in any conflicts that will result in the signatories being in opposition. Citizens of both civilizations have their safety guaranteed within the borders of the other, so long as the laws of the local governments are adhered to. ARTICLE III - FRIENDSHIP The Duchy of Rozania and The Fakhr Oasis, have deemed both signatories as virtuous stock with good morals, good intentions, and a value for mundane, descendant life. Both signatories hereby declare the friendship between the parties and vow to smile upon each other with kind hearts. ARTICLE IV - TRADE The Signatories may adhere to the following trade policies: - Signatories may receive a market stall free of rent in their respective capitals. - Signatories may trade specialty goods free of tariff. - Signatories shall not trade products of alcohol or pork between each other; this includes the raw materials necessary in the production of those goods. ARTICLE V - DURATION This pact shall be in effect for a duration of 10 years. In the case where either The Duchy of Rozania or The Fakhr Oasis is found by the other to be in violation of this pact, or either of the signatories undergo a change in nation status, all articles will remain in effect, while the signatories search for diplomatic resolutions. Signed, Ser William Buckfort, King of Rozania, Father of the Sarissans, Keeper of the Night Glow, etcetera Leyna la Waevra, Master of Whisperers Azzam Bin Hakim Al-Hattan, Na’ib Al-Emir of the Fakhr Emirate and Shiekh of Banu Hattan
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