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Found 1 result

  1. First off; hear me out. I was partially hospitalized two months ago when I attempted suicide after several years of severe mental illness. I've been in intensive therapy (and on hella drugs yaa boiiiii) since then and don't worry I feel a lot better. I'm telling you this because I want you to see this argument from my perspective. Most of the time I'm fine. This place has been almost a haven? for me for awhile, something I can rely on as a distraction. I need distractions. My thoughts will, sometimes unexpectedly and sometimes with a cause, shift and spiral into suicidal ideas and fantasies. It's on me to stop this as soon as I notice it, but I also try to prevent it as much as I can. When I read about suicide - say someone roleplays it or discusses a RL event or whatever - it triggers those fantasies for me. I might see an image or read a few well-written paragraphs that remind me how lovely it might be, and I go down that road. It's scary. I don't blame any of it on myself or on the media I'm looking at. I wanted to make this post to see if it'd be worth asking people to put some kind of warning before sensitive material. Think suicide, child abuse, that sort of stuff that people (that i've come to know through therapy programs) our age deal with in secret. I was thinking in the tags or in a small font at the top of the post. I know I would benefit, but I want to know if anyone else would. I realize that the majority can't be asked to cater to a minuscule group, and I can take care of myself fine. Nobody has to say if they're personally going through anything, just it'd be nice to see who thinks this is a good idea and who thinks it's a bad one. Just want some thoughts.