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Found 3 results

  1. [!] A letter is sent out to the citizens of Haense and a select few from Oren. You are cordially invited to the wedding of Miss Agnes de Frand and Mister Emil-Dardot Ashford de Falstaff. Join us for a celebration of love and matrimony in Haense! Specific invitations are as follows, with letters attached to each of them. Albrecht Mondblume - "It is with great joy I invite you to attend our wedding, dear sir. You were a kind and hospitable soul when we first encountered you in Haense and have been kind enough to keep the secret of our impending wedding to yourself and those we allowed you to share it with. Today I am here to tell you may spread the news as far and as wide as you please for at last comes to the day we are to be wed." To the Lord and Lady Woldzmir - "I haven't much to say to you Aimee. I know your life has become increasingly busy and you may not find it in your heart to make time for me, but I hope you do. You can be as mad at me as you want, just remember you told me I was allowed to marry whoever I wanted to. Ostromir, I know you are terribly indifferent towards me, but I'd also like to see the two of you attend." To the lovely de Rosius family - "Valent, you are a good friend and I hope you can find a place in your schedule to attend. My dearest Claude, I know you knew this was coming, yet it still may come as a bit of a shock. I hope you will come and celebrate with us as you have celebrated many of the milestones of my lifetime. Otis, I hope you will join the both of them in coming to my wedding though we are not necessarily very close." To Arlo Cooper - "I know the two of us never seem to get along, but I do want you to attend my wedding since we've become closer over the last year or so. I know you may not approve of my choice of spouse, but I hope you'll attend anyways." To Ida Castille - "My dearest Ida, I am excited to finally announce the wedding and I pray that you attend. I know this letter may seem a bit impersonal, but I hope we can talk more in person since we live much closer now." To Gwynevere Amelia - "Hello Gwyn! I hope you receive this letter with haste. I understand the last letter I sent to you was a bit alarming, but I hope you find joy out of this one instead. Please attend the wedding, you know I'd be delighted to have you even though you are certainly not a fan of Emil." To the Dowager-Baroness of Carrington, Anna Henrietta - "I hope this letter finds you well, Anna. You and I have certainly never seen eye-to-eye but I wanted to extend an invitation personally. Maybe it's because you never though this would happen, or maybe it's because I know this will piss you off beyond belief to know that you're wrong AND that I'm marrying someone who is a so-called "traitor." To Adriana d'Arkent - "I know we haven't spoken in years, but I want you to attend. You were a very big supporter of mine throughout everything despite your sister's ill intent in the past and honestly, I miss you at the very least, contact me when you can." To Emerentia Kovachev - "I know this letter may catch you by surprise, since we've hardly spoken since the loss of your husband. Now to find out I'm marrying his cousin must be a bit alarming. I think we all knew that this would be happening, but it's one thing to see it on paper than to discuss it in passing when we were younger. Regardless, I hope you'll attend." To Caroline de Selm - "I understand you and I may not be very close, but I hope to see you attend nevertheless, Caroline. I don't have much to say since these letters are all very last minute, but I hope you'll at least write me back." To Maisie d'Arkent - "At first we certainly didn't get along and I'm not sure we do even now, but I'd like to have you attend with your sister and Caroline since you and I endured the social season together." ((To those of you who can't attend because it's last minute, that's alright I understand completely, but I hope you'll still write to me anyways. There is no date listed on the post because it's happening sometime today, probably. Just wanted to get the post out while I still could. Could be the next hour or two, no telling with the groom's schedule.))
  2. THE SHQIPTAR UNION “Wenn sich Männer zusammenschließen, um die gleichen Ziele zu erreichen und die gleichen Ergebnisse zu erzielen, sind es nicht viele, sondern nur eine” "When men join forces to put the focus of reaching the same goals, to attain the same outcomes, they are not many, but one" The Shqiptar Union™ badge 19th of Gronna and Droba, 368 E.S. ________________________________________________________________ PREFACE Deriving from the Reinmaren word, Shqiptar, which, in itself holds the multiple meanings and can be used to refer to a craftsman, worker or master interchangeably. This would come from the old Reinmaren Chieftain Enver Hosha, who would call his workers Shqiptars, a tradition that was carried by his son Hashi Hyseni and his descendants for about four to five generations, until the word was lost, until now, with the founding of the Shqiptar Union. Similarly, what would otherwise be called a “Guild Hall” for the Union shall be called Lezha, the Reinmaren word for “Assembly”. In the pursuit to add both diversity and encourage trade within the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, the aim of this Union, initiated by Lord Treasurer Ser Brandt Barclay, is to bring together different masters or even prospective apprentices of different crafts. It is a place where those looking to either practice or learn their specific crafts can do so, either for the benefit of the Kingdom directly, or through the providing of commissions for each different craft and its respective products. As such, the Shqiptar Union™ encourages any and all craftsmen, resource-gatherers, prospective apprentices and enthusiastic individuals to unify and work together towards the betterment of trade and the art of craftsmanship, or even the popularization of organized gathering of resources and the crafting of products using such resources. ________________________________________________________________ THE UNION Nature of the Union Initiated as a private enterprise, the Shqiptar Union™ is thus founded with the aim of being governmentalized as a Crown-Owned Enterprise (COE) for the duration of its founder, Ser Brandt Barclay’s, tenure as Lord Treasurer of Hanseti Ruska. Thus, extending the work of the Union towards the progress of Hanseti-Ruska directly, whilst also allowing for the regulation of its future depending on the next Lord Treasurer, who may governmentalize the Union once more, or simply leave it to its own progress. As such, a governmentalization edict can be expected to be placed in order by the Lord Treasurer soon after the publication of this notice. Benefits of the Union In general, the benefits which the Shqiptars, or workers of the Union will enjoy include: Availability of Commissions seeked and handed by the Union The utilization of the Guild Hall of the Union (see THE HALL OF LEZHA), including rooms for the members who are not currently established in Haense, workshops dedicated to the practice of the different crafts included, etc. The benefits enjoyed by the collective working of numerous artisans, craftsmen, and resource gatherers in order to assist one another through both direct trade within the Union. Furthermore, the Union’s Members will be allowed to both utilize and contribute to the collective advancements made within the Union to each of their crafts. Prospective Apprentices of different crafts may use the Union as a means of seeking out tutors and masters, so as to improve on their own crafts. Similarly, Masters of Crafts looking for Apprentices may seek such through the Union. Means will be provided to resource-gatherers to sell their gatherings to the Union, thus allowing an easy means of trade, as well as better trade deals for members of the Union. Freedom of being as integrated into the Union as each member enjoys being. This means that, be they members who are only looking for a medium to sell their produce, or members looking to constantly strive towards the betterment of the Union as a whole, the training of Apprentice, etc. will be welcomed to join. These and more benefits will be extended to the members of the Shqiptar Union™. More benefits may be included in the future. Benefits of the Union As come benefits, so come obligations to enjoy such privileges. Luckily, in the Shqiptar Union™, such obligations are intended to be kept minimalistic and within the bounds of reason, whilst also striving for a more efficient system of working. As such, some of the obligations of the members towards the Union will include: Those members who use the Union’s resources and tools are also expected to contribute to the improvement and maintenance of such. Upon the completion of trade with parties outside the Union, in which the deal was set up by the Union, the members are obliged to extend a small fraction of their profits to the Union, which in this trade scenario worked as the middlemen to the deal., whilst keeping the drastic majority of the profits to themselves. In the case of conflicting interests of trade between members of the Union, in which the trade was set up and overseen by the Union, the members are obliged to have a meeting with one another and the Master Shqiptar, in order to come to a resolve of the conflict. As presented, the obligations included are meant so to ensure the further betterment of the Union, and the smooth running of the enterprise. More obligations may be included in the future. ________________________________________________________________ THE UNION'S STRUCTURE Master Shqiptar Being the head and leader of the Union, the Master Shqiptar is in charge of both leading and overseeing the progress, needs and wants of the Union, including the management of its members, the seeking of any trade deals, the further recruitment of craftsmen into the Union, etc. The Master Shqiptar may or may not hold a craftsmanship profession of their own, though nevertheless has it as their job to maximize the efficiency of the Union and its members. Portrait of Lord Treasurer Ser Brandt Barclay, Founder of the Shqiptar Union™ Currently being held by Ser Brandt Barclay, its founding member, the Union’s succeeding Master Shqiptar is to be chosen by the current Master Shqiptar, who may or may not be a Lord Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska, depending on the circumstances. Shqiptars Being one of the main and most prominent ranks amongst the Union, the Shqiptars are the men and women who are masters - or otherwise established adepts - of their respective trades. These include masteries in different craftsmanship professions, including, but not limited to: Blacksmithing Jewelry Smithing Alchemy Woodworking Magic Architecture, Tailoring, etc. Shqiptars may or may not be teachers who apprentice new prospective craftsmen, depending on their desire to do so or not. These are the Union Members who use the resources gathered in order to make valuable products, be it for commission or for further retailing. As of now, the Shqiptars of the guild will have no specific leader per craft other than the Master Shqiptar, who will overlook the The founding Shqiptar members of the Union include: Ser Zoddric Calliban @AdmiralLB Shqiptar Blacksmith Juliette of Ossiriand @yandeer Shqiptar Blacksmith and Botanist Vladislav of Woldzmir @Hephaestus Shqiptar Alchemist Amaryllis @Oriaros Shqiptar Alchemist, Botanist, and Tailor Resource Suppliers Whilst Shqiptars specialize in the turning of raw materials into valuable goods through craftsmanship, the Union’s suppliers, as the name suggests, are individuals who specialize and work on the gathering of these resources. Be they more common resources like coal and ferrum, or rare materials such as high-end metals, or herb-gatherings, any sort of resource gatherer is sure to find a valuable place in the Union. Although no suppliers were part of the founding members of the Union, the role of such is more than available to be taken, as this rank enjoys the same privileges and obligations as the rest of the Union’s members. ((OOC: Accepting grinders for common Vortex materials as well!)) Depiction of a Union Trader extracting resources at the Haeseni Mines Apprentice Shqiptars Being the prospective craftsmen of the Union, the apprentice Shqiptars are members of any age, who have shown interest in the improvement of a specific craft. As such, depending on the availability of tutors for each respective trade or craft, the apprentices will be able to find a means of learning and improving upon their desired craft through their inclusion to the Union. The structure of teaching and apprenticeship, as of now, will be left in the open, so to give freedom to both the tutors and their potential students on how to conduct their lessons. From the founding of the Union, the three founding apprentices were: Edmund Terrance @BoyWonderr Apprentice Alchemist Tavisha Barrow Apprentice Alchemist Beauregard Arkwright @MakeshiftDoggo Apprentice Alchemist Depiction of a Shqiptar training his apprentice. Traders With craftsmanship, trade becomes essential, so to convert the produce of hard, masterful work into income and a way of providing. As such, much like the Treasury Traders outlined in the Office of the Royal Treasury, 360 ES. the Traders will function to sell and retail the goods provided by the Shqiptars across Almaris, whilst also encouraging national Haeseni trade. Additionally, in the case of the governmentalization of the Union during the leading of a Treasurer as its Master Shqiptar, these Traders can be part of and function as Treasury Traders. Depiction of a Shqiptar Union™ traders selling the products of the Union’s Shqiptars. ________________________________________________________________ HALL OF LEZHA After the unfortunate departure of the Enchtantry from the lands of Hanseti-Ruska, the guild hall previously used and expertly overhauled into both living and working quarters shall be renamed into the “Hall of Lezha”, the meaning of which was explained at the Preface of this notice. The Hall will be available to all Union members, and living quarters will be handed to those members who have not yet been established in Haense, though nevertheless are active around the Union and its activities. Furthermore, workshops for each of the practiced crafts will be provided, so that each Shqiptar may be given a place to freely make produce, train apprentices, etc. The Hall of Lezha may later be expanded depending on the demands of the Union, as it will also be used as a place of gathering amongst the Union members, drop offs for the suppliers, and more. Lezha is located at Lorena’s Wharf IV, at the Haeseni docks. Depictions of the exterior and interior of the Hall of Lezha. ________________________________________________________________ RECRUITMENT As mentioned, the Shqiptar Union™, meant to be an accessible enterprise and means of promoting both trade and craftsmanship, is open in its recruitment of members from any background and specialization, as long as it remains within the bounds of Haeseni Law. This means that, whilst mages are more than encouraged to join, Dark Magic still remains outlawed, and thus practitioners will not be allowed into the Union. Otherwise, the Shqiptar Union™ is open to anyone and everyone. In order to be recruited, a message can be sent to its Master Shqiptar, as of now Lord Treasurer Ser Brandt Barclay @GoodGuyMatt [IGN: Reinmaren ; Discord: GoodGuyMatt#3284], or the following application may be filled and submitted alongside this notice: Application Format: Full Name: Applying Role: Age: Profession/ Trade: (Shqiptars only) Accepting Apprentices?: Haeseni?: IGN: Discord: Signed, His Excellency Ser Brandt Barclay KC, Master Shqiptar of the Shqiptar Union, Lord Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska
  3. The Farmer’s Union ~-~ The peasant, and Levyman of Kvaz, Royvik of Greenvinds climbs atop a haybale in Vekaro. Next, Kvaz. Next, Urguan. The peasant makes his way across the Fringe, preaching the word that his brother’s cannot. That the ones oppressed cannot. “Brother! Other brother! Today, we make gather talk about future! Why crop go to Lord who much fat? Why crop go to one who slaughter strelt in thing called “war” and slap “glory” onto war? Horsedung! Royvik tell you, we grow crop for ourself! What Levy get good pay for work in field? None! Know why? Pay horsedung. We make spread of market. We make spread of food. Get paid good. We strelt peasant work force men unite!” Royvik shrieks into the air his final words, before falling off the hay bale. About ~-~ The Farmer’s Union is a collaboration of peasants and overseers of peasants, usually experienced peasants. Their HQ and dwelling is in the Strelt town of Kvaz. They travel the Fringe farming, reaping the best crops from the ground. They would then sell these crops to the Shopmasters, who then sell it to the public. The workforce is guranteed instant purchase, and mass purchase from shopkeepers. If a farmer is not Gold VIP, this is their way to sell crops. Along with this, the workforce is guaranteed 200 minas per elven week per man, along with a bonus on how many crops they provide. This pay is guaranteed as long as they remain active and working in the workforce, for a fat and lazy peasant is a dead peasant! Crop Pay ~-~ 200 mina an elven week for workforce. Shopkeep has profit from shop. 44.8 minas per stack of bread. (3 stacks of wheat.) 35.84 minas per stack of carrots. Designed for 30% profit. Rank ~-~ Workwatcher: Represents Union, does deals, manages the Union. Tends to be a Shopkeep and/or Workforce as well, non-listed, to represent humble. Current: Jozef ((XtremeGamer714)), Shopkeep: Purchases crops from workforce in bulk, sells in shops. Can be multiple. ((Must have Gold VIP+.)) Current: Avgust Steelwall ((Origin_Lark)), Caedwen ((Eladriendil)), Rorik Almund ((greener161)), Workforce: Travel Fringe, make reap of crop, sell to shopkeep, make many mina. Current: Henry ((FusionFail)), Ellindra ((Desires)), Vaerath ((Jok3rofGaming)), Zuta ((lvl_10_gamer)), William ((x_tacocat_x)), Operations of how we work are discussed privately, not here. Application ~-~ Username: Skype: Timezone: Activity?: Name: Shopkeep or Workforce? (Must have gold VIP+ for Shopkeep): Willing to make move into Kvaz?:
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