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Found 2 results

  1. TO HIS ROYAL MAJESTY ALEKSANDR II, 6th of Snow's Maiden, 168th Year of the Second Age ____________________________________________________ With utmost respect and sincere reverence do I extend this open letter to His Royal Majesty @Mio, Her Royal Majesty @sarahbarah, and the rest of Your Royal Family. I wish You unyielding health and spirits indomitable upon Your triumphant return and Her Royal Majesty’s graceful retirement from the courts. May peace, progress, and prosperity boundless in nature grace Your reigns endlessly. I grow less a stranger to Your beautiful country, people, and courts with each passing day. My heart boasts deep love for this Kingdom, with its honorable, trustworthy people. For within, I have found a place to call home. In this light, I humbly seek audience with His Royal Majesty, Her Royal Majesty, and any individual deemed appropriate. For no longer am I able to withhold my silenced voice regarding the egregious defeats under the leadership of the Lord Marshal Ser Leonid Kortrevich @erictafoya in combatting the Shadow Harrower menace whom demonically parades, harasses, and murders so freely in the country I love. To establish my position, and create some intention of good faith, one cannot write a letter such as this without giving due credit. The burden shouldered by Your Lord Marshal in combatting the monstrous Shadow Harrowers besieging Castle Morteskvan is a responsibility akin to bearing the mountains upon one’s shoulders, and bears mental duress equal in measure. Efforts to shoulder this responsibility are admirable. Yet in such a light, it is equally imperative that we not turn our eyes blind to the outcome of the Lord Marshal's recent operations: failure. Failures occur in warfare. Men will always die. Yet never in my four hundred years have I appallingly witnessed the lifeless bodies of my comrades shot out of catapults like ammunition. It was of my own volition in which I painstakingly discovered key vulnerabilities in the enemy’s defenses, corroborated by Ser Audo Weiss the Raven @Frostdrop1(who bears no involvement in this correspondence). Consider then the dismay that befell me upon the telling of the battle plans for Operation Bloody Gate which blatantly disregarded these vulnerabilities. In disregarding this critical intelligence, Your forces were directed by the Lord Marshal to instead engage the enemy up an icy mountain fraught with traps (ones against which I had detected, and vehemently cautioned). Despite my warnings, the Lord Marshal recklessly ordered Your army to charge directly through this deadly path. The disastrous assault bore grave fruit, and saw many of Your army beset by pitfalls, spike traps, and ultimately consumed by an avalanche orchestrated by Tyr, the enemy. My comrades and myself narrowly avoided being consumed by the mountain, whilst suffering a now embarrassing third retreat from an enemy whom should have been easily defeated. I count myself fortunate that the honor and lives of the valiant men and women under my command, and myself, were not taken by snow. It is my profound concern that further avoidable misfortunes are to be shouldered by my beloved countrymen. Whether that is being launched from a catapult like Venerable Armsman Vasili Vanrov @Helios_ (may GOD rest his venerable soul), capture and vicious execution like Valorous Dagfinn the Squire @Youngie5500(may GOD rest his valorous soul), succumbing to an avalanche as in Operation Bloody Gate, or even fates worse than what my imagination can produce. It is not my intent to create slander. It is not my intent to play politics. Only to rip out this thorn from our sides, and to ensure peace unending. I seek no blood from Your Lord Marshal. I believe that he is a good man with a good heart, and no quarrel do I seek. Yet I cannot remain silent when he has displayed a keen disregard for the safety of Your troops, my comrades, produces flawed battle plans ending in consistent defeat, and has so far made no progress in his responsibility to dispose of these animals. The continued deployment of the Lord Marshal’s plans, developed without critical intelligence in mind, will see avoidable follies bear more grave fruit and allow for the persistence of the enemy. I strive to express to You my well-founded concerns. Should You give my humble self the honor of Your presence, it is my wish to present and explore solutions which myself and my own counsel have produced. In an extension of good faith, should You permit such a meeting, it is my hope Your Lord Marshal will be in attendance so that he might provide what input he has, as well as say what he will to me. It is my hope You will grant me the honor of speaking man to man. For You will find that my way brings fire, steel and death to the enemies of Your Kingdom. Signed, Greiret Malviser Elverhilin-Finnigan-Faean Governor of the Province of Esterwick, Immortal of the Kingdom of Gladewynn, Annilir of Malin’s Virarim, Supreme Battlemage of the Gladewynn Company, Knight-Enchanter of the Enchantry and Partiarch of the Elverhilin Family
  2. Hey everybody! I'll try to be brief... ah, who am I kidding. Listen up, I got some things to say. To fully understand why I am writing this, you need to understand the events of today. This may come as a bit of shock to the Lumi'drim, and the Delvers, and a good few of the people in Malinor. To the rest of you, bear with me, I make my point. My character, Kristian von Craw, was a spy. He was feeding information from the Lumi'drim to a high elf named Zaniil Tinuvriel for about 6 ingame years. Rosters, known criminals, activity that they were doing. He gave it all away for a good while. Later, he signed on known cultists to the guard force, knowing full well of their position, attempting to destabilize the Malinorian guard (and hey, it worked a good bit, didn't it? ;P). Heck, even up in Herendul, a company that he helped run was protected by the Antag! Now, Kristian is regretting his actions and is working to repair his country, but today, these events led me to a massive epiphany. The best kind of villain is one who remains secret. I never told you guys anything (besides you VA folks, who had to know). IC, OOC, nothing. I doubt many of you knew about this until today. I was keeping this a secret to keep people from accidentally meta-gaming and excluding Kris for no apparent reason, but I feel like this actually adds to the severity of what he did. A lot of stuffs was leaked and a few infiltration missions were planned (they never really got off the ground), and no one had a clue. You see, villains shouldn't be blatantly obvious. In the real world, villains are people like you or me. When you walk down a crowded street, I would bet any amount of money that there was at least one person in there who was a thief. Or a fighter. Or a vandal. Or a conman. But you can't tell. They look like us. They work like us, act like us, have lives like us. The best kind of villain is normal. For goodness sake, people can tell you're evil if you have red eyes (for no real reason), or if you reveal it to us through L-OOC. It ruins the fun of the villainy. A real villain is working behind the scenes, and you wouldn't normally be able to spot him out of a crowd. (Now, Antags and monsters and the like... that's a bit different. You guys are corrupted). It's incredible to finally realize who the thief was, or who was terrorizing the town. It adds fun to the RP when you realize someone who you regarded as a best friend was actually a murderer, or a torturer, etc., etc. We have so many obvious psychos on the server, but you know what? Psychos are people too. When you hear reports about those serial killers, no one ever saw it coming. "Oh, Timmy was such a nice boy. A bit secluded, but always sooo... polite." Little did that person know that Timmy was kidnapping little girls and feeding them bit by bit to the squirrels in the oak tree outside. You don't see it coming, even if your person is crazy. Having cultist robes, tons of weapons, and freaky (not just shy, really creepy) is just not feasible... at least not on a daily basis. The best kind of villain is a unique villain. We've all seen the person going into town and just attacking someone for the fun of it. Or the cultist sacrificing someone to a dark power. Heck, it's regarded as a common thing nowadays! When I see unique villain RP, I just feel all happy inside, as I know the person put time and effort into making their character and making the villain events that they create special. In LoTC, the best kind of villain is one who does villainy for the benefit of others. There is so much potential RP that can stem from a person turning to villainy. So much. And if it is interesting, and afterwards people go "Wow... that was pretty neat..." then the villains have done their job. I feel that in LoTC that we want that certain sense of fame gotten from being that well-known villain who is on every wanted poster. We want to get out there, I know. I'll give an example here. I had a blast figuring out who maskman2303, casanova9, and GurenRycerz's antags were, because they made the RP incredibly interesting without screaming to the world that they were a villain (off-duty, of course~). They created RP for everyone. They did their job. The best kind of villain is a character, too. The great thing about LoTC is that we're all characters. Unlike a movie, where you have one main character and the rest get little to no development, everyone here has gone through something. That one guy in the background? Yeah, he's got a story. That street rat stealing apples from the market stall? Of course there's a reason he's like that! And finding out these reasons and knowing that there was development towards this is just the reason why villains are so... cool. And when a villain became a villain because of OUR influence? That just makes it that little bit cooler. tl;dr: In short, I don't mind villainy... but as villains, let's do our job and be /real/ evil. Let's play behind the scenes. We don't have a need to make a forum post, we don't need to scream it out on the skype chats and teamspeak. Let's be truly evil and pull strings, steal food, and maybe kill when necessary. Make villain RP special. Alrighty, that's it. Thank ya for reading! -Crayfishchris
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