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Found 1 result

  1. ON FLAMENISM, OWYNISM & LUCIENISM By, Father Raymond Adhemar de Bar, FSSCT ‘Transfiguration of Peter’ “God’s Law is simple: keep my Flame and scatter the Deceiver’s darkness.” - Lections of Ex. Owyn Prophet Owyn, son of Godwin, pray for me. May God’s Will be done. Know, dear reader, that my hands are calloused hands and my mind is not a Virosi’s mind, I am but a mere brother of the Reformative Monastery in Ulmsbottom. My work is not a scholar’s work but one of a poor brother who toils to aid his fellow Man. Therefore expect neither lyrical prose nor masterful poetry. I am moved by holy providence to write upon a topic that is often misinterpreted even by my brother priests and the public at large. It is not uncommon to hear, see and read polemics targeted against those who might call themselves Flamenist, particularly my Owynist and Lucienist brethren. Lily-livered appeasers and cowardly clerics will often decry our strictness and discipline, “Oh what of the pagan! What of the gentile!” they cry, worried that some imagined gentile might be offended by God’s truth. Hear here and now, oh brethren of mine: the pagan cares not if you preach tolerance and falsehoods, but Iblees will gladly devour your soul! Heed my word, then brothers of mine, read and enlighten your hallowed minds, for the Flamen path is not one of brutality and war, but rather one of diligence, discipline and mortification. I will endeavour to educate my brethren in the ways of Owynism and Lucienism, their history, teachings and disciplines, so that we might not see any more lies being spoken of us by our very own. Then, my dear reader, you may ask yourself: ‘you have spoken of Owynism and Lucienism and Flamenism, what then do you mean?’ In truth, there is little difference. Flamenism, at its core is the worshipful reverence and following of the Exalted Owyn’s example. The great prophet’s journey on this word can be summarized thusly: be pure, vanquish darkness, worship God. What does it mean then, to be pure? Quite simply, it is to follow God’s Law as given to Exalted Horen. What does it mean then, to vanquish darkness? Quite simply, it is to persecute sin, be it internal or external. What does it mean then, to worship God? Quite simply, it is to pray, fast and give right reverence to He-Who-Is according to the prescripts of Owyn’s Church. Flamenism is active, never passive. Flamenism prioritizes action over words. That, dear reader, are the trappings of Flamenism, and all who practice it may be rightly called Flamenists. Then, both Owynism and Lucienism can be rightly called Flamenist sects. The very basis of their ideals are rooted in the main three aspects of Flamenism. What then be their differences? I will at first detail their communalities: Right Belief Both sects hold God to be One and accept His Prophets. Lay Preaching Both sects hold to the primacy of the Believer. Sanctity of Marriage Both sects hold to the saintliness of the married state and it’s gendered roles. Martial Reverence Both sects hold to the high ideals of Just War. Human Purity Both sects hold to the belief that Mankind are God’s chosen people, decrying miscegenation. Regular Worship Both sects hold to the convening of regular ablutions and religious liturgies. These are the aspects held in common by both Owynists and Lucienists. In certain cases particular beliefs take on a larger emphasis; for example, in the Westerlands, Owynist clergy, known as the ‘Lectors’ were overwhelmingly laymen, while Savoyard Owynists in the Blackwald held to a more collegial clericalist position. So while all the aforementioned beliefs are the pillars of both Owynism and Lucienism certain aspects may take on greater or lesser emphasis depending on the needs and customs of the believers. Now, Owynism and Lucienism are not synonymous. There are very distinct differences between the two sects, likely owed to the fact of their differing history. Owynists were mostly of Kaedreni extraction, being loyal to the Chivays, while Lucienists, being members of a Holy Order, favoured the pre-eminence of the Pontiff over any lay-ruler. That is why the main difference betwixt these two sects of Owyn are rooted in ecclesial polity and not dogma. Caesaropapism The Owynist belief that God’s anointed ruler is supreme over the High Pontiff. Pontifical Infallibility & Authority The Lucienist principle that the High Pontiff is God’s chief priest and therefore above secular power. These are the two main points of contention. With the rise of the Chivays to imperial purple, and the end of the cursed Darfeyist Pontificate Caesaropapism rose to prominence. Spearheaded by Basil of Sabris and Simon of Khazav, their ‘Reformed Communion’ instanted Caesaropapism into official doctrine, making the reigning Chivays ‘Vicergents’ of the Church. Caesaropapism, however, proved to be a great failure. The Church stagnated and the Chivays proved themselves incapable of governing both secular and religious affairs. After the end of the Chivay regime and the rise of Canonism in 1471, the Lucienist polity had its chance at pre-eminence within the ecclesial regime. However, the Lucienists in Aesterwald quickly came into conflict with the High Pontiff due to his Raevir heritage, rejecting, in part, both his Infallibility and Authority. This was the first nail. The second came with the Second Diet of Metz in 1534, wherein the Church, under Johannian duress, renounced Pontifical Infallibility. This is to say that both divergent views have failed. Time and time again secular rulers have shown themselves incapable of tackling both divine and profane government. Pontiffs who declare themselves to be the Voice of God on Terra often prove themselves to be madmen, like Daniel III of cursed memory. Today, by God’s providence, both Flamenist branches do not concern themselves with petty questions of government. They exalt their fellow Man in God’s light, through the Prophets, keeping to the flaming covenant of Owyn. This unity is nothing short of the Lord’s divine plan. History has shown us to be petty creatures, capable of squabbling even when more unites us than divides us. Therefore let us cry out: DEUS misericordia est! This, dearest reader, has been the short compendium on Flamenism and the brother sects of Owynism and Lucienism. Their pillars tell us more about the nature of Flamenism. Often we are decried as radicals and zealots. Know that we are nothing if not poor sinners, attempting to craft ourselves in the image of our Prophet. Sometimes we are called to just war, yes, sometimes we are called to purge those who offend God, just as Owyn had, but the core of Flamenist doctrine is not to persecute the wicked, but to persecute our own sin, first and foremost. This is the first law of Flamenism: hate sin! Exhortation: Now I speak to my Flamenist brethren. I look out at the world, through the small window in my cell in Ulmsbottom. The tranquility of the Reformative Monastery is a true shield against the tribulations of the outside world. Prisoners find peace here within these walls, making their penance with God, and I, a free man, find solace in my fellow man within here, aiding the dredges of society to find salvation. Yet, word reaches me every often, when the whaling ships pass by this quiet isle, trading not only in materials but also in gossip. I hear of degenerates, harlots, troublesome priests. Most troublesome news, such as a noble-woman practicing coitus publically and worrisome pontifical elections. This is what spurred me to action, this is why I pen this short essay now. What is needed most is a revival of the Flamenist ideals. What does a man gain by preaching tolerance to libertines? What does a man gain by preaching freedom in sin? Truly, humanity, God’s chosen people, need not a carrot, but a stick. Therefore I beseech you brethren, be you cleric or lay, follow in the steps of the Prophet, follow in the steps of his disciples also: Saints Thomas, Peter, Lucien, Adrian, Michael. My second request, brothers and sisters, is a simple request: unity. Now, more than ever, is no time to bicker and argue, much less amongst the clerics. The Church is the rudder of humanity, how is Man to benefit spiritually when many wish to captain the barque of salvation? Likewise, as Flamenist, it is our duty to bring an united front against the ravages of Iblees. The Archdaemon will wish to sow dissent amongst our ranks, just as he did with Exalted Horen when he sent Saul to our forefather’s camp. Beware, brothers! Beware of the Sauls amongst us! Drive them out and stand a united front against the sins of the age. Fire keep you all. Father Raymond Adhemar, FSSCT
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