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  1. ᛋᛟᚾᛋ ᛟᚠ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ DUNGRIMM’S LEGION. ᛋᛏᛖᛖᛚᛒᛟᛞᛁᛖᛞ ᚹᚨᚱᛗᛟᚾᚷᛖᚱᛋ The Sons of Urguan have forever relied upon Dungrimm’s legion should any conflict arise. Dungrimm’s Legion, defenders of Urguan, protectors of the Faith, guardians of the people. The sole purpose of the Dwarven Legion is to protect and serve the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. It is the main military force underneath the Grand Kingdom, and also one of the most prestigious and oldest militaristic guilds. The Legion is known for its notable order and discipline, excessive training and precise execution. Under Sigrun Ireheart, the legion is bound to prosper once more with these changes. The Commanding Ranks. Grand Marshal. The Grand Marshal is the disciplined and experienced leader of Dungrimm’s Legion, second only to the Grand King himself. He is expected to be the Grand leader all the legionnaires and dwarves look up to. He shall lead with courage and gallantry and shall be devoid of any cowardice. Disobeying the Grand Marshal is to be considered a terrible insult to the experience he has gathered. Commander. The Commanders of the Legion are the most confident, brave and cunning Thanes handpicked by the Grand Marshal himself. To be promoted to the Commander rank is a promotion of highest honour and courage. There shall be no more then two commanders at any given time. They are considered the Grand Marshal’s right hand men, and are the ones in charge if the Grand Marshal is absent. They are to be in charge of running their own trainings and events for the Legion, and are fully trusted to host them on their own. Lieutenant. Lieutenant is the lowest commanding rank in the legion, nonetheless it is a rank of great martial ability and prowess. Lieutenants have the duty of leading soldiers should the Grand Marshal and Commanders be absent. It is the Lieutenant's duty to make sure to lead the ranks of Dungrimm’s Legion and keep the Legion functioning. Brigadiers may also command cohorts if they desire to do so. The Soldier Ranks. Pridebearer. The Pridebearers of the legion are true veterans of Dungrimm. They are the most skilled and hardened warriors of the soldier ranks. It will often take Legionnaires decades to reach this rank, making it a position of true excellence in the Legion. Often Pridebearers are the first ones to be considered for Lieutenant. They are the ancient and undying defenders of Dungrimm’s Legion. Longbeard. Longbeards are proven soldiers and are amongst the most experienced and disciplined within the legion. Longbeards are chosen to become officers if there are no suitable Pridebearers ahead of them that can be chosen. Former officers or those who have held the Longbeard rank and above within the legion can return to this rank if they decide to re-join the legion either after retirement or if they were previously an officer who has been demoted. Ironguard. Members of the Ironguard are to be considered the true core of the Legion. True warriors that are dedicated to Dungrimm’s Legion and that have sworn their oath to it. They have been trained to the point of competency in their position and are on the path to hardened warriors. These legionnaires are expected to carry themselves with more composure and dedication then the Grunts below them, and should carry a presence that is not to be trifled with. Grunt. Grunt is the beginning rank of Dungrimm’s Legion, any dwarf can sign up and start their journey through the ranks as a Grunt. They will be trained in combat and discipline, leading to a quick experience as to how true Legion life will be. Once competent enough in listening to orders, combat and discipline Grunts will be promoted to the Ironguard after swearing their oath. Classes. There are various Classes a legionnaire can select to gain extra experience to their liking. Whether that be a Medic, Ranger, a Mage or a Beastslayer. These legionnaires get drilled and trained in their class, making them into an elite force used for specific duties alongside their standard issue legion training. Medic. Medics get trained to be an on the ground, hands on surgeon in the heat of battle. Medics are trained in their field to surgical precision. Their training is considered the most mentally straining due to the extreme multitude of scenarios they need to be prepared for, and for that reason they are heavily respected within the legion. Ranger. Rangers are the main scouting and stealth force of the legion. They are primarily trained to be self-sufficient archers who can whittle down an opponent from far away with arrows. They have been given the duty of scouting out the enemy ahead. Mage. The Mages of the Legion have been given training in general use of their magic, usually behind the main force in a more supportive role. The Mages are given the duty of targeting out the more powerful enemies with their spells, or using their spells as cover for the other legionnaires. Beastslayer. The Beastslayers of the Legion are an elite fighting force specially designed to slay unnatural and rare monsters ordinary legionnaires aren't trained for. The Beastslayers excel in fighting anything supernatural that may come their way. The Legionnaires Oath. Step forward, grunt [“Grunt’s Name”], and swear by the gods of Urguan, the manes of your ancestors, and your own honor an unbreakable oath that you will follow your commander wherever he may lead you. You will obey orders enthusiastically and without question. You will promise to serve under the standard of the Legion with honour. You will serve Urguan faithfully, even at the cost of your life, and will respect the law with regards to civilians and your comrades in arms.” “Congratulations. You are now a member of the Ironguard.” Legion benefits. While the Legion itself is an entirely selfless organization, focused on the protection of Urguan without expecting reward, there are nevertheless several benefits which come from joining the Legion. Equipment: Gear for combat and traversing the land is available to the forces of the Legion. Upon reaching a new rank a legionnaire will be given a brand new set of armour alongside a weapon, shield and ranged weapon of their choice. Gear is obtained from an officer and a member of the Legion may use his armor and weapons in whatever manner they wish after it has been provided for them. During times of war, equipment will be handed out on the eve of a battle if a legionnaire does not have their own gear to battle. A member of the Legion is entitled to keep whatever ‘spoils of war’ are obtained during battle. Free Barracks Housing: A new recruit may gain free housing within the barracks indefinitely should they stay active within the ranks, the recruit that partakes in this bonus will lose their lodging after purchasing a home of any type within the capital or in the kingdom’s surrounding lands. Legion Pay: The commanding ranks of Dungrimm’s Legion are expected to be grateful for the chance to lead the Legion, and are given no pay. This is the pay given to active Legionnaires judged by rank. Pridebearer: 20 Mina per year. Longbeard: 15 Mina per year. Ironguard: 10 Mina per year. Grunt: 5 Mina per year. Legionnaire of the Year: Legionnaire of the year is a rank granted down by the Grand Marshal himself, such ways to obtain this honour is by acting appropriately and showing discipline ((both in roleplay and out of character)), whilst performing diligently and accordingly within the Legion. Legionnaires of the week will be granted double their wages for that year’s payday.. For instance, if you are awarded Legionnaire of the Year you will get double pay for that year’s pay day. Legion Hall of Fame: The most decorated Legionnaires will have a chance at earning a spot in the Hall of Fame, located in the Legion’s Grand Hall. This is no easy feat, for a spot in the Hall of Fame is extremely difficult to obtain. A soldier who accomplishes something worthy of such an honour must receive a unanimous nomination by the Grand Marshal and both Commanders. Afterwards, the Grand King himself determines whether the achievement is considered legendary and historical. If successful, the legendary soldier will be granted a spot in the Hall of Fame. Traditionally, a ceremony is held in the Legion Hall to initiate a legend who will be eternalized in the Hall of Fame. Enlistment Requirements One must be at least eighteen years old. One must reside in Urguan. One must not be banished. One is expected to have a good grasp of Urguanic Law. Promotions. Every two years. (two weeks) the Grand Marshal shall host a promotion ceremony based off of the performance by the Legionnaires the past two years. The current ways to gain recognition by the officers are: Gate Duty Outpost Duty Patrol Guarding Meetings/Feasts Completing tasks assigned by officers Saving a fellow Legionnaire Attending a Training Guarding an important figure within the Kingdom Being critical to a successful mission Recruiting a Dwed into the Legion Winning a Legion organised tournament Attending Raids Attending Skirmishes Wear the Legion issued uniform Attending Battles Donating any of the following materials: Iron Gold Coal Leather Meat Golden Carrots Feathers Wood If Legionnaires want to get promoted, these are the things they should especially avoid doing. Refusal to address an officer or Legionnaire of higher rank with proper decorum while on duty or in a formal environment in the Legion Hall Cause the mission failure Misuse of Legion issued equipment: Speaking against an Officer during serious matters Harassment/Assault of fellow Soldiers Disobeying the orders of the Commanding Ranks Going Stark Raving Mad Refusing to wear the Uniform on duty Uniforms: (New skins will be posted here, wear the old ones for now.) Enlistment: Legion form.
  2. Year 82 of the Second Age, 5th of Amber Cold. (IRL Date) ᚨ ᛞᚹᚨᚱᚠ ᚱᛖᛏᚢᚱᚾᛋ ᛏᛟ ᚹᚨᚱ A RETURN TO THE CALL OF DUTY ᚨ ᛞᚹᚨᚱᚠ ᛋᚺᚨᛚᛚ ᛋᛚᚨᚤ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚷᚱᛖᛖᚾᛋᚴᛁᚾᚾᛖᛞ An Ireheart returns to the duty of leading the Legion. On Year 82 of the Second Age on the 5th of Amber cold a war was ignited. With the fury of the dwedmar and the foolishness of the orcs of The Iron’uzg. One dwed was killed, and for their sins one orc was killed, with two more captured. I, Sigrun Ireheart cannot simply standby as a soldier whilst this war goes on without my nation, my old soldiers going unled without a Marshal. For the reasons I had previously resigned have been rendered void by the ignition of this new war. I vow to return to the duty of being Marshal with vigour, should Grand King Bakir Ireheart accept me as his Grand Marshal once more i shall return to duty next stone year. Should any of my old commanders disagree and see themselves fit for the Grand Marshal role, i will accept the adversity and pray to Dungrimm they shall lead us with vigour and glory during this conflict. I shall leave the role for someone else after the war has ended, for someone else to lead the legion to glory. I ask you, brave dwed to let me lead us into victory this war, and trust me with the duty i had previously lost the appetite for. For the ancient saying goes, there's no better feeling then killing an orc. Signed, Clan Father of the Irehearts, Champion of the Wilds.
  3. ᛞᛖᚨᛏᚺ ᛏᛟ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛞᚱᚨᚷᛟᚾᚴᛁᚾ “A dwarf never forgets.” CLEANSING OF THE DRAGONKIN No descendant has come close to the combined feats of Yavoks kin. Yavok Ireheart, the founder of the clan, purged dark beings haunting the caves of his home. Kjell the Dragonslayer, slaying multiple dragons himself, set the precedent for the later generations of khronammoruk. With a Dragon attack on the capital of the dwarves, and the attack on the King of the Dwarves in the Haense tavern, the threat of the Dragonkin and Azdromoth grows greater. The Dragon-worshippers taint the land they touch and associates of Khorvad and Iblees cannot be ignored as they move to undermine the ideals and places we’ve all fought for. The Irehearts grow tired of the repeated slights by the sons of Azdromoth by tainting dwarven lands and the repeated attacks on Urguans kin, the repeated seizing of Urguani land from the Paladins and the deals with Iblees. For this, the combined Elders of Clan Ireheart and the Clan Father of the Irehearts make a bloodpact to fully cleanse this land from the spawn of Iblees. To those who live in the old ruins of Dol’Gorix at the foot of the volcanic mountains. You will have two stone days to remove your belongings off our sacred land or blood will once more be split in reclamation. Kav un anakrun yol zahere. Do not test our patience. Signed, Clan Father of the Irehearts, Champion of the Wilds. Elder of the Irehearts, Bane of the Orcs, Bane of Philip III Elder of the Irehearts, Commander of the Legion. Elder of the Ireheasrts, Certified Dragon Tracker
  4. THE EASTERN ALLIANCE Agreed on the 10th of the First Seed. Between the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan SECTION I: DEFENSIVE ALLIANCE The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, hereby referred to as ‘the signatories’, sign a new defensive alliance between the two sovereignties henceforth known as the Grand Alliance to replace the current pact of non-aggression. I. The signatories agree to a defensive military alliance. II. The signatories agree that an attack by a third party against one of them is an attack against both of them. III. The signatories agree to settle any dispute between them or in which they may be involved through peaceful means in such a manner that this alliance and the laws of the signatories are not endangered. IV. The signatories agree to consult together whenever, in the opinion of either of them, the territorial integrity, political independence or security of the signatories is threatened. V. The signatories agree to keep the option available to expand this defensive alliance into a full military alliance whenever deemed favorable by both parties. SECTION II: MILITARY COOPERATION The signatories agree to engage in military cooperation in light of Section I. I. The signatories agree to engage in the occasional shared military training. II. The signatories agree to host wargames in both of the signatories’ sovereign lands. III. The signatories agree to keep military correspondence for these trainings, wargames and any other militant affairs such as rallies that are of interest to the other signatory. IV. The responsibilities for these forms of military cooperation lie with both the Haeseni Lord Marshal and Dwarven Grand Marshal. SECTION III: TRADE The signatories agree that a pact of free-trade shall begin between both parties, with each agreeing: I. That nation-affiliated merchants shall be allowed to trade in the other signatory’s nation without unnecessary tax or harassment. II. That each signatory shall receive one untaxed stall to sell whatever goods they see fit, so long as they do not break said nation’s laws. SECTION IV: DURATION The signatories agree to be bound by the terms of this Treaty for a period of twenty years. IV JOVEO MAAN His Royal Majesty KARL III by the Grace of Godan, King of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Bihar, Dules, Lahy, Muldav, Solvesborg, Slesvik and Ulgaard, Duke of Carnatia and Vanaheim, Margrave of Korstadt, Rothswald and Vasiland, Count of Alban, Alimar, Baranya, Graiswald, Karikhov, Karovia, Kaunas, Kavat, Kovachgrad, Kvasz, Markev, Nenzing, Torun, and Toruv, Viscount of Varna, Baron of Esenstadt, Kraken’s Watch, Kralta, Krepost, Lorentz, Rytsburg, Thurant, Venzia and Astfield, Lord of the Westfolk, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera. Grand King of Urguan, Bane of the Orcs, Bane of Philip III His Excellency the Aulic Envoy, Matyas Joren Baruch Ambassador to Urguan, Erika Renate Barclay
  5. Art from Laputa: Castle in the sky The beginning of a new life The world was dark and he could feel nothing but emptiness. No sight, smell, touch, sound nor time blessed his presence. No matter how much he tried to reach out into the abyss, he was met with stiffness for he could not move. Suddenly he felt his form expand and pour out into something, as if he were a body of water filling up a tankard, a person fitting into armor, and then within a blink of existence, the blazing halls of the runeforge made up the world around him, beneath him was the anvil he laid upon. One old dwarf, the creator Bolgnir Irongut, stood before him surrounded by kin, Korallon and Utak among them, who all watched with curious eyes. “As your Impera, oi name yeh, Grogg.” The old dwarf spoke, and for the first time in a long time, a vibrating monotonic sound released from the runes that made up the dwarven masonry of his body as he spoke in response, “Gr-Ogg”. It had been many years since a golem walked the halls of the dwarven kingdom, so the dwarves watched Bolgnir’s work in awe as Grogg stood from the anvil, towering over all with a soft hum that naturally radiated from his runes. Once more the golem spoke as his gaze was set upon Bolgnir and Bolgnir alone, “Imp-Era”. The Mountain dwellers In Grogg’s beginnings, he met the dwarves that lived under the mountains and watched over them, as he was tasked with not only defending them, but also learning from them. There he met many dwarves that spoke with the golem frequently, among them was Gimli, a dwarf who shared in Grogg’s essence, the dwarf’s arms and legs humming with a similar life as his, and Reghor who was a fine chef that made food from stone. Another was Korallon, a dark dwarfess who looked after Grogg from time to time, making sure his body was well oiled. The young golem became well known among the dwarves, as they watched him monitor the kingdom and lay waste to the enemies on the battlefield. One day, out of fun and jokes, the dwarves forged a few ingots of gold into a glorious golden crown with an emerald set at its center. They gathered around and sat the crown upon Grogg’s head, there they cheered a new name Grogg hadn’t heard before, “Grogg! King ov the golems!”. While they were mostly joking and celebrating victory of battles, Grogg believed he had been made king of all stone-kind. Once the mountains fell during a great war, the dwarves migrated from one mountain to another, and so Grogg followed, settling among them in their new home. A powerful dwarf made himself present to Grogg, Kazrin, who cared for Grogg and mended his stone form in Bolgnir’s absence. The two became strongly bonded and there Grogg continued on his duties, a king who stood among newly forged golems. . The Spring and Winter of the forest Throughout the adventures of Grogg’s new life, he found himself commonly interacting with the dwarves that dwelled within the forests that surrounded a gargantuan tree. There he found someone who would become almost a brother in spirit to him, Bjor Cottonwood. The young forest dwarf showed Grogg the ways of the forest kin, the feasts, the drinks, the battle and the stories. Grogg witnessed life all around the forest dwarves, different from the mountain homes below, spring with color, color which he fought to protect as he was the wall between the enemy and the dwarves of the mountains and forests. What felt like nothing to Grogg, time passed, and his body became slow as it carried the damage of battle and time. The aged golem had seen what happened to the dwarves and humans who grew old and slow, under the idea that he too would perish, he met with Bjor and set beneath Anbella’s tree. The golem, in his unique nature, understood what it was to feel sad, but could not express it when he spoke to Bjor, so Grogg lifted the golden crown that sat upon his head and gave it to Bjor towards the end of their conversation, “Good. Bye.” he rumbled before he rose above and walked off into the distance, disappearing over the large hills from the forest dwarf’s view. Bolgnir called to Grogg and set him down in his workshop, the old dwarf wielding a hammer that hummed with the same life the golem hummed with. “You look loike yeh need a new body, Grogg. Good thing oi made yeh a better one now, ain't et?”. Grogg did not know what his Impera meant by such words, but he sat still and watched. The hammer tapped against his chest and then nothingness. He had returned to a state he thought would never return, his voice tried to speak, but could not be heard, his hands reached out, but not in sight, the whole world black and empty. He roared out into the darkness, a roar he could not hear, until the flash of life stuck him once more. He felt himself pour out and fill a space once more, but this time larger, as if it was a barrel compared to the tankard before. The world around him returned to his sight as his muted roar was no longer muted, echoing out in a thunderous boom throughout the chambers around him. Before him stood once more his Impera, “Shut up yeh dramatic lump o’ rock.” Bolgnir spoke. Grogg felt different, the world seemed smaller and his body better. The golem was sent off by his Impera to return to his duties, duties which led him back to Hefrumm. There he sought out an old friend, Bjor, to speak with him as it was only moments ago he left the forest dwarf. There he found Bjor standing atop a stone looking out over the village. Grogg stood before Bjor and spoke to him, but Bjor did not respond, the dwarf motionless, his eyes still like stone. In truth, what was only moments ago for the golem was actually years in reality, and by this time, Bjor cottonwood had died, turned to stone after his sacrifice to protect his dwarven kin. The golem looked upon Bjor’s stone form, the golem’s golden crown resting around Bjor’s waist like a belt, and simply watched in silence, the forest kin telling him that Bjor was dead and passed on to the grand halls of the gods. This can’t be true, not to Grogg as he was made of stone, he could walk and talk, see and hear, so clearly Bjor was still alive, still in there. From there on out, Grogg returned to Bjor every chance there was and simply watched him, forever guarding the forest chief until his return. The beginning of the end Years passed, unfelt by the stone sentinel that was Grogg, the dwarves he once knew now gone and his body slowing once more. The halls of the dwarves were silent and cold, this caused Grogg to wander in search of the life that used to surround him. In his search he stumbled into an unstable cave where he was trapped and eventually put into a deep slumber. The grounds shook and the mountains roared, waking the golem from a slumber that felt like mere moments but was actually years. The caves around him were weakened over time and so an opening was made, the golem pushed himself through and stepped out into a world he did not recognize. A large kingdom stood in the place of his home, there he found dwarves who were young, the halls filled with folks once more. Grogg entered the throne room where Utak once sat and found Jorvin who had finished fighting a great infernal war. Grogg left the mountains as they were unrecognizable, and walked his long walk into the forests. There he found Bjor who stood tall against the change of time, and so Grogg watched Bjor in silence as he usually did before he departed into the world once more, returning whenever he did and repeating this as if he were stuck in a loop. Father time arrives The world around him changed, he followed Bjor over the seas to a new land foreign to him. While the lands were new, he was not, plant life had grown onto him and his body was slowly losing function. Most of the dwarves of old are gone for good at this point, replaced by new folk who did not know who Grogg was, their cities protected by new golems that looked different to Grogg, they did not hum with the same life as he did, but a sound new to him. The old golem brought himself before the only thing that did not change, just as he did not change, Bjor. Grogg did not know what to do but to continue his task, watching over Bjor. There, a sound vibrated the air around that called his name, “GROGG.”, a new golem that was tasked with retrieving Grogg for repairs found him, Grogg had to keep watch over Bjor and denied any request to be taken away. The new golem tried to force Grogg into a submission but this only endangered Bjor, and so Grogg’s body shifted and roared with old energy, one of his arms broken off from the impact. Once the battle was over, Grogg woke up in a forge, parts of his form no longer responded to him. His time coming to an end, the ancient golem pushed off the ground and broke free from halls that contained him. He took his final walk into the forest where he looked to Bjor, the dwarf’s body covered in plant-life as much as his own stone form, “Must..” His voice rumbled with a disfigured tone as he moved himself to stand behind Bjor, setting his gaze down onto him, “De-Fend.”. Grogg knelt down to steady himself at Bjor’s side, the power in his legs weakening by the second. “Bjo..” The golem spoke his last word as he towered over Bjor despite being down on one knee. The orange light within his eyes faded along with the glow from the runes over his broken body. He felt everything slip away as the world went dark once more, he did not scream anymore. He did not speak for there would be no sound, he did not listen for there was no sound he could hear, he did not look for there was nothing to see, and he did not reach his hand out for he was where he had to be.
  6. Housing Reform The following taxes have been carefully crafted by myself and reviewed by Grand-King Bakir Ireheart and Iron Baron Dhaen Grandaxe. These taxes will be collected at the close of every stone-week and are officially approved by the council. The tax boxes and tax slips will be located in the Grand Bank. Any who do not pay their taxes will have one week to gather the required amount before eviction. On average, taxes will be listed at the prices found below. Exceptions to price are made based on size of specific houses. Taxes of the Capital of Kal’Daraakan Hefrumm citizens will have a partial resource supplement for housing that will be released later. All forest dwarves have the option to pay with full minas however. [OOC: I will collect the first round on May 17th. Buy a slip from the tax shop in the Grand Bank and put it in the tax box that has your name on it. I'll gather consistently every sunday.] Signed, Hekkaes Goldhand, Grand Steward and Grand Banker of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Clan Father of the Goldhand Clan, Lord of Kal’Ikrun, Protector of Kaz’Ad’Hekkaes Signed, Dhaen Grandaxe, The Iron Baron of The Bearded Lady, Steward of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan
  7. Fat Belly Act Recently, the citizens of Kal’Darakaan have suffered under incompetent Stewards. Their hard-earned taxes have gone uncollected and new homes have collected dust instead of being offered to new dwedmar. Under the rule of Bakir Ireheart, we have been given the opportunity to once again rightfully serve our populace as needed. To fill the hungry bellies of the brothers and sisters of Kal’Darakaan, the Fat Belly Act that once triumphed under previous stewards such as Dhaen Grandaxe, Uldraek Goldhand, and Bhämmil Frostbeard, will once again be resurrected. The citizens of Hefrumm will be exempted from the Fat Belly Act as they have access to the farms that lay in their lands. Application All citizens, regardless of class, who own a house within Kal’Daraakan are entitled to food provided by the act. All citizens will be guaranteed the same portion of food depending upon the year’s harvest. Distribution Food will be distributed exclusively through housing mailboxes. All citizens have the right to not be included in receiving food or having a mailbox should they wish. The Grand Steward and The Iron Baron are responsible for the production and division of food to house mailboxes. Signed, Hekkaes Goldhand, Grand Steward and Grand Banker of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Clan Father of the Goldhand Clan, Lord of Kal’Ikrun, Protector of Kaz’Ad’Hekkaes Signed, Dhaen Grandaxe, The Iron Baron of The Bearded Lady, Steward of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan
  8. Urguani Economic Reform After a long and tiresome war, now well won through the strength of the Nation of Urguan, the kingdom’s economy is in dire need of a fresh start. Due to poor record-keeping and consistency surrounding its creation, the Karzul has become an outdated and under-utilized currency. As Grand Steward and Grand Banker, it falls under my duty to ensure that both the coffers of the Nation of Urguan do not run dry and the citizens of our kingdom find economic prosperity. Under the just eye of Bakir Ireheart, the support of Dhaen Grandaxe, Garrond’s thicc dumptruck, and my own years of experience to back our venture - I am proud to announce the first Urguani Economic Reform of The Second Age! The Economic Reform shall take effect immediately, with the Grand Bank ceasing its exchange of Mina to Karzul. Rest assured citizens of Urguan! The Karzul will still be viable to exchange for the new currency! Appointments can be made with the Grand Banker to exchange your Karzul for our new coin - The Minek. [A Freshly Minted Minek, Made circa 70 of the Second Age] The Minek shall become the new centralized coin of the Grand Kingdom, with which all transactions within the Grand Kingdom are to be made: from payment of taxes for homes, stalls or shops, to the wages of legionnaires and miners, and any other official payment received by an individual or organization from the Grand Kingdom. The exchange rate of the Minek will be available inside the Grand Bank of Urguan. Signed, Hekkaes Goldhand, Grand Steward and Grand Banker of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Clan Father of the Goldhand Clan, Lord of Kal’Ikrun, Protector of Kaz’Ad’Hekkaes Signed, Dhaen Grandaxe, The Iron Baron of The Bearded Lady, Steward of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan
  9. A GRAND PASSING. Dungrimm awaits those who die with honor. It was a normal day for Kronk ‘The Grand’ Stormheart before the dreaded expedition that had gone horribly wrong. A small meeting with the King of Norland, discussing possible joint military trainings. A meeting with his friend Johann Barclay, the Lord Marshal of Haense. It had been a nice day, but it was about to take a turn for the worse. Kronk ‘The Grand’ Stormheart set out with his dwarven brethren towards the void. As usual, Kronk was right at the front guarding his squad and the mages that stood behind him. They entered and the effects of the Void were immediately clear, mana overflowing and the ground beneath their feet constantly changing. The air conveyed a feeling of dread, and it became harder to breathe. Yet even with these circumstances the combined force of dwarves and mages pushed on. “DONNAEH WORREH LADS, DUNGRIMM GUIDES US TES DAY!” Kronk shouted out to his companions, a grin forming on his face. As they neared the cliffs, a thunderous roar could be heard and a beastly figure appeared in the sky. “ET BEH AH DRAGON!” One of the dwarves shouted. “WEH SHALL KILL ET TEN!” Kronk retorted with his trademark confidence and vigour, yet this beast was unlike anything he’d ever seen before. A massive three-headed beast that could incinerate a man with one breath. Kronk’s focus was set on nothing else but to slay the beast, a task impossible for the equipment they had. And then it struck. Kronk was lucky to have been missed by the first hit. The reality struck in as his friend, Balor’s arm was incinerated straight off. “SHIELD WALL ENFRONT OF TAEH MAGES!” The Marshal shouted out as they did so. But it was too late, little did Kronk know the dragon had its sights fully set on him. BANG! The lightning struck right to his side, sending the Marshal flying further down the cliff into the hard rock wall. “OOOMFFF!” Kronk groaned out as his back snapped, paralyzing the dwarf to only being able to crawl. “WE’REH NAEH LEAVIN’ YEH BEHOIND!” Two of his fellow dwarves, Gwydion and Barundin Ireheart shouted out as they went to assist the Marshal, carrying him away from the battle. Before they got far the massive three-headed dragon landed right in front of them, charging up its lightning breath once more. Kronk hastily tried to shield his fellow dwarves with his enchanted shield, but fate would not have it that day. The wall grew behind them as the three dwarves, Kronk, Gwydion and Barundin grinned wide once more. “DUNGRIMM HAS CHOSEN MEH TOH TRAVEL TOH HIM TES DAY! MAY OI DRINK ALE AN’ FOIGHT MOI BATTLES TEREH!” Kronk exclaimed as the lightning reached him. “NARVAK. OZ. URGUAAAAAAAAAAANNN!” The Grand Marshal announced with a last defiant breath as he was turned into ash. As Kronk died he thought of all his family and friends, Ranna, his loving fiancee and his kids. Hieran, a friend he had never been able to spend time with due to the constant war with Oren. The Legion he left behind, and his officers that waged every battle with him. Uruan Stormheart, his ever supporting father and greatest influence. Mica Goldhand, his loving aunt. Sionnach, his everlasting friend to whom he had promised they would die together. Ulfric Frostbeard, the old King of Urguan that had trusted him with the position of Marshal. Edward Thuri-Elendil, his Templar friend. And many more. [!] A small book could be found in a drawer of the Grand Marshal’s desk. “If you read this it's too late for me, for I have found my place with Dungrimm. I, Kronk ‘The Grand’ Stormheart have died. To my clan, I love you all to the fullest extent, and I apologize for going. To my dad, i am so incredibly sorry for the pain and sorrow you must be in. But I want you to know, I am the happiest son that ever lived because you showed me all the things i know. I am not much of a writer, but don't let my death get to you. And to my Legion. Don’t worry as I am sure there will be a great Grand Marshal after me, so is the way of Urguan. Treat them with utmost respect and vigour that you lads are capable of. I don't need a funeral. I just need Norli to cement me as an Urguani hero, that scheming bastard." Narvak oz Urguan, Kronk ‘The Grand’ Stormheart.
  10. THE FOLLY OF PHILIP III The sun rose above the Urguan mountains, where radiantly warm rays of sun shone upon the ranks of the tripartite army. A mass of Tripartite warriors nearing the twenty thousand mark assembled by the front gates of the newly built Grudgefort, preparing for the battle against the Orenian invaders to come. Noon struck, and a domineering horn sounded as the commanders of the Tripartite alliance stepped in front of their forces to lead them to an assured triumph. Led by Durorn Ireheart, Bakir Ireheart and Grigori Vyronov, the army of the alliance marched forth, clattering swords to shields and resonant boots to the gravel of the warzone, off to meet the Orenian force. The sun of the eve reflected off the armor of the Imperial State Army, their ranks vastly outnumbered by the tripartite forces. Yet, as the general saw the opposing army advance, he sounded that his Orenian fodder marched in adversary, both armies clashing between the nearby boats of the fleet and mountain range of the East. As they advanced each other, Durorn ordered several volleys of arrows to be let loose onto Philip III’s army before breathing into the war horn once more, sallying a charge towards Orens forces. A deafening sound of war cries was heard from the charging army of the tripartite, slamming into the unexpecting ranks of the ISA. For a while the fighting was even as each army clashed, filling the air with the sounds of axes hitting shields and swords crashing against armor. After a while the ISA grew weary and began to grow fatigued, the men of Blackvale attempted to reinforce the frontlines of the ISA, but there was no chance of turning the battle back around. The ranks of the dwarves, humans and orcs quickly cut through Blackvales reinforcements whilst the Ferrymen slew those cowardly enough to flee. Orenian bodies littered the ground along eastfleet all the way to Southbridge, their blood soaking into the sea, making the water look like pure Haenseti wine. As the remaining alliance army returned to their camp inside the great grudgefort and prepared for a great feast, all the world knew the folly of Philip III and they will know that– We are coming for you.
  11. A STAND OF IRON “I am not afraid of an army of lions led by sheep." It is recent history that your predecessor, Philip II made a mistake. He assumed the dwarves of Urguan would be slighted so easily, that the true sons of Horen, the people of Haense would not stand to defend their country, and their faith. Philip III you bear the same name and you bear the same bloodline, it is only fitting you make the same mistake. Under Ulfric you fought a strong Urguan, under me, you fight a united Urguan. As your most competent warriors leave your side, my kin return from the mountains tenfold. Once more Durorn Ireheart has returned, hearing the call of an Ireheart king, those who are descendants of Yavok have returned as well to enact vengeance upon your bloodline and defense upon our lands. The last time our clan and our nation rallied to such a cause, our greatest warriors by the name of Utak, Gror, Durorn, and Bakir led the war against your failed predecessor and secured his grave within three stone days, those same warriors return treating your bloodline just the same. While you have been squabbling in your throne rooms, debating trivial laws and legislature to implement, the sons of Urguan have been hard at work, smithing, crafting and building a fort of being impenetrable. For your mistake you shall pay, Orenian blood shall fill your streets and those of your bloodline shall be hunted down until you meet god himself. Urguans people will fight and we will win for justice will not be denied. NARVOK OZ URGUAN
  12. 6th of the Suns Smile A KING OF IRE The Halls of Kal’Darakaan bustled as Dwarves readily prepared for the big event, the coronation of Bakir Ireheart. The sound of merchants selling their trinkets, smiths hammering away in their forges and bartenders refilling their drinks. A horn would sound from the Obsidian Throne, calling all to the throne room for the ceremony. Many dwarves from each clan made their way into the room, followed by allies from Haense, Norland, and the Vale, alongside representatives from Elysium and the Elven Alliance. All of Almaris was here to watch a new Grand King be crowned. The room was packed full, many bustled around to find spare seats, but as the final guests sat down the High Prophet stepped forward, slamming against the podium calling everyone to be silent, beginning the coronation. The High Prophet addressed those who were present, described the role of Grand King and the throne that he sits on. He described the seat and the role of Grand King to be a burden, to be sharp and uncomfortable, like ragged rocks of a mountain. He then faced Bakir, asking the Grand King-elect if he swears by the Brathmordakin, by Urguan and by all his life that he will be an honorable, compassionate, courageous, wise, cunning and ferocious Grand King, the Ireheart agrees, swearing by his life, and by his blood to not only be these things, but to be better. Then with a careful touch, Norli grasped the Crown of Urguan and told Bakir to kneel, and as he did the crown of the father of the Dwarves was placed upon his head announcing the new Grand King of Urguan. The room erupted. Cheers of joy and roars of ARU and hails filled the room, Dwarves, Humans and Elves alike joined in the chant as they congratulated Bakir on being the 34th Grand King of Urguan. Later that night, when the feast commenced and cups filled with mead overflowed, Bakir stood up once more before his people to address them. “What a privilege to be chosen as your Grand King. For years I have served in our halls, within our great Dwarven legion and under several Grand Kings, and so I am honored to be one of those Grand Kings, and have the ability to make change within our lands. If we look back in the times of old, back when Thorin Grandaxe conquered the world and forged the Obsidian Throne, or when Kjell Ireheart defeated the great dragons of the realm, or even during the times of Fimlin Grandaxe, Gror Ireheart, Utak Ireheart and Rhewen Frostbeard, when the dwarves were revered, respected and even feared. Our might was known across the realm, our craft was respected, our fighting capabilities were sought upon and our Grand Kings were legendary. In recent times we have lost these things and have not looked back on the successes and even failures of past Grand Kings, we have lost our way. As Grand King, I have promised over and over again that I wish to be a servant of the people, a servant to all those who live in our halls, and so for the last time I shall assure you once more. I will support and work with those who supported me and also who didn’t, I will ensure our name, our respect and our Grand Kingdom is restored back to glory. Finally, I will ensure not only our vaults and our halls but our pockets as well, are filled with gold and silver. I am a son of Urguan and Yavok, and you are sons and daughters of Urguan. Let us grasp glory and write our names in history, so all may remember our triumphs.” NARVOK OZ URGUAN
  13. [!] The Horn of the Deep bellows out and echo throughout the caverns of Kal’Darakaan as the dwarven people flood the streets from the Hall of the Obsidian Throne. A great ruckus and celebration erupts as the winds of history shift once more... THE ASCENSION OF BAKIR IREHEART For many decades has Grand King Ulfric Frostbeard reigned prosperously, continuing the progress made by his predecessors and leading Urguan through a tumultuous war; but any Longbeard who has worn the weight of the Grand Crown, who has felt the piercing edges of the Obsidian Throne know that it is a great burden. And no matter how well a reign, after a certain time it weathers down the mighty stone of a King’s fortitude, and he must come to resign. Grand King Ulfric Frostbeard began to feel the weight of his crown, the pain of his throne, and knew that for Urguan to prosper and grow to new heights, it would need a new king. It is such wisdom that brought Ulfric to abdicate. It was on the eve of the 3rd of the Deep Cold, SA 67, where Ulfric Frostbeard held a council meeting, at which he raised the crown off his head and set it on the throne, announcing his resignation. There was a final cheer for Grand King Ulfric ‘the Uniter’ Frostbeard, before it would continue to pass towards the nominations of the next Grand King. Much like his kin Utak Ireheart in the old Under-Realm, Bakir Ireheart was unanimously nominated and elected to the office of Grand King, leader of all dwarfdom. A great cry bellowed from the council room, and the mountain shook with the cheering of a rejuvenated dwarven people. Bakir Ireheart has been officially elected the 34th Grand King of Urguan, and shall be crowned by the High Prophet Norli Starbreaker on the 8th of Sun's Smile, SA 68 (Sunday, 3/20 at 4 PM EST), in the Hall of the Obsidian Throne. All of the children of the Brathmordakin are summoned to appear in the court, as well as all allies and friends of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan invited to participate in the festivities thereafter. NARVAK OZ ULFRIC, NARVAK OZ BAKIR, NARVAK OZ URGUAN! Lord Regent of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, Thane of Rhewenholm, Great-Grandson of Rhewen
  14. Death of a Merchant An Artist’s depiction of the late Gildroc Goldhand It was on a mid-day stroll that Gildroc Goldhand found himself beset by two Human brigands; Pisspot and Robert, quickly captured without much fuss from the grumpy bureaucrat, angered that his work had been disrupted. He went with them, hoping that whatever they wanted would be resolved quickly, finding his possessions looted from his person much to the Dwarf’s chagrin. He was marched off to Oren, locked in a comfy cell beneath new Providence. Soon Duncan Vullier arrived, and the Dwed asked him his identity, learning that it was indeed the man who had started the war. He questioned his survival, having seen him die some years past at the hands of the Irehearts but was met with confusion from the man. The dwarf was then bought a piece of parchment, and threatened to sign it ‘or else he would be cut into little bits.’ The Goldhand of course refused, chuckling at the shenanigans of the Orenians. He told them they could kill him, and cited the great Algoda Frostbeard uttering the words ‘this changes nothing’ to his Imperial Captors. Incensed, the one named Pisspot who had aided in his capture shaved the Dwed’s beard much to Gildrocs horror, tying the remains of his beard in a wig on the Dwarf’s head while Duncan Vullier held him down. The humiliated dwarf was then marched out his cell, up into the Imperial City towards the Cathedral where he was forced down and ordered to repent before their heathen God. The dwarf again refused, shaking his head twice when ordered to do so, for he repented only to Armakak his patron God. Finally, the shaved Dwed was escorted out of the city, but not before further humiliation was incurred with the application of handy Dwarven shaving cream. He was then let go, the dwarf stumbling on his way back home. Anywho encountered him on the road, would have found a broken Dwed; a shadow of his former self. Once he arrived home, the dwarf approached his cousin Torsun and summoned the Goldhands to his Clan Hall, where he made his intentions plain that he intended to die to pay the price for the dishonour he had incurred by having his beard shaven. The dwarf settled his affairs, then departed with his kinsmen to talk to the rest of the Dwarves in the city square. In a rousing speech, the dwarf regained some of his spirit, as he called upon his fellow Dwarves to resist Oren’s attacks and re-iterated again the infamous Algoda Frostbeard's words ‘this changes nothing.’ The dwarf then turned away after hushed words with Axel Ireheart, departing. The dwarf soon re-appeared above the crowd, upon the palace roof in Kal’Darakaan. He soon stepped off, and in doing so took his own life. The Grand Steward of Urguan was dead, slain by his own hand. The Tungdilson was no more, some say he now dines in Dungrimm’s Halls.
  15. Da Dverga Ur Da Arakh Kadrin ᛏᚺᛖ ᛟᚱᛞᛖᚱ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚹᚺᛁᛏᛖ ᚨᚾᚹᛁᛚ +-={ ᛚᛟᚾᚷ ᛗᚨᛃ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛈᚱᛟᛋᛈᛖᚱ ᚨᚾᛞ ᛒᚱᛁᚾᚷ ᚨ ᚾᛖᚹ ᚨᚷᛖ ᛟᚠ ᛞᚹᚨᚱᚹᛖᚾ ᚲᚱᚨᚠᛏᛋᛗᚨᚾᛋᚺᛁᛈ }=-+ The great ancestors forging artifacts during their time, the relics of today. Greetings Khazadmar, I am Ulfar of the Kornazkarumm. Long have the crafters within Kal’Darakaan and the lands of Urguan slumbered, our work fading as the world around us evolves into a newer society of Umros and Elgus. Therefor, it is time we strike the anvil harder, let the ringing of steel and rumbling of stone pierce through our deep dwedic halls to remind Almaris, “The khazadmar kadre will not be forgotten”. Through study of the guild’s past lives, I have made modifications and changes. From the ashes of the old guilds, not just from Almaris and Arcas, but from every barimmar past, rises the guild of the White Anvil. Here, we as dwarves will work together to train and learn, excel at our crafts once more. Yrrommar are allowed to join the guild and work alongside the mighty Khazadmar, they will learn our ways and climb our ranks, but are blacklisted from specific rankings that are unique to the dwarves alone. Additionally, Yrrommar can graduate the guild with a form of certificate presenting their rank along with a stamp or sigil of approval from the forgemaster. These certificates are very important in validating the skill of the smith, should they be foreigners. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Progression System Those within the guild must learn and adapt in order to achieve greater heights, This takes many years to learn and even more to master, but when they have learned all they have to learn within their rank, they may apply to climb to the next ranking where they will have to go through a set of trials so that we can see what they have learned and if they qualify to ascend. Chapters Chapters are considered metallurgy knowledge, Chapter of Iron covering the basic to advanced techniques of Iron smithing to Steel smithing. Chapter of gold being the same, and so on for every other chapter for any metal. As you learn and climb the ranks, you gain access to more chapters which in turn allow you to learn more advanced metals. Trials The trials are tasks given to young smiths as they ascend the ranks as their skills increase and their minds widen. The trials are based on the current rank the smith is in to see what they have learned throughout their time within it, made by the Forge Lord or any Forge Hand that hosts the trial. Should they fail, they can retake the trials after a stone week. New Forge Lords Should a Forge Lord step down or die, Yemekar’s pick or the Rhun Prophet will choose from the either the Forge hands or Forge Masters. In the case that the Forge Lord steps down, they may choose to apprentice someone in order to train them into becoming a Forge Lord. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hierarchy ((A key requirement to qualify for trials is to have a sustainable amount of rp throughout their time within the ranking. If there is an irl reason for inactivity, let us know. The more rp within the guild, the better.)) Forge Lord Lord of the White Anvil, the Forge Lord is in charge of keeping the Metalworkers guild active and training his apprentices in the many techniques of metallurgy. He is obligated by oath of Yemekar to spread the knowledge of the forge to worthy apprentices, and is given great respect for his service. Forge Hand Assistants to the Forge Lord and High Overseers within the Workforce as a whole, Forge Hands help oversee the logistics of the White Anvil. They are expected as well to be masters of forgework and able to serve as teachers, leading lessons. Forge Hands are offered a free office in the headquarters of the guild, as well as a personal anvil. The guild is willing to accept four labors from him. Forge Master A veteran blacksmith capable of crafting in virtually all techniques. Highest quality craftsdwedship is expected from a Forge Master, and they are given a personal anvil and corner within the facilities of the Workforce for their dedication. Forge Masters are paid 20 minas for their labors unless otherwise stated, and the guild accepts four labors from them. Chapter that you are opened to learning upon reaching Forge Master: Hammerer The standard blacksmith rank within the White Anvil, it is any blacksmith who has become adept at numerous chapters, and is capable of teaching it to aspiring Forgelings and Apprentices. Hammerers are paid 15 minas for their labors unless otherwise stated, and the guild accepts four labors from them. Chapters that they will learn before they can qualify for trials for Hammerer: Apprentice A novice blacksmith who is still learning many of the basic chapters of forgework, but is capable of making standard quality works. Apprentices are paid 10 minas for their labors unless otherwise stated, and the guild accepts three labors from them. Chapters that they will learn before they can qualify for trials for Apprentice: Forgeling An aspiring blacksmith with little knowledge beyond the concept of hammer and anvil. After their first dwarven quality craft, they may be considered an apprentice. Chapters that they will learn before they can qualify for trials for High apprentice: Initiation In order to join the guild, you must speak with either the Forge Lord, any Forge Hand or Yemekar’s pick in roleplay. Contacts Rhun Prophet Norli Starbreaker ---------------------- Yemekar's Pick Norli Starbreaker ---------------------- Forge Lord n/a ---------------------- Forge Hand Nara Starbreaker Hana Starbreaker Ulfar Starbreaker ---------------------- Translations Khazadmar, Dwarves Yrrommar, Foreigners Kornazkarumm, Starbreakers Umros, Humans Elgus, Elves Reference https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/82997-da-bak-kadrel-barimmar-~-the-great-smithing-guild/?tab=comments#comment-715879 Change Log:
  16. THE RAZING OF PINEMAW THE RAZING OF OLD PINEMAW ON 16TH HOREN’S CALLING, IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 1859 After the people of Pinemaw fled their overpriced homes in Urguan to a newer, nicer place in Oren, Lieutenant Sir Duncan Vuiller and Corporal Lucius Wick-Draskovic made their way there with a mission. Equipped with lanterns and torches we saw to it that Urguan could not use the county for anything. The entire city was made ablaze in a show of unity with the people of Pinemaw, who were mistreated by the Dwed and their government. Pinemaw now burns brightly like a funeral pyre. SIGNED, HIS LORDSHIP, Duncan Vuiller, Knight of the Order of the Lion, Lieutenant of the Imperial State Army
  17. The Principality of South Sedan brings to you… Ireheart supremasexy An Evening of love and romance for all… "Admirers Masquerade” Which will be held on: Night of the Red Heart Moon, 16th of Tobias's Bounty, 1859 [!] The people and the vassals of Urguan would find this invite posted in mailboxes, city boards, and pinned to the doors of citizens. It would be posted so that the people of the Tripartite Accord would all be welcomed to come and enjoy the Masquerade. Each invite, and post, was sealed with the emblem of Her ladyship, Boja ‘BB’ Bojo, Baroness of Huvaardia. The nations of the war have lost a lot of people, from leaders, to citizens. Each side of the war has lost many and in light of said losses, Sedan is hosting a ball to help the youth and many more find love and friends, all while enjoying some sort of freedom and calm during this war. Even though we are offering peace during this Masquerade ball, many on the side of Oren will not be per say welcomed with open arms. All of the people not coming from the Tripartite Accord will be searched, only to ensure that we will help keep the peace while the event goes on. People of all ages are welcomed. The ball will be hosted in Sedan, just outside of the Sedanian Church, there will be foods of many types and drinks for those above drinking age, while offering juices and sweet drinks for those underage. Music, dancing and entertainment will be offered to all who come to enjoy the night of love and friendship. All of said visitors and attendees are expected to don certain colours: white, red, and gold, The colours are believed to be tied to love and freedom in a sense. Along with the colours, each and everyone is asked to wear a mask, to cover only their upper faces. The women are expected to don dresses, which hold wide and flowing skirts, while being modest. As the ball comes to a close, we will name a she and he as the best dressed, giving the title of “The Red Dove” to said lovely lady, and “The Red Raven” to the handsome fella, but only for the said night. Signed, Her ladyship, Boja ‘BB’ Bojo, Baroness of Huvaardia [OOC]
  18. Congratulations to Bakir Ireheart as he persevered and claimed all other participants belts along with the Champion Belt! He shall wear them proudly as practiced by the ancient traditions and the blessings of the paragon, Kjell. Let us take a moment to recall the memories of the competition: Thank you to everyone who were able to make time or attempted to participate.
  19. ᚷᛁᛗᛗᛖ ᚤᛖᚱ ᛒᛖᛚᛏ 2.4.2022 The horns begin sounding in the Halls of the Irehearts as the calling of an ancient tradition passed on by the Paragons begins. A registry has been placed upon the clan board to be filled by every participant for the weeks leading up to the event. It will take place in the Ireheart Clan Hall located inside the capitol of Urguan. (Click the scroll and Sign Up) [Sponsored by the (Dwed Wrestling Entertainment)]
  20. THE TRUE CRIMES OF PHILLIP Oren is dying. The views of the founder dies with it. Kings and lords treat the low born, the peasants and even the backbone of their own army as mere damn fodder. I have visited and seen Providence, and many other cities. I see how the poor are clearly not our enemy, but it is their masters. They are treated like mindless fodder, destined to die on some battlefield. I personally have met many people of Oren, kind fellows, hate having not blighted their minds. However, highborn fools spit at my mere existence, their narrow minds hating those who do not fit into their world, while the common people viewed me as an equal. It is clear the rich and wealthy care not for their people. Phillip damns his people to constant death. Phillip damns his empire. People are torn from their families, to die because of a petty feud because the lords could not give up one rich man. When I visited Providence, it was the first time I saw a homeless man. He showed a deep goodness, being helpful even to those better off than him. He did not deserve his condition. So many lives, ignored, forgotten. Phillip has abandoned his people. Written by Glod Grimgold, Urguan citizen, based on his constant visits to Providence, and the countless interactions experienced.
  21. Sigra Leikr’mar Victory Games Umri Gladiator’s fight for the entertainment of the Dwedmar Introduction In response to the overwhelming victory of the Tripartite Accord (Urguan, Haense, Norland and the Ferrymen) at the Orenian fort of Southbridge, and the subsequent conquest of the surrounding territories. I Gildroc Goldhand, Grand Steward and Gamesmaster of Urguan have decreed with the assent of Grand King Ulfric Stormcloak that Victory Games (Sigra Leik’mar) shall occur in the new year (59 SA.) on the 4th of the Grand Harvest. The format of the games shall be duels, team-fights (to be organised in groups of three) and a melee (free for all.). Prizes shall be provided to the winners of each game at my own expense. Any allied subject may perform in the games, provided they fulfil the requirements to do so as stated below. As a note, if you wish to participate in the team fights please arrange and form a group of three beforehand and inform me of your desire to participate. Requirements to Participate That you are of legal age pertaining to their race (i.e 14 if from Haense or Norland, or 50 if from Urguan). For Dwarves, that you follow the Brathmordakin faith and are not an Ironborn. Format of the Games Rounds of Duels and Team-Fights, and a free-for-all melee at the end. Invitations The following parties are invited to attend the Victory Games Sigismund III and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska The Ferrymen Band Vane Freysson and the Kingdom of Norland Grand King of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, Thane of Rhewenholm, Great-Grandson of Rhewen Ulfric Frostbeard I Grand Steward and Gamesmaster of Urguan Gildroc Goldhand OOC Note: The Event shall begin at 4PM EST this Saturday (15/01/22) in the Urguan Grand Arena. Participation Form How to reach the Grand Arena
  22. [!] A sneak peak at the various wares and materials for sale in the BCWW Center Welcome one and all to The Black Crow Wartime Wares Shopping Center! Dear friends and allies of Dwedmar descent Your dearest friends in the Royal Kingdom of Haense are pleased to bring to the Dwarven capital of Kal-Drakaan, a supplementary aid to the war effort against the wayward Heartlanders of a corrupted Empire. This endeavor, initiated on behalf of the crown and it's Aulic Envoy, seeks to provide arms and similar accessories to bolster the forces of your Dwarven military. It is an honor to have been chosen as manager of such an important Institution, and I will therefore take the utmost care in its continued progress. This open-market contains basic items such as swords, warhammers, arrows, bows, and shields; in addition to other materials such as high quality rations and carefully brewed refreshments, essential for men on the march. If ever you or someone you know is in need of such product accessory, be sure visit the Black Crow shop center located in the capital of Urguan, [Shop #3, Kal Drakan city center]. Happy Hunting! Grand King of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, Thane of Rhewenholm, Great-Grandson of Rhewen Ambassador To Urguan, Ser Erwin Bishop
  23. The Agreement of The Fist and The Heart Clan Redfist and Clan Grandheart This is an alliance document between Clan Redfist and Clan Grandheart. The document was put in place in the first place to ensure peace between both groups and to aid each other into achieving great things for them both with the view of trying to prosper in their own beliefs. It is a document that will stay in place for undetermined time or until any of the involved parties wish to break this pact for any reason, in which discussion will be had first. ARTICLE I Both clans respect each other's existence and integrity without questioning it or claiming otherwise. Neither will attempt to subvert the other. ARTICLE II Both clans will not commit any crimes or act in any way possible that might kill, injure or damage the other clan’s members in any way possible. In case one of those activities should occur, the member who committed the action will be punished accordingly and acceptable for both clans after discussion. ARTICLE III Both clans declare to aid and support each other in any military or political conflict as long as it does not interfere with the clans’ beliefs, alliances or allegiances. ARTICLE IV Members of both clans just keep the same responsibilities as before the pact was put into place. They do not have to follow commands of the other clan’s leader or follow the other clan’s way of handling stuff, unless mentioned otherwise. ARTICLE V Alliances outside of this pact are completely separate thus not shared by the clans involved in the pact. ARTICLE VI Both clans promise to keep a steady flow of information going both ways between them both and to give each other updates on any big or drastic plans that are in the making. ARTICLE VII If any of the involved clans are organizing an event or hunt, the members of the other clan are invited to attend those events unless it is about private and internal matters. ARTICLE VIII With this document, Kane Redfist grants a section of land in Huaven, located in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, to the Grandhearts. Free of tax, in exchange for support to Huaven and Clan Redfist. Signed, Kane Redfist Clan father of Clan Redfist, Protector of Ruivians, Lord of Huaven, Lord of the Wildlands, Lord of the Redfist keep, former Duke of Rozania, former War Marshall of Rozania, Military advisor, Reclaimer of the Oasis, Former Commander of the Southern forces & Protector of free people and innocents Maximiliano Grandheart Clan father of Clan Grandheart Nadia Kazimir Buckfort Blackthorn Grandheart Former Duchess of Rozania, Former Master of Whisperers, Former Master of Paper, Clan Member of Grandheart, The Grand Jackalope, Heir Apparent to The House of Buckfort
  24. RECAPTURE OF THE BASTION 15th of Snow Maiden, Year 57 SA “Jesus Pablo is ballin’ out on Ferrymas” - Banjo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CduA0TULnow 1,200 Tripartite forces composed of Ferrymen and Irehearts marched on the roads towards the heart of the Imperial Capital, New Providence, to deal a devastating blow to Imperial forces. Under the command of Captain Banjo and Commander Bakir Ireheart, the small band bandited the roads of Oren until they approached the bridge, all that stood in their way of entering the city was a 1,500 force o’ wig-wearing lobsters. One could say you could hear the rattle of their metal-bucket hats as they quivered in fear at the sight of the notorious Ferrymen. The battle first started at the foot of the bridge, where both sides exchanged arrowfire. Seeing as this exchange of volleys led to a stalemate, the Ferrymen tactically led a maneuver around the bridge, flanking the Orenian forces as they were caught in utter dumbfounded surprise. Their little lasting bravery was soon replaced by cowardice as they routed back to the security of their gates- or so they thought. They stubbornly attempted to push out of their gates, but they were met with dwarven steel and Ferrymen prowess as their men were slaughtered like dogs. The Imperials were very wrong to think they were safe behind their walls and gates. A small detachment of Ferrymen consisting of Jesus Pablo, Diome Indoren, Banjo, and Mika managed to breach past their iron doors and began to take the entire force on their own. There within the gates, Jesus Pablo showed his ferociousness and prowess on the battlefield as he single handedly charged in a moment of bloodlust into a group of Orenians. His savage charge proved useful as it opened the opportunity for the rest of the Ferrymen to push through the gates and into the hearth of the city. 1,100 Imperials dead. Once more the bastion and city fell to the hands of the Ferrymen. Signed, Banjo, The Captain of the Ferrymen, Savior of the Common and Free People, Pillager of Elvenesse, Liberator of Man, The Bringer of Equality, Capturer of the Bastion, Defeater of Racism, Debearder of Grand Kings, Sailor of the Seas, 2x Mr. Almaris, Emperor of the Roads, Heir to Shipman Keep. Bakir Ireheart, Clan Father of the Irehearts, Legion Commander, King’s Hand
  25. THE CITY STATE OF OREN AND ITS SURROUNDING MANORS Saint James Bleeds THE BATTLE OF NEW PROVIDENCE BRIDGE Twenty-thousand Tripartite. Seven-thousand dead. Forty-thousand Imperials. Twenty-Thousand dead. Those twenty thousand Tripartite surmounted the steps to New Providence, chins lifted to the skies and with grips of resolve to their weaponry. At the very front stood three - the commanders of the Tripartite. Captain Banjo, Diome Indoren and the Butcher of the East, Brick. Those three shared glances, for this is where their dawn had begun all those years ago - forty some. It was nearing the Saint’s year anniversary of the first bloodshed Orenia had received on Almaris. When they fought with five-thousand against sixteen-thousand, where all sixteen-thousand were slain and tasted their foremost major defeat. But a few of the old guard stood with them, yet the grumbles and chants of war still echoed from the side of the Tripartite. Against such unfavourable odds again, would they triumph once more? Any who witnessed the slaughter on the steps of Providence would answer with a resounding yes. Outnumbered two-to-one, facing a force of forty thousand Orenians, the Tripartite force valiantly charged the front gates of the city, where they exchanged numerous volleys of arrows with its defenders. After being forced to abandon their positions atop the walls by relentless arrow fire, the Orenian force consolidated and sallied out to meet the Tripartite army in battle. The first two of their charges were unsuccessful, being swiftly outmaneuvered and beaten back behind the walls of Providence. It was in the midst of these failed attempts that Diomé Indoren personally led multiple infantry charges against the enemy, ultimately leaving eight-thousand Imperials slain. To the dismay of the Tripartite commanders the third push of the Orenians found success, effectively splitting the already outnumbered force in two and crushing much of the Tripartite cavalry. Rather than capitalize on this, the Imperials saw fit to blindly chase a band of no more than four-thousand Tripartite soldiers all the way to the Urguani borderlands. These Orenians found themselves deftly evaded by the Tripartite men who managed to join the main force at (Providence Bridge) once again. Here, Auguste van Aert rallied his men and drove them against the scattered Imperials who remained, cutting down four-thousand before routing them toward Providence. As the other half of the Orenian army made their way back to the field of battle along the road from Southbridge they were harassed relentlessly by the cavalry of the Ferrymen. Seeing their weakened state the Butcher of the East led a lance charge into the Imperial cavalry, knocking most from atop their steeds and trampling them underfoot. Knowing their situation to be hopeless, the remainder of the Imperial army finally began their retreat. The Tripartite army, emboldened by their victory, gave chase as they ran for the safety of the walls of the capital. Hope was there for the assailants, seeing as the Orenians had turned charges and fought with some crumbs of honour. Yet, minutes turned into more – the Imperial State Army and those who took up arms with them had retreated into their fortifications a final time. At the climax of the battlefield, the last standing knight – Sir Mohammad Hassan – fought with Islamic fervor against Captain Banjo; he was last seen praying to Allah as a longsword impaled his midriff. (SIR MOHAMMAD HASSAN 4 LYFE)
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