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  1. Sigra Leikr’mar Victory Games Umri Gladiator’s fight for the entertainment of the Dwedmar Introduction In response to the overwhelming victory of the Tripartite Accord (Urguan, Haense, Norland and the Ferrymen) at the Orenian fort of Southbridge, and the subsequent conquest of the surrounding territories. I Gildroc Goldhand, Grand Steward and Gamesmaster of Urguan have decreed with the assent of Grand King Ulfric Stormcloak that Victory Games (Sigra Leik’mar) shall occur in the new year (59 SA.) on the 4th of the Grand Harvest. The format of the games shall be duels, team-fights (to be organised in groups of three) and a melee (free for all.). Prizes shall be provided to the winners of each game at my own expense. Any allied subject may perform in the games, provided they fulfil the requirements to do so as stated below. As a note, if you wish to participate in the team fights please arrange and form a group of three beforehand and inform me of your desire to participate. Requirements to Participate That you are of legal age pertaining to their race (i.e 14 if from Haense or Norland, or 50 if from Urguan). For Dwarves, that you follow the Brathmordakin faith and are not an Ironborn. Format of the Games Rounds of Duels and Team-Fights, and a free-for-all melee at the end. Invitations The following parties are invited to attend the Victory Games Sigismund III and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska The Ferrymen Band Vane Freysson and the Kingdom of Norland Grand King of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, Thane of Rhewenholm, Great-Grandson of Rhewen Ulfric Frostbeard I Grand Steward and Gamesmaster of Urguan Gildroc Goldhand OOC Note: The Event shall begin at 4PM EST this Saturday (15/01/22) in the Urguan Grand Arena. Participation Form How to reach the Grand Arena
  2. [!] A sneak peak at the various wares and materials for sale in the BCWW Center Welcome one and all to The Black Crow Wartime Wares Shopping Center! Dear friends and allies of Dwedmar descent Your dearest friends in the Royal Kingdom of Haense are pleased to bring to the Dwarven capital of Kal-Drakaan, a supplementary aid to the war effort against the wayward Heartlanders of a corrupted Empire. This endeavor, initiated on behalf of the crown and it's Aulic Envoy, seeks to provide arms and similar accessories to bolster the forces of your Dwarven military. It is an honor to have been chosen as manager of such an important Institution, and I will therefore take the utmost care in its continued progress. This open-market contains basic items such as swords, warhammers, arrows, bows, and shields; in addition to other materials such as high quality rations and carefully brewed refreshments, essential for men on the march. If ever you or someone you know is in need of such product accessory, be sure visit the Black Crow shop center located in the capital of Urguan, [Shop #3, Kal Drakan city center]. Happy Hunting! Grand King of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, Thane of Rhewenholm, Great-Grandson of Rhewen Ambassador To Urguan, Ser Erwin Bishop
  3. The Agreement of The Fist and The Heart Clan Redfist and Clan Grandheart This is an alliance document between Clan Redfist and Clan Grandheart. The document was put in place in the first place to ensure peace between both groups and to aid each other into achieving great things for them both with the view of trying to prosper in their own beliefs. It is a document that will stay in place for undetermined time or until any of the involved parties wish to break this pact for any reason, in which discussion will be had first. ARTICLE I Both clans respect each other's existence and integrity without questioning it or claiming otherwise. Neither will attempt to subvert the other. ARTICLE II Both clans will not commit any crimes or act in any way possible that might kill, injure or damage the other clan’s members in any way possible. In case one of those activities should occur, the member who committed the action will be punished accordingly and acceptable for both clans after discussion. ARTICLE III Both clans declare to aid and support each other in any military or political conflict as long as it does not interfere with the clans’ beliefs, alliances or allegiances. ARTICLE IV Members of both clans just keep the same responsibilities as before the pact was put into place. They do not have to follow commands of the other clan’s leader or follow the other clan’s way of handling stuff, unless mentioned otherwise. ARTICLE V Alliances outside of this pact are completely separate thus not shared by the clans involved in the pact. ARTICLE VI Both clans promise to keep a steady flow of information going both ways between them both and to give each other updates on any big or drastic plans that are in the making. ARTICLE VII If any of the involved clans are organizing an event or hunt, the members of the other clan are invited to attend those events unless it is about private and internal matters. ARTICLE VIII With this document, Kane Redfist grants a section of land in Huaven, located in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, to the Grandhearts. Free of tax, in exchange for support to Huaven and Clan Redfist. Signed, Kane Redfist Clan father of Clan Redfist, Protector of Ruivians, Lord of Huaven, Lord of the Wildlands, Lord of the Redfist keep, former Duke of Rozania, former War Marshall of Rozania, Military advisor, Reclaimer of the Oasis, Former Commander of the Southern forces & Protector of free people and innocents Maximiliano Grandheart Clan father of Clan Grandheart Nadia Kazimir Buckfort Blackthorn Grandheart Former Duchess of Rozania, Former Master of Whisperers, Former Master of Paper, Clan Member of Grandheart, The Grand Jackalope, Heir Apparent to The House of Buckfort
  4. RECAPTURE OF THE BASTION 15th of Snow Maiden, Year 57 SA “Jesus Pablo is ballin’ out on Ferrymas” - Banjo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CduA0TULnow 1,200 Tripartite forces composed of Ferrymen and Irehearts marched on the roads towards the heart of the Imperial Capital, New Providence, to deal a devastating blow to Imperial forces. Under the command of Captain Banjo and Commander Bakir Ireheart, the small band bandited the roads of Oren until they approached the bridge, all that stood in their way of entering the city was a 1,500 force o’ wig-wearing lobsters. One could say you could hear the rattle of their metal-bucket hats as they quivered in fear at the sight of the notorious Ferrymen. The battle first started at the foot of the bridge, where both sides exchanged arrowfire. Seeing as this exchange of volleys led to a stalemate, the Ferrymen tactically led a maneuver around the bridge, flanking the Orenian forces as they were caught in utter dumbfounded surprise. Their little lasting bravery was soon replaced by cowardice as they routed back to the security of their gates- or so they thought. They stubbornly attempted to push out of their gates, but they were met with dwarven steel and Ferrymen prowess as their men were slaughtered like dogs. The Imperials were very wrong to think they were safe behind their walls and gates. A small detachment of Ferrymen consisting of Jesus Pablo, Diome Indoren, Banjo, and Mika managed to breach past their iron doors and began to take the entire force on their own. There within the gates, Jesus Pablo showed his ferociousness and prowess on the battlefield as he single handedly charged in a moment of bloodlust into a group of Orenians. His savage charge proved useful as it opened the opportunity for the rest of the Ferrymen to push through the gates and into the hearth of the city. 1,100 Imperials dead. Once more the bastion and city fell to the hands of the Ferrymen. Signed, Banjo, The Captain of the Ferrymen, Savior of the Common and Free People, Pillager of Elvenesse, Liberator of Man, The Bringer of Equality, Capturer of the Bastion, Defeater of Racism, Debearder of Grand Kings, Sailor of the Seas, 2x Mr. Almaris, Emperor of the Roads, Heir to Shipman Keep. Bakir Ireheart, Clan Father of the Irehearts, Legion Commander, King’s Hand
  5. THE CITY STATE OF OREN AND ITS SURROUNDING MANORS Saint James Bleeds THE BATTLE OF NEW PROVIDENCE BRIDGE Twenty-thousand Tripartite. Seven-thousand dead. Forty-thousand Imperials. Twenty-Thousand dead. Those twenty thousand Tripartite surmounted the steps to New Providence, chins lifted to the skies and with grips of resolve to their weaponry. At the very front stood three - the commanders of the Tripartite. Captain Banjo, Diome Indoren and the Butcher of the East, Brick. Those three shared glances, for this is where their dawn had begun all those years ago - forty some. It was nearing the Saint’s year anniversary of the first bloodshed Orenia had received on Almaris. When they fought with five-thousand against sixteen-thousand, where all sixteen-thousand were slain and tasted their foremost major defeat. But a few of the old guard stood with them, yet the grumbles and chants of war still echoed from the side of the Tripartite. Against such unfavourable odds again, would they triumph once more? Any who witnessed the slaughter on the steps of Providence would answer with a resounding yes. Outnumbered two-to-one, facing a force of forty thousand Orenians, the Tripartite force valiantly charged the front gates of the city, where they exchanged numerous volleys of arrows with its defenders. After being forced to abandon their positions atop the walls by relentless arrow fire, the Orenian force consolidated and sallied out to meet the Tripartite army in battle. The first two of their charges were unsuccessful, being swiftly outmaneuvered and beaten back behind the walls of Providence. It was in the midst of these failed attempts that Diomé Indoren personally led multiple infantry charges against the enemy, ultimately leaving eight-thousand Imperials slain. To the dismay of the Tripartite commanders the third push of the Orenians found success, effectively splitting the already outnumbered force in two and crushing much of the Tripartite cavalry. Rather than capitalize on this, the Imperials saw fit to blindly chase a band of no more than four-thousand Tripartite soldiers all the way to the Urguani borderlands. These Orenians found themselves deftly evaded by the Tripartite men who managed to join the main force at (Providence Bridge) once again. Here, Auguste van Aert rallied his men and drove them against the scattered Imperials who remained, cutting down four-thousand before routing them toward Providence. As the other half of the Orenian army made their way back to the field of battle along the road from Southbridge they were harassed relentlessly by the cavalry of the Ferrymen. Seeing their weakened state the Butcher of the East led a lance charge into the Imperial cavalry, knocking most from atop their steeds and trampling them underfoot. Knowing their situation to be hopeless, the remainder of the Imperial army finally began their retreat. The Tripartite army, emboldened by their victory, gave chase as they ran for the safety of the walls of the capital. Hope was there for the assailants, seeing as the Orenians had turned charges and fought with some crumbs of honour. Yet, minutes turned into more – the Imperial State Army and those who took up arms with them had retreated into their fortifications a final time. At the climax of the battlefield, the last standing knight – Sir Mohammad Hassan – fought with Islamic fervor against Captain Banjo; he was last seen praying to Allah as a longsword impaled his midriff. (SIR MOHAMMAD HASSAN 4 LYFE)
  6. The Mines Of Kal’Darakaan - Regarding Permits & Gaining Access - “When the Sons of Yemekar struck the first vein of Kal’Darakaan, they rejoiced as their lives would soon be filled with an abundance of wealth and honest work. So shall the Sons of Yemekar justly protect what acts as a source of untold opportunities beneath their sacred mountains.” From The Office Of Yemekar’s Pick The workers of Kal’Darakaan have unanimously decided to protect their interests by privatizing the mines of Urguan. No longer will outsiders and unvetted ‘miners’ make their way into our sacred mines, defiling them with uncaring swings of a pickaxe, and threatening the security of what provides so much work here in our city beneath the mountain. To maintain a firm hand on the mines, a familiar system of mining permits will be reinstated and enforced. From now on, those who would like to access the mines of Kal’Darakaan will have to purchase a permit from the office of Yemekar’s Pick with the exception of those belonging to the Workforce and enlistees of the Legion. More details can be found below. Permits & Guidelines To better ensure that the mines of Urguan are protected, would-be miners will have to purchase a permit of 25 minas at the office of Yemekar’s Pick. These permits act as a promissory to ensure that only those with a responsible mind and pocket will have access to our treasured veins. If you are found in the mines or accused of trespassing without a permit, you will be brought before the Lord Justiciar and trialed. Permits may not be shared between two or more people. Each permit is only valid for the singular person that purchased it. Unlike previous iterations, permit holders DO NOT have to fulfill a weekly quota or join the workforce in any official capacity. For Workers & Legion Enlistees For those who work under Yemekar’s Workforce and Legionnaires of Urguan, you do not have to purchase a permit to access the mines. Speak with either Yemekar’s Pick or the Grand Marshal to receive your permit and keys. For Past Permits For those who’ve purchased permits in the past from previous Prospectors and Foremen, those permits are still valid. To retain the validity of the said permit, the permit or proof of purchase must be sent to the office of Yemekar’s Pick with additional paperwork. If you do not have the physical permit or proof of purchase, the permit will not be valid and will need to be purchased again from the office of Yemekar’s Pick. Accessing The Mines After purchasing your permit, it must be sent along with all required paperwork to the office of Yemekar’s Pick. Once everything has been verified, you will be sent a key, giving you access to the mines. It may take up to two stone days for your paperwork to be received and verified. (OOC) Please use the mine-perms chat in the Urguan Discord and follow this format: Name: Character: Allegiance: Proof of permit: Signed, Torsun Goldhand Yemekar’s Pick Acting Lodemaster Of Kal’Darakaan Ulfar Starbreaker High Overseer Of Yemekar’s Workforce
  7. Announcement from Lubba’s Keep 3rd of Sun’s Smile, Year 55 of the second age. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqFFjoRnltg During these times of war, progress cannot be stopped, therefore Lubba’s Keep has decided to officially make an announcement that we are here and offering jobs, places to stay and growth to those who come visit our Keep. Filled with mercenaries, guilds, merchants, tavern folk and any descendant’s race it is found to be a hotspot on the coast of Urguan, ready to house and entertain more people around the realm, Even Though its location is out of the general public’s sight, it always a joy to see new people around this corner of the realm. We hope to see you soon! Guilds of Lubba’s Keep The backbone of every city are its people, but if those people are not at work then that is a waste. Here at Lubba’s Keep we have a variety of jobs offered by our guilds that are housed within the keep or its grounds. With our guilds hard at work, we ensure that our keep’s prosperity thrives with trade and craftsmanship to feed our families as Lubba’s Keep does not tax these guilds out of goodwill for their services to be provided to our people and those in need of it. Brevis Bibliotheca Brewery The Local supplier of most drinks, supplied from the fields nearby they are found to have good business with all the other guilds around the keep. stationed on the docks, plumes of smoke from the brewing process can be seen coming out of the rather large chimneys, hosting multiple brewers to practice their craft under the lead of Scribe. The brewery has been prone to test out new flavors and drinks throughout its career, maybe one could find the next big drink? Lare Daram https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/208075-the-opening-of-the-lare-daram-smithy/ Led by Ulfar Starbreaker alongside Grimdal Irongut, this forge produces high quality weaponry, armour and tools for those willing to pay the right price. Accepting custom requests for any caliber smith, Lare Daram is a right place to search for your next life long extension of yourself. The Silver Lubba Band https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/202530-the-silver-lubba-band/ The Silver Lubba Band as main force of Lubba’s Keep led by The Silver Lubba himself keeps order within the keep grounds of Lubba’s Keep. Mercenaries equipped and trained with their favorite weapons rally in times of conflict to try to obtain the best deal, however, in times of war Urguan is allowed to call upon them as a levy force as is by vassalisation contract. Always hiring and ready to head out into conflict, being equipped by the Keeper of Lubba’s Keep himself. Room Filled With Cacti A strange guild within the keep, often found working day and night producing powders with medicinal purposes to keep the men and women of Lubba’s Keep standing and ready to work at all times. Often found in the back alleys of major cities or simply auctioned off at events. The Lubba Medics The Medics of Lubba’s Keep are often found to be great for medics, though these medics many times aren’t doctors doing major surgery sticking to their base purpose of being very effective medics able to defend themselves in the heat of battle just in case. Residing within Lubba’s Keep, there is a clinic behind the tavern to accommodate most needs of medical attention and offers prosthetic limbs to those who pay right. Le Savoyarde Salope The Tavern of Lubba’s Keep, stocked to the brim with a variety of drinks supplied by Brevis Bibliotheca Brewery and Room Filled With Cacti along with some of the more local unnamed breweries. Plenty of seats to house the entire keep inside and outside, it is found that the people of the keep congregate around this tavern. If one were to want to have a good time at the keep, then you will most likely find it here. Lubba’s Library The Library of Lubba’s Keep was recently added and stocked, though the books within are from older times and collecting them through the centuries. With the classroom on the first floor of the library section of the keep, we educate our people on any topic we can find from general safety to theory crafting and experimenting with new concepts recently found and learnt. The Scholars of Lubba’s Keep are often found wandering around the realm to find books and valuable knowledge to share here within the Library. Vassals of Lubba’s Keep Lubba’s Keep, while only being a recent find, already has found itself with a couple of vassals who aid in the prosperity of the keep and develop its lands to house their own people. Lords and ladies were granted titles created upon keep grounds or moved over from claims their house had on. Dunborough Settled by Adunian hexers, the village was meant to be a home for those that returned from their Path, restocking, healing and resting themselves before heading out into the world seeking contracts of slaying beasts. Dunborough serves as a place of harmony too as it is positioned in an old stone circle of Druids of a bygone era. Only few would recognize it as the old Northern Faith. Trabezon Trabzeon is a small village inside of the Lubba’s Keep, not a lot of people live there but ones who do enjoy tax free housing. At the back of the village is a keep in which houses the Baron and his family, one might notice a small yet tidy and clean place for medics who support the keep grounds. Within this village, a small chapel can be found for canonists and priests or perhaps a visit to the local blacksmith. underneath in the cellars below wine is being produced from the local vineyards to fuel the local taverns and prosperity. Vaokses A settlement made up primarily from dark elves, seemingly fascinated by nature and its ways. The roadside tavern is often found populated with people of all races for this small town on the border of Lubba’s Keep, always having a good time and a drink ready for those who visit. Though there is often more to be seen for those who visit frequently as the small town does have a unique culture to explore. Houses of Lubba’s Keep The houses of Lubba’s Keep are just as important as its guilds, providing people and company to the denizens of Lubba’s Keep they are essential for our prosperity. Taking up jobs and responsibilities around the keep these houses are the life of the keep, ensuring everything runs smoothly and nobody ever grows bored. The major houses of Lubba’s Keep are often lords or council members of Lubba’s Keep and are often held within a high regard. House Uialben https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/205078-uialbens-the-children-of-terrhi/ House Uialben is a primarily elven house, built up from decommissioned military officers, merchants, old lords and ladies and are the main drive for maintaining Lubba’s Keep’s existence through their leadership over it. Often found deep within their studies, leading what they are supposed to lead or simply living life and wandering around the realms to find something entertaining to do. House Snowell A majority elven house, made up from mages and warriors alike, many working as craftspeople, merchants, and researchers in their free time. Members of the family can be found on all corners of the globe, almost never within the limelight but always just at its edge, helping just out of view from the public eyes. Within the keep they can be seen laughing throughout the halls or training within the square or even deep in concentration during a convoluted enchantment process. House Komnenos-Gendik the family of Komnenos-gendik spreads far and wide but are humans mostly made up of warriors and medics, before the war Mika, who is lord of Lubba's keep and also a good friend of the families patriarch, Arthur, and gave the family a small plot of land where a village named Trabezon stands today. House Elmoran Coming from a large line of guardsmen, protectors of realms they reside in and general peacekeepers. Generations long the Elmorans have stood guard for the realms they were in and fighting for what is right as soldiers upon the field. Though fighting is not where it ends, they were often seen as excellent diplomats to maintain the peace in any way possible. House Dolorem A house shared with Elysium, most composed of mages, experienced medical personnel and overall those who wish to help out the community. Often found wandering between Lubba’s Keep and Elysium or travelling elsewhere with a greater purpose. Though a new family within the keep, they have already played a major part in the life of the keep and its inhabitants. Eshtael Keeps Balance and Eternal We Stand. signed, The Silver Lubba
  8. The starbreaker symbol printed into the paper Published in the 4th of Snow’s Maiden Come to the Lare Daram where most of your metal needs are fulfilled. Jewelry for a friend or significant other? We got you. Need a sword to slash through things randomly? Done. Need an axe, shield or even silver spoon so that your wooden one stops molding? Done. Even a crossbow disguised as a violin so that you can get into action when your masquerade ball is crashed by a giant fire breathing lizard? DONE! Your armor isn't fitting you because you couldn't find one premade your size? No problem, the Lare Daram takes custom fit armor requests for a reasonable price! Are you worried that the quality equipment forged within the private forge of the Lare Daram will be too costly? Say no more, not only are items sold at the valued price, but per TWO purchases you can get ONE item free of your choosing (within the list of offered items.) and who said we only accept custom armor requests? No one! We accept all forms of custom requests because here at the Lare Daram, anything is forged and if it can't be forged, we can undergo negotiation so that both, customer and smith, can come to an agreement. There is no magic in Lubba keep, but not in the Lare Daram! The smithy will be taking on requests of the magic craft category, whether it be doomsday in a stick (we are not responsible for any casualties), or a floating flower pot so that your house plants aren’t eaten by the local rats! Welcome to the Lare Daram! I, Ulfar starbreaker, run this smithy along with the help of Grimdal Irongut. Go to Lubba keep and follow the road down until the end, there you will find the smithy. ((OOC)) Here are some screenies to help you find the building.
  9. The Enemy of My Enemy Part 2/3 [!] A party of Rustlers, Ferrymen and Irehearts do good work on the roads of Oren. The sun, though beating down heat onto the land of men below, was met with a cool breeze that made for a comfortable atmosphere. The Rustlers, intending only to cripple Orenian supplies, could be found ambushing caravans and trade wagons alike as they sought refuge in the City of Burning Clocks. THUMP THUMP THUMP! The hooves of a horse echoed throughout the field only to be silenced by the driver wishing to stop and rest at a nearby tavern. A gust of wind caught hold of some brush near the side of the road, parting a few leaves and opening a line of sight. Piercing blue eyes stared through the brush, the gaze serious yet clouded with eagerness. With quick and intent movements, Elsil’Ceru sprung into action. The young elf let out a whistle, akin to that of a bird that was local to the region. The caravan looked around in a state of confusion, then interrupted as Iscesi ‘the Doorman’ leaped into action, firing an arrow into the chest of the caravan driver. With the same speed with which the Rustlers appeared, the lives of the caravan guards ended. As the Rustler band cleaned their weapons, they were set upon by a messenger loyal to their cause. The Orenians began their march. With haste, Elsil’Ceru ordered that birds be dispatched to some allies of the Urguan war effort. They set their quills to parchment and sent the messages off with haste. In a nearby forest, the elfish Ferrymen, Vydrek and Diome, walked idly by with their long time friend, Yonash. The trio strolled calmly, taking in the scenery of Orenian lands one last time before they were set to the flame, when a bird flew down and landed atop the shoulder of Vydrek. Yonash stepped forward, grasping at the bird and holding it tight as he removed the attached message. While the man silently read, the two elves readied their weapons. Between the two, they shared centuries of experience in war and knew what a bird sent from the direction of an enemy must mean. The three Ferrymen returned to their horses and made for the nearby Ferrymen camp. As the reinforcements made their way to the roads of Oren, the ISA readied themselves as well. They had received reports that their caravans were being attacked and their supply chain cut off. With their usual haste, the ISA made for the roadside tavern, mounted on the finest steeds the Empire could muster and armed to the teeth. As they arrived, they were met with the host that they sought out. A coalition of Ferryman and Rustler stood at the ready, their numbers lined across the road, ready to meet the ISA’s finest. The two sides stood at a standstill, neither making the first move, but both ready to draw first blood. Silence befell the terrain as the two small armies stood there, offering nothing in the way of words to each other. Diome eyed the mounted men of Oren, his eyes flickering between the groups as they usually did when he was formulating a strategy, when his focus was broken by a sudden shout. “Narvak oz Kjellos!” a voice shouted, booming through the fields as Bakir Ireheart charged in, mounted atop a mighty ram. Bakir swept between the two groups, his warhammer spinning wildly before he swung it at the head of an ISA recruit, his head coming clean off. With the valiant acts of Bakir, the silence was finally broken, replaced by the clashing of steel and flesh. The Ferrymen and Rustler coalition strode forth, their shields tight together as they forced the ISA back toward their hamlet. Yonash stopped as he looked about the battle field. The man watched as the Orenian troops fell to the blades of the allied forces one by one, “Diome!” he shouted toward his comrade “Press the attack! They fall to our blades!” With the rallying words of Yonash, coupled with the charge led by himself and Vydrek, the combined army of Ferryman, Rustler and Ireheart cut down the last of the sixteen ISA soldiers. Bakir turned to Elsil, offering a nod to the Rustler as he blew into his warhorn, signaling for the band to regroup on the roads. Iscesi limped from behind the treeline, wounded but not yet beaten as he returned from slaying several of the Orenian party. Diome and Vydrek returned together, supporting their comrade Yonash as he triumphantly returned to the group alive. The men, elf and dwed all looked around. Led by Bakir, they all began to chuckle lightly with relief. It was comforting to see that all twelve of their group had returned to the place that the battle began, alive and well. Diome made his way up the road, the coalition of forces bonding from the tales they had made during the battle. He found himself beside Elsil as the duo walked. “A fine show we put on didn’t we Ferryman.” said the Rustler. Diome groaned, in annoyance or pain, none could say for certain. “The enemy of my enemy, Rustler.” uttered the veteran Ferryman. [OOC] The information/names used in this post is not public information. This post is a recount of events that occurred in-game and is not to be used to influence RP. The purpose of this post is to share the events of the road skirmish in an RP friendly manner. Thank you.
  10. URGUAN NEEDS YOU. BARUK KHAZAD, KHAZAD AI MENU! Penned by Quartermaster Gildroc Goldhand In light of Oren’s recent slights against our kin, and the subsequent declaration of war in response to our ultimatum. The Legion and the Grand-Kingdom calls upon every able-bodied citizen and resident alike to do their part for their kin and country, and to bring Urguanic Justice to the filthy wig-wearers. CITIZENRY OF URGUAN Urguan calls upon YOU to enlist today in the Legion. RESIDENTS OF URGUAN Urguan needs YOU to do your part and enlist today in the Auxiliary. Speak to an officer in Dungrimm’s Legion if you wish to enlist. NARVOK OZ URGUAN OOC: Application Form Rhewen#6717 / Austin#0060 / Elite Snipes#3582 / conkledurr#5535 / UnusualBrit#0144
  11. Omithiel Institute The Architecture Guild When Yemekar made the dwarven race, it is said they were distinguished over the other descendants and more like him as they, like the Forge Father, were naturally prone to creation, gifted in craftsmanship amongst their peers. While the sons of Krug slap together tents and shabby pallacides in a rush for war, the sons of Malin lazily inhabiting trees, and the sons of Horen only caring to make whatever poses the most efficient benefit, the dwarves, the sons of Urguan, would dedicate themselves to making not only the most useful and capable structures but ones with great beauty and intricate design. We do not rush a building, for it is our divine duty to make what works we do grand, create works of inspired art. That is the purpose of the Omithiel Institute, to help ensure that the dwarves maintain their reputation with the world and its gods as the greatest architects, to make our halls grand and ornate. Organization Grand Architect The Grand Architect is the leader of the Omithiel Institute, headed with the duty of managing the building projects of the Grand Kingdom. The position requires not only great skill in design but the ability to manage and organize great works to be accomplished. They are in charge of managing the finances of the guild. They receive no pay, the only gain for their position is honor and prestige. Architects An Architect is an accomplished and skillful designer, capable of designing works of any scale. They are picked and promoted by the Grand Architect. Architects receive a cut of all commissions they work on. Designer A Designer is in charge of creating the schematics for minor, smaller-scale works. They are in essence an Architect in training. In order to become a designer, they must prove their creative skill and give an application for approval by the Grand Architect. Builder Builders are the manual labor backbone of the guild. It is a low skill requiring job, making it an easy fit for young beardlings looking to find a starting point in the community as well as for more experienced dwarves looking for a quick coin. They are paid by the amount of work done. The Council of Omithiel Summoning the Council At the request of the Grand King, the Grand Architect will summon the kingdom’s most renowned builders along with the king himself into a Council of Omithiel to discuss constructions within the kingdom. Duties of the Council When summoned, the council will be presented with proposed and current constructions within the lands of the Grand Kingdom. The council will thoroughly review any plans and carefully survey any structures already built before moving to vote on their merits. Powers of the Council After reviewing any constructions, the council will move to a vote. All Architects of the guild have one vote, and in the case of a tie, the Grand Architect will cast the deciding vote. If the council votes in favor of a project, it will be approved and construction will begin. If the council finds the project unsatisfactory, the council will offer a list of grievances to the creator and offer an official redesign at a reasonable price. When voting on a pre-existing structure, the council can decide on issuing a fine to the owner of the structure. The fine will be paid every week until the structure is fixed in the eyes of the council. Services Blueprint Commissions The Designers and Architects of the guild are often employed in making blueprints for any dwarf with the coin. The price of blueprints is dependent on the complexity of the order, from the features requested to its size. Generally, a small 12 by 12 meter plot will cost 500 minas, a 25 by 25 meter plot going for about 1k minas, and a 50 by 50 meter plot going for 3k minas. These prices are only estimates, trends, and may vary depending on the specific order. Grand Projects Arguably the most fundamental service provided by the Omithiel Institute is the dedication to doing the work of the Grand Kingdom. They are responsible for infrastructure, military projects, and city projects. Every brick layed, every road paved, the Omithiel Institute is responsible for. Interested in joining or wishing for our services? Send us a bird Darek Irongrinder ((Sneakybandit#8393))
  12. A NEW HOME FOR ALL [!] Flyers and posters were spread around across Almaris and Letters wearing the seal of a Red Fist were sent to friends and family alike. Huaven Dear friends and family, As you might have already heard, Clan Redfist has a new place to call their home! It is located at the ports of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and is a neighbourhood, housing the Clan’s members and more like minded people who wish to stay. An event like this can’t go unnoticed of course! This is why you are officially invited for the opening party of Huaven! Everyone is welcome as long as they are looking for a good party. What can you expect? First of all lots of free drinks, lots of free drinks, good food and even more free drinks all provided to you by the Redfist breweries which are also moving over to Huaven. Next to the consumables, you can catch up with old friends or meet new people from all over the realm. This is of course not the only stuff that is planned for the night. There will be music and a special event! This will be a sumo event where two competitors stand on a platform and try to hit each other off with a pillow like stick! The winner of this competition will receive a prize that stays a secret and the title of ‘Sumo Master of Huaven’ Next to the big main event, later in the evening there will be a small fisticuff tournament with a small mina prize. There will also be a possibility for merchants to sell their wares and even rent a stall for the evening for a really low price. For more information on these or for questions in general, please contact Clan Father Kane Redfist. We hope to see you all there. It is promising to be a fantastic night! Signed, Kane Redfist Clan father of Clan Redfist, Protector of Ruivians, Lord of Huaven, Lord of the Wildlands, Lord of the Redfist keep, former Duke of Rozania, former War Marshall of Rozania, Military advisor, Reclaimer of the Oasis, Former Commander of the Southern forces & Protector of free people and innocents Special invitations were sent to: Grand King Ulfric Frostbeard (@Terry) and all citizens of the Grand Kingdom Clan Mother Mica Goldhand (@sciencepants2) and associates of the Goldhand Clan Clan Father Alaric Grimgold (@AlaricGrimgold) and associates of the Grimgold Clan Silver Lubba Mika Uialben (@mika1278) and all inhabitants of the Lubba Keep Archon Zirath R’ikarth (@xepphir) and all inhabitants of Stygian Hollow Baron Daibhidh Sutharlainn (@MNT_Plovdiv) and all inhabitants of Dùnrath Baroness Leyna Kazimir (@ohbother1) and all inhabitants of Krew Targoth Ar’Borok Mog (@DrunkPapaBear) and associates Count Johnathan Hancock (@TheCaptain) and associates Lord Brawly Scàth (@Tk4522) and family Trusted Friend Qiew La Waevra (@JudgedKitty) and family Trusted Friend Carlos Mendez (@Ziggitee) and family Trusted Friend Aiyeis Castington (@Aiyeis) and family Trusted Friend Emil-Dardot (@Publius) and family OOC:
  13. Get off Our Lawn 5th of Malin’s Welcome, Year 48 of the Second Age “‘Run trough dem’, but also turn back on dem.” [!] The missive would be posted around Almaris, specific copies of the missive would be sent to Urguan, land of the Dwarves. The reign of terror of the Ferrymen is now a mere memory of those who met our swords, but that does not mean we are vanquished. We lure in the dark, a retirement so call it, until we are brought back into the world to fight once more. A beast in slumber must not be poked, lest you wish to deal with a terminating conclusion. Once we are brought back into the world to serve our mission once more, it is not only Urguan who will suffer but the world. You have attempted to take advantage of our slumber Urguan, kicking us out of lands we were granted by Grand Kings before you. Your greed and stupidity will be your downfall. My terms are simple: You have but two options, the following which you may choose from: Get the **** off of our lawn. Leave our lands alone, our forts alone, and allow us to live peacefully in retirement. OR The nation of Urguan, for as long as I am Captain, will never be able to hire out our services. The nations of Almaris shall once again feel the fear of the Ferrymen. I expect your decision to be swift, a meeting if necessary can be arranged. Pick wisely Urguan, for the fate of the world rests in your hands. Signed, Banjo, The Captain of the Ferrymen, Savior of the Common and Free People, Pillager of Elvenesse, Liberator of Man, The Bringer of Equality, Capturer of the Bastion, Defeater of Racism, Debearder of Grand Kings, Sailor of the Seas, 2x Mr. Almaris, Emperor of the Roads, Heir to Shipman Keep.
  14. The First Urguan Annual Gladiatorial Games The final match between Gror Ireheart and Mervel Frostbeard pictured in the year 48 of the Second Age. In the year 48 of the Second Age, a grand tournament was held in the city. by Gildroc Goldhand, the newly appointed Gamesmaster. The games began with an inaugural speech by the Grand-King Ulfric Frostbeard, followed by a pious address by High-Prophet Norli Starbreaker. Next, Gamesmaster Gildroc Goldhand announced the terms of victory of the Games and called forth the first combatants of the games. Starting off the Grand-King’s kin, Mervel Frostbeard faced off against the well-armored Klouf Grimgold, the former easily besting the latter though for a one-armed Dwed Klouf performed most amicably. Next came Yemekar’s Pick Alaric Grimgold against the former Grand King Gror Ireheart, yet age did not daunt the legendary Dwed as he bested the Clan Father of the Grimgolds in single combat. The ever plucky, half-beardless Durin Hammerforge squared up with Mervel Frostbeard in the latter’s second round, yet could not face the wrath of the Frostbeards and was defeated. Finally, in the last round, the elder Gror showed again that experience would always best youth as he vanquished his foe Mervel Frostbeard, stunning onlookers who proclaimed he ‘been banished to the shadow realm.' An artists rendition of Gror and Mervel crossing swords. The victorious Gror standing over the tater-wielding Frostbeard Gror Ireheart was soon proclaimed Grand Champion by the King, in addition to the five hundred mina prize money awarded by the Gamesmaster; the runner-up Mervel granted two hundred and fifty mina for his martial prowess. However, witnesses say a strange elf showed up later, the adoring fan pestering the elderly Ireheart Grand Champion. The Grand King proclaiming Gror Ireheart ‘Grand Champion of Urguan’. Special thanks to Ulfric Frostbeard and Norli Starbreaker for sponsoring this year’s games. Gamesmaster of the Urguan Grand Arena Great-Grandson of Thoak Gildroc Goldhand [!] The signature of Gildroc Goldhand would be found below ((OOC: Thanks to all who came and attended the event, I hope to see a strong showing again next time!))
  15. Staars

    Drinks 'n Tinks

    𝓓𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓴𝓼 '𝓷 𝓣𝓲𝓷𝓴𝓼 Tira othok'koss anarmar, yno'ka'az rullok, yoth korth ath yno'yemka yoth tira'geron Use your hands, he said, for they are meant for working -=- The dwed of Urguan have long been known for their craftsmanship, though even between ourselves we may not know all. Just as Yemekar once did, our mortal bones were forged and fingers sewn to follow in our creator’s footsteps. It is in our blood to craft and create, though perhaps just as much as to drown in hearty drink. With such said, I invite all those who follow to join us in Hefruum for drinking and tinkering, an event to fill the tavern with laughter and enjoyment. Bring your friends and your kin to enjoy a lesson in craftsmanship. A secret Hefruum specialty brew will be served, and a lesson will be given in a craft, be it Hefruum’s wooden works, or Urguan’s skill in metal, come and join us for a grand time. The gathering will be held in the Sugary *** Tavern within Dol’Anym (Hefruum). This year’s lesson will be taught by Celeste’Tol Blackroot on the art of woodcarving, specifically detailing for your craftsmanship. Supplies will be provided at the event, so just make sure to bring your working hands! Dinner will be served for those in attendance after the lesson, at the Wooden Mountain Inn below the tavern. All food will be provided, though extra drinks are available for purchase. Stays at the inn will be discounted for the event, only two minas per person per night. OOC: The event will be held in Hefruum’s tavern on Sunday, September 26th. It will start at 2:00PM EST. Bring your friends!
  16. DECLARATION OF WAR The Crimes of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan The Grand Kingdom of Urguan once prospered as a state of grandeur, hosting legendary dwarves; blacksmiths, artisans, authors, and warriors have passed, strived and defended behind our underground palisades from invaders and those who go against the Brathmordakin. However, the Kingdom has grown decrepit -- it is no longer a mighty dwarven hold that sustains our culture and religion; it no longer supports our prosperity and our kin. Now, it is a small hole in the mountainside, scattering their lands with non-dwarven heretics and pagan religious fanatics who breach our ancient codes and virtues. We once strived for dwarven unity, a cycle wherein our future generations would remain safe. Now, our politics is threatened by non-dwarven vermin attempting to host their own false ideologies from wayfaring lands. It is time to put an end to this act of perfidy and become the bulwark of dwarven culture and philosophy once more. It is the time to hold our hammers and take back our lands from the encroaching evil that have settled; we of dwarves have conquered continents single handedly -- the might of other empires have failed to topple us for eons. The rites and tribulations we have faced over the years were discounted for protection and trade. The Grand Kingdom of Urguan is no more. During the elections, it was us Doomforged who were faced with persecution and unnecessary bias. They claim to be men of the Brathmordakin, yet let the Aengul-usurpers of Xan settle our lands and claim our culture; they let these devils assail the dwarves of our land. It is against the Brathmordakin to meddle with heretics, and then profess the Archdrakaar Azdromoth as a force of evil against the creation of Yemeker. Let us be reminded that the insolence and greed of dwarvenkind released the Great Titan from Khaz'Bokkdwedohin many years ago; they lusted for power and knowledge, sanctity and prowess -- this was gifted by Azdromoth. They claim the dragonkin have been a terror of Almaris, yet then profuse the mention of Ando Alur collapsing; the dwarves of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan were present for these proscribing events and supported the actions of voidal cleansing that threatened our world. It was the Azdrazi and their heralds that have been hefty shields protecting this world; it is the simple fact -- culture bounds of dragon hunts which commend their only reason of hatred against the Father Azdromoth. You would rather be supported by the Sunlit Lord, a notorious force of greed and selfishness, and deny the help of the stalwart Azdrazi and their father Azdromoth who brought ruin to the forces of Iblees and the spawn of inferi (who we actively fight still), who have made pacts with ancient Grand Kings and brought council and serenity to this nation. “After the schism of Lords, Dormin was removed, the single pillar of equality in the kingdom, and thus began a revolt, after a letter sent by Hodir’s firstborn, Dormin, Zahrer decided to resign and exile himself from the kingdom as a new king began to be elected. Hodir put himself as a candidate, quickly winning over the other candidates. Hodir was then made King of the Dwarves. After a reign of victory against the humans of Oren, Hodir was thought to be slain in battle. Demagol, believing Hodir to be dead, made a place for him inside the Doomforged Tombs. Dormin then, in grief, went missing, leaving Demagol once again to lead the clan. Demagol quickly set to renewing old ties with the Dark Elves, as well as within Urguan, making sure to strengthen the bond between the Doomforged and the Irehearts as distant kin. Almost after a month of peace, war struck Urguan once again. This time, the Uruks of the Iron Uzg sought for blood. Once again, the Doomforged began forging arms and armor for the dwarves of Urguan. As time goes on, and the war continues, and more attempts on the Doomforged's lives happen, Demagol begins turning away from his peaceful methods, starting to outright kill any who threaten Doomforged, showing no mercy, and making sure his kin know not give any as well. After several more years of war and bloodshed between the Iron Uzg and Kingdom of Urguan, the two nations finally decided it was enough, and created a Bloodpact. Though, after so many years, even decades of watching his clan be threatened, attacked, and killed, Demagol did not return to his old mindset of peace.” Our hundreds of years of servitude has been clamoured by the mention of one deific and merciful dragon lord -- you have tarnished our assistance and legacy whilst we supported removing tyrants and providing for the Grand Kingdom. You threaten the brothers and sisters of my Clan with treason and other acts of torture if they commit to the same path set by me. If we are to speak on history’s calling and the mention of past endeavours with the Betrayer and the spawn of Azdromoth, let us be reminded that the current party of election have once slaughtered and massacred dwarvenkind over nothing. The Frostbeards have been tainted warmongers; harbingers of doom and followed the trespasses of Iblees and Xionism for many years. They are evil and vile men that wish to bring ruination to the Grand Kingdom and will do so again. As quoted in the books of our ancestors: “After years under King Balek, the Irongut 'died' to the Devourer. Skippy Irongut became King, causing a Civil War to break out between the Loyalist Dwarves, and Verthaik Frostbeard's 'Mountain Monarchy'. Demagol kept the Doomforged out of the conflict for the most part, stepping in to say a few words to both sides on how they must unite. Finally the war ended, and the Doomforged began fading slowly and slowly away. Years pass, and Skippy is assassinated before Demagol's very eyes. The Clan Father hurriedly attempted to get the King to healers, but alas, he was dead.” The Grand Kingdom of Urguan is confused. I will settle this confusion. I am disheartened to announce that the Doomforged Clan declares war against the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, promising to restore it to our ancestral and natural cultural path. All those who still wish to be dwarves and proceed to recreate our Grand Kingdom, I beckon you to heed this call. Our terms are as follows: Article I - Grand King ♛ Draakopf Doomforged will be known as the Grand King of Urguan. The Grand Kingdom of Urguan will still be an elective state, but Draakopf will be acting Grand King during its restoration. Article II - Vassals ♛ All non-dwarven vassals will be granted autonomy and independence as they do not assimilate with dwarven culture. Article III - Military Reform ♛ The legions of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan will be reformed to become greater. All dwarves of the legion will be given new uniforms and provided weaponry of higher material (thanhic-steel and etcetera). Article IV - Recovering Ancient Relics ♛ Due to the calamity befalling our current dwarven-state, all ancient relics of our dwarven culture (which has been disregarded by this nation) will be recovered including the recreation of the Hammer of Urguan. NARVAK OZ URGUAN
  17. THE CRIMES OF A REBEL: A BOUNTY DECLARED The Halls of Urguan are not wholly unfamiliar to the air of rebellion. For centuries, the Folk of Urguan and its allies have stood strong against forces wishing to sow chaos in the lands of the Brathmordakin and its Grand Kingdom, and its people shall endure for centuries to come. Draakopf Drakgailikin, a known Herald of Azdromoth, has declared a rebellion against the grand nation he continues to declare his love for. Yet as seen previously by rebellious Blackfists, these words are simply an attempt to grab power for himself, just as his Dark Lord commands him to do. The once honorable Clan Lord has fallen from grace, the parasites known as the Azdrazi corrupting him in his entirety. His mind is not what it used to be, and his loyalty to Urguan clearly fractured in insanity to make room for his worship of Azdromoth. Make no mistake, there is no honor in the Black Dragon or his boons. Let us not forget our greatest warrior paragons and their wars against the dragonfolk of the past, how the lizards have terrorized our people time and time again. For any who may have held in their hearts love for Draakopf or respect for who he once was, know that the Doomforged has perished and in his place an Drakgailikin rises, an Abomination of Khorvad’s machinations. Be warned to those who hear his pleas and temptations; this is not a dispute amongst dwarves, the Children of the Brathmordakin are unified in their disdain for the Black Dragon. Any offers of independence or land are nothing but deception woven by a Herald of a Deceptive Drakaar. Urguan has treated you well, offered land where others denied you. Draakopf has openly stated his disdain for your kind, and will not give you anything, and only makes promises for he knows beyond his clan none shall support him, and even within his clan his actions are denounced. It is with a heavy heart that the Grand Kingdom declares a Bounty for Draakopf Drakgailikin of One Thousand Minae. The terms of such shall be described below. SECTION I: CRIMINAL ACTS By order of the High Courts of Urguan, ratified by the Lord Regent of Urguan, it is declared that the Betrayer Draakopf Drakgailikin is officially a criminal fugitive of Urguan and its laws. His crimes are as follows: Atrocity - The worship of the Corrupt Black Dragon and breaking the traditions of the Brathmordakin, attempt to kinslay a Prelate of the honored dwarven clergy. Treason - The crime of attempting the subversion of state authority, in this case through an attempt to make himself Grand King of Urguan without the vote of the people. Sedition - The crime of spreading literature or speech intended to provoke revolution or treason. Draakopf has sent out an open letter calling for rebellion against Urguan. Insubordination - The crime of disrespect or insufficient reverence for the Legitimate authorities of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Attempted Murder - The crime of attempting to unlawfully take the life of another, with or without their permission. When confronted for his other crimes, Draakopf Drakgailikin took openly murderous action against his confronters. Subversion of Justice - The crime of taking deliberate action to undermine the authority of the High Courts in cases of legal matters within Urguan. This crime is committed by Draakopf’s refusal to surrender peacefully to an authority of the courts. SECTION II: BOUNTY TERMS With the combined powers of the Grand Council, High Courts, and Lord Regent of Urguan, the Bounty of Draakopf Drakgailikin is hereby officially posted for all to take on. The terms of the bounty are listed below: The Bounty declared against Draakopf Drakgailikin is for the amount of 1 Thousand Minae. Draakopf Drakgailikin is to be brought in alive to face trial and surrender before the Grand Kingdom. No Minae shall be rewarded if Draakopf is brought in dead. To retrieve payment, return Draakopf to a rikkin of the Grand Kingdom, explicitly the Lord Regent, Grand Marshal, High Prophet, Chief Justiciar, or any Magistrate of the High Courts. signed, Lord Regent of Urguan, Lord Chancellor of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, Son of Rhewen, High Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance The Grand Marshal of Urguan, Clan Father of the Irehearts and Jarl of Dol’Gorix Magistrate of the High Courts of Urguan, Rikkin of Clan Irongut, Prelate of Ogradhad, Second Medic of Anbella’s Hand, Master Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance
  18. TREATY OF TRIDENT & AXE To Peace and Prosperity Upon this day, 7th of Malin's Welcome Year 39 SA, the House of Mareno and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan have come to an agreement and settled a treaty; the following is stowed. ARTICLE I - Land ♛ The noble House of Mareno will be given land to the north of Urguan, near the east-fleet. This land will be known as the Barony of Myrine. ARTICLE II - Titles ♛ Cyrus Mareno, as head of House Mareno, will be given the titles of Baron (of Myrine) and Lord of the Trident’s Peak. ARTICLE III - Military Independence ♛ The Mareno family will be granted military independence, wherein the family house-guard or military will only answer to the Baron of Myrine and nobody else. ARTICLE IV - Barony Law’s ♛ The Barony of Myrine will have their own laws set in place as long as they do not conflict with the existing articles and laws set in place by Grand Kingdom of Urguan. ARTICLE V - Trade ♛ The Barony of Myrine is free to import and export goods, establish trade relationship and routes without interception from the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. ARTICLE VI - Travel ♛ Those apart of the Barony of Myrine are free to travel within the waters and land of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan without further entailing embargos, arrests or otherwise. In return, the Barony of Myrine agrees to abide to the following articles and terms as listed below; ARTICLE I - Limits ♞ The Barony of Myrine will not permit unwanted enemies of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan access into their land. Nor allow any foreign nations to station troops in any capacity in Myrine. ♞ The Barony of Myrine will discuss any future expansions of Myrine with the Grand Kingdom of Urguan before extending their borders. ARTICLE II - Political Alignment ♞ Naturally, the Barony of Myrine is expected to align itself with the diplomatic missions and goals of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. ♞ The Barony of Myrine will not sign any other political arrangements without specific permission from the Grand King of Urguan. ARTICLE III - Trade ♞ The Barony of Myrine and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan will keep open trade routes between themselves. ARTICLE IV - War ♞ If the Grand Kingdom of Urguan is at war, the Barony of Myrine will drop its current diplomatic situation to follow under the political missions and goals of Urguan. ♞ The Barony of Myrine will allocate 20% of their produce of weapons and armour to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan at production cost instead of straight market value. Signed by: Grand King of Urguan Cyrus Mareno, the Baron of Myrine, Lord of Trident's Peak
  19. The Abdication of a Brewer [!] Within the Grand King’s Palace of Urguan’s capital city, Kal’Darakaan, whose stone hewn walls are carved into the mountain itself, Levian’Tol sits at an oaken table before a hearth. Like many of his brethren, a pipe rests between his lips while his dark gaze traverses the paper before him. Each word is inked carefully, each sentence finished without flourish. It was not every day that a King informs his kin of a voluntary change in regime. Denizens of Urguan and my kin, Though I was elected Grand King nae even an age ago, I am content with what I have done. I now realize I face a path that every monarch before I has had to tread - that of forcing one’s reign to continue or stepping down and allowing another to serve our Nation. Our past kings have chosen the former. They have refused to reject power that is not their own and our people have suffered for it. Yet, I seek to chase a different future. In my time, I have served Urguan with faith and loyalty from atop the Obsidian Throne. I have led the legion, brought renewed wealth and prosperity not just to the halls of Kal’Darakaan, but to all the lands of the Grand Kingdom. Urguan has grown strong with my incorporation of The Unified Domain of Vortice and the collapse of Krugmar into the Iron’Uzg fueled by dwedmar blades. The vast auxiliaries of our borders now stand to supplement the dwedmar legion each time we go into battle. The Crimson Edict, with their age-old grudge against slavery defeated for the foreseeable future, assist the Lord Justicar in discovering and stemming any outbreak of corruption against our nation. The Order of the Golden Lion stands ready in their Keep of Sunbreak to lash out against any incursion, be it from the void or otherwise. South Sedan, Vasoyevi, Stygian Hollow, Lubba’s Keep, and Myrine all stand proudly with the Grand Kingdom. Our enemies are theirs, and theirs ours. The Mages Guild has returned once more and the Remembrancer Library stands finally completed with scholars from all the lands of Almaris eager to study inside its tall walls. In the days of old, eons ago, we Dwedmar once had an Empire. I return to you now, my people, the closest we have come to that legacy in many stone years. I hope only that my successor has the intelligence to build on what I have done, rather than letting it regress to isolationism. Let Urguan swell with the riches I have gathered and flourish with the denizens I have brought in. To my kin, my dwedmar, the future of Urguan rests now in your hands. May the Brathmordakin guide your paths as they have guided mine. ~ Grand King, Levian’Tol Grandaxe [!] The Grand King would deliver a short hand version of this letter before his council before removing the Crown of Urguan, given to him from hands of Grand Emperor Rhewen Frostbeard himself, from his head and placing it infront of his Lord Justicar, Ulfric Frostbeard, as he left the Obsidian Throne for the last time to the sounds of his kins cheers. OOC:
  20. THE TREATY OF KAL’DARAKAAN With the dissolvement of the War Nation of Krugmar, the Iron Uzg, the nation’s successor, has realized the wrongs of their previous government, and has officially surrendered to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Meeting within the halls of Urguan’s capital, Kal’Darakaan, the leaders of both nations negotiated terms of surrender, leading to the agreement listed below: SECTION I: TERMS OF SURRENDER The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Iron Uzg hereby agree to the following terms of surrender: I. THE Iron Uzg shall publicly and formally declare defeat at the hands of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan in the form of a public document. I. SAID document shall include a formal apology to Grand Marshal Bakir Ireheart for shaving his beard without being given an honorable fight. II. THE Iron Uzg shall formally banish and whitewash the orcish criminals known as Hu-din and Fishbref. I. IF the Iron Uzg is found allowing said individuals within their lands, the treaty shall be declared null. II. IF the individuals are allowed within the Iron Uzg either officially or unofficially after the publication of this document, the Grand Kingdom shall perceive the action as an act of WAR. III. THE Iron Uzg shall withdraw all previous negative statements made about the Grand Kingdom by their predecessor state, Krugmar. I. SAID statements include but are not limited to: Any official document denouncing Urguan, hinting at collusion with Undead, or falsifying the slaughtering of innocents at the hands of the Grand Kingdom. IV. THE Iron Uzg shall continue the abolishment of slavery from their culture. I. THE Grand Kingdom holds the right to officially oversee the abolishment of Slavery. II. IF said abolishment does not occur, the treaty shall be declared null, and the Grand Kingdom shall perceive such as an act of WAR. V. THE Iron Uzg shall permit the Legion of Urguan full access to the Uzg’s land. This document is forever binding, regardless of any future change in government. Signed, Grand King of Urguan, Lord Chancellor of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, High Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance, Son of Rhewen The Grand Marshal of Urguan, Clan Father of the Irehearts and Jarl of Dol’Gorix Rex of the Iron Uzg, Skaatchnak’Izgi [!] The mark of a bloody hand would be beneath the Rex’s name.
  21. THE GRAND TOURNAMENT OF URGUAN For decades now, the Grand Champion of Urguan is a position that has gone uncontested, a position meant to highlight the best warrior amongst Urguan’s Folk. This vacancy in a previously celebrated tradition is not one that can stand any longer. Grand King Levian’Tol Grandaxe hereby calls for a new Grand Tournament, with its winner being rewarded the position of Grand Champion, amongst other prizes. Said tournament shall be held [8/14], in a bracket-style. Listed below is all one needs to know prior to signing up: THE GRAND TOURNAMENT: RULES AND REGULATIONS For any who wish to attend the Grand Tournament of Urguan, each individual must agree to the rules as follows: I. ONE must be of Urguan’s Folk. II. ONE must be able to attend the tournament on [8/14]. Rescheduling shall not occur. III. ONE must be a citizen of Urguan. IV. ONE must not kill their opponent in the tournament. V. One must sign up prior to the day of the tournament to compete. THE GRAND TOURNAMENT: PRIZE POOL While the winner may receive the title of Grand Champion, other prizes can be won. Said prizes include: First Place: Grand Champion Title, 1000 minas, A cask of alcohol custom made for the winner by The Grand King, A weapon made by the Bekarumm eron da Kornazkarumm Second Place: 500 minas, A cask of alcohol custom made for the runner-up by The Queen Third Place: 250 minas, a specialized weapon OOC: Must sign up prior to 12am EST on Friday Night/Saturday Morning to be added to the bracket. THE GRAND TOURNAMENT: SIGN UP To sign up, fill out the form attached below: ((Username)): Name: Age: Are you a citizen of Urguan?: Are you of Urguan’s Folk? (A Dwarf/Honorary): Grand King of Urguan,
  22. ♫♫♫ Sat beneath an aging tree, shrouded in shade, a beardling emitted a long-winded sigh. It dispersed into the pollenated air with little response. A few crickets chirped at the presence of the dwed however little more was produced. The perfect setting for his words to be put to parchment. So with his intentions clear, piece of charcoal in hand, and parchment set out in his lap, the dwed began to write. Dear not smelly friends, I, Porkpie Grandaxe, god of crums, grand king of bread, Sylvain of the Harmony, ajent of super secret group, belly bard and slayer of trols, am taking a breac from sity lyfe. I want to go on my own jurney like ma, and the singur lady is teaching me how to help protect the forests! So I’m going on an adventure! When I get back I’ll be ready to elp my favourite peeps of Hefrumn be safe and sound! I also want to learn how to cooc because I’m fed up with slop. Ma's stew was much nicer. So I’ll be learnin about that when I’m gone too. Then I’ll feed all my frends! Like: singa lady, blu i's, king man, chief peep, auntie yaz, banjo man, snake elf, fat peep and all the rest! But for now I’ll say goodbye! Sincerely, Porkpie Grandaxe, god of crums, grand king of bread, Sylvain of the Harmony, ajent of super secret group, belly bard and slayer of trols. (Soon to be chief of Hefrumn and Grand king of all of Urguan!) PS: I’ve begun leaving a crumb trail but I also think the trail tastes nice so it might be gone. :) And with a small smiley face to end the piece, the beardling sat down his quill. Sitting up and proudly dancing at his writing achievement. Finally handing the duped letters over to a falcon once his dance session had winded him. Though instead of the common sleek and elegant posture, this falcon was round and tubby, perhaps a reminder of a certain someone. Despite the resemblance however, the falcon would in fact not be mistaken to be Porkpie as it delivered the letter to be pinned at the notice board of Hefrumn, and a copy to Urguan. One clearly more swiftly copied over. Perhaps a tell tale of the dweds priorities and preferences. ooc:
  23. A WAR OF RETRIBUTION Urguan’s Folk, for centuries, have been tried time and time again by nations who believe they are strong enough to defeat the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. And time and time again, they have continuously failed. The dwed have never lost a war against an external threat, yet the “War-Nation '' of Krugmar has seen it wise to raid Urguani vassals, kill our citizens, and kidnap and debeard our Grand Marshal. These insults to our people cannot and will not be allowed to continue without dire consequences to the already crumbling “nation”. At a council meeting only stone days ago, the Grand King called upon all clans and vassals to appear in the throne room to hear of a decision that would impact the entirety of the Grand Kingdom. With the testimony of Bakir Ireheart, the newly appointed Grand Marshal, describing the ‘trial’ awarded to the dwed, all of Urguan’s folk knew that it was time for action. Repelling every single Krugmarian raid was simply not enough. Killing a Targoth and displaying his head was not enough. Ironcasting a Krugmarian Uruk was not enough. The simple memory of a recent defeat to Urguan under Utak Ireheart was somehow not enough. The council knew that the only step possible to cease Krugmarian hostility once and for all was WAR. With the publication of this document, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan hereby declares WAR on the “War-Nation'' of Krugmar. Shall they realize their mistake and wish for a way out, their peace terms are listed below: SECTION I: TERMS OF PEACE As listed in the recently published grudge against Krugmar, the terms of peace are listed as follows: I. The tusks of the Rex of Krugmar. II. The heads of both Targoths of Krugmar. III. Withdrawing all previous statements against the Grand Kingdom, as well as a public declaration of defeat. Narvak oz Urguan, Narvak oz da Khazadmar signed, Grand King of Urguan, Clan Father of Clan Grandaxe The Grand Marshal of Urguan, Clan Father of the Irehearts and Jarl of Dol’Gorix Lord Chancellor of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, High Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance, Son of Rhewen
  24. THE PACT OF CROW AND STONE With the Iron Accord having diminished into non-existence in recent years, The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska have decided to continue their friendship into present times, renewing some of their vows originally proclaimed during the past alliance. After meeting recently in the Hanseti halls, the two parties agree: SECTION I: PEACE & NON-AGGRESSION The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, hereby referred to as ‘the signatories’, declare that any individuals affiliated with their nation, militaries, or clans/houses shall not engage in hostile or combative action against the other signatory. If such actions do occur, both signatories agree to deal with said problems through diplomacy. I. THE signatories hereby recognize the sovereignty and lands of both nations. II. THE signatories hereby officially enter into a pact of non-aggression. III. THE signatories shall avoid conflicts that could potentially put them at odds with one another. IV. THE signatories and their residents shall be protected whilst in one another’s lands. V. THE signatories agree that any attacks by third-party groups with no affiliation to them shall not be a breach of non-aggression. SECTION II: TRADE The signatories agree that a pact of free-trade shall begin between both parties, with each agreeing: I. THAT nation-affiliated merchants shall be allowed to trade in the other signatory’s nation without unnecessary tax or harassment. II. THAT each signatory shall receive one untaxed stall to sell whatever goods they see fit, so long as they do not break said nation’s laws. Shall these oaths sworn to each other be renewed in 12 years time, otherwise the Pact shall be declared null. signed, Grand King of Urguan, IV JOVEO MAAN, His Royal Majesty, Heinrik II, by the Grace of Godan, King of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Bihar, Dules, Lahy, Muldav, Solvesborg, Slesvik, Ulgaard, Duke of Carnatia and Vidaus, Margrave of Korstadt, Rothswald and Vasiland, Count of Alban, Alimar, Baranya, Graiswald, Karikhov, Karovia, Kaunas, Kavat, Kovachgrad, Kvasz, Markev, Nenzing, Torun, Turov and Markev, Viscount of Grauspin and Varna, Baron of Esenstadt, Kraken’s Watch, Kralta, Krepost, Lorentz, Rytsburg, Thurant, Venzia, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera. Lord Chancellor of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, High Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance, Son of Rhewen
  25. 11th of the First Seed Bloodlust answered with Dwarven Ire The Moon rose into the black sky as the sun fell back behind the orcish city. As the orcs and their slaves alike gathered in the Krugmar square, huddling around the lit campfire for warmth the generals of Krug stood around ready to give a speech. Urguani Forces led by Grand King Levian’Tol Grandaxe and Bakir Ireheart moved into the city with a company of 90, made up of Dwarven Legionnaires, Men of Blackwald, The Rustlers, and the GOATS, with compliments of the The Silver Lubba band. They charged the square quickly, cornering one of the Krugmarian Generals, the Urgani force was quickly surrounded by 135 Urks of Krugmar. The Urguani forces slammed their swords and axes together preparing for Battle. Bakir stepped forward asking the cornered general “Where is your Rex? Bring him to us.” Some orcs in the group surrounding them chuckled and awaited the response of their Targoth. The Krugmar General simply responded “Our Rex is dead, died of a heart attack” Bakir shrugged, going to lift his axe pointing it at the throat of the orc “Then we shall take you instead.” With that an orc war cry rang out, the circle of orcish warriors collapsing on the group of 90 dwarves surrounding the Grand King and the Krugmar General. Battle ensued, Urguani and Krugmar forces clashing, the sound of battle filling the streets of the city. The Orcs were quickly driven back into their own gatehouse, orc bodies filling the square with not one dwarf being scathed. The remaining warriors of Krug and with their two Generals hid in the gatehouse expecting to be safe from the dwarves that were waiting inside. The Warriors of Sedan and Silver Lubba suddenly pushed into the gates where the orcs were hiding, quickly overcoming them and dealing with them easily. Axes and swords were raised into the air and thereafter, Urguan War Cries filled the Orcish square as the corpses of Krug’s kin began to rot. The Raid party then returned to Kal'Darakaan. Victorious, hauling a sack of orcish heads behind him.
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