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Found 2 results

  1. ON THE MATTER OF OUR PARENTS Penned by the bastard son of late Margrave Jan Jazloviecki, on the 2nd of Sun's Smile 1891 As certainly every person in Almaris knows by now, our parents - Maciej Jazloviecki, son of Borys Jazloviecki from Savoy, and Ottilie Franziska Jazloviecki née Castile, were executed in a public execution in the Sedan town square. Our uncle, Otton Jazloviecki, brother of our beloved father, also died with them. All three were beheaded by Prince Joseph I using his own sword. We condemn the actions of our parents and uncle, yet this does not change the fact that for us they will still be the people who brought us into this world, baptised us, brought us up and gave us a basic education and a decent life. We don't know how or who infected our parents and uncle with vampirism, but let them be damned whoever they were. A test conducted on us by one of the Cardinals who was instrumental in discovering our parents' secret showed a NEGATIVE result for each of us, saving us from a certain death. As of this date, our eldest brother Borys IV becomes the new Margrave and Patriarch of the house. Our house has survived a lot, yet this may be our greatest test. We love and will not forget our dear parents, may GOD have mercy on their souls. THE CRUSADE GOES ON, JUST AS OUR SAD LIVES GO ON WITHOUT OUR PARENTS. Signed, Borys IV Lukács Jazloviecki, son of Maciej Walentyna Stasia Jazloviecki, daughter of Maciej Bianka Jazloviecki, daughter of Maciej Valerija Anastazja Jazloviecki, daughter of Maciej Marek Jazloviecki, son of Otton
  2. THE TSUTENKAKU REPORT Issued by the Flaming Covenant Cohort 11th of the Sun's Smile, 2A74 In honor of Brother Isaac. PREFACE Tsutenkaku and Takajiro were two fortresses of Eastern origin that formerly resided North-West of Yong Ping. The location was wedged between the Tomblands and the Jade State; it was distinguished by a bamboo forest and lake. Tsutenkaku was the fortress erected on the surface of the continent whilst Takajiro was suspended above via a blood magic circle. The destruction of both strongholds occurred when Takajiro collapsed in devastating fashion on top of Tsutenkaku. The cause has been determined to be a lack of fuel. The result was the release of numerous monstrous entities from the bowels of Tsutenkaku and environmental ruination within the immediate region. The South-West of Almaris has seen years of chaos wrought upon by dark entities. Xionists and Vampires have all sought to prey upon the helpless normals of the world. The Lectors initially came to Luciensburg with the intent of living a purely monastic lifestyle; yet, after Owyn de Vitus’s attack on a local guardsman, the Flaming Covenant Cohort has made its focus to defend the parish and virtuous life. This is the culmination of years of investigation. TSUTENKAKU TIMELINE An entity now identified as THE LAUGHING HAG has existed for centuries. Confirmed to be a turned abomination known as a KIJO, this entity was vampiric in nature and possessed the ability to float upon clouds and teleport at will. This Entity can be identified by their bloody armor, deformed, callous grin and their cosmetic crimson horns. The HAG was first reported to the Lectorate [30] years ago by a group of children known as the “Yokai-Za”. It was said that the HAG sought the blood of these children and that there would be consequences if they reported the incident to any adult. It was also stated that mundane weapons had no discernible effect on the entity. One child, Lex O’Hara, directed the Lectors to the fortress known as “Tsutenkaku”. He claimed its owner, Hirano Tsune, was a Vampire. His claims were further justified by the strange change in behavior demonstrated by Masamune Yukio, another member of the Yokai-za, who had acquired an apprenticeship in the fortress. At the request of Lex O’Hara, the YPA conducted a search into Tsustenkaku helmed by Watanabe Setsuna. The YPA discovered nothing suspicious within the walls of the fortress bar a book labeled “XIONISM” that was given to them by Tsune herself. Yokai-za member Kato Oijin is bitten by an unidentified male Vampire roaming the roads between Luciensburg and Yong Ping. The Vampire is described to have floated upon a cloud. Search attempts failed in apprehending the entity. A Hexer by the name of Grifter identified a fog which indicated a soul prison on the premises. Similar fog was discovered North-West in the Tomblands proper, the home of the Xionist Mystics. Lector reconnaissance identified numerous Mystic actors leaping about the fortress of Tsutenkaku as if they were residents. Hirano Tsune “dies” of old age and is cremated before a crowd. Hirano Nanako, her supposed adopted niece, took control of the Hirano clan with the intent of finishing Tsune’s work. Hirano Nanako is confronted and explains that Xionist actors sought to liberate the creatures lying in the depths of the fortress. Hirano Nanako PASSES a salt test. Hirano Nanako explains to the Flaming Covenant that the creature they were pursuing was known as a Kijo, a vampiric monster of eastern origin. The Kijo is described to be the result of a woman consuming the fruit of an evil “Blood Tree”. These yokai supposedly seek to make deals with descendents for some twisted goal, and possess a great fondness for children. It was also explained that there were Three Kijo, the Sisters, who were truly immortal; the HAG is one of them. The HAG continues to pester the South-West as if it were playing with toys and pets; most engagements are non-fatal. In one encounter, the Flaming Covenant Cohort identified the Kijo’s critical weakness to fire. The HAG fled the scene. Following the destruction of Ando Alur, a similarly floating fortress known as Takajiro appeared to the South-East of Yong Ping. Its owner is identified as Juniper Wick. The HAG engages in a Shadow Game against Lector Isaac, and is defeated in a game of chess. They explain to Isaac their concept of “Cosmic Alchemy”, a synonym for what will later be identified as blood magic. During the Du Locian Flesh Pit Incident, a Third unidentified Kijo appears alongside the HAG when attempting to commune with and feed an extra dimensional being known as the “Gibbering Heart”. The duo are engaged by the Lectorate and flee the scene, having taken the Heart’s brain with them. Hirano Nanako and her Ishiguntai work alongside the Lectors in the detainment and eradication of a vampiric cell located within Yong Ping. Lex O’Hara is identified as a member of the coven and opts to take his own life before confessing to his crimes and/or attempting to clear his name. A fourth unidentified Kijo appears alongside the HAG in an attempt to acquire service at the Boppin’ Scrib Cornerclub, Du Loc. A fight breaks out and the unidentified Kijo is slain via beheading. The corpse and head of the creature vanish; it is presumed that Kijo are truly immortal. Flesh Alchemy is instructed to the Lectorate by Hirano Nanako as a reward for furthering Medical Alchemy and to act as a possible alibi. It is explained that, through alchemy, one can cheat the curse of Iblees. It is also explained how one can make artificial abominations which can take the appearance of people. It is noted that homunculi can resemble already existing descendents. The HAG is confronted by Lectors Danzen and Paco and is beaten in a Shadow Game. As per the terms, the HAG confessed their sins and answered the questions of the Lectors. The HAG confirmed that they were at Dobrov and used blood magic to rip the castle from the continent and transport it elsewhere. It was also stated that the HAG sought vengeance upon Hirano Nanako for having imprisoned them for centuries. The HAG also claims that they used Juniper Wick to infiltrate Tsutenkaku. The HAG is spotted attempting to murder Yokai-Za member Kin in the streets of Yong Ping. The HAG themself is spotted floating, as if defying gravity, linking them to the unidentified male Vampire that bit Lector Oijin. Lector Danzen dialogues with the HAG and convinces them to leave the city, and to not seek vengeance on Kin. Nanako Hirano is spotted fleeing Tsutenkaku, being pursued by the HAG. Nanako Hirano is slain and the HAG is beheaded by a Lector patrol. Though immortal, the creature is stripped of its infernal armor. The Lectorate receives testimony from the Orenian government that a male vampiric entity offered the Empress of Oren immortality. He was described as having floated upon a cloud similar to the HAG and the unidentified male Kijo that bit Lector Oijin. Hirano Nanako manifests into a new body and confesses that they have always been Hirano Tsune. They explain that they used Flesh Alchemy to cheat death and chose the body of an elf to live for eternity without suspicion. Hirano Tsune believes that the HAG is Juniper Wick. A Blood Circle is discovered within the walls of Takajiro by Hirano Tsune; it presumably keeps the castle afloat. The circle radiated mana at an extraordinary level and began to rapidly heat Thanhic weaponry. She claims that it was a timed explosive set by Juniper, in order to destroy Tsutenkaku. Hirano Tsune passes a second Vampiric test. No adverse effects were visible or detected. Hirano Tsune vanishes into the wind. Tsutenkaku is destroyed per the failings of the Blood Powered Circle. Brother Isaac sacrifices himself in order to thwart the tear in reality. JUNIPER WICK TIMELINE Juniper Wick, born of Hanseni blood, moves to Vasoyev after being banished. She is the adopted grandmother of Moliana, former Baroness of Worldzmir. Juniper Wick acquires employment in Ando Alur as the head librarian. Lector Oijin is directed to continue his alchemy studies with Juniper Wick from Solana, an alchemy professor residing within Haelun’or. Following the destruction of Ando Alur, a similarly floating fortress known as Takajiro appeared to the South-East of Yong Ping. Its owner is identified as Juniper Wick. Juniper Wick instructs Lector Oijin in the art of Automaton crafting at the fortress of Takajiro. Moliana confesses to Lector Danzen that she knew individuals who sought to use the material alphabet for magical purposes, using blood as a conductor. These rituals are used to harness powers from beyond and possess the ability to do unnatural things. She asserts that she never participated. This description aligns with the HAG’s explanation of “Cosmic Alchemy”. Juniper Wick disappears for unknown reasons. Hirano Tsune claims that they departed for “sabbatical” and gifted them the fortress of Takajiro. A Lector informant reveals that Moliana made a deal with Kijo to teleport Dobrov to Haense. The informant fears that Moliana had become enthralled and that Juniper and her companion, Nanako, had always sought to corrupt them into using blood magic. A Blood Circle is discovered within the walls of Takajiro by Hirano Tsune; it presumably keeps the castle afloat. It radiated mana at an extraordinary level and began to rapidly heat Thanhic weaponry. A Ghost is dispelled within the Savoyard Palace in proximity to a second blood circle. It damns the name of Juniper Wick’s brother repeatedly. Juniper Wick’s brother is discovered by Lectors in the city of Providence. The suspect fails a Salt Test and attempts to murder Lector Stor. The suspect is dealt with great prejudice. Moliana, per her penance, confesses her sins to the Lectors. Moliana elaborates how she believed herself to be the victim of an Azdrazi kidnapping, only to be rescued by her foster Grandfather. It is explained how her Grandfather and Grandmother were in fact vampires, and had stolen her away from Worldzmir. The Grandfather is identified as Lothar, and the Grandmother as Juniper Wick. Moliana details how Juniper Wick participated in Blood Magicks, which used the Material Alphabet to send coded messages via rituals; bloodied runes would amplify the power of equivalent exchange and the “message” was supposedly sent out beyond the veil. Moliana claims to have been marked with the carving of a Spider, which prevented her from speaking to others what she had seen in addition to forcing her to comply with the requests of Juniper Wick. Upon begging for the mark to be removed, Juniper Wick supposedly conceded to Moliana. She explained to her that she would undertake a prolonged vampiric slumber, and that Hirano Tsune would watch over both she and her holdings. Moliana explains how the HAG possessed ties to Tsutenkaku, and how she possessed no doubt in her mind that the HAG was, in fact, Tsune Hirano. LOTHAR TIMELINE Moliana describes Lothar as her adoptive Grand-Father and ruler of Vasiyev. It is said that he was a Vampire and that he was the husband to Juniper Wick. Lothar signs an advertisement for an auction pertaining to the Vampiric cure. It is assumed that Lothar sought to profiteer on the very disease his kind manufactured. Lothar is reported as having floated about in the Providence Palace before Empress Anastasia, offering immortality. The Empress refused and, according to her own testimony, had the man “slain” either during the encounter or at a different point in time. Following the testimony regarding Juniper Wick, Moliana continued to be pestered by the Vampiric entities who kidnapped her in youth. It is explained that the one who continued to loom over Moliana was not Ostromir Carrion, but instead her Grandfather “Lothar”. Years later, Lothar’s coven cornered Elimar, the husband to Moliana, with the intent of having Moliana slay him in order to prove her loyalty to the “family”. Moliana refused and she and Elimar fended off the five vampiric assailants. Elimar managed to escape whereas Moliana’s fate is unknown; it is assumed that she perished. The household of Worldzmir announces their deaths publically and holds a funeral. Just prior to the attempted murder of Elimar, it was said that Lothar engaged in a boastful monologue whereby he described numerous details regarding Greater Vampiric culture. Lothar described a code referred to as the “Hexalogue” whereby Vampires are sworn into secrecy - those who violated its tenets being considered “exilat”. Lothar also described a process known as “boxing” which saw the immortal beings being stored away in a container of some kind if they betrayed their kind. Lothar also described how members of the Greater Vampiric class can eat one another, and become ostracized and tainted as a result of such. Lothar explains that the LAUGHING HAG was devoured for revealing Juniper. Though there is no way to verify Elimar’s claims, his paranoia, terror and thirst for vengeance was genuine. Elimar passed a salt and aurum test and was checked for the mark of the spider - nothing was found. In addition, it is unlikely that Elimar is enthralled or lying due to his connection to the Aengul Xan. Ultimately, his testimony aligns with what was already explained to the Lectors by Moliana. CONCLUSION Lesser and Greater Vampires Throughout the years, the Lectorate has sought to further its knowledge with regards to the dark creatures of the world. Hexer Grifter aided the Lectorate in pursuing the Striga menace, only for the trail to go cold. Hirano Tsune informed the Lectors of the “Kijo” yokai, making it the up-to-date source despite its shaky origin. However, the “Kijo Concept” is inconsistent with the findings of this investigation and thus has been deemed as an inaccurate classification for both the HAG and Juniper Wick. First, the Kijo Concept is inconsistent with the outbreak of salt-vulnerable vampires, primarily due to the fact that these new creatures could both be male and were unable to float upon clouds. These salt-vulnerable vampires were found to be curable through alchemical, shamanistic and Xannic means. The Lectors thus dub these creatures “Lesser Vampires''. Second, the entities investigated are inconsistent with Lesser Vampires. These creatures were monstrous in appearance, possessed the ability to teleport, were able to float upon clouds and could enthrall others through markings. Every trail left by these vampires led to blood magic rituals. Although these vampires were primarily female, the biting of Lector Oijin and the sighting within the Imperial Palace prove the existence of male variants; these entities cannot be “Kijo”. It is noted that there is no known test for these vampires. The Lectors thus dub these creatures “Greater Vampires”. Lastly, due to the testimony of Elimar, it is presumed that these Greater Vampires - and perhaps all vampires - abide by a code of silence known as the Hexalogue. They can potentially be imprisoned via “boxing”, but the process is unknown. In addition, it seems that these Greater Vampires possess the ability to devour one another; it is unknown as to whether this is a slight or a method of execution. Attempting to question any of the aforementioned individuals will likely result in silence or misdirects. Juniper Wick Juniper Wick is a Blood Magician and likely a Greater Vampire. The Lectorate has confirmed that Takajiro, Juniper Wick’s personal property, was suspended through the use of Blood Magic while she still resided within it. Moliana and the Informant both identified Juniper Wick as Vampire who participated in blood rituals. Further, there is sufficient testimony from both virtuous and evil sources to believe that Worldzmir was teleported via Blood Magic. Though it remains possible that Juniper Wick is the HAG, it is more likely that she is one of the unidentified Greater Vampires. The appearance and disappearance of Juniper Wick is not consistent with HAG activities; likewise, only after Takajiro appeared did the majority of other Greater Vampires manifest themselves. Hirano Tsune Hirano Tsune is a Blood Magician and possibly the HAG. Throughout every twist and turn of the investigation, everything pointed towards Hirano Tsune being a Vampire of some kind. An alibi was provided for every single piece of evidence, to the point where Tsune could explain away their immortality through alchemy. Further, they passed every salt and aurum test. The Lectors of Owyn witnessed Tsune being run down by the HAG and slain; it is noted, however, that the cadaver could have been an altered being, a homunculus, or some kind of illusion. This said, Hirano Tsune indeed possessed a deep bond to Juniper Wick; it is more than likely that they participated in blood rituals and held links to Greater Vampires, both of which were corroborated by the testimonies of Moliana and the Informant. The sudden discovery of a “Blood Circle” within Takajiro was all too convenient after the HAG was questioned. The Lectors would even go so far as to accuse Tsune of being the HAG outright if it were not for the lack of an incriminating vampiric test and the numerous plausible alibis. Thus, though the Lectors cannot prove the certain vampiric nature of Hirano Tsune, we do assert that they participated in Dark Arts and have even confessed to collaborating with Xionist Mystics in order to protect Yong Ping from their attacks. AUTHOR’S NOTE Readers of this document may accuse the Lectors of being lax in their investigation and not being as assertive and/or as ruthless as the inquisitions of prior eras. Though the Lectorate does not disagree, we do wish to elaborate as to why the tactics were such for the investigation. To begin with, the Lectorate is bound by the Divine Contract and is sworn to not interfere in the politics of other nations. When operating within foreign lands, the Lectors of Owyn adhere strictly to the laws and regulations of the territory. Tsutenkaku was both protected and sanctioned by the Yong Ping government through an official treaty. Further, Hirano Tsune served as the Chancellor of Yong Ping for many years, making her a notable governmental official. Had the Lectors sought to terminate Hirano outright without a solid case, it would have clearly violated Yong Ping law and the Red Treaty from which our Brotherhood was permitted to operate. Similarly, the Flaming Covenant believed that to acquire a true victory, the operation of Tsutenkaku had to be uncovered over time rather than abruptly uprooted due to the failure of the Setsuna led YPA investigation. Further, the Lectors deemed it illogical to attempt and slay a creature they deemed “immortal”. Such an impermanent defeat would only encourage the creature to adopt a new disguise, persona or territory to roam. Instead, the Lectors sought to dialogue with the encountered Greater Vampires to determine their morals, beliefs and powers. When innocents or brother Lectors were threatened, the Flaming Covenant did engage in combat. Lastly, we Lectors expect some form of backlash for this document's release. Though our names may be dragged through the mud as schemers plot their vengeance, we Lectors assert that we can sleep soundly knowing we worked in the service of GOD and his blessed endeavors. Should we be destroyed as a result, may the world know that we did our best. OOC This investigation has spanned over a real life year. We are publishing the findings to cap off this year's long journey. Anything that has been reported in this document can be corroborated through logs and screenshots. Please do not harass anyone OOCly due to these findings, it is extraordinarily tacky. EDIT: Removed the term "clone" from the document to prevent any accidental PK clauses from noobs who spout it about... It squeaked by our filters.
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