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  1. THE ELVEN MASSACRE A large Warband set out to the forests of the Elveneese, the orcs with the company of the Ferrymen strode without opposition into the elven lands, passing by the elven gates with no guard to be seen. As the Orcs entered the elven lands they halted a simple elven citizen, fear filled his eyes as they surrounded him and bound him, taking him to the bridge connecting to the front gates of the Elveneese. As the Warband waited for the Elven guards to defend their citizens, they captured more elves, tying their bonds and displaying them before the gate, but the elven guards were nowhere to be seen as their citizens were rounded up. An Elven Lord stood within the limited safety of their gatehouse as they watched the Ferrymen round up more citizens, finding a group of female elves in the forest around a campfire. 50 Elves stood before the Elven gates, the Warband drawing their blades as they placed them against the soft necks of the elves, cries and pleas filled with air as everyone knew what was about to happen. In pure desperation the Elf Lord finally spoke going to propose a deal “I will pay you 300 minas to let my people go” The Warband laughed among themselves as Korgahk’Gorkil spoke “It is concerning you value your citizens so lowly” Korgahk then raised the axe above his head and so did the rest of the Warband “Raise! FLAT!” Korgahk yelled as he brought down the axe upon the neck of the elf infront of him, the rest of the Warband followed suite going to decapitate the elves before them, soon blood and dead bodies covered the bridge before the gate. An Olog picked one remaining elf and broke them in half over their knee yelling “WAAAGH!” Korgahk looked up towards the guard who stood watch as he saw his people get massacred, he raised his axe and pointed towards him before leaving the carnage they had unleashed.
  2. THE WAR OF THE BEYOND The void has plagued us all throughout existence, offering corrupted power in exchange for altering your very soul and physical prowess. No more will the members of Lubba’s Keep and their allies stand and watch our realm corrupt any further for we declare war upon the void. Lubba’s Keep will truly remain as a bastion without any trace of magic and hopes to spread this sentiment throughout all of Almaris with little resistance as our capable scientists have made a device capable of pushing the veil further back into the void and sending in forces to the realm to conquer it. Other realms of deities, spirits and afterlives might be hit on the way for our thorough cleansing, though that is a sacrifice the elves are willing to make to remove the night sky from existence. (Depiction of Scientist’s Device to the void) All Aenguls and Daemons will be within our realm by force, no longer hiding behind the cosmos of the void within the prisons they themselves have created. Free from the tyranny of the void and realms who hold power over our very lives we will build a new realm with the spark of divinity the deities will offer so they may not be consumed by the void and the many creatures within. All descendants will feel this war to their very soul as we fight for a better future without the void where all realms can be reached through science within this age of exploration. It is time we shift the balance once more where we, the descendants of our respective races, claim the realms to our own so the endless meddling of the divine will cease and we have control over our own futures and lives. Join us in this conflict so we may band together on this eternal quest to claim our realms. Let the Third Age begin. Eshtael Keeps Balance, Eternal We Stand. signed, The Silver Lubba The Lubba Keep Council Mika Anarion, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers Jon Snowell, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers Hogo Bojo, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers Pringle, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers Dremnud Oakforge, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers Durin Hammerforge, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers Dave, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers Scrisa, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers Elyse, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers The Embodiment of the Concept of Sutican Nationalism Giovachina, Paralegal of Lubba Keep Lawyers WARCLAIM Wargoal: Conquest of the void Attackers: Lubba’s Keep The Independent Tower Kingdom of Actrus The Lordship of Bojo Dunborough (Forced Vassal) Barony of Trabezon (Forced Vassal) Vaokses Village (Forced Vassal) The de Castro Family (Forced Vassal) The Under-State of Rattunnelia (Forced Vassal) Undisclosed Druid Mercenaries Defenders: The Legions of the void Every single deity Deranged Mages Warclaim date: Today. War Path: in case of image break:
  3. Through a Soldier's Eyes Doomsday The haeseni people had flourished out of their houses. Chants echoed past the city walls and clamoring reached a young soldier’s ears. Through a glass paned window, a Haeseni oathedman peered at the bustling market of Karosgrad. “EA SAY FER, DU SAY SAVOY.” A voice said through the crowd of soldiers, women, and men. The oathedman looked to the newly installed shops of Karosgrad. There, a large rally of around one hundred and fifty soldiers of Sedan raised their fists as they gathered around the Prince Lucien of Savoy. Throughout the square, roars and shouts shivered the market carts. “KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM!” The soldiers said about their cheers. As the allies shouted about, the oatheman’s brain had finally been rattled, “The day had come to defend…” – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Among the Battlefield Arrows soared through the bright blue sky across Eastfleet. The overwhelming projectiles from the Tripartite Coalition swarmed the Imperial Army. The oathedman strung back his bow, shooting high across the battlefield where his ferrum-tipped arrows struck down the unfortunate Orenians. Upon the command of Grigori Vyronov, Durorn Ireheart, Grand King Bakir Ireheart, and Prince Lucien, the forces of the Coalition charged forth towards South Bridge. Among the rally, the Haeseni oathedman charged forward with sword in hand. His blade clashed forth onto the Imperial soldiers, slicing across the plated army. His brothers of the Coalition violently cut down the numbers whilst the Imperial forces fought back with all their might. The Haeseni soldier looked to his plated feet. His visor gazed down at the bloodied, cold, and solemn bodies of men and women who fought bravely for their nation. “WE ARE WINNING!” Grand King Bakir Ireheart shouted across the battlefield. The oathedman looked aloft, his eyes gazed across Eastfleet. It was true, the Orenian forces had been further cut down, their bodies lying cold on the soil. “FINISH THEM OFF!” Bakir shouted once again. At that, roars echoed across the allied forces of the Tripiarte Coalition. Their blades pierced through the Orenians at a rapid pace while the oathedman grew a smile. It didn’t take long until the Imperial rally had been reduced to only those who played dead inside the corpses. That day, the Coalition had defended their land. At that, the oathedman roared in triumph. “The imperials are dead, we claim victory!” – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – A Day of Celebration “KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM!” The drunken oathedman said. There he sat in the tavern sharing drinks with his brotherhood. Cheers roared through the Capital City of Karosgrad, “To the palace!” A noble called to those in the market. “The koeng has a speech!” A joyful crowd rushed into the palace, attempting to find a seat in the throne room. Barely did the oathedman listen to the Koeng, all he knew was that day was a day of victory for the Coalition. With a starting rally of 18,200 for the Coalition and 11,700 for the Imperial Army, the Imperials managed to survive with only 100 left alive. Truly a victory for the forces of the Tripiarte. “This is one of many victories we will claim!” The oathedman raised a fist, the rest following the motion shortly after. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – .
  4. (The Siege of Southbridge.) A Warhorn. Sudden and roaring as dawn broke, signaling the preparation of tripartite forces for the invasion of Southbridge. A fleet of dwarven ships equipped with specifically designed dwarven trebuchets lay anchored before the Orenian fort. On its flank the Tripartite war camp, housing the bulk of the alliance's forces along with its own array of trebuchets were assembled, its soldiers ready for the attack. Opposite the war camp, Orenian forces were seen on top of Southbridge preparing their own trebuchets in sight of the camp below. Suddenly the sound of giant rocks flying through the air, finding their intended marks, could be heard, the first volley of Tripartite trebuchets destroying half of the Orenian trebuchets sending wooden debris flying through the air. Ferrymen and Blackvale forces led by Banjo and Gaspard immediately pushed into the courtyard of Southbridge slaughtering any Orenian trebuchet crews caught off guard by the flank force. The combined dwarven and BSK trebuchets made quick work of the weak walls of Southbridge, making them collapse and creating a clear pathway for the alliance forces to invade the interior. Under the command of Ailred Var Ruthern and Bakir Ireheart the alliance forces charged forth into the rubble of Southbridge seeking out and cutting down any orenian seen within the ruins, including the general of the ISA and the Orenian Emperor. Bodies of the defenders of Southbridge littered the ground above and under the rubble. The Fort was reduced to clay and brick ruins housing the coffins of thousands of Orenians, forever. After the battle was finished the forces of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Kingdom of Haense marched into the lands behind Southbridge and placed Urguan and Haense banners signifying the victory over the cowardly Philip III. Narvak oz Urguan, Krusae Zwy Kongzem OOC: Screenshots Warclaim Videos:
  5. 13th of The Grand Harvest Year 58 of the Second Age After the series of events that had gone on the last few days, Kevin had found himself restless. Raising a blade was simply not enough in this Age of Conflict. Where those who may have once called each other ally instead rile the flames of war and the blood of soldiers must be spilled. It was simply not enough, however, to lend a blade to one war or another. For war would not end in this age, it seemed. Or at least in Kevins eyes. It was this day as he listened on to the squabblings of those around him and recalled the similarities of it all across the other cities, it recalled a low chuckle. "How similar we all are, yet we are too blind to see it. To say it." He stated, sounding defeated as the rains of Elysium poured down as they usually did. "Enough of it. Enough!" He seemed to scold the rain, looking up at it for a long moment in silence. As his gaze cast back down to the street he turned toward home yet came to a stop. There it was, the foundation stone of Old Elysium. Standing there, he couldn't help but stare at the rock that had managed to withstand the rain all these years. A low nod followed as a newly awakened wisdom drew over him. With a shift, Kevin would unbuckle the blade at his hip and kneel, bowing his head as he did so. With a clear reverence he spoke a pledge. "May the gods, both kind and cruel, hear my vow. I shall not raise my blade with intent to harm another. Hear my vow, in an age of conflict, that I would wish for peace. To take the path of self defense, and to seek the betterment of my brothers both within and without. We are all children of Almaris. Give me the strength to protect, and I will never raise my blade for the heat of war." Kevin would pause a moment, after his vow, and wait. Though what he waited for was still entirely unclear. He would unstheathe his weapon and prick his palm, placing a hand print of his blood on the scabbard, then holding it up to the foundation stone. There would be no further comment, though, as he stood and tied the blade back to his person. Out came a rough piece of blue cloth to tie off the small line on his palm. Not a major wound, but enough to sting. A glance went upward, to the sky, then he would depart once more. Thus would begin his Oath. To protect only, and never to seek war or conflict with the many races of Almaris. For an Age of Conflict must end, or we shall all be consumed by it.
  6. TO CATCH A CRAWFISH 14th of the First Seed, Year 58 of SA “Too focused on the cheese, they fell for the gate!” - Django https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4UqMyldS7Q The story behind this raid is quite simple, a tale to be told for ages. A small, but strong, force of 1,100 Ferrymen sneaked their way into the heart of New Providence. At the back of the city there was a little separated neighborhood by gate, and this is where the infamous baiter Django sat patiently, waiting for hours until he could finally trap the Imperials. The rest of the Ferrymen forces, led by Captain Banjo, scaled the walls and located the enemy rally. At the mere sight of the Ferrymen, General Erik var Ruthern blindly ordered his soldiers to charge! As though they were rats focused on cheese within a trap, they fell for the gates as they chased the Ferrymen back to the small town where Django closed the gates on a sizable portion of their army. Among these fallen men who drunkenly charged into the trap was their General, Erik. Powerless before the gates, the Orenians were in horror at the sight of their brothers-in-arms being slain at the device of their very own main strategy - gate trapping. As they fled, the Ferrymen pursued and struck down the entirety of the Imperial army stationed within the capital. The Ferrymen baited and killed the entirety of the Imperial army. They fought with wits and in their natural prowess and once again proved, small wins against big. 2,300 of the 2,400 Imperials were killed. 1,100 of the 1,100 Ferrymen survived. Signed, Banjo, The Captain of the Ferrymen, Savior of the Common and Free People, Pillager of Elvenesse, Liberator of Man, The Bringer of Equality, Capturer of the Bastion, Defeater of Racism, Debearder of Grand Kings, Sailor of the Seas, 2x Mr. Almaris, Emperor of the Roads, Lord of Shipwreck Keep, Occupier of New Providence, 40 Star General, The Greater Lobster Fisherman, Premortem Saint of Epic Ballads.
  7. RECAPTURE OF THE BASTION 15th of Snow Maiden, Year 57 SA “Jesus Pablo is ballin’ out on Ferrymas” - Banjo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CduA0TULnow 1,200 Tripartite forces composed of Ferrymen and Irehearts marched on the roads towards the heart of the Imperial Capital, New Providence, to deal a devastating blow to Imperial forces. Under the command of Captain Banjo and Commander Bakir Ireheart, the small band bandited the roads of Oren until they approached the bridge, all that stood in their way of entering the city was a 1,500 force o’ wig-wearing lobsters. One could say you could hear the rattle of their metal-bucket hats as they quivered in fear at the sight of the notorious Ferrymen. The battle first started at the foot of the bridge, where both sides exchanged arrowfire. Seeing as this exchange of volleys led to a stalemate, the Ferrymen tactically led a maneuver around the bridge, flanking the Orenian forces as they were caught in utter dumbfounded surprise. Their little lasting bravery was soon replaced by cowardice as they routed back to the security of their gates- or so they thought. They stubbornly attempted to push out of their gates, but they were met with dwarven steel and Ferrymen prowess as their men were slaughtered like dogs. The Imperials were very wrong to think they were safe behind their walls and gates. A small detachment of Ferrymen consisting of Jesus Pablo, Diome Indoren, Banjo, and Mika managed to breach past their iron doors and began to take the entire force on their own. There within the gates, Jesus Pablo showed his ferociousness and prowess on the battlefield as he single handedly charged in a moment of bloodlust into a group of Orenians. His savage charge proved useful as it opened the opportunity for the rest of the Ferrymen to push through the gates and into the hearth of the city. 1,100 Imperials dead. Once more the bastion and city fell to the hands of the Ferrymen. Signed, Banjo, The Captain of the Ferrymen, Savior of the Common and Free People, Pillager of Elvenesse, Liberator of Man, The Bringer of Equality, Capturer of the Bastion, Defeater of Racism, Debearder of Grand Kings, Sailor of the Seas, 2x Mr. Almaris, Emperor of the Roads, Heir to Shipman Keep. Bakir Ireheart, Clan Father of the Irehearts, Legion Commander, King’s Hand
  8. THE CITY STATE OF OREN AND ITS SURROUNDING MANORS Saint James Bleeds THE BATTLE OF NEW PROVIDENCE BRIDGE Twenty-thousand Tripartite. Seven-thousand dead. Forty-thousand Imperials. Twenty-Thousand dead. Those twenty thousand Tripartite surmounted the steps to New Providence, chins lifted to the skies and with grips of resolve to their weaponry. At the very front stood three - the commanders of the Tripartite. Captain Banjo, Diome Indoren and the Butcher of the East, Brick. Those three shared glances, for this is where their dawn had begun all those years ago - forty some. It was nearing the Saint’s year anniversary of the first bloodshed Orenia had received on Almaris. When they fought with five-thousand against sixteen-thousand, where all sixteen-thousand were slain and tasted their foremost major defeat. But a few of the old guard stood with them, yet the grumbles and chants of war still echoed from the side of the Tripartite. Against such unfavourable odds again, would they triumph once more? Any who witnessed the slaughter on the steps of Providence would answer with a resounding yes. Outnumbered two-to-one, facing a force of forty thousand Orenians, the Tripartite force valiantly charged the front gates of the city, where they exchanged numerous volleys of arrows with its defenders. After being forced to abandon their positions atop the walls by relentless arrow fire, the Orenian force consolidated and sallied out to meet the Tripartite army in battle. The first two of their charges were unsuccessful, being swiftly outmaneuvered and beaten back behind the walls of Providence. It was in the midst of these failed attempts that Diomé Indoren personally led multiple infantry charges against the enemy, ultimately leaving eight-thousand Imperials slain. To the dismay of the Tripartite commanders the third push of the Orenians found success, effectively splitting the already outnumbered force in two and crushing much of the Tripartite cavalry. Rather than capitalize on this, the Imperials saw fit to blindly chase a band of no more than four-thousand Tripartite soldiers all the way to the Urguani borderlands. These Orenians found themselves deftly evaded by the Tripartite men who managed to join the main force at (Providence Bridge) once again. Here, Auguste van Aert rallied his men and drove them against the scattered Imperials who remained, cutting down four-thousand before routing them toward Providence. As the other half of the Orenian army made their way back to the field of battle along the road from Southbridge they were harassed relentlessly by the cavalry of the Ferrymen. Seeing their weakened state the Butcher of the East led a lance charge into the Imperial cavalry, knocking most from atop their steeds and trampling them underfoot. Knowing their situation to be hopeless, the remainder of the Imperial army finally began their retreat. The Tripartite army, emboldened by their victory, gave chase as they ran for the safety of the walls of the capital. Hope was there for the assailants, seeing as the Orenians had turned charges and fought with some crumbs of honour. Yet, minutes turned into more – the Imperial State Army and those who took up arms with them had retreated into their fortifications a final time. At the climax of the battlefield, the last standing knight – Sir Mohammad Hassan – fought with Islamic fervor against Captain Banjo; he was last seen praying to Allah as a longsword impaled his midriff. (SIR MOHAMMAD HASSAN 4 LYFE)
  9. THE FATE O’ LOBSTERS “Emperor John’s Mom?” - Banjo To the General of the Imperial State Army, You would think that during times of war, external events would be well mulled over and prepared for. The people of Ephesius learned today that you are not prepared, and only willing to defend yourself internally. You are either insecure, incompetent or both. So how about you prove them all wrong? And all one-thousand of our prisoners, who were easily taken from this settlement? Meet us on the field once more, though if you are too craven, you will deliver two-thousand mina for the price of all of these captives. Just one Saint’s hour will be provided for you to bring this mina, or clash with us in battle for their lives - if not, they shall live their last minutes of life knowing that their own General cared nil for them. One victory might have urged you to thinking the tides were turned. But when tides turn, a tsunami may form. If only you could fight as well as you publish overstatements. Signed Banjo, The Captain of the Ferrymen, Savior of the Common and Free People, Pillager of Elvenesse, Liberator of Man, The Bringer of Equality, Capturer of the Bastion, Defeater of Racism, Debearder of Grand Kings, Sailor of the Seas, 2x Mr. Almaris, Emperor of the Roads, Heir to Shipman Keep.
  10. SA 54 (December 8th, 2021) ᚾᚨᚱᚺ-ᛞᚨ-ᚾᚨᚴᚺᚢᛗ'ᚢᚱ-ᛞᚨ-ᛟᚱᚡᚢᛚ-ᚾᚨᚴᚺᛁᛗᛁᚱᚨᛉ A RESPONSE TO 'EXCORIATION OF URGUANITES' ᚡᛖᛚᛖᚱᚨᚴ-ᛟᛉ-ᛞᚨ-ᛟᚾᛟᚱ'ᚴᚨᛞᚱᛖᛚ'ᚾᚨᚱᚺᛖ To the Usurper ‘Emperor’ of Oren, The Dwarves of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan do not care for your petty attempts at feigning righteousness. You can save your sly remarks and passive-aggressive chatter for ‘your’ new citizens, as who knows how long it will be before yet another forceful uprising presents itself at your feet. Let us correct your decree, as we Dwarves have lived through the events that you can only read about in history books. Before we continue on in correcting your falsities, let it be known that we, Urguan’s Folk, deny any demands made by your ‘Empire’ upon our people. The only further political correspondence we shall accept is the presentation of Ser Duncan to our Lord Justicar to be tried within Urguani Court for the breach of our previous Non-Aggression Pact and the Attempted murder of 2 Urguani Legionnaires. If such is not presented to us, the Dwedmar are prepared for war. We understand that you must attempt to slander our name as ‘Anti-Canonist Heathens’ and make this out to be a ‘Holy War’ to garner much needed support from other Canonist nations, yet it has become rather obvious to everyone besides yourself that the Grand Kingdom has always been accepting of all religions within our halls. The fuss created over our canonist vassals and your ‘DEMAND’ for us to never allow such to happen again truly shows that you cannot realize that the true problems lay within your walls, not ours. The ‘Empire’ of Oren has proven itself to be an egregious place to live to the point where numerous previous vassals have fled your fields to instead be within ours. You attack us as a host nation because you know that your treatment of vassal states has been so horrific that they would rather live with the ‘heathens’ than a ‘pure canonist nation’ such as your own. To any who continue to believe this war is about religion, please walk through Urguan’s realm and behold the diverse religious groups living within Urguani land. There is no further explanation needed for such a blatant falsity, as anyone can see its sole purpose is to garner support. Need we also remind you that we, the ‘secretaries of Iblees’, were the ones who locked him away in the first place? Regardless of your own beliefs on religion it is clear your knowledge of history is lacking, as you have forgotten the facts of the 18 Years’ War. While yes, Orenian forces managed to siege a rapidly built fort on the edge of our territory, you have forgotten the tales of your ancestors fleeing back within their borders after realizing the Grand Empire began to push back. You have forgotten the tales of the Siege of Kal’Ordholm, where your ancestors failed to even breach the outermost wall of the Dwarven Fortress before being entirely eradicated by Urguani forces. You have forgotten the tales of the Siege of Khro’Nogaak, where your ancestors’ forces were burned alive the second they touched the walls of the fortress. You have forgotten the White Peace rapidly declared by your ancestors the second they realized they were losing. While your ancestors have long passed since the realm of Vailor, we Dwed continue to live on to this day. The same Dwed who designed those impenetrable fortresses of the past have further perfected their craft to this day. The same legionnaires who have witnessed the death of loved ones by Orenian hands live on to this day. The same Grand Kingdom which has defeated and conquered your ‘Empire’ lives on to this day. Should you and your ‘Empire’ wish to declare war on the Grand Kingdom, remember that history repeats itself, and it is not on your side. Narvak oz Urguan, Philip III. signed, Grand King of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, Thane of Rhewenholm, Great-Grandson of Rhewen
  11. A Promise to the King Your Majesty William Buckfort I, Know now before King and Commoner alike that Clan La Waevra stands with its swords raised in defense of Rozania. Our home, built by our hands, is no place for men of twisted loyalties, false words, and dreadful action. Should a time arise where men come to our doors knocking, wishing only death and destruction for you and your people, they will soon only know the taste of blood and steel as they fall to a coalition of allies that defend the walls and streets of this Rozania Kingdom. Signed, Rebeka la Waevra Chieftess of the La Waevra Clan
  12. THE TREATY OF KAL’DARAKAAN With the dissolvement of the War Nation of Krugmar, the Iron Uzg, the nation’s successor, has realized the wrongs of their previous government, and has officially surrendered to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Meeting within the halls of Urguan’s capital, Kal’Darakaan, the leaders of both nations negotiated terms of surrender, leading to the agreement listed below: SECTION I: TERMS OF SURRENDER The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Iron Uzg hereby agree to the following terms of surrender: I. THE Iron Uzg shall publicly and formally declare defeat at the hands of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan in the form of a public document. I. SAID document shall include a formal apology to Grand Marshal Bakir Ireheart for shaving his beard without being given an honorable fight. II. THE Iron Uzg shall formally banish and whitewash the orcish criminals known as Hu-din and Fishbref. I. IF the Iron Uzg is found allowing said individuals within their lands, the treaty shall be declared null. II. IF the individuals are allowed within the Iron Uzg either officially or unofficially after the publication of this document, the Grand Kingdom shall perceive the action as an act of WAR. III. THE Iron Uzg shall withdraw all previous negative statements made about the Grand Kingdom by their predecessor state, Krugmar. I. SAID statements include but are not limited to: Any official document denouncing Urguan, hinting at collusion with Undead, or falsifying the slaughtering of innocents at the hands of the Grand Kingdom. IV. THE Iron Uzg shall continue the abolishment of slavery from their culture. I. THE Grand Kingdom holds the right to officially oversee the abolishment of Slavery. II. IF said abolishment does not occur, the treaty shall be declared null, and the Grand Kingdom shall perceive such as an act of WAR. V. THE Iron Uzg shall permit the Legion of Urguan full access to the Uzg’s land. This document is forever binding, regardless of any future change in government. Signed, Grand King of Urguan, Lord Chancellor of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, High Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance, Son of Rhewen The Grand Marshal of Urguan, Clan Father of the Irehearts and Jarl of Dol’Gorix Rex of the Iron Uzg, Skaatchnak’Izgi [!] The mark of a bloody hand would be beneath the Rex’s name.
  13. Operation: Desert Den ~The Imperial Expeditionary Force departing Providence to Sutica, circa 1834~ The Captain of the Fourth Brigade, Sir Erik Othaman, scratched at his chin as he watched the never-ending column of Imperial soldiers march in formation from the gates of Providence. It had been only a short time since the Southern Coalition formed when orders were given by the high command to support the Canonist kingdom of Sutica. 'Find the rebels and engage. The rest is up to you.' “Simple orders…” He’d chuckle to himself before he returned to his stoic composure. It would not be that simple. The logistics alone would be a nightmare, but hopefully the problems would be solved in due time. The last company of men passed by in parade as the Captain mounted his steed, galloping up and down the formation as he spoke loudly to the Expeditionary Force. “Comrades, we march towards the Kingdom of Sutica, a most holy nation blessed by the High Pontiff himself. Despite this, Sutica is embroiled in a civil war that could decide the fate of Canonism in the region for years to come. Should we let the blasphemers brainwash GOD’s flock?” “Remember in vy hearts how we suffered at the hands of bloodthirsty rebels so many years ago. How senseless life was spent on all sides. The longer the war dragged on, the more everyone suffered. Should we let our fellow descendants suffer more death without swift victory?” “To these questions, I say niet! I pray that the rest of vy feel the same way as I do and ensure that only swift victory is achieved. I shall take this cause to my grave. Will vy join me in this sacred mission!?” The aged knight raised his sabre into the air as he called out to his comrades. A throng of cheers erupted from the column as they broke into their usual marching song, “Orenia aut Mortem,” penned by the great Sir Henry Penton. Captain Othaman let out a sigh during the singing and turned to Captain Robert Galbraith, who rode along with him. “Pray that these boys get to see victory. It will be bloody work.” The long column snaked their way down Almaris, advancing until they reached the Imperial transport ships that would bring them to the Southern part of the continent. Operation: Desert Den was hence put into action. The Holy Orenian Empire and her armed forces stand with the Sutican Kingdom and her allies. Swift destruction is the only thing that shall come of those that attempt to subvert Canonism and the divine right of the Sutican Monarchy. Will you make the right decision? Volens et Potens! Sir Erik Othaman Commander of the 4th Brigade Sir Erik var Ruthern General of the Imperial State Army
  14. A Fitting End for Slavers The sun rose high on a dense, insect-ridden jungle near Krugmar, the undergrowth threatening to devour already-crumbling stretches of road. It was in this choked, humid land that a small group of battle-hungry Dwedmar and a single Uruk clad in crimson hunted, far from home and hearth. It was the slavers’ scent that drew them from the mountains, and soon enough they had found the filth they sought. On a quiet road, two Uruks of Krugmar - one of whom being none other than the Snagagoth - had the misfortune to meet the children of Urguan, each one more eager than the last to carry out Dungrimm’s will. The Uruks carried an Umri slave with them; fresh, breathing, and undeniable proof of their transgressions. The Dwedmar and their Orcish comrade held their weapons aloft, eyeing their prey as Yazmorra Blackroot negotiated the surrender of the slave being transported. The slave was released, and not a moment later, the first strike came from the Grand Queen herself. The ensuing fight concluded with the Snagagoth face-down in a pool of his own blood, a Frostbeard blade lodged in his chest, and his Raguk accomplice attempting to offer terms. Both were brought back to Urguan’s halls in chains. The slavers were thrown into sky cells, to await questioning. Not long after, their interrogations were complete, and the Grand Queen was left to render judgement. The Uruks would face death, and it would be one of their own kind who would give it to them; Naffog, the Orcish Grandmaster of The Crimson Edict who’d fought alongside the Dwed patrol - upon his own request. The Uruks from Krugmar were dragged into the city square, their hands and feet soon nailed between the stone tiles. The Raguk pleaded for his life and the Snagagoth placated himself, suggesting that a slaver’s soul could be saved. The Orc who’d been chosen to mete out their punishment would hear none of it, and had already chosen what fate his misbegotten kin would suffer. Soon, skin was separated from muscle, and bodies were tormented beyond recognition. So it was that two Uruks, flayed living and hung on posts, decorated the heart of Urguan. An end befitting any slaver. Grand King of Urguan,
  15. A WAR OF RETRIBUTION Urguan’s Folk, for centuries, have been tried time and time again by nations who believe they are strong enough to defeat the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. And time and time again, they have continuously failed. The dwed have never lost a war against an external threat, yet the “War-Nation '' of Krugmar has seen it wise to raid Urguani vassals, kill our citizens, and kidnap and debeard our Grand Marshal. These insults to our people cannot and will not be allowed to continue without dire consequences to the already crumbling “nation”. At a council meeting only stone days ago, the Grand King called upon all clans and vassals to appear in the throne room to hear of a decision that would impact the entirety of the Grand Kingdom. With the testimony of Bakir Ireheart, the newly appointed Grand Marshal, describing the ‘trial’ awarded to the dwed, all of Urguan’s folk knew that it was time for action. Repelling every single Krugmarian raid was simply not enough. Killing a Targoth and displaying his head was not enough. Ironcasting a Krugmarian Uruk was not enough. The simple memory of a recent defeat to Urguan under Utak Ireheart was somehow not enough. The council knew that the only step possible to cease Krugmarian hostility once and for all was WAR. With the publication of this document, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan hereby declares WAR on the “War-Nation'' of Krugmar. Shall they realize their mistake and wish for a way out, their peace terms are listed below: SECTION I: TERMS OF PEACE As listed in the recently published grudge against Krugmar, the terms of peace are listed as follows: I. The tusks of the Rex of Krugmar. II. The heads of both Targoths of Krugmar. III. Withdrawing all previous statements against the Grand Kingdom, as well as a public declaration of defeat. Narvak oz Urguan, Narvak oz da Khazadmar signed, Grand King of Urguan, Clan Father of Clan Grandaxe The Grand Marshal of Urguan, Clan Father of the Irehearts and Jarl of Dol’Gorix Lord Chancellor of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, High Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance, Son of Rhewen
  16. [!] In the maplewood forests on the road to Norland, a rather horrific scene of a severed head that seems to be an MRA soldier hanging from a lone maple tree. It ominously swings with each subtle gust of wind. The head would clearly be fresh, exhibiting an emotion of pure terror. Attached to the head is a note, written in blood. Around the tree, blood would be spattered everywhere, showing that more than one MRA soldier fell victim to the wrath of Norland. [!] " To the MRA, It has been brought to my attention that the MRA has been continuously harassing innocents of Norland on our own roads. We, the kind-folk of Elysium have not failed to notice that you all turn tail and run at the first sight of a true warrior of Norland descent. While you cower in fear in the bushes of the Maplewood forest as a soldier walks by, you willingly jump out to harass and torture innocent civilians. An act of true cowardice, and a clear example of abhorrent behavior. There's been a continuous argument on whether those that follow the Red Faith are pagans or not. I offer this open-ended question; what would you call someone who tortures an innocent woman, brands her, and sends her back to her town? What would you call someone who massacres a town of innocents, including women and children? That's right, Pagans. If you thought otherwise, you yourself are a pagan. Nevertheless, I don't give a damn if you think I'm a pagan or not. There has to be someone to call judgement upon those who prey on the innocent. I, along with some other good people, am offering myself to speed up the process of karma to befall upon you fools. Go ahead and pray to your false god, I'll be kind and send you to him. After a few excruciating hours of course. Maybe you'd consider what the point of this letter is. It's a warning and a sign of clarification. I'm just merely spelling it out for you. You are no longer hunting the innocent on our roads. We are hunting you. I truly hope you're naïve enough to ignore this warning. I promise you, we will be waiting. Love, The One Eye'd Raven Absolon de Astrea"
  17. An Open Letter to Boss Toffee, Heir of the Crumbling Keep. I am a musin, some of you may know me as Toast. My Brother Egg and I have long labored in pursuit of prosperity for our people and our ways. In recent years we have suffered greatly at the hands of descendants and though we are not fighters we are not without our defenses, not without our cleverness, not without minds capable of greater feats than we have committed to. The Alchemical arts are not beyond us as many would claim, we are not an ignorant nor ignoble people. Under your leadership Boss Toffee more musin have died than in any other point in history since Great Musin himself lead our escape from the clutches of Ratiki, your juvenile behavior and inaction have acted as a bad apple amongst the buschel and spoiled the lot. We are capable of more, we are going to be more. It is now a plea for your sensibilities, will you submit to the truth of your inefficacies as leader and step aside that a more bold and clever Musin might be elected to lead, or shall you sit upon your high horse and dawdle to postpone peaceful resolution and make violent revolution the inevitable solution? Make your decision, step up or step aside for every moment you wait our people dwindle and die and we can afford your thumb twiddling no longer. Dictated, I cannot read -Toast.
  18. Sowing Kindness In Bloodied Soil [Little Zen Monk - Quan Yingshen Ink Painting] [!] A missive of neat Li-wen Calligraphy with Common Translation would plastered round the streets of Xinzhou [Almaris] _________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ The seeds of Yong Ping were planted by refugees seeking a home to call their own, from the very inception of our city beginning with the district of Tai Ping we have laboured endlessly to preserve our people, our cultures, and our pride. This preservation has always been under the threat of vanity, not our own but from those who see us as little more than exotic commodities rather than people; those who have boastfully and openly declared intent to vassalize us, insulted us by claiming our women act as servants unto men at their establishments and mirror the heartless audacity of the Tai Ping massacre with their assault of the Norlandic peoples. I am writing about the Oreni of course. We the people of Yong Ping understand the plight of the refugee, the struggle of acceptance, and the pain of loss. It is not with violence in mind that we denounce the actions of Oren but with compassion. We understand that there are many who would not wish to sit idly by and take part even passively in fueling this vanity-driven bloodshed and so we open our arms and hearts to the wayward souls who hold no love for war and seek a better alternative. We the people of Yong Ping greet you as equals, and invite you to join us as we expand and seek peaceful living. Henceforth Yong Ping shall open its homes and businesses to refugees in search of a better life. ___________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Signed, Li Xiuying, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  19. A Time of Suffering and Warm Steel A missive is published throughout the cities of the Holy Orenian Empire, emblazoned with the coat of arms of the Vuiller family A painting of the Imperial State army marching into battle at Elysium. A time of suffering. During the hardships our people now endure, these times of Nordling aggression, it is of utmost importance that we lend our aid to our comrades. This begins with understanding the conflict at hand. Who do the men and women of the Imperial State Army fight in this war, and what are they defending? The heathen Chieftain of the Nordlings, Sven, has selfishly ordered a war that he was doomed to lose from the start. Why has he commanded that his people should suffer, when they have no chance of coming out victorious? Why have so many Nordling rulers dedicated themselves to hostility with the Holy Orenian Empire? Envy. It is the envy of a clan whose ancestors turned their backs on our prophets and God Himself. These are descendants of men who fabricated a faith from what scattered fragments of the Canonism they could find, mingled with the ravings of drunks and madmen. They have built the house of their people on shifting snows, while ours rests on firm bedrock. This circumstance infected them with a perverse kind of logic: though they claim to be mighty and honorable, they must cower and scheme to achieve any success compared to us. Thus, the Holy Orenian Empire is wicked because it is mighty and honorable. Our very existence is an insult to these folk who desire what we have so much, but cannot have it. The Nordling government demanded a ransom from our Empire for the mere fact that a man was arrested in the course of criminal ravings, and forced to kneel in the process. They considered it a violation of their national pride, and demanded either gold or blood. But what a fragile pride is this, that for such a minor incident, an entire nation can be sent to their death in battle? It is doubtful that most Nordlings truly feel this war is justified, but their leaders are so barbaric that the populace fears punishment from their own ruler more than Orenian steel. An entire generation is now sent to their doom to satisfy Chief Sven’s fragile ego. And what does he have to be proud of? Our people live in prosperity, obeying the faith of their fathers, with a patrimony extending back to the dawn of the world. His people live in huts of mud and driftwood, worshipping a dead tree. It is tragic that Imperial justice is so necessary for these poor tribes, but one must strike the dog that bites him, even if it is gaunt and starving. Our Empire did not ask for this war, but we will see it finished; we must free the Nordling people of the chains forged by their Chieftain’s envy. Even if we defeat the hordes this time, unless their outlook is fundamentally changed, the same war will recur over and over. a painting of the young Rev Vuiller while writing the missive, painted by one of his triplets. The importance of Godans teachings While our children are catechized at an early age, Nordling leaders have denied their people the salvation of God’s teachings. In the first few years of an Orenian child’s life, they are already baptized in the waters of Gamesh, beginning to pray, and bearing witness to sacraments. These children are taught God’s promise that the world shall belong to the virtuous, who love him. In contrast, a Nordling child is taught that the world is a dark, fearful place with only a few cinders of warmth to huddle around. The Nordling ‘god’ is neither omnipotent nor omniscient; how is a youth to trust such a deity, if it cannot make him any binding promise? These fundamental differences between Canonism and the Red Faith are why the Empire will win this war. Canonist soldiers fight for a greater cause, and have no fear of the reward that awaits them after death. Some of our most notable saints are martyrs of battle, who gave their life defending the teachings of the Holy Scrolls. We see evidence of God’s plan all around us: the apparitions of St. Harald (who was my own grandfather), the miraculous intercession of the Archangel Michael at the last battle of the Inferi war, and even the founding of our own Empire by Ex. Godfrey. I would wager that much of Norland’s envy, and therefore their troublesome behavior, would be rectified by bringing them in line to the True Faith. While they do not live in a way we are accustomed to, the particular culture of any region is not important to God. The governments of Oren, Haense, and Luciensburg may differ greatly, but they are all Canonist states, and so they exist in mutual peace and prosperity. Our Imperial State Army demonstrated their dedication to this effort in the Elysium Offensive. First, they modeled mercy by allowing any who would not fight to flee. Second, they offered a Canonist baptism to any who would accept it. Some did take the sacrament, but sadly not enough--too many fear what would become of them if they accepted God’s gifts, for Chief Sven is a wicked and vengeful ruler. But our cause is still a noble one, and many more will convert once they are freed of his infernal yoke. All who seek redemption for their sins will find it in the house of God, and because we are not ruled by a pagan tyrant, the house of God is welcome to all in the Holy Orenian Empire. No matter how great the horde the Nordling chieftain sends to our walls, no matter how many cities they might siege, they cannot win. It is said best in the Scroll of Auspice, 2:45 “And though they are many, the strength of GOD does not serve the wicked.” It is true that the virtuous may suffer and fail temporarily, but His promise is they shall prevail in the end. If even a single believer perishes in quiet solitude, the gates of the Seven Skies will open to him with thundering clarions. We fight so that those gates of heaven may be open to all the world. When you hear the sound of battle horns and warm steel on steel, know this: we are ready, and we have no fear. God save the Emperor, God save the Empire, and God save the Orenian people! Signed ~ Rev Vuiller
  20. The War Calling of the O’Haras During times of tension and conflict, it is pertinent we do not shy away from the threats of war. We must stay vigilant, prepared to face whatever comes our way. In full support of the Kingdom of Norland alongside clan Edvarsson, Clan Kvitravn, and Clan Camian, Clan O’Hara will not step down. We will stand tall, guiding a torch of the All Father’s Flame to yield victory for our beloved nation. We have begun rallying our bannerman, assembling our forces, and constructing our defences, though, our mobilization does not stop here. To Prospective Clanmates Casual Clan Uniform Clan O’Hara, previously named house O'Hara, dates back to early Atlas. Those of House O’Hara had been ambitious, having their sights set on being higher in society. Currently, they are a warrior-based clan, composed of strong-willed warriors and medics driven to serve Norland and all its Vassals. They strive to be the most well-rounded medicinal and warrior clan that Norland has ever seen. With Loyalty, Honesty and Bravery, Clanmates serve with the three tenets embedded into their mindsets. All clanmates and bloodborne act as kin to bear honor to their ancient name. Those who wish to serve Clan O’Hara, especially during these dire times of strife should speak to either Éléonore O’Hara de Astrea or Oliver O’Hara. Signed, Éléonore O’Hara de Astrea, Chieftainess of Clan O’Hara Oliver O’Hara, Chieftain of Clan O’Hara
  21. The Seregon's Sorrow Music : Around the descendant cities, on tavern boards to walls in the alleys, they would be paper pinned to the walls and boards, the paper saying if read. Greetings all who come upon the rant, my pen which shall speak of how my heart is filled with wrath for all who walk upon the world, the ones who push forward for more blood. The dwarves have lost their minds thinking the Azdrazi reside near Providence. They truly need to read the room and realize that Azdrazi exists everywhere. Not just in one place. Additionally, the recent attack on Elysium is brutal, it is not some just cause to act like gods. The one who acts like gods, who think they can make people shall be crushed by a blade of justice in the future, shall it be the death of one of their kin or them dying a brutal death by a horrid illness. I condemn the Orenian leaders for doing such a horrible crime, allowing a whole city to starve. I also condemn the Norlandic people for so quickly declaring war without a thought of what might come, blood is not a solution to a problem. As an ‘aheral, I have always been taught that all others are leasers, the ‘aheral are supreme. I come to think this every day, I wish not to as all descendants are beautiful, not all but, all should be given compassion and mercy. Was the pain of so many mothers and children from the past, not an omen of why war brings nothing but deviation. Will any of you learn that we must not kill each other so much as we all are descendants. Were the battles in Arcas to protect each other from the Inferni invasion not enough to tell that we need each other? How right some might be that we are selfish. So I plead that this war ends soon. I am a simple nobody, a crystal in the sand, a spec. But I still feel a push that I have to say something and cannot stay silent. Additionally, both the Duke and Liluth, are not truly them I think, declaring so easily that they surrender. At this point, how could I trust what the Orenians say? They burnt a whole field of crops to make the Norlandic people starve. These two did a sacrifice by me thinks, surrendering- to protect their own. Unlike their Orenian kin who do not care about the children or mothers. Their god is fake, all of your gods are fake. As we all return to death in the end. I do not deny the existence of any sort of deity, but I do deny it is valid to murder each other for that reason because someone tells you to do it. After all, you warmongers will never learn. That once someone dies, they will never come back and they will be punished for the deaths that are committed during this war of men and women with power. As you all act like gods, the people suffer under your iron fists. You might think your cause is valid but is truly invalid if someone has to die for that cause. I was blinded for a second when I saw a certain Corbin Wick, heard of the crimes he committed. But I was then stopped by him, hearing his side of what he had done. I was moved as I knew that what he said could have happened, so- I didn't attack him. Hanseti lords, call me a heretic if you want, but you're also in a horrible warmonger boat for wanting to burn a woman alive then imprisoning me and a friend for trying to stop it then killing her so be quiet. But yes, if only we could strive for diplomacy- but no. You leaders wish to act like- Gods. If we act blinded more and more by wrath, how could we ever band together if something like another invasion happens? We will be weak and defenseless as we fight each other. Why do we have to fight each other? Why must we make each other scream and cry more and more for causes of nothing- just going back to death once more for some useless causes. At the Bottom of this notice it would have a signature with some additional words- Sincerely with much hatred, sorrow, and sadness to my fellow Descendants of Alamaris, Alyssa Seregon.
  22. A Time Of War To the people of Oren, War has been declared by heretics of Norland to one of the Canonist nations, The Empire of Oren. For us, devout Canonists are trying to live accordingly to the words of the Holy Scrolls. My message to the Orenian people is; stay safe, and fare well into the war that is coming to you, for the heretics are the ones who are the threat to your faith. Spare the ones who surrender themselves as God is one who shows mercy upon people, whether they are your enemy or not; perhaps allow them time to learn from our Scrolls and to learn our way of life. O' you soldiers, of the Imperial State Army, if you ever reach the villages of the Norlanders, do not capture the children or the women, for they are innocent beings and both the main foundation for the upbringing of a new generation of people. God is the most high, and he shall show mercy upon those who try to discover his ways, the righteous path. It is God, who shall help you in your times of need, it is Him who shall ensure your victory against heretics. As a victim of an attempted assassination by a clique of heretics, I share the feeling with the Orenian people, for the heretics must be paying for their crimes and their hate towards our Almighty God. It was an Orenian who saved my life from a Qalasheen Berserker, and I thank God till this day that he saved my life. O' you, children who are not aware of what is happening, pray to God for your beloved Brothers and Sisters who are waging their lives against the heretics, as they are the ones who make sure our Holy Church is preservated and that our Faith continues its path in peace. You, Canonist nations, let the Words of God be heard, not just the chants of Victory against those who oppose our Lord. May God have mercy upon the enemies who surrender, and allow them time to discover the right path; The path of God. May God protect you, now and forever, Amen. Fr. Ivarus, Patriarchate of Jorenus, Hanseti-Ruska.
  23. Upon the death of the late Grand King, had the respective clans of the Dwarven Kingdom rose amongst themselves, in their strife, had two leaders emerged. In opposition to one another, the lesser lords took sides. In political warfare, words meant nothing, for the Dwarves were creatures of bloodshed, warfare, they would have no say with a rebellion- it must be dealt with an axe to the neck, to severe the snake's head from its body. However, the new Kingdom army, heralded by the Frostbeard, Kerwyr, did indeed rally his brethren. In doing so, he successfully took the city, leaving in his wake those who would oppose him. His reign was imminent, he would rule the sovereign nation of the Dwarves with an iron fist. An iron fist that would lead them to a successful future, a future without fret or fear. Assembling his rally before the throne, adorning the great cast crown atop the mantle which was his head. A double-sided axe raised high, shaking violently in the air as he spoke aloud to his kinsmen. A voice of reason, some would say, a voice of tyranny, to others, albeit to the majority- they knew it, change was incoming, change, which they so desperately wanted. The Dwarves would no longer suffer against the ever encroaching plight of banditry, self-conflict, and greed no more. He would do away with the Ibleesian curse, he would do his men proud, and his nation prouder. With the best interests of his sovereign nation at heart, he would step forth, intermingling with his very own people before marching onward. War dawned upon the horizon, the anvils clanked fierce, and molten liquid flowed throughout its respective areas. All smithes were put to the test, to provide The Legion with as many armaments as possible. Albeit it wouldn’t change a thing, still, whether they were with, or without armour, Kerwyr Frostbeard would ensure his reign would succeed. In the name of honour, progression, and strength. WARCLAIM Tier Chosen: 1 Type of battle: Conquest Date And Time: Saturday 3 EST Side A: The Grand Kingdom of Urguan Side B: Dwarven Rebels Location and boundaries: Direct Area: https://gyazo.com/8a2667012d5f0228b67eb132f639e535 (to better clarify, the island on the water is where we’re conquesting.) Surrounding area of battlefield for reference to location: https://gyazo.com/8a2667012d5f0228b67eb132f639e535 Siege will either be naval or land-based, will be discussed with opposition in a war chat. Terms of Victory VICTORY FOR ATTACKERS Defending forces are killed or driven from the field of battle. VICTORY FOR DEFENDERS Attacking forces are killed or driven from the field of battle. Upon Victory For... Side A: The Dwarven Legion may continue on to siege the island. Side B: The attacking side is henceforth unable to attack for the next two weeks. Rules: All LoTC rules. If a side does not show they forfeit. No one day alts. Status switching explicitly allowed. No golden apples.
  24. The Order of Noctis "If you must take your sword from its sheath, return it bloody." "Seeking your Destiny is like looking into a mirror. You see an image, however blurred, in whatever light exists at the time. But if the light ever changes, so will the image itself. And if the light ever vanishes, the mirror will be empty. That is why the truest mirror is the one that needs no light at all." -The Order of Noctis motto’s Welcome to The Order of the Noctis. This is a guild based on working together, building, trading, and training to be a soldier in a time of need. The Story We were formed to fight for the Courland rebellion, but when they were destroyed we were exiled out of the kingdom. Now we have been reformed in the dreadlands. The Transcript of the Order You shall never attack, injure, or kill another Order member or an ally of the guild. You shall never steal from the Order. You shall never disobey the orders of your superior in the Order. If there is an issue with another member of The Order of Noctis you will bring it up with your supervisor or if it is a large issue you will come to the overseer. If there is a need to fight you must come to the aid of the guild. Your loyalties lie with the Overseer first, then to your brothers and sisters in the Order, then to your home country. Positions Ranger Rangers are the archers and tactical minds of The Order of Noctis military. They will hide in the shadows until the time is right then burst out and let rain a fly of accurate, deadly arrows. There can also only be 50 active rangers at once ( non-gold leafs) Trainee - You are new and are being trained by a higher ranking Ranger (usually one on one). Bronze Leaf - You are a fully-fledged Ranger and you now don't have to be accompanied by an older Ranger when on missions. Silver Leaf - You are an older Ranger and you can now take on apprentices and will be part of the inner circle of rangers making decisions with the leader. Gold Leaf - You are a retired Ranger who helps documenting and other non-field assignments ( If there is a serious requirement you can be requested to do a field assignment). Leader - you are in charge of the Rangers and you give out missions either for the Overseer or from peasants (other players) requesting help. Assassin Assassins are the unsung heroes behind every win. As they sneak by and take down the enemy before they even know what is happening, and they let the others do what they do. Initiate - You are new and haven't proven yourself as a good agent. Proven - You have proven you are a loyal and well deserving agent. Accepted - You can now lead missions that were given by your Up-incoming. Up-incoming - you lead a group of accepted and give them tasks from the leader. You may be next in line to be a leader. Leader - you give Assassins missions from the Overseer. Or if there are no missions you can send them on scouting missions to enemy territory. Warrior Warriors are the backbone of the The Order of Noctis's military. They are the foot soldiers and the people who charge head first into battle seeking glory and honor. Recruit - You are new and still need training to become a soldier. Soldier - You are no longer a recruit and are now a part of the Order of the Warrior’s Blade’s military. Sergeant - you lead a group of soldiers into battle and you also train the recruits in your party. Lieutenant - you lead the Sergeant's and give them orders for them to carry out to their groups. Leader - You command everybody and by giving orders to your Lieutenants you get your men to carry out these orders. Non-Battle Positions These are positions for things we need that aren't part of the military (you can have both) (an asterisk* will be by those you cannot have a war position with). Resource Collectors - (We need lots of them) They are the ones that go out and collect resources for us (miners, farmers, and woodcutters). Treasury Manager* - You take care of the funds and manage the Bankers (you will not get this job strait of the bat you need to be trusted, on LOTC a lot, and very well known). Banker* - You are similar to the Treasury Manager you will manage some of the funds or paychecks, etc. Blacksmiths - To make armor, swords, etc. and to make thing to sell to make money for the guild. Woodworkers - To make bows, arrows, etc. and to make thing to sell to make money for the guild. Cook - To make food for us and to sell for the guild. Healer - You heal the injured of the guild (through magic, potions, etc.) on and off the battlefield. Alchemist* - To make us potions for us to use when we need (in war, to help collect resources, etc.) Wizards* - To use spells in battle or to help the guild in times of peace (Fi'hiiran'tanya is espcialy useful) (If you are applying for a wizard please put your specialty down too [alteration, illusion, etc.] Applications (Do not lie we will find out and you will be kicked from the guild.) OOC: Minecraft Name: Age: Why you want to join: Skype (optional): In Game: Name: Age: Race: Gender: Job(s) you are applying for: Why you (the character) wants to join:
  25. "Your Kub will provide great wealth for the Uzg, for he shall be born beneath Durnorksru." When the sun rests beneath the sands of the Uzg, a blanket of darkness, bejeweled with innumerable stars envelops the land. To the untrained eye it would appear as a series of scattered lights, but to the Ilzhonal, those that study the Ilzpaak (Constellations), there is much to be said about the formations found within the celestial sky. It is often said by students of this Zodiac that the constellations were created by the Immortal Spirits, and those born under specific Ilzpaak are attuned with the energy of the spirit that created it. Ilzhonal Ilzhonal, the great Star Watchers, those that dedicate a vast majority of their time to studying the grand constellations that adorn the night sky. They believe that the time of birth for a kub is extremely important, and the energy of the Spirit beneath which they are born will have a great influence on their personalities and life path. They often exclude themselves from Laz'Dur so that they may study in peace, and for a pregnant Orc to consult one of these masters is something of a pilgrimage. It is considered a great importance to know your kub's spirit alignment. Pregnancy: When a Fe-Uruk is nearing the time to give birth (or just as she has given birth) she will venture to the Ilzhonal to receive a blessing and details of what her offspring will be like. The Ilzhonal live in dainty, cramped tents scattered within a far region of the Uzg. Their homes are typically rife with smells of incense and herbs, and are adorned in all directions by fetishes and paintings. Their shelves are often chock to the brim with old, dusty tomes and great vials of red and yellow sands. Parents will take a great note on the teachings of the Ilzhonal, for they will use his warnings to prevent their offspring from becoming victim to the unhealthy aspects of their alignments. The Importance of Sand: When a kub is born, the time of their birth is just as important as the constellations above them. There are two periods in which an Uruk can be born, and each period will have a varying effect upon the spiritual energy they receive from the Ilzpaak they are born beneath; they are categorized by the presence of the larger bodies in the sky. When the Sun is up, Uruk are born of the yellow sand. When they are born of the Moon, they are of the red sand. When the Ilzhonal determines this, they cover the kub in the sand specific to them, partaking in a great ritiual of blessing. Yellow Sand: Those born during the Yellow sand are alert individuals, those with a keen awareness for their environment and the factors within it. However, they focus so intensely on the outside world that they often forget to take note of themselves and how they are feeling. For this reason, they are more prone to emotional stimuli, and can be easily influenced into anger, or happiness in many situations. Uruk of the yellow sand are more inclined to action, and have a greater energy toward all things physical, such as fighting, building and dancing. Those assigned to the path of the Yellow sand are often destined for greatness in factors of war and building. They make up among the greatest fighters and builders the Uzg has seen, and are also more noted for their dynamic personalities. Red Sand: The Uruk born of the Red sand are more relaxed in their approach to life, having a more reticent view of the world. They only speak on matters of importance when they have a great passion for it. They are more inward focusing than outward, and can often fall into lapses of self-pity or greed. However, their perspective of introversion allows them to be less precarious than their counterparts, and they can become keen learners and intellectuals with the right guidance. Those assigned to the path of the Red sand are typically more inclined to become great teachers and sources of Wisdom for those of the Uzg. They are especially good at inventing new technologies and ways of living. Both: If an Uruk is born when the Sun rises, they are adorned in a mixture of both sands, but will be more inclined toward the traits of the Yellow Sand. Likewise, when the sun sets, those born are more inclined to the Red sand. It is said that it is optimum to be born with a meshing of the two sands, and that those born within these periods will lead lives of greatness. The Rising Sun Uruks are said to be great leaders, with many having the opportunity to claim Rexdom. Those of Sunset are destined for great paths of Shamanism and heightened connections to the Spirits. Ilzpaak and their assigned Spirits: As every month comes around, so too does a constellation assigned to that period. Those born within these times will be greatly influenced by the Spirits that created the Ilzpaak, and combined with their Sand Path, will follow the destiny written for them amidst the stars. Snow's Maiden - Daumanlob Spirit: Urin - The Immortal Spirit of Weather, Seasons and Climate. This constellation appears as the claw of a Raven. An Uruk born beneath Urin is subject to great inner turmoil. At any moment, they can change from great happiness to destructive rage. As those born within Daumanlob age, they will learn to hone their inner energy to draw on their heightened emotional states when they are needed the most. For this reason, they can go on to become great performers, warriors and inventors. Yellow: Those of Urin, with the path of the Yellow sand will become extremely precarious individuals. Their lives will consist of great struggle as they attempt to balance themselves in all things. They are also prone to extremes in all things, whether it be gambling or competition. Those of Yellow are more inclined to become great warriors and story tellers, relying on their ability to over-exaggerate everything. Red: Those of Urin, with the path of the Red sand will have less of a struggle with their inner machinations, but will still be liable to an inner conflict. They will have a great many idea for projects, but will struggle to settle upon a final design. They are essentially perfectionists, who will very rarely find satisfaction in their endeavors. Krug's Welcome - Krugbroshan Spirit: Akezo - The Immortal Spirit of Health, Vitality and Healing. This constellation appears as a wing. Uruk born beneath Akezo are very energetic individuals, with a great ability to heal internally from great emotional trauma. They are not easily angered by outside influence, and they are quite capable of flowing through life without much inner-turmoil, but can also lose sight of what is important. Uruk born within Krugbroshan are well known for their ressilience, and can become wise and great teachers of life. They also make exceptional healers and potion brewers. Yellow: Those of Akezo, with the path of the Yellow sand will have a profound influence on the future of the Uzg, for it is within them to provide kubs of great strength. It is highly recommended for those of Yellow to pursue lives of hunting and War, for they have a great capability to withstand the harshness and solitude that comes with it. However, they can also become too familiar with being alone, and can segregate themselves from the rest of the Uzg as they recline into a life of self-sufficiency. Red: Those of Akezo, with the path of the Red sand will also provide healthy kubs. Additionally, those of this path are more prone to extending their healing capabilities into others. It is for this reason that they pursue professions of healing. This desire to help others extends into all aspects of life, and they can be rather naive in assisting people. Those of the Red sand assume an inner-good in all creatures, and put themselves at great risk. First Seed - Ashblûg Spirit: Ublulhar - The Immortal Spirit of Hope and New Beginnings. This constellation appears in the shape of a seed. When you are born in alignment with Ublulhar, you will have an unquenchable desire to accumulate new skills. Many of the Uruk born within Ashblûg are destined to become a Jacks of all trades, but master of none. They will spend some times involved within a certain pursuit, and will them drop it for something else. For this reason, they are bad leaders and parents. However, they will continue to have a great birth of knowledge, which will at many points in their live become useful to them. Yellow: Those of Ublulhar, with the path of the Yellow sand are less dedicated to the many interests in their lives. They will go on to have a great number of mates and hobbies, and this can lead to them being viewed rather negatively by other Uruk. Despite this, they are quick to take on news tasks and with their heightened energy, can finish them before they run the risk of losing interest. They can become very influencing in the Uzg, typically among the more productive members of society. Red: Those of Ublulhar, with the path of the Red sand are inclined to hold onto their interests for greater lengths of time. They have a propensity, given the right environment, to become masters of the fields they are interested in. However, they can become so obsessed with their interests that they can often grow without families or friends, and if they are not careful, may live in relative solitude. Grand Harvest - Durnorksru Spirit: Arwa - The Immortal Spirit of Fertility, Harvesting and Farming. This constellation appears as a womb. Interestingly, Uruk born within Durnorksru are more often born twins than the other Uruk of the War Uzg, and at the very least will have extremely large families. They place a great importance on child rearing and working as a team, and can find their place within many crowds and professions. However, Uruk of Arwa can lose sight of their own inner power as they rely too heavily on group efforts. These Uruk are also inclined to over-eating, and can become particularly gluttonous. Yellow: Those of Arwa, with the path of the Yellow sand are keen farmers, working the fields with little to no complaint as they provide for their family, the Uzg. They are happy to work in any way that can better the society in which they live, and they can also become great parents, rearing many offspring. Due to their reliance on a team effort, they can struggle in their personal lives to follow pursuits that require their own abilities. As great a parents as many can become, they can also fall into the trap of not having the self-confidence to pursue mates. Red: Those of Arwa, with the path of the Red sand are in great risk of becoming obese. Due to their relative introversion, they tend to become gluttonous as they focus intently on food. Many of those born uner Durnorksru pursue carreers of food preparing, whether to provide for others or to sate their own hunger is a factor of much debate. Sun's smile - Aanzrii Spirit: Paxahru - The Immortal Spirit of Arrogance and Stupidity. This constellation appears as a grin. It is often said that arrogance and stupidity are usually twinned together, and the Uruk born under Paxahru are perfect examples of this. They typically over-estimate their abilities, and this blind confidence can often lead to many tribulations within their life. However, this arrogance allows them to bully other Uruk into helping them achieve their goals. Yellow: Those of Paxahru, with the path of the Yellow sand are very outwardly confident, waltzing across the Uzg with a keen awareness of how great they are. They expect others to perceive this as well, and will often spark fights when they are met with resistance. Those of the Yellow path often succumb to irreparable damage as they strive to single-handedly slay beasts or jump great distances. Red: Those of Paxahru, with the path of the Red sand are far more cranial than their counterparts, often sparking discussions among other Uruk to mock them. They believe that their views are unequivocally true and this almost invariably leads to them being beaten into submission. Nevertheless, the debates that they spark can have an ability to provoke life-changing thought as the Uruk of the War Uzg discuss their lives. Amber cold - Agongraz Spirit: Ghorza - The Immortal Spirit of Spirit, Travel, Movement and Fortune both Bad and Good. This constellation appears as a walking cane. When you are born in alignment with the Spirit of Travel, you are helpless to resist the wanderlust that guides your life. The Uruk born in Agongraz are no happier than when they are exploring the world. Whether it be with peaceful or villainous means, those of Ghorza are rarely seen within the sands of the Uzg. They are so encapsulated with movement that they are rarely comfortable in themselves. They are consistently faced with tribulation, and their levels of luck seem to vary in great extremes. Yellow: Those of Ghorza, with the path of the Yellow sand take a great interest in exploring the world, and will often do this through the opportunities that raiding and War provide. For this reason, when they are of age, they are usually the first to sign up for the Krug-hai and raiding parties. Due to this, they do not often live to an old age, and will often be slain in their travels as in their keenness, they under prepare for the world outside of the Uzg. Red: Those of Ghorza, with the path of the Red sand are interested in map charting and sea faring, and will often take to great vessels in search of new land. It is usually the dream of those of the Red path to be famed for their great adventures and charms that they can return to the Uzg. They are usually more cautious than their counterparts, and will take the time to prepare. Some can take longer than others, and this can come at a great cost as they feel as though they have not explored as much as they would have wished. Deep cold - Bûrzgraz Spirit: Ixli - The Immortal Spirit of Truth and Judgement and Forbidden Knowledge. This constellation appears as an eye. Perhaps the most controversial of all Ilzpaak, those born in alignment with Ixli are viewed with great suspicion. They are generally good hearted individuals, but can be misguided by their own thirsts for knowledge. It is said that an Uruk born under Ixli will sacrifice his own mental well-being in the pursuit of understanding. These Uruk are typically judgemental of others, and this can be their greatest downfall. Yellow: Those of Ixli, with the path of the Yellow sand seek to understand their environment in more physical ways. They will often take on apprenticeships in building and exploration in order to gain the vast knowledge they strive to gather. Those of the Yellow path are said to be less sane than their counterparts, often appearing out of place among their brothers. Red: Those of Ixli, with the path of the Red sand are great conjurers of conspiracy, and search far and wide for the hidden knowledge they believe is lost to them for a sinister purpose. They will often sacrifice their inner-peace to discover what they can about their suspicons, and are very mistrusting of those they come into contact with. They are known to sacrifice their honour in some instances, as they become so wracked in exposing the "truth", whatever that may be for them.
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