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Found 7 results

  1. Swords Into Plowshares Writ of Abdication ☩ Penned by Count Waclaw Jakub Jazlowiecki in the year of our Lord, 1966 It was nearly fifty years ago when my father summoned an Impromptu meeting of the House and its many allies. It was upon that day that I ascended to become Count of Warsovia, a title I have held since I was but a youth of Fourteen. In my long tenure, I have seen and endured much- The Adrian Uprising. The Mori Invasions. The Frankish Wars. The perfidious attempted coup headed by Stassion and the subsequent war against Veletz. Yet one thing has been a near-constant throughout: War. It is my earnest and true belief that the times of war are behind us and that a time of prosperity lies ahead. That being said, I am not the right man to lead Warsovia and the Lechian people into this bright new dawn. As we cast aside our swords in pursuit of peace, it is altogether fitting and proper that I, too, stand aside and make way for a new generation of leadership. With this new peace that dawns upon us, let the young, those untainted by decades of conflict and cynicism, guide the destiny of our great realm. It is their world now and it is high time they lead it. Thusly, I, Waclaw Jakub Jazlowiecki, being of sound mind and body, do as of the publishing of this missive, abdicate my position as Count of Warsovia in favor of my son and heir, Krzysztof Pawel Jazlowiecki. May God guide him and grant him a long, fruitful reign. W IMIĘ BOŻE Waclaw Jakub Jazlowiecki THE RIGHT HONOURABLE, Waclaw of House Jazlowiecki, Count of Warsovia, Grand Master of the Knightly Circle of Saint Godwin
  2. -=+=- THE BAGROVYY MEDVED’ MENU -=+=- [!] A Sakcharin Catering services booklet made of thick paper and stitched leather lies open to the front page in your hands. Embossed stags and bears detail the menu, alluding to the families of the wedding. A flourish of text rests upon the top line: The Bagrovyy Medved Menu. Underneath, several sections are written in Common with bold, precise strokes of ink. -=-=- Alcoholic Drinks -=-=- The Flaming Raevir This Raevir beverage is a fiery red in appearance, clasped in hand with a short, rounded crystalline glass, detailings of running bears along the rim of the glass. A particularly strong drink with quite the kick, it is made through fermentation of sugar syrup, beets, and apples. Added to the drink is that of lemon, honey, strawberries, oak bark, green tea and coffee. This heavily mixed beverage is similar to moonshine, every aspect of it like a mule's kick to the throat, taste and scent alike. The Crimson Stag This Raev beverage is held in a crystalline glass boasting the crimson stags of the Jasloviecki household detailed upon it. Vodka and coffee liqueur is mixed, before being poured over ice, a half-and-half of almond and oat milk following shortly after. A heavy cream is added, allowing one to sip past a layer of cream for a sweet and chocolate tasting beverage. The Buttery Couple Two low-standing, crystalline shot glasses would be clasped in hand. From all appearances, the first shot would seem almost akin to an iced coffee, creamy and caramel in appearance with grated tonka beans over top. It is shot back and followed by the second shotglass with whisky poured over gomme syrup, lemon juice, egg whites and liquorice bitters over ice. While the Raev shots may seem like it would taste sour entirely, it would have a rich, nutty vanilla flavor with hints of sweet and spice alike when served. -=-=-Non-Alcoholic Drinks -=-=- The Passionate Wedding This Raevir beverage is made with strawberry juice alongside boiled lingonberries, giving it a vibrantly colored appearance, clasped in hand with a crystalline flute, detailings of entwined bears and stag along the rim. Diluted with water, and sweetened with sugar and honey alike, this drink would cater to the ultimate sweet tooth among us. The Kalmyks Stag A stag-detailed crystalline glass would be clasped in hand. From all appearances, the liquid is frosty, pale and pink - and creamy as well. The Raev tea is made from a mixture of pressed green and black tea, brewed with melted butter, salt, and goat's milk. Nutmeg and peppercorn is stirred in, the sweet in appearance tea having a salty and tart taste alike. The Blooming Romance This Raev beverage is held in a crystalline glass boasting the trailing red and white colors of the joining households detailed upon it. Made with use of rye, oats and pea jelly - the appearance of this drink is a vibrant red. Redcurrants, cranberries, and cherries are boiled and added to the beverage. Three dollops of a light cream decorate the top, in which a single rose petal floats between. -=-=- Meals -=-=- The Bears Pelmeni This Raevir dish is set within a cabbage-lined bowl with detailings of running bears along the outer rim. Most similar in appearance to dumplings, this dish is dough with the fillings of salted minced beef, lamb and pork. A dollop of sour cream is found on the side, alongside that of two stuffed cabbage rolls, cabbage leaves stuffed with a combination of ground beef, pork, rice and vegetables before having been cooked in a creamy tomato sauce. This dish makes for a tangy, tender taste. The Nutty Nuptials This Raevir dish is set upon a plate with detailings of running bears and stag along the outer rim, candied ginger placed sporadically along it. The dish in question is combined buckwheat and roasted vegetables, alongside eggs, ground lamb, paprika, salt and pepper. Sauteed carrots and onions are added, before it is baked into something round akin to a patty. Butter lathers brioche bread, which may be eaten normally or used to make a sandwich with your buckwheat patty. The taste is rich and nutty alike. Strans Prancing Zakuski A bear-detailed crockery dish would be clasped in hand. From all appearances, the dish is vibrant in color, with rich purples and reds and ground cayenne pepper sprinkled over top. This Raev dish contains thinly sliced mushrooms and onions cooked in a cream sauce, cheese, and sour cream. To cut through the sheer richness, the mushrooms are seasoned with nutmeg and ground pepper and infused with white wine. Sauteed shallots add a pungent, earthy flavor as well. -=-=- Desserts -=-=- The Truffling Stag A stag-detailed cake plate would be clasped in hand. From all appearances, this truffle would appear to be rounded, powdered with sea salt and in a thin paper liner with miniature stags printed across. Sour cream, giving the truffle an appearance more akin to a cupcake, is dalloped on the top. This Raev treat is made of vanilla cookie crumbs, butter, cocoa and a little cognac. Chopped nuts are added inside, alongside lime zest. The truffle in question would be sweet and savory alike. Warsovias Feathered Cake A white feathered-detailed cake plate would be clasped in hand. From all appearances, this cake would appear akin to a delicate mousse or jell-o like in nature. Powdered white sugar decorates the sweet, in varying feathered patterns. This Raev treat is made of a whipped sour cream filling, alongside butter, heavy cream, and chocolate chips. A dollop of whipped cream is dabbled on the side, in which a bite of the cake may be dipped in.
  3. AFFIRMATION OF THE LORDSHIPS OF WOLAVIA AND VISKA Issued on the 8th of Sun's Smile, 1931 Our house has always worked hard in service to their King, whoever that may have been. This is still the case as we serve the Alstion Kings of Aaun. Our enthusiasm does not diminish and the House moves forward achieving new goals. My brothers work as hard as I do to build up the reputation of our House. Aleksander helps out in the Legion and as Master of the Hunt, while Witold endeavors to become an Alchemist. In appreciation of their efforts and toil, by my authority as the Count of Warsovia, in consultation with the Prince of Alstreim, I confer on them the titles of Lordship. My brother Aleksander Wilhelm Jazloviecki and his descendants shall from now on bear the title of the Lords of Wolavia, while Witold Piotr Jazloviecki and his descendants shall be named the Lords of Viska. Let this be a reminder to everyone that hard work always bears fruit. Through our efforts, the power of the region of Merryweather and our United Kingdom of Aaun is growing. May we see such fruits borne once more through the labors of others in the future. W IMIĘ BOŻE, HIS LORDSHIP, Waclaw of House Jazloviecki, Count of Warsovia, Margrave of Grodno and Lvinsk, Count of Krakovia, Baron of Jazloviec, Warden of the Arentanian Alps, Defender of the Lechian People and Grand Hetman of the Eagle’s Watch APPROVED BY, HIS HIGHNESS, Heinrich II Lothar von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather and the Rhine, Landgrave of Alstreim, Baron of Corwinsburg, Lord of Blackwater
  4. Depiction of Warsovia in the summer [♪] [!] A private letter written in Lechitic and addressed to Waclaw Jakub Jazloviecki, brought to the young Count by a homing pigeon. The letter bears the seal belonging to Jan Jazloviecki, the first Count of Warsovia. ((Please do not metagame and RP the contents of this letter unless they are shared by the recipient.)) @ratlordmagic Waclaw, my dearest son, I'm sorry to have left so many things on your plate. You're still young, a bit foolish and impulsive, but I was no different when I was your age. I don't know when this letter will reach you, but I want you to know that the voyage is going smoothly. We should reach our destination soon enough. This information always comforts me in some way, but between you and me I will tell you that I have heard it so many times already that I no longer believe it. Having many days to myself, undisturbed by anyone, I decided to write this letter to let you know that my thoughts are always with you. I would like you to look at everything I have done from a slightly different perspective after reading this letter. Maybe you will notice something remarkable in this story for yourself. I was a young boy, younger than you are now, when I was forced to live through the terrors of the Harvest Revolution. I saw blood, corpses, pain and suffering of the people I called friends and family. I saw what happened to my father, what happened to my sisters and brother. Each of us was affected differently by this conflict. The revolution left a mark on me that I have never been able to shake off. Feelings of guilt, powerlessness and weakness. I felt inferior to my siblings but at the end of this road it turned out that I was the one who survived the longest. I was the one who raised up our bloodstained banner and crossed the river Petra to reach the place you now call home. It was a huge endeavour. Together with your uncle Henryk, we set up camp in the ruins. The days passed quickly but there was more work than we thought. Cleaning up the rubble, clearing the courtyard, gathering large amounts of stone, wood and other materials from which we built Kamieniec, our new home. The new seat of House Jazloviecki was nothing when compared to Grodno, but we were humble. It was not much, but it was enough for us at the time. I lived in the castle and didn't pay attention to what was around me. My family still lived in Petra. It was so foolish of me to care little about them. When they needed me most I was not there. Bianka was murdered and the wound in my heart reopened. Did I hate her? Yes. Blind pride and the belief that she could not match our father's genius caused my neglect of our relationship. By the time I wanted to fix this, it was too late. My sister was dead and there was nothing I could do about it. I don't wish you to ever have to go through such a thing in your life dear son. After this incident when I officially became the patriarch of the house, I married your mother. My life changed completely. I have always said to you, your brothers and sisters that it is family and loyalty that comes first. I still hold that view. If I can ask for anything, and I know I have been a terrible father and you may hold a grudge against me, but if there is one thing I can ask for then please take care of your siblings and stay loyal to those who gave us new life. Take what fate gives you no matter if it's better or worse than what you were getting before because there may come a day when you lose everything. Enjoy your family and what's around you while you still have it. I don't know if this voyage will end successfully, or if the merciless sea will swallow me and the crew up, but know that if this letter is the last you will ever recieve from me - I love you dearly Waclaw, my firstborn son. I am always with you. Your father,
  5. FIELDS OF GREY [♪] The battle was going to be horrifying. That, the old soldier knew for sure. In his lifetime, Wiktor Jazloviecki has seen enough to make him able to predict that from the atmosphere alone. And even so, it exceeded anything he could have ever expected. He rallied together at the Herzogtum of Minitz along with his Lechian brethren, adorned in the armour of the Hetman of Eagle’s Watch. He listened as soldiers and warriors chatted around him- some prayed, some jested, some discussed- but all appeared well-prepared for the upcoming clash. Upon hearing orders shouted left and right, he made his way up on the wall, gone to inspect the horizon. There, he met his nephews- Waclaw and Aleksander Jazloviecki. As he was talking with them, many men and women, the proud defenders of Minitz, flooded the walls and Wiktor was sure the collision of the vicious and dreadful Mori and the honourable descendants was upon him. He unsheathed his sword and readied himself to oppose the horrors. The locusts came first- twisted, sky-faring spawns of Iblees. The Minitzer protectors loaded their bolts into their crossbows, stones into their trebuchets, and shortly after, the black night sky was filled with hundreds of projectiles, many of which found their targets. On the ground, eldritch arachnoids came in like an avalanche, crushing into the walls with horrible vigour. And, the worst of all- from the Minitz lake, bubbles appeared on the surface. Not very long after, a massive orb of energy and dark magic showed itself at the sight of the defenders. Soon, it started to hover over to the Duchy. The vile creation started to rip the city apart, tearing it piece by piece. “Retreat to the gates!” The orders were clear, and Wiktor, with the rest of the soldiers moved from the walls to defend the main gate, which has fallen under the attack of a horde of Dreadknights. The plate-clad undead beings stood armed in front of the gate, their lifeless eyes laid on the descendants. As the protectors of Minitz stood prepared right at the bars of the gate, the Duke gave the order to open it- luring the battalion of Dreadknights in. Once they stood under the now-lifted gate bars, the Duke commanded for the gate mechanism to be activated. The bars crashed down, impaling through all who stood under them, that being, in the favour of the defenders, a great portion of the Dreadknight force. Another order was shouted- ignite the buildings that stand nearest to the gate. With the order being accomplished, Duke Brandt instructed to open the gates, letting the Dreadknights in. The two armies collided, and a storm of steel began. The battle was fierce, and Wiktor tried to cut through as many as he could. As the numbers thinned, he noticed that red colour cascaded down his side, and soon enough, he started to lose conscience. The world started to spin as he felt his strength slip away, his legs now being barely able to carry the weight of his body. He tried to resist, to strike one more time, but could very scarcely raise his sword- and in a brief moment, he only felt a cold breeze and complete silence. Closing his eyes, he then departed to eternal rest.
  6. ONE LAST TIME Writ of abdication of Jan I Jazloviecki, Count of Warsovia [♪] FOREWORD Thirteen years ago I have stepped on this soil for the first time since the fall of Grodno. It was a milestone in my life, and a thing I have thought to be impossible at the time. I have stepped on this sacred hill not as an exiled man but as the Lord and Count. It was ours once more - Grodno. The dream of my father and grandfather, of my uncles and aunts, dream of me and my siblings. Many doubted me. Too many to count. Even among my closest relatives words of doubt have spread like a thick mist. I did not falter. I have fought for what was rightfully ours and what was taken from us by impious de Vilains of Acre. Against all odds, I stood proudly with my head held high. Of course, none of this would have been possible had it not been for Ottomar von Alstreim, my best friend and brother of my beloved wife. He was the one who saw the opportunity and let me take it. Since that day, our Houses have been connected by a bond stronger than in the days of my grandfather Borys and his grandfather Ulrich. Warsovia wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for the people who, in addition to Ottomar, supported me in my pursuit of my goal. COUSIN HENRYK A person who was with me everywhere and at all times. Day or night, together we erected this castle without outside help. It was our work, our creation. Now, thanks to this hard work, our family can live with dignity. UNCLE WIKTOR Someone who supported me from a young age. Bald and untitled but worth more to me than a whole army of loyal soldiers. We have spent many good and bad moments together over these thirteen years. We defended this castle against invading bandits, we fought to defend Prince Henry. These memories will stay with me forever. UNCLE AUGUST A man that is no longer with us. He taught me what it was like to resist progressive thinking and stay true to the traditions and history of our House. He always gave me advice when I needed it and had an anecdote from his youth for every dilemma. I know that he is now up there with Grandfather and is looking at us gathered here. I think he has no reason to be ashamed of us and what we achieved. Now I have children too. So many that I can't count. I see a part of myself in each of them. Some resemble me and some resemble their mother but I love them all the same. This day is the one I dreaded the most - the day when I will be greying and they will be young and beautiful. Just as the brown of my hair is fading so is my power as Count of Warsovia. Today on the 2nd of Sun's Smile 1922 I abdicate in favour of my first-born son Waclaw Jakub, and install Wiktor Jazloviecki as his Lord Regent. This state of matters shall endure until my son is old enough to bear the coronet. THROUGH ALL, WE PREVAIL. Signed, Jan Jazloviecki, Count of Warsovia
  7. THE COMITAL BAN OF AMELIA IEKAMI Penned by the Komes of Warsovia, Wiktor Jazloviecki on 6th of Sun's Smile 1910 [ ♪ ] To all people who live in the Aaunic region of Merryweather, For years our family has fraternised with the Iekami family, who come from Yong Ping. My grandfather Borys gave them his friendship and trust. Over the years they have helped us with our work, helped by building, making, and fighting. But in any relationship, even the best one, there are stumbling blocks. Small ones that can be forgiven, but also larger ones that take longer to forgive. Unfortunately, Amelia Iekami, daughter of Genkai Iekami has committed too many offences to be able to seek forgiveness. By order of Count Jan I Jazloviecki - Amelia Iekami, on behalf of House Jazloviecki and those of Iekami family who remain alive, is accused of patricide, and a number of other murders committed on the territory of the former Margraviate of Lvinsk. She is also accused of causing her younger brother, Makoto Iekami, to lose his sight during an attempted murder of his person, in front of the capital city of Vienne in the presence of many witnesses. Amelia Iekami is wanted dead or alive by County authorities, any information is of value and should be brought to the County's attention. In addition to that, there is a reward for bringing her in: 150 Mina if she is brought dead, 250 Mina if she is brought to the County alive, or 50 Mina for any information that may lead to her arrest. Signed, Wiktor Jazloviecki, Komes of Warsovia
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