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Found 1 result

  1. The fall of Brandybrook... *~The village at night, spooky!~* It started out as an annual celebration of Knox’O’Ween. The apple bobbing, stick fighting, and costume contest had all concluded; and the judging of the Jack o’Lanterns was underway. Candy and pumpkin flavoured foods filled everyone’s stomach, and everything smelled like pumpkin spice something. *~Apple bobbing and social drinking was afoot in the tavern!~* *~The costume contest was a tie between Isalie and Acron!~* The festival was going great. The turnout was huge, people were laughing and having so much fun. It was a shimmer of light in the darkness of the past few months of inferni attacks. People were happy. What the participants of the night’s activities were not aware of, was that the carving of pumpkins had angered some sort of spirit, and that spirit desired vengeance. Inexplicably, one of the pumpkins became animated, and grew larger and larger until it became as large as the entire Toady Traveller tavern. It suddenly became aggressive, spewing acid all over Brandybrook, wreaking havoc on the little village. The once beautiful Olive Garden where so many festivals had taken place was being melted away by the acid, the tavern began to buckle under the weight of the beast, the village was being wrecked. *~The great pumpkin beast!~* The weefolk of Brandybrook were met with a tough situation, one far too large for them to take on with shovels, and the guard of Aegrothond was nowhere to be seen… They made the hardest decision they ever had to do, and detonated the Bombkins that were scattered through the village, prepared for a situation similar to this. The chain reaction of explosions was devastating, and tore apart the home of the halflings, splintered burrows apart, and reduced the village to dust. The descendants present were able to survive by sailing away on the Spicy Shrimp, where the halfling populace currently resides. The Brandybrook residents cried and wept as they watched their home explode. Many, if not most of them having lived there their entire lives. All the graves of the famous weefolk, those who built it, those who fought to defend it, those who passed away in it’s serene arms, blown away. Remembered only by those now on the Spicy Shrimp. Without a home, they now sail. To where, they don’t know... All they knew, was that they were not going to let the village be destroyed by any beast. It was built by their hand... and it would fall by their hand... OOC: First of all, I wanted to thank everyone who showed up to this event, thanks for making it such a success. Thank you to Jumper who helped me organize this. HUGE thank you to D4NNA for doing the emotes for the pumpkin beast and pasting in the monster so we had something to look at. You ran so many cool events with us, it's poetic that you were the one to run our last. Lastly, thank you to all the halflings and bigguns who made Brandybrook the village it was. I remember walking through the village when I first came to LOTC and thinking it was amazing, and I really am sad to see it go. But of course, all good things must come to an end. Here’s to an even better halfling village on the next map. All in all, it’s been a slice. See you in 8.0 folks
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