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Found 7 results

  1. [!] A missive is distributed announcing the births of Weiss twins. THE LION’S PRIDE GROWS Issued by the Viscounty of Novkursain Naf zwy hag 12th i Wzuvar ag Byvca i 468 ES [!] A depiction of the twin boys as they lay in their cot. Vikomit Audo Weiss and Princess Verónica Weiss are immensely proud to announce the newest-born members of House Weiss on the 11th i Wzuvar ag Byvca i 468 ES. Their firstborn son and heir Walter León Weiss AND Their second-born son Stanislaw Julian Weiss We know that our children will face the future that awaits them with due diligence. May the heir, Lord Walter León Weiss, be a true leader unto the Weiss. AND May our blessed second-born, Lord Stanislaw Julian Weiss, be guided in all things by GOD. With the birth of a new generation, the family name is assured for yet more years. May it be under the light of GOD that the Weiss’ unshakeable devotion to our nation continue forevermore! Under the care and tutelage of the Weiss family, the two infants will learn to carry their family name with the utmost dignity and pride. As they grow, let it be that they: Take unto themselves the Five Maxims of Pride; Be exemplary in pride for their Hanseti-ruskan and Hyspian heritage; Work untiringly to see our great nation prosper. [!] A depiction of a lion, a lioness, and two cubs. A symbol of the new parents and their twins Krusae zwy kongzem; Va Ve Maan A special double batch of Zvaervauld Lilac Honey™ will be made to mark this most special occasion. Iv Joveo Mann, His Honourable Lordship, Audo Weiss, Viscount of Novkursain, Baron of Zvaervauld, Custodian of Staalgrav, Sergeant and Military Tribune of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl Her Highness, Verónica Isabella Weiss, Princess of the Viceroyalty of Hyspia, Viscountess-Consort of Novkursain, Baroness-Consort of Zvaervauld, and Member of the Weiss Council
  2. The Five Maxims of Pride Issued by Vikomit Audo Weiss Naf zwy hag 6th i Tov ag Yermey i 466 ES INTRODUCTION It is with great pride that I have had the honour to watch my family rise within my own lifetime. The founding generations of Weiss have displayed a sense of camaraderie that ought to last for many generations to come. However, such a wish will not manifest without decisive action. With time comes the loss of knowledge and connections to our heritage. In an effort to tackle this impending danger, I do hereby declare for the present and future of the family that we are all to abide by the Five Maxims of Pride. THE FIVE MAXIMS OF PRIDE I. Unshakeable loyalty to the king, the family, and GOD shall be the foremost guides to all. II. A council to guide the family will be formed from the patriarch or matriarch, and otherwise composed of members of their choosing. III. All must be Oathed into the Brotherhood of Saint Karl by the age of eighteen. IV. A challenge issued will be a challenge met. a. Any contest must have the presence of an additional member who will ensure: 1. The legitimacy and fulfilment of any agreed terms 2. The safety of the contestants within agreed boundaries V. The future rests in the hands of the young, and as such they ought to be protected. a. No child below the age of ten will enlist in any armed force b. All children will be taught to defend themselves to the fullest of their capability. Let those who fail to heed these maxims be wary of their own undoing in loyalty, dignity and morality. It is so that the current and future generations of Weiss will require these guiding ideas to retain our founding principles and those which have developed for the sake of civility. With the codification of these maxims, let it be that the Weiss will have a sense of Ancestry and Identity that will last for centuries to come. Krusae zwy kongzem; Vaa ve Maan Iv Joveo Mann, His Lordship, Audo Weiss, Viscount of Novkursain, Baron of Zvaervauld, Custodian of Staalgrav, Head of the Weiss Council, Captain of the Lion Guard and Military Tribune of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl
  3. The Man You Will Not Be Life is cruel and unfair. Any semblance of happiness may be retained or harshly stripped on fickle whims. And while the tides of fate are beyond the control of any single man, one can control how they navigate the storm. Within the depths of Staalgrav, the room of the Young Master Audo Weiss went untouched by his presence in the days following the wedding. Only one person was privy to his absence - his newly wed, Veronica Weiss. Though it should be noted that her knowledge came not of her careful observance but of her last sighting of her husband in a brief moment of melancholy they shared as they sat beside the rain-swept docks of Sheffield port. “I hate this family,” Audo lashed, though his teary gaze remained glued to the distant waves that grew ever-closer, “It brings nothing but pain.” Showing tears to women was weak, or so he had learned. Perhaps his words were, too. Though the spilling of his heart with such wrath did nothing but scar it. In his stubbornness, despite knowing that the lady he loved was surely pained too, he had chosen to remain alone, merely promising not to do anything rash. A wilting candle-flame licked weakly at the encroaching shadows with which Audo has surrounded himself. His lone form slumped over the desk allotted by the budget the military held to decorate each room of the barracks. Ever-present, the tug of sleep pulled at his weary form and yet it eluded him for with it came visions of that which haunted the recesses of his mind. All that were by his side were two celebratory jars of Zvaervauld Lilac Honey, lovingly crafted and adorned with imagery fit for the Houses of Weiss and de Pelear, and a bottle of Carrion Black. The singular owner of the jars, however, was dead for all Audo knew. Death, which haunted him. Even in his happiest of days, there it lingered as it threatened the tethers of his friend to this world, as it threatened himself, his brother, his father, his sister: Death. “Form a ‘V’, wait for it to charge!” Came a call he understood. In the tense waiting of the moments before the clash of the Haense forces and the invading Inferi, all was quiet except the screams of the commanders. The boy was too young to know who all the people were, merely that he had picked the front with the one family did know, the de Pelears. The Grand Prince had attended the Eastern front, too, and yet the boy’s father had not. “Now!” The cry broke, and in a wave of unison the soldiers sliced at the sides of the flaming boar that rushed through - before shrieks followed and the imps upon its once-armoured back fled as cannonballs smashed down into the crowd from their own side. Disoriented from the crash, some distant awareness that the boar was wreaking havoc on the backlines lingering, the boy took up arms when a new order followed, to charge the Inferi with the other loyal citizenry of Haense. Perhaps GOD smiled upon the loyalty shown that day, or perhaps He pitied the whimsy of a child who wished to save his father’s mind. Either way, through some miracle the boy, though blinded from his shattered glasses, lived the battle in place of his unfortunate allies. He was a blessed one, to escape Death - to sob into the arms of Felix Weiss. He was a blessed one, to ward off Sorrow with the Carrion Black his father gave him. Audo Weiss shifted his gaze from the jars of honey to a bottle of Carrion Black that sat upon the desk. Unopened, it lingered on the rim of the candle’s light. Tauntingly, it dared to glimmer just like the jars of honey under the scrutiny of the man’s gaze. He reached for the bottle, grasping it firmly as his torso rose from the desk with a groan. With a practiced hand, he unscrewed the lid. The stench burned. The boy wrinkled his nose and coughed after he sipped from the king’s goblet. Carrion Black was all the king ever drank, a vile-tasting tar as far as his tongue was concerned! Though his eyes watered, and the lad’s body thoroughly rejected the intake of the alcohol, he slid the drink in front of Karl III: a bad taste it may be, but it was not one of Death - yet. Unlike the young one, when the king raised the goblet to his own lips he could drink as if it were water. He afforded the boy a passing glance, before returning it to the room and those that squabbled across the table before him. Even after Karl III passed, he had words of wisdom for his cupbearer, his shield against would-be assassins. Upon receiving the goblet of the late king, inside a stained black void, Audo was bestowed with a wish that made his heart sink: ‘I hope that you will not become an alcoholic by the age of fifteen’. Perhaps those words might have done some good if spoken while the king had lived. A bottle of Whiskey in his hand, a teenager, Audo sat in the crypt of the kings of yore. Though Karl III had yet to find his resting place, for some years he had made a habit of visiting the likes of Sigismund III ‘The Golden’. His visits started as a naive apology, but had grown into the likes of a one-sided discussion. Some part of him believed the king must’ve been well-loved, and surely such a king would care unconditionally. As he talked, and talked, of the grand Felix Weiss and of the inquisitive Haus Weiss, and of all that tore at his family and his mind, but only the dead were present to hear. He talked, he drank, and he stumbled home. Yet, home was not to be where he would find himself. Drunk as he was, he cursed his younger sister, Sierra Weiss, for failing to heed his warning of safety for the youngest, Via Weiss. “You’re a disgrace to your father!” A call came, as Audo staggered out of the tavern. Speak of the man, and he shall appear. Unfortunately, as Audo stumbled out he fell into the graces of his mentor, Georg I. As he spoke, Felix stood aside. Unrelenting, the glare of the patriarch bore into him and the bottle of whiskey each time Audo swung it as he spoke. Being pleased that the king chose Audo for a task was far from Felix’s mind. Hunching, Audo huffed out a cough, “Papej!” He cried after a hit was laid into his gut. In a feeble attempt to defend himself, he lashed out for Felix’s towering form, only to end up on the ground. With a harsh grasp, Audo’s head was yanked back and in the following moments, he was drowning in whiskey. It burnt his eyes, his nose, his lungs; he spluttered though continued to fight. Empty, the bottle was shattered against the far wall on the alley. In his stupor, Audo could not land a single attack and once pulled to his feet, another hook laid into his gut. His back connected with the alley wall as the contents of his stomach splattered the cobbles below. Felix Weiss, an umbra, loomed before he stooped down to eye-level with his blubbering, pathetic boy. “Son, you’ve hit rock bottom.” But by that time, they were not the only ones in the alley. Felix’s wife, Maria Weiss, looked upon the scene from afar, approaching when she saw fit. A mother, this woman was not - not to Audo. Their time spent together had been minimal, and accepting another figure into his life at such a late age was something he had thus far failed to do. And yet here she stood, to mother him at supposed rock bottom. Her words were not easy, and not all comforting. She was as harsh and as stubborn as Felix and his heir. But even so, she cared. Perhaps a meaningless nothing in any other situation, Maria retrieved a shattered piece of glass from the floor. Outstretched towards him, what little light did shine into the alley glimmered from the rough edges of the remnant. “Take this as a reminder of the son you will not be.” Clasping the Carrion Black in his hand, Audo Weiss raised it to his lips. The bottle tilted ever so slightly, but none of the liquid inside kissed him. Slowly, he drew the bottle away, staring down to the contained blackness. As the candle-light flickered, the reflection wavered in the glass. His grasp tightened; the bottle shattered against the wall, spilling its guts against the wall and floor. Creaking, the chair tilted as Audo raised himself to sit back. A solemn glower fell over his features as he observed the pool of Carrion Black growing at the base of the wall. If Death and Sorrow wanted him, they would have to fight for him.
  4. THE UNION OF WHITE LION AND WAR HORSE [!] A Silhouette of depiction of Princess Verónica Frisketa Isabella Maria Lucia Elisabetta de Pelear and Lord Audo Weiss No one saw this coupling as a surprise, except for the betrothed until a few years back. It is with the purest delight that House Weiss and House de Pelear announce the union of their two prestigious families with the marriage of Audo Weiss and Verónica de Pelear: an alliance that will last till the end of bloodlines. Dress Code: No White or blue unless given explicit permission The Wedding and Reception The wedding itself will take place within the Church of Blessed Francisco and will see the two joined together in holy matrimony under the light of GOD. A Secret Event There will be an event held within the bull ring. Though that will be withheld till the day of! Should you wish to know what it is, you must attend A Ball Once the secret event comes to its conclusion, the guests remaining will head to the Hyspia Palace so they may enjoy various drinks, and food being offered, including, but not limited to spicy food competition. followed by gifts for the married couple, and general dancing and merriment Time, Date, and Location The Wedding is open to all that wish to attend Formal Invitations Are Sent To; In No Particular Order: His Majesty, Georg I of Haense and his Citizenry of Haense Duke Aleksandr var Ruthern and his esteemed Pedigree Duke Wilheim Barclay and his esteemed Pedigree Countess Johanne Vuiller and her esteemed Pedigree Countess Carice von Augusten and her esteemed Pedigree Viscount Baldrum Colborn and his esteemed Pedigree Viscountess Theodeta Darkwood and her esteemed Pedigree Baron Gaius Rosius var Ruthern and his esteemed Pedigree Ser Vladimir var Ruthern and his esteemed Pedigree Dame Giovanna Barclay and her esteemed Pedigree Lord Alphonse August Barclay Lady Alexandra Emília Barclay Ser Wyn Larian and his esteemed Pedigree Ser Milonir of Whitehall Bishop Iosif and his esteemed Pedigree Firr Mira’Roui and his esteemed Pedigree His Lordship, Alejandro de Arena and his esteemed Pedigree Firress Iskra Firress Liadain The Novar Household The Santos Househod
  5. Zvaervauld Honeydrops Issued naf zwy 14th hag i Joma ag Umund i 462 ES. Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, With the production of Zvaervauld lilac honey now consistently underway, House Weiss has sought to expand beyond the raw product into more refined goods. Given the sweet and delectable taste of honey we saw no venture more fit for the first expansion than an irresistible candy: honeydrops. Honeydrops are a hard candy, crafted with care by our dedicated artisans. By mixing sugar, water and lemon juice then heating the mixture we get a solid base for the creation of our hard candies. Our signature lilac honey is then added to the mix, stirred and all is caramelised until the hard-crack stage. At this point, we pour the mixture into moulds and allow the candies to set. Then off they go - straight to your tummy! For an endearing flare, we take the extra time to craft moulds of all bee-related varieties. When you buy a pack of mouth-watering honeydrops you’ll find yourself with bees, hives, honeycombs, and flowers (especially lilac, of course!). Get your first un-bee-lievable pack today! Sold on Market Stall III. Tested and accredited by the youngest of Weiss! Iv Joveo Mann, His Lordship, Armsman Audo Weiss Her Excellency, Dame Via Weiss, Knight Paramount of Hoonseti-Ruska Lady Sierra Weiss
  6. Zvaervauld Lilac Honey Issued naf zwy 13th hag i Msitza ag Dargund i 461 ES. Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, House Weiss introduces its first batch of lilac honey this Saint’s day. With a selection of rolling fields belonging to our great king being left under our protection comes an opportunity to expand the commerce of the realm internally and externally. We have chosen the first export we will invest time into: honey. For some it is a delectable snack, for others a medicinal wonder. Tender practices and attentive care has allowed the lands surrounding Staalgrav to flourish in the vibrant pinks and purples of blooming lilac. Within such oceans of petals we have established strong colonies of persistent honey bees, all who work diligently to create the lilac honey of the future. For these bees we have provided only the most quality of man-made hives with roomy confines and easily removable racks that have been hand-carved with the utmost vigilance to mimic the internal starting structure of a colony: a love letter to the wonder of Godan’s Creation. Though we have tried our best, we have found that some bees inevitably prefer nature. To encourage the utmost comfort for our hard workers (and to gain the tastiest of honey) we also allow the construction of natural hives. With great effort, we ensure that we disturb these small worlds as little as possible. Whichever the source, we can assure the quality of our Zvaervauld lilac honey. Sold on Market Stall III or speak to Audo Weiss. Iv Joveo Mann, His Lordship, Audo Weiss
  7. Christoph Weiss "Introductions are in order yes?" Race: Human, Heartlander Gender: Male Age: 29 years old Physical Description: Christoph is an average looking 5'11 tall, young man with brown hair at a fair length over his right shoulder, braided with two silver beads, and eyes the color of a spring Oak. His sharp complexion matches his lean, yet athletic body type and blends with the overall normalness of his frame. You'd have better luck pointing out a a small rock amidst a meadow than to notice him in a crowd. His average physicality is however counter balanced by his elegant yet remarkably practical attire. He had a custom outfit made for the cold weathers in the Kingdom of Haense, adorned in the colors of house Vyronov, steel grey and black. He looks almost the part of a royal guard, though its craftsmanship is of slightly less quality than one would wear. A plated chest-piece with a black tunic underneath, Rabbits fur hemmed together and tied onto the shoulders of the attire, adding comfort and slight warmth. Attached to the armor's lower half are twin squares of fabric, not unlike a thick tailcoat with a silver trimming along the edges of the fabric. in His outwardly demeanor compliments his looks and attire, as those who make eye contact with him on the street would get a pleasant smile and nod while passing; and his posture is overall quite maintained. He gives off an aura of solemn yet welcoming awareness to those he greets, while upholding a noble disposition. "So, lets get to know each other a little." Personality: Christoph is quite well spoken and knows generally how to articulate himself to others although he is easily confused and curious when it comes to things he is not well versed in. He attempts to be kind to acquaintances and converses as though he were speaking to old friends, though he prefers to keep relationships formal, insisting to address friends by their surname unless told to do otherwise. However, his mannerisms are only sometimes used as a cover up for uncertainty and self-consciousness in the face those he respects or when speaking on personal subjects. Often signified by a slight timidness and tendency to float around subjects and questions with his words. Christoph also keeps a fairly strict work ethic. When something is asked of him he will not hesitate to carry out the task, failure results in frustration and anxiousness from him, although he dose his best to not break composure. He has the bad habit of often times taking on more than he can physically handle though, leading him to much confusion and trouble with prioritization. Christoph scoffs to the impolite and unimaginative, although he can make acceptations for some. He values creative souls and aspirators among his close compatriots and finds barbaric tendencies to be unappealing if not horribly unsettling. Though he finds respect and inspiration in warriors who keep loyalty and honor close to their hearts. Hobbies and skills: Christoph is an artist by trade going on 15 years now, and once painted the portraits lords and ladies in his homeland, or that of his beloved. But upon leaving home and arriving at Johonnesburg, he has set his brush and paints aside temporarily. Drawing only in an old leather bound sketch book in his down time or when observing the atmosphere. He'll gladly produce portrait for anyone who asks, provided they have the coin and he has the time. He also enjoys the sport of archery, although only for the fun of it as he is averse to competition. He is by no means the best shot but can hit his target more often than not. He knows his way around basic weaponry as well, knowing he could never simply be defenseless in a pinch. His physical form allows him to wield short swords or weapons light enough for comfortable maneuverability, but anything heavy or requiring a knights strength leaves him with much to be desired. Fishing is another favorite pastime if ever he feels the need to let off some steam or to just relax for an afternoon. He has also since developed the knack for stewardship since being hired as steward for the house Vyronov and the city of St. Karlsburg. He takes pride in his positions and always considers himself on duty, though he may stop to have a chat once in a while. Background: Christoph won't ever speak long on his history, mostly to the point while skimming over the details. Not that he is troubled by his past mind you; but he simply prefers to keep certain personal affairs private. Some 5 years before arriving, he was wed to a woman named Claudia Anne Weiss. She was the subject to many of his paintings and they both found joy in the arts. Claudia however is a frail woman, and is constantly stricken by ailments and sickness that so far have shown to be incurable. Christoph never lost hope for his beloved though, and while he still continues to wear his wedding band he is in search of some foreign cure. And if he comes up fruitless in his endeavors, vows instead to return one day rich enough to pay for her constant treatments. Today he is still searching, still pushing so he may one day come back home. Recent History: Since His arrival, Christoph has found himself becoming ever more infatuated with expanding his aspirations. His inability to find a cure for his beloved leads him to carry out his "Plan B". And now he ever increasingly seeks to befriend people higher up than himself and gain their favor. As months pass though, he realizes it is a slow endeavor to solidify such friendships, and make the proper contacts, though he attempts at every opportunity he can to push himself higher. Christophs hope remains unwavering, and though it may be for personal gain he dose value the friendships he has cultivated thus far. "Come now, leaving so soon?" Equipment: A steel war axe. Recurve bow. Wedding band. Visual reference: (won't let me upload because allowed file sizes are smaller than my-) Voice reference: "Theme" Song: "Should luck have it in store for us, We'll meet again someday. So long." ~PRECURS0R If anyone spots any inconsistencies or recommend I change something feel free to let me know. I hope to keep editing this as he grows and come back to add some more lore relevant information soon. A visual reference picture should be up in a day or two as well.
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