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Found 7 results

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNWC4NMWfe8 Feel free to listen to this while you read or visit Osanora! Adrian de la Garza Environment Artist Culture Cuisine Utilizing a wide variety of spices, peppers, and vegetables, the Osanorian diet consists of bright and flashy foods many of them too spicy for the average eater to stomach every day. The most common dishes in Osanorian meals generally contain some type of meat if not multiple types and you will never find an empty belly in Osanora because of Osanorians willingness to feed E
  2. "Making You look Pretty" -Edmund Edmund - c.1590 -Edmund "The Hunch"- Born on the 17th of Malin's Welcome, 1571 Origins unknown to most, Edmund has often been seen strolling from city to city, muttering constantly to himself. He appears around 5'4" and 240lbs, his hair sprouting from his scalp in mismatched places, often giving him a wild look. Born with an underbite, he is often seen as a half-orc abomination in the eyes of most, not giving him time to show
  3. Christoph Weiss "Introductions are in order yes?" Race: Human, Heartlander Gender: Male Age: 29 years old Physical Description: Christoph is an average looking 5'11 tall, young man with brown hair at a fair length over his right shoulder, braided with two silver beads, and eyes the color of a spring Oak. His sharp complexion matches his lean, yet athletic body type and blends with the overall normalness of his frame. You'd have better luck pointing out a a small rock amidst a meadow than to notice him in a crowd. His average physic
  4. Preface: History of the Orcs "Betrayed! Betrayed and abandoned because we foresaw the doom? Betrayed though we suffered the most at the hands of Iblees... This... They would turn and run in the face of our adversity? Cowards. We will bring it to them. Yes, we will show them our suffering!" - Agzal the Titan The fires crackled around Krug’s ivory throne as he sat there slouched, his hair black as the sky above and his form bulky and strong, a stark contrast to the man before him. “Your Brothers have all accepted
  5. A childrens story, “Don’t wander too far” An illusive tale of those whom wander too deep into a swamp, with their hearts filled with adventure and lust. A man from Karvoia, a simple peasant man, wandered into the forests of Embermoor, with a sickle in his hand. With his sickle, he walked around the swamp, it filled with various objects of interest and delight! As the man picked flowers, and retrieved various berries, he heard the voice of a woman which was so uncanny! The soft voice of a woman, piercing through the eerie silence, “Come forth peasant man, I will show you wonders, follo
  6. Llywelyn Briarwood WIP Nicknames: n/a Age: 15 (as of when I begin rping this character) Gender: Female Race: Human Status: Height: Weight: Body type: Eyes: She has green eyes. Hair: She has very long, dark black hair that she wears out. Untied plaits can sometimes be found in her hair, from absentmindedly playing with her hair as she reads. Skin: Her skin is fair, but with her dark hair, it looks quite pale. - WIP -
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