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Found 6 results

  1. Essentially, I would like This Following Piece of Lore to be adapted into the canonical history of the elves. If you didn't read the whole thing, I'll sum it up for you. From the time of Malin's disappearance and when the mali'ker and mali'aheral split off the main body of elves, to the founding of Laurelin in Aegis, the mali'ame lived in many tribal bands called 'Seeds' which roamed about the forests of ancient Malinor. These seeds RARELY skirmished with one another and were very un-united, conflicts, when they happened, were rarely bloodyThese seeds worshipped the Aspects as their chief dieties, and revered Malin- seeing themselves as the last true followers of his teachingsThe ones who held the most influence over the ancient Wood elf seeds were druids, purely wood elven at the time. Wood elves were capable of great feats of tree farming, growing groves called "ame'llie" where they harvested specially grown trees with special properties (much like one would selectively breed corn, or bananas over thousands of years to make them edible, wood elves would do the same with trees to make their bark/wood softer or harder and etc)The Era of the Seeds would have been LARGELY PEACEFUL. I put emphasis on Watylls writing, which was during an era of great turbulance, but most of this millenia long era was peaceful, with very little fighting.Please do not refuse to confirm or deny this as canon. I implore the LT to sit down with me and help me implement this into server lore. I have poured many hours into making the wood elves interesting and distinct, culturally, and it means a lot to me. I would appreciate the time, recognition and trust to be let in on at least some that hidden elf lore and have a hand in shaping the playerbase I've worked so hard in building. We're the only major race that lacks a solid "origin story". In fact, we know little to nothing about actual ancient wood elf history, since the lore team keeps it largely secret from us. This is a big deal. It may seem trivial to you, but when a playerbase puts a lot of effort into the history/culture and origins of a place and gets told none of it is canon, it can be seriously demoralizing and can anger them. Look at what happened when Oren was told Aeldin wasn't real, and to RP it as simply a made up story IC. It ruins the point, it takes the fun out of it. Think what a big and important role other race's origin stories and ancient history play into their cultures and day-to-day RP. The Kha and Metzli's creation of them is absolutely integral to their RP. The high elves, with their golden pools which also form a super important part of what gives them personality and differentiates them. The Dwarves, who historically have Khorvad's empire and a ton of rich ancient history lore to base their RP off of. While I don't know how much of ancient orc history is known, they have so much lore behind them in Shamanism (an exclusive racial magic, mostly) and so many spirits and such which gives orc culture builders like ilikefooddude a huge pool of knowledge to enrich his playerbase with, something wood elves simply don't have right now. Knowing your race's ancient origins and history can help immeasurably in enrichening even the most mundane of RP. Now, I know that even if it what we poured our efforts into isn't canon, we could RP the history we've spent so much time fleshing out as "IC belief" (which sucks. see: aeldin), however- it generally means more when we know something actually happened canonically, that we didnt just OOCly invent a bunch of stories so we could have a clumsily thrown together culture, but instead contributed to actually writing a part of server lore, something we can work off of to make our daily RP all the more meaningful. Please don't just instantly shut me down and dismiss this. This means a lot to me and a lot of other wood elf RPers that we be given the means to flesh out our culture more.
  2. *Flyers would be hanging around all major cities and towns* I Arabella Delevoye am selling any kind of wood. The pricing is 50 minas per cart and the way to reach contact of me is by bird or by visiting me at my home in Alsace.
  3. Check the bottom of the page if you are looking to sell your iron! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The best prices of Athera by your humble shaman Eath'Lur! The humble shaman Eath'Lur is looking foward to empty your pockets and sell his wares as he slides his fingers through them! BUY IT! JUST BUY IT! -=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=- The Extremely Cool Orcish Deals or also known as ECOD is the best market you will ever find lying around! It sells you a multitude of merchandise! Check it out! TANNED LEATHER After having way too much leather, ECOD by your humble shaman decided to sell it out to some rich kings or some not-that-peasant-ish-peasants. For an extremely unfair price, you can take a piece for MOMOZKAHIN 1,80 MINAS! If you find this price extremely abusive and pointless, your humble shaman can make it for 1.800 MINAS! So cheap, right? Yes, buy the second option, it's better for you, your humble shaman swears. ECOD by your humble shaman is also selling... tututututuutututu... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Wood for your dire needs! Wood for your not-that-dire needs! ENDLESS WOOD! A LOT OF WOOD! MORE WOOD! ECOD by your humble shaman got so much wood that his storage is about to explode! For an extremely abusive price of 0,80 a log, you may take all the kinds of wood, except for oak, that will cost you 1.0/log. STILL IT'S SO MUCH WOOD THAT I WOULD BUY ALL OF IT IF I WAS YOU!! If you disagree, your humble shaman can make 8 minas a log, but no one disagrees, because they are not that stupid!! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- DESERT COW MEAAAAAT! Meat that takes about 13 orcish moons to expire is up for sale! Once acessible to orcs (and orcs only), it's now up for the public! The desert cows, not being the best meal, still will last for TWO YEARS! Starting at a very humble price of 2,5 minas a steak or 1,75 minas per crates (stack), and maybe reducing past this point is now acessible to you! BATHE YOURSELF IN COW MEAT GET FAT BUY MORE! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- COOL CHARCOOL! No, it's not exactly cool, STILL, IT'S COOOOL AS YOUR KRUG'S HELL!! For an even more humble price of 2,25 minas/piece, ECOD brings you ULTRA COOL CHARCOOL! It's the Alpha Charcool, you need to buy it for some reason! JUST BUY IT! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- What does a market truly needs? MOMOZKAHIN CACTUS GREEN! Extremely potent cactus green brought to you by ECOD, you can stay in the clouds for a few minutes, AND FOR ALL THE HOURS OF YOUR LIFE IF YOU BUY MORE! It's the best sensation, it's a wonderful sensation for a mere price of 4 minas a piece! But if you get lucky enough, it can be even cheaper! Also, if you are a guard, it's 3 minas for guards! What makes life good? ECOD GREEN! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Now, the very obvious reason you came to this market. CASKEEEEEEEEEEEEETS! A luxury only to the richest ones, now made cheap for your needs! Starting at a humble price of 250 minas that may be negotiated further, you can have one of these beauties in your hands! 200 minas? 150 MINAS?!?!?!?!?!?! WHO KNOWS?! But, If one casket is for 250, you can take TWO FOR FREAKING AND MOMOZKAHIN 350! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Now, to the good zkah. Lucky Numbers Buying Iron! ECOD™, all memes reserved
  4. Vincrute Vineyards proudly expands to bring you more quality products. Harvested and/or crafted on the fertile island of the wood elves, our products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality in all Vailnor and the cheapest Prices are as follows: Spruce,oak,and pine- 1 minas Dark oak-5 minas A load(double chest)-250 minas Cheap bow (1-10%)- 10 minas Hunters bow (11-20%)- 20 minas All purpose bow(21-35%)-30 minas Large staff- 50 minas Windswept styled cane-75 minas Bottle of wine- 6minas Barrel of wine- 120 minas Bale of hay- 5 minas Bag of compost- 20 minas Block of explosives (1 block)- 100 minas *Shipping times may vary*
  5. A Parchment stuck to a post with tree sap at several of the local docks. It reads as followed. Local WoodWorking Is your village or organization in need of something crafted out of wood? If so then you are in luck! Zirkan the Craftsman is at your service, Currently only an adequate worker of wood but quickly raising his knowledge. Willing to trade his craft for cooking materials or will sell at a price you have named. Will also sell timber in its raw forum. Prefers working with Birch wood but will do all other types as well. ~ Zirkan The Local Wood Elf
  6. Hecate Acius Nicknames: Cait, Caiti Age: 114 Gender: Female Race: Wood Elf Status Alive and well. Description Height: 5"6 Weight: 127 lbs Body Type: Short and petite. Eyes: A golden amber. Hair: Red Skin: Cinnamon Markings/Tattoos: None Health: Quite healthy. Mostly. Yeah. Not quite right in the head, but she's pretty harmless. Personality: An eccentric girl, she seems, at first glance, to be a bit air-headed, childish and otherwise overly cheerful. She gets strange ideas on occasion and doesn't always seem to be following any rational kind of logic. She is naturally fascinated with how the world and it's various forces work. Doesn't quite fit with the bronze mindset. Just to a fault, honest, and often (to her detriment) blunt. Incredibly loyal to both friends and family, and often has a hard time choosing between the two when they come into conflict, often choosing to abstain from it completely when possible. Recent events have hardened her a bit, causing her to seem more tired, stressed, and mature than usual. Inventory: Nothing much, really. A knife, some alcohol of some sort, occasionally jewels or relics found in her adventures. Now carries around a filtered mask with her in the event of a run-in with rotting bodies, or another event like the plague. Further Details: She's smarter than she looks. As in, a lot smarter. Been raised in a more reserved family, albeit her eccentricities don't always make this completely obvious. Life Style Alignment*: Lawful Neutral Deity*: Yuan Religion: No real name for it yet. Alliance/Nation/Home: The Elven Nation Job/Class: Nothing at the moment. Adventurer and knowledge seeker. Title(s): None. Profession(s): None. Special Skill(s): A powerful memory. Unorthodox problem solving. Agile and nimble. Flaw(s): She doesn't exactly follow normal logic, which can occasionally get her into trouble. Her obliviousness also means she's not exactly the best communicator. Often gets laughed at for her numerous quirks. Her size means she's not particularly physically strong. Can be socially awkward. Magic* Current Status: Has found various sources about how to connect to the void and pull the elements from within. She can connect to the void with relative ease, even with a variety of distractions. Has since cast her first droplet. Sources of Knowledge: http://imgur.com/a/UAYHG (On the Void, Jonathan Elers), http://imgur.com/a/PZA10 (Arcane Magic: Concepts - Kalenz Uradir), http://imgur.com/a/O7Igi (The Elements - Unknown Author), http://imgur.com/a/EEsOf (Evocation - Mythras Ardere), http://imgur.com/a/KJ6fQ (An Introduction to Hydromancy - Rosso (Not so much a tome to learn magic, this one, more just a guide on what may or may not be possible, as he has already explained to others in the past)) Arch-type: Arcane Sub-Type: Water Evocation/Hydromancy Rank: Tier 1 Weakness(es): Fire, Dark Arts Strength(s): Water, Air Current Spell(s): Droplet Weaponry Fighting Style: Either runs and hides or uses the environment to her advantage. Trained Weapon: None. A book, her memory, knowledge, sticks, and bottles of wine. Favored Weapon: None. Archery: The natural affinity of any wood elf. Which is to say, she'd be decent, but she doesn't know such yet. Biography Parents: Solon Acius, father, Mercahe Acius, mother, deceased. Siblings: Hera (Sister) and Ares (Brother) Acius Children: None. Extended Family: Agatha Acius (Grandmother), Cyrus Acius (Grandfather, deceased), Celica Acius (Aunt), Rhea Acius (Aunt), Phanes Acius (Uncle), Neolaia Acius (Adopted Cousin), Thilykos Acius (Adopted Cousin) Pet(s): None. History One of three siblings amongst the Acius family, she was raised in mind with values of self control and restraint, albeit she was a far stranger child than most in her family. After seeing the dramatic and mystical power of various arcane arts, she began, even as a child, to fantasize about having this strange force in her hands. Obsessed with it, her favourite toy as a young child was a small wand. When she was older, at about 25 years of age, the family split up, leaving her lost and disoriented in life. Having little direction in her life but her childhood dreams of magic, she left to make her fortune. She stopped in the Temple of the Monks of the Fringe, to tend to various minor injuries she sustained in the escape from Anthos, but has since then made her way to Lin'ame to find a way in life with her own kinsman. She has since met the majority of her family, barring Celica and Agatha Acius. Finds herself disagreeing with the rivalry a majority of her family holds with the Camoryns, and often meets with them in secret for a drink and a laugh. A bit of a flirt, multiple men have become enamoured with her to an extent. Recently has a haunted look to her eye due to the witness of a brutal murder of an ETHIC's soldier by 3 bandits of unknown affiliation. Has recently cast her first droplet. Her two best friends are Halser Haumel and Aniya Camoryn. Artwork
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