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Found 9 results

  1. Laws of the Principality of Laureh’lin Laws and Legislation of Laureh’lin Section one - Criminal law Punishment for the breaching of these laws will vary from community service to execution and banishment depending on severity. Intentional bodily harm towards a citizen of Laureh’lin is prohibited, unless in self defence with no other alternative. Theft is defined by the unlawful obtaining of any item not bought, traded for, or willingly given and is strictly prohibited Public slander of nations and factions allied to Laureh’lin will not be tolerated and will result in banishment. This includes posters, public speeches and other such crowd riling acts. Casual conversation and private talks remain free however and Laureh’lin will not spy on its citizens Vandalism is defined as the destruction, damaging or modification of any object or home against the will of the property’s rightful owner and is strictly prohibited by nature One’s identity must never be hidden within the borders of Laureh’lin, and must be easily identifiable at all times. Hoods that obscure a clear view of the face are forbidden, and any form of facial mask is strictly prohibited The forest is not to be harmed. Those having trouble with obstructive plantlife are too seek the aid of a druii. our island and its trees are to be given as much a right to life as us descendants Sadistic and Sociopathic behaviour is strictly prohibited. While this goes without saying when dealing with fellow citizens, this law also extends to plantlife and animals. The unnecessary torture of animals will be treated akin to murder of an elf Section Two - Expectations of Citizens Conduct Punishment for the breaching of these laws will result vary from probation to banishment A citizen of Laureh’lin is expected to carry himself in a socially acceptable manner. Intentional aggravation and harassment of individuals and other forms of immaturity within Laureh’lins borders is prohibited A citizen of Laureh'lin is expected not to be a mage of the arcane Underaged sex is prohibited. No individual over the age of 50 may partake in sexual intercourse with an individual under 50, unless the age gap is less than 10 years. No citizen is permitted to practice the dark arts. These include Shade magic, Necromancy, magic of the frost witch, and soul puppetry Use of easterner weaponry is forbidden. It is associated with the lawless and ludicrous unless used by easterners themselves. We have multiple smiths who will gladly produce a finely made elven blade for you Section Three - Appearance and Bloodlines Being in breach of these laws will vary from restriction to citizenship, or banishment A citizen of Laureh’lin must be of elven blood. Visitors not of elven blood be on official business or be of a noble bloodline within the Empire of Oren. A citizen of Laureh'lin must pay their taxes in due time. A citizen of Laureh’lin is expected not to be un-natural or corrupted in any form. The criteria for this will be decided on a case by case basis and left to the discretion of the council A citizen of Laureh’lin must be of a reasonable skin colour (fair, brown, black, not blue, purple, cyan, etc), reasonable hair colour (most non-ludicrous dyes permitted, however), and wear reasonable attire (clothing made of socially acceptable material such as cloth, wool, or leather) A citizen of Laureh’lin must not possess any un-natural bodily characteristics. Examples of this include tails, wings, fangs, and fur where fur should not be. Section Four - Housing, Property and Labour Failing to live up to these standards will result in loss of property and eviction, depending on severity. By owning a home you agree to contribute to society in times of prosperity and turmoil, failure to do so will result in confiscation of property. By owning a home you agree to pay economic dues to the Province of Laureh'lin for its growth yearly, failure to do so will result in confiscation of property. By owning a business you agree to contribute to society in times of prosperity and turmoil. By owning a business you agree to pay economic dues to the Province of Laureh'lin for its growth yearly. If another mali wishes to stay together in an already occupied home, the owner and new occupant must notify the Guildmaster or Stewards If there is a child in the household, he/she does not require to be registered until they reach the age of 30 In times of war and emergencies, one able-bodied citizen from each household must contribute to the Order of the Sirame In times of war and emergencies, the Province may choose to increase or decrease the civic and economic contribution to the State Those with desirable professions will be given a lesser economic responsibility in return for their services to the Province. Such professions are : Soldiers of the Sirame, Blacksmiths, Tinkerers, Enchanters, Fletchers, Scholars, miners That you are aware any complaint that one has against a member of the citizenry should be sent to the Legislator, a complaint about the military sent to the El'Annil, or alternatively in both cases to the Praetor. Section Five - Magic Violation of these laws will result in a 300 fine, and depending on severity; a whipping. Citizens of Laureh'lin are prohibited from learning any voidal magic. Any settlements beyond the island of Laureh’lin are given the power to choose whatever laws upon the practice of magic that they so choose. The public practice of magic within Laureh’lin is prohibited, and will only be allowed should one require its use in self-defense. This does not include Magii exercising their magic against Sirame attempting to perform their duty upon them. A practitioner of the void must register to the Prince and his Laurir before applying to citizenship and taking ownership of a home within the Principality. Teaching voidal magic within the Principality will lead to a significant mina fine determined by the legislator to both the teacher and his student. Failure to pay the sum given will lead to punishment via banishment, jail time, or another determined form. The usage of mental magic, still, and will always be prohibited in Laureh’lin. It’s use is not welcomed and will be responded swiftly with severe punishment determined by the Prince, or Legislator. Section 6 - Petitions Any complaint or questions that one has against a ruling of the law or application of it should be sent directly to the Laurir of Law to be handled and corrected if necessary. Any complaint or questions that one has regarding the approval of home or economic and civic responsibilities should be sent directly to the Guildmaster to be handled and corrected if necessary.
  2. WuHanXianShi14

    [✗] [Lore] Era of the Seeds

    Essentially, I would like This Following Piece of Lore to be adapted into the canonical history of the elves. If you didn't read the whole thing, I'll sum it up for you. From the time of Malin's disappearance and when the mali'ker and mali'aheral split off the main body of elves, to the founding of Laurelin in Aegis, the mali'ame lived in many tribal bands called 'Seeds' which roamed about the forests of ancient Malinor. These seeds RARELY skirmished with one another and were very un-united, conflicts, when they happened, were rarely bloodyThese seeds worshipped the Aspects as their chief dieties, and revered Malin- seeing themselves as the last true followers of his teachingsThe ones who held the most influence over the ancient Wood elf seeds were druids, purely wood elven at the time. Wood elves were capable of great feats of tree farming, growing groves called "ame'llie" where they harvested specially grown trees with special properties (much like one would selectively breed corn, or bananas over thousands of years to make them edible, wood elves would do the same with trees to make their bark/wood softer or harder and etc)The Era of the Seeds would have been LARGELY PEACEFUL. I put emphasis on Watylls writing, which was during an era of great turbulance, but most of this millenia long era was peaceful, with very little fighting.Please do not refuse to confirm or deny this as canon. I implore the LT to sit down with me and help me implement this into server lore. I have poured many hours into making the wood elves interesting and distinct, culturally, and it means a lot to me. I would appreciate the time, recognition and trust to be let in on at least some that hidden elf lore and have a hand in shaping the playerbase I've worked so hard in building. We're the only major race that lacks a solid "origin story". In fact, we know little to nothing about actual ancient wood elf history, since the lore team keeps it largely secret from us. This is a big deal. It may seem trivial to you, but when a playerbase puts a lot of effort into the history/culture and origins of a place and gets told none of it is canon, it can be seriously demoralizing and can anger them. Look at what happened when Oren was told Aeldin wasn't real, and to RP it as simply a made up story IC. It ruins the point, it takes the fun out of it. Think what a big and important role other race's origin stories and ancient history play into their cultures and day-to-day RP. The Kha and Metzli's creation of them is absolutely integral to their RP. The high elves, with their golden pools which also form a super important part of what gives them personality and differentiates them. The Dwarves, who historically have Khorvad's empire and a ton of rich ancient history lore to base their RP off of. While I don't know how much of ancient orc history is known, they have so much lore behind them in Shamanism (an exclusive racial magic, mostly) and so many spirits and such which gives orc culture builders like ilikefooddude a huge pool of knowledge to enrich his playerbase with, something wood elves simply don't have right now. Knowing your race's ancient origins and history can help immeasurably in enrichening even the most mundane of RP. Now, I know that even if it what we poured our efforts into isn't canon, we could RP the history we've spent so much time fleshing out as "IC belief" (which sucks. see: aeldin), however- it generally means more when we know something actually happened canonically, that we didnt just OOCly invent a bunch of stories so we could have a clumsily thrown together culture, but instead contributed to actually writing a part of server lore, something we can work off of to make our daily RP all the more meaningful. Please don't just instantly shut me down and dismiss this. This means a lot to me and a lot of other wood elf RPers that we be given the means to flesh out our culture more.
  3. [[The original writer of this lore is Watyll, who unfortunately has passed away. I offer my sincerest condolences to his family, and I thank him for the massive contribution that sprang the base from where most of current wood elven culture is developed. Even if it seems a very inconsequential thing to say.]] 15th of First Seed, 1532 The Era of the Seeds Ancient History of the Wood Elves ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Introduction - Glimpses Into Our Past Little of wood elven history is written down. What reason had our ancestors to record such things? I suspect that time was an abstract concept to these ancient elves, whom never knew any other world but the deep wild forests they dwelled in. There was only the hum of nature and the grace of the Aspects. All things are meant to die, all beings of nature are meant to fade away, the greatest elder trees wither and mountains crumble. I am certain the ancient wood elves adopted this fatalist stance, hence why little of our history was recorded. They were one with nature, and writing is a “civilized” concept. Ah, how serene their lives must have been. How nice to know your place in the natural world and be content with it. I only wish the wood elves of today can salvage what remains. Prelude When the world was young, the Creator made the Aspects. While the Aspects created the wild world, the animals, plants, the sea and sky… The Creator gave birth to his final creations. Man and woman. Man and woman had four sons, one of whom was Malin. Malin, the fair haired, wisest of the brothers, sired his children - the elves, also known as Mali. For millennia, the Mali were as one. All elves followed the teachings of Malin, and those of the Aspects, whom Malin revered above all. For eons, peace reigned in the ancient forests, with Malin as the first and only king of the elves. And then, he vanished… The Origins of the Wood Elves We were known as the forgotten folk. Much of our past has been forgotten. What we know is that ‘Wood Elven’ identity first emerged at the split of the elven race, which was prompted shortly after the disappearance of Malin. When the group of elves that would become the Mali’aheral discovered the golden pools which turned them pale like fresh snow, and when those who would turn into Mali’ker descended into their caves, becoming one with ash and stone. What remained was us. Despite Malin’s disappearance, the group of Ancient elves that would become the Mali’ame remained loyal to him and his teachings. They revered the Aspects and lived by their code, as Malin had done. The other elves had turned ashen and red eyed, or pale and silver haired. Only one bloodline of Malin’s original children remained. Soon, our olive skin and emerald eyes would distinguish us as the Wood Elves. The forgotten folk, the last true sons of Malin and followers of the Aspects. Ancient Wood Elven Society Divided, yet more as one than we’d ever been. Ancient Wood Elven society lasted from Malin’s disappearance and the split into subraces, to the founding of the first city of Malinor in Aegis. It is estimated that this era began 3000 years ago and lasted for approximately 2500. The Wood Elves of old lived in the deep forests of Aegis, in what Malin in life had founded as Malinor. But in these ancient times, the Mali’ame had no concept of nations or borders; they did not draw arbitrary lines on parchment, for the entire world belonged to nature. The only ones who could claim to be rulers of the land were the Aspects themselves, they who shaped the very world. We were not a united race. The Seeds The surviving old stories reveal that our ancestors lived in small, tight knit tribal groups called ‘Seeds’. Seeds rarely ever grew larger than a few hundred elves, and were usually structured like tight knit, extended families. Most, but not all Seeds were nomadic. They roamed where the game was most plentiful and where the Aspects guided them. Those who stayed in one place wove their towns and villages into the elder trees of Aegis, their homes and hearths carved in the familial embrace of their branches and roots. We know that each seed had a chief Keeper. The Keeper was the de facto leader of the Seed and kept the family together. The position of Keeper was hereditary, and each one would name whichever one of his children he saw as the fiercest, most capable hunter as his or her heir. Of course, any aspiring hunter could wrest leadership through cunning, strength and wisdom. Such power struggles were brief and not deadly. Usually. Keepers had to be considered master hunters to properly lead a Seed. In the thick forests of ancient Malinor, there was no flat farmland to plant crops. So in order to survive, the Wood Elves picked what herbs and fruit the forest gifted them, but moreso, they hunted. Every Seed strong enough to survive had many hunters worth their salt. The way of the spear and way of the bow were integral to any Seed’s way of life, and an elf’s social standing in their Seed revolved almost entirely on how much meat you could bring in. Wars were not common among Seeds. For long lived creatures attuned to nature, the sanctity of life was a mutual respect held by all wood elves that prevented conflict most of the time...but not always. The wars that were fought stand the test of time. Memorable due to their rarity. One such conflict is the 'War of the Tyrants', a tale of an Archdruid known as Garthalon who resorted to hideous deeds to unite a hundred scattered Seeds. Wars were fought as feral wolves. Primal skirmishes among the trees as tribal warriors dashed in and out of the thicket with bone-tipped spears and bows in their grip, their bare bodies painted with ochre in the colours of their Seed, adorned in patterns that paid tribute to Cernunnos, the Aspect of the hunt. Despite the fierce savageness of ‘Ame warriors, conflict between Seeds rarely resulted in many casualties. The losing side to any war would mourn their dead as they returned to nature, and nurse their wounded pride. In these ancient times our people were fractured, but fierce and brave. Our ancestors had a sense of family and loyalty among their Seeds that formed a bond stronger and closer than anything we’ve ever known. Now that the wood elven race is united, imagine what a force we’d be if we harnessed even a fraction of the fraternity and ferocity our ancestors once had... The Druids The Druidic Order has historically had strong ties to the wood elven people. In fact, in modern times, more wood elves join the order to devote their lives to the Aspects than any other race. There is a reason for this. In the time of the ancient Wood Elven Seeds, all druids were mali’ame. The order did not just have close ties to the people, but was deeply ingrained in the most important, spiritual dredges of society. The druids commanded the will of the Aspects. Cernunnos and Cerridwen, the Horned Man and Green Lady, whom oversaw all death and gave birth to all life, respectively. With the power of the two at the palm of their hands, Druids performed marvelous, incredible, and terrible feats. They shaped the trees and commanded the animals, flowers bloomed at their touch and some claimed that they could call upon the wind. Indeed, a breeze in the lazy glades of the Wood Elves’ forests was often seen as a bad omen, that somewhere, a druid’s wrath had been invoked. Based on the capabilities of Druids today, we can assume some of these stories are myth. Or perhaps the druids of old wielded greater, more mysterious powers. We do however know that druids transcended rivalries or wars between Seeds. Their groves were sacred ground, and no blood was ever spilt on their soil, lest the Wood Elves invoked the wrath of the Aspects themselves. The Archdruids were the headmasters of the sacred order, just as they are in modern times. Wood Elves travelled miles through the forest thickets to seek out the Archdruids’ advice. Many druids today seem to have forgotten their duty. In a world where our race has seen the influence of Valah and the other subraces of mali, we have become less dependent on the natural world and more on stone walls and steel blades. Perhaps someday the druids will reclaim the glory their Ancient counterparts and become the prophets of our people once more. The Ame’lie The Ame’lie was the very heart of the ancient Wood Elven way of life. An Ame’lie was a grove, grown and shaped meticulously by the Wood Elves. Unlike the deep forest wilds, of which were grown solely on the Aspects’ divine whim, Ame’lie were planted and cultivated for the use of the people. Despite their nomadic nature, each Seed had an Ame’lie of its own. No Seed with the manpower to spare would ever leave their Ame’lie unguarded, and often had revered druidic acolytes aid in keeping their manufactured groves healthy and strong. The trees of the Wood Elves’ Ame’lie were grown to fit what they would be crafted into. A clan would ensure that a tree destined to make arrow shafts and spears would boast strong bark, like that of iron. A tree for shelter or clothing would be of soft, pliable wood, such as cedar. In ancient times, our people had perfected the art of growing Ame’lie. It is said we could grow trees that produced wood as hard and durable as iron, or as soft and smooth as silk. Perhaps we will someday reclaim these lost arts. I take heart, for some of them have survived the centuries. Are our modern wood elven cities not interwoven amidst the elder branches? Have we not grown our own trees to make our homes in? Our own Ame’lie? Some traditions have, and always will live on. But it is important to always know where they come from. The End of the Era - The founding of Malinor We no longer roamed the forests, we now lived in cities. But we still made the trees our home. For millennia after Malin’s disappearance, the Wood Elves lived this way. They roamed around the deep forests of Aegis in their hundreds of diverse Seeds. Each one living by the Aspect’s teachings. Ame’lie dotted the forests, with the elves crafting wonders of woodworking from the trees they meticulously farmed. Druids and Archdruids resided in their groves, Wood Elves from all seeds coming from all corners of the vast forests to seek their council. But, as all things, this was not to last. And now, we reach the beginning of recorded history. The founding of our first cities marked the end of the era of the Seeds, and of ancient history. When the city of Laurelin was founded in Aegis, Malinor’s first capital, Wood Elves from all seeds migrated en masse to the new city. It is unknown why such a major shift was made. I have several theories, such as excessive warring, natural disasters, or perhaps our people had finally grown tired of being separate. From here, the Wood Elves, now elves of Malinor, opened themselves up to the world. We elves who live today know the story from here. The second invasion of Iblees, the destruction of Aegis. Our suffering at the hands of the White Rose. The fall of Malinor and rise of the Conclave, our subjugation under the High Elves of Haelun’or. The Bronze rebellion and finally, the founding of Laureh’lin. Our home. Conclusion While in the present day, almost all wood elves dwell in our cities... I believe that remnants of the past live on. I believe that some of the ancient Seeds still remain, cultivating their Ame'lie, hidden deep in the wilds away from civilization. Perhaps we will contact our long lost brothers and sisters someday, should they exist. Perhaps someday we will fully return to our roots, and bring about a new Era of the Seeds, living fully among nature as wood elves should. ...Perhaps that day will come sooner than we expect.
  4. Seeds of Laureh’lin -=- PRELUDE - Read for Context. In ancient times, ‘Seeds’ were tight knit bands of Wood Elves who roamed the ancient forests of Malinor. There were dozens of Seeds, each capable of living in harmony with nature in ways we could hardly comprehend in the current day. In present-day Laureh’lin, Seeds are an echo of the past. Instead of being large, nomadic tribes, the Seeds of today are associated with the nation’s prominent families- be they bound by blood or adoption. While the most common form of Seed is a family bloodline, biological relation is not required between a group of elves to band together as kin and identify themselves as one. Belonging to a Seed among Wood Elves is akin to having a strong family name among humans: a point of prehension and pride. As most Seeds have ancient roots, belonging to one implies a dedication to the wood elven people, their culture, and their traditions. Ilmyumier - Seed Markings Seed Markings are the most outwardly obvious method of telling which Seed an elf belongs to. The origins of this ancient art are unknown, but its meaning has endured the millennia into the modern era. Known in elven as ilmyumier- “to carry”. Seed Markings are tattoos, inked permanently into an elf’s body when he/she has become physically grown, usually at the age of twenty. Each Seed has unique markings of their own, of different colours, patterns and meanings, meant to be inked on different parts of their bodies. For the most storied of families, these markings are derived from the ancients themselves. However, for many others, they are patterns adopted in recent times by elves looking to rediscover their traditions, taking on tattoos which represent their family values best. At the very heart of it, Seed Markings are dedication. Not all Seeds are born from blood relation, so for an elf to prove lifetime loyalty to one, they permanently decorate their bodies with the Seed’s unique patterns. A bond made to last a lifetime, sealed in ink and blood. Seeds of Current Day Many elves of present day choose to live by the ancient traditions of ilmyumier and the tight bond of Seedship, the most prominent of which being the following- Tresery The Tresery Seed is the one belonging to the Prince of Laurelin, the royal line. To a Tresery, loyalty is above all traits. Loyalty to their people, to those they love, and to those that they give their word to. The seed values their fierce devotion to their people above all, followed by strength and perseverance. The ilmyumier of the seed of Tresery was adopted in recent times as a result of the revival of the ancient traditions. It is an old marking derived from a single hunter-based Seed during the ancient era of the Mali. It represents strength, perseverance, and duty to protect one’s people. It can be tattooed anywhere on the Tresery’s body, though preferably along their arms or back. Camoryn The Camoryn seed is one of the noble seeds, alongside Terin. To Camoryn, duty to one’s people is above all. The Seed values three traits, knowledge, wisdom and strength, all means to preserve the traditions of the Wood Elves. Usually inked in black or dark red on the forearm, back, or chest- the stag’s skull of Camoryn is the seed’s ilmyumier, symbolic to their devotion to the Aspects. The skull originated from the Camoryn’s ancestral ties to the Karin’wyn Seed. The Karim’wyn were a larger Seed whose lifestyle depended mostly on prowess in hunting. As such, their ilmyumier depicted the jagged arcs of a stag’s horns- a symbolic dedication to Cernunnos, aspect of the hunt. Terin The Terin seed is another of the Noble Seeds, and one with ancient roots. A Terin values loyalty to family above all else. While typically a seed united through blood relations, due to their original nomadic nature, there are certain individuals that they can relate to as family outside of their blood. The ilmyumier of this Seed is a simple tattoo, inked onto every Terin in either green or brown, or a mix of both above the left shoulder. This represents the simpler ways of when they moved along rivers and streams, following the fish and other food sources. The Terins were a smaller seed, preferring a nomadic look at life as they followed their game down rivers and streams. Their ilmyumier representing that way of life, as well as the close ‘knots’ the family has to one another. Calithil A Calithil values family above all else, something each is ingrained with from a very young age. Although they are also taught that knowledge is a vital asset in life, Calithils are usually naturally intuitive about the world around them, both the natural and the scholarly. The ilmyumier of the Calithil seed is a light blue in colour, these tattoos can technically be placed anywhere on the body, yet the face or the shoulder blades are ideal places. The blooming branches were an ilmyumier used in many variants by ancient Seeds who focused their lifestyle more on harmony, growing and cultivating their ame’lie as opposed to the ferocity of a hunter’s lifestyle. To the Calithil, it symbolizes the dedication to the Mali’ame and wisdom, like a tree and its branches ever growing, much like the ever growing mind. To’las Tolas values bond over blood, an oath not gifted by birthright: but by valour. They accept those who would swear their allegiance, in a bond of family. Betrayal is one of the biggest sins in Tolas, something that is not forgiven lightly. Tolas’ Ilmyumier is that of a Golden Avian. A story originally taught by Valor To'las about the value of bond over blood. As an orphan, he believed that you didn’t have to be the same or similar to the others in order to be majestic. The Golden Avian signifies independence, originality. Members of To'las wear gold or yellow tattos/facepaint to symbolize their appreciation of the belief. No matter how different a member of Tolas is, the symbol binds us: Ame, Ker or Aheral. Aureon The Aureon family is the last remnant of an ancient Seed whose name has long been forgotten. For lack of a better name, it is referred to as the Aureon seed. They were highly xenophobic, often spending hundreds of years without the slightest contact with other Seeds. They lived non-nomadic lives deep in the massive Ame’lie they had cultivated. Different sections had trees specialized to specific tasks. Some were grown to produce abundant fruit. Others provided the wood for the most famous bows in Elvish Legend, and still others were bred to house the Aureon people. The ilmyumier of Aureon is a tree with its branches and roots intertwined into a circle. The heads of young Aureon children are shaved and tattooed with this pattern, it is not uncommon to wear the mark on the back, shoulder, or wrist. The ilmyumier represents an ame'lie- the grand wood elven forest farms of old, and a symbol of the Circle of Life. They are brought together representing the forest, home to constant birth and death. Torena The Torena family is one that is focused of chivalrous acts, loyalty to others and following your own path in life which will then be connected to others by the waves of the ocean, staying in one place they usually sort out a mate from another seed as to expand their traits The ilmyumier of the Torena family is waves, representing their lives, connecting to each other helping out and staying loyal with th center being the roots of the family, it is either tattooed onto the face of the leader and onto the arms of back of the others, it is not uncommom for a Torena to have various symbols like this linked together in a chain and their connection to nature around them mostly the ocean. Forming a Seed A Seed is a simple concept, and therefore- a simple thing to form. There is pride in recognizing oneself and those closest to them as a Seed- it means one has committed themselves to live their life by the ancient ways of the elven people, by the Aspects will. To become recognized by the Principality of Laurelin as a Seed, one must only share the necessary information. Is your Seed comprised of blood relations or bonds formed through adoption?: Is your Seed comprised only of full-blooded elves?: Do the kinfolk of your Seed follow the ancient ways of the 'ame, namely the Aspects?:
  5. yagrilcheshire

    [Complete]Selling Of Wood

    *Flyers would be hanging around all major cities and towns* I Arabella Delevoye am selling any kind of wood. The pricing is 50 minas per cart and the way to reach contact of me is by bird or by visiting me at my home in Alsace.
  6. Check the bottom of the page if you are looking to sell your iron! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The best prices of Athera by your humble shaman Eath'Lur! The humble shaman Eath'Lur is looking foward to empty your pockets and sell his wares as he slides his fingers through them! BUY IT! JUST BUY IT! -=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=- The Extremely Cool Orcish Deals or also known as ECOD is the best market you will ever find lying around! It sells you a multitude of merchandise! Check it out! TANNED LEATHER After having way too much leather, ECOD by your humble shaman decided to sell it out to some rich kings or some not-that-peasant-ish-peasants. For an extremely unfair price, you can take a piece for MOMOZKAHIN 1,80 MINAS! If you find this price extremely abusive and pointless, your humble shaman can make it for 1.800 MINAS! So cheap, right? Yes, buy the second option, it's better for you, your humble shaman swears. ECOD by your humble shaman is also selling... tututututuutututu... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Wood for your dire needs! Wood for your not-that-dire needs! ENDLESS WOOD! A LOT OF WOOD! MORE WOOD! ECOD by your humble shaman got so much wood that his storage is about to explode! For an extremely abusive price of 0,80 a log, you may take all the kinds of wood, except for oak, that will cost you 1.0/log. STILL IT'S SO MUCH WOOD THAT I WOULD BUY ALL OF IT IF I WAS YOU!! If you disagree, your humble shaman can make 8 minas a log, but no one disagrees, because they are not that stupid!! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- DESERT COW MEAAAAAT! Meat that takes about 13 orcish moons to expire is up for sale! Once acessible to orcs (and orcs only), it's now up for the public! The desert cows, not being the best meal, still will last for TWO YEARS! Starting at a very humble price of 2,5 minas a steak or 1,75 minas per crates (stack), and maybe reducing past this point is now acessible to you! BATHE YOURSELF IN COW MEAT GET FAT BUY MORE! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- COOL CHARCOOL! No, it's not exactly cool, STILL, IT'S COOOOL AS YOUR KRUG'S HELL!! For an even more humble price of 2,25 minas/piece, ECOD brings you ULTRA COOL CHARCOOL! It's the Alpha Charcool, you need to buy it for some reason! JUST BUY IT! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- What does a market truly needs? MOMOZKAHIN CACTUS GREEN! Extremely potent cactus green brought to you by ECOD, you can stay in the clouds for a few minutes, AND FOR ALL THE HOURS OF YOUR LIFE IF YOU BUY MORE! It's the best sensation, it's a wonderful sensation for a mere price of 4 minas a piece! But if you get lucky enough, it can be even cheaper! Also, if you are a guard, it's 3 minas for guards! What makes life good? ECOD GREEN! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Now, the very obvious reason you came to this market. CASKEEEEEEEEEEEEETS! A luxury only to the richest ones, now made cheap for your needs! Starting at a humble price of 250 minas that may be negotiated further, you can have one of these beauties in your hands! 200 minas? 150 MINAS?!?!?!?!?!?! WHO KNOWS?! But, If one casket is for 250, you can take TWO FOR FREAKING AND MOMOZKAHIN 350! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Now, to the good zkah. Lucky Numbers Buying Iron! ECOD™, all memes reserved
  7. Snelfma

    [Complete]Vincrute Trading

    Vincrute Vineyards proudly expands to bring you more quality products. Harvested and/or crafted on the fertile island of the wood elves, our products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality in all Vailnor and the cheapest Prices are as follows: Spruce,oak,and pine- 1 minas Dark oak-5 minas A load(double chest)-250 minas Cheap bow (1-10%)- 10 minas Hunters bow (11-20%)- 20 minas All purpose bow(21-35%)-30 minas Large staff- 50 minas Windswept styled cane-75 minas Bottle of wine- 6minas Barrel of wine- 120 minas Bale of hay- 5 minas Bag of compost- 20 minas Block of explosives (1 block)- 100 minas *Shipping times may vary*
  8. A Parchment stuck to a post with tree sap at several of the local docks. It reads as followed. Local WoodWorking Is your village or organization in need of something crafted out of wood? If so then you are in luck! Zirkan the Craftsman is at your service, Currently only an adequate worker of wood but quickly raising his knowledge. Willing to trade his craft for cooking materials or will sell at a price you have named. Will also sell timber in its raw forum. Prefers working with Birch wood but will do all other types as well. ~ Zirkan The Local Wood Elf
  9. spqrSancus

    Hecate "cait" Acius

    Hecate Acius Nicknames: Cait, Caiti Age: 114 Gender: Female Race: Wood Elf Status Alive and well. Description Height: 5"6 Weight: 127 lbs Body Type: Short and petite. Eyes: A golden amber. Hair: Red Skin: Cinnamon Markings/Tattoos: None Health: Quite healthy. Mostly. Yeah. Not quite right in the head, but she's pretty harmless. Personality: An eccentric girl, she seems, at first glance, to be a bit air-headed, childish and otherwise overly cheerful. She gets strange ideas on occasion and doesn't always seem to be following any rational kind of logic. She is naturally fascinated with how the world and it's various forces work. Doesn't quite fit with the bronze mindset. Just to a fault, honest, and often (to her detriment) blunt. Incredibly loyal to both friends and family, and often has a hard time choosing between the two when they come into conflict, often choosing to abstain from it completely when possible. Recent events have hardened her a bit, causing her to seem more tired, stressed, and mature than usual. Inventory: Nothing much, really. A knife, some alcohol of some sort, occasionally jewels or relics found in her adventures. Now carries around a filtered mask with her in the event of a run-in with rotting bodies, or another event like the plague. Further Details: She's smarter than she looks. As in, a lot smarter. Been raised in a more reserved family, albeit her eccentricities don't always make this completely obvious. Life Style Alignment*: Lawful Neutral Deity*: Yuan Religion: No real name for it yet. Alliance/Nation/Home: The Elven Nation Job/Class: Nothing at the moment. Adventurer and knowledge seeker. Title(s): None. Profession(s): None. Special Skill(s): A powerful memory. Unorthodox problem solving. Agile and nimble. Flaw(s): She doesn't exactly follow normal logic, which can occasionally get her into trouble. Her obliviousness also means she's not exactly the best communicator. Often gets laughed at for her numerous quirks. Her size means she's not particularly physically strong. Can be socially awkward. Magic* Current Status: Has found various sources about how to connect to the void and pull the elements from within. She can connect to the void with relative ease, even with a variety of distractions. Has since cast her first droplet. Sources of Knowledge: http://imgur.com/a/UAYHG (On the Void, Jonathan Elers), http://imgur.com/a/PZA10 (Arcane Magic: Concepts - Kalenz Uradir), http://imgur.com/a/O7Igi (The Elements - Unknown Author), http://imgur.com/a/EEsOf (Evocation - Mythras Ardere), http://imgur.com/a/KJ6fQ (An Introduction to Hydromancy - Rosso (Not so much a tome to learn magic, this one, more just a guide on what may or may not be possible, as he has already explained to others in the past)) Arch-type: Arcane Sub-Type: Water Evocation/Hydromancy Rank: Tier 1 Weakness(es): Fire, Dark Arts Strength(s): Water, Air Current Spell(s): Droplet Weaponry Fighting Style: Either runs and hides or uses the environment to her advantage. Trained Weapon: None. A book, her memory, knowledge, sticks, and bottles of wine. Favored Weapon: None. Archery: The natural affinity of any wood elf. Which is to say, she'd be decent, but she doesn't know such yet. Biography Parents: Solon Acius, father, Mercahe Acius, mother, deceased. Siblings: Hera (Sister) and Ares (Brother) Acius Children: None. Extended Family: Agatha Acius (Grandmother), Cyrus Acius (Grandfather, deceased), Celica Acius (Aunt), Rhea Acius (Aunt), Phanes Acius (Uncle), Neolaia Acius (Adopted Cousin), Thilykos Acius (Adopted Cousin) Pet(s): None. History One of three siblings amongst the Acius family, she was raised in mind with values of self control and restraint, albeit she was a far stranger child than most in her family. After seeing the dramatic and mystical power of various arcane arts, she began, even as a child, to fantasize about having this strange force in her hands. Obsessed with it, her favourite toy as a young child was a small wand. When she was older, at about 25 years of age, the family split up, leaving her lost and disoriented in life. Having little direction in her life but her childhood dreams of magic, she left to make her fortune. She stopped in the Temple of the Monks of the Fringe, to tend to various minor injuries she sustained in the escape from Anthos, but has since then made her way to Lin'ame to find a way in life with her own kinsman. She has since met the majority of her family, barring Celica and Agatha Acius. Finds herself disagreeing with the rivalry a majority of her family holds with the Camoryns, and often meets with them in secret for a drink and a laugh. A bit of a flirt, multiple men have become enamoured with her to an extent. Recently has a haunted look to her eye due to the witness of a brutal murder of an ETHIC's soldier by 3 bandits of unknown affiliation. Has recently cast her first droplet. Her two best friends are Halser Haumel and Aniya Camoryn. Artwork