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Found 6 results

  1. THE TREATY OF ERILADAR’S BUTTE Orders from the Light Above As ratified on 3rd of The Grand Harvest in 178 S.A. Between the Paladins of Xan and the Silver State of Haelun’or Article One, the Paladins of Xan are hereby granted the Rite of Inquisition within the lands of the Silver State of Haelun’or. This entails the rights to question suspicious individuals, darkspawn test individuals, and to apprehend darkspawn dissidents. If an individual is found to be a darkspawn, anyone in the Inquisition can apprehend them and bring them before the Sohaer of a Councilor for a warrant of execution. This clause applies only to non-citizens. Article Two, if the Paladins of Xan have reason to believe that a Blessed Citizen is cooperating with the Dark elements of Aevos, they reserve the right to appear before the Sohaer to request a warrant to investigate further. Until then, Paladins of Xan cannot darkspawn test or apprehend Blessed Citizens. They are, however, permitted to question Blessed Citizens with their approval. Article Three, citizens maintain the right to a trial if found to be darkspawn by the Inquisition of the Purity of Soul. This right is inalienable, with the only way to waive it being that if they are an imminent threat to the Blessed Citizenry of the State as determined by the Sohaer. Article Four, the Inquisition will only be headed by the Paladin Cerrick of Kamees, giving him authority to exercise the weight of this treaty underneath the authority of the Sohaer. All actions taken by the Inquisition will be done with the weight of the Sohaer’s authority. Article Five, all Paladins have the inherent right to join and maintain the Inquisition against the Long Dark, though all have to have their warrant requested by Cerrick of Kamees and their warrant approved through a formal meeting before the Sohaer of Haelun’or. Until their warrants are fully approved, Paladins shall not be granted the permission to operate within the realm of Haelun’or. Article Six, despite acting under the authority of the Sohaer, no actions taken by the Inquisition reflect on the Sohaer’s will. All Inquisitors, despite working as an independent organization, bend to the will of the Blessed Law and work within its bounds. Any lawbreaking done on Haelun’or soil will be met with the Sohaer’s judgment. Article Seven, if any order members of the Paladin of Xan are found to be operating outside of the stipulations set forth in this treaty, their ability to operate within Haelun’or shall be revoked. Article Eight, this treaty will be set into motion and last for the duration of sixteen years unless a new Sohaer is declared. If the latter occurs, it will be under the discretion of Cerrick of Kamees to negotiate a new treaty. MAY LIGHT GUIDE, Cerrick of Kamees, Paladin of Xan, Bestower of Food Her Grace, Ashwýn Sythaèrin, Sohaer of the Silver State of Haelun’or, Supreme Commander of elSillumir, Member of the Sythaerin Talonnii
  2. A CALL TO SERVICE! It has become apparent in the lands of Hohkmat and all throughout Aevos that the forces of Iblees have become more bold and invasive by the day. Their agents now openly raid our cities, infiltrate our communities, pillage our travelers, and defile our sacred places. We must NOT stand for this any longer! We cannot foolishly enact the same strategy that has been failing us over and over and expect to have different results. We must go on the offensive. We must be proactive in our approach so that our loved ones may sleep softly at night knowing that such beasts will no longer have the strength to fight us in open combat. I call upon any citizen of Hohkmat or in the surrounding regions to heed Xan’s call to service in this time of crisis and strike down the wicked foe that seeks to envelop us all! We will make them COWER in the shadows once again! We will make them flee from the Sun’s cleansing Light! Best Regards, Elena of Joma, Paladin of the Morninglord and Resident of Hohkmat.
  3. To the lion that hides In which a dragon scribes a note, to the cat the sunlit cuck. May fire bless his name, and cure it of the disease he carries. X*n, why is it you fear him? Why is it you hide now? Are you not order? is that not what you claim, yet you make excuses? After excuse. Pathetic. He has risen, you know it, you hear it, you smell and feel and see his presence. You do not smite him, because you are weak, and scared, you hide in your realm refusing to sunder. And as you dare not meet the prophecies that were placed on the plane, tell me you have people who worship you. How pitiful is it, to see their master scared. Instead, you focus your personal hate towards A z d r o m o t h. More - towards ALL dragons, for no more than a personal act. Not for the Order you worship and suckle at like a worn-out teat, for even a lion knows not to tread ground near the dragon's cavern . . . I to understand your grief. And I understand your jealousy. . . That your beloved and most loved, someone who you’d place down your life for.. Left you. But can you blame them? For why couldn’t she, she saw something better, a creature of immaculate purpose and she loved it, she cared for it. How can anyone blame her? Dragons can be the most cunning creatures, if looked at right. Yet you hated this, that you could NEVER be that immaculate thing that she desired so much. Is that why you hate us? Claim that we are an abomination ? PAHAHAHAHAHA. Really how pathetic, I fight all the battles, I challenge thee The dark? It will be swallowed by my avarice flame. The light? My fire shineth brighter and burns ever more violently. It is not blinding, it is pure and not corrupted. What is it you have to offer? Then false power. NOTHING. You have nothing to offer. Then rid yourself, you have no purpose. You beg for worship, you are no better than the thing you fear. . . Dare I speak its name. It really must kill you inside, knowing that my beloved father, he who lacks no true rival. resides in his vast chambers, crying out with laughter ; Hahaha, knowing even if you did kill us all. That your hate will only grow. And we will exist forever. Blessed be Azdromoth our king, where he keeps the world upright on his ivory wings . . . “ALL HAIL GIVER OF FLAME. FATHER OF GIANTS. ALL HAIL THE TITAN.” “FIRST BORN. THEE ARCH-DRAKAAR. THE GREAT A Z D R O M O T H.” ALL HAIL. THE KING OF KINGS. LONG SHALL BE HIS DAYS.
  4. Brotherhood of the Golden Lion Let it be known, the Paladins of Xan shall assist the descendants in their efforts to purge any blight that roams these lands. The Maker and his chosen Divine wills it! The Initiate’s Oath ‘I, namehere, do hereby swear that I shall walk upon the path of Xan, Aengul of Order and Guardianship. That I shall live righteously, and deny the sinful nature of my curse; for within my right hand I carry His hammer to strike away the Darkness. Within my left, his shield; holding firm to protect the Descendants of this realm. May those below take me, and those above shun me, should I break this Oath. For those who seek to betray their fellow brothers and sisters, a warning: As stated in the Divine Creed of the Lion, the punishment for Chaos sown is to be denied communion with our ineffable Lord. You have been warned. Ranks: The ranks descend from the Divinely appointed, to the humble Initiate. Prophet The Prophet of Xan, the Lion’s own voice within the realm of mortality. He is considered the spiritual leader of all who profess loyalty unto the Ivory King. Traditionally, this seat is reserved for those descendants of Xan himself, the Athna, though there have been prophets self-proclaimed. Keeper Keepers are the Avatars of Xan, as the Prophet is his voice. Upon his rebirth, Xan created for his service two beings to make his will manifest.. Thus are the Keepers of Guardianship and Order. To disobey them is to disobey Xan himself. Highlord The Highlord of Xan is the chosen leader of the Patron’s holy brethren. It is they to whom all ultimately answer to, and it is upon their shoulders alone that the Brotherhood’s direction rests. High Templar The High Templar is aide to the Highlord, serving as general and overseer. To become High Templar is to stand ardently by the Highlord’s side, handling the general operations of the Order. Templar Templars are those chosen few of Xan who have elected to take upon themselves the burden of instruction. It is they who are responsible for those apprentices taught, and it is they who conduct the final trial of an initiate. Master Vindicator / Master Wyrmstalker Those vindicators and wyrmstalkers who have beseeched the Highlord for a greater role, are the Masters. They are the assistants of the templars, leading the crusaders, initiates, and recruits upon their path. It is they who frequently lead the patrols that roam upon the lands, and rally a broken defense to stand defiant against the Deceiver’s legions. Vindicator / Wyrmstalker Those paladins who have completed their training, but have not yet felt the call towards leadership, are merely Vindicators and Wyrmstalkers. Honored for their devotion, they are the few who stand in direct opposition to darkness in all it’s forms, wielding the holy boons to devastating effect. Vindicator / Wyrmstalker Apprentice After being gifted with Xan’s holy boons, the newly christened paladin has risen to the Brotherhood’s meritorious service. The path of a paladin, be it wyrmstalker or vindicator, is determined shortly after connection by the apprentice themselves. Crusader Crusaders are those initiates who have been deemed ready and reviewed, but yet await connection and assignment to a Templar. Initiate Initiate is given to those recruits who have passed their tasks, and proven themselves fully committed upon the path. Initiates are assigned a Master to study under for combat training, history, lessons, and trials. When the Master deems them ready, they are brought before the Templars for review and connection. Recruit Recruits are those desirous of joining Xan’s Holy Chosen. They are given an interview, basic information about our Order, the duties expected of Paladins, and are given tasks to show their dedication. Application To those who wish to stand with us, we of Xan welcome you with open arms. Though it is no minor thing to pledge yourself thusly, know that all are afforded the tasks, it is only upon your willpower that you persevere. Seek out those Templars mentioned, or send a bird to Highlord Ianril the Waveharp with your name, gender, age, and a little about why you wish to commit yourself to this holy path. Those of you who seek to defy us, flee. You shall soon join Setherien within the annals of our long and prosperous history as but a footnote. Name: (( MCName: )) Race: Gender: (( Timezone: )) Write a little about why it is you wish to serve the Aengul of Order: Xan, Aengul of Order, Lord of Guardianship, Patron of the Brotherhood of the Golden Lion: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/150744-xan-the-herald-of-order-aengul/ Revival of Xan: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/150737-the-revival-of-xan/ Asura’s Demise: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/145789-a-gods-descent-the-capturing-of-asura/ Magic Lore: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/150981-%E2%9C%93-the-herald-of-order-the-mists-of-xan-re-write/ Sunspear Lore: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/147954-mists-of-xan-hunters-of-dragonkin/ Limbs of Light: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/139493-mists-of-xan-addition-limbs-of-light/#comment-1317532 The Effects of Disconnection: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/135576-the-effects-of-disconnection/
  5. “He is the warmth, the light, the fatherly embrace that holds and protects us in the everlasting darkness. His voice gives us strength. His roar gives us courage. He who will not abandon us and in our moment of absolute need, he will be there with his guiding light.” Manipulation Addition: Limbs of Light A paladin is his servant, his hand, his will upon this world. There to fight and protect those that cannot protect themselves from the darkness of the realm. To give a fighting chance and turn the tides of battle. His warriors he blesses with his power, allowing them to manipulate his mists to summon weapons and armor, cleanse corruption and taint, and even give healing properties to aid the injured. He hears their pleas, their prayers, even their torment and pain. For he places them in his warm embrace until their last breath has left, never leaving them without a flickering light. In times of need, his grace will bless them so they can continue to fight and serve. To not give up and fall into despair. A paladin that has a missing limb can learn the process of summoning the mists into the hollow ligament and condense it out, creating a temporary limb that is literally conjoined with the flesh. For this, the same rules would apply as if summoning armor or a weapon. To first learn this, the paladin would need to be very experienced in the art of manipulation and would need time and practice to learn how to manipulate properly. Starting with being able summon and control the mists into the form of the limb in question, the paladin must know the weight and feel of the limb before it was removed. The second part is learning how to move the ligaments in question. A digit curling into the palm, a foot being able to bend and take a step. Controlling the mists in such a way is very difficult to do and not everyone who learns of this ability may not be able to move the limbs, but instead, can for example create a fist to swing at an opponent or create a foot to be able to keep themselves balanced while using the other leg to support. Larger ligaments such as arms and legs will take more time to be able to summon properly whereas smaller ligaments such as ears, fingers, eyes, etc. would take less time. However, the mists are pure particles of light and cannot mimic senses. One can summon eyes if they wish yet would not be able to see; a hand would not be able to feel, etc. As well, depending on what you are summoning, such as the large ligaments, the paladin would not be able to properly summon a full set of armor. However, weapons are more manageable and able to be summon. Red lines Can only summon a limb where the area missing is. Cannot replace any senses such as sight, touch, hear, taste, or smell. Cannot produce extra limbs. The limb is only as strong as iron as it is similar to summoned armor. Cannot make any weapon limbs. (IE) An arm with a sword at the end instead of a hand, etc etc. Cannot summon armor while a summoned limb is created. Cannot summon both a weapon and a limb at the same time. Cannot summon animal parts as limbs. Special thanks to Hugo for sparking the idea of the lore and to Mooyose for aiding me in the idea.
  6. Ianril Waveharp Nicknames: Ian Age: 19 Gender: Male Race: Heartlander Status: Alive Description Height: 6'2” Weight: 180 lbs. Body Type: Lithe, well-muscled Eyes: Turquoise Hair: Red Skin: Caucasian Markings/Tattoos: Ianril possesses a third nipple. Health: Fantastic Personality: Sanguine-Phlegmatic Artifacts: Lucerne: Named Lamp in Flexio, light shines forth from it continuously. It is an arming sword blessed by a powerful War-Cleric of Tahariae, so that it might wield some of the same power that is brought to bear by a golden sword. Presented to him by Jakir Axem. Stolen by Martin Winter. The Dreadsword: A greatsword of simple make. Monstrously large to most men, it's keen edge relies on force to crush the unfortunate victims. Formerly owned by Dreadknight Graymane. The Everflaming Orb: An orb of obsidian constantly wreathed in unquenchable flames. Very dangerous to handle. Obtained during a battle with the Arch-daemon's forces. Grandpappy's Longsword: A longsword of excellent make, it is an heirloom of the Waveharp family. Given by Johnathan Waveharp as a gift. Further Details: Life Style Alignment: Chaotic-Good Deity: The Allfather ((The Creator)) Patron Angel: Xan Religion: The True Faith Class: Paladin Title(s): N/A Professions: Farming Carpentry Skills: Hunting Trapping Cooking Handy-man Excellent harpist Scholar of the Faith Fluent Flexio Weaknesses: Self-sacricing; He will willingly chooses to place others before himself, with the ultimate price being one he does not consider beyond the worth of the innocent. Functional alcoholic; Tends to lean more heavily on alcohol to deal with situations than he ought to. A quiet drunk, he given to melancholy more easily and more frequently with the more he drinks. Superstitious; Believes overwhelmingly in the power of his deity, and is easily swayed by signs and wonders. Simple upbringing; Normally views the world in Black and White, Good and Evil. Precious little gray exists for him. Outspoken; He is not afraid to question those in power, regardless of his own wellbeing. Magic Current Status: Arch-type: Sub-Type: Rank: Weaknesses: Strengths: Current Spells: Weaponry Fighting Style: Templarii Trained Weapons: Longsword Arming sword Tower shield Favored Weapon: Longsword w/ tower shield Archery: Skillful. Can easily use a hunting bow. Usage of a longbow would require a fair bit of instruction, despite possessing the requisite strength in his arms. Biography Parents: Dawson “Pappy” Waveharp Alexis “Momma” Waveharp Siblings: Xavier Waveharp Scarlett Waveharp Children: N/A Extended Family: Johnathan “Grandpappy” Waveharp Rose “Granny” Waveharp Pet: Jeffrey, an overweight courier pidgeon. Affiliations: The Order of the White Lance Initiate History There appears to be no records of an Ianril Waveharp to be read. Artwork
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