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Found 7 results

  1. THE MOUNTAIN ALLIANCE Since the founding of Kal’Urguan the mountain dwed have been the foundation of the dwarves, from their many feats to their esteemed Paragons, the sons of Urguan have relied on the skill and determination of the mountain dwed. Back in the days of old, in the city of Kal'Karaad, Bastion Ireheart, Fili Grandaxe and Verthaik Frostbeard signed a bloodpact, bringing the mountain clans into an alliance, forging an unbreakable bond between Urguans kin. Decades later, the pact was renewed between Kerwyr Frostbeard, Fimlin Grandaxe and Gror Ireheart, once again bringing the clans close, and in return, making the Grand Kingdom much stronger than it was before. The pact was once again restored in Almaris between Bakir Ireheart, Kronk Stormheart, Argnos Frostbeard, and Thumbrindal Grandaxe So history shall repeat itself once again in Aevos, the mountain clans of Ireheart and Frostbeard shall sign a bloodpact in accordance with the following terms. 1. Signatories agree to support each other militarily if aggressed upon 2. Clans of the alliance formally agree to never employ hostility to each other, in the case of an act that cannot be ignored, the signatories shall meet to discuss a means of action. 3. Signatories shall not pledge allegiance to any sort of conflict without discussion. 4. Clans of the Mountain Alliance agree to support each other politically. 5. The Signatories of the alliance agree to meet every stone month. Signed, Clan Father of the Irehearts Clan Father of the Frostbeards
  2. THE BEGINNING, NOT CLOSE TO AN END - α›αšΊαš±αš¨α›αšΎΓ—α›Š α›ƒα›Ÿαš’αš±αšΎα›–α› - ThrΓ‘in entered the great forge beneath the mountain. His nostrils flared at the great smell of iron, heat and burnt coal. The young yet ambitious beardling dropped his sack of ore, and from it he went on to create a great tool in the name of Yemekar. With each heave and roar of the bellows, ThrΓ‘in’s eyes showed more and more focus. Within the forge, the great noise and echo that surrounded him, he had found peace and with it his heart began to settle. With a tall raise and a strong swing of his hammer he began to mold, create, as Yemekar once did. Striking hot metal the sparks spread, lighting the darkened forge underground as the fire blazed in the back with everlasting heat. A number of emotions came over ThrΓ‘in. He now understood Yemekar, his need to create the Brathmordakin and the beardling's kin. The feeling of creation was like nothing ThrΓ‘in had felt before. He finally found his work not to be of need but to be of a beautiful craftsmanship, which he could take pride and joy from. "Blessed be thy Yemekar, me patron and the ever holy god of creation" Called out the young beardling as the tool was quenched in a great barrel of oil. His work is close to completion, but will not ever reach an end.
  3. 14th of Malin’s Welcome, 131 S.A ((01/06/23)) To the HONOURED Dwedmar In the year since I founded the northhold of Tal’Grim, much work has occurred in service of the Worldmaker to ensure our people would have a home on the island of Failor. In honour of the contributions made by several dwarves to this noble endeavour, I shall be hosting a feast to commemorate their services next stone day. To the honoured Dwedmar, your services to the greater good of our people shall not be so lightly forgotten. I make special mention of the most significant contributors, Firstly, to Relon Irongrinder @Relon, who perhaps has been my right-hand Dwed. His talent for logistics has been of immense use, while he was always around to lend me a hand with whatever I needed. To Duren Ireheart, who has provided our people with a steady stream of food and other supplies through his animal pens, while simultaneously striking the earth by constructing a hold for his clan. To Dimur Mythrilborn, a lad of immense enthusiasm, I much admire his spirit and dedication to our people, not to mention he was exceedingly helpful in construction and other things of note. To Dor’Nal Hammerfist @Charles The Bald, whose infrastructural contributions in regards to the Bald Highway were key for speedy movement, not to mention his kind donations to the coffers with vast amounts of underminas. And many, many more. The feast to the honoured Dwedmar shall be held on the 10th of the First Seed, I pray Belka will bless this day of merriment. Thalgrim Eivorsson Beloved of Armakak Clan Lord of the Goldhands Lord of Tal’Grim
  4. The Brathmordikan Temple of Almaris was overrun by the Mori and Duren held onto the body of a fatally wounded Ireheart dragging him closer to the city square. Before making an escape the elder Ireheart observed as the Dwed of the underground gallantly fought and with great valor able to defeat many Mori though were still being pushed back. Upon a retreat, Duren takes one look back at the Temple and witnesses a grand miracle conjured by another’s magic. A manifestation of Lord Dungrimm spilled out into the Temple slamming a large hammer upon many of the Mori causing the walls to collapse and providing time for escape. Duren glances back as he evacuates into the valley from the city and a bright light shines upon the mountain where his grand-son Balor rests. He squeezes his eyes closed from shedding a tear as he whispers a prayer for his fallen kin β€œαš±α›–α›Šα› α›αšΎ α›ˆα›–αš²α›– α›’αš¨α›šα›Ÿαš±β€. He hesitantly turns his body to continue the evacuation leaving his late grand-son in the care of Dungrimm. Duren and his great-grandson Balor II carrying the injured body of their Ireheart kin out of the mountains to safety. Once they reached the harbor the exhaustion from being the vanguard at the Temple finally overcame them. Some stone years later, Duren & many other of the Dwarves have reached the survival lands of Failor and established Camp Dwed to subsist despite the odds. Though many of them had not rallied for so long since the exodus. They have managed to continue their councils without even proper courts or temples. Celebrations and ale-pouring commonly occur as the camp cherishes the life spared to them by the Gods and also mourning for those who were lost. Even in the face of insecurity the Dwarves of Urguan keep to the pursuit of Yemekar, striking the earth!
  5. Bulwarks for our Bretheren [source] My dear brothers and sisters of the faith, the siege of the Khorvadic monstrosity Cloudbreaker shall soon take place in Balian, and many of us have pledged to fight against this abomination in the name of the Brathmordakin and for the sake of all descendent kind. To ensure that the presence of Yemekar remains strong in the face of an agent of Khorvard, as High Propet and Prophet of Yemekar I shall be smithing protective pendants for all those embarking on this honourable fight. Join me in the holy act of creation as I smith for our people. Be a part of creation to combat the destruction of Khorvad. (OOC: Today, Tuesday 17th at 3PM EST) Narvok oz Brathmordkin
  6. There on the night of the great full moon, Ulfar steps into the underdeep of the Kal’Darakaan. Why is he here, what leads him down this path? Days before, a dream came to the Starbreaker, a vision of a cave that is wet and moist, dripping with ooze and slime which glow with the shrooms and plant life within. This leads Ulfar to this point, walking down a stone path that leads deeper and deeper into the depths until finally, the light of his lamp meets the glow of a glittering cave of Anbella. A shrine built within hours after his arrival, Ulfar completes the beginning of the rite which showed itself to him in his slumber. There, Ulfar sets up the seven candles before the shrine, each wax carrying a symbol of the brathmordakin gods, and then coats each wick with sacred oils while muttering the prayers to each of the gods. To end the preparation and begin the rite, Ulfar takes his lantern and lights each candle before blowing out the lantern and setting it aside. β€œYemekar, it is Oi, Ulfar.” the dwarf mutters before the shrine, the slime dripping throughout the cave as he speaks. β€œOi come tu yeh within dese caves ov deh Goddess of the hearth, to pray, teh ask yeh for ah favor.” Ulfar then brings up a dagger that glows gently in response to the natural light within the cave, pressing it against the midpoint of his braided beard. β€œOi have lost so much, an’ yet Oi remain, so Oi ask yeh, Forge fathur, fur ah Son.” He starts to move the dagger along the beard until finally, the beard is cut from the rest. Ulfar sets the severed beard down into the slime of the cave. β€œAh son that es nae born intu deh duty ov deh Balance, but instead ah khazad ov deh heart.” There, Ulfar pulls up a bottle of Dr. Beard and uncorks it. β€œAh son that will bring great things tu deh world, things Oi am incapable of.” Then goes silent for a moment as tears gather at the base of his stone eyes, dripping down his face and falling into the slimy beard blob, then tilts the bottle over and pours the Dr.Beard over the slime and tear infused beard until it is empty. The crying dwarf continues on with his prayer until going silent, and the caves seem to go silent with him as if in thought. Hours pass, maybe a day, until the lit candles reach the end of their wicks before finally, a gust of air travels through the slimy caves which blow the candles out. Ulfar sits there, silent, then it happens. Maybe it is the shrooms and fumes in the cave, but Ulfar hears a whisper from a voice, maybe multiple voices, which utter the name, Tharkun. Then from the slimy beard blob that lies before Ulfar, an infant dwarf gurgles, opening his silver eyes to look up at Ulfar. …… …… …… β€œTharkun… Ulfarsson..” Ulfar mutters in response as he holds the little dwarf in his arms.
  7. The Mining Guild Extraction of minerals The Mines of Urguan mines entrance can be found in the Smithing District. Citizens of Urguan are permitted to make use of the Forge, and additionally the Mines of Urguan, provided they register as kingdom miners. Kingdom miners: Have the right to enter and leave the mines as they please Are required to meet a weekly quota of minerals, to be deposited in a respective chest by the depot Have the right to retain any minerals dug up, so long as the weekly quota has been met Have the right to sell any surplus of minerals directly to the Kingdom To register, contact Yemekar’s Pick or The Foreman General. Failure to meet the weekly quota will result in denied access to the mines, until previous quota has been compensated for in equivalent value, in minerals or minas. Processing of minerals A percentage-based amount of minerals procured each week will be melted down and used in the forging of new tools and armaments, intended for the workforce and the Legion. To ensure quality of craftsmanship, only licensed smiths will be allowed to process kingdom resources. Licensed smiths will receive performance-related pay based on quality and quantity of their crafts. Any citizens with experience in the field of metallurgy and smithing may apply for a license. Apprentices are also welcome to partake in the processing, provided they have clearance from the Yemekar’s Pick. Thus, licensed smiths: Are granted access to minerals intended for processing Are expected to smith armaments and tools as requested by the Grand Kingdom Receive performance-related pay, based on amount and quality Licensed smiths risk losing their licence provided they are found guilty of stealing resources or crafts from the Grand Kingdom, or consecutively fails to uphold their responsibilities as full-time employees of the Grand Kingdom. The Positions/ Ranks Yemekar's Pick Yemekar's Pick is the leader of the Work Force. Yemekar's Pick is in charge of assigning quotas. Tharggus 'Golem Eye' Irongut ((Tharggus Irongut)) The Foreman General The Foreman General is the leader of the Guild. His word is considered law in the guild. He manages the day to day activities of the guild. And makes sure that everything runs smoothly. The Foreman General hands out materials for the other guild members to use to forge weapons, tools and armour for the Grand Kingdom. (Vacant) Kingdom Miners Are required to meet a weekly quota of minerals, to be deposited in a respective chest by the depot. Have the right to retain any minerals dug up, so long as the weekly quota has been met. Have the right to sell any surplus of minerals directly to the Kingdom. Have the right to enter the kingdom mines whenever they want. Licensed Smiths Are granted access to minerals intended for processing. Are expected to smith armaments and tools as requested by the Grand Kingdom. Receive performance-related pay, based on amount and quality based on the quota. Signed, Tharggus Irongut the official Yemekar's Pick of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- (All previous members are asked to reapply) ~Applications~ ((Applying here is mandatory to be accepted as well as finding myself or a Master rank in game to discuss joining in roleplay. All applications for higher ranks will be conducted in game.)) -=Application=- MC Name: RP Name: Are you applying for Mining, Smithing, or Both? What is your level in Mining?: What is your level in Smithing?: Skype name: Are you able to use Teamspeak?: What is your timezone?: Will you be able to fill your quota?
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