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Found 2 results

  1. Good ole' villainy. You love it, you hate it, maybe both. Roadside bandits, Dark Mages, cultists, et Cetera: what do all of these have in common? MURDER!!!!!! Whether you have some kind of quota of people you need to kill to survive as some CA, a need of ingredients like Life Force or Soul Shards, or you simply ... Just want to kill people, for some reason, combat is a large part of the server and undeniably a cause of stress for most people. You get magic to get the edge on someone, you work for that fancy CA, or you find some fancy ore to turn into a blade (stop trying to stab things made of stone. Use warhammers, you fiends). A lot of the time, this kind of roleplay is made necessary by lore in order to advance your magic or simply to stay alive. But what does murdering someone give to their narrative? As someone who used to murderhobo (the curse of the first magic I ever got being dark magic) a year or two ago, I've since learned that murdering people (unless you're forced to by a CA such as Frajajjrurruaurjra [I got the spelling of it right first try, look!]) sucks. That's all. When you gank someone, they don't remember anything, and their character doesn't take the interaction with them. They roleplay fighting a bit and then ultimately just go back to whatever they're doing. Mysticism and Necromancy do a good job at trying to negate the murderhobo nature of their lore (such as with Scavenging and Darkening ... Unless you do the spell twice, I guess). So what else should Villainy-driven characters do?!? It really depends. Are you a bandit looking for some juicy pixels!?!? Well, banditing kind of sucks. But this is a Murder rp debate, so . . . Brand someone, try to convert them to whatever your character's faith is, or make them join some pyramid scheme or solve a riddle. If they don't? Break a leg and send them on their way. Give your bandit character some depth; maybe they're a failed businessman who's desperately trying to get investors, or one of those bridge trolls who makes people pay tolls. It doesn't always have to be combative (and it's actually really fun to roleplay). Also stop banditing New Players. Bad. Are you a Cultist looking for sacrifice? Sacrifices don't need to ALWAYS be corpses and blood. Look at Shamanism, for example. Sacrifice things your character holds dear, or kidnap folk and have them fork up something of their's that holds sentimental value. Or, have them sit in as some spectator and go have them spread word about your ... Evil deeds, wrongdoing, etc. What if I just want to murder? Think about why your character should kill someone. Think about the mental agony people who take lives IRL go through, the derangement, the insanity, and the obsession before they snap and take a life. Does your character want to feel alive? Have they lost purpose? Are they jealous or crazed? These are good reasons and genuine ones (and also ones that don't necessarily have to end with killing). But if you're just bored, or you think if they become a murderer they'll become more interesting, try something else out. Have you even given them hobbies? Likes and dislikes? Have you thought of their life goal yet? I do this roleplay for a different reason that isn't on here. I'm bored of writing. TLDR: Try something other than murder you goon you might like the rp! So, what's your opinion? Do you think Murder rp ain't all too bad, or do you avoid it at all costs? Gimme your view in the replies, I promise I'll read them all - I've seen a lot of differing comments on what 'true, peak villainy' is on the server so I'm curious what the general consensus is. And, as aforementioned, I really was one of those unapologetically 'I think murder = good villainy' people. If you are/were too, don't be afraid to try and reason why you are; you can't know something's wrong if no one ever took the time to explain it to you. We were all there once, keep ya' head up and continue experimenting with your roleplay til' you find what suits you P.S., are the highlights annoying? I put them in my posts to help out folk who might have attention deficit/reading issues like myself, but I'm worried some people might find it too distracting. Lmk!
  2. Howdy, lotcers! Myself and a handful of others have been debating on Conjuration for quite a bit, and I've found myself pretty interested in sprucing up the magic a bit, (and perhaps I've written up a hellish amount of ideas for it). If you've got hot takes on Conj/Life evo, toss em over
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