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Course of a War


Course of a War

The aggressor outlines their war-path in the war details. The path is laid out tile-by-tile, through which the armies will pass. Defenders may mount one defense for each ‘step’ of the war-path, but they may forfeit this right if they prefer to skip to the siege.


Field Battles

In their territory, the defender may obstruct the attacker’s path with one field battle per tile. Field battles follow the traditional warclaim format where both sides rally and fight around land chosen by the defender.


A siege begins when the aggressor reaches their target. Both sides may operate siege weapons to destroy defenses and enemy siege engines. Combatants may scale obstructions using ladders. Siege equipment costs 300 minas per engine per battle (unlimited ammo, via plugin).


Victory Conditions

  • Wipe out all your enemies.

  • Hold a predetermined capture point for a set amount of time.


End of a War

The defenders may end the war by winning twice consecutively*. War costs are never returned.

Aggressor Win

Defender Win

  • Wargoal is fulfilled.

  • May not be warred for 2 weeks.


  • Free war goal of equal or lower cost against the aggressor.

Aggressor Defeat

Defender Defeat

  • May not war or be warred for 2 weeks—except by the defender.

  • May not be warred for 2 weeks.

  • Free war goal of equal or lower cost against the aggressor.

* If the defenders forfeited the field battle for that tile, then they only need to win the siege.

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