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Mechanisms of War

Mechanisms of War


Once war initiates, the hazards of battle permit only meager barricades and aesthetic changes to current builds in border tiles. New projects and fortifications, products of shoddy and rushed workmanship, are subject to destructive weather or other forces that return them to their original state.

Initiation of a War

Following declaration, identify the quickest route(s) for you and your allies to the war-goal. In addition, compile the attackers, defenders, war goal, and day & time for the first skirmish or field battle. Post these details and await a response.

Leadership from both sides will use the war-thread to organize the specifics of the warclaim. Use this time to declare allies and settle on an exact time of day and location.

All further war discussion will take place on the warclaim thread and not in private forum or discord chats.


Eligibility To Fight

For war-claims, only certain people are allowed to fight. A plugin determines eligibility on three factors,

• Nation of persona

  Tied to your persona card

• Age of persona

Created at least two weeks beforehand

• Time spent on persona

Minimum 40 hours playtime

New players may be granted exceptions on a case-by-case basis.



Nations may declare their allied status in roleplay. Allies may assist Nations in Warclaims, however, they must have declared their alliance forty-eight (48) hours prior to the start of the Warclaim. Half of attacking allied tiles are added to the aggressor’s warcost.

Allies of either defending or aggressing nations must consider troop movement. Your army starts in any tile in your territory and, as the army moves, troops are subject to travel costs:
• 750 minas per water, ocean, and land tile.

Armies passing through owned tiles must seek permission from their nation. Armies may not move through the Cloud Temple. Furthermore, the main Attacker Nation may launch a war from an allies’ tile if the ally gives consent for it, except when conquest is involved.


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