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War Goals

War Goals

The price of ambition. The war costs the number of tiles your nation currently owns multiplied by the sum price of your war goals. The cost is paid once. If one calls upon allies, half their tiles rounded up are added to the warcost. Settlements that aren’t a nation count as one tile.

  • Nations may supplement their forces with hired Mercenaries. Mercenaries spawn on your capital.

    • The aggressor pays 2000 mina for every 10 mercenaries on their side (the number rounds up).

    • The defense may hire Mercenaries at no cost.

    • Mercenary companies must have a thread which advertises their services.

  • If the war goal is achieved, the attacker can purchase a new one to continue the war. You may pay to change the goal at any time, but this forfeits the past payment.


External Conflict

Subjugation (7500 x tiles)

The ultimate demand. Annex a bordering nation or non-nation settlement.

  • Win a normal field and siege battle in the capital tile.

    • The defender must have one remaining tile.

  • The subjugating nation may not evict for 3 months.


Conquer Tile (1000 x tiles)

Conquer a bordering tile.

  • Win a normal field and siege battle.


Pillage a city/settlement (500 x tiles)

Take 10% of the nation’s treasury and desecrate the target city, settlement, or site.

  • Win a field and siege in the tiles until reaching the target city, settlement, or site.

  • If their lands directly border the target city, they may immediately attempt to pillage it.

* The nation treasury is screenshotted at the beginning of the war goal.


Cultural or Political Demands (300 x tiles)

Demand the change or return of a title; major structural changes such as destruction of a fortress or vassal; repayment of previously pillaged mina; an apology for insult or humiliation.

  • Win a field and siege battle upon the target tile.


Capturing an item, ship, or other object. (100 x tiles)

Take a specific item and 5% of the nation’s treasury.

  • Win a field and siege in each tile leading up to the target location.

  • The attacker must successfully siege the location of said item at the outset of the war. 

* If it is in a person's inventory then the capital will act as the specified location.

Internal Conflict

Internal wars are not subject to any costs. No allies or mercenaries may be involved.



A person may mobilize players to fight for their claim to the Nation.

  • Obtain Primary Region Owner (PRO) backing from a sub-region within one of the nation’s tiles.

  • Win a field battle and siege in every tile leading to and including the capital.

* The revolution begins in the tile with the sub-region.



A settlement PRO declares independence from their nation’s PRO.

  • Win a field and siege battle in the tile they reside on.

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