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Provoked Conflict

This style of CB comes into effect when a group, lair, settlement, or nation engages in sustained hostile activity against another. This can come in the form of raids, banditry, continuous villainy, or reasonably actionable threats. This CB is only available to the recipient of the hostile action allowing for a Defensive War to be declared against the aggressor.


Defensive Wars (DW): 

DWs are for the purpose of repelling aggressive attacks, quelling hostile activity, and/or in response to political/social provocation/threats when not already engaged in another form of war with the aggressor. During a DW, one clearly defined group will be determined as the main Attacker (who declared the war) while another will be the main Defender- these will make up the main Participants. Groups cannot be combined with other external factions/groups/nations for the purpose of these designations. The extent of a DW does not allow for capturing enemy tiles, nor allow for pillaging of enemy nodes/lairs/settlements that aren't the source of the conflict or aren't adjacent to a Defender owned tile. Enemy nodes/lairs/settlements that are adjacent with a main Defender owned tile are susceptible to attacks/pillaging following victory in an immediately previous battle- excluding nation capital tiles.


During a DW, an initial battle will take place with only the main Attacker and Defenders able to participate. Should the main Attackers win, the main Defenders will then be allowed to call in external support from allies for the next battle. These allies need to be publicly declared on the forums before the battle in order to be valid. Should the main Defenders win the initial battle, the main Attackers will be able to call in external support from allies for the next battle should the Defenders wish to press on adjacent enemy tiles. External allies are not permitted for Defenders within the Attackers territory during a battle due to the fact that it is not a legitimate war for the Defender. 


In order to claim victory during a DW, a side must claim victory in two consecutive battles. The main participants may sue for peace in RP and create terms organically through diplomacy at any time. These terms are up to the main participants to decide and enforce, failure to abide by the terms may result in an actionable CB (Amendment War) later. There will also be server terms that are automatically enforced by staff following victory/peace- participants may opt out of these terms with unanimous assent.


Staff Enforced Conditions:

  • Attacker victory from a DW: 
    • Raids, banditry, and/or the behaviors that led to the DW from the main Defender are completely disallowed for 4 weeks following war end
    • CB protection for actions while defending owned territory during the DW. This protection may be revoked by Mod Management+ should actions by the Attackers be considered unnecessary or provocative enough.
    • If the Attacker chose to fight in enemy territory for the final battle, they may pillage lairs/settlements/fortifications associated with the conflict or nodes owned by the enemy in that tile. Doing so will award the main Defender a retaliation CB (VW) later.


  • Defender victory from DW:
    • Wartime Raid Rules on the main Attackers for 4 weeks following war end
    • Establishment of a war camp in an enemy tile closest to a Defender owned tile, but furthest away from the Attacker owned nation tile. Final placement at Mod Manager+ approval.


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