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  • Our Goal

    Mission        To pursue the identity of a "Roleplay community using Minecraft as our platform" where mechanics ultimately serve the respect and obligation for Roleplay.

    A few guiding principles

    • Roleplay-First — prioritize the integrity of the story & experience over clicks & policies
    • Laissez-faire, find a middle ground between mechanics-oriented anything-goes and bureaucracy hell—give players the power to do what the RP calls for and find ways to eliminate paperwork
    • Eliminate hyperfriction — ‘the tendency for systems requiring human judgement calls to incide toxicity’
    • Cut roleplay red-tape, reduce the tendency for systems to require players to be vetted before they can engage in RP, or otherwise mandating staff involvement
    • Community safety — promote a culture of respect, empathy, and understanding, where all players are safe to engage in the game and the community, free from harassment, discrimination, and harm
    • Accessible — open LotC to the newbies, give players who desire it time and space to incubate with light-rp, mine/build, & gradually integrate into the community. This ideally means no heavy-handed & confusing ruleset
    • Stop punishing the average chad LotC enjoyer or scrambling to appease old power — & in this way counter low retention rate
    • Mechanics should BRING roleplay TO the Minecraft experience, rather than constrain roleplay to make mechanics possible, nor to reinforce tendency to handle matters OOCly
    • With regards to combat-styles — ideally in an RP-focused context you should pursue a D&D-style system guided via plugins to inform player combat and eliminate a) arguing, b) stalling, and c) power-gaming

    Principles in practice

    The Mission Rating serves as guidance for initiatives. 

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