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Welcome to The Lord Of The Craft

We're currently the #1 Minecraft Roleplaying Server, fitted with custom plugins, a unique crafting system, custom character cards and an incredibly active and passionate community; We're serious about Roleplay and we're always eager for new faces!


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  • The Lord of the Craft is about providing a place for people to roleplay and interact together from all over the world -regardless of age, ability or experience- in a way that is easily understandable and caters to as many styles of roleplay as possible. We use minecraft as the platform for our fantasy world so that through small and large actions every member is contributing to the story.


    Our goal as a community, staff team, and Minecraft Role-Playing entity altogether, is simply your enjoyment and that of others. We strive to be the leading and prime example of a worry-free and welcoming server for you to enjoy yourself and entertain others in cooperative fantasy Roleplay.



    Therefore our goals as staff are:


    1. To preserve and promote a friendly and cooperative environment for everyone, to ensure people feel safe and comfortable within the community.


    2. To continue to encourage and endorse roleplay that is enjoyable by as many players as possible.


    3. To be transparent, and forthcoming with our intentions and development, while considering the input of the community.


    4. To remember we are volunteers, we made the choice to step up as leaders of the community, we’re not here for personal gain.



    And to help us with this, our expectations of players are:


    1. To remember that roleplay isn’t about winning or losing, but about storytelling. Allow roleplay to flourish, and act as a builder of an overall story.


    2. To maintain respect while interacting with other players. Be a builder of this community, not a hinderance or detriment.


    3. To actively be conscious of others’ feelings, and avoid placing personal goals/wants before everyone else's enjoyment.


    4. To remember Staff are just as much part of the community as you are, so when disagreements arise, maintain a civil and concise disposition.