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Deities & Patrons


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Deities & Patrons


What are Aenguls and Daemons?

Aenguls and Daemons are the essential ‘gods’ of Lord of the Craft. Born as fragments of the Creator, each Aengul or Daemon represents a different embodiment of an emotion or concept, possessing characteristics and powers appropriate to their given theme. The way in which they interact with one another can vary based on their intentions, choosing to forge alliances, weave conspiracies, or wage wars. Some of them may choose to interact with descendants and empower them to act as agents in the mortal realm, whereas others may control their own planes of existence and simply not care for the descendants whatsoever. 


Aenguls generally desire to maintain the current natural order or hierarchy. They are granted a particular role in the grand scheme of the universe and seek to fulfil that ‘duty’, hence why they are often seen as righteous or just. Those among this archetype include Aeriel, the Caretaker of Souls, Tahariae, the Aengul of Purity. and the Aspects, a triumvirate of Aenguls responsible for guarding the order of nature and who rule the Fae. 


Daemons lean more chaotic and do not care for the natural order, responding to it either by removing themselves from other Aengudaemonic affairs, or by directly raging against the status quo. Daemons generally care to act in their own interest and self gain, and do not owe themselves to any command but their own. Iblees, greatest of all Daemons, fell many ages ago; yet the curses he placed on the races of Descendants remain even to this day. Now, what few Daemons remain are an elusive sort; but one can never be sure when another may choose to exert their will, and what great consequences their emergence may incur.


Lore Feature: Xan, the Aengul of Order




The divine embodiment of Order and Guardianship, Xan is among the more powerful and prominent Aenguls. His influence extends into the mortal realm indirectly through his consecrated order of Paladins: brave souls who stand ever-vigilant in defending the realm against the influences of malefic powers. Often represented by a great, golden lion, Xan is as righteous as he is wrathful, for he has avowed to bring order in the face of chaos, and to vanquish darkness and corruption wherever it may be found.  




What are Patrons?

Patrons are typically powerful servants of the Aenguls and Daemons, but may also include powerful entities that don’t quite reach the level of a divine being. They are usually positioned uniquely to act as emissaries between the Aenguls and normal mortals, or in the case of independent Patrons, hold their own ambitions which influence the world on a differing scale. Patrons may include such examples as Taynei’hiylu, the Aspect’s Dragaar servant, The Nine Archons who serve as the ruling hands of the great vampiric plane of Hazmstadt, and Sokar, Patron of Endings and servant to Aeriel, who helps to assign the dead within the Soulstream their given fates with the aid of magical bells. 


Lore Feature: The Spirits

The Spirits are the patron deities most commonly worshipped, praised, and sought out for their blessings by the Orcish race, alongside the Dark Elves. Dwelling in the spiritual realm, there are an unquantifiable number of these entities which exist to embody every concept one could think of, or are powerful souls of mortals who have come to be revered and given such might by their worship. A Spirit’s prominence is usually dictated by the prevalence of its aspect, and how much it is worshipped, such as Votar - Spirit of the Hunt, or Freygoth - Spirit of Nature. Uniquely, the Spirit’s hierarchy can be shifted and affected by player actions through a process known as a ‘Spirit War’, which has the potential to elevate lesser spirits above their greater counterparts. 

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