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  2. ‘~* Fenn’s Bard Off! *~` [!] From the Northwestern Mountain Range to The Queen's Isle, various parchments are posted in the smallest of hamlets to the most bustling of capitals. Each poster is made of the newest of parchments. Each poster would read as follows: ”From humans to wonks to orcs! All across Arcas are welcome to participate in the Princedom of Fenn’s very first ‘Bard Off’! There will be laughter, singing, instruments, dancing and all of it will be accompanied by the Silver Snowflake’s drinks and wonderful hospitality. Our poor theatre is just gathering dust here at the bottom of the Silver Snowflake and we think it is time we have it bustling with song and laughter once more! Can you carry a tune? Make jokes on both your and others expense? Then come give it a shot! Signing up is FREE meaning the only thing you need to bring is your jokes, parchment, dancing shoes or instrument to amaze the crowd before you. Each bard will be given one shot to perform on our very own stage. Once all of the bard’s have performed we will collect a vote of all the audience members opinions! Besides, who are the best judges than the very audience itself! Now, we will get to the juicy part, the winner of the battle will earn a prize of 500 Mina and a wonderfully donated lute! Please send a letter to one Rithon Caelthor Drakon or one Datura Tathvir to sign up. This letter should include the following information – Name: Race: Act: Ahernan!”
  3. “The church went from bein’ dead to bein’ full of degenerates.”
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    Ranged Rolls

    @Josh3738 😂
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  6. Sir Humphrey runs his fingers through his soft and bouncy hair at the thought of a potential new client.
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    Beneath the Shade

    Beneath the Shade In the thick woods, where light filtered through the virescent facade of the Mother’s great dark oaks and the cool air damply hung, stood a boy beneath the shade. His form blended with the Forest’s green and brown mosaic, assisted by the tranquil grasp of shade and darkness which blanketed the emerald domain. His light brown skin, perhaps out of place in the Forest of oaks whose dusky hue complimented the deepness of the shade their mighty canopies offered, mimicked the grey-brown of figs and oaks and pines. His dull emerald gaze, a hue unspectacular and unsaturated in the presence of other glorious greens, reflected the newly fallen leaves and the trodden grass of the woodland. The whipping of the boy’s robed garment in the gentle breeze which held a light, cold sting, could not be distinguished from the rustle of the Forest’s tall grass and bountiful bushes, and the gentle tremble of the leafy roof above. As Aelor Caerme’onn stood before a decidedly approachable dark oak, with room enough for the song and dance he so desired to hone, and tilted his wooden quarterstaff tipwise to his stationary opponent, the boy discovered alien intricacies of his form. The way his breath slowed to a subconscious, controlled pattern he could not quite distinguish, but knew was ever-present. How his bare feet spread across the emerald verdance as they sought comfortability and sturdiness in stance. His muscles, albeit weak and atrophied, tensed in preparation. His focus sharpened upon the dark bark facade which hid the inner wooden flesh like shielded skin. It dawned upon the boy, old of age yet younger of growth, that these doings were not his own; as those in his spar previous, with his mentor, were not his own. He understood that the lower-bound swipe that offset the Taliame’onn was the impression set upon his memory by his brother. He realised that the strike, in the manner of Siss’siru, was guided by a force invisible. The guidance of his lethargic form and the blessing of some courage and push usually alien, were at the command of such guiding force. He understood, then, that in the moment where he inexplicably triumphed in the fight, that that guiding force was his father. The Caribou Druid imbued the boy with that foreign courage and drive; his father’s hand lifted his form, and guided his staff. He understood, then, the Father, the blessing of the Father. the balance of the Father. A wetness stained his dull emerald gaze, and his vision was hazy. Tears had formed. Maudlin weakness had worked itself in, again, yet such was banished swiftly as the boy steeled himself, and swept the tears from his eyes. His feet, held tilted on the frontal in agile-anticipation, spread apart. His breath fell in a light rhythm, his chest rising and falling to the tranquil hymn. His right hand gripped the upper-bound, as his left met the lower-bound. His left foot swiftly stomped forth as he rounded the bottom of the staff to collide with the thick, dark bark of oak. The heavy strike resounded with a thwack, and Aelor continued; again, rounding the bottom of the staff back so the front may forcefully come forth in a declining jab. It again collided audibly, and off-set the boy’s balance. Aelor lost his footing, and tumbled back. He said naught, and cried naught. He stood, again,
  8. Mariana Dubois sits back meanwhile sipping on a hearty red vintage, enjoying the sunlight upon her silken-embraced mattress, watching her assortment of hired employees labor from the window. “Ah, nothing like Kaedrin.”
  9. “Removing the seat of God!” Mr H. McScribley would spit upon the cobbles, as he reads the missive.
  10. Civil Affairs Committee Meeting. Amber Cold, 1762 Chaired by Vivaca Adhara de Antunyes Rutledge. Members Present. Senior Senator for Curon Vivaca Rutledge Junior Senator for Curon Gwynnestri Elwitt Junior Senator for Haense Sir Konrad Stafyr. Vivaca Rutledge: Hello colleagues, today we will be reviewing the Heraldry Bill introduced by Senator Karoly of Kaedrin. Sir Konrad’s opinion on the bill: This bill is absolutely riddled with flaws. I think it was hastily written and very poorly worded. Honestly I’m not a fan. It didn’t go through our committee before reaching the floor. Gwynnestri Elwitt’s opinion on the bill: I’m not really a fan either, it’s more of an unnecessary restriction. If I wanted to say my family’s values are represented by a heraldic pigeon, then why couldn’t I? Senator Vivaca Rutledge agrees with both opinions expressed by both of her Senatorial colleagues. The Civil Affairs Committee’s vote on the Right to Heraldry Act, 1762. NAY: Elwitt Rutledge Stafyr The committee votes against the bill. Reasons for rejection: We did not think it was necessary to overly regulate the use of crests and heraldry in an age of modernism and progress. We believe that the bill complicated matters by making the process of heraldic usage a bureaucratic nightmare. The meeting is dismissed by Senator Vivaca Rutledge.
  11. Isabella and Karia hand in hand greet Brog with a smile on their face “Welcome home Brog” they say together. A family reuinted and able to be in peace as one ~
  12. Union in Valwyck, 315 E.S. Join us and witness Lord Emerich Gant and Lady Juliya Emeline Vanir as they cement the Union of House Gant and House Vanir in holy matrimony. Their marriage will be officiated by Bishop Bram in the Duchy of Valwyck. Following the ceremony, the newlyweds will carry on with their celebrations Valstadt Castle where all may indulge freely in the many pleasantries the Duchy has to offer. LIST OF INVITEES: His Royal Majesty, Sigismund II of House Barbanov, and his pedigree His Excellency Otto Sigmar of House Alimar, and his pedigree His Grace, Petyr of House Baruch, and his pedigree The Most Honorable, Viktor of House Kortrevich, and his pedigree The Right and Honorable, Alaric of House Stafyr, and his pedigree The Right and Honorable, Konstantin of House Ruthern, and his pedigree The Right and Honorable, Erwin of House Barclay, and his pedigree His Lordship, Ruslan of House Amador, and his pedigree His Lordship, Yuri of House Kovachev, and his pedigree His Lordship, Henrik of House Vanir, and his pedigree His Lordship, Fredrick of House Ludovar, and his pedigree OOC: Tuesday the 07th of April, 2020 6:30 pm EST Signed His Lordship, Baron of Gant Emerich Gant HER EXCELLENCY, the Chamberlain of the Court Juliya Emeline Vanir
  13. Name: Dominick Kuerten Age: 18 Gender: M Race: Human Position Applied For:Treasury Aide Relevant Experience: Tutors several individuals on mathematics and has intensively studied economy in multiple libraries, including the Dragur Library and the libraries in both Haense and Sutica. Additional Notes: Applying for a position to hopefully grow as an individual within the server and serve the greater empire. [[Username & Discord]]: JudoMan12 & JudoMan#3008
  14. Tanriz XVII Tovalin sends Corwin Alstreim a letter, naming him the “King of Telemar.” As the last scion of the Blood Eagle of Telemar, Hooded Devil of Abresi Tanriz I, the young Telemari prince forswears his inheritance. He expresses his sincere congratulations, and hopes his patrimony will serve as an adequate addition to the Waldenian bloodknight’s prestigious titles. The royal seal of that august wildland kingdom is enclosed.
  15. Argyle Lyall reads over the parchment. His eyebrows furrow and he shakes his head "The uruks expected to take folk from us, from Sutica with little to no loss. I don't know who the hell they think they are, but I dont tolerate anyone who puts disrespect on my home, where ever that may be. I hope you cant get enough money, Krugmar. I hope you continue to come back to Sutican gates, to threaten our roads if we dont pay up swiftly.. I hope you do, because I am indeed tired of your petty ****.." The adunian says, before he tosses the parchment into the flame by his side. "What goes around comes around, sooner or later."
  16. The Young Princess scanned the invitation over with a raised brow, settling it on her desk afterwards. Happy for Bernhardt, she marked a spot on her schedule, before returning back downstairs and to her lab.
  17. This is the second High prince. Avurak Syllar was the first High Prince
  18. *Marcus would cozly lay in his chair, ruffling through the papers* ”Quite well documented...” *Then sighing* ”I wonder whats in store for us all next....” *He’d say while clutching at his side, waiting for his wounds to heal*
  19. @adamc2000 I think it’s always possible to apply in the OOC threads of those that are currently going on. Mind you, it of course always lies in the discretion of the moderators. I don’t know if you are much of a Sci-Fi fellow, otherwise you could try 42 – New Era.
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    15th of Malin’s Welcome, 1762 _ The half-breed coaxed her mount quickly back towards her haven - speed and haste were of the essence for her. She brought an arm up towards her forehead, wiping away the dirt, sweat, and crimson from her forehead. The woman brought it down into her eyesight within the dark light of the moon, showing the contents smeared across her forearm. Hours later, she gave her horse rest within the stables below. Her coat tugged over her form tightly to conceal the mess presented on her. A hood draped over her head, frantically moving around about - catching wind of the slightest noises around. With a pat, she wished her steed off, moving upwards through the streets and towards the latter districts. The slums of her city. An ironically fitting home for a Triumvir. The home was empty and vacant of noise, the child above asleep and void of the actions done. The Triumvir moved her coat to the floor, her limbs falling numb as her gaze peered towards them. Crimson, blood soaked nearly every inch of her form. A breath in. A breath out. Her form gradually moved towards the table laid in front of her, snatching a stray drink from its top and planting herself a seat - caring not for her presenting appearance. The half-breed brought her glass to her lips, taking a long, heavy sip. “This is what you wanted…” she chuckled to herself in a low tone, a pained half-smirk crossing her bloody expression. “You better be fuckin’ right, mal’onn..” Divulgences enscaped her mind once more, her gaze drifting down to the blood of her wife. Coated along her newly made dress. Downing the rest of the remains of the cocktail, she rose once more - a trembling stand. She snatched the coat that laid on the floor, moving up a single floor. The rising room was brighter, arcanistic lights lighting the bedroom around with a dull silverish-green color. The Fester’s gaze dropped towards the green jacket in her hands. Soiled, but sentimental. A bathing was in due time, but not know. Rest would be first. She slipped her trophy over her fragile, slowly-unsound form before climbing within the bed presented to her. The sheets smelled of Rosemary wood, and it’d be the last Blair would savor in their fragrance.
  21. Name: Silvos’Avernan Malaurirante’Alras’Asulonn elathri’thilln eltuferir Vallei’cruanonn elbilokel’telekinesisonn Sythaerin ((MC Name)): yungwine (to be replaced with MrSythaerin asap again) Age: 1001 What magic are you trained in, if any? Telekinesis, Conjuration, Transfiguration. How do you lay claim to the fact that you are pure Mali'aheral? It’s me. How long have you resided within Lareh’thilln? A few elven weeks now, however I have been a citizen of Haelun’or since Asulon. Will you follow the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya to the letter in the pursuit of arcane knowledge? As I have done in the past, I shall continue to do. What magical knowledge do you wish to acquire, if any? I wish not to acquire any. By submitting this form I merely wish to introduce myself as a potential teacher, placing myself in the Amanaan category.
  22. Dietrich frowns. 'Now is not the time to be nitpicking legalities. What a clumsy response.'
  23. ”Dear me, burn already. Your liberal cesspool is but a stain upon these realms.” Commented some high elf as the news reached her
  24. Truly amazing work, I’m so proud of you guys. Also can we just have a moment that anime eyes are simply superior??
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