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  2. KARL GRASSLEY; GRASSLEY WORKS FOR VALWYCK [!] a portrait of Karl Grassley after a hard day's work collecting the Lallybroch harvest, circa 392 E.S. Grassley Works for Valwyck: Karl Grassley is one of the tenants of the Fiefdom of Lallybroch, a third generation fisherman and farmer who fishes Lake Voron in his early mornings and works the fields of Valwyck in the day. Karl knows a hard day's work, his whole life has been a hard day's work, and he hopes to work for you in the Royal Duma and represent the core values of the Ayrian people; grit, determination, and honesty. The Grassley Platform: I. To remove the tenant tax that kills the lowly subjects of Fiefdoms like Valwyck. II. To establish an rural subsidy for those who work the fields and provide for the kingdom itself. III. To push for fisherman and agricultural reforms and protections and advocate against free trade agreements that kill our farmers and fishermen at home. IV. To fight against senseless legislation that will harm the Ayrian people. V. To advocate for stronger feudal rights of nobility and Fiefdoms. VI. to represent the interests of the hardworking people of Lallybroch and the esteemed House Baruch. Elect Grassley as your representative; Because Grassley Works for Valwyck.
  3. The late Holy Mother prayed for the Cardinal's soul.
  4. "I resigned as the Bishop of Vasyoevi for they asking for me to see Ursula as a Equal. Then I lost my Archbishopric and Cardinalship for siding with the pious Sedainans and Savyards' Against the baptism of a Heathen who was killed in the sights of 200 people" Father Vladrick would frown "I pray Everard will see his mistakes and that he will do what is Truly good for the Canonist realm, and neit coward away from his duties are our Vicar of GODANI" The Aged Clergy man would say as he sat down in the Tavern in Louisville
  5. Father Vladrick would nod at the missive "Woman are neit equal to man, for it was the Exalted who pathed the way for our people. Neit their wives"
  6. "Rest in peace, you insufferable bastard," One Master Sergeant Moores remarks, with a bitter chuckle, standing over his former comrade's grave. Gingerly, he places two bottles of whiskey by the Othaman's headstone, before offering up a salute. His face scrunched up in contempt - or at least, it would seem to if one were to only offer a passing glance. Upon closer inspection however, one would come to realise that the foolhardy and constantly jovial veteran was actually trying to hold tears back. "Rest in peace Kelhus... Rest in peace..." He repeats to himself, before hastily wiping the tears from his face.
  7. IGN: DrewDOOD Character Name: Karl Grassley Age: 20 Place if Residence: Lallybroch
  8. Gillriik'Ungri sits in his cave home petting his sheep while smoking a dank blunt of Thunder-Krug, as a courier Goblin sprints over to Gillriiks cave and reads this note to him, Gillriik nods slowly before burping loudly "GUUYHD, GUYRDZ NUHB'HYOYZH." He says before shooing the goblin away so he can finish his blunt in peace.
  9. Hello there! So, I'm going to keep this brief. I've got an open character slot after a recent PK, and I want to try something different for my next character. So, if any of y'all need a player for some sort of construct, (Sorvian, golem, atronach, ect.) I'd be glad to play them for you! The aesthetic/personality is completely up to you, as long as its a construct! If you want to ask any sort of questions, feel free to send me over a DM! My discord is WanderingGriffin4032, and my username is THE7Kharajyrs -=Have a lovely day y'all!=-
  10. From beneath a pile of foliage, Porkpie Grandaxe cheered for the alliance.
  11. The Trelkastriet Property Auction of 392 E.S Issued by the Office of the High Seneschal On the 10th of Jula and Piov, 392 E.S [!] An illustration of the newly constructed Trelkastriet. As the city expands its infrastructure with the addition of the tournament grounds and it’s accompanying 4 manors, His Excellency, Fionn Castaway, the High Seneschal and His Excellency, Otto Morovar, the Royal Treasurer, officially announce that the aforementioned 4 manors of Trelkastriet shall be auctioned off in a Saint’s Day to the highest bidder, in order to combat the high interest in them by the Haeseni population. The auction will be happening at the podium in front of the arena. As the properties share the new district with the tournament grounds, Their Excellencies have deemed it fit that the winners of the auction shall randomly be pitted against each other in a mini tournament, armed with only their fists. The winner of this tournament shall have their winning bid be halved as a reward for their victory. The rules for the auction will be as such; Participants are free to walk around a manor for 5 saints minutes before the auction begins. Each participant must inform either the High Seneschal or Royal Treasurer of the amount of mina they possess upon the start of the auction to prevent the needless driving up of prices. To prevent one family buying up all available properties, there will be a limit of 1 manor per family, family being defined as those who legally share a last name. Each winner will have one Saint’s hour to transfer over their bid to the High Seneschal or Royal Treasurer, otherwise the property shall move on to the next highest bidder. Signed, His Excellency, Fionn Castaway High Seneschal of Hanseti-Ruska His Excellency, Otto Morovar Baron of Ghaestenwald and Royal Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska [[OOC: Date: Friday 24th September Location: Podium in front of the arena Time: After Court]]
  12. A wayward student would suddenly sneeze and cough as he prepares the maid uniform that he gotten from somewhere else. His face would scrunched up as he looks at it with an unexplainable expression before moving on.
  13. "Take carriage. Go to mamej's. Kill Phil, grab Katerina, go to the Old Stout Crow, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over. How's that for a slice of fried aurum?" - Aleksandr of the Dead.
  14. IGN: ichigomaster98 RP Name: Boots Boots grabs a raffle ticket while buying horse supplies in Savoy and begins work on yet another outfit. "Hmm... what color this time..."
  15. So, I ain't figured out exactly how this application process works so I am going to wing it and just write a letter and, uh. Hope to god this works. Discord is: WhatTheDoggDoin#3528 [!] Written on a beige piece of paper in a blued cursive, a letter would try to find it's way into the palace [!] Lord Seneschal, I would like to wish you a good day, I am writing to express my curiosity into the potential of working as a Court Physician for the Augustine. I am still studying the subject, however remain proficient in most categories alongside knowledge of exotic issues such as dealing with injuries sustained from vampires which could be a valuable skill in such times. I currently reside in Providence at Selm Street 8, where I reside in my tailor shop working on my many other hobbies and ambitions but would absolutely love for such an opportunity if it would be ever accepted. God bless, I await eagerly for any news. - Alicia de Rosius
  16. IGN: TakeMeT0TheFae Character Name: Iris Peregrin Age: Around 50 Place of Residence / Street Address: Halfling-Village, Peregrin burrow Position: Alderman [Link to Campaign Post] N/A
  17. Minecraft Username: FireFist__ Discord Username: FireFist#0045 Character Name: Valen Dreth Character Age: 27 Citizenship: Yes Reason for application: I wish to become a samurai, and achieve my goal of becoming a great swordsman.
  18. While it may appear to be on hiatus, I have just failed to properly address the work that has been outloaded for those who might enjoy. These new suits, most solely the red vest has begun a new era of designing from the current model of suits being exported from Le Soleil Levant. These have sold to a respectable man in Haense, whom I hope is well satisfied with their purchasing of product. LET'S GET THE BIGGEST OUT OF THE WAY Introducing what is known as: The Olive and Drab. My last first generation models for the suit. Now, for the awaited new generation and my personal favourite so far? Introducing the unique and ultra-stylish: The Western Pioneer. TIME FOR SOME SMALLER WORKS The past few weeks have been hell, but a wise man with an intuitive and business associated mind has aided me in some financial endeavours following the collapse of the Horse Market and hence I rewarded them with an older, yet unfinished works which still looks spectacular if I do say so myself. Even gave them a courtesy haircut, making them look more akin with higher class society. [Left Slide, Blue/Red] While the chaos of Almaris continues to spread, and the unfortunate destruction of the Providence Clinic for barbaric means. I'd taken it upon myself to refurbish their descimated interior and part of the exterior as well to restore it to a reliable center of healing in what should be considered the greatest, most societarily advanced city in Almaris and it is our due dillegence as citizens to appreciate and support their staff as they work tirelessly under inhospitable conditions. I have used another to example the new mens uniform made available to their clinic staff for work trials as I still hash out their womens uniform, but hopefully this will help set the clinics on their way to matching their charitable and skill-driven escapades into keeping our society intact. [See right tab, Black/Purple and Blue or Rolled Sleeves.] Should you wish to bless yourself with a new outfit, and look the part of the modern society then look no further to recieve one of our newest additions. God bless, and remember to support our community in such times of peril.
  19. Prophet of Lord Knox, and cousin of Bishop Jordan, The High Pumplar Jeannette sighed deeply, "Oi 'ate ter admit et... but oi 'ope Jordan's alroight. May nay 'arm come upon 'im fer wroiting of such t'ings."
  20. RENEW THE CITY - ALEKSANDR VAR RUTHERN Aleksandr Ruthern enjoying a cold one in the Old Stout Crow Bar, 391 E.S. THE HISTORY OF ALEKSANDR RUTHERN: Aleksandr Ruthern, born in Karosgrad in 353 ES, is the eldest son of former Knight-Paramount Alric ‘the Cavalier’. He joined the HRA as a cadet when he was twelve and has served in the HRA and its successor the BSK. He is a veteran of the Rimeveld Troll Conflict, the Nachezer Eastern Threat, The Sutican Civil War, and still serves as the Haeseni-Haelun’orian War continues. He has served as an outspoken Alderman for four sessions on the Royal Duma since 367 ES and has been appointed Royal Inquisitor and Lord Handler in that time with notable, successful votes of no confidence being initiated against stagnant Aulic Council members in that time. Aleksandr has also presented and co-authored seven Bills and Advisory Acts with six passing. The most notable of these being the Bail Bond Act of 387 ES and the Law and Order Bill of 374 ES which established a more fleshed out and efficient processing procedure for those summoned to court and fixing the loopholes abused by criminals. These policies stemmed from Aleksandr’s long basis in the law, serving as a Royal Jurist on the behalf of the Crown since 369 ES and having worked on such cases as Krawn z. Justine and serving as co-counsel on Baruch et. al v. Surgeon General. THE POLICIES OF ALEKSANDR RUTHERN: Aleksandr Ruthern has tried his best to keep those in power accountable but at its root this comes from a sense of wanting the best for the people of Karosgrad and to a greater extent the whole of Hanseti-Ruska. Furthermore as Grand Maer he would seek to further this agenda by promoting the revitalisation of old Haeseni customs, art and events that has been sorely lacking in recent years such as: More public events such as the Barovifest, melees, snail races, ceremonies, and other shows of skill pertaining to those of a scholarly, theocratic, artistic and militaristic nature as well as establishing new, hopefully future traditions for this fine City and Kingdom. Make an effort to be a more public Grand Maer by giving a Saint’s weekly speech on the state and happenings of the City as well as a question time afterwards to hear the opinions of the people. Bring in more scholars and artisans into the City to teach and expand the knowledge and talents of Karosgrad’s inhabitants either through public shows or lectures. Reinvigorate the economy alongside the High Seneschal and Royal Treasurer by promoting guild work within the city and personally bringing merchants and vendors of a reputable nature to offer their services on a wider scale once more. Work alongside the clergy and the newest Patriarch to promote the hosting of masses, confession and other holy ceremonies within the city to once more find our nation’s overwhelming piety and to inform the young of the church’s importance. To push for more Bills of Action such as those pertaining to infrastructure and changes to the City’s layout and function to better serve the Haeseni people as well as to put them into effect more quickly and properly.
  21. While working on the preparations for the festival, Kamiyama Izanami felt a cold shiver run down the edges of her spine at the thought of mooncake season.
  22. After quite a while, Kane Redfist also finally got confirmation of the fact that Rebeka had passed away from a messenger on horseback. Upon hearing the news, the man cleared his throat "Ya sure? It can't beh true..." he asked, a stern facial expression resting on his face while glancing at the man. The messenger simply nodded "I am sorry, My Lord" he asked before staying silent once again. Kane gulped once in disbelief. He dropped the stern expression for a moment now shifting to rather sad. "D...- Did she suffer?" "No idea My Lord." The messenger stated, giving Kane the document he got, stating the same information he already mentioned. Kane took the document before dipping his head once "Thanks." he muttered Upon hearing that, the messenger bobbed his head in return "Good luck, My Lord" the man said, pulling on the reigns of his horse, turning around and galloping away into the night. After the messenger had ran out of sight, Kane folded the document into four even pieces and put it in his pocket. He strolled back to his doorstep, going to sit on the stairs while staring at the pumpkins. Those pumpkins Rebeka was proud of, even to a point where she organised a pumpkin festival. He thought back to those days, stayed silent as a grave. Minutes went by of Kane sitting there like this before he balled his fist up "She didn't deserve thes... She didn't fokkin' deserve et." Kane grunted before pushing himself up. He let out a primal roar that could probably be heard all across the city before noticing the barrels with supplies that were standing outside next to the wall. The man, clearly mad at everything walked over to those supplies before starting to kick and punch on them until they were nothing more than a pile of nails and broken planks. Kane breathed heavily, his hair all messed up from destroying stuff. Clearly enraged by the whole incident, he stretched his arms out, looking up at the sky "Why...? Everyone tha' didn't do anythin' wrong es dyin'" he mumbled, clearly done with the death of the innocent souls recently. Kane finally looked down, moving the locks from in front of his face before rushing inside of his house, slamming the door shut behind him.
  23. Amaesil Vuln'miruel would nod toward the ranger that had brought him this news. He traces a crack along the table with his index finger in thought. A mutter escapes his lips. "Honorable beyond measure."
  24. RESPONSE FROM THE IMPERIAL TREASURY An orenian bureaucrat of the Imperial Treasury handed a copy of this petition to the Secretary of State for the Treasury of the Holy Orenian Empire, His Excellency Sir Henry Penton. @CharmingCavalier In addition, the imperial functionary started working on the response, and intially sent the following letter: "Dear Sir or Madam, @Borin Your request (#4533) has been received by the Imperial Treasury of the Holy Orenian Empire and it shall be processed within the following saints days. Furthermore, we would like to remind you that in the scenario that the subsequent administrative resolution is a dismissal one you may then file an appeal directly before the same body that issued such resolution, or directly before the Imperial Courts in accordance with the imperial laws. Also, we would like to remind you of your right to present allegations and, if necessary, evidence, during this administrative procedure. Finally, may there be no administrative resolution your request shall then be understood as dismissed by negative administrative silence. Sincerely, Functionary IT-3764"
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