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  2. Magic protection blessing may occur when I get home.
  3. Baldr, a weathered man, seasoned knight, and devout Fatherist reads the short warning. It immediately brings his mind to a fateful day within the old Cannonist priory turned Hearth Temple. When smoke filled his lungs and His Light burned brightly in his eyes and His Flame danced through the night. He begins to mutter beneath his breath, "I have seen it, so must they." as he produces a small parchment on his makeshift desk. He writes in unsteady hand to Hilda, the High Keeper, and any other Faithful interested in his ramblings:
  4. Rest in Peace. It's always heart wrenching to lose a member of this tight-knit community we have. It always hurts just a little bit more when it's someone you saw around, but never got the opportunity to interact with. It's a comfort to know that she was loved, and will continue to be loved. Thank you for sharing this post.
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  6. The remnant Torreskians gathered in joyful dance & indulged in oktasas. Amongst them all, a woman yelled: "Nola bizi, hala hil, Viva Mercatorii!"
  7. The Crothstad Woodlands Nestled between the cold, frozen tundra of Ailmere and the southern valleys of Aevos, The Crothstad Woodlands lay as a quite respite from shore to centre as the trees sprawled from the western shores to the great rivers of the continent. Christened at each dawn and dusk with the howls of wolfpacks aplenty within the region, The Woodlands would be a serene- and dangerous- place that many hardy peoples would call home. The Woodlands The Woodlands themselves were thick and sprawling, with spruce, evergreen, and pine trees dotting the land all throughout. Rocks and boulders from the nearby snowcapped peaks tumbled down and made their way all across the tiered woodland, which rose from cliff to the dip of a valley as quickly as it did beautifully. The rivers bore rocky beds home to salmon and trout which would leave the cold north in the summers to spawn in the rivers and ponds to the land's south- the porous cliffs with each waterfall allowing fish ways upward and unseen, safe from predator and fisher alike. The rocky riverbeds gave life and fertility to the lands surrounding, whilst the majority of The Woodland had a tough and rocky soil unripe for crop and plantation. Despite this, grass and vegetation seemed to grow handily with a multitude of berries, rhubarb, onions, and beets naturally growing and giving both life and sustenance to the nearby region. The air was crisp and invigorating, carrying the scent of the same pines and cold frost which blanketed the region throughout the year. While the snows were light, the area was glossed with ice with each long and heavy winter. Sunlight flowed from above through the needles of pines and firs to the ground below, covered in a heavy duff of needles and pinecones left over from seasons prior. Mushrooms grew upon fallen logs which stayed through the thick and thin of seasons, the land providing abundant life to all pieces of the cycle. Aside from the rushing waters and occasional rumble of wildlife, the land was quiet and remarkably peaceful. Serene and tranquil, the expanse of wilderness stretched far as untamed woodland and wildlife made this piece of Eos their home. Thick layers of moss clung to the trunks of trees and boulders both grand and humble, as daylight shone over the river-valley for so long. Dark shadows cast over the crags and into the caves which provided shelter for much of the riverland wildlife, giving a sense of majesty and grace to the land untouched by man. The woodland was home to many a species of animal from all around Eos. Whilst Athin, Frostvine, Bitter Reed, Blissfoil, and Nightglow grew in bushels and cliffsides, many creatures populated the woodland in healthy numbers. Great elk, Grizzly bears, Vowl, Bokolo, Tundrastriders, Hares, Foxes, Lynx, Snow Leopards, Squirrels, Imps, and Direwolves populated the biome most notably amongst countless other creatures found within the cold forest. Curiously, the land was ripe for creatures to grow and populate rapidly- leading to the phenomenon known as The Endless Hunt. The Legend of Crothstad Legend tells of a Hunter, perhaps as old as The Four Brothers himself, named Crothstad. His true name, race, even sex by some accounts- has been completely lost to time. Whoever this hunter was, he did not matter before he arrived to the forests of Aevos. Among the few who would ever survive upon the continent longer than days, Crothstad just like them would go missing with time; his true fate left unknown. Arriving with a hunting party in the tens, Crothstad had gathered the greatest hunters of his clan far beyond the misty seas, arriving to the continent in search of greatness and glory. By one account of the expedition, legend told tale of a creature which lived within The Woodland of Aevos. A serpentine creature tall and long, which an amalgam of mottled brown fur and scales. Two heads, breathing an acidic flame from it's mouth of a thousand teeth. It flew, but not far, and it's scorpion-tail could crush a man better than injecting it with deadly venom. The Great Chimera it was named, a creature which would seal Crothstad into history forever. Rumour has it that Crothstad had the head of an elk, with antlers long and bone white- aged well as the hunter covered himself in furs and runes whos meanings were lost to time. Armed with a heavy sword Trailblazer and his greatbow Lif, Crothstad set foot upon the shores of Aevos with his expedition in close follow. The land was harsh, and unknown to them, The Endless Hunt had made their lives even more difficult from a phenomenon they did not understand. They ate well, but the creatures of The Woodland were larger than any they'd ever met- fighting fiercer and smarter, and without making a dent in their numbers. They seemed completely unafraid of the adventurers, yet, when they saw the bone-white skull of The Great Hunter, they did cower. Unlike his comrades, Crothstad thrived within the land. Each hunt exhilarating, and while he showed no unnecessary boasting in his kills, he did humble himself with each creature utilized and respected to it's fullest extent. Charms of bones and shrines to gods forgotten made with what he and his compatriots could not utilize. Crothstad each day swore that he was closer and closer to finding The Great Chimera, which had still yet to be seen- it's brown scales and tattered wings hidden somewhere within the thick woodland. It was over the course of a year that his party dwindled to but a couple of men retaining, those closest and most understanding of Crothstad and his ways. Mimicking him did well, yet they always lived within the shadow of his past footsteps. Where he dodged some great beast's strike or avoided the gnashing teeth of a wolfpack, the remaining party were too slow and beaten. They had sons, daughters, husbands, and wives to return to back within their kingdom which was surely awaiting their return. The remaining two beckoned their leader to return- and austerely, did he refuse. Driven with a bloodlust to find this great creature which had evaded him, the remaining party had lost their last of hopes. Packing what they had and trophies of their hunt, the two left their obsessed leader; keeping the legend alive, and tales of The Crothstad Expedition spread. Yet the tale does not quite find it's end there. By account of the remaining two hunters who's names had been forgotten, the shadow of great broken wings was seen from the mouth of the channel they had sought to escape by. The Great Chimera, they had thought- indeed, with it's elongated tale and great mane, a head of bone-white and body of dark scales and fur, perhaps Crothstad would finally meet his match. It is unknown what fate lay of Crothstad or The Great Chimera, as the adventurers returned home to tales of guts and glory with their wonderous trophies of battle. The Legend of Crothstad lived on, spread as a tale by sailors, hunters, young and old alike of a man both driven, obsessed, even crazed. Each tale differed by culture and it's teller, but one thing remained the same; The Great Chimera lived, as did The Great Hunter who sought to bring it to it's end. The Endless Hunt The Endless Hunt is a phenomenon within The Crothstad Woodlands of unknown origin, in which the Fauna of the land behaved and appeared differently than any other of their species. To begin, creatures of The Crothstad Woodland would reproduce rapidly- growing and maturing within just a couple of months to years, rather than up to a decade. The offspring and each creature within The Woodland was mighty and robust, growing healthily without defect or disadvantage in their growth. Each animal grew up to twice as large compared to their regular counterpart, with Elk ranging from the size of a Human to the size of an Olog. These animals bore a unique feature that they were completely unafraid of descendants- never having been exposed to them before in any notable capacity, descendants would simply be another creature in their woodland. Elk approached men both in curiosity and defense of their territory, bears unafraid of the sounds of hooves and descendant voice. More akin to prey, descendants within The Woodland would simply be another creature within it's complex ecosystem- their stone walls and thick doors the only separation from themselves and the beasts which lay beyond. Descendants themselves were spared from this effect, even new species brought unto the land did not quite benefit from the same unique phenomenon. Almost as if unique to the species of the land, The Endless Hunt only affected fauna native to The Crothstad Woodlands, leaving descendant and their invading creatures untouched. Every year within the woodlands, creatures both young and old would emerge from their dens and nests to various spots around the forest in which flora refused to grow; bowing their heads remaining quiet as the moon reached it's apex. An hour after silence and stillness within the forest after the new year had come to pass, all creatures would return to whence they came; peaceful, and without a sound. OOC Information The Crothstad Woodlands will allow players and ET alike to run creature events for DIY creatures, but as well larger hunt events with more challenging enemies to consider how prepared descendants are in most fights. Akin to a monter-hunter type game, creatures within this biome should be significantly more difficult to take down and should often involve multiple phases of hunt- like tracking, identifying, hunting, and butchering rather than just the prior two. Creatures involved in these hunt events still follow DIY guidelines, and should not be used as pets, guardians, or to attack settlements/players who do not wish to be involved in the event. Player creatures, players, npcs, and so on are unaffected by The Endless Hunt. The Legend of Crothstad, The Endless Hunt, and so on are known ICly and are not knowledge-locked by any means. Your character can obviously embellish, lie, or add onto the legend however they may please to add flavor and thematic that your character may interpret from the story. Crothstad and The Great Chimera are off limits to roleplay or roleplay knowledge of until further notice, but will be developed later onward. For ET: Refer to the Maplore Backface document for further details on doing events in this region.
  8. THE HAENSE FOREST WARRIORS UKEN VE KRAWN I ROZZ Issued by the OFFICE OF VE MORRIVI KORT On the 6th day of Gronna ag Droba of 479 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK The Weld Oxtzen is a group established with the children of Haense at its heart, with the aim to provide opportunities for the younger people of the kingdom to explore the natural world surrounding them, learn beneficial skills and make friends along the way. From camping to hunting, learning true etiquette to being taught how to create and repair clothing, there is truly something for everyone. INTRODUCTION Established by Rolim Tordove, Master of the Hunt, in 479 E.S., the aim of the Weld Oxtzen is to teach children the importance of the wilderness throughout the kingdom, and how to properly take care of themselves in a survival situation. In such, the Master of the Hunt will educate children aged from 8 to 15 in how to hunt, identify flora and fauna, build a suitable shelter, make a fire and much more. There will also be the opportunity to attend workshops and learn skills such as sewing, proper meat preparation, cooking, and etiquette. THE OXTZEN OATH “On my honor I will do my best, serve my king and my community, care for the wilderness, help others and abide by the Oxtzen Law.” When committing to the oath, the moment should be very special, so before an Oxtzen takes the oath, it is encouraged that they understand what it means. Declaring that they shall do their best encourages that they are not to be entirely perfect in all that they do, they simply must challenge themselves and strive to achieve their personal best. Serving the king, and their community, is something that is part of the core of the Weld Oxtzen, alongside caring for the wilderness and all that is in it. Lending a hand is an important part of being an Oxtzen. Members of Weld Oxtzen help their friends, family, and people in their local area. THE OXTZEN LAW An Oxtzen is: TRUSTWORTHY- Tells the truth and upkeeps promises. LOYAL- Shows that they care about their family, friends, king, and country. HELPFUL- Volunteers to help others without expecting a reward. FRIENDLY- Is a friend to everyone. COURTEOUS- Is polite to everyone and always uses good manners. KIND- Treats others as they want to be treated. BRAVE- Faces difficulty even if they feel afraid. APPEARANCE Once an Oxtzen takes their oath, they are given a simple black and yellow neckerchief that they are expected to wear to all of their future Weld Oxtzen meetings. IV JOVEO MAAN Her Royal Majesty, Sofia Camila of Hyspia, Queen-Consort of Hanseti and Ruska, Princess of Hyspia, Princess-Consort of Bihar, Dules, Lahy, Muldav, Solvesborg, Slesvik and Ulgaard, Duchess-Consort of Carnatia and Vanaheim, Margravine-Consort of Korstadt, Rothswald and Vasiland, Countess-Consort of Alban, Siegrad, Werdenburg, Alimar, Baranya, Graiswald, Karikhov, Karovia, Kaunas, Kavat, Kovachgrad, Kvasz, Markev, Nenzing, Torun, and Toruv, Viscountess-Consort of Varna, Baroness-Consort of Esenstadt, Kraken’s Watch, Kralta, Krepost, Lorentz, Rytsburg, Buck, Thurant and Astfield, Lady of the Westfolk, Protector and Lady of the Highlanders, etcetera. Firr, Rolim Tordove, Master of the Hunt and Member of the Morrivi Prikaz Court
  9. I can see why they could be considered redundant and devaluing, however I still thought I should propose some other options for those who don't want to delve into magic to produce those effects. Turning them into rare variants would be easy.
  10. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
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  13. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  14. Sibyl begins wailing as often babies do as she begins experiencing the world for the first time!
  15. Depiction of Warsovia in the summer [♪] [!] A private letter written in Lechitic and addressed to Waclaw Jakub Jazloviecki, brought to the young Count by a homing pigeon. The letter bears the seal belonging to Jan Jazloviecki, the first Count of Warsovia. ((Please do not metagame and RP the contents of this letter unless they are shared by the recipient.)) @ratlordmagic Waclaw, my dearest son, I'm sorry to have left so many things on your plate. You're still young, a bit foolish and impulsive, but I was no different when I was your age. I don't know when this letter will reach you, but I want you to know that the voyage is going smoothly. We should reach our destination soon enough. This information always comforts me in some way, but between you and me I will tell you that I have heard it so many times already that I no longer believe it. Having many days to myself, undisturbed by anyone, I decided to write this letter to let you know that my thoughts are always with you. I would like you to look at everything I have done from a slightly different perspective after reading this letter. Maybe you will notice something remarkable in this story for yourself. I was a young boy, younger than you are now, when I was forced to live through the terrors of the Harvest Revolution. I saw blood, corpses, pain and suffering of the people I called friends and family. I saw what happened to my father, what happened to my sisters and brother. Each of us was affected differently by this conflict. The revolution left a mark on me that I have never been able to shake off. Feelings of guilt, powerlessness and weakness. I felt inferior to my siblings but at the end of this road it turned out that I was the one who survived the longest. I was the one who raised up our bloodstained banner and crossed the river Petra to reach the place you now call home. It was a huge endeavour. Together with your uncle Henryk, we set up camp in the ruins. The days passed quickly but there was more work than we thought. Cleaning up the rubble, clearing the courtyard, gathering large amounts of stone, wood and other materials from which we built Kamieniec, our new home. The new seat of House Jazloviecki was nothing when compared to Grodno, but we were humble. It was not much, but it was enough for us at the time. I lived in the castle and didn't pay attention to what was around me. My family still lived in Petra. It was so foolish of me to care little about them. When they needed me most I was not there. Bianka was murdered and the wound in my heart reopened. Did I hate her? Yes. Blind pride and the belief that she could not match our father's genius caused my neglect of our relationship. By the time I wanted to fix this, it was too late. My sister was dead and there was nothing I could do about it. I don't wish you to ever have to go through such a thing in your life dear son. After this incident when I officially became the patriarch of the house, I married your mother. My life changed completely. I have always said to you, your brothers and sisters that it is family and loyalty that comes first. I still hold that view. If I can ask for anything, and I know I have been a terrible father and you may hold a grudge against me, but if there is one thing I can ask for then please take care of your siblings and stay loyal to those who gave us new life. Take what fate gives you no matter if it's better or worse than what you were getting before because there may come a day when you lose everything. Enjoy your family and what's around you while you still have it. I don't know if this voyage will end successfully, or if the merciless sea will swallow me and the crew up, but know that if this letter is the last you will ever recieve from me - I love you dearly Waclaw, my firstborn son. I am always with you. Your father,
  16. Anabel Elia Colborn, Keeper of the Book, smiles to herself at a job well done. "I may have reviewed the young Lady Amaya's work," Murmurs the Scribe in affirmation of her young cousin, "But it was her who put in the work and time to achieve this great feat. The Ancestors would be proud of all she has accomplished - and I am sure that the skills she has earned will treat her well in the years to come."
  17. Darek Irongrinder reads over the missive, a smile spread over his face. "Go get em champ!"
  18. Name: Rosebud Applefoot Race (only one is valid to run!): Halfling Be ye running for Mayor o' for Sheriff?: Mayor What will ye do if elected?: Maintain solid records of Halfling families, citizens, and burrows Ensure new uns have burrows and burrowing sites provided for them Throw regular festivals and make sure our culture prospers! Continue Applefoot political domination of the Shire Anything else to say?:
  19. IGN: Amuletic Discord: Amuletic#6666 Category of Choice: Visual Art Title of Your Piece: TBD
  20. “no the knights of haense and soldiers of the brotherhood are UNIVITED from attending whatever Great War against everything this is.” the crown prince murmured from some wayoff mushroom while awaiting the settlement of future lands. “. . . Are we there yet . . ?”
  21. Last week
  22. Gr'ogg smort. Gr'ogg kno mâgh tingz. Bawt sumtimes Oomanz, Sharp Eerz anh Stumpez dun kno dat Gr'ogg kno tingz. Even thoo, Gr'ogg hit izi heed against rokk everydee to make heed bigga to have more tingz in heed. Todee, Gr'ogg go to da drink place wit fren. Sharp eer give Gr'ogg "random shit". Even when Gr'ogg ask the barmadden why izi give Gr'ogg shit, barmadden sayz itz not. Fren drink and say it iz good. Bawt Gr'ogg kno. It iz shit. Even if it taste good. Ten a tinman walk in. Tinman haz da metal rot. Sharp eer start rubbin' tinman with cloth. Bawt Gr'ogg kno. Das not how lit get rid of da metal rot. Mi 'unger brotah Mr'ogg call Gr'ogg "Mr.Cleanz". Gr'ogg gave izi a contuc.. a compuct.. very stronk metizin. Heel Mr'oggz eyez. Bawt Mr'ogg deed of wormz. Gr'ogg brotah dum-dum. So Gr'ogg go do magik behind da drinking place. Gr'ogg full of magik from drinking da shitz. Ahn Gr'ogg bring bakk da (this part is scrubbed off) magik sand izi made. Tinman not want magik sand karuz Sharp eer had "whiped" the metal rot off. Den Sharp eer bring more shit. Sayz itz "oil". Wants Gr'ogg to rub da tinman moor. Bawt Gr'ogg kno. Das diraehha. Gr'ogg 'unger sistah Vr'ogg had da diraehha. Izi not eat da frutes even when Gr'ogg tell izi to. Zo Gr'ogg give izi da ripe onez. Bawt Gr'ogg sistah ate too late for it da work. Izi deed of da shitz. Gr'ogg sistah dum-dum. Gr'ogg dun wanna insult da estapi.. estembi.. da drink place. Zo Gr'ogg do haz da barmadden sayz. Then tinman lost memory. Sayz someting about "cellz". Bawt Gr'ogg kno. Sharp eer poizon da tin man becuz izi wit child in da tummy ahn not stable. Gr'ogg even give da tinman a name. Lil'Tin. Bawt izi forget dat too. Goodbye Lil'Tin.
  23. Miss Edlynne Mara Amador only wished she could be so sheek..
  24. When light returned, it was red and glimmered with hatred of the Hells as it illuminated the cold and resolute face of the warlock; the Guide's betrayal of the caravan became known as the chattering of fiends echoed from the shadows around them. [Art by Egil Paulson] The following is intended as private RP They had been on the road for approximately three grueling and miserable days. Yet, such is what Alec accepted to face when he opted to join The Seekers; the patrol to sweep over the Inmarilla countryside; it was the duty of these squadrons to scout for sightings of fiends, or to escort what caravans of refugees that were spat out of the smoke-stained horizon of the east. The few that could be reached in time spoke only of the encroaching future of fire and brimstone; every passing day, the scent of war grew thicker and thicker upon the winds that passed over the moors. And every passing day, the howling of fiends echoed more throughout the night. It wouldn't be long until the sun would be choked out in smoke, and the people would need to seek shelter within the bastion in the mountains. The vast and broad landscape provided them with an advantage in spotting strange sights, primarily fires in the night - either from lanterns of survivors, or hell-flame of the demons that reached the caravans before The Seekers could. Alec expected he would often have to handle the dead, whenever his squadron encountered remnants of lost caravans torn apart by the roving fiends; however, he was treated with a far more disturbing sight than he could have imagined. At most, there would be two or three ravaged or charred corpses--with absolutely no trace of anyone else, despite counting several wagons. There was talk of folk being taken, yet to where remained uncertain; little is ever heard back from those who would be sent to track them. With the dark days stalking closer and closer, nothing could go wasted now. You could try to save any life at arm's reach of you, but any further and the soul is considered lost and you'd be a fool to step after it. Although there were no souls to save in the charred caravans, they were still suitable for pillaging and bringing material back to the capital; such was the duty of Alec's squadron now. Upon the evening of their third day of riding, smoke was spotted upon the horizon that signaled another unfortunate caravan. It wasn't too far off from one of the evacuated hamlets, which looked partially charred in parts too. With the distance between them, they wouldn't be able to reach it til the morning; the nights were hardly ever safe within the moorlands--such is primarily when caravans were ambushed, or even the bands of Seekers. Each day, however, the invading fiends grew bolder and bolder. How much longer until we're forced to be drawn into the capital entirely? Alec had wondered as he eyed the vague shapes of shacks as twilight faded into night, behind him his men were just finishing up their ramshackle encampment embraced by large stones. It won't be long, at this rate. There would be no fire to warm them, lest they wish to be found in the following week by another roaming band of Seekers as naught but ravaged corpses. Just as Alec was contemplating the cold night he was to spend, a strange sight had caught his attention by the town; a small flicker of white light. R E P O R T OF S E E K E R A L E C Swarm of Screechers spotted within the southern territories, no more than seven roaming--too far to pursue, and risky with our numbers. Encountered carcass of an elk, unfamiliar tracks around it suspected to be demonic origin; absence of eyes and gnawed horns support this notion Smoke spotted upon the end of the third day near Corswic, remnants of ambushed caravan--four wagons counted. Survivors highly unlikely. Attack likely occurred night before; no sign of Scavengers. Chimney smoke seen in the morning, despite Corswic's evacuation two months back. Led our squadron to locating one sole survivor in critical but stable condition Suffers from serious burns and heavy scratches, though all wounds look freshly treated prior to our arrival Believed to be from nearby caravan Survivor is hardly coherent or functional, multiple signs of a second survivor being present Believed to be a woman, due to the mutterings of the first we've found Yet a second survivor was no where to be found, despite intensive searching Survivor will be returned to city and kept in custody for questioning and examination Copy of material scavenging from Corswic and the caravan will be attached to this report Alec felt odd after sealing his report and handing it off, there was a thought that itched at the back of his mind; something he regrets having left out from his documenting. Yet how could he have put any of it into words without being dismissed as superstition? Back in those moorlands when his squadron was readying to ride back to the capital, it had troubled him greatly that the second survivor of the attack could not be located; all signs pointed to her existence with the treatment of the first survivor's wounds, the tracks of footprints around the room and roads, the small fire in the hearth. Although feverish and hardly conscious, the first woman they had discovered mumbled often; either of demons, lost family, or whoever her companion had been--all while clutching at a small scallop shell as if her life depended on it. His train of thought was disrupted that day of their departure, by another distant flash of white light on the outskirts of Corswic. Although nothing came from those strange sightings, they must have meant something. Yet he still left it out of the report. Meanwhile... The sound of buzzing static faded from her ears as she recovered from that surging feeling; though the cavern walls still spun around her--likely a product of her immense fatigue and exhaustion. With a sound similar to a wheeze, the woman collapsed to her knees and pressed her shoulder to the cool stone beside her as she collected her bearings. That was risky, you know. Staying there for so long. Could have wounded up fried or taken like the rest of them. She offered no response and rubbed at her brow, before realizing how tightly she had gripped something within her palm. It was different this time, there wasn't so much smoke--do you think we could find those flowers He showed you? Her eyes opened to gaze upon a tarnished and delicate bracelet she held, it still smelled of soot. A gift. I cannot continue to persist as a passing shadow; our mark will be fading if I do such. I would not be alive as I am, were it not for a reason; she might live now, due to my efforts. ...... And yes... perhaps a day will come where we find those flowers again.
  25. The Wolf of the Timber, Devrick Wintercrest, read the news with great joy and resolve. He was glad to know that the man who had caused his guild so much trouble was finally brought to justice.
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