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    The Mages Guild

    OOC ((MC Name: EntyElephant )) ((Discord: EntyElephant#0588 )) ((Timezone: EST )) RP What is your name?: Merlinor Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? What is the extent of your experience with magic?: I personally seek to expand my characters knowledge as he is quite the Gluttony for Knowledge, And to Hear about an outstanding Mage guild that could lead him that way is making me flabbergasted, Also seem to Expand Knowledge in towards Arcane, Mentalism and Elemental (Earth or Lighting) What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher?: No Teacher But Currently learning Arcane Puppetry What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild?: It doesn’t truly matter What position do you desire to advance to within the guild?: Acolyte When is the best time to contact you for an interview?: Whenever, Best way is through discord
  3. I havent much to add as Stigwig has explained the situation perfectly. We were told that combat had not started. We were willing to unstatus and leave. The real confusion began when Coophz started a countdown. As you can see in the link: https://gyazo.com/900064b7d36cf008e83ba6617ce6f7f5 We charged only to pull back immediately as we shouted in voice comms to stop attacking. We can be seen standing at the bridge and not shooting or pursuing the horse riders. What made us push is Coophz and co run back and open fire on us (also shown in the gif).
  4. Hi there! Your charter has been accepted and will be entering it’s probation period. Please PM me either over the forums, in-game, or on Discord as soon as possible so we can set your region up. Please make sure to have the following ready: The mina requirement for your tier (3500 in this case). Primary Region Owner (PRO), Region Owner (RO) and Member lists. Your Discord tag to be added to the Charter discord group.
  5. "No one's rebelling, Antonius dismantled the old Empire and we never swore oaths to Renatus once they formed." A wise man chimes in!
  6. Harold Spencerton would find himself black-out drunk after a night of celebrating the Norlandic traitor’s passing.
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  8. Anabel remembers a promise she’d made to a sister whomst she’d never much cared for, until that woman had proven her loyalty to family above else. She knew what what she was to do in order to fulfil such a promise, and had undoubtedly full intentions to do so
  9. Somewhere in Arcas, a Snow Elf reads both missive and response, shaking his head at the latter. ‘Such an interesting culture of people should not try their hand against such a mighty power.’ he thinks to himself, letting the response fall from his grasp and be swept away by the winds of Wyrvun’s ever beating wings.
  10. [!] In the Library of Urguan you find a dusty tome with a green emerald in the Middle. The black-leather cover is turned over with some trouble and you stumble upon a story. Written and signed by Dlunar Irongrinder [!] < = Legends of Ogradhad: The Night Drake = > I shall preface these texts with uttering the highest of of praises to The Great Ogradhad. Might these conjured words appease you and spread word of Thou Legend. I further proclaim that these texts are the interpretation of one dwed among many, of the Great Legendary Allfather of Knowledge Ogradhad. <=> On Div’Mul the Greedy, the Floating Library and the Night Drake <=> Div was a dwarf like any other in ancient times. A stout persona with a long black beard that was revered for his knowledge on many things. He kept a secret stashery of books and tomes of Lore he had gathered over the years. For the dwed’s greed lusted not for coin - for the fragility of the currency is ever-present. And the power it wields can change overnight. Knowledge on the other hand, he spoke to himself, was the true power of the realm. Secrets bare influence. Hidden knowledge the ultimate tool of bargain to purchase that which coin can not. But as the days grew darker, and Div’s private library grew larger and larger - his lust seemed uncontainable. And soon whispers of Khorvad the Vile would reach him. First dismissed but then heard with some intrigue. For the whispers of lies and deceit that reached his ear spoke of power beyond measure. The mortal dwed’s greed for knowledge grew limitless. Sparing not life nor honor to obtain it. And soon, after being granted secret magical powers by the Vile Dark - he built a grand library, greater than was ever built. With these dark magics he elevated the entity towards the heavens above. There he sat on his throne of tomes - crowining himself as Div’Mul: The Master of Lore. But behind him the shadow of Khorvad loomed. He was but a puppet, a minion of the Vile Darkness. <=> Legend of the Floating Library reached far and beyond. On how it diminished the value of Mortal and Immortal made collections such as the Mali’Aherals Eternal Library - and even The Grand Library of the spirit Theruz, an orcish patron representing lore and knowledge. But news of this was not heard by just mortal ears. Up high in the heavens above Ogradhad peered down upon the Realm and saw Div’Mul rejoicing in his prowess of obtaining knowledge and his self-proclaimed title of Loremaster. Were it not for Khorvads influence, the heavenly embodiment of Knowledge would have left him be. Mocking his stupendous title as forever lesser than His own. But the looming shadow and the vastness of the library caught his interest. In his infinite powers he conjured a great Night Drake. It’s scales black as the night, claws sharp as swords and teeth like spearheads - two red eyes peering down at the floating library. The Allfather of Knowledge and Lore then inhabited the spirit of this great creature and flew down in the dark of night. <=> A mighty clash broke loose between the Night Drake and Div’Mul the Dark Sorcerer. Fueled by Khorvads corrupted might the two fought in the halls of the Floating Library. When Khorvad saw the weakness of his inhabited puppet - he soon left Div’Mul and fled back to his Dark Hold. Div, laying broken and powerless on the marble floor of his library, stared up to see the mighty Night Drake rising above him. In a single breath the Night Drake unleashed the fire of a thousand suns upon the sharletan - leaving but ashes in the wind. In the end the Night Drake flew around the great halls of the Library and knocked over all shelves that held the tomes. The collection was gathered in one great heap in the middle where the Drake would make his home. Ogradhad left the body of the creature and ordered his creation to govern over this collection at all costs. A dragon that covets not gold - but the infinite knowledge of the Realm. <=> It is said that even till this day Ogradhad visits the Library of the Drake and wanders through its vast halls. Perhaps with luck a descendant is blessed with seeing a small speck of black floating in the night’s sky above. Praise Ogradhad, the Master of Lore - and his Night Drake.
  11. Natalia heartbroken would wonder what is left for her, with Ecbert gone.
  12. Natalia lifts from her bed, finally starting to feel well. A letter resting on her lap as she screams upon reading it's contents. Her hands shaking as she comes to terms with her now dead husband.
  13. EMPIRE OF BOURDELEAUX Ruler: H.I.M. Emperor Adrian II Heir: H.I.H. Crown Prince Philip Government: Imperial Constitutional Monarchy Population: ~ 12,017,837 Allies: Galaharian League, Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Trade Partners: Galaharian League, Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick, Kingdom of Helmedhi, Passans, Republic of Danwent, Hakkans, Princedoms of Volarucio ____________________________________________________ THE SUN RISES IN THE EAST War was commonplace in Narosi politics, yet almost none of it affected Bourdeleaux. Sealed off in the west, surrounded by a plethora of ancient castles and immense mountains, West Naros was largely shielded from the feuding Kingdoms. Yet this allowed the emergent state of Bourdeleaux to grow thus far unopposed, swiftly consolidating their power. With the Carrowlander resistance largely subdued, Imperator Adrian II turned his ambitions elsewhere - the East. The land in which the Sun rises. Perhaps it was destiny. Nevertheless, Emperor Adrian sought to capitalize on the turmoil. Under the pretense of bringing culture and religion to rabble of Naros had Adrian waged his wars of aggression upon his neighbors. Yet all knew better than to question the actions of the Crown. The Church certainly could not complain, as more and more were welcomed into the Sun’s embrace. Neither could the smiths who forged the plate upon the soldiers’ backs or the mining industry which subsequently boomed. The sons and brothers knew no better, believing themselves to be upholders of the mantle of responsibility. Adrian continued to count his blessings, as such a situation could not be more optimal. Rumors poured westward, trickling into the Imperial Palace. War between the so-called Symon Empire and the Kingdom of Numeria. He believed them to be war-torn and tattered, little more than specks to be mopped up. He knew what he must do. His men yearned to take battle once more, longing for adventure and comradery in arms. For too long had they cooped up near the Citadel at Carrow. The majority of the besieging force marched north, joining with elements from the Capital as they made for the Roots. A bold move for sure, one that may cost him everything, though Adrian was one to gamble. An ancient Bourdelaic proverb goes “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” THE ISSUE OF DEMOCRACY A further rumor to surface from the east was the rise of Democracy, a radical form of governance which shook the very foundations upon which Naros was founded - which called for a government elected by and for the people. Unacceptable! The people knew not what was good for them. They were too near-sighted and possessed by selfish and blind desires. Power had to be kept away from the people at all cost. Any democratic movements were heavily repressed. Any who spoke aloud against the Bourdelaic establishment were rounded up and ‘reeducated’. This had set the framework for the Imperial Secret Police, which dealt with internal strife and political dissidents and sought out threats before they had even surfaced. Under no circumstance would a democratic foothold be established in Bourdeleaux, with all members swearing loyalty directly to the Emperor. ____________________________________________________ EMPIRE OF BOURDELEAUX INFO Farmlands - 49 - 12,250,000 Cities: Souvois - Merchant’s Guild, Place of Worship, Church, Port, Barracks (6) Omignon - Merchant’s Guild Vascogne - Merchant’s Guild Towns/Settlements: Suttre-upon-the-Twins Senzia-by-the-Bay Vispard Adana Frigia Mennebor Coutrinia Rune Verendelia Plestiphor Touvres Benninbinges Epsomme Werdaux Army: ~25,000 personnel Army Roster: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uz7RhOXZ31mOyTUpTkdSSq2LA6RIsM_hhQw2GFjNCvk/edit?usp=sharing Navy: N/A ____________________________________________________ FINANCES AND ACTIONS Income: 112,000g (Base - 3k, 6 Economy Pts - 6k, Pop - 36k, Resources - 3k, Merchant Guilds - 9k, Trade - 9k, Cities/Towns - 45k, Incoming Caravels - 1k) Upkeep: 8,000g (Army), 9,000g (Veterancy) = 17,000g. +5,700 [0g] Scouts are sent forward to probe the Roots of the World. Them, alongside with Galaharian intelligence are utilized to cross the passage into foreign lands - the farthest Bourdelaic excursion eastward. The majority of the Black Army marches north, close behind, and leaving the countryside with two options; submission or destruction. Bourdeleaux invades Numeria. [0g] An emissary approaches the court of the Volarucian Princedoms, formally requesting a nonaggression pact between the two nations. [0g] Settlements upgraded to Towns! [15,000g] Constructing 3 Farms to feed Carrowlander and Besieging Soldiers’ mouths alike. [10,000g] Constructing 2 Settlements in the Southeast to urbanize the Carrowlander populations. [15,000g] Constructing 3 Barracks in Souvois to feed the military-industrial complex. [13,000g] Recruiting 1 Unit of T4 Heavy Cavalry [16,500g] Recruiting 1 Unit of T4 Knights of Ogrun [12,000g] Recruiting 2 Units of T4 Medium Infantry [16,000g] Recruiting 2 Units of T4 Heavy Infantry [3,000g] Recruiting 3 Units of Light Bows 200
  14. I understand the reasons behind Necromancy being shelved- but damn. A glorious adorned, loyal army with no need for sleep, substance or even breath. I see the attraction plenty.
  15. The Emperor smiles as he recieves his invitation.
  16. (( Because people like complaining – especially when it’s me. Thanks though!
  17. “The zealotry of elthillan’paronn has certainly been lost in this diluted pool of meaningless gestures...” Avern would note over tea in the inn.
  18. "It does take some degree of literacy to enjoy."
  19. “Accepted, please report to the barracks.”
  20. Caliph Abbas Kharadeen writes a response
  21. Herald stumbles by the response and smiles ”Yer don’t even know what the guild is about besides something ‘bout monster slayin’. Tis just a recruitment for leaders.”
  22. Llyria, heralded as a tranquil land of mind and soul, is bound to the Empyrion in name and rule. Consul, and all other quandaries of state which trouble the land beneath it’s claim, the Writ of Consul is but the written will of the leadership of the Sanctum of Llyria. As such, it is in form the legitimisation of the Empyrion. As a derivative from the untempered thoughts of a schismed mind, the cultural standing of Llyria is one shrouded in the depths of knowing. The core of being a Llyrian Citizen lies in one striving for self betterment, to dedicate and improve themselves and the home that now shelters them. Those practicing these values look highly upon scholarly pursuits, whether this be through the seeking of new knowledge or the maintenance and teachings of older knowledge. As such, it is prudent that citizens of Llyria do their best to uphold the law and defend themselves and their home. The intersection between scholarship and martial capability lies within one’s reason as to why magic is so popular and encouraged throughout the beating heart of the Sanctum. It is the will of Llyria to aid, to guide, and to educate best they can. Self enlightenment and drive is a direction that all of Llyria starts upon. Empyrion The sanctum’s rightful leader, it is the Empyrion who wears the crown of rule within Llyria. They are the shield of the people, the guiding light to see them through the darkness, and the visionary whose solemn duty it is to peer into the future and guide the people through rough seas to a calm harbour. In practice, the Empyrion has many duties, from overseeing the development and implementation of new laws, to working with the Consul and Representatives to better understand the many and varied folk who live so closely together. Empyria The Maelstrom swirls infinitely. This land of concord between fire, ice, aether, root and evermore kinds and forms of blood from across the length and breadth of the land, it is never still. Alone, the Empyrion would surely fail to uphold such a great weight. No one pillar could ever stand at the centre of such furious change for long. And so it is that one pillar can lean upon another, and so it is that the Empyria stands beside their Empyrion, cleaning their wounded soul from blackest fatigue, opening their eyes to brightest truth with love and always standing as their guiding star, a beloved soul to craft a paradise for. The Consul Lord Consult acts as the voice of the Empyrion should they be unable to fulfill their duties. Otherwise, the Lord Consult is a position that is usually sat by the Heir Assumptive, allowing them to learn the inner workings of government. Lord Protector, the shield of the people, safeguards the citizenry and the government from whatever threats may manifest themselves. Beast or sorcerer, army or horde, raiding party or monster, the Lord Protector educates and leads their echelon in the defense of the Llyrian people. Lord Overseer sees to the social needs of Llyria. They are at the core of Llyrian culture, and see to everything from the integration of outsiders into the citizenry, to the regulation of architecture. The Lord Overseer and their echelon also see to managing public events, ensuring that adequate space and resources are provided for festivals or games. Lord Sage is the foremost spellweaver within Llyria, empowered by the Empyrion to use their knowledge for the protection of the citizenry from supernatural threats, and to guide the advancement of magical invention and discovery. The Lord Enchanter regularly works alongside the Empyrion to enforce magical law within the city, deciding how best to address new phenomena. Lord Curator acts as the head scholar of Llyria, overseeing the internal workings of the Atheneum and safeguarding the many tomes of knowledge kept within. The Curator also acts as an ambassador of sorts, maintaining contact with other libraries across the land, making trades and agreements to further grow the breadth of Llyria’s wisdom. The Scions act as the heads of their respective orders or guilds. Whilst they do not have formalised power within the Consul, and do not hold a seat and therefore cannot vote, they are kept informed of the goings on within the government, being allowed to sit in on most government meetings and voice the thoughts of their guild members. The Echelons are comprised of the workers that afford the Consulars their power. They act as their eyes and ears, hands and minds within the town, fulfilling their sworn duties however they can. Echelon of Protection The Echelon of Protection reports to the Lord Protector The Echelon of Protection is currently comprised by the Traceless Order. It is the duty of the Traceless Order to uphold the laws of Llyria, safeguarding the citizenry as they patrol the streets. In times of war, the Traceless Order raise their shields to weather the fierce onslaught of Llyria’s assailants, standing as the first and last line of defense against invaders. Echelon of Oversight The Echelon of Oversight reports to the Lord Overseer The Echelon of Oversight is comprised by the Stewards and Coordinators. It is the duty of Stewards to ensure the citizens of Llyria are adequately housed, that Llyria provides enough housing for the population and that architecture and construction proceed as planned, in line with Llyrian building styles and standards. It is the duty of the Coordinators to oversee the running of public events, including festivals, forums. It is also their duty to publicise and advertise both the events, and roles within those events to be filled. Should an announcement need be made by the Consul, it is also the duty of Coordinators to facilitate that announcement on their behalf. Echelon of Sagacity The Echelon of Sagacity reports to the Lord Sage The Echelon of Sagacity is comprised by the Alabaster Academy. While the Alabaster Academy has yet to be established, it will be the duty of the Academy’s faculty to uphold magical law, and to advise, teach and spread not only correct magical knowledge, but correct magical practice. Being so steeped in arcane wisdom, students of the Alabaster Academy often take up positions within the Traceless Order upon completing their education. Graduates of expertise in particular areas may be called upon by any Echelon, or member of the government, to advise and help solve problems pertaining to their field of magical experience. Echelon of Curation The Echelon of Curation reports to the Lord Curator The Echelon of Sagacity is comprised by the Llyrian Atheneum and her librarians, and various scholars. An Assistant Curator is regularly employed to help organize the documents, appointments and general infrastructure of not only the Atheneum, but all collections of knowledge within the domain of Llyrian leadership. It is the duty of the Librarians to manage the collection and arrangement of knowledge of all kinds throughout the halls of the Atheneum. The Librarians are also employed to ensure the correct handling of artifacts and texts, deciding what is reasonable to put before the public eye, and what should be kept safe in the Llyrian undergallery. It is the duty of Scholars to research and produce literary works on all subjects, wherever their expertise may lie. Whilst librarians are particularly attached to working within the current main Llyrian library, scholars are detached from any particular association and are recruited into the Echelon itself.
  23. Floré Draskovits sadly nodded, noting down to attend.
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