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  2. biryani is my favourite also, yummy in the tummy
  3. A bump for an amazing skin auction!
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  5. LoTC: Warlords of Anthos will bring back uncapped raids for all the nostalgic old goons. Also, the return of the Teutons DLC will likely be a big hit.
  6. Lexicons are not new to LoTC, @ Kalameet Izalith, and I fully support its reimplementation. +5
  7. Jose Mendez recives word of the letter all the way in Haense, "Another child of GOD seeing the light, the love of GOD is strong in this one"
  8. [!] Flyers would be pasted around all of Almaris, another Festival, another day. [!] A depiction of a festival, city streets full to the brim. Once again, a festival of restoration blesses our great city- though we're no longer just a city. We're now a nation with bustling citizens, loving families, and new council members. The council of Talon's Port kindly invites all of good will to their third Festival of Restoration- once again hosted by Vivian Maelstorm, previously known as Eibhlin af Orvar. It has been nearly an elven year since it has been hosted, a
  9. Maisie d’Arkent smiled faintly as she heard of the news. “Circus hmm? Guess I can make out something for it..” trailing off in her own mind as she thought of circus ideas.
  10. Username: witherly Discord/ way to contact you: Retired PvPer#9205 Bid amount: $20 Couple photo
  11. MYSTERIES of YONG PING A Brand-New Exhibit At the Northern Geographical Society Flagship Museum In Karosgrad! The NGS is proud to announce the opening of our newest exhibit, entitled 'The Mysteries of Yong Ping!' Our researchers have spent weeks compiling information about this beautiful and unique culture, which we are eager to present to our friends and patrons! The exhibit is open to the public, free of charge! Come and educate yourself about the Li-Ren, the Oyashiman, and all the amazing peopl
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  13. Amaesil Vuln'miruel leans against the trunk of the tree with his legs dangling over the edge. One hundred feet below, the clatter of a wagon down the old forest road echoes throughout the branches. A slow exhale escapes the wood elf as he reads over the damp missive — the rain clouds departing the woodlands for now. Amaesil folds the parchment over one time and rests it inside a nearby nook in the bark. He slides his right knee up to his chest and turns his brown eyes west to the setting sun. The fading rays of light warm his cheeks and forehead as he thinks in silence. The sweet s
  14. A Noble Feast AT THE Augustine The Noble Feast at the Novellen [circa. 1729] To promote a feeling of unity and comradery among our ever expanding empire, the palace invites families of high standing and nobility to a night of games and food within the Augustine Palace to celebrate the new Emperor, John VIII and the upcoming social season. As we have done a multitude of times in the past, the idea first put into fruition by Empress-Mother Cesarina Louise, the peers of the empire will gather on the last night of the year to celebrate such a joyous yea
  15. "ORENIA AUT MORTEM!" exclaimed Anne Caroline as the anthem concluded, her hands clasping together ever so often to allow a beaming applause to follow.
  16. Laurence Guillox smiles the sun's smile looking at the missive, being a fan of the always spirited Julius!
  17. IGN: platypusmania Character name: Leihana SirameWhich game(s) are you signing up for: precision, balance
  18. Changelog - Added Custom Art to Header - Added Art Spoiler
  19. Éléonore O’Hara de Astrea furrows her brows in disgust upon reading the poster.
  20. That's the plan yeah, I'm going to try to make sure that it doesn't become extremely watered down if it gets accepted. Instead subtle and not every RP interaction becoming an Aladdin Fan-fiction.
  21. *Hana on the otherhand* "Aftah we give em food ahm gonna go give dem big lugs sum diffrent seeds tah plant an maybe teach em tah make bettah tools"
  22. [!] Letter should arrive in one Saint's day, stating your position in the Holy Mother Church.
  23. A La 5E D&D, I see mechanics as useful ways to streamline the process of RP storytelling. While CRP is great and all, having two dozen people spamming emotes in #s would become a confusing mess, and this is where we can use Block Game to provide a more enjoyable experience and method of progressing the roleplay. With that said: I for one would like those mechanics to be as well thought out and balanced as possible, so that using Block Game to help with RP is not only possible, but enjoyable!
  24. Patriarch Alfred smiles the sun's smile as his niece brings him the copy of the interview he did a while ago, "Lord, I really said this.", he lets out a chuckle heartedly, satisfied with the outcome.
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