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  2. I think you have a really intense victim complex there, friend. I haven't "belittle(d) you" or anyone else. And I don't intend to. I'm pointing out a flaw in how the team is structured, and proposing a solution. The fact that you think this is somehow "clawing at everything with no evidence" is extremely telling. No, and I don't want a single team split between catering to every single specific magical roleplay niche and then all of the rest of the lore simultaneously. Hence the thread.
  3. Chef891

    The Bilok'thuln

    Accepted, Report to the Bilok'thuln for further assistance.
  4. Fireheart

    [✗] [Server] TortugaLovesThisGame Ban Appeal

    I appreciated the maturity and understanding you gave in your appeal to the circumstances you made and how you've recognized the wrongs in your conduct. However your appeal date is set for the 25th of December so please post your appeal then.
  5. SandergamerNL

    Et Novi Orbis Terrarum (Rp Thread)

    United States of America E Pluribus Unum The election of 1912 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wilson Residence, Princeton, New Jersey, September 8th, 1912 Woodrow Wilson and his running mate Thomas Marshall stood in front of the window of Wilson’s study, looking out over the window. Marshall was in the middle of telling Wilson about his problems at home, tears in his eyes, when Wilson sighed, having had enough, he asked “Can we get back to politics?..” Marshall promptly sat down in his chair by the chess table, setting out a frustrated and somewhat depressed ‘please’. “Yo..” Wilson snapped his fingers as to grab his attention while he sat down. “Ev’ry action has an equal opposite reaction...” He said as he picked up a chess piece and moved it forth to knock over one of Marshall’s pieces. “William Taft shat the bed. I love the guy, but he’s in traction...” He grinned at Marshall, who looked a little less sad already, but frowned as Wilson picked another one of his pieces off the board. “Poor Eugene Debs? He.. Is missing in action… So now I’m facing-” Marshall moved forth one of his pieces. “Teddy Roosevelt..” “With his own faction...” Wilson concluded with a deep frown. Thomas Marshall clasped his hands “He’s very attractive in the north, New Yorkers like his chances..” Woodrow Wilson glared and set one of his pieces in place to strike Marshall’s ‘Teddy Roosevelt’ piece. “He’s not very forthcoming on any particular stances..” Marshall nodded at his “Ask him a question: it glances off, he obfuscates, he dances..” He said as he moved the piece away to a safe place again. Wilson hung his head back over the back of the chair, sighing deeply and grunting “And they say I’m a racist, at least they know I know what race he is...” Thomas Marshall stood up, pacing across the room. “Woodrow, that’s the problem, they see Roosevelt as a less extreme option..” “HA!” “You need to change course, otherwise this race is not won..” Wilson looked up to him “What did you have in mind?” “Don’t laugh..” “What?” Marshall squinted “We’re gonna write a paragraph...” -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Second Reynolds Pamphlet - The Norton Pamphlet THEODORE ROOSEVELT tells the press about his big secret. An affair of which he informed the New York Times last night through a letter he delivered, much like first treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton did with the Reynolds Pamphlet from which Roosevelt presumably took inspiration. Theodore Roosevelt had a torrid affair. “The charge against me is a connection with one Richard Norton. For purposes of improper speculation. My real crime is an amorous connection with his wife for a considerable time, with his knowing consent. I had frequent meetings with her, most of them at my own house. During these visits, Mrs. Edith Roosevelt and our children, would be absent on a visit to her friend. [...] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Have you ever watched a man destroy his own life?” All over New York, Americans read the morning paper in shock… “Have you read this?” Was the most-heard thing on the streets. “Theodore Roosevelt had a torrid affair.. And he wrote it down right there!” said a man to his friend. “Damn!” the other replied after reading the article. “At his own house?!” A girl in her teens exclaimed before covering her mouth. “At his own house..” Her mother replied with slow nodding. In front of a kiosk stood a man reading the article out loud to a small crowd of passers-by. “...on a visit to her friend..” He repeated with a mumble. “Booo!” Exclaimed more and more people in the crowd. “Have you read this?!” “Have you read this?” asked Ellen Wilson to her husband as they walked through Princeton with Thomas and Lois Marshall. Woodrow and Thomas glanced to eachother with a brief smirk as Ellen Wilson read out the article. “Well he’s never gon’ be president now...” Lois muttered in disbelief. “Never gon’ be president now...” both Thomas and Woodrow said simultaneously with a grin. “Where is Roosevelt even?! Is he not around to give word to the press?” A shopkeeper in downtown manhattan asked a politician that read the New York Times. “I.. I don’t know.. He wasn’t home when people went to look for him this morning.. He probably fled the critique..” -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mexico-US border, Fort Bliss, Texas, September 9th, 1912 Teddy Roosevelt had his typical grin on his face as he and his men rode into US army camp Fort Bliss. It’d been a long journey, by train to the southwest and then on horseback for the last part. But here they were. Everything had gone according to plan. Roosevelt knew that the army officials he was meeting today were sick of the government not doing anything against the Mexican bandits raiding Texas and New Mexico, so he’d taken the gamble to head to Texas, rally up a bunch of cowboys through his contacts, and meet with the army at the location they discussed, Fort Bliss. “Good afternoon folks!” Roosevelt cheered as he and his dozens of cowboys rode into the army camp. Hundreds of soldiers watched the iconic figure ride by and waved with big grins. The military had taken it upon themselves to garison the forts on the Mexican border, but they were afraid they’d get into an argument with congress. Then Roosevelt rang them and said he was on board. Now he was there, travelling from fort to fort to motivate the troops, take pictures for his campaign and rally cowboys and local farmers to his ranks to deal with those darn Mexicans like they did in the old days: with guns and horses. “Who’s ready to kick ‘em Mexicans back across the border?!” Roosevelt stayed in the southwest for a few weeks, nobody except his family, some close friends and some colleagues knew where he was, this was to be a suprise. Together with the army he made sure all the forts on the border got manned, that any bandito raid was met with gunshots straight away, that any attack on the US would be met with a counterattack and most importantly, that everyone knew it was him taking action, not Taft or Wilson, who sat around campaigning rather than protecting the nation. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The White House, Washington DC, November 4th, 1912 The last speeches were given that day. Taft, Roosevelt and Wilson, all speaking to the press one last time to ask for support from the voters. Tomorrow, November 5th was election day. Taft was simply acting defeatist, his support had dwindled more and more over the last months, less Republicans supported him by the day, all switching the Progressive “Bull Moose” party, or even the Democrats. Though, not the Democrats as much anymore though. Wilson had been doing great in the polls until mid-September: The Wilson Newspaper Scandal. When Roosevelt returned from his trip to the Mexican border because he caught wind of the news of the affair that had spread about him, he was furious. He immediatly claimed it’d all been lies, and the government started an investigation. From the start, Roosevelt had had an alibi: he hadn’t been anywhere near New York when “Theodore Roosevelt” delivered his letter to the New York Times late at night. He had been in Texas, defending the states against the Mexican bandits. Within two weeks the pretender Roosevelt had been found, he truly looked like the presidential candidate. In the face of being sentenced to prison, he confessed that he’d been paid by Marshall and Wilson to deliver a fake letter to the New York Times; a measure taken by the democrats to kick Roosevelt out of the race and strengthen their position. It isn’t necessary to tell how badly said plan backfired. Now they stood in the White House, all four candidates. Most of the planned time went to Roosevelt and Wilson, with interest for Taft and thus the press’ interest for him being more moderate. There was also Eugene Debs, the presidential candidate for the Socialist party, but he had even less support, not many people wanted to hear from him all that much. The Democrats spoke out for tariff decreases, banking reforms, Philippine independence and Marshall’s “really good five cent cigar”. The Republicans spoke out for breaking up monopolies, less protectionist tariffs and “trust busting”. The Progressives spoke out for improved workers’ rights, universal sufferage for women, a social welfare programme, increased action against the Mexican agressions to protect the union, regulating monopolies and lastly, greater tapping of Alaskan resources. Then now, it is time to cast your VOTE! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actions -The military as well as a large quantity of cowboys are rallied to garison forts and outposts along the Mexico-US border to protect against the bandito's. [MOD] -Elections are held. [MOD]
  6. Fireheart

    [✓] CampingNut47 ban appeal

  7. Jentos


    "Let them burn, let them scream and let them die. These are no men of GOD, but of defiled, self-serving warlocks and madmen. Let Sutica rot." murmured a one eyed elder. "Nor... Would I mind helping it in it's decay... Long live MAN. Long live the EMPIRE." he muttered to himself, an anxious chuckle following his rant.
  8. Today
  9. Farryn

    On Staff Disconnection: The Lore Team

    I was on the Lore Team back in 2016-2017 and really, the argument against the Lore Team hasn't been really planned out and backed up. Yes I do agree to an extent that a lore team should spend more time on the server so that they can assist in ensuring that lore is properly used on the server itself, as well as be directly available to answer any questions a user may have. This was what I did, I spent time on the server and directly answered questions pm'ed to me by people. But let me stop you there. Just because the Lore Team isn't active on the server directly, does not mean they are not doing work behind the scenes. The Lore Team's work isn't just on the server itself, but also on the forums and the wiki. They have not one platform to work on, but three and really, the forums and wiki will require the LT's attention more than the server directly at times. The GMs and more in-server based teams are definitely needed on the server itself, but the LT don't have much to do aside from answering pms, signing MArts, and assisting an event or two. Think of it like a film in production. You don't see the camera using used, the setting being made, the actors acting, and whatnot unless you are directly involved with the production. The general public don't get direct 24/7 insight to the production while it's going on because that risks spoilers and other issues. Sure, you may get an interview here and there, but in the end, you may not know much of the film production because they don't actively show it, but there is work definitely being done. This is just like the LT. It may not seem like there is any work going on from the Lore Team simply because you cannot see it, but that's how it's been because normal players don't see that work until it's posted for all to see or because it's hidden since it's staff-only, ensuring that there's no spoilers of events, or potential future issues. Here, let me break it down for you some more. Lore Mags - The Lore Team have Loremags, which are essential posts that list down any submitted lore and the LT write down their voices and opinions on said lore, along with whenever or not they lore should be passed. This is hidden from normal users since it's LT only, and believe me - a lot of thought and considerations are put on Loremags, from what I saw as an LT. Wiki - The Lore Team sometimes work with the Wiki Team to ensure that the Wiki is sorted out and that any vital pieces of lore is updated and up to speed. This will take a lot of time since there's a lot of lore to cover on the Wiki, but @FlamboyantRage has made a post explaining that the LT and WT are working together. The LT Discord - Back when I was LT, we used skype but we talked a lot on how we can handle issues with lore, what needed to be fixed, etc. Even if players didn't know if we were working, chances are the LT at least considered any lore changes, updates, or whatnot in their discord. Not to mention talks of events and major lore changing things occur in here, and I doubt anyone would want any events spoiled. At least it goes to show that the Lore Team are talking to each other and working together. Magic Rewrite Discord - The LT have a discord up that has all the magic that are currently undergoing rewrites, and that discord includes the communities of each magic. It's where the magic communities work with the LT on rewriting the magic and fixing any errors with the new lores. I'm in the Ascended Rewrite discord and let me tell you something - the LT are brilliant in suggesting ideas and solutions, as well as letting us know if we're stepping into powergaming bounds. LT Updates - The LT have been making update posts every month, explaining what they are working on and aiming to change. If you don't see that as them doing work, then I question what will. At least the LT are letting us know what they are working on, even though they may not be able to show the full work in case it causes issues to development, etc. LT are PEOPLE - I know! Shocking, right!? LT are people! In all seriousness though - don't forget the LT are people just like us. They have normal lives outside of LotC and real life is always the priority. Delmodan has a family to take care of, which is extremely important and she cannot afford to put her family to one side for the sake of a roleplay server. They may not be on the server much due to university, school, or even health issues but can at least put aside time to do work on Lore Mags, the Wiki, or just answering questions people send them via discord or forums. So really, I don't care if the LT have been showing little work publically, especially when I know that they are doing work behind the scenes and are doing all they can. I don't care if they don't come onto the server directly, nor do I like the concept of them having to be on the server more since they will have more work on their plate, and may get distracted from LT work due to constant RP. I hope this gives some insight. Just because members of the LT aren't always on the server, does not justify that the LT as a whole is not working.
  10. Smaw

    Singular Devotion [Shamanism]

    No one deserves a monopoly over anything. You're complaining that this will be circle-jerk and then stating you want a circle-jerk/race locked Magic. Besides, I haven't mentioned Elves in this lore post so I don't understand why you're bringing that whole thing up. Elves barely have Shamanism, so this Magic is likely to only be possible for Orcs. There's a lot of misinformation about that ordeal. I wasn't even a member of the council, nor did I demand any titles. Don't get an aneurysm over Minecraft dude. Actually the Magic Team associated with Shamanism are trying to write disconnection lore- not something I agree with mind you. I suppose I'll entertain the list: 1) So? Not everyone has to be a Shaman or T4 in 3 sub-types to join a cult. 2) I mean, that applies to everything. Should we remove all lore in case people are jerks? 3) Yeah? 4) What OOC grudge are you talking about? 5) So, we can't know how it will turn out, so it most definitely won't work. You should worship the Spirit of Logic more. 6) 6 Spirits as opposed to basically every single Spirit for normal Shamans. 7) Not really, it's more limiting than normal Shamanism in many ways.
  11. Roosterington

    Cheap housing in Duncaster

    Renting out a house in Duncaster , only 10 midas a week.
  12. ThumperJack

    Here's a thing

    Just a classic full beard. Not too big, not too small Pumpkin Not bad! The most nostalgic moment from LoTC for me would have to be way back in the Fringe when I played Norik Grandaxe, and @Fimlin took me and a couple others out to do our Grandaxe trials. I was such a noob to the server then and had no idea what was going on outside of my own little bubble of RP. If I could go back to that time and mindset, I would. I am ThumperJack the BumperJack Because beans, obviously Beans Nope. She's just married to one 😆 Definitely. She didn't get in as much trouble as Dhaunae did, or get banned as much : > I honestly regret PKing him all the time, and would love to have him back if I could I might come back to it if I get time. I've got the skins for it 😉 Nope Yep. Elleanora was p freaked out Also yep. I was p freaked out Because I can't be arsed to try anything else on this server You're chill dude sometimes, others you're jumping off the walls. Not a bad guy though 👍 Sometimes, if I just looked up dwarven words it happens lmao
  13. Fireheart

    Strfqe ban appeal

    The question is more so directed at the behavior and reasons relating to your ban. Given that context could you answer that question above again?
  14. Vaynth

    _Jandy_'s Application Team Application

    he always beat me in quota percentage : (
  15. Imperium

    A Burning World ( RP Thread )

    The Eastern Roman Empire Anno Domini 474 ______________________________________________________________________________________ Constantinople, capital of the East, 474 Zeno looked out across the city, thoughts swirling in his head. His son Leo II has fallen ill, the doctors are unsure if he’ll survive. This leaves Zeno has the sole Emperor of the East. He lets out a deep breath, before turning to his advisors. One of them speaks up, “Your majesty, the west lays in ruins. If we are to act now is the time.” Zeno only offers a nod in return before speaking, “Indeed, Rome can not fall. Inform Emperor Julius Nepos we’ll stand by our western brothers.” “Of Course there is the threat to the East, the Sassanids lay ready to pounce the moment were weak,” General Marcos adds. “You’re right, take command of eight legions reinforce the eighty thousand men already at the border of the sassanids.” For the rest of the day Zeno is locked away in the palace with his advisers, repairing and enacting many new edicts. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Edicto in Defensionem In order to protect the eastern border of the Empire, a series of military forts are to be built along the border. An additional eight legions along with General Marcos who is to be appointed magister militum per Orientem. A system of Beacons are to be built across the empire every 60-35 miles. This is to allow messages to be transmitted across the empire in a matter of hours. This allows for quick response time to any threat. Edicto Auxilium Romanus Food, and other supplies are transported to the Western Roman Empire in order to aid in its preservation. Two legions under the command of Leo veris are sent to aid in any military campaigns by the west. Military Reforms And additional twenty five thousand men are to be raised and trained into five new legions. Newly trained legionaries are to be trained with key emphasis on organization, flexibility, & formation fighting, Lukas Salvo the newly named Magister militum praesentalis I himself is to oversee the training. Diplomacy Messengers are sent to Western Rome in order to provide any aid requested, and others are sent to the Sassanids requesting a non aggression pact. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Imperial Orders The Eastern Empire, circa 474 Imperial Menu Leader: Emperor Zeno I Capital: Constantinople Population: 16,000,000 Manpower: 3,200,000 Standing Army: 320,000 -Marcos and eight legions are sent to Antioch -A system of forts and beacons are built across the empire -five new legions are trained -supplies, and two legions sent to Western Empire -Messengers sent Western Rome, and Sassanids
  16. Its Just Ed

    [Slave Auction] Geraldine Smith

    "slave sold for 4 thousand" the auctioneer would call out " Happy trading everybody!"
  17. Dlugonos

    The Academy of Holm [Second Semester] [Applications Open]

    Username: Dlugonos Discord: Skorzeny#9455 ---- Name: Asmund Marrsson Age: 23 Race: Human, Highlander Major Subject: Laws Additional classes: Political science & Government
  18. SuidAfrikaaner

    Part Two: Journeying West

    ← Part One: The Steppe 余 The Sindh Party 讯 . . .heaving, panting; dragging heavy heels across the rough steppe. Need Water. He needed water. . .Rest. . .he needed rest. . . The steppe was unforgiving. As mean and as cruel as it had been since the dawn of time, when djinns and hairy-men and Gods roamed the plain with absolute Dominion. But one day, they disappeared- and in their place came the Children of the Steppe. Those peoples who mounted the steppe as if it were an untamed horse, grabbed it by the hair and lulled it into subservience. . . .Hungry. . .Food. . .He was hungry. . .Why. . .why did he subject himself to this? Each step pained him- his feet seemed more blister than foot. But what was he to do? Stop now and he’ll be felled by hunger and thirst, and his corpse picked clean by the wanton primitivism of buzzards and vultures. Continue and he may die of exhaustion - but he may also survive. . . .Continue. . . His mind was on survival; he imagined himself as a warrior against nature, as the Steppe-folk were when their kin had taken to the desolation. He looked up. There upon the dancing horizon he thought he saw a caravan. . . .My damned mind. . .playing tricks. . . He rubbed his eyes and looked again. The mirage was unbroken. He rubbed his eyes again; and again, and again, and again, and a final time, but the mirage was unwaning. His heart skipped, his heart leapt; he broke out into a skip, into a sprint, he ran towards it; quicker, quicker - his feet weren’t so painful now. . . He was greeted by Ala-Adinn Sindh, Chief of the Sindh Clan. They were hospitable enough, and they promised to take him as far west as they were going. On that day, Shenru thanked whichever God was taking care of him that say.
  19. MythicFantasy

    How to make a motivated player become toxic and inactive

    Idk dude. Though i'm sure everyone liked the exclusive items you were able to get from it.
  20. StarGazzer

    Miss Edlynn Lora Fiscere For Maeyr

    Uther Fiscere would begin to make campaign posters for his sister.
  21. Fireheart


  22. Licorish

    Nazark's Head

    "Dis a bad tik tuh try n' rejoin wit duh Orks ain't et?" Valgarai sighed "Ah zuppose ah still gotta do muh klan duties asa Honourareh Lak, even if ah don' agree wit dere waah."
  23. Thumril would change his pants and leave wherever he is and go to the forrest. Oi t'ink oim gonna be one wit' t'e nature, Urguan is gone, dweds split in seperate places, no unity. So woi t'e fock would oi not burry meself and wait it out? would grab his pipe as he wanders of in the direction of a nearby forrest.
  24. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    The Esk Savannah - Year 942NE Statistics Population and Military Population - 468,289 Imperial Garrison - 4,000 Provincial Forces - 1,500 Economy Base: 10 2x Tier 1 Horse Breeders: 8 25AP in Agri: 2 Facilities Tier 1 Horse Breeder: 15AP towards Tier 2 Tier 1 Horse Breeder: 0 AP towards Tier 2 Mercantile District: 15AP towards Tier 1 Roleplay The Governor would return to his Villa at the break of dawn, dust being kicked up from the dusty path leading from the City in the North. Lucius would look worn from his visit to the Capital to attend yet another meeting that didn't particularly concern him as his priorities were set on keeping Esk safe and making it prosper. With some assistance he'd dismount from his horse, brushing off the dust from his tunic he and his small staff would walk back into the Villa towards his office to begin to work on settling matters. Servants would enter the office as they'd sit, bringing each man a cup of water. "The other Provincial Council is an affair that wastes most of our time, but we have to win favour with some of them so we can sort out our own issues. As such we've had to send two cohorts of Cavalry to assist in the Northern problems, hopefully they'll return mostly in tact to once more deal with our monster issue." The Esk would send two Cohorts north to join the Provincial Forces, while keeping one Cohort in reserve in Esk. Governor Actions The Mercantile district would be finished. (10AP) Another Cohort of Esk Scouts would be recruited at veteran level. (5AP) The Stables would have another upgrade to move it closer to being Tier 2. (5AP) The Esk Scout Cohort that remains would be sent to begin to investigate the Monster problem.
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