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  2. Pelym-Vagil Rivers groans as he wakes up on the wooden floor of a random barracks room finding himself in a pile of drinks, fish bait and ruined documents - his head pounding from the 12h long date he was on, barely remembering anything. He sit's up pulling a few seaweeds out of his hair, noticing the passed out woman he was carrying to Petra is gone and let's out a sigh. Grabbing the neatly placed transcript on the bed, the short man reads through it - another groan gracing the quiet barracks as the hungover Captain of The RiverGuard's dies inside a little. "Yam niet.. gonna take off mea helmet.. for awhile.."
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  4. The usage of the remains of a Descendant is no oddity to the Fjarriagua - especially blood. For the arts drawing upon the essence of blood is one that both Blood Mages and Fjarriagua share, although for different reasons. Yet, it does not take one long to see the ways that both magics go hand-in-hand, for an experienced Fjarriagua knows the demand and sacrifice that her own unholy powers require. Through the sacrifice of specific parts of her prey, with the addition of manipulating Genus, a Fjarriagua may draw upon an entirely new set of abilities and utility, although ones that do not innately come to either Fjarriagua or Blood Mage. Rather, requiring them to be taught such. Or rather, experiment themselves until the intended results come to fruition. Fjarriagua, due to their almost-frozen and slow blood, are incapable of regenerating Genus as a typical person would. Rather, their Genus is limited, and one that requires constant harvesting from the many sacrifices that they are renown for. Through harvesting the blood of their prey - ones possessing Genus - the Fjarriagua may imbue their power within it, transmorphing the Genus into a corrupted state. One frozen, eternally preserved. Which may be consumed by the Fjarriagua to replenish her own Genus. Or even kept in storage. Corrupted, is the very flesh of a Fjarriagua. Their very blood; the key to corrupting one's body, capable of inflicting horrific curses upon those not of their own. For that, they sought to further weaponize it, twisting that dark essence that slowly courses within their body, and inflicting it into the bodies of living creatures, to - in turn - corrupt their very form as well, resembling that of the Fjarriagua. Flesh to Ice. (Non-Combative) Flesh to Ice - [2 Corrupted Genus] - Water + Mortality Through the carving of a rune of Mortality and Water upon a live - or freshly dead animal, although no longer than [12] OOC hours old - using Corrupted Genus, the creature's body will begin to freeze over. Its body as a whole, corrupted with their very essence, and in turn, suffer from a similar transformation: Its eyes growing a dim, azure glow within their sockets, as their maw grows rows and rows of extremely sharp and jagged teeth, similarly to those of a Fjarriagua. Their blood turned extremely slow and slushy, their heartbeat slowed almost to the point of non-existence, and their breathing rendered nil. Gaining an immunity to the cold, but in return, suffering from all weaknesses a Fjarriagua's body possesses; such as Aurum, Deific-adjacent magics and Fire. Unlike their living counterpart, these animals do not have full sentience of their own, rather being direct servants of their superior counterparts. Taking orders only by those who corrupted them, and no one else. For only their creators may interact with them. Should they be stranded somewhere, or left in a place without orders or anyone to follow, they will automatically make their way towards the nearest altar - the structure that calls to them. Where they may wander within. Growing a taste for meat and flesh - raw above all else - and the very warmth within it, these animals feed purely on them, regardless of their previous form's dietary restrictions. Upon their death, should they be struck by anything that would Soft-PK a Fjarriagua, they will be Soft-PKed, requiring their body (mostly intact) to be returned to the Altar, and be subject to the ritual responsible for reviving a Fjarriagua, requiring but a single Mother - or two Fjarriagua - rather than the full amount, due to their lesser nature; being much easier to bring back. Putting them at no ritual cooldown, nor taking up any of the maximum slots for revival per week. Should the corpse not be present, or most of it destroyed, then a new corpse of the same animal is required for its soul to return upon that new vessel. In the case of the Fjarriagua being slain, the animal bound to her will perish on the spot. Regardless of whether the Fjarriagua Soft-PKed or not, the animal requires to be brought back from an altar with its body mostly intact - or a new corpse of the same animal altogether. If the Fjarriagua was manually brought back from an altar, then the Mother and the partaking Fjarriagua for the ritual may revive all the animal corpses and the slain Fjarriagua together in one go. (Combative) A self-sacrificial method of wielding ice. A Fjarriagua practicing the arts of blood may draw upon her own icy blood through injuries - self-inflicted or otherwise - making use of its frozen state. With that, she may draw upon her very blood, consuming [1] Genus to cast a frost-related spell, without spending the extra emote to conjure ice in regions not possessing ice. A sacrifice of one for one, quid pro quo. Trading her very health and well-being. The spells conjured will have a reddish hue to them, representing the frozen blood that was used in the stead of freezing ice from outward sources. Due to the corrupted nature to the blood of a Fjarriagua, those struck by their frozen blood will find their wounds affected by some form of pull, causing them to bleed at about 1/3rd of a faster pace than the typical bleeding amount caused by the injury. (Non-Combative) This rite covers the area in a mist - a mist that shrouds the sun, disallowing its light from penetrating through it. Under that frozen mist, there is an eternal soft chanting, like a whisper. One with barely comprehensible whispers, although ones telling the tale of Skjoldier. Of the Entity that lurks within. Within that foggy mist, one can see a piercing and glowing gaze, staring at those who dare look up. The eyes following, akin to the moon following one wherever they may be. All organic lifeforms slain within this area, will have this dark mist seep within their body, overtaking their body and mind, akin to spreading the curse of the Fjarriagua. Their body undergoing similar changes; eyes glowing a dim azure, body frozen into a cryostasis, and rows of horrifyingly sharp teeth. Ones lacking sentience, merely whispering the chanting present within the mist itself as they wander aimlessly, within the borders of the rite. Should any of those who are not a Fjarriagua or a part of their kin, these creatures will stare towards them, their mouths moving as they speak the words within these chants- the words within these whispers. Amplifying the sound of the tale of the North. They do no more than that, not reacting to any injury taken to themselves. They will continue to speak until slain, or forcefully dragged out of the mist, where that mist overtaking them will exit their body, allowing the dead to remain at peace once more. Those who sleep beneath this endless night, will be overtaken by nightmares of the North. Nightmares of the Entity. A calling, for them to accept their path in becoming one with Ice - yet a threat to those who resist. (Non-Combative) A rite embodying the very corrupting essence of the Fjarriagua. To Corrupt one means to corrupt them to their very bone. To corrupt them to their very soul. For the live victim's body will begin to rapidly shift and contort, surfacing its greatest horrors: A manifestation of their deepest fears and failures, in the form of that of a creature. Credits: @Diogen Writing @Agy@Mordhaund@NLThomas Ideas & Feedback @Bonito@BenleftFor the feedback replies on the first take of the submission The rest of the community for feedback Take 2
  5. ISSUED BY: THE HIGH CHAMBERLAIN ON: Harren’s Folley, 1943 Msitza and Dargund, 496 A fairytale is a story forsaken to the vestiges of time, often a forgone warning to those who cannot wish to imagine its true effect. It has warned many of danger lest we forget them with such ease. For an eve, the clock of time will stop, allowing those of ages young to old to reminisce of the tales lost to time and to make them anew within the meadow of the Aetherwood. MAGNOLIA’S WELCOME Those who choose to join us within the meadow shall be greeted and invited to partake in a dance. They are encouraged to find partners with whom they may dance the night away together. The best pair will be judged, and the winning pair will receive a prize of 50 mina each. A FLORAL DISPLAY Our costume contest shall have the chance to showcase their creativity. We invite all to don their finest flower-themed ensembles. The best costume will be judged, and the winner will receive a prize of 50 mina and a book voucher. A MERRYMAN’S SONG As the Merryman would sing, it is suited for us to not leave those who cannot dance out of the fun. A drinking contest shall be conducted with a prize of 50 mina for the lucky one who can withstand their drink. DATE & TIME The Dance shall take place in the Marchdom of Lotusgrad, Town of Lilenburg, in the early days of Owyn’s Light | Jula ag Piov, 1944 | 497 E.S OOC: Thursday 3:30 PM EST Coordinates: 2652 4 572 Dunfarthing Warp at CT Signed, The Most Honourable, Ser Sterling Whitewood, Marquis of Lotusgrad, Reeve of Lilenburg, Reeve of Swan’s Keep Her Excellency, Azalea Whitewood, Marques-Consort of Lotusgrad, High Chamberlain of Cygnetstone.
  6. A note was added under the missive. Let it be known that the Lady Haverlock was tested and cleared of all suspicious.
  7. Cavern Critters Magma Serpent Physiology And Habitat Magma Serpents are formidable snake-like creatures, dwelling within the depths of magmatic caves and volcanic landscapes. They are closely related to Deep Snakes, sharing similar proportions and reaching lengths of up to 15 meters. Adorned with scales in shades of red, orange, and yellow, these serpents possess a remarkable ability to blend seamlessly into their molten surroundings. The scales of Magma Serpents possess exceptional strength akin to that of steel, providing them with a tough defense against slashing and stabbing attacks from both descendants and other creatures they may encounter. Abilities The Magma Serpents, shaped by their unforgiving habitat, exhibit a diverse range of abilities crucial for their survival. These creatures possess immunity to ordinary flame attacks. Furthermore, they are able to unleash streams of molten lava or spew searing flames, albeit requiring a brief period to charge up. Its fangs are comparable to the size of a tree branch and are able to deal damaging blows to lightly armored opponents. - Magma Serpents cannot be roleplayed outside DIY events - Magma Serpents cannot be tamed. - Extracted scales are player-signed and are to cumbersome to be worn as armor. Cave Wyrmling Physiology And Habitat Cave Wyrmlings are small creatures which resemble the shape of a Pygmy dragon. They live amongst the deepest caverns and have unique stone-like skin, allowing them to blend into the dark caves they inhibit. On their backs, small wings protrude, allowing short bursts of flight. Cave Wyrmlings are the size of small dogs and travel in groups of five to eight. Abilities Cave Wyrmlings don't possess the ability to have any great feats of strength nor powerful bites. However, in combat they have the ability to spit green acidic saliva. Over continuous contact with organic material, the bubbling acid will corrode material and cause burns. Within the first emote the victim will begin to feel extreme pain and a sense of burning, after the second emote they will incur first degree burns. Upon reaching the third and forth emotes the victim will get second and third degree burns respectively. - Cave Wyrmlings cannot be roleplayed outside DIY events. - Cave Wyrmlings cannot be tamed. - Acidic saliva cannot be harvested. - The guidelines for the acid are not required and can be bent to fit events. Echo Harbinger Physiology And Habitat Echo Harbingers are large bat-like creatures which inhabit dark chasms, preferring damp environments. They are the size of a regular dog and are covered in purple or gray skin. Two large ears protrude from the heads of these creatures, giving them a proficient awareness of their surroundings. At the end of their feet and expansive wings, large claws extend outwards. These claws aid in combat against prey and predators lurking in their environment. Abilities Beyond their claws and acute awareness, Echo Harbinger’s are able to create a blast of sound against threats. This high pitched sound can be heard by descendants and other creatures, causing pain, disorientation, and temporary hearing damage. -These blasts of sound will prevent casting from magics which require focus such as voidal magic. -Magma Serpents cannot be roleplayed outside DIY events Change-log
  8. Y'vette took some time to read the paper, the little elfess excitedly preparing for such an event right after!
  9. Overhead, the quiet swish-swoop-swish of a ceiling fan whirled, giving the slightest rush of air to the stuffy Office. As well established as Henri Napier was, all the money in the world couldn't buy complete protection from the elements. Porto Regne could get deliriously hot, and with a humidity that turned the air to a dampening blanket that spared no space, sun or shade. The arcane fan cost him a pretty penny, but made marginal difference. He sighed. The short paper that had come across his desk in the morning for review had been scanned over quickly, and without a doubt, merited a reply - or at least, a return editorial in the Gaceta des Balianes (his own Paper, of course.) "Dear Monsieur Van Der Grendok, Your analysis of the situation, and well-crafted argument were a delight to read, all the moreso in these times. The rabidity to which the savage bandits of the North have clung to what are now nearly a century old animosities, inherited from no other place than their own imaginations, has been a most tiring and droll affair. You cut to the point eloquently. For all the gnashing and protest, the legacy of man, and our history, is one inseparable from the topic of Empire, in all regards. I needn't allude to a fellow fan of history, that all the states of man hold within their titulature, familial heritage, or legal right, some claim derived from the Exalted. Many of the current legal frameworks, and institutions derive from if not the Novellens, earlier Imperial progenitors. While the merit of a contemporary Empire is something well to be left alone, and discussed in other works as you said, the essay stands well. It is an inescapable issue that the wise would seek to make peace with, rather than antagonize and deride needlessly for another century. Thank you for your writing, and I do so hope to see more of your work. Sincerely, Henri Napier, Esq."
  10. This thread is such a Derfey moment
  11. Thank you for your message, I understand.
  12. — THE GARMONT ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS OF 1943 — WITH THE NOMINATIONS COMPLETE, the citizens of the Commonwealth of the Petra must now come together to vote for who they wish to represent them on the Garmont Assembly. The voting shall remain open for 48 saints hours, and citizens will vote for their top three candidates, with three to be elected to the Assembly. Once the voting is concluded, the names shall be read in the square of Petra for all to hear who shall represent them. The candidates for this round of elections are: Philip Halcourt Atticus Lucien Pelym-Vagil Rivers Florin Mitrea Pharon Adiler Sigismund von Theonus Theoderic von Theonus In order for a vote to be counted, it must be cast by; A citizen of the Commonwealth of the Petra, Who is above the age of 18, And who is currently in good standing with the law of Petra. The Citizens will have 48 saints hours to send in their vote. (Closes 12am EST on Wednesday the 27th (9pm EST on Tuesday the 26th) (So, 48 hours from when posted.) May the Citizens choose wisely. Kirsa von Theonus, Orateur VOTE HERE
  13. Sir Hannibal raised a glass.
  14. Milena replied to her husband with a puzzled expression, "They wish to hold a meeting in the middle of nowhere?" She then turned a bit around, grabbing her cross and a few books, "Well, I doubt a few scholars will kill us dead."
  15. OOC: Hello there! This is an event designed to simulate a single day of halfling life as best as possible. Everybody starts at the beginning of the hour, having just woken up. Their characters then go about their day as they would IRP, eventually falling back to sleep at the end of the hour, which ends the event. Working, eating, talking, and other things your character typically does in a day can and should be roleplayed. There will be a single roleplay prompt happening during the hour to promote interaction, but attending it isn’t mandatory. Feel free to do as you wish. The intention isn’t to attract a large quantity of halflings into one location at a time, but rather to create as much immersion as possible. SoL Event Checklist (Optional): -Wake up ( ) -Eat something ( ) -Do some task ( ) -Interact with someone ( ) -Eat another thing ( ) -Go to sleep ( ) RP: [!] A notice is pinned to the Dúnwen Noticeboard "The fields need weedin'! Weh've let them rest for ter long and now they've grown thick wi' thistles and dandelions! Come meet me outside next Pumpkin Day and oi'll set ye up with the proper tools! -Mimosa Applefoot, Mayor of Dúnwen" ((6 PM EST tomorrow, Monday the 25th of September, 9/25/2023. Located in Dúnwen, the home of the halflings on Braevos))
  16. Longest middle name ever
  17. "All of these Valah nations sounds the same." Spoke a noble warrior of the Sillumiran as he sat upon his steed, awaiting for any who dare come across his path on the Nevaheln roads. "Atleast use a unique banner, I thought this was some Orenian lord's army at first until I remembered who Aeltarys was. Using Legion makes you sound Aaunic."
  18. Some updates: @Iverach @Lirinya Allies have until 11:59 pm EST on 9/26 to post war paths. Does 2 or 3pm est on 9/30 work instead for Hae'lunor side? Both nations should have rosters submitted to staff by 11:59pm on 9/27. Players can still fill out form after this time.
  19. Theoderic von Theonus read the missive during one of his many breaks from frantically making sure the keep was ready to receive visitors "The deadline approaches without mercy..."
  20. Casstrucio settled comfortably into his unfurnished room once more; books and papers adorning the floors surrounding him. "Oh what pleasure it is, to have this record before me." His palms slid past eachother as he sat cross-legged upon the spruce planks and unfurled the scroll before his eyes, "what teachings do you have for me?" The boy of only about 10 years, a passionate lover of history and frequent reader, hastily digested the work. Lengthy pause came upon the boy, then appreciation. "Admiration and thanks to you, men living and dead - who keep the knowledge of their times, for me to share today."
  21. THE EDICT OF DULES KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Issued by THE CROWN On this 14th day of Tov ag Yermey of 496 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG ELDERVIK, In the wake of significant developments and the resounding vote of confidence bestowed upon the Crown by the venerable Royal Dumas, a momentous decision beckons. It is with solemn consideration and unwavering commitment to the ideals of our revered forefathers that we find ourselves compelled to enact a pivotal change in our legislative structure. As we embark upon this transformative journey, the following decree shall serve as a testament to our steadfast dedication to upholding the timeless principles embedded in the very essence of our nation's foundation. The Crown does therefore Proclaim the Following: On the Powers of Establishment It falls solely upon the Crown to, through Royal Edict, determine the Structure, Composition, Rights, and Duties of the Royal Duma. The remainder of the Edict of Dules shall therefore determine the Structure, Composition, Rights, and Duties of the Royal Duma, as per the Will of the Crown. The Crown of Haense leads the Royal Duma of Haense, and regulates legislature brought to and passed from the Duma. The Crown of Haense maintains veto powers over legislation to maintain the peace and order of the Royal State of Haense On the Structure of the Duma The Peoples Duma and the Lords Duma shall henceforth merge making one Royal Duma. Grand Alderman is dissolved and Lord Handler and Lord Auditor shall be reinstated. All bills must be passed by a simple majority. The majority will be determined by the amount of Boyars present after roll call. On Membership of the Royal Duma Membership of the Duma shall consist of the titled nobility bearing rights to sit on the Duma by grant of the Crown of Haense and three elected individuals of commoner descent. Members of the Duma shall be called Boyars of the Duma. A Boyar of the Duma may appoint a representative to chair their seat in the Duma on a temporary or permanent basis. Elected Boyars may not appoint a representative. If a Boyar of the Duma or a representative appointed on a permanent basis cannot attend a meeting of session, they may appoint a representative to temporarily stand in their stead for that meeting. If either the Lord Speaker, the Lord Handler or any other Duma officers cannot attend a meeting of session and appoint a temporary representative, the representative shall not assume the rights and responsibilities of the offices during their absence. Representatives appointed on a temporary basis may not stand for election for Duma offices. The representative of a Boyar of the Duma shall assume all rights and responsibilities of membership in the Duma during their tenure of appointment. A potential representative must be, Of 18 years of age or older. A resident of the Peer’s fief. Of moral character and in good standing. A faithful member of the Church of the Canon. A representative may vote and stand for election for Duma offices. A Peer of the Duma may recall a representative from sitting on the Duma. If a representative is recalled, they lose all voting privileges and offices held within the Duma. If a Peer of the Duma selects a representative to assume the rights and responsibilities of membership in the Duma, then the Peer of the Duma shall not exercise such rights and responsibilities until the representative is recalled. All appointments of representatives must be reported to the Lord Speaker or the Lord Handler. Powers of the Royal Duma The Royal Duma shall be granted the following powers, to enact in faith to the people and Crown of Hanseti-Ruska; The Royal Duma and the Boyars may legislate freely unless otherwise noted. The Royal Duma may not legislate on nobility and titles. (JURA I SZLATA) The Royal Duma may not legislate on the military and its structure. The Royal Duma may not legislate on the dynasty laws of the current Royal House. (JURA I KONGZEM) The Royal Duma may vote on and ratify treaties negotiated by the Crown. To call a vote of no-confidence for offices of the Royal Duma: Lord Speaker, Lord Handler, Lord Auditor. If the chamber votes three-fourths majority the recommendation is sent to the Crown for final decision. To mandate national holidays. To Charter Royal Guilds and Royal Companies. To regulate laws and domestic policies of the Royal State. To enact proposals for naturalization and citizenship, To provide an official endorsement on the appointment of the Lord Chancellor and Palatine of the Realm Powers and Duties of the Lord Speaker The Lord Speaker shall be chosen through an election of simple majority. Candidates for Lord Speaker shall be nominated by the Boyars of the Duma or their chosen representatives. Candidates for Lord Speaker shall be chosen from amongst the Boyars of the Duma or their chosen representatives. The Lord Speaker shall serve until resignation or termination of post. The Lord Speaker shall have the following duties and responsibilities, To hold meetings of Duma sessions and to determine their time and location. To keep order and decorum within the chamber. To establish and maintain the rules, direction, and order of the Duma. To protect the security of the Duma. To set the agenda of meetings of Duma sessions. To establish and appoint members to committees within the Duma. To employ a chamber staff and appoint an Armiger-of-Staff. To certify and sign all bills and resolutions passed by the Duma. To endorse candidates to the Offices of the Duma, including the Lord Handler and Lord Auditor. To summon citizens and government officers to testify in the chamber. A one year notice must be given unless otherwise agreed upon by To wield the Black Bulava. Powers and Duties of the Lord Handler The Lord Handler shall be chosen by the prerogative of the Lord Speaker Candidates for Lord Handler shall be nominated by the Peers of the Duma or their chosen representatives. The Lord Handler shall serve until resignation or termination of post or the termination of the current speakership. The Lord Handler shall have the following duties and responsibilities, To serve as Speaker pro tempore in the absence of the Speaker and to perform the duties and responsibilities of office while serving as Speaker pro tempore. To accept and submit all petitions and introduction of legislation by the Peers of the Duma. To wield the Black Bulava in absence of the Lord Speaker. Powers and Duties of the Lord Auditor The Royal Inquisitor shall be renamed as the Lord Auditor. The Lord Auditor shall be chosen by the prerogative of the Lord Speaker Candidates for Lord Auditor shall be nominated by the Peers of the Duma or their chosen representatives. Candidates for Lord Auditor shall be chosen from amongst the Peers of the Duma or their chosen representatives. The Lord Auditor shall serve until resignation or termination of post or the termination of the current speakership. The Lord Auditor shall have the following duties and responsibilities, To summon citizens and government officers to testify in the chamber. To review the legality and validity of introduced legislation. To chair the 285 Committee. To perform audits on the performance of the government, specifically regarding the implementation of legislation passed by the Duma. IV JOVEO MAAN, His Royal Majesty, Aleksander II, by the Grace of Godan, King of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Hochmeister of the Order of the Crow, Prince of Bihar, Dules, Lahy, Muldav, Slesvik, Solvesborg, and Ulgaard, Duke of Carnatia, and Vanaheim, Margrave of Korstadt, Rothswald, and Vasiland, Count of Alban, Alimar, Baranya, Graiswald, Karikhov, Karovia, Kaunas, Kavat, Kovachgrad, Kvasz, Markev, Nenzing, Siegrad, Torun, Toruv, Valdev, and Werdenburg, Viscount of Varna, Baron of Astfield, Buck, Esenstadt, Kraken’s Watch, Kralta, Krepost, Lorentz, Rytsburg, and Thurant, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector and Lord of the Highlanders, etcetera. His Excellency Otto Ludovar, Lord Speaker of Hanseti-Ruska, Count of Otistadt, Viscount of Seswesk, Baron of Isaakev, Lord of Branzgaard
  22. "These spuds are totally outrageous..." Remarked Morgan, having spied one during Mother Frinna's art show at Lemon Hill.
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  24. Aurelia, had no intention to attend the funeral.
  25. A huff reverberates from the emptier space left in the wake of the Mother Mountain Lizard's attack in Yumegatari, more silent as the crowd of warriors and adventurers went to exit and celebrate their defense. Four individuals left studying the beast, conjurers studying its form. . . then one once more. A lone farfolk with a broom, armored, and sweeping the sharp debris scattered from the broken building and center. Large material moved to a pile, and olden man cracking his back. "WO! What a day—" He chuckled, chipper. "Let us see what the rest of my years have in store for this band of adventurers. Maybe I'll be here long enough to see them be great." Tonu spoke it true, heart heavy as he felt his age quicken. . . but to know the flow of adventure again was lovely.
  26. REQUEST COMPLETED. By this point, you should already have your Map Art. If you haven't received it or believe this to be a mistake, please contact Community Management.
  27. Camboshālig [Common: Trade-boons] This Camboshalig has been commemorated in Year 147 of the Second Age and is a trade-boon from the Port City of Lurin. One Tiwari Elmwood ( @TheGekko ) exchanged it with Cunimund hal'Cingedoz after the Baron led a trade caravan from the Barony of Bodbwodz to Lurin.
  28. Cackling flows through a quiet house in the Silver City, as a copy of the gazette finds itself in the hands of a Blonde. He wipes tears from his starry eyes as he sets the paper down, enjoying a Mimosa with his freshly homemade borscht. For a moment, he ponders a life of retirement.
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