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  2. Pleasantly Peasant – 6k Cherry Picking – 13.5k The Dress That Ruined France – 13.5k Awfully Middleclass – 13k M’lord – 3k Herb Gathering – 11k Sash and Wig – 6k A Handmaiden’s Gown, 5k A Sorceresses Dress – 5k Simplistic Blue With Fur – 5k Of Sins and Virtues – 5k Cactus Green – 2k A Simple Brown – 3k
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  4. joel saying all dead caliphates r in jahannam ? what the ****
  5. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  6. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  7. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  8. THE STATE OF THE EMPIRE ADDRESS 12th of Horen’s Calling, 1788 Lo and behold, for the state of our empire is strong. In our current bureaucratic nature of efficient governance, there exists a responsibility between the government and the Imperial Diet, and with such, accountability to the governed, through confidence within formation of a government as sought by previous convention. Thus, We invite His Imperial Excellency the Archchancellor to the House of Commons, to deliver information pertinent to such a strong relationship, on this Godfrey’s Triumph of 1788. In order to discuss the status of Our Commonwealth, and to lay out plans for the future, the House of Commons invites Archchancellor Jonah Stahl-Elendil to give his annual speech, in spirit of such a tradition and in the name of their Imperial Majesties Anne I and Joseph II. This speech, known as the State of the Empire address, is a new tradition established by Sir Simon Basrid GCHE during his tenure as Archchancellor. Signed, The President of the House of Commons, [Come to Varoche Hall at 7 p.m. EST on Friday to witness this event.]
  9. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
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  11. The Ruby-Silver Union Festival [!] Missives would be hung around The Commonwealth and the city of Helena. The missive would read as follows: The Empire has stood strong for years. We constantly exude excellence, and have been a symbol of a strong nation. The Commonwealth sees this as something to celebrate, and a festival is to be held in the City of Owynsburg. Not only are we celebrating the greatness of the empire, but we are also celebrating the alliance between The Holy Orenian Empire and the Silver State of Haelun’or. There will be many festivities and everyone is urged to attend and support the empire. There will be a classic Kaedrini tournament of strength where men and women of the empire can fight, in good fun, for a prize of 2k mina. There will be stalls for merchants and artisans to sell and perform from. ((Saturday, 10/10/20 at 6pm est)). ((If you are interested in participating in the tournament or having a stall at the festival please fill out the form below)) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdZGcFinTtbmqbc_BczC2rvH24eyqWlamFlJNWacb5IqibSmw/viewform?usp=sf_link
  12. Glad to have you back man, I missed you
  13. I wish I could sit next to you near a fire, that’s for sure.
  14. Government: King (Not elected, head of the royal family)- Enforcer of laws, head of the military, in charge of diplomatic relations Council of Nobles (Not elected, every head of a noble house serves on this council)- Lawmakers, judges Ministers (Must have served as a Minister Assistant Elected by the Council of Nobles, approved by King)- Each minister is in charge of a different branch: Health, Military, Housing/building, etc. Minister assistant (Appointed by Minister)- Assist the minister of your respective branch Nobles: The King will appoint the noble houses, each noble house will have distinct house colors. A Noble House may fall if they do too much to anger the king. On that same note a family may be appointed to the status of nobility should they become powerful enough and get on the king/kingdoms good graces. Religion: (Religion lore still being written) Head of the Church- Guides clergy, spreads the religion/ sends clergy to spread religion Clergymen/women- Record religion lore, record history around the city/state of world Military: (WIP) Ranks to be decided. Language: Currently just English (WIP) Building style: Roman https://imgur.com/a/jgeYcYd Quick Lore: Founded by King Maven of House Silus, Osanora served as the capital of Mavens new kingdom, many Nobles welcomed this life of luxury without the stress of managing a kingdom, and so many submitted to King Maven, pledging their allegiance. A few however were very reluctant, and felt as though they were not receiving their fair share. A sort of civil war broke out, resulting in King Mavens death. The new King Maven II oversaw the reconstruction of Osanora and in only a few short years, he saw stability in what used to be chaos. Since then, Osanora has opened her doors to new humans, elves, and dwarves. King Maven II holds a strong dislike for Orcs and Goblins and does not let them live in Osanora or any other lands in his kingdom. While the kingdom is still young and new, it holds great promise for the world. PLEASE NOTE: This is just meant to be a quick overview, I still plan on adding lots and going more in depth regarding each topic, as well as other topics when we proceed forward. On that same note, I am looking for people who wish to be a part of Osanora! Please understand if you are an Orc or Goblin King Maven II will not allow you to live in the city, let alone serve in the government.
  15. “Truly speaks to the nature of the not so ‘Holy’ Orenian Empire, a man fornicates with an orc and all he has to do is pay a measly fine that goes into the courts pockets, he should be sentenced to servitude to the Holy Canonist Church, not this sham. I only pray that the Auditor of the Tribunal steps in and sorts this out for we clearly can not trust the imperial courts to defend their peoples souls from eternal damnation in the void. It is in fact written in the Oren Revised Code that a misdemeanor can lead to servitude to the Church yet they ignore this and condemn Edward to the void for all eternity and would rather fill their coffers then save a mans soul.” said Friar Boniface in his home as he read the verdict.
  16. “What the writer of this Epistle fails to do is to separate the inclination from the action. A married man will still have sexual desires for other women – it becomes sinful only with intent or indulgence. A man or woman with these disordered desires for the same sex is not evil or wrong, just as a man with an urge to fornicate is not evil or wrong. What is wrong, is to fornicate, or to put oneself in an occasion to do so, or to intently indulge such desires in the mind. I am expected to be celibate, but the Church does not demand that I blind myself so that I do not see attractive women. An orc may only be inclined to Elvish women. That is not sinful. To be tempted or have an inclination does not separate you from God or make you a sinner destined for the void, for iblees only tempts the pure. The rest are already his.” “Certainly the unchanging Dogma of Holy Church is that same sex acts are inherently sinful. Ven. Humbert, who is the Church’s moral Doctor, even listed them as among the gravest sins,” Pius writes in a public column. “And blessed is she who undergoes temptation, for she will receive a never-fading crown of glory. Please pray, friends, for as an Elf, I may have a long road ahead to collect mine.” “The Church is the sole interpreter of the Scrolls, for she has received them. Holy union means the marriage between a man and a woman. It is not to be thought of otherwise. Marriage between the same sexes is a diabolical evil.”
  17. This is some good advice. I’ll take it to heart. We have the space in 8.0 to not cram ourselves in like a slum, so we might as well make sure we do that! For the central hub, I’m thinking of a tavern right next to the storage burrow (perhaps mixed with a sort of market thing, for exchanges between Elves and Halflings since the Elves will be relying on us to make a lot of their food) and then 3-4 good burrows or so. For the farms, I’ll try and see if we can mix them up with burrows, give it a nice countryside feeling. We have a clearing we can devote just to that, with rows of burrows and crops alternating as the path meanders down to the sea. The village will be completely surrounded by very large 100 block tall trees, since it’s in a large forest. Should help us feel properly small compared to the world if the trees tower above us so much. And I’ll try to make sure that we all have a good grasp on the big picture of the village, though it might be hard with multiple builders all with their own ideas. We should be able to stick to a general theme, at least.
  18. Name: Ada Age: 11 Areas of Study: [MC Name]: Enyahs92 [Discord]: melodichand#6255
  19. ((MCname)): altiar1011 Name: Tarathiel Elyra Age: 89 Are you a citizen of Haense?: Yes Are you a knight of Haense?: No Which event do you desire to compete in (Joust, Fisticuffs, Archery)?: Fisticuffs
  20. Edward Redfist would chuckle upon reading the note “Heh, they’ll never get ‘em.”
  21. --- Name (colony): Kosmonistan Archetype (choose one): NCM Mother Nation: Russia Sponsoring Space Agency (you may choose one): Roskosmos Colonial Leadership: Autocracy Led by Admiral Yegor Al- Nuri Mission classification: Exploration Add. starting equipment: 2C, 2 M, 1 Extra settlers Background: The static of a radio frequency is interrupted by a short broadcast. “Dva, syem, adin, shest, devyet, syem, tri, piat, adin, dva- vosyem.” A figure scribbles down the string of letters down quickly, in Cyrillic hurriedly, going over to a chart taped down to the table, where he begins to inscribe a new set of characters. The man hurriedly turns on the radio, from the 20’s at least, and looking down at the gibberish written in cyrillic, he responds. “Adin, piat, shest, syem, shest, syem, vosyem.” The man ends his transmission on the radio, followed by a short period of radio silence. The voice comes on the radio again. “U neye litso angela.” (“She has an angels face.”) The man responds, eyeing a small strip of paper taped to the radio. “Bilety Prodany?” (“Have the tickets been sold yet?”) Silence ensues once more, for longer this time, before the other line returns. “Harasho, tovarish. - Perun dayet razresheniye, ty mozsheh leshat. ” (“Thank you, comrade. Perun grants authorization, you may fly.”) The man, smiling, responds back. “Harasho, tovarish. Lyublyu zhit’ proletariatom.” (“Thank you, comrade. Long live the proletariat.”) “Lyublyu zhit’ proletariatom.” “Allahu Akbar.” The static returns, uninterrupted this time. The man steps outside, greeted by thousands of men from all swathes of life, many with turbans, some with crosses, most eastern or central asian in origin. Behind them, stands their mothership for interstellar travel.
  22. There is definite debate as to the effect of this decision – some believe that it’s merely a reclassification and things continue as normal but others view it as fundamentally damaging to the future of its community. I happen to fall in the latter. But whatever the effects, intended or otherwise, this decision is based on deeply flawed reasoning. 1 ’With their downfall of a nation’ – is this not the model that LOTC has adopted over the past few years? These communities are intended to rise and fall. Whether they are rising or falling at the time is just a matter of taking a small snapshot of a communities entire lifespan of the server. This should not be used as a stick to beat them with when the server is designed to have communities like these in constant flux. 2 ‘Hamfisted origins that never went through the LT vote’ – Why should a community of players now face punishment for the actions of corrupt admins over half a decade ago? There has been incalculable corruption throughout this server and there is no reason for one group to be singled out over it. Regarding the LT vote, many people can recall a time when an LT did not even exist, and it certainly shouldn’t matter that a community did not get the approval of a team whose members are long gone. 3 ‘Lack of distinct culture or value as a subrace’ – these are matters of opinion, not fact, and are easily disputed. If this level of logic and reasoning is being employed by those with responsibility on this server, then I worry for countless other communities who are at risk from these people.
  23. YaBoyJay_

    Calethia's Gale

    Name: Absolon Age: 20 Experience in Battle: No physical battles, but has been trained and had a fair share of altercations. Expertise: Fighting Hunting/Tracking Building Persuasion Current Location: Currently traveling to the land (OOC: App hasn’t been accepted yet but trying to look for a group to settle with)
  24. Entry 96 – Characters mentioned @Wholesome_Thomas @jcbeno @LATTE @firespirit44 @Thorten @AdmiralLB @Hanrahan
  25. The Dead Bandits still are laying on the ground and dead...
  26. Summons to the 8th Sitting of the Knight’s Table 341ES KRUZAE ZWY KONGZEM Pursuant to the Edict of Knightly Orders, the Knight-Paramount, Boris var Ruthern, forthwith summons the Knights of the Order of the Crow and the Marian Retinue to a sitting of the Knight’s Table this Gronna and Droba of 341 E.S. These warriors of renown, actively serving in the Order of the Crow or the Marian Retinue for the protection and betterment of the Kingdom, are summoned to attend this Sitting of the Knight’s Table to discuss how current squires are progressing with their trials and how best to support them in completing them. This shall take in the Ekaterinburg Palace. The following are summoned to attend; Ser Ivan ‘The Red Bull’ @erictafoya Ser Ruben ‘The Butler’ @ItsMrCannibal Ser Marcus Erhdhart @Sarven Squire Viktor Rauen @Pureimp10 Squire Maverik Baruch @Drew2_dude Squire Fiske Vanir @Sander Squire Aleksandr Vyronov @Sarmadon Squire Theodosiya Vyronov @SilkieSilky Squire Ivar Brackish @Legoboy7984 Squire Georg Bykov @MioWasTaken Squire Brandt Barclay @GoodGuyMatt Issued by Ser Boris var Ruthern, Knight Paramount of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
  27. ACT OF THE IMPERIAL DIET The Backpayment Procedure Act, 1784 3rd of Horen's Calling Introduced in the Commons. Passed by the House of Commons in the 18th Imperial Diet. COMMONS AYE Rakoczy Stahl-Elendil C. Barclay Galbraith Carrion Baruch Bykov Christiansen ABSTAIN Wick Kortrevich ABSENT O. Barclay O’Rourke INTRODUCTION This bill seeks to regulate issues of claiming requisitions that were previously unclaimed for a number of years and placing inconsistent expenditure burdens on the Imperial Treasury, seeking to place a statutory limitation on salary claims. SECTION I: DEFINITIONS “Secretaries” shall be referred to the Ministers of the Crown on the Council of State; “Imperial Treasury” shall be the monetary department of the Imperial Government; “Monetary claim” shall be a monetary requisition to the Imperial Treasury; SECTION II: On Ministry Budget Requisitions Secretaries are obliged to claim salaries for their employees no later than one year after payment was originally due; Secretaries will be deemed to have made a sufficient monetary claim by way of communicating clearly through the established channels of Treasury requisitions; If Secretaries fail to claim a year’s salaries within two years, the salaries are deemed to have been forfeited and shall not be paid, which applies retroactively; The monetary claim will still be deemed valid if the Secretary requesting money, has submitted such claim, but the Treasury has failed to provide the monetary claim at the date notified by the monetary claim; Secretaries, even after receiving salaries from monetary claims, who consistently fail to pay their employees shall be liable by the House of Commons, for impeachment under charges of negligence towards their responsibilities of their department. Such must be determined before proceeding towards an impeachment inquiry, such as through a Writ of Summons; SECTION III On General Backpayment Procedure In pieces of legislation that dictates payment towards a group of people or entity, if said entity fails to create a monetary claim for said payment after no later than one year, this payment will be deemed forfeited, which applies retroactively; As similar to the aforementioned section, the monetary claim will still be deemed valid if the Treasury has failed to provide the monetary claim at the date notified by the monetary claim. Introduced by Member of Commons George Galbraith, on the 6th of Horen’s Calling, 1784 Co-sponsored by Sir Konstantin Wick Issued and proclaimed, Anne I, by the grace of GOD Holy Orenian Empress, forever August, Queen of Renatus, Curon, Salvus and Seventis, Defender of the Faith, Princess of Malinor, Duchess of Adria, Novellen and Lorraine, Baroness of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera. Joseph II, by the grace of GOD Holy Orenian Emperor, forever August, King of Renatus, Curon, Salvus, and Seventis, Defender of the Faith, Prince of Malinor, Duke of Adria, Novellen and Lorraine, Baron of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera.
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