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  2. Viktoriya-Marie Pruvia silently nodded along with the letter, though a look of irritantcy was upon her face. "It almost sounds like . . . What the Union was trying to do," she frowned. "Somewhat frightening. But he sounds alright. Better than Nicephore!"
  3. Vromkar Frostbeard returns to the Grand Kingdom of his kin, atop a Ram smothered in Blue dye. The horns of war resonating throughout the land, drawing all of Frostbeard descent to return both far and wide. “Grab yer axes lads, toime tuh duh wot we duh best!” He bellows, gathering a raiding party to patrol the roads.
  4. holy **** a snowman cute writing tho bro +1
  5. After having spiraled into a great depression, the King of Haense took his life in apparent objection to the decision that forced his people to continue assisting a tyrannical Emperor – incapable to cope and his selfish desires having overtaken him, he was found dead in his office with his own hands wrapped around the base of a dagger, which protruded forth from his neck ending him rightly.
  6. “Theres no such thing” says Siegmund
  7. Audry grins brightly. “I suppose now I’ll have a use for my masks.”
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  9. Yea, got to say I feel like that one gets a pass, and I don’t feel many new players use it even, or at least not many that I’ve personally witnessed
  10. Two of my favorite handwriting fonts are March Script and Dancing Script.
  11. Angelika Bykov smiles upon catching word of the victory. “The Empire shall prevail! Godan save the Emperor!"
  12. OOC: entry 54! characters mentioned in entry 54 – @Thorten @King of Cartography @TheIchorDruid @AndrewTech @libertyybelle @Rayna Star
  13. “Hey! That’s my son!” says Lauritz as he reads Governess Yearly, as he does every time a new edition is released. “Oh, and I can’t wait to make the Salmon Pie!”
  14. HELENA MAYORAL ELECTION (1776-1780) Est. 1776 Pursuant to Section VI of the Charter of the Cty of Helena: “The Lord Mayor of the City of Helena is elected by popular vote every four years to head the municipal government, with the election being organized by the Ministry of the Interior. The office comes with an expansive number of powers, and with it an immense responsibility for the everyday governing of the City”. The candidates for Lord Mayor of Helena in this Mayoral Election (for the new term 1776-1780) that were nominated by the Livery Companies of Helena are the following: - Jermaine J’mault (Honorable Company of Drapers and Haberdashers) - Achille Nicéphore (Honorable Company of Ironmongers, Blacksmiths and Founders) - Kinsrell Commandore (Honorable Company of Mercers) - Pascual de Casanova (Honorable Company of Thespians and Revelers) THE BALLOT CAN BE FOUND HERE. ISSUED ON 23 G.T. IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 1776, HIS EXCELLENCY, SIR EDWARD GALBRAITH, MINISTER OF THE INTERIOR.
  15. Little Tony applies oil to his mustache as he looks out over the empty roads before him "I wonder where all the orenians went..."
  16. Brandt Barclay picked up the new issue of his favourite noos source, reading it happily on his way towards the kitchen, before seeing some of the food was gone. Shrugging it off, Brandt sat on the table, Buck noos issue four still in hand "Buck seems to take his own payment" he chuckled lightly to himseof before finishing the noos off and starting the day properly, the newspapers starting to make more and more sense to him the more he read.
  17. “Now, this is a man to vote for,” Angelika remarked upon reading Nicephore’s stances and plans.
  18. FAIRFAX DEFENSE SOLUTIONS, INT. “Your big day, isn’t it?” asked 1LT James Gallagher. “Yeah, well. Bit nervous, I guess. Heard all sorts of stories of them getting it wrong.” WO5 Colleen Hanley inquired. “If you’re worried about ending up horrendously disfigured and paralyzed for the rest of your life - well, don’t. They’ve perfected it now. Only thing we have to worry about is cost.” “Why me? Why not any other of the pilots who applied?” “Well, that’s a question for my dad. He signs off on who does or doesn’t undergo the surgery. Look, he probably knows more about you than you do, Col.” Gallagher chuckled. “It’s true.” 2LT Franklin Griffiths scoffed, “I’ve read the dossier. Even what the spooks don’t want me to.” “Knock it off, Griffiths.” Gallagher shook his head. “Didn’t mean anything by it. If it makes you feel any better, I recommended you for the program, Colleen. The Director swung by, said something about looking to expand the Ace Pilot Corps, and I may’ve dropped a few names; yours included.” “Well, thanks Frank.” said Colleen. “No problem. That’ll be 10% of whatever your new contract is.” snickered Griffiths. “Funny, that ain’t happening, chief,” Colleen scoffed. “Well uh, I’ll leave you two lovebirds to it.” said Gallagher. “You must be mistaken.” said Griffiths, dumbly looking about his two companions. “Anyways, you’ll find the Ace pay-raise to your liking, I reckon. My old man got the bag after the job in Sumiyoshi. Expect more high-stakes contracts like that in the future.” “Looking forward to it.” replied Hanley. “And I’m looking forward to my two new wingmen.” Gallagher turned, headed off, “You know where to find me. Think up some names for your suits. You’re practically superstars now.” FINANCIAL ACTIONS +20,000 [75,000g] Elysium-Augmentation for pilots 2LT Franklin Griffiths and WO5 Colleen Hanley [52,500] Constructing 7 Civilian Industry 700 RESEARCH ACTIONS (5 NEPH, 6 TECH): [PASSIVE 1] Anti-Icarus Launchers (Due ‘46) [PASSIVE 2] ICU Drone Upgrade, Advanced Targeting Systems - An upgrade package in which the ICU drones are fitted with a suite of advanced sensory and multiple mini-cameras which allow for greater peripheral vision, depth perception, spatial awareness, and the addition of IRNV and thermal optics to expand range of operations. (Due ‘44) [NEPH PASSIVE] Carriers - Yeet (Due ‘48)
  19. Althea reads the letter that she took with her, “It’s something to do while Reza is under siege.” She sighed looking outside of a tavern she took shelter in. ” I just hope there is a town I can come back too.”
  20. "Indeed, Orenian Nationalism is what this Country needs. As Saint Peter of Kaedrin said: One God, One Law and ONE COUNTRY." Edward would nod in agreement as he read the campaign document.
  21. Name: Ulric Grimlee Race: Highlander Current place of residence: Morsgrad Are you a citizen of the Highland Realm: Yes
  22. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  23. Truthfully it’s a bit silly to think that the reason idea after idea is shot down is because they’re all inherently bad ideas. When I first started the project I made a Your View to get the communities feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Some of our attempts have been based off of the prior rules that were in place that many are calling to be brought back t, just tidied up and expanded upon in a few places to fix loopholes that were previously abused. We’re not so naive as to think that what has been proposed has been 100% perfect, but surely better than what we have now and seemingly what the community has advised that they want. I can shoulder a bit of that blame to be honest. The reason I wasn’t initially vocal about the status of the project was because some part of me didn’t expect so much push-back, despite almost the exact same happening the first time when Kaelan and I attempted to rework Joels War rules. We had gone through everything, rewriting and revising as needed, brought it to the team at the time and let them pick it apart and fix it up and what not, and then Telanir tossed it aside and gave us what we currently have. So I don’t know what I was thinking expecting much different results. Definition of insanity I suppose. With the War Patch to fix up some aspects of Telanirs rules hopefully being pushed through now Braxis has been working diligently on taking the ‘best’ parts of many different systems and make something that will actually function for 8.0. Right now the team has not done a whole lot given how the War Patch was a bigger issue, but with an end in sight real work can now begin on an 8.0 system. Whether it is more consistent monthly updates, independent war-related updates or more Your Views, the team and I will be doing what we can to keep people in the loop this time around, especially if things spiral out yet again and the rug is pulled from underneath us.
  24. Hey yall this will be pushed back to next weekend due to the clash event going on within league this current weekend and also hoping for some more teams to join!
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