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  2. A herald of Sin continues to creep through the overgrowth of the cursed forest. Shovel in hand, watching the leagues of ghouls begin their own march. Its gaze settled out towards the land of Cherry blossom and mushroom.
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  4. Guardians of Yemekar's Balance: Understanding the Domains of the Brathmordakin and the duty of dwed within them. By Khazaefron, Seer of Hefrumm This is a public work on the domains of the Brathmordakin, their associated magics and beings, and what the role of the dwed is among them. This is a matter that has been shown to be little understood by some individuals in our larger dwedmar communities and must be addressed with urgency, as it is core to our duties to the Brathmordakin. This text is written from the paradigm of the Seers of Hefrumm and our understanding of the faith through generations of lived forest dwed experience and knowledge of the Brathmordakin. As members of the community of the forest dwed we welcome differences in viewpoints as this enables those that seek deeper knowledge to find it and develop it. THIS SAID, if you are not a forest dwed and these writings speak to you, welcome. Ongrahad smiles upon you. Synopsis/Introduction In our understanding of the faith relating to Yemekar's forge and the Brathmordakin, the cosmos finds its genesis, where primordial chaos (Olkodran) yields to divine creation (Yemekar). From the taming of Olkodran emerges Yemekar's forge, infusing the realms created through this forge with magic and diverse entities. The Brathmordakin, arbiters of balance, assert dominion over these energies, confronting malevolent forces like Khorvad, whose corruption breeds dark magics and a form of corruptive chaos that are antithetical to creation. As stewards of Yemekar's Balance, dwedmar bear the duty of upholding creation and the Brathmordakin's domains, framing engagements within their divine context to resist corruption and preserve cosmic harmony. Olkodran and Vuur'Dor “When being had not yet become and the only existence was Vuur’dor and the primordial forces within it, there was no purpose, there was no design. There was only chaos.” These are the words on the smithing of creation by Yemekar written and then rewritten by the likes of Norli Starbreaker. Reading this one can misread and believe that where voidal magic comes from is Vuur’Dor. But that is not correct, Vuur’Dor is the void in the sense of the emptiness, all things that are not the primordial forces. Olkodran is the voidal chaos, the primordial chaos that Yemekar had to tame to make his forge, and where all magic comes from. It is because of this that magic is linked to all aspects of creation. It is said in the same texts that souls that are not bided upon are tossed into Vuur’Dor, back into the emptiness. It is then that Yemekar reclaims the soul and returns it into his forge [the reformed Olkodran] to recycle it into a new being. This is the only logical thing to do, Yemekar is the perfect smith, no smith would waste material when it can be reused. It is also possible that in the time that it takes for Yemekar to take the soul to be recycled into the forge that entities like Khorvad could claim them in the Vuur’Dor explaining the existence of demonic creatures, beings that are not undead, but instead seem to have been reforged beings that have been turned into a mockery of Yemekar’s creation. The Brathmordakin and the Transpiration of Yemekar’s Forge After the creation of the great forge of Yemekar out of the primordial chaos of Olkodran enabling balance in the cosmos Yemekar set forth to the creation of the realms. When the world was first forged out of the great forge, the energies of the Olkodran transpired through creation ,this is what led to the appearance of some specific types of magic and entities like the aengul, daenmons, spirits, and many more, they are manifestations of the Olkodran that have passed through the forge changed in essence. They are like the water within a ceramic base that transpires the same water outside of it. This water is purer than what it was before but it must not be taken for granted that it is clean. This event of transpiration in creation is what led to the necessity for the creation of the Brathmordakin. With the creation of the Brathmordakin, all the beings and magics that transpired into Yemekar’s creation became part of a dominion which could be placed under the influence of said Brathmordakin, or confronted if the entity that transpired through creation became malevolent towards Yemekar’s creation itself, as was the case with Iblees[who was corrupted first Ibliss or Khorvad, that is something that won't be discussed here. The corruption of one of the Brathmordakin in the form of Khorvad explains the existence of dark magics and why they are so corrosive to creation itself. While voidal magic affects negatively parts of Yemekar’s creation like natural energies like fae magic, dark magic has a destructive effect on all things that touch it and leaves a scar on creation itself. In essence, while voidal magic is chaotic energy from the Olkodran that has transpired from the forge (the most unchanged of magics) and is able to be used by those that can use it responsibly, dark magic is chaotic magic that has transpired from the forge as well but has also been filtered through the Khorvad making it essentially toxic to creation. It is possible that before Khorvad was corrupted by his own ambition that the dark magics we know today were in turn not corrupted. Khorvad’s corruption of the realms also seems to be linked to the corruption of magics, with new dark magics appearing in the realms and new corrupted creatures appearing in the lands that we settle. The Brathmordakin and the contestation of their domains by Khorvad When it comes to other Brathmordakin we see their domains and oversight more clearly with the Anbella, Belka, and Ongrahad. With Anbella we see that she has control and dominion over the beings of nature and the magics related to it. We see that the aspects and fae magic fall in line with the morality of Anbella and ensures that the non-dwed of Yemekar’s creation fall in line of Yemekar’s balance, ensuring they do not fall to corruption. With Belka we see the same thing with beings like Wyrvun that fall under her domain, here too Wyrvun is used as a being that exists that non-dwed like the snow elves look at for guidance and keeps them within the broad lines of Yemekar’s creation. With Ongrahad we see that he oversees the tradition of mages ensuring that they do not use the chaotic void to disrupt the balance. These three cases serve as examples but many more can be found. With these three cases we can also find what happens when Khorvad is able to contest the dominion of the Brathmordakin and the impact that has on the magics and on the material creation of Yemekar. These three cases have also been under different levels of contestation: With Anbella we have experienced the September Prince, a corruption of Anbella’s domain through Khorvad’s attempt at claiming it. We saw then that the powers of nature were at war with each other between the good nature overseen by Anbella, and the evil nature overseen by Khorvad. These manifested themselves in the physical world with the druids and uncorrupted fae beings that did not side with the september prince knowingly or not remaining in Anbella’s embrace and by proxy Yemekar’s plan, and those that became corrupted and sided with the September Prince a physical representation of Khorvad’s attempt to gain dominion over Anbella’s domain. With Belka we have the ancient example of the corruption of Wyrvun. Wyrwun was a being venerated by many mountain dwellers and worshiped by some like the Frostbeards and the snow elves. His corruption was also an example of Khorvad encroaching into the dominion of Belka and very nearly succeeding. If it were not for the purification of Wyrvun by the hands of Paragon Igor Ireheart it is possible that Belka would have lost part of her realm. This is a pivotal point that shows the dwed purpose and what keeping the balance means. We as dwed have the power to bring back the balance lost, and to keep the realms in line with the BRathmordakin. Having other beings worship the Brathmordakin is irrelevant as their role is to be in balance with them. It is we the dwed that must know how to worship, as it is our purpose to keep these realms in balance with Yemekar. Failure to do so will bring the doom of creation, not just chaos as it was in the primordial times, but an antithesis to Yemekar’s work, Khorvadic destruction. With Ongrahad we have seen the contestation to his domain through the blood runes and the corruption of the traditional dwed arts. These were exemplified during the reign of the Ironborn. The corruption of a part of the dwed population allowed for the arts of the dwed to be turned to be used by Khorvad. This contestation is ancient and needs to be tackled as there is things that have been normalized in the past that are clear corruptions of Khorvad that have been passed through the generations as normal. This is the case with the binding of souls into golems against their will. Enslavement is against the dwed ethos, something we have been against from the beginning of time, and something that the Ironborn practiced due to their links to Khorvad. The forceful placement of a soul into a golem is akin to the enslavement of an individual and is very likely something that has been passed from the time of the Ironborn without society noticing it due to the lack of transparency for most of our history when it came to this magic. We as the dwed have passed laws that made this practice illegal and this is also a way we keep Yemekar’s Balance and ensure Khorvad does not corrupt the domain of Ongrahad. What this means for the dwed and the beings we protect when it comes to our stance on magic We the dwed are the protectors of Yemekar’s Balance, it matters not our clan, or our subrace, we are all charged with the protection of this balance. This is a fact that we have known since Urguan walked the earth. We also know that all dwed are not made the same, clan and subracial differences exist in the physician and cultural level, this must not be a coincidence and must be part of Yemekar’s design for the dwed. We are at the end of the day the wardens of Yemekar’s creation and of the domains of the Brathmordakin that keep balance in said creation. This means that the use of the magics and connections to the beings of these realms and understanding of them is not just moral but also a duty of the dwed. WE MUST participate in these, BUT we must always do so in the framing of the Brathmordakin not like the other descendants. Failing to frame our works in these realms and with these beings through the Brathmordakin can lead those that are walking these paths to be susceptible to the corruptive powers of Khorvad. We however must not fear Khorvad, as we are the ones that were created to combat threats such as him, we cannot let the beings in these domains exist without the dwed as they do not understand Yemekar and the Brathmordakin and without us they will be blind. Concluding remarks As Seers we are the torch of knowledge and spirituality for our people. We can show them paths to take but at the end of the day it is their choice the path that they take, Belka’s roads are not the same for all. We accept that. We also welcome criticism, building on, and contestation of our work, theories, analysis, and observations among our fellow members as that is what makes the Seers what we are. Additional Sources of information [OOC: SOME OF THESE SOURCES CANNOT BE ACCESSED BY NON-SEERS]: The 'Birth' of Yemekar and the creation of The Forge: According to the Dverga eron da Kirkja Rhun The Essence Trinity Thryhaefron; The Silver Tree and dwed Cosmology [III] : Planes of Khorvad Thryhaefron; The Silver Tree and dwed Cosmology [II] : Planes of Civilization Thryhaefron; The Silver Tree and dwed Cosmology : Tribunal Planes Proverb of the Soul
  5. OOC: Who the **** are you and why is my name here? lmao
  6. oh i know i was being facetious. i dont think musins should be a CA and all the arguments for them being one seem to be to 'uphold the standard of rp' like that isnt already a rule for everyone on the server regardless of what race they play
  7. A little girl waited at home huddled between two brothers, staring longingly out the window as she wondered where her papá had gone…
  8. Thank you for your Map Art submission, a Community Team member will contact you via Discord when it is ready or with any issues. I am a bot, contact a staff member if you require assistance.
  9. An elfess with peculiar eyes would sigh at the missive, still struggling to locate the aforementioned city.
  10. An aged Paladin would hear of the news, and pray that the next Pontiff permits her a license to heal in Aaun.
  11. Monk Matsuda Sakuraba was disturbed by the tower, bearing both aurum dust and salt as they scoured it. Bodies in vats and all sorts of horrors were found, before the knights saw to burning it all down. He and the Julians in attendance, all in their habits, returned to the Monastery. The fires glowed deep into the night, visible to the monks, priests and pilgrims. These monsters hid right underneath their noses... He prayed that his order would be allowed to oversee who became their new neighbours, growing ever more suspicious of the many wanderers that passed through. To the Cardinal Rhosyn, he would write a missive detailing the events...
  12. Grothzark'Dom begins training for his undercard bout by driving fist, shin, and shoulder into the spines of cacti.
  13. Adelina van Leuven would hold the invitation up towards her mother's face, "MAMAJ LOOK! Es mea first invitation to something! Ea bet all mea friends will be there!" Quickly, her response was penned and sent.
  14. I make people do this in crp, and i have everyone roll initiative if they are joining in XD
  15. Name: Alityr Heskynne Race: Highlander / Farfolk mixType(s) of Shaman: Farseer Teacher(s): Ember Mah'nel.
  16. "I'm beginning to think I should become a nomad again and live with the ferrets.." A very exausted Moth grumbled, rubbing their eyes. "I swear, they waited until I was back to beat eachother bloody... And I thought halflings were the peaceful ones." Moth let out a sigh, going to shred up the paper for use in their ferret enclosure.
  17. we hated those when we had them, not very fruitful for genuine, for-fun rp imo
  18. A letter would find itself into the hands of one Eistalyn Othelu’maehr, stamped with an uncommon seal..- The waxen crest of the Talonnii known as 'Brodielonde', gilded into admiral-blue beeswax. The letter was seemingly scented with something reminiscent of sea-salt and brine; the paper itself woven from coarse fibre that resulted in the penmanship being hardy; sternly simple, with an austere elegance. "Esteemed Eistalyn Othelu’maehr, I understand that you have, once more, been placed upon the path of Tilruir'mali. Such a.. feat must be congratulated and, in such spirit, I invite you to take tea at our mannerly estate-- at your earliest convenience, of course. I look forwards to speaking to you directly and in kind. With Regards, Feyre Myrian Brodielonde." @CyyanTea
  19. Handling Inventory Recovery Requests Hello from the Triage Team! We’re the small team handling bug reports, and, topically, inventory recoveries. The purpose of this post is to streamline the process of these requests, due to the large number we’ve been getting, due to a few different ways your inventory can be duplicated or bugged in some way. To make these requests go smoother, and to get the items you’re missing back quicker, we’re implementing a preferred format to the treqs you’ll make. The format is as follows: Name of the persona affected (If the inventory of another persona was duplicated, please indicate which persona lost their inventory, and which persona had their inventory duplicated), approximate time the issue happened, and any identifiable items in your inventory that we can use to find the right snapshot. /treq Hi there my inventory was lost. persona: [Persona name] time frame: [date/time pm/am EST] Notable item(s): [ST signed, physical items name of item etc] Here’s an example: Also, a frequent issue our team is running into is time zone differences, which cause us to be unable to ask questions about the things you’ve lost, or even give you back your items. If you’re not sure you’ll be online at the same time as our triage members, you can put a chest down at the location of the ticket (the place where you run the command) with a password lock, and put the password to the chest in the ticket. This way, we can try and get to people who play at different time zones than us. Last thing to go over, the spoiler below will contain a non-exhaustive list of known things that can cause your inventory to bug out. While our techs work on fixing these issues, it’s best to try and circumvent these problems to make things easier on us and you.
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  21. Gracious days upon ye All Faithful Followers of the Canonist Faith, With humble hearts and a profound sense of duty to the Mother Church, I, Grandmaster Halston Veyont, write to you today to announce my retirement from the esteemed position of Grandmaster of the Holy Order of Saint Jude. It has been my esteemed personal honor and privilege to serve alongside each and every one of you in our sacred mission to spread, maintain, and defend the Word of GOD throughout the realms. As the founding Grandmaster of what i've come to cherish as a beloved Order, I have witnessed firsthand the unwavering commitment and fervent devotion of our valiant knights and dedicated clergy. Together, we have faced countless trials and tribulations, standing as beacons of hope and strength in the face of adversity. Over the years I have seen GODs work done through our actions, we have upheld the principles of faith, honor, and righteousness, ever striving to fulfill our divine mandate. However, as the sands of time continue to shift and the winds of change blow ever stronger, I have come to the singular realization that it is time for a new leader to unfold within the annals of our Order's history. Therefore, with full confidence in the capabilities and virtues of my esteemed second in command, Holy Ser Gerard, I hereby pass the mantle of Grandmaster into his capable hands. Holy Ser Gerard has proven himself time and again as a stalwart defender of the faith, a beacon of light amidst the darkness, and a paragon of virtue for all to emulate. Under his guidance and leadership, I am certain that the Holy Order of Saint Jude will continue to flourish and thrive, standing as a bastion of strength and righteousness in these uncertain times. Diligence has been my favorite word, and to my fellow brothers and sisters-in-arms, I extend my deepest gratitude for your unwavering loyalty, steadfast courage, and unwavering dedication to our cause. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve alongside each and every one of you, and I have full faith that you will continue to uphold the sacred tenets of our Order with the same fervor and zeal that has defined us thus far. In closing, let us remember that our mission is far from over. Though my time as Grandmaster may come to an end, the legacy of the Holy Order of Saint Jude will endure for generations to come. Let us march forward with unwavering resolve, ever guided by the light of faith and the grace of GOD. May the blessings of the Seven Skies be upon you all. With deepest gratitude and abiding faith, Grandmaster Halston Veyont. Invitation: Celebrate Grandmaster Halston's retirement. All are cordially invited to join us at the Holy See to bid farewell to Grandmaster Halston Veyont as he steps down from his esteemed position within the Holy Order of Saint Jude. This solemn occasion will be an opportunity for us to express our gratitude for his years of service and dedication to the Canonist faith. "There will be a tournament between ordermen, there will be food, there will be alcohol, there will be gifts. See you soon" - Ser Halston. Date: Sunday, March 3, 2024 2:00 PM (US Eastern) Location: Holy see Initiation Party for Holy Ser Gerard Following the farewell ceremony for Grandmaster Halston Veyont, we invite you to join us in celebrating the initiation of Holy Ser Gerard as the new Grandmaster of the Holy Order of Saint Jude. Let us come together in joyous revelry as we welcome Holy Ser Gerard into his new role and pledge our unwavering support to him in the days to come. His elevation as Grandmaster shall take place on the same day as Halstons retirement, The Order shall not go without a Grandmaster for even a mere moment. Your presence and support are greatly appreciated as we embark on this new chapter in the history of our Order. By GOD's light I bless you.
  22. Adela Taronitissa looks at her three eldest toddlers. “You’re old enough to network.” She said, encouraging them to attend. @Dramatude @zuziee @tadabug2000
  23. Princess Rowena eagerly showed the invitation to her siblings and cousins, so excited to be invited to the party! She made sure to set aside her prettiest tiara for the occasion.
  24. Emilio the Elder shook his head at his son's foolishness, and his brutishness, "I admire your desire to make minae, mi bambino, but to cause all these troubles... Dio mi Aiuti!"
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