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  2. Dont post in black, it’s hard to read, and I also don’t like the idea. We don’t need elven races for every biome. just play high elves and have a browner skin because of the sun
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  4. Julius Salviatti nods "One of the best settlements of Arcas" he'd comment
  5. MOD POST 2 Tale of Tongues 201 Sun's Height-Evening Star World Events -The Dragonborn is seen leaving Iverstead after several weeks with the greybeards. Now rumors of Blades hiding in Skyrim begins to spread. -The Dominion starts to cleanse Valenwood of the ‘impure’ causing much unrest within the Province. -In the Dwemer ruins of Hammerfell reports of metal monsters attacking travelers who get close begins to come in, it seems the Redguards exploration has awoken these metal guardians. The Forebears- Hammerfell -Only six warships are finished by the end of 201. -Many Redguards begin to protest the war in High rock after attack by the pirates. Empire of Tamriel -With the Pale Pass and others blocked by avalanches and snow storms any supplies would need to be sailed around the whole of Tamriel. Meanwhile the Jarls donate what they can but the winter in Skyrim means they can offer little help without risking their own people. -After Titus Mede II speech many of the reformists use this support to push through the reforms. While many officers still speak openly against it they are carried through. However, reorganizing the frontier and an army the size of the Legion could take months or years. - The Thalmor diplomats warn the Emperor that these open acts of preparations for war and ignoring the treaty that ended the Great War will not be tolerated. Thalmor agents begin to crack down on Talos worship even harder in the Empire, causing unrest among the population especially those Nords who support the Empire in Skyrim. Orsinium -Many strongholds in Skyrim ignore the war in High Rock and see no reason to support anyone. -The tariff does bring income into the Kingdom but leads to high prices for the grain. -Some orcs begin to talk about a Challenger who will try to duel Atuba Gro-Duron for the title of King of Orsinium. Wayrest -After the defeat at the hands of Eric Cumberland, Moorfords army is scattered and routed. He and his knights managed to escape and plan to lay low. -The Pretender from Northpoint begins the march south to join the fight. -Many locals in southern Wayrest begin to join Erics side after his victory. Stormcloaks -Another two thousand nords join the Stormcloak ranks, all of them young nords with little experience. -Dawnstar sends messages requesting aid from Ulfric after the Imperials take Fort Dunstad. Daggerfall -The crack down on the slums cause much of the poor to see it as an attack on them. Soon riots begin to break out causing many of the patrols to withdraw. -Three more warships are completed, however a break in at the docks by a Schooma gang causes a fire that burns down one of the ships. The Crowns- Hammerfell -The plans for new defenses are expected to be finished by next year. -The Patrols on the border lead to an incidents, a Redguard patrol gets into a skirmish with several Orcs leading to one on both sides killed. The hatred between the Redguards and Orcs seems to be reamerging. Tribes of Blackmarsh -The army of Blackmarsh is on the move, the recent actions in Morrowind cause many Dunmer to now openly call for war once more. Thousands are either forced to flee or are killed. The Great Houses of Morrowind can’t ignore a genocide of their own people. House Redoran and Dres both begin to rally their armies for another war. Whiterun -The lack of grain begins to take a toll on the Hold, many begins to starve only surviving off of rations given by other Jarls. But it seems the nine smile on Whiterun has Rorikstead begins to send much of its surplus of crops to feed the people.
  6. “Come come they’re all welcome.”
  7. Micah O’Connell spares a thought for the odd human he showed to Helena that one time.
  8. u need to lighten up .. its really damaging ur rep/post ratio and ur epic gamer spirit...
  9. i lost all respect for you when you plagiarized urara’s work
  10. I never knew he died, noooo
  11. Shreck’Lak comments: “Hozh skah.”
  12. Accepted. Come find myself or a Medirir for your uniform.
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  14. *** A young girl can be seen running in the distance, her long, wavy auburn hair batting in the wind, laughter echoing through the valley. Close up, one would see a woven basket topped with herbs and berries in her left hand, fresh from picking. Her right hand was surrounded by her father’s, one of the most important and influential figures in her life. *** It was evident that Althea had a passion for medicine from a young age. In her late teenage years, she spent the majority of her time traveling across Arcas, visiting villages in need of medical assistance, and those villages pack-full of medical knowledge. During her time traveling, she not only learned and gained that knowledge, but she also experienced events that would later escalate and become detrimental to her mental health. Althea stumbled upon The Duchy of Westmarch, where she met and became friends with the small community that resided in the wooded landscape. His and Her Grace, Lugh, Niffle, Pepper, Victoria, and Reynault, becoming of her closest friends, is what led her to stay in Westmarch and halt her travels. Later in her time at Westmarch, Althea would be appointed to Court Physician for the Ducal family, this being one of the most pivotal and proudest moments of her life. She then not only settled in Westmarch with her small family but also created a medical guild in hopes to spread knowledge of medicine with fellow practitioners and apprentices in Arcas. *** It was a quieter day in the clinic of Westmarch. Althea was tending to a patient with a slight gash upon their hand when three men barge through the white curtains that hung from above. “Al! Althea! He’s been attacked!” one man would muster up and say hastily. She would jump up from the practiced bandaging, her head swiveling to a sight she will never forget. A ravished man. Torn. Untreatable. That night, Althea had experienced the first of many nights where her mental health began to deteriorate. There were vivid images of the man, begging for help, pulling at her feet as if he were actually standing at the end of her bed. She froze, shaken up by the events unfolding. *** Althea hid this side of her. She did not want it to ruin her reputation as a physician, especially being the Court Physician. She feared for her relationships and did not want to become a burden. However, little did she know, this is what would lead to her inevitable death. A physician— killing herself slowly — subconsciously. The following day, she opened up to her husband. It terrified her, but she went on about her day. It wasn’t till the last few years of her life, where her husband was off working on restructuring his military and their manor remained vacant, that she began to hallucinate. She’d have more vivid dreams of these awful war-torn, traumatic medical cases. Althea stood, her weakened, shaking legs dragged her body over to the table that sat in the corner of the bedroom. Her hand reached for the drawer, pulling out a few items. My dearest, and new friends, my husband, my children, I do not wish this disease that occupies my being, on anyone. But I also cannot go another waking day living in this body, and this mind that haunts me day in and day out. The sweetest moments I will forever cherish in my afterlife, and I hope to meet you all again, someday. With love, Althea Fournier The note would be left upon the table, a crippled and wilted magenta lilac corsage beside it and an empty glass that once contained a liquid. She laid her slow, weak body on the bed, her eyes fluttering until she saw her last glimpse of light. ——————————————————— [[ OOC: I felt as though it was time to switch it up, and start with a clean slate. This is by far the most fun I have had on LotC. I made so many amazing friends in character, and out of character through Althea. She’s by far my favorite character I have ever had, and it does hurt killing her off. I hope to create and come up with a new story that is just as impactful! **I decided to wrap up Althea’s story by starting with one of her fondest memories** ]]
  15. Brotherhood of Steel Expedition Current Residing leader: Senior Paladin Blackburn. Nothing of note happens this year. More materials must be gathered, and more work must be done. Senior scribe Hayes has looked over the assignment I’ve given him and he seems pleased. The man is smarter than anyone can imagine, quite honestly it’s terrifying. Meanwhile the new initiates appear to have promising futures. Most are young and full of vigor. The rest of the rabble were wasters and outcasts, no good to us by any means. The best they can hope for in the harsh wastes is a quick death. -Senior Paladin Blackburn personal terminal log 4. ================================================================== Population: 112 Resources: Caps Produced: 11,000 Stored: 6,000 Upkeep: 3500 Produced after upkeep: 7,500 Labour Available: 3 Used: 2 Metal Produced: 2 Stored: 0 Fuel Produced: 4 Upkeep: 2 Stored: 12 Supplies Produced: 4 Upkeep: 1 Stored: 12 Electronics Produced: 1 Stored: 0 Adv. Electronics Produced: 2 Stored: 6 Research Produced: 5 ================================================================== Actions The scribes are assigned a mighty task, the creation of Combat armor. Power armor is a luxury only the Paladins are provided. The Knights will need something more than fatigues if they wish to take a more active role in supporting operations. Senior Scribe Hayes will be in charge of the project but he will be assisted by Journeyman scribe Chase. (6 R, 11 intelligence and 11 intelligence.) A salvage yard is built to the north. (-10,000 Caps.)
  16. "Rest in peace, toe-sucker." Florence muttered quietly, as she lit a candle to honor him and the other fallen people, that fought for Arcas.
  17. Sulraell chants ”War...War...War...”
  18. (( Wow this invitation is really well made! ))
  19. The Northern Ferry and Canal Agreement Negotiated by the Lord Palatine and the Archchancellor of Oren In the City of Reza, 13th of Harren’s Folly, 1732 Va Birodeo Herzenav e Edlervik, The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and the Holy Orenian Empire shall allot each a sum of five hundred and one thousand mina to initially fund the construction of a ferry system from the capital city of Reza toward Helena via the Lake of Helena. It shall connect the ferry system from Lake Milena to Lake Helena. The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska shall contract a team of laborers to dig out the canal system. The Imperial government shall send laborers to aid in a joint labor commission. The maintenance of ports and ferries shall be established by a joint Imperial-Haeseni commission to administer the fares and fees, the supply of able ships, and to maintain the ports and maritime ways between the capital city of Reza and the destination in the Lake Helena. Inspections of the ferry system shall be conducted every two years by the Imperial-Haeseni commission for the continued maintenance and improvement of the system. A ferry station shall be built by the Imperial Government. The movement of commodities shall not be taxed and the imposition of tariffs shall not be imposed between the area, unless ferries are contracted and used by vessels and merchants not within the Holy Orenian Empire. Signed, His Eminence, Cardinal Peter of Helena, Archchancellor of the Holy Orenian Empire His Excellency, Terrence May, Lord Palatine of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, Duma Representative for the County of Ayr
  20. THE LANCASTER DISENFRANCHISEMENT ACT Issued and Confirmed by His Grace, the Duke of Vintas, 8th of Owyn’s Flame, 1733 The House of Lancaster has for many years served the Duchy of Vintas and shall be honored for those days that their servitude was aligned with diligence. However in recent years their lack of presence in the state, their severe neglect of their duties and their failure to appear in the Ducal Court to swear fealty to the Duke have motivated the adoption of the following decision: The Duchy of Vintas hereby sees fit to strip House Lancaster of all titles, holdings and any place within the Vintasian peerage and it shall be reverted back to the Ducal Seat. The House of Lancaster shall no longer be considered that of Noble status and anyone who dares to use its surname shall no longer be considered a vintasian citizen. HEAR ME HOWL HIS GRACE, Tobias I of the House of Merentel, Duke of Vintas, Count of Alannor and Baron of Hallowfell
  21. Sarandiel fills out the form in rich text and turns it in.
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  23. Ser Konrad Stafyr eagerly awaits His Majesty’s invitation to visit the Prikaz so that he might form a stronger, more stable Government on his behalf! But, at the same time, he privately concedes that he will miss his good friend Terrence May. He hopes that he shall see the honorable member for Ayr on the feudalist backbenches during his premiership...
  24. Accepted, please report to the barracks. Accepted, please report to the barracks.
  25. The Pontifical Office: Terce. FOR USE IN SEMINARIES, MONASTERIES, CHURCHES AND HOMES. Translated, Written and Collected by Father Humbert, O.S.J. Published Posthumously by Philip Pius Coppinger. Terce is prayed nine hours after midnight. It contains two short Psalms, including ‘Hosanna Filio Horeni’, and a reading from the Proverbs of Godfrey. `It was very frustrating to me that no permanent prayer rule had survived in order that we Judites might pray the Liturgy of the Hours.Therefore, the task has fallen on me, God’s unworthy Slave, to do something. This was written for the Judites, but can also be used by nuns, priests and laymen. The Hours should especially be prayed in seminaries. It can be prayed alone or together, or sung in Chant. I have left my settings of the Chants so that people may use them. Thy humble Slave in God, -Father Humbert, O.S.J. C = Main Celebrant. R=Response. Antiphon = part repeated by all at the beginning and end of the Psalm. C (All crossing themselves): Adjutorium nostrum in nomine Domini. [Our help is in the name of the Lord.] R : Qui fecit caelum et terram. [Who made heaven and earth.] C : Gloria Patri, et Horeno, et Omnibus Sanctis! [Glory be to the Father, and to Horen, and to all the Saints!] R : Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Amen. [As it was in the begining, is now, and ever shall be. World without end. Amen.] Psalm VI: HOSANNA FILIO HORENI (St. Kristoff.) Antiphon: Et sacerdos sanctus dixit, in oculo Domini, publicanus factavit maiorem gloriam ad Deo. Alleluia! [And the holy priest did say that, in the eyes of the Lord, the publican did a great glory to God. Alleluia!] C : Hosanna filio Horeni: benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini! [Hosanna to the son of Horen: blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!] R : Rex Oreniae: Hosanna in excelsis! [The King of Oren: Hosanna in the highest!] C : Gloria Patri, et Horeni, et Omnibus Sanctis! [Glory be to the Father, and to Horen, and to all the Saints!] R : Sicut erat in principio, et nunc et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Amen! [As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be. World without end. Amen!] Proverbs Reading C : Parabolae Godridi… [The Parables of Godfrey] R : Gloria tibi, Domine! [Glory to Thee, Lord!] C : Narro hic parabolam vobis. Olim eques certus oravit et ieiunavit, dabat eleemosynam, et dicit: ‘Domine, Tu munera me, quod facatvi bonum in oculo Tuo!’ Interim, publicanus et nefarius ecclesiam introivit et dicit cum corde contrito et honesto: ‘Miserere mei, Deus, quod peccavi in oculo Tuo!’ Et sacerdos sanctus dixit, in oculo Domini, publicanus factavit maiorem gloriam ad Deo. Ergo, sine humilitas, omnis opera bonus dedit nihil, et cum id, perficimus Sanctitas. [I tell unto you this parable. There was a certain knight who prayed and fasted daily, giving alms, and saying: ‘Lord, thou shouldst reward me, for I hath done good in Thy sight!’ At the same time came into the church a publican and gangster, saying with a contrite and sincere heart ‘Have mercy on me, O God, for I hath sinned in Thy sight!’ And the holy priest did say that, in the eyes of the Lord, the publican did a greater glory to God. Therefore, without humility, all good works avail us nothing, and with it, we achieve Sainthood.] R : Deo gratias! [Thanks be to God!] Psalm VII: DOMINE, QUID MULTIPLICATI. Antiphon: Quod timor Domini est principium Sapientiae, et dignum et iustum est ut gratias damus. [For the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and it is right and just that we give him thanks.] C : Domine, quid multiplicati sunt qui tribulant me? Multi insurgunt adversum me; [Why, O Lord, are they that afflicted me multiplied? Many are they who rise up against me.] R : multi dicunt animae meae : Non est salus ipsi in Deo ejus. [The many say to my soul: there is no hope for him in his God.] C : Tu autem Domine, susceptor meus es, gloria mea, et exaltans caput meum. [But thou, O Lord, art my protector, my glory, and the exalter of my head.] R : Voce mea ad Dominum clamavi; et exaudivit me de monte sancto suo. [I have cried to the Lord with my voice: and he hath heard me from his holy hill.] C : Ego dormivi, et soporatus sum; et exsurrexi, quia Dominus suscepit me. [I have slept and taken up rest: I have risen up afresh, for God hath protected me.] R : Non timebo millia populi circumdantis me. Exsurge, Domine; salvum me fac, Deus meus. [I will not fear the thousands of people surrounding me: arise, O Lord, and save me, my God.] C : Quoniam tu percussisti omnes adversantes mihi sine causa; dentes peccatorum contrivisti. [For thou has struck all them that are my adversaries without cause: thou hast broken the teeth of the iniquitous. R : Domini est salus; et super populum tuum benedictio tua. [Salvation is of the Lord: and thy blessing is upon thy people.] C : Gloria Patri… R : Sicut erat…
  26. Just as the chunks and gore of the erupted voidal monsters were splattered across Curon, so shattered were Robin’s memories of the event, and for much before that aswell. Upon his slow awakening, his mind was blissfully ignorant to the horrors that he and so many others had faced, many not so lucky as he. His countless years of struggle turned to a nonsensical blur, even his own name became lost to him as he resorted to a name few would ever recall as his own: Aren Redwood. However, each day after was a stride towards recovery. As painful and frustrating as it may be, he slowly begins to pick up the scattered pieces, enough to understand the great sacrifices that were made on that fateful day. For now, he remains cautious of his state, recalling what he can of his efforts and the efforts of his brave compatriots with pride, and muttering silent prayers for those lost and in grief.
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