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  2. Ougi

    How to make a good Antag/Villain/Killer

    im p new so take my words with a grain of salt but the worst mistake villainy rp is thinking of your character as the /antagonist/. instead, get into the mindset of justifying your actions through your characters ideals. more often than not people dont think of themselves as the villain when doing bad things. they may realize of course what they are doing is immoral but they are able to justify it somehow.
  3. Lolz123456_7

    Old World Blues RP Thread

    New California Republic Shady Sands, California President Aaron Kimball Turn 3 Actions President Aaron Kimball, shuffles through papers on his podium in front of the Congress at Shady sands. “the Raider factions north of the Desert Rangers have been defeated, additionally the Desert Rangers have announced their full assimilation into the NCR, while remaining souley as a military order.” “Seeing as the Boomers have joined the NCR, the captured Engineers have been returned safely to the Boomers, with proper consolation of a single artillery cannon from the NCR Stockpile.” “The Prisoners used as workers on the roads have escaped with the lack of guards in the prisons. As such, some revisions will need to be made to the Infrastructure act to insure this does not happen again. I suggest we take the plan a step further and add rail systems alongside the roads, as well as taking steps to repair the power lines, and having proper road patrols set up once the troops become available. this time, using proper workers and not convicted criminals. Which is what we should have done originally.” The California Infrastructure Act of 2277: Phase 1: Vegas to Shady Sands 6 months max - 3 months if nothing goes wrong Phase 2: Shady sands to Vault City 1 year - 6 months if nothing goes wrong Phase 3: Connecting the rest of the nation (Junktown, Hub, Necropolis, Arroyo) 1.5 years - 9 months if nothing goes wrong UPDATE: Road teams will now build railroads and power lines. (not using prisoners) Power to the Republic Vault City Scientists still hard at work at the Plant. Industry of the Republic: Industrial Facilities are being repaired around the republic The Ranger war: Both raider groups have been defeated, and the Desert Rangers have assimilated into the NCR as a military order in previous Desert Ranger land. Sharpening the claws: Training of new troops continues Misunderstandings: In a quick reflex move, the NCR killed many Legion troops in lake mead, not knowing there were boomer engineers amongst them. As compensation for the Boomer’s losses, the NCR has delivered a single Artillery cannon, and has returned the captured boomers in NCR captivity. Additionally the agreed upon Fighter planes are being flown to Nellis Airfield.
  4. Bluee

    Mehkolo [Creature]

    I would like to see this in LOTC +1
  5. Ixli

    Rate the above User's Profile Picture

    7/10 reminds me of being on acid
  6. Dizzy771

    A Tournament for the Ages!

    All applications expect Aemich's are accepted! Good luck to the fighters!
  7. Pond

    Is this a roleplay server?

    lol war rules r just utter ****, i couldnt warclaim the orcs that left the main orc nation just to form their own group even tho they are officially whitewash war rules are garbo
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  9. Sky

    The Womping Wizard's Forum Moderator Application

    The best Forum Moderator I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
  10. Enlightenment

    Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    Already have.
  11. Kaputski


  12. Lighterstriker

    The Ivae'fenn

    [Ooc] Username: Stargazerology Activity Rating (1-10):11 Skype:none Discord: you have it Do you have teamspeak? This is a necessity:i can get it [RP] Name: Varkaris Gender:20- Place of residence:fenn Race/Sub-race/Culture:snelf Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?:no{yes}
  13. BritBritt

    BDanecker's Application Team Application

    Hi friend. Just chiming in. Duties of an AT member include but are not limited to: -Reviewing Applications -Assisting new players outside of applications -Assisting new players within applications -being an active team member with one another -being active member in the new player discord -communicating with other members of staff if a new player has a question involving their duties -There are many more but this is a small highlight point just to help you out
  14. Dreek

    Wood Block (bark on 6 sides)

    This players questions have been answered and the situation resolved. Should you wish to have this reopened, please PM me your reasons why it should be so.
  15. Unwillingly

    The Cerulean Watch is Recruiting!

  16. PosidonX7

    LotC Patch 6.2a: SkeletonKey

    Haense just had to deal with that issue today. A group of players went through Haense breaking into every house they could. Another thing that I believe should be added is the ability for players that dont own the lock, yet are added to them, being able to reset the door if they find it ajar. @Llir
  17. SkullMasterRO

    Skull Pirate Crew

    Fleets. In the city's of Marna, Santegia and Sutica are other forms too, these are for a fleet sailing under the Skull Pirates flag. The same rules apply. This paper reads: Expert Captains needed too there are 5 captain roles available, fill in the form and send them as told. Form if you want to captain: Name: Name for your fleet: Skull Pirates (something creative, of, from, de la, location pointing) (made up name or location) Discord: Form if you want to join an existing fleet: Name Fleet: Name: Race: Age: Gender: Position: Reasoning: Personal Quest: Discord:
  18. NotEvilAtAll

    Imperial Proclamation

    "Oh no" says Bom Tombadil as he prepares to swear fealty to this new empire.
  19. Licorish

    [Submission] The Origins of Shamanism

    Very nice Smawton, +1!
  20. AgentChaseMcCain

    I've been around for a year apparently

    Naesiree. I happen to be a dark elf, or in other words, a wood elf sellout
  21. Yesterday
  22. MC Username: Torkoal_Tom What you would be interested in? (Select one option): Profile picture! Favoured Contact Method: Discord, preferably. Contact Username: Torky#3015 Number of Personas to be Requested: One ~ Race of Character(s): Wood Elf / Druid. Background Preferences (Select one option): Red pallet, foliage perhaps. Your Donation (Optional): Can be discussed ~
  23. Blood Stained Snow The last two fighters stood strong, Moveway and Ali, the two last fighters secured the victory by slaying the final Hansetic bullies and laying their red liquor to stain upon the cobbles. It was at that moment Moveway edged towards the ramparts and gazed out across the bloodied field and decided the Camel Bandits would march further south to take the lands of Haense. The defenders achieved a hard fought victory, paying the price in blood. They stood amidst the corpses of Haensemen and their own alike. A pyrrhic victory. However, they resolved to continue the fight that Haense had initiated upon the Countess of the the Sleetfalls. Countess Georgiana was emboldened by the unforeseen victory. Fortunately, her brimming coffers were enough to afford the services of the Camel Bandit mercenaries, and numerous other sellswords up to the task. Now, a horde was at her disposal, and the forces of Sleetsfalls would march out, taking the battle to the tundras of Haense.
  24. Ragnio

    The Atlasian Naval Guild

    An owl would land on the shoulders of the figure, holding a small letter: " Thank you for applying to our small Guild! We will welcome you with open arms as one of our new sailors!"
  25. The_Broken_God

    Prospering Silver

    Really gets the cashews churning.
  26. NunuTheGreat

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    The Union of Kvatch-Anvil “Death before dishonor” -Marcus Marius Orientius Being called to the Imperial city, Marcus takes his elite guard and heads out. He has made it very clear to all of his vassals and lesser lords that Anvil will remain in the union and the relationship Kvatch and Anvil has will continue to grow and prosper. In light of the previous war Marcus wants a family weapon to be made, a two handed warhammer. The Wood elves need to learn metallurgy. A couple blacksmiths are sent down to Falinesti to help them grasp the basics, resources would be too costly to send at a time like this. Speaking of Titus, he is to being sent off to the Imperial city to learn about martial and diplomacy, hopefully turning into one of the greatest statesmen to ever live if he kept working hard enough. One day he would lead Anvil and Kvatch to greatness and to get there proper education would be needed. As far as economies, Kvatch wasn’t as great as Anvil but it was still strong. A investment into the small businesses would do a lot of good in Kvatch and bring more life to the city. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =========================================================== ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Military People allowed in service: 52,045 People in service: 26,510 Siege Equipment Ladders: 40 Battering Ram: 1 Trebuchets: 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =========================================================== ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Economy AP this turn: 25 Where’s my AP coming from?: 6 Base, 3 From trade, 1 from trade bonus,. 5 from unification with Anvil. 1 from Province bonus. 1 from southern trade accord. 8 from Dunmer treasury. Trade Partners: The Rift, Bruma, and The Kraviran tribes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =========================================================== ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dynasty Nobility Marcus Marius Orientius (30) Lady Vona Scinonicus (26) (Wife) Caesia Scinonicus Orientius (8) (Daughter) Lyloe Scinonicus Orientius (7) (Daughter) Titus Gavius Scinonicus Orientius (6) (Son) Commanders Titanus Anzidius (31) (Legatus) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =========================================================== ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Technology No technologies are being researched at this time. New technologies acquired None. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =========================================================== ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actions Marcus and Vona leave for the Imperial city to have a meeting. ((Mod)) A two handed warhammer is ordered to be produced by the best blacksmith in Kvatch and enchanted by the court wizard. (-10 AP) A couple blacksmiths are sent to Falinesti to teach the basics of metallurgy and 100 men from the garrison to guard them on their way. Marcus spends time learning how to master his warhammer and control it. (-5 AP) Titus is sent to the Imperial city to learn, primarily focusing on martial and diplomacy. Coming home every so often to get a closer relationship between his father and him and learn how to use a warhammer. The economy is expanded, small businesses are hopefully going to prosper. (-10 AP)
  27. Legoboy7984

    The Siege of Blackreach

    Add Legoboy#0060 and will#2683
  28. Juststa147

    The Westguard

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