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  3. Friedrich Barclay shakes his head in disapproval or such a honorless act "May his head be placed on a fecking pike"
  4. porphyre nicephore smiles. by abdicating his position as deputy sec. to a woman, he has become an ally to all women. he closes his eyes and dreams of the many nights of passion he will now spend with his wife
  5. Aaron’s skin auction! literally like... 4 recolors of the same skin but. whatever. i’m lazy The auction has very simple rules to follow! Please read carefully as anyone who does not follow these rules will not be counted. Do not edit your post. Post again, and tag the previous bidder. Add your discord Bidding starts at 100 Mina for any dress Bidding increments are 10-20 (i.e. if it’s 100 your bid would then be 110/120) The Auction will close at 1:15pm EST tomorrow! You MUST be able to pay the amount of mina. Or else you’re not getting the skin. (Trades are also acceptable) happy bidding! 😄
  6. [!] A few pages of a long lost book, the paper appearing nearly ancient would be found in the rubble of new construction in the great city. The words neatly written in gold infused ink, bore a bright sheen as a dwarf picked them up, carried them rather carefully to a storage room after reading them. [!] “The Darkness Beheld in the Wintry Skies” Chapter 4 “It is fair to ask, did we do what was right, was our work truly for the Gods above us? Our faith will free us, but also holds us to this mortal world. The clouds roll over us as does a strong wind, or a swarm of locusts over the wheat fields of yore. Our work on this great city has not ceased, though threats of war have been issued. My sons, and nonetheless myself, have done a great many things to ensure that the fall of this kingdom will never occur as long as our bodies draw breath. Only a few stone days ago, I stood among the great balconies and looked off to the south, nothing but snow covered hills greeted my eyes. The purity, and cleanliness of snow truly was a picture of our task, yet the dark skies about us seemed to damper the already fallen spirits of our people. The Myneborians are suffering, the snow still falls through great gaps in the construct. We work tirelessly, the statues, the staircases, all rise yet slowly. It has been many a year since work had begun, but we as a proud people stand true, forging weapons to defend ourselves, building great works of stone to cover our bodies in the biting cold that would have us stand as statues of ice in our own city. Furthermore, my attempts to make known to the clergy of Urguan that our crimes were mine alone. Kazrin himself offered to meet with me, the terms being true, and good. Yet I could not accept, our work was not done, the lives of my sons did not yet lay secure in this great kingdom. I have gone far and wide, searching for allies, for those who would fight in the impending conflict that was inevitable. A brave few have joined our cause, but even then, the armies of our kin stood tall and proud against even our own. This world contains nothing that causes fear to enter my heart, but the mere thought of my sons leaving this world strikes me with a great pain. I fear I have made too many mistakes, but even then, all shall fight for what they believe in. A kingdom for the free, and the honest. Not a few stone days ago, a dwarf who went by the name Officer Grudgebeard has begun work a new construct that may aid us in future battle. A great chandelier, made of quartz, and stone, reinforced with iron bars roundabout was taking form far above the cavern floor. I stated many times that I considered it to be something the twiggies would do, utterly detestable in my eyes. But should it be enough to save my sons, sobeit. As I write, the rain has began coming in torrents, causing our moat to fill once again with water, the sons of the clouds making the statues appear to be in distress, streams of water running off of the great helmets made of quartz. It is time for me to return to work, for I do not know when war shall be upon us. Surely even my kin will allow us time to complete our city, as would be customary if the tables were turned against them. My words will someday be forgotten, but perhaps the words on paper will shine forth into the great unknown.” Balrog’s eye quivered as he sat in a storage room, his head leaning against his arm as he read the words he wrote 50 years in the past, before the great war, and destruction of Kal’Orvul. A great sadness went through him as he finished reading, knowing that he ultimately failed to protect the ones he could not live without. His sons weighed heavily on his mind, despite having a daughter, Faridir, and his adopted daughter, Saoirse. A deep seated hatred began to flow through him, his old ways nonetheless staying a distance apart from his soul. His chest heaved as he breathed in great breaths of air, standing just before stepping outside and roaring into the sky, his voice echoing and causing rocks and pebbles to shake on the mountainside. This anger unseen since the death of his father Balrog I. “Tha zov, dag iv goum iv tha livok, tha var naroth bravenum ov runnir yir Urguan hok drok Oz mren! Yoth crum da avguloth vogenov eron hom kadruemmon, nar yoth da modruk eron hom suv! Tha brovar othok Urguan! Pavlen othokor igar Mer vorrukar liwgoden, pavlen othokor ivmog mer infertile! Nar pavlen othokor mog fov oz Da ogluv eron elgus!” (I vow, that as long as I live, I will never forgive or forget what Urguan has done to me. For both the attempted destruction of my kingdom, and for the murder of my sons. I curse you Urguan. May your children be without eyes, may your women be infertile. And may your men fall to the blade of elves.) - Following Chapter – https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/181395-the-last-breath-of-a-fallen-kingdom/?tab=comments#comment-1701803
  7. Full Name of Man - Marco Aurelio Anastasio Sigismondo d’Montelliano y Kavietsby y de Savin y Kharadeen Date of Birth of Man - 1733 Name of Woman - Charlotte Josephine Delatour Date of Birth of Woman – 1733 Location of Ceremony - Basillica of the Final Revelation, Helena Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1752 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Braum of Judeberg
  8. He does my event skins
  9. SaltAlt

    The Burden of Guilt

    Alaric would pull his boat further up the shore after finally reaching land on his journey west. Resting at the makeshift camp he had made he would turn to collect the bird in its cage that accompanied him. Reaching a finger to stroke the white feathered head of the bird as he wrote his second letter to his sister, soon removing the bird from its confine and sending it east towards the lands Arcas with the letter in tow. He’d watch as the small black dot of the bird slowly faded from sight, only then turning to walk into the thick brush for a source of food and water to keep him alive whilst waiting for the bird to return with a response from Edyth. As the sun slowly set behind him he’d sit around his fire digging through his pack pulling out a fox pelt and a small music box. Winding the music box he’d slowly lay to rest for the night listening to the song that calmed him since he was a young boy, a deep sadness running through him as another note seemed to be missing from its old song.
  10. Nectorist

    Ask Brax

    can i plz have my mod manager interview ive been waiting for 8 months
  11. Droktar’Lur would let out a yell louder than ever before as the fate of his old friend met his ears “MI BRUUDDA” he would slam his golem arm into the ground staring at the mojo rock for a moment before dropping to his bottom punching the ground before him “LAAAAAT NUUUUB DYZZZZ” he would then go to his feet and grab the door of his tavern and throw it across the city “NUB DYZ EN MIZ NOGGY” he would say before slamming his head into the wall, not knowing what to do
  12. Tovelm would scan the missive until a certain part caught his interest. Albeit we have successfully reclaimed the organs, this was still a sacrilegious act and we absolutely condemn the Sons of Malin and call for their doctor who commited the defilement to be handed over to Church authorities for punishment fitting such a heinous crime. Tovelm’s eyes would widen as he read about the Sons of Malin ”I would hope that the empire would hire a Hemlock for such important matters, seem like we have been able to get our jobs done recently.” Tovelm the Giant would mutter to himself, yet continue reading. “May the Pontiff be with GOD now, his death seems unworthy, and far to brutal for a man of his trade.”
  13. A helmeted figure would mark the symbol of the Cheloveks onto the notice.
  14. Fred Puddlefoot rocked back and forth on his porch in Hillsborough, smoking a little pipeweed, sipping a cup of tea, and reading the paper. He shook his head. "Now, wha's really tellin' is tha' not a single man among them bigguns would join our cause. Makes ya think tha' if no' one biggun would stand fer non-violence 'tween tha' 'umans an' tha Wee Folk, p'raps the obvious propaganda sent out from tha AIS migh' 'ave more o' a ring o' truth ta it than Oi thought."
  15. Yesterday
  16. Frida Emelie would hear of the news as she lay ill in her bed. She crumbled up her letter before she cast it into the fire and shook her head. "Those wretched traitors! They killed our beloved pontiff... May Godan pass judgement onto them and I pray they get what they deserve!"
  17. Boniface, after having published his report flees to Haraccus lodge for safety.
  18. bepis

    Regarding 8.0

    Unironically, yes please
  19. I still have my books of intelligent wisdom. Daleka4ever.
  20. Adeline recalled standing by the fountains of Helena amidst the marching of soldiers, the banners of Renatus flying atop galloping horses and the Pertinaxi cross gleaming in rays of sunlight. In the middle of the bustle, she sees her young cousin, Titus; her words stopped short of calling out to him, bidding him to come play in the Palace Gardens, as he walked armoured and carrying his crossbow aloft though he was no taller than herself. She recalls pausing, as the young boy was pushed towards the crowd of bloodied war veterans. “Hello, Titus.” Adeline greeted upon his entrance to the Seven Skies, the young girl greeting her childhood friend with an unacharacteristically gentle smile. “Come sit. I think that you need some rest, after all this time.”
  21. Lotha, a very cute ginger dark elf of 4 feet in height crumpled up one of these fliers and threw it in a fire place in a huff, and then a cackle. "what a joke! Everyone knows the best women are the shortest women with the fattest a-" she stopped abruptly as she remembered the specifics. "why such a specific height requirement." she cackled again. "ahaha... What a catch." she remarked with only a single drop of sarcasm the size of which could easily fill a vast ocean.
  22. ”Treahgen not protected.” Elene would say, reading the act, shaking her head to her brother. “Would enjoy see them oppress. Or try, rather.” She grins.
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