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    The Sable Principality of Vira'ker

    “Yay...” says Helya Uuthlini.
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    holy **** cringe says konrad jr
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    [Deity Magic] KarTorak (WardBearers)

    I am going to put some more work into it over the weekend so for now let it be known its a work in progress. until I remove this post.
  6. HyperionSibuna

    Tamriel Imperialis V2 (RP)

    The Power in the Swamp: Jarldom of the Rift: The grant given to the city of Chim puts a relief on the middle class and lower class within the city. Which up to this point, had been facing difficult times. Many of their friends and family leaving the working force to join the army. The grant really helps stabilize the city. Which begins to expand, experiencing a very large population boost. A majority of them being Argonians and Nords. The merchant hub in Riften is fully operation. In its current capacity it can only produce little coin. The leader of the hub reminds Carsten that if the state invests into this hub, that there will be plenty of profit. (+5,000 Septims per turn) The war with Oreleth is quick, no lives had to be sacrificed as the Dunmer saw the overwhelming Nord force coming straight for them. Their lands are annexed and the Rift grows stronger. The last two remaining Dunmer nations form defensive alliances with one another. In other news, the trebuchets are finally completed. The Imperial Siege engineers being paid at the end of the year. Grand Duchy of Kvatch: The Imperial Confederation is officially dissolved after the sedition of Kvatch, Anvil, Chorral, Bruma, Dragonstar, and Morthal. The long standing defense against foreign powers invading Cyrodiil has been destroyed. The Imperial City can only sit and watch, warning all of the powers who have left to be wary. Kvatch is no more after the sedition from the Confederation, Colovian holds unite into the Kingdom of Colovia. The Kingdom becomes the new dominant power in Cyrodiil consisting of the Grand Duchy of Anvil, Chorral, and Bruma all of which hail Marcus of Kvatch as King of Colovia. This new Kingdom stuns many in Hammerfell, Valenwood and even a few in Skyrim. Fearing the return of an Empire. The Khajiit allowed into the city are merely peasants searching for a new way of life. They work just as hard as any colovian for the food they put on the table. They become loyal subjects of the Kingdom. However, due to certain laws. They are unable to serve in the military. The argonian envoys study all the material they can, learning much about Imperial tactics and formations. As well as military doctrine and standards. By the end of the year they give their thanks to the Kingdom, heading back to Blackmarsh. (+8,000 Septims) The army is trained, boys becoming men. Many of the legates and centurions gaining much-needed experience in leading one of the largest forces in all of Tamriel. This training would harden the Kvatch troops. Archduchy of Camlorn: Victory at the Battle of Northpoint raises the morale of the Breton forces significantly, they settle in for the winter near Northpoint. Just incase the orcs try to attack once again. Along with this, another investment is made into the economy. Improving it significantly. (+1,000 Septims per turn, +1 Trade slot) The Kingdom of Hegathe redirects their army towards Daggerfall, landing their troops and is threatening a push against the Camlord forces holding the line. Camlorn receives news that the Kingdom of Gilane has joined the war against the Bretons. The Grand Duchy of Cheydinhal: The Khajiit merchants from the Kingdom of Dune construct their merchants guild. Housing a small population of Khajiit in Cheydinhal. However this merchants guild provides a large amount of gold for the Grand Duchy. As well as an automatic non-aggression pact with the Kingdom of Dune. (+5,000 Septims per turn) The investment in the docks have finally yielded the results the crown were looking for. A large trade increase as well as the ability to produce ships at a much faster pace. (+4,000 Septims per turn. Ships are much cheaper to produce.) Twins are born, one boy and one girl. Both are in good health. The fort continues construction, many buildings being set up inside of the fort. The beginnings of a large dungeon are finished by the end of the year. The engineers estimate they will be able to finish the fort within the next year. Kingdom of Orsinium: The battle at Northpoint puts a small bump in Orsinium’s plans. However envoys from Gilane reach Orsinium. Telling the injured Agrum who is currently recovering that the Kingdom of Gilane will join the war on Orsinium’s side. Assisting the Hegathe army against Sentinel. Which they succeed in capturing many territories. Beginning to lay siege to the city of Sentinel itself. The Orcish strongholds within the Dragonstar and Skaven duchies all rise up and pledge their support for Orsinium. Distracting the Imperials from sieging down cities. They move their armies to deal with the rebellions. Only leaving small garrison forces to hold down the land they have occupied. Solitude begins to siege the most Northern east city. Imperial’s cutting them off from receiving any food and supplies. Currently the war is not in Orsinium’s favor. However more allies join, maybe this will tilt the war into the favor of the aggressors. The mercenaries slow the Nord and Imperial armies significantly, however they cannot stop forces of 20,000 or more. However they harrass anybody they can. Kingdom of Aurion: The spymaster indeed slows down the Auridon forces, however he reports that the Auridon troops are occupying some of Aurion’s southern territories. With reinforcements on the way to begin a large siege of the Capital. The loss of Aurion would mean defeat. The 2nd Army pushes on towards Auridon. Cut off from supplies many of the troops have to scavenge from the land. Which causes many of the locals to see the Aurion army as nothing more than bandits and brigands. Causing many of them to join the garrison preparing in Auridon to destroy the 2nd Army. The Elsweyr merchant hall is constructed, providing much needed money for the crown. Which could help it win the war. Along with this, Torval builds a merchant hall in Aurion as well. (+5,000 Septims per turn) Elsweyr: The trading hall opening in Aurion provides a large amount of gold and goods for the Mane. Which increases the economy even more. Troops are recruited and the Argonians are greeted warmly. The Khajiit merchants teaching them all they can about trade practices and the art of diplomacy. (+10,000 Septims per turn.) White claw society is given another gift. The Kingdom of Rihad: The Kingdom of the Dune build their trading hall in Rihad, many Khajiit merchants moving in and calling Rihad home. This provides a nice amount of income for the Kingdom. Which no doubt will be used efficiently. (+5,000 Septims per turn) Carriages are expanded and the entire trade network of Rihad is revised. Streamlining it and making it more efficient and easy. As well as safer. (+4,000 Septims per turn) Haserick’s wife gives birth to triplets. Two daughters and one son. Jarldom of Windhelm: The Dunmer population of Windhelm leave the area. A majority of them settling in Dawnstar and the surrounding area. (No more Grey Tax) The walls of Windhelm are reinforced. Large sections of it receiving these metal braced frames. New watchtowers are erected and by the end of the year, the walls have been bolstered and refurbished. (+10 in defensive siege rolls) Oskar trains with the best men in his army, gaining dueling experience and his men gaining general combat experience. Kingdom of Senchal: Troops are recruited, the Kingdom of Dune is interested in buying spots in the Senchel drydocks. They are asking for a price and are willing to pay it. Other than that, nothing much happens in the Kingdom. World Events: The Kingdom of Argonia continues in its modernization. Expanding roadways and cities. Settlements are being reconstructed with stone and wood instead of mud. Their army also expands significantly, over 20,000 join the ranks of the Argonian Kingdom. Their military begins to be reorganized. Adapting to the model of the Imperial legions.
  7. Hey all short AMA if you are interested. Im Hiebe a current World Dev and started dev-ing as early as 3.0/Anoths. Let me hear those questions from anything you want. Im bored and watching my newborn sleep.
  8. ChaseusBelli

    Human Subforums

  9. Treshure

    Monkey See, Monkey Do

    can confirm i’ve seen a number of kids twist into toxic pieces of ****, things i would never imagine of their character some months before. and in some of these cases, I blame myself along others. Joel’s explained phenomenon is very real
  10. Morganosaurus Rex

    The Secrets of Carbarum

    Me see me likes
  11. shoahinsnowyfields

    when you don't play lotc

    crazy to think i joined this server age 10 and now im 18. crazy how time flies, how tf is this server still around? i remember back in 2011 some guy told an applicant to re-apply in a couple years when he was older, and i was like “this server won’t even be around by then”. wasn’t even like the server was **** or dying then, just didn’t think a minecraft server could last that long. and yet here we are 8 years later.
  12. TheNanMan2000

    Redemption for Incompetence

    As the Rex, I can honestly say having a Nation tile will help us grow our RP tremendously. Building up from nothing with a small amount of players is difficult, and I have very little mina, and have little idea of how to even get many since all I do is RP. As such, trying to buy Soul Pillars is a complete nightmare and the new players that have been flooding in recently due to Marimba’s streams and the news of our RP rising is being dampened by our in-ability to meet that demand with enough soul pillar slots, and the fact we live in the desert means people need to travel for around 15-30mins to get to us. If not for the wrongs that have been put on us, I ask for a Nation tile so the playerbase can grow, and from which I can transform those new and old players into RP-centric members of our community, which will guarantee a similar trend down the line when someone else takes the mantle of Rex. I was also told that there isn’t an activity check placed on our new City, so Admins aren’t able to check how many players we got. I’d ask that we have one, as we may end up passing the activity check to become a Nation anyway.
  13. Fireheart_

    [✗] [Server] Americuck Ban Appeal

    Hi there Jared! Just wanted to go over two points with you. Firstly, appeals are a time to reflect over your poor actions and to showcase that you have a desire for your behavior to change. Saying that it was along the lines of fair game and that you were entitled to a warning before being banned is shifting the blame and not looking at the core issue which is you distributed private information that was originally collected with the intent of malicious damage being done in mind. This appeal is placed way before you actual appeal date of July 17th 2019. Please take the next couple of months to think over this and construct a sincere appeal that takes into account the comments I mentioned above. Thank you.
  14. JokerLow

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username:JokerLow Screenshot of the item: How you got it:Activity checked a village. Username:JokerLow Screenshot of the item: How you got it:Bought form a shop. Username:JokerLow Screenshot of the item: How you got it:Gift by the ex clan father of Goldhands before dying. Username:JokerLow Screenshot of the item: How you got it:Bought from Auction House. Username:JokerLow Screenshot of the item: How you got it:Bought from Auction house. Username:JokerLow Screenshot of the item: How you got it:Rply robbed someone. Username:JokerLow Screenshot of the item: How you got it:Part of the gifts from my ex clan father. Username:JokerLow Screenshot of the item: How you got it:Part of the gifts from my ex clan father. Username:JokerLow Screenshot of the item: How you got it:Event reward Username:JokerLow Screenshot of the item: How you got it:Part of the gifts from my ex clan father. Username:JokerLow Screenshot of the item: How you got it:Bought form Auction House. Username:JokerLow Screenshot of the item: How you got it:Eviction of some chests. Username:JokerLow Screenshot of the item: How you got it:Part of the gifts my clan father gaved me. Username:JokerLow Screenshot of the item: How you got it:Bought from a shop Username:JokerLow Screenshot of the item: How you got it:Part of the gifts the ex clan father gaved me. Username:JokerLow Screenshot of the item: How you got it:Bought from a shop. Username:JokerLow Screenshot of the item: How you got it:Gift from my ex clan father. Username:JokerLow Screenshot of the item: How you got it:Gift from my ex clan father. ((I will add more items in time as i get my alts accepted on lotc))
  15. MamaBearJade

    New Player Guide Ideas

    Put up a quota board. X minas for x stacks of wood or other resource. Then taxes on homes, jobs in taverns bakeries, inns. Make a way to make ic money Have a place for them to spend it Circle of funds
  16. ScreamingDingo


    The canopies would encase the area in the deep tones of green that would collapse over the forest, a dreary yet peaceful sign of nature as a lone man would traverse through its bed. The branches would swing and rustle, ever following the intruder upon their space with each movement meticulous. The wind would stain itself with the scent of pine, with the suffocation of the senses through overwhelming the mind and body which would hinder most except for the intruder below. The symphony of nature and its true personification, nothingness. The stillness of the air and forest were mesmerising to him, but this had become his haven away from society. He’d approach the entangled ruins, his cloak of leather shifting which each movement as the man would embark on the journey to traverse the jutting peaks of stone that would break from the density of the forest. Where the wind would linger briefly and then pass by without another trace, where the birds would not perch and sing, this was where nature had overtaken man. His boots would clatter against the stone, their make allowing for the outlying stone to not be any burden to his journey. Time had passed as he entered the heart of the ruins, a lone map would sit in the center of the outlying area. The surrounding outcrop of the wilderness was encamped by four distinct areas to each cardinal direction, a fortress and outpost to the west and south, with a hamlet and a military camp to the north and east respectively. The inner depths of the forest sanctum were scrawled with previous markings either done by the man himself, or wherever this map was retrieved from. A tattered banner of red and yellow would be in the corner of the small area, hung up next to a makeshift weapons rack that would hold the man’s arsenal. An arbalest would lay on the bottom, while two axes would drape themselves across one another by the branches of the rack. One head made of silver and the other made of steel, yet both stained with blood and showed obvious wear. The man would drop his hood to revealed the disheveled appearance beneath it, age had taken his toll upon his entire form it seemed. His eyes carried the murky brown that most low-born were accompanied with, while the fuzz of grey would overtake his defined features upon his jawline. Streaks of grey would come through his mattered and otherwise dark hair, which hung loosely below his ears and glanced against his shoulders. A simple sigh and a yawn came from the man as he’d approach the other side of the small hideout, where a hole would be dug out and a large metal pot would be draped upon it. A contained fire it seemed, where smoke was to be hidden when possible. He was nestled between two sets of decrepit walls, where both of his flanks were covered by high outcrops that lead further into the forest. Contained and secluded, it is all that the man wished for. He would unclasp the cloak that would hang from his neck and place it over near the dug out pit, a cracking of joints and bones following as he would roll his neck around. After such a movement, the man would unclasp each of the straps upon his leather gloves. Distinct clicks and rattles coming from the glove before the man’s flesh would be revealed beneath. A scarred and brutalised hand, a faded brand wrapping itself around his palm and over the back of it. Though, it reached within the pot and grasped onto a morsel left from the last few days, the softness of meat before it rots is the most tender. The man would then slip the morsel of meat into his mouth, a squelched smack of his lips as he’d chew upon the meat. The silence would linger for the moment before it’d be broken by the sudden snapping of branch from the upper outcrop, the man’s vision shifting as he’d spot the yellow and red banner now raised from that position. The cascade of metal and men would fill the otherwise silent outcrop as soldiers would rise from the foliage, arbalests and swords at the ready as the men would assemble. But the single man would simply stand there, his finger slowly removing itself from his lips as he’d come to the realisation of what happened. The last morsel, the last piece of life within his pitiful existence. “Stand down! We of the Barony of Braibent have come to claim the bounty upon your head, of ten thousand marks!” The order would be simple, yet the man would gaze over to the other side of the outcrop where an almost mirror like assembly would make itself apparent. The man’s eyes would dart to each of the men, remarking their weapons and form. Though his count would be lost as he’d reach at least the tenth man on the adjacent outcrop, outnumbered, overwhelmed. Crossbows and arbalests were trained upon the man’s figure, the ever watching eyes and the judges of his next few moments. His dried and cracked lips would purse for the minute, then part as he’d speak. “You have got me, you have heard of my reputation have you not? I have hid and slaughtered more insurgents than you have within your pitif-” Sometimes silence is truly the answer, as the man would speak to the outcrop in front of him a violent snap would be heard from an arbalest. The bolt flying through the air and tearing through into the lower back of the man with a sickening squelch, the leather gambeson doing truly nothing as the man’s knees would buckle from the shot. Shock, realisation as pain would flood his body, the flaring of his back and each muscle twitching. His eyes widening as the coordinated strike would not cease, another bolt loosed from the back as it would strike into his right shoulder. Another squelch, another stagger as he’d shift his foot forward only a single pace. His eyes would droop as he’d hold his tongue, he did not wish to scream, he did not wish to plead, he only wished to observe. Through the darkness that now encapsulated his vision, a gauntlet would sent outward to point towards the staggered man. One… Two… Three… The strikes would come one after another, each bolt burying themselves deep within his form. The first one was towards his upper leg, flesh tearing as he’d buckle from the strike. Yet the second followed through with its course, aimed towards the center of his back. Another sickening strike as the bolt would eviscerate the flesh it would enter, another jolt of pain coming forth as his head would reel upward from the pain. The third, the flesh in the back of his neck would split as the bolt would tear straight through his tendons. His head raised for the moment would be followed by an attempted scream, but yet the bolt caught on to any words that may have come from his throat. The head of the bolt would protrude outward, the tip just passing by his chin as he’d gurgle and splatter upon his own blood. The stones around him now dripping into a pool of crimson, dragged from the first shot, yet now he would not see anything else. His last words were stammered, croaking as blood would fill his final moments. The horrific sensation of drowning was something people can imagine, but when the water is replaced by the warm ichor that flows through you, it creates a crueler fate that many would never wish to face. “Why did I join them.” Darkness would fade over the man, a final thud coming from the man as he’d collapse in his own blood. The last volleys of the arbalestmen would unload themselves onto the corpse, yet the corpse was not even a man anymore. He was target practice.
  17. Certainly better : )
  18. Dasdi

    The Theodosian Imperial Academy

    Student application IGN: Dasdi RP Name: Elisabeth Maria Preussens Discord: Dasdi#3226 First Option: Imperial Governance Second Option: Realm History Third Option: Religious Studies Fourth Option: Racial and Natural Biology
  19. Sovereign_of_Solaris

    1912; The Great War

    Kaiserreich The German Empire had manned it’s border under against the threat of a warlike Austria, brave and courageous german men prepared for what may come, what was to come once again. War. Germany was not without its problems, mostly these stemmed from the disease that had struck much of the world. But it suffered knowing it was defending itself and those that could not themselves such as the Dutch Republic, whom in thanks to German Intervention had sent the Brazilian War Fleets out of European waters. A titan Germany was, but a responsibility to the smaller nations in its reach it did have. The Navy was becoming more and more powerful by the year, Chancellor Tirpitz being the navy man he was ensured it would continue to grow. A strong navy was the only sure way to defend its interests away from home. But on the inside, a an infectious rotten sin had been allowed to fester. One that he could no longer tolerate the possible existence of so he had no choice but to seek the answers himself. Who killed the King, whomever it was must pay the price for such an atrocity. If it was the French, or the Socialist then they have paid the price in blood..but if..if the rumors were true and it was a fellow german, then god have mercy on his soul. Because the Empire would not. -Actions- The German Tanks are sent for field Testing. The finishing touches on the German Aircraft Carrier are done this year! (Mod) Work Continues on a dedicated german bomber plane (Mod, 1 Years effort.) Chancellor Tirpitz and his committee continue their search for the truth, as such a known German Patriot and well talented officer is brought into the fold to help with the investigation. Captain Erwin Rommel, who had only just returned home from his honeymoon. (Mod)
  20. xxx

    How’d you get your Username?

    charoodler was an animal i made up as a kid transoxiana is fun to say idk
  21. Sovereign_of_Solaris

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - RP Thread

    -snip- (sorry wrong frp)
  22. Ngl, if these folks ain’t active, nobody is. +1
  23. Jason395

    The Lex Arcana

  24. J33xt101


    Balrog picks up the paper, studying it for a while before nodding, the great cogs in his head begin turning before he takes it and continues on his way while a smile spread across his face.
  25. Netherworld15

    Adrian Magic Licenses and Policies

    [!] Another notice would be posted throughout Adria, right next to the previous one. ”Citizens of Adria,” it began, ”Recently, a Ministry was founded under the Imperial protection of the Emperor Augustus himself. Its founding was a predecessor to the current one instated by me. They, however, had been working on it for some time, way before mine though it was only instated recently. Therefore, I have been instructed to relay to you these new laws, which are posted underneath this notice, these laws apply to Adria and every other domain under the Empire and will trump any previous laws regarding magic completely. I will still be in control of the Adrian Ministry Branch, however, under the guidance of the Ministry of Magical Affairs We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience and miscommunication, however we will do our best to make sure this does not reoccur. Thank you.” - Alfius Elpyne, Court Mage of Adria ((New Law Links))
  26. The Imperial Ministry For Magical Affairs Est anno Domini 1697 With the stretching borders of the Empire of Man more magical activity was sighted all over the Empire itself, being in need of regulations and management. As such His Imperial Majesty Emperor Augustus I of House Horen, guided by the wisdom and the grace of GOD, does see it fit to establish the Ministry for Magical Affairs to handle the growing amount of magical affairs within the Empire. The powers that the CROWN and GOD bestow upon him does endow this Ministry with the oversight and authority to upkeep, manage and enforce the Lex Arcana within the Empire of Man. Duties of the Ministry To upkeep and uphold the Lex Arcana in the name of GOD and the Crown. To manage trials, which are caused by the breaking of the Lex Arcana. To organize and maintain permits for the usage of the magical arts. To manage magical affairs and occurences within the Empire. To collect, record and manage dangerous magical artifacts. Emperor Godfrey’s Court Wizard, 1360 The Minister for Magical Affairs His Excellency, the Minister for Magical Affairs is the primary figurehead of the Ministry for Magical Affairs, being in charge of most leadership work. Through the work of the Minister the Ministry is fully functional and can continue it’s daily duty to the best. He is an advisor to the Crown and to the Privy. Duties to include: Managing the Ministry for Magical Affairs Appointing a Deputy Minister Appointing Captains Advising His Imperial Majesty The Deputy Minister for Magical Affairs The Right Honorable Deputy Minister for Magical Affairs is known as the second in charge for the Ministry. The Deputy Minister is known to handle the Ministry if the Minister is unavailable, managing most of the paperwork and also acting as a second leader of the Ministry, aiding the Minister in his work. Duties to include: Ensuring a smooth operation of the Ministry Assisting the Minister Collecting and Handling Documents of the Ministry Advising the Minister The Captains of the Ministry The Captains are respected and recognized members of the Ministry, being in charge of most members below them, handing out missions and keeping the rules intact. They are often seen being in charge of bigger groups and are most commonly leading investigations. As such Captains are the leading forces of the Ministry. Duties to include: Enforcing the Lex Arcana Sanctioning Investigations Employing new apprentices and mage hunters Managing Branches of the Ministry Orenian Witch Hunters testing for Witchery, 1337 The Witch Hunters and Seers of the Ministry The Witch Hunters are trained melee fighters or archers and members of the Ministry, often seen doing patrols or researches on different investigations. As such they are also often found within the city, handling their assigned task or simply helping out the citizens. While the Witch Hunters are known for their combative strength, the Seers are known as the more magical adaptive forces of the Ministry. Seers are trained to use their magic to aid the public and the Hunters in their daily tasks. As such it’s common to see a Seer and a Witch Hunter working hand in hand to fulfill their tasks. Duties to include: Enforcing the Lex Arcana Tasked with Investigations Employing new apprentices Aiding the citizens in their daily life The Apprentices The Apprentices are the newest recruits of the Ministry, freshly enrolled and mostly without any proper experience with the Arcane. Due to them being untrained and fairly new they are often tasked to aid the Witch Hunters in their daily work. Duties to include: Aiding the Witch Hunters and Seers Aiding the citizens in their daily life The Adrianic Branch of the Ministry The Adrianic Branch of the Ministry is tasked to uphold the Lex Arcana within Adria, allowing a assigned Captain to be placed in charge of such. Like the Main Branch of the Ministry the Adrianic Branch is tasked in upholding the Lex Arcana within their lands and are also tasked with handling magical affairs within their domains. Duties to include: Upholding the Lex Arcana within Adrianic Lands Managing and Informing the Ministry for Magical Affairs about requested permits within their lands In Nomine Dei, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Augustus I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, Santegia and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Cascadia, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Carolustadt, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera.
  27. Sovereign_of_Solaris

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Human Republic “Navigational changes in progress. Standby.” the onboard AI stated as the bridge crew looked out the window. “This is risky, you know that?” a digitized voice spoke. “Risk versus reward, we can’t keep operating under the constant watch of the Republic or the ‘Alliance’ of Xenos.” “Navigational re-route commencing, twenty ninth course rework finished.” the AI spoke as the pair of vessels made constant jumps and drops throughout space. “Without the Republic’s Industry and Shipyard access-” the Captain would interrupt “I’m well aware of that fact, but it doesn’t matter. We’ve secured more than enough of what we need to establish ourselves, besides our Sovereign is still working alongside and inside the Republic.” “This is an entirely Private venture, well within her legal right to do.” “If it was legal..then why have we made twenty nine course adjustments, Screened the crew to an absolute maximum, taken the bare minimum of anything to not raise ‘suspicion’, and have a human only crew?” “Because Xeno’s have no place where we are going, nor do they have a place in our mission. Humanity is the mission, it’s survival our goal no matter the cost.” “I doubt Sovereign Usenko would approve of such a view.” she’d cross her arms looking at the captain. “She doesn’t have too.” he says looking out the viewport as they drop out of warp. “Orbital Bodies Located, twin planets current range from the sun puts them at the same distance as Terra.” “Cold and very non-welcoming, just what we wanted.” --Actions-- Continued research and development into the Avatar Schematic (70 AP) Sovereign Loyalist Commission 16,750 Saryn Combat Suits (2 AP) 3,350 Saryn Heavy Combat Suits (1 AP) Crusader Light Mechs 750 (2 AP) 1 Colony Ship ordered from Hephaestus (4 AP) Infrastructure expansion (260) Agriculture Expansion (240) Industrial Expansion (720 AP)
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