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  2. TFW you emote when you're all alone because that's just what you do when you're out in the wilderness and you don't see the phrase "Nobody heard you..."
  3. “I pine for a peace of history and in learning who I am, my pride and joy is so suddenly becoming of me. ahern ito k’leh, maelue heya maelue. Step trepidatious through the dark, underneath the foggy shade, from the cloud of unknowing, read onward. I hope to overhear, the need for me now that I know myself, I am an Okarir’maehr. Aiera Sullas, 1798 S.A.” [A poem, “okarir naelunan.”] Stepping into the Grand Lobby of San’evarir, before the stairwells
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  5. Dhaen Grandaxe, Queen Regent, leans wearily on the railings of a stone balcony far above the city. She furrows her brow melancholically at the sights of mourning from Grandaxes in the streets at the loss of one of their kin, a lazy trail of smoke dripping from a cigarette held in her frown. The ginger dwarf methodically puts it out and turns away. She did not know the young Grandaxe who was her kin by blood and clan, but she could tell he was beloved by the clan - even if he was braised and slightly sauteed.
  6. *A willowy goshawk circles above your head, dropping a scroll expertly into your grasp.* "Accepted. Report to Southbridge for further instructions."
  7. CURRICULUM OF CULTURE As issued on the 12th of the First Seed, 7 SA Aged are we mali of the Silver State, our civilization long predating the resettling of Elcihi’thilln under Malaurir Astoré. Understanding the origins of our people, the emergence of our philosophical creed, and the traditions by which the Motherland is governed, is essential to all mali’thill regardless of scholarly aspirations. This course aims to offer an introductory, but still encompassing, account of the facets of High Elven culture and philosophy, beginning with Larihei and continuing on to the po
  8. The Shriveled O'Rourke would peer down, a grimace forming upon his worn face, like leather stretched upon a frame. He'd let out a slight cough, the dry, smoke-filled room creaking as he did such. The figure would ease himself out of an off grey chair, making his way towards a round wooden table, one of the legs rotting. He'd let his eyes fall upon the paper at hand. "Padraig, Padraig...." He'd mutter, repeating his cousin's name. "Truly barry, isnae it." He'd remark, moving to sit at the table. He'd shake his head, the grimace molding into a grin. A cough would resound
  9. IGN: implicitlypug RP Name: Wilhelm Ireheart CANDIDATE: Durorn Ireheart
  10. With His Holiness bedridden, and his Curia working overtures to replace the wounded Pontifex in his many affairs: the task of writing and publishing Owyn III’s Papal briefs suddenly fell upon him. From his newly furnished office in the Basilica of Ex. Godfrey, Theophilos would pen the brief carefully as he hoped to remember all instructions given. THIRD PAPAL BRIEF OF 1803, 356 ES A gracious day, indeed, for both the Church and the Canonist world alike! Prideful and courageous, are the Knights of the Supreme Order of Exalted Owyn, vowing their lives and dedication
  11. The Silver Calendar of 6 S.A. 20th of the Amber Cold Throughout the city of Silver and the children of the Pure, the denizens of the State would find that they would receive an ornate scroll at their doorstep. The scroll would be on a black parchment with silver lettering and detailing with splashes of color lining the page. Tavern Game Night The Deep Cold “The denizens of Karinah'siol are invited to partake in a night of revelry and decisive conversation. The collected guests are invited to enjoy the live music from the bard, partake in healthy debate
  12. Sigmar Baruch would yell at his grandson, Duke Matyas Baruch, to get off his lazy arse and get ready for his meeting with the bishop before he locks him out of the manor. @hippo
  13. The 4th Assembly of the House of Lords -1803- On the review and passing of multiple bills sent up by the House of Commons, to include the much awaited Excise Act 1803. Excise Act, 1803 The Grandees House of Lords have reviewed the intents and contents of this bill and have found only two items worthy of further deliberation. These items were carried forth into a joint Diet meeting between the HoL and the HoC. The conclusion of said meeting saw the appropriate edits made and the bill subsequently passed by the HoL. In Favor: Lord
  14. 𝅘𝅥𝅮𝅗𝅥𝅘𝅥𝅯𝅘𝅥𝅮 - Archmage Cataris, of the Ascended. The land of Men, named Oren, existed as a relatively decentralized realm during Gaius Marius' upbringing. A monarchy ruled in Oren, but their authority withered especially with the introduction of the Undead scourge in the era of Aegis. The subterfuge of the Undead, coupled with attacks by necromancers and their thralls, caused a degeneration of the power of the monarchy and resulted in the rise of various warbands and political entities that sought to protect themselves in the localities they emerged in. Gaius Marius was bor
  15. Skin: what a lovely shawl Bid: 70 mina Discord: RC~#3417
  16. IGN: TakeMeT0TheG00n RP Name: Alexander Jameson What Position You'd like to run for: Grand Chief of The Sun State Order Current Occupation: Citizen/Guard Experience that may help: When I found Blazengard on an absolute whim, I was absolutely in love. The town, the scenery, and the people in it. It took no time at all for me to move into a house and contribute all I could to the town. I saw it grow from a single house into a thriving town, and I think that opportunity was best seized. I've had experience with things like this, and I will work to make Blazengard a safe haven
  17. Aghuid Ireheart sat in his clan hall, inside the armory. He ran his hand up and down the haft of his Lunarite battle axe. Gripping the tanned wood elf hide that made up the wrapping. Staring up at the dragon tooth that hangs in the armory, that was hung there originally by Kjell himself. With a chomp on his cigar and exhale of smoke fr his mouth, the only words to escape him “anot’eh day, anot’eh ‘ead for Clan Oir’eart!”
  18. Elathion would shake his head in disapproval upon hearing the news. 2 unelected officials that would theorethically be extensions of the Sohaer? Asking for trouble... He, however, rejoices at the prospect of doing to the next Okarir'san what they did to the last one!
  19. [!] A flyer hangs on the bulletin of all major hubs. Credit to Derek-Castro on DeviantArt Do you feel empty? Stagnant? Does your mind yearn for something you cannot quite comprehend? Or perhaps your memory sometimes fails you? Do not sit in yo
  20. Bishop Otho of Valwyck would say after reading the document at a gathered crowd in Karosgrad "Cyril.. a schismatic and a liar! How is he considered a true Canonist? He was so eager to have a trial, because he had it all planned with that Goren. He rushed the trial, not postponing it untill a proper persecution could attend, leaving me, an inexperianced persecutor to represent the Holy Mother Church. Goren and Cyril had it all planned!" would pause for a second "Loving or hating our Holy Father is irrelevant. His ascention to the position of High Pontiff is true and blessed by the Godani! Those
  21. Bishop Otho of Valwyck read the thesis and mumbled to himself "Not good enough..."
  22. Lore has been shelved and moved to the appropriate subforum. If you have questions about why this specific lore has been shelved, please contact an ST Manager or the ST Administrator.
  23. Lore has been shelved and moved to the appropriate subforum. If you have questions about why this specific lore has been shelved, please contact an ST Manager or the ST Administrator.
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