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  2. A raven is sent out to the above applicant “Accepted, please report to Reza for further instructions”
  3. bookstar


    *Wanted poster would start to show up in Ves, Krugmar, and Sutica. It reads* https://imgur.com/alpWsH6 WANTED! The return of the man that goes by Aren Redwood. A reward of 500 minas would be given to the person, who returns him to me ALIVE! Send a bird to Noka’Lur if you have him or any information on him.
  4. ((We may change it in the future, for now we use the Page-Function! <3))
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  6. Alfred nods in agreement. “The monarchy provides us a clear and stabile succession where the inheritor is trained from birth to become a leader. Also, lest we not forget, a monarch would be more inclined to strengthen the state, because their child will inherit, whilst an elected official could simply sell the nation or steal from it because their children will not inherit it.
  7. Mother Reina signs the cross infront of her in honour of the passed Empress and her mother, bringing contemplations of the Empire of old into her head that seemed to be a vivid notion “May GOD bless their souls into the seven skies!” She fervently calls out with zeal
  8. “**** yuo” A Vessian pleb responds.
  9. SquakHawk

    Miss You

    ”Roses are red, Joseph’s a bender..” Illythia begins as she starts to sing the melody of The War of The Two Emperors.
  10. Mcname: Starfelt Category: Building Attach Content: https://imgur.com/a/IGGZTJr
  11. ((This is one of the best post Julius55 has written for someone else, this person obviosly does not have the credentials to write their own post. This is just systemic of the LoTC toxicity worth ignoring))
  12. Elennanore

    The Response

    Really cool, I love staff
  13. Padre_Tales

    Caw of a Crow

    Father Odus frowns at the news. “Perhaps the last review of golden bulls was too much for him.” He says a prayer for the High Pontiff Emeritus and contemplates his own moratlity.
  14. Mankar Aldin was one of the nicest people I ever met, I recommend him
  15. Ser Konrad Stafyr has no further words to say, for he has already said enough. He has already been mourning over his friend’s death for over a year now. His knightly mentor’s untimely death had been quite hard on him, driving him into a depression and forcing him to partake of the bottle in order to ease the pain. All of this had been in private though, the parliamentarian hiding this with the greatest care, and not a soul had seen him during the height of his grief. None save for his wife, that is, and it was she who had been his salvation. Without her, he might have never gotten over Leana, Ser Ulric, and his father’s deaths. He owed her his state of mind, his very life. It was best not to dwell on such things. The time for grieving was over, and the time for remembrance was now. “Tell Katherine that we’ll need her to watch the children again.” He would say to Kamilla in his chambers at Nenzing, folding the letter up rather neatly and tucking it into the inner creases of his robes. “I fear we shall be away for quite a while on the Saint’s Morrow... And be there we must, for Primrose’s sake, for Isaak’s sake, and for the sake of my friend. We ride for Graiswald.”
  16. Louella Delacroix clapped and smiled, having someone write a reminder for her down to attend.
  17. Vittore sees this, and responds, “Cousin, I wish you luck in the wars to come...”
  18. Znitgit’Shrogo’s dead, lifeless eyes stare back, unable to prevent his head’s manhandling, merely being forced to comply with Utak’s unwanted advances.
  19. An old man screams in a distant keep, “I told ye’ to burn the damned forest! But no! Ignore what I says!”
  20. Always sad to see older players leave, especially under circumstances like these. So thank you @Harold for speaking the truth and for helping older players like myself re assimilate into the community, I wish you nothing but the best in whatever you do next.
  21. ~ ~ ~ This is a character biography for Freya, not sure why I put so much work into developing it however I tend to enjoy doing artsy bio stuff when I’m bored, and LOTC is no exemption I suppose! So here is the Character Profile for Freya, and obviously any knowledge obtained here shouldn’t be taken In-Character without finding it out there! ~ ~ ~ Synopsis: Her upbringing, this does not yet follow events based on the server – but the prior. Most of Freya’s upbringing is heavily clouded, even to herself – as years passed by in seconds. Freya has no issues with her memory, however – a gap remains, a long period of time that was swept from underneath her. She was brought up in what could be consider solitude, knowing only her family and their close friends who kept her very withdrawn from the outside world. They’re known to live on the outskirts of Kadarsi Sultanate. From a young age Freya was locked away from the outside world – the few friends she had suffered the same. A notable period in this time is the loss of her farther, a master archer – someone who always shun the way her family lived and had wished for a better life for Freya, she saw him occasionally but very rarely. Promises of him teaching her the art of the bow always falling through. Eventually though, Freya began to move through her rebellious years and picked up a bow of her own – sneaking out at night and any opportune time to practice. Not for war, or hunting or even else defense – just something to do in an attempt to break through the solitude. Synopsis: Her upbringing continued, this does not yet follow events based on the server – but the prior. Time had passed, and a restless Freya was to encounter a new friend – an annual feast was in preparation at her prison-like village, the only event that Freya can remember in which the gates are open and outsiders are allowed in. Freya was to meet a new friend, Apphia – someone entirely contrasting all those who’d she had ever known. Apphia was educated, and literate just like Freya. However, unlike Freya she had a wealth of life experiences, exploration stories. Freya was told of mountains hundreds times the size of the biggest building in the town! Which was a modest church, whimpering compared to such a mountain. Cities filled with hundreds, thousands of people! Horses to ride, land to explore and friends to meet! Freya sat in awe of these stories, a mere dream for the life she’d lived, and a plan was made. Apphia would help Freya run away, they’d meet at dawn as the gates were to open and Apphia would be her guide to the new world. On this day, Freya was overwhelmed with excitement – and she ran. Under the gate she flew, and down the long road she never stopped. However, Apphia was absent. Freya waited days, and nights in their meeting spot; only to be shot with disappointment and worry. It was too late to go back now, Freya knew she must continue, in hopes to find Apphia – and explore this new world together. The travel began. Chapter 3, Part I Synopsis: This is Chapter 3 of her life, and Chapter 1 of the server time-line. This follows On-Server Roleplay. Time had passed – Freya grew restless of finding Apphia, and she settled. Along her long and windy travels towards the nations she met a somewhat strange individual ‘The Mad Poet’ he called himself. Intriguing character she had found herself running into – and someone who convinced her to settle. Days passed, and she began to feel at home. However, the sunlit cities – beautiful views were yet to be seen. Freya debated, had she been fed lies? This isn’t where adventure was supposed to bring her, a forest riddled with bandits, and cultists – Freya defenseless to it all. Hiding away in her home, scared. She’d lived her whole life a prisoner, and yet she resides stuck between four walls once more. Chapter 3, Part II The Black Guard & the City of Vintas – Freya found herself wearing the colors of black and white – standing along-side knights. She was recruited into the Black Guard, meeting their leader and quickly falling into rank. The self-defense she sought was here and she had a family to help protect it. Her quarters were modest in comparison to her grand home she had laid to rest with the Poet, but bells rang – the sound of a bard telling grand stories in the local tavern and the freedom to do whatever she wanted was falling into place, Vintas was a modest county – but it was now her home. For how long she doesn’t know, but this is where she rests. Freya still holds adventure in her heart, but for now the Black Guard is where she remains. All of these are written from the in-character perspective of Freya, and are noted in her in-character Journal. Character played by @simatra [ i ] First Impressions The Poet – a friendly and courteous individual, he brought me into his home and allowed me the guest room! Bless him, he was kind enough to sort me some planks and rocks for my own home! Oh dear though, how am I to construct such a thing? Well, I digress. – His poems are wonderful and he has some real talent! He warned me of nearby cultists and bandits, and was kind enough to sing me a poem. [ ii ] Continued Impressions The Poet is growing on me, a trustworthy friend indeed! I’m happy I met him out here in all this chaos. He has continued his selfless attitude and given more! I wish to repay him in the future, he seems loyal to his city in which he guards and I hope to visit it one-day, possibly with him. All of these are written from the in-character perspective of Freya, however are noted nowhere IC If a faction or race is not present, Freya is considered ‘Neutral’ with these people. And has yet to form any opinion. ~ Factions & Nations ~ [ i ] County of Vintas ♦ Citizen | ♠ Friendly I’m yet to meet many residents of this wonderful County – the guards have been nice in taking me into their ranks and I’ve already achieved a promotion. The County seems to side with the good and fight against the evil. [ ii ] The Black Guard ♦ Enrolled | ♠ Skeptical The Black Guard is an exciting prospect, I respect their rank and their leaders. I’m glad to be a part of such a brave guard. Everyone here seems friendly and open – however I notice a large lack of discipline in the ranks and a tendency to break formations, and sometimes it feels like we’re in school with the frequent mess around. I was shocked to see the guard so badly represented when inside of such a big, and respectable city.
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