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  2. Letters Patent for the B A R O N Y O F A R T O I S Issued and Confirmed by His Apostolic Majesty, the King of Aaun on the 10th of Owyn’s Light, 1979 Know ye that We, of Our Special Grace, Royal Right, and mere motion do with good counsel by these Presents advance and create Our dearly beloved servant Philip Laurent Halcourt to the title BARON OF ARTOIS. And for Us, Our heirs and successors, do grant the said title Baron of Artois unto him and the heirs of his body lawful begotten that they may exercise and enjoy together with all privileges profits advantages due and of right belonging to the said degree. And We do also will by these Presents that for Us, Our heirs and successors, constitute and declare the bounds of the Barony aforesaid shall be the whole Castle Montresor and all buildings surrounding it that are located at the plateau beneath the Mont Saint Godwin. And further We will and by these Presents constitute and direct that for Us, Our heirs and successors, We tax them at the annual value of one hundred and fifty marks, and that a variable remainder may and shall be paid a year in marks or kind as directed. In Witness whereof We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent Witness Ourself at the Hand of Horen the tenth of Owyn’s Light in the twenty-seventh year of Our Reign. ✿ Given under Our Royal Hand and Seal, this 10th of Owyn’s Light, 1979
  3. From a not-so-distant library would a certain wooden-eared woman overhear the news from a missive arriving. With a saddened gaze down to the parchment & recognizing the city's stamp upon it, Blume would remain seated for a moment beside the window & gaze out to the stars above. "May you find peace among the stars up there, miss Catherine," she would mutter in privacy, as if to not disturb the building itself, "From one queen to another...."
  4. Hermaður read the note, gripping it with steel digits. He inhaled, exhaled frosted breath, and gently placed it back upon the mantle. "Another dead." The Knight of the Far-North turned, and gazed into the next room - at the bodies stacked high, piles and piles of the fallen, of the slain, of the hunted, of the murdered and the part-devoured. How had it come to this?
  5. baffling that random guys in heavy plate armour shrugging off fireballs is the big bad for 'balance' on the server, it's purely an issue with roleplay quality and standards that is still not enforced at all for some inconceivable reason. balance does not exist on lotc. a pink tag new player can spawn in with his stone sword and plate armour skin and come across a t5 boomsteel glaive, alchemy potion wielding lichlord with 3 olog strength summons and whose soul is buried so deep underground that he can revive again the next day. that there's a small chance the plate wearing militiaman might be able to hit him with his sword is not an issue of 'balance', it's just that otherwise 90% of the server would live in complete fear of the other 10% and be entirely unable to interact with any sort of st eventline (which seems to be pretty much the case already) archery is silly though it should take 2 emotes, 'action economy' is a myth in any crp situation thats not between two big MA min-maxers
  6. FROM THE OFFICE OF THE LEGATE: AN OPEN LETTER OF APPOINTMENT Iussed By the, On this 8th of Owyn's Flame, 112 A NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT, It is with great honor and humility that I the emplyment of the one known as Solebron into the offices of Balian foreign affairs. Having completed a successful interview on the matter of the duties which are beholden to this office, the newly appointed Ambassador Pater Ivan var Ruthern gratefully accepted the duties and responsibility, pledging to serve the kingdom with unwavering dedication and integrity. Thus it is with grace that the appointed Ambassador shall henceforth deal with matters pertaining to the Heartlander Confederation in place and with oversight of the Royal Legate, performing all matters of foreign affairs with a close ally. SIGNED, Don August Benedit Temesch, Royal-Legate of Balian, Militant of the Regiment of Saint Lothar and Watcher of the Order of Saint Lothar
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  8. Festival of Life - Funeral of Jaromir Frostiron The City of Chambery is hosting a wake in a form of a festival of life for one of its passed citizen, Jaromir Frostiron. All of Jaromir´s Famils and friends are invited to join us on next saints day at the Chambery Chateaux to his wake to share and converse together and celebrate Jaromir´s life before a short service to bring him down into the Chambery Catacombs for his final resting place. Food and drinks will be provided at the event and possations of Jaromir will be given out to his dear Friends & Family. We hope to see you there to share and celebrate Jaromir´s life together.
  9. Thank you for your Map Art submission, a Community Team member will contact you via Discord when it is ready or with any issues. I am a bot, contact a staff member if you require assistance.
  10. This for sure. I never realized Sam's suggestion because bows have NEVER been treated with honor for me before in various events. Even for a friend in the dragon eventline who has an archer character, out of all of his shots in the whole story - only 1 arrow has landed due to the rolling system being enforced.
  11. SCROLL OF PROCEDURE The citizens of Brabant are good and honest people, the judiciary must reflect such traits. One must hold oneself to a standard of transparency and goodness for the dignity of those who find themselves under the scrutiny of our law. To this end, the contents of this document shall elaborate on the judicial procedure of the judiciary for both civil and criminal courts, define the legal punishments, and other important judicial procedures. Section 1- Verdict Ex Curia Section 1.1- Verdict upon Arrest 1. Upon no question of guilt, the need for a trial is voided, and the arrested criminal may immediately receive judgment by a Judge. 2. This should be approved by the Chief Justice or Duke before occurring, but if necessary, it can be skipped over. 3. Upon question of guilt, a court must be convened. Section 1.1 Verdict of Bounty 1. If the subject of the bounty is wanted alive, then a verdict or court will be granted upon their return. 2. If the subject is wanted dead, the death will be verified and legal procedures for death will take place, once the body is delivered to the state. Section 2- Court Procedure Section 2.1 The Call for Court 1. Per the Scroll of Law (refer to section 2, subsections 2-3), any person who attempts, conspires or commits “high crimes” such as treason, murder, poaching, heresy, etc. be subject to immediate prosecution. a. For a crime to be deemed a “high crime”, the Judge must declare it so, after consideration. 1.1. Let any person who commits assault, theft, harassment, or vandalism only be charged if the victim of said crime or the one who accuses such an individual seeks to file charges against the accused. 2. The Judge will review the need of a case and approve or deny it based on legitimacy and need. 3. If approved, the Chief Justice will nominate a Judge to oversee the trial and letters will be sent to all parties involved to summon them to court. Section 2.2 On Legal Procedure 1. All shall rise a moment for the Judge to officially begin court. 2. The Judge, after calling order of the defendant and prosecution/plaintiff, will then announce that: “The trial of ([Defendant] v. [Plaintiff])} is now in session. How does the defendant choose to plea?” 3. 1. The defendant may choose to plead that they are either Guilty or Not Guilty. Should the defendant choose a plea of Guilty, then summary punishment may be issued without any further trial by the presiding judge in line with the guidelines espoused in the Scroll of Law. a. If there is an agreement between the prosecution and the defendant for a guilty plea bargain, the judge will move immediately to verdict. b. No judge of Brabant is required to honor a guilty plea bargain but may choose to do so if it does not violate their responsibility of a fair and just court. 3.2. In the case of a civil court, the two parties are allowed to meet before the Court and settle things out of court but must announce such a deal to the Judge or Chief Justice. 4. The plaintiff will make an opening statement, summarizing their arguments. The defendant will follow after with their opening statement. Both statements should take a maximum of 15 saints minutes. 5. The prosecution will make their first claim at which then the defense may make a claim of their own and/or refute the claim that the prosecution has made. a. All claims must be rooted in evidence or logic that achieves an argument. This must only take a maximum of 15 saint minutes. b. Since judges are not required to have extensive knowledge of all fields of study, they are allowed to ask questions of trusted state members, expert witnesses, and if need be the prosecution or defense so that they can come to a capable understanding of the case at hand c. A judge can call state members to come in as expert witnesses if the judge has a reasonable doubt of the expert witnesses brought in by the court. d. Refer to Procedure of Witnesses for the definition of an expert witness. 6. From there the plaintiff will respond and then the defense may rebutt and so on and so forth. Both parties will be allowed to make claims and counterclaims until the Judge deems the end of the argumentation and moves to closing statements. a. Any Objections by each side are to be allowed under any circumstances during and before court, but not after the verdict has been passed or during opening or closing arguments. 7.The Judge will finally render a judgment after hearing both closing statements which shall then be executed by the state. Judges must refer to the Scroll of Law on what it takes for them to reach a clear verdict in the case of civil and criminal cases. 8. The judge will then say “It is under this Legal Court that I find the defendant to be [Guilty / Not Guilty] in the matter of [Name] v. [Name].” 8.1 If a specific crime in the Scroll of Law cannot be substantiated, the Judge will recognize that the accused is innocent until guilty in accordance with section 2, subsection 3, article 1 of the Scroll of Law. 8.2 If it can be, however, the punishment is up to the presiding judge, so long as it is in line with the Scroll of Law and the legal punishments as defined in Section of this document. 9. Finally, if a verdict was issued, the Judge will make their decision. If they assign guilt or deemed the accused to be guilty, they must elaborate on why they chose guilty and what punishment they felt was best. 10. Finally, the Judge adjourns the court, and the trial will end. 11. All trials should be documented for future reference by a scribe. Procedures of Physical Evidence: 1.All bloody, liquid, or solid objects deemed of evidence to the trial must be put into an oversized and leak-proof cloth bag to avoid creating a mess in the trial. 2. All letters/manuscripts/documents and other paper-related evidence that isn’t soiled or found to dirty a crime scene will be allowed to be presented as they are. 3. Both parties must have access and ability to see the evidence but may not tamper with it anyway. Procedure of Witnesses/Testimonials Types of Witnesses: Fact witnesses are witnesses who have knowledge and testify about what happened. A fact witness is someone who can speak about what they witnessed for the case at hand or in criminal cases can also be the victims at hand. Insider/character witnesses have a direct connection with the accused or other witnesses and speak more to the accused or witness's character or personality and may or may not be Fact witnesses also. Expert witnesses testify about matters within the field of their expertise that relates to the case, i.e doctors for a point about medical injuries or wounds. If either side presents a witness or testimonial, that side will be allowed to ask as many questions until the Judge deems it unnecessary. Both sides must tell the other of the witness they intend to bring to court. After that, the other side may ask questions to examine or cross-examine the witness, until that side rests or the judge deems it unnecessary. Procedures of Demonstration: Sometimes, it can be useful to demonstrate a point or an argument and so sometimes a demonstration is allowed to take place. There is no need for either party to disclose when, how, or what type of demonstration they wish to use, only that they just make the judge aware 5 minutes prior to when they do it by either coming up to the judge during trial and approaching his bench or in private recess. Section 3-Legal Punishments The punishments listed below are not tied to any specific crime and are simply the procedure that must take place if a Judge chooses a guilty verdict and a punishment to fit it. No judge can give a punishment outside of the Legal Punishments below but will have the authority to choose how each punishment may be enacted but is not to create new ones or inventive ones of his own. Section 3.1 Punishment by Fine 1.A fine may be given out by a judge on the spot or during his verdict. 2.All fines must be executed by the state, ensuring proper dues to the state 3.If unable to pay the fine, a person will receive jail time or be forced to pay such fine in different manners not limited to seizure of personal property or mandatory labor, or payment of items of a physical nature. Section 3.2 Punishment of a Physical Nature 1. If a crime warrants such punishment of a physical nature that induces bodily harm, such as lashing, stoning, etc , a doctor must be at hand to administer healthcare to the accused afterwards. Section 3.3 Punishment by Exile 1. If a person is punished with exile, they will be given a Saint’s Day to remove their belongings from the city before they are placed in exile. 2. Following this a sketch should be made of the person. This sketch and their name will be posted in the gatehouse, for any guard to see should the person try to return. 3. Should they return before their exile is over, they will be subject to death or jail time for life. 4. Exilement can be appealed a. If this is the case, the person punished should send a letter to The Magister, who will then review the case and determine the course of action from there. b. If another court is needed to be held, then another court will take place and work on similar grounds to mistrial. c. A letter shall be sent to the exiled individual once their period of exile is over, notifying them that they are free to return should they please. Section 3.4 Punishment by Execution 1. Should a person be sentenced to death, their death will be dealt with humanely. 2. The punished may call for their last rites, as afforded to them by the canonist church, should they be a canonist. 3. Executions are to be performed by knights of the Order of the Titan, with a clergyman to oversee the execution. Section 3.5 Punishment of Repeat Offenders 1. Any criminal who has before been found guilty of doing the same crime repeatedly (typically for 3–4 counts), will have their punishment increased from the original verdicts of their previous trials. 2. Criminals who have done different but more than 1 offense of crime to the state will be left under a Judge’s purview on how to follow forward. Section 4 Legal Procedures of the Judiciary Section 4.1 On Prisoners of War 1. Should an enemy be captured in war, their fate may be decided by the Order of the Titan with a trial being overlooked due to the circumstances. 2. Should there be a disagreement about how to handle this situation, the view of the Judge or Duke will supersede the military officials. Section 4.2 Procedure on Crimes done by the Order of the Titan 1. If a member of the Order of the Titan commits an offense that is not a high crime, their case may be handled by the Head of the Order. 2. If a member of Order of the Titan commits an offense that is a higher crime like assault, mutilation, murder or treason, they will receive a Judicial investigation and a subsequent trial. a. Arrest and jail time until arraignment are to be decided by the Order or the Judiciary. 3. Any cruel or unusual punishments carried about an order of the Titan member can also be investigated judicially and receive trial. Section 4.4 Procedure of Marriage 1. The state recognizes a citizen's right to marry as stated in section 4, section 1, article 4 of the Scroll of Law. 2. Once the marriage has taken place, it shall be recognized and into recorded. Section 4.5 Procedure of Mistrial 1. The Scroll of Law guarantees that a mistrial will be held if the original trial contained a significant failure of the legal defense of the accused in accordance with section 2, subsection 3 and Section 4, Subsection 2, Subdivision 3 of the Scroll of Law. 2. Any irregularities of court that could cause a person to have been deemed guilty of doing instead of innocent are also grounds for a mistrial. a. Failure of fact witnesses to arrive, erroneous or false information by expert witnesses, incorrect evidence or false evidence that could have changed the verdict or opinion of the court count as irregularities. 3. A regular court will then take place to investigate the crimes and if the accused is deemed innocent they will be made innocent of all the crimes that he was charged with and the state will award appropriate compensation. 4. If the individual was executed, they will be posthumously declared innocent of all crimes. Section 4.6 Procedure of the False Witness 1. If a fact, insider/character, or expert witness is found to be lying, it shall be at the discretion of the judge of what they shall proceed but a charge of obstruction will be charged. 1.1 A judge may call for a verdict upon arrest, if there is no question or beyond reasonable belief any longer that the witness was lying or in any way obstructing justice. 1.2 If there exists any reasonable doubt, then a separate trial for the accused witness shall be held to determine if that accused will be charged with an obstruction of justice. Conclusion Within this document, it has contained upon itself the procedures of verdict, the establishment of punishments, and the important judicial procedures that must take place for a healthy and necessary judiciary. This document can and will be allowed to have additions and deletions, as long as both the Chief Justice and the Duke have given assent to such changes. Furthermore, all changes in the scroll of law that will directly change this document must also then be modified accordingly.
  12. ISSUED BY: THE DUKE ON: 1st of Owyn's Light, 183 S.A To promote the unique Brabantine identity and its culture, the Duke of Brabant hereby mandates the Swan Courts of Brabant, the primary cultural institution of the realm, and other relevant offices to develop the following: CENSUS The logistical measures necessary for the proper operation of society are best formed, when the substance of the people is understood. To not know one’s people is a display of negligence not fitting for territories under the diligent watch of God. FLORA AND FAUNA The lives and culture of the Brabantine people are greatly influenced by the nature present in the realm. The people of Brabant do their best to work when in unity with our homeland, rather than against it. As such, almanacks detailing the various flora and fauna, from local plant varieties, to the wildest beasts, will be sponsored and catalogued. DIALECT Reflecting upon the founding of our Duchy new generations of Brabantine emerging from the initial population, a linguistic shift has been noted. Thus the scribes and scholars of Brabant are asked to record and refine a lexicon of culturally significant evolutions to our common speech. LANDMARKS The statues, fountains, and other landmarks, both architectural and natural shall be labelled and named in accordance with the cultural history of Brabant. Surrounding forms and flows of land and water will also have naming conventions applied to them, determined by the cultural leaders of thought in the Brabantine Court. CURRENCY A new form of silver currency shall be minted for the use in the Brabantine economy. These units adorned ideally with representations of the Brabantine ethos, will promote trade and the transfer of value more easily.. ETIQUETTE As a measure to preserve our culture from the swift degeneration which so dangerously surrounds new societies, necessary and proper forms of encouraged and discouraged behaviour will be outlined and kept for public view. Contexts relevant to the ordering of etiquette will include Hunting, Courting between citizens, Civil conversation, etc. Signed, His Grace, Ser Sterling Blaxton-Whitewood, Duke of Brabant, Marquis of Lotusgrad, Baron of Blackwell, Lilenburg and Swan’s Keep, Lord of the Peaks, Protector of the Weefolk. Lothair of Brabant Arch-Delegate of the Duchy of Brabant
  13. AELYRA screamed and screamed. She beat her fists bloody and raw against the ice that made up her prison. It was a futile effort; the chains around her wrists had held her for decades and would hold her for decades more. Solace came in bursts — stale bread and wine, and the dreams of old friends amidst the nightmare.
  14. Grothzark'Dom grins broadly at the news "Da Stargush becomes more appealing as each strong bruddah illuminates it. May latz reward be enjoyed eternally."
  15. Freja

    Map Art - Madyyy

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  16. Mathi Lensul'em stood in the village, gazing up at the city as she read the proclamation. "The stars have blessed us with abright future under Princess Iryne's rule." She murmured, feeling a surge of pride. Turning to her aide, she declared, "Spread the news to every corner of our land. Celia'nor's prosperity is assured with such promising leadership." Ay'Celia'nor! Ay'Illthrak! Mathi Lensul'em Councilor, Parir, Treasurer and head of the Lensul'em talonii
  17. I don't disagree with the principle of the amendment but this feels like a VERY minor and unnoticeable tell
  18. An elf of Ashwood descent wonders what would happen should he show his face, after all this time. . .
  19. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  20. @SimplySeo @ElennanorePing me on Discord @ ibnkhaldun8
  21. "Mm, peaches," the child, Sylvie, hadn't seemed to have fully understood the missive, and was just sad that the ferrymen stole her mother's peaches, they would have to make apple pie instead.
  22. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  23. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  24. Amendments/Additions implemented into main lore post. Thank you for your submission. Moving to correct subforum to prevent redundancy and clutter.
  25. how could itdontmatta do this to us
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