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  2. Father Fiodor made sure to see to the ailing Count's wellbeing and spiritual needs as frequently as possible.
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  4. "King Ioannes Version 1611 or 1662 edition?" Asks If-Horen-Hadst-Not-Been-Baptised Barbones.
  5. Helena Augusta received word of her elder brother’s passing in her reclusive homestead. The Dame and the Count had not spoken in many years, in part due to the growing business of their own lives, and it would be something she would regret for the remainder of her life.
  6. Ruathar frowned deeply as he sat among his fellow Mali'ker when he got the news. "We must aid our brothers in the snow, before we let this scourge spread to all of Almaris unhinged. As the caretakers of this world, we as the sons and daughters of Malin must lead this fight. Rather than sitting in compliance and accept the annihilation of the Mali'Fenn." He urged the the ker around him to go to the Fennic Remnants when the time would come.
  7. IGN (MC Username): Mordhaund Discord: sam.#7121 Likes: Art, pixelated art banners, skins, games. Dislikes: Food and slice of life items, would rather not have an item as I already have too many : ^ ( Are you willing to spend USD on a gift or In-Game only?: Sadly not, only in game.
  8. Nikita happily smiling and chatting with everyone she got her hands on. Her bubbly personality filling the room. Her eyes pausing to watch her old friend,Alice many years ago she remebered giggling in the social season room about the men they would meet. Her eyes down cast to her left bouquet and remembered Their first meeting outside the palace and starring at the blue flowers as bright as the stars. Holding her arm up with her own lager “To the happy couple! May they prosper as long as the stars guide us!”
  9. Hodge Beernet, publican and taverneer, refuses the petition, glad to finally see an emperor that wears his heart on his sleeves.
  10. She was gone. These words caught in Amaesil's head. He had received the letter shortly after his meeting with Solus in the Warden Keep. He now sat in silence in the underground meeting chamber as he starred through the open archway to the western horizon. The moon illuminated the trees in the far distance. Is this how it feels to lose a child? he thought. No. She is away, but she is not gone. I will see her again someday. I know this. Amaesil rose from his seat and sauntered toward the archway. He rested a forearm against the wall and stood there for some time in deep, deep thought. Then, he finally penned a short letter to Melawen: in hopes she was not too far away just yet. My dear beloun'ii: There are fewer moments of greater sorrow and pride in my life than right now. I wish you the best on this journey, and I hope you know that I will always be within reach should you need it. Aspects guide you. I will see you soon, little one.
  11. Keziak accepted. Check the Discord.
  12. Saint Harald Vuiller looks confused at Theo, as he winces, the Saint also looking back to the Diet of karosgrad, remembering how it all happened because the Order he founded drew their blades and did not step down after both the Koeng of Haense and the Empire denounced the false Pontiff of Owyn III
  13. Qiew heard news about Morpheus. He looked hurt, sad, and guilty. A flash of emotions flashed in his eyes. Qiew felt he should've spent more time with him. Mostly Qiew was shocked. shocked that someone close to him has died/ Maybe he should make a small toy in his honor to keep his memory alive
  14. "Duh zkah juzt happinned?" William asked to no one in particular. he looked around for his mother ( @gurlpirate) , rushing toward her. the small, childish man seemed quite confused by the events of the night, he'd been possessed, and then jumped off a roof into a pile of corpses. when he heard the comforting sound of blah he turned to the olog. "Bruddha! wub da zkah lat eetin?" ( @alexdraganoid)
  15. Olivia yawned as she slowly came out of her hiding, one of her sisters shoving the missive towards her presence. She read over it slowly before her eyes stopped where the card read of her hand being offered. Quickly awake she tackled Margarita, “You offered WHAT?”
  16. Ay’Haelun’or! Medi’ir Braxus Ni’leya 14th of The First Seed, Year 52, S.A Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya It is rare that I get to rest these days - however rest is vital for the maintenance of body and mind and so I have decided to confine myself briefly within my lin, to contemplate the future of Haelun’or. When I found her, she was a wicked sight to behold - festering. So interred was she, in the graveyard of impurity that not even her own children would come to visit. However, dear followers of Larihei, I say to you with absolute certainty - the Motherland lives! We are mistaken to think her dead and leave her to rot. For I hear within her, a heart that still beats - it is faint, but a low hum. However, where there is life, there is hope. Thus, I intend on a great exhumation. Haelun’or shall return to us anew. She does not deserve burial, nor does she deserve to return to a lesser incarnation of what she ought to be - thus, I have devised her perfect form - the ideal State of Haelun’or. Permit me to use the analogy of our own Silver Soul, to make clear my point; There are three parts to the Ideal Haelun’or. The Rulers, Soldiers and Common Citizenry. It is those who rule that make policy decisions and lead, which benefits the State as a whole; The Soldiers - Our blessed Sillumiran - Defend the State; they defeat her enemies and they keep public order. The Common Citizenry engage in the everyday affairs of life - the Sciences, Arts, Construction, Smithing, et cetera. I have identified Four Virtues which will allow Haelun’or to fulfill its function as the Perfect State. They are the virtues of Wisdom, Courage, Moderation and Justice. In this Ideal Haelun’or, Wisdom is to be found in the Rulers - the Ruler must be Wise in order to accomplish their duty of ruling over the State well. Courage is to be found within our blessed Sillumiran; they need Courage in order to perform their role in the overall life of this ideal Haelun’or. Moderation is to be found chiefly among the Common Citizenry. They must be Moderate in their desires and in pursuing their own private goods. We are Mali’aheral, not Bortu - let us not succumb to greed. However, Moderation extends beyond the Common Citizenry, for the Rulers and indeed the Soldiers must also be Moderate - in their own way. And so Moderation as a virtue, applies to all three classes of people within this ideal Haelun’or. Justice is the fourth virtue, and Justice is not to be found in one particular class of citizen. Justice entombs the State as a whole - it permeates throughout it in its entirety. Justice, in this instance, is the correct relationship between the three different parts of the State, in which each part does its own job and no part tries to do the job of any other part. This means that the Rulers rule over the whole State with the cooperation of the Soldiers and the Common Citizenry. It is now known, that within all Mali’thill, resides a Silver Soul - this soul is Tripartite in nature, it has three elements to it - the Rational, the Spirited, and the Appetitive [For further explanation, read my previous works on these topics “The Silver Soul”, and “The Tripartite Soul”, in this order]. The Soul is ordered by Reason, who uses the Spirited part to reign in the Appetitive. These three parts of the soul correspond perfectly to the three classes of citizen in this ideal iteration of Haelun’or. Reason, Spirit, and Appetite, as I have just mentioned. The role of Reason is to Rule over the entire Soul. Reason is able to weigh all relevant information and to make choices that are in the Soul’s long-term best interest. Reason, of course, corresponds to the Rulers of this ideal State. Spirit fights for the soul externally and internally, and helps to keep order. The Spirited part of the Soul corresponds to the Soldiers in this ideal State. Lastly, the Appettitive part of the Soul is our desire for food, drink, sleep, sex and other material goods. The Appetite knows no internal limits - it takes as much as it gets, unless it is retrained by some outside force or lack of supply. The Appetite corresponds to the Common Citizenry. Remember dear lliran, in our efforts for perfection, we must not become Bortu-like in our ambition - rather, we must not let our ambition turn into greed, for it could be our very un-doing! Justice in the Soul, as with the State, is the correct relationship between the three constitutive elements. In which each part performs its own duties and does what it is by nature, best suited to do. Specifically, Justice in the Soul means that Reason Rules over Appetite, with the cooperation of the Spirited, to govern and restrain the Appetites and direct them towards the Good of the entire person. Those who Rule, Those who Defend, Those who Labour - Different, but Equal - pursuing Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya as One. Let us create this perfect form of Haelun'or.
  17. Honeyhill Settlement Guide Name of Settlement: Honeyhill Peak Times: Honeyhill typically peaks EST evenings Population: Honeyhill's resident population is entirely halfling, with larger folks visiting from time to time! Brief Description: ~The village of Honeyhill as seen from its docks~ Always full of life and cheer, Honeyhill is the main village of halflings on Almaris. Surrounded on one side by wheat fields cut into the hills and by a large river on the other, Honeyhill is one of the most important farming villages in all of Haense. Directions: Located just off of Karosgrad, Honeyhill can be walked to by following the road out from the fields and windmill next to said city.
  18. Ser Reinhardt Barclay dabs his eyes, realizing his kids were growing up
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  20. Exalted Sigismund’s Fair A celebration of the Prophet [!] A prior painting capturing the festivities of Ex. Sigismund’s day, circ. Unknown To celebrate Exalted Sigismund’s Day - the national Haeseni holiday; a fair shall be held in the streets of Karosgrad. Traditionally, it is a time for feasting and sitting down with family and clan members as the winter months set in. A time for reflection, joy, and thankfulness. So it is important that the city, too, will celebrate. Games will be set up for the entertainment of passers-by around the square, along with informative statues to provide some insight into the life of Sigismund I, prophet of the faith. These will include a balloon game- to test how high each player can ascend! To play, simply grab ahold of the bunch of balloons, and allow them to lift your body weight up off solid ground. Also- for a limited time only, there will be stalls selling the own-brand of Sig’s Cigs to the merry-goers! Common foods to be served during the fete include veal, iskov and restineol - accompanied by classic bottles of Carrion Black! After all: it would not be a proper Hanseti holiday without some intense drinking competitions. Signed, Her Royal Majesty, Emma Karenina, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska
  21. THE OLD STOUT CROW PUB PRESENTS THE TUVMAS TUSSLE 15th of Jula and Piov, 401 E.S. The Duke of Valwyck, dressed in Tuvmas attire, preparing to decorate the fighting pit of the pub in a Tuvas style, 401 E.S. @Gusano Be holly, be jolly, for Tuvmas time is nearly upon us. The most wonderful time of the half-century is here, and with it shall it bring merriment and cheer. To kick off our Tuvmas season, the two recent hires of the Old Stout Crow Pub, Duke Eirik Baruch and Maxim Attenlund, have planned for the first semi-centennial Tuvmas Tussle to take place on the first Gronna and Droba of the season. One is not required to sign up ahead of the Tuvmas Tussle, one must simply show up, though it is expected that one dresses in the spirit of the season, lively colours of green and red, Tuvmas Trees, or Tuvmas Hats, are all encouraged for all who wishes to try their hand at the Tussle. The Tussle itself shall consist of a series of fist fights, following a simple elimination system, and the draw for the bracket shall be random. Prizes shall be distributed for the winner, the second place, and the third place tusslers, as follows: 1st 300 Mina, Free Booze for the Night 2nd 200 Mina, Three Glasses of Carrion Black 3rd 100 Mina, One Glass of Carrion Black Any and all injured participants will be treated, if need be, by staff on hand - with a shot of black and a pat on the back. To go alongside the Tussle shall be a betting pot organised by the Duke of Valwyck, where one will be able to place a sum of 25 mina on their tussler of choice. At the conclusion of the Tuvmas Tussle, the total pot shall then be divided between those who made the correct bet. The Tuvmas Tussle could only be made possible due to the monetary contribution of; His Excellency, Ser Reinhardt Barclay, High Seneschal of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska @Capt_Chief26 Event date: Saturday, December 4th 4PM EST - 9PM GMT - 1PM PST Thanks to gus for the post!
  22. Kin removed the missive from the tree it was pinned to "Nani?!?"
  23. KONINKRIJK AADRENSVELD-RHYNSLAND Early 1891 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE FIRES OF INDUSTRY! RJIKSTAAD'S IMPERIAL FLOATYARDS TAKES MAJOR CONTRACTS! Imperial Floatyards, a prominent, privately owned shipwright located in Rjikstaad, in the Fatherland, has accepted major contracts from the Imperial Sechsian Navy and the Marine Aeronautique d'Acadie. Though this turn of events is unsurprising - given Aadrensveld-Rhynish superiority in ship construction - it has brought huge profits and increased employment to the city of Rjikstaad, which has suffered greatly in light of recent economic hardships and grain shortages. MARRIAGE! HIS HIGHNESS, CROWN PRINCE FRANZ-HEINRICH, TO WED LADY MARIAM OF TYREL! His Royal Highness, Prince Franz-Heinrich van Aadrensveld, is to wed Lady Mariam Kassadan of Tyrel, daughter of the sitting Archduke, in an Autumn ceremony. The ceremony will take place in the Cathedral of Hieromar, built by Heinrich III and located within Coenstaad, and the traditional venue for Royal weddings. Lady Mariam shall spend the remaining time before her wedding in Aadrensveld-Rhynsland, coming to know the country she is eventually to be Queen of. RIVALRY IN THE ADMIRALTY! THE FIRST AND SECOND SKYLORDS EMBROILED IN BITTER CONFLICT OVER STATE OF THE FLEET! A bitter argument has taken hold of the Board of the Admiralty, as the First and Second Skylords bicker viciously over the future of De Koninkrijke Marine. The First Skylord's proposed doctrine of "Strength by Land and Skies" has met bitter opposition from the Second Skylord and his faction, bitter advocates of their own doctrine "Steel Horizon". Steel Horizon advocates the pursuit of total aerial supremacy, by means of the construction of a capital ship focused fleet, while Strength by Land and Skies calls for a mixed balance of power between the Navy and the Army, with the Koninkrijke Marine designed in a manner that will allow the provision of maximum support to Aadrensveld-Rhynish ground forces, in the theoretical scenario of a large scale Continental conflict. MURDER INVESTIGATION UNCOVERS THIRD MURDER, NATION SHOCKED! Officers investigating the murder of two prostitutes from the Reksville slums have recently uncovered the murder of a man known as Fredrik Djik, a known gambler and drunk. The Nationaal Politiebureau continues to investigate both crimes, though there are currently no indications that either murder case is linked. NEW STOCK TRADER OPENS IN COENSTAAD! LADEMANN AND MANES, BROKERS, SEEKS NEW BUSINESS! A new stock trader opens in Coenstaad. Though no governmental sponsorship has currently been offered, Lademann and Manes have already secured the business of major corporations, such as Imperial Floatyards and Slanker Heavy Manufacturing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rain. Always rain. The heavy winter rains, filled with frigid snow and sleet, had given way to the spring rains, carrying with them the hope of a new year and new life. There was no promise of life in the air for Major Martin de Coninck, or his young aide, Lieutenant Olaf van Hee. The two officers of the Nationaal Politiebureau strode silently through the heavy streets of Reksville, fine uniforms and raincoats covered with mud, and worse, as they made for their destination. "Down here." Called van Hee, gesturing to an alley, which lead to a number of hovels that the wealthy factory owners who owned them called "tenements". Both drew their revolvers, and the Braun & Jannsen Model 1882s glistened wetly in the endless sheets of water. They neared a door, and Major de Coninck rapped it smartly. They had been directed here by a pimp, known as Big Bjork, who owned a brothel down on the Diddler's Way. Two of Bjork's girls had been killed in what appeared to be the actions of a serial killer, and the man who lived here was a known regular of both girls - occasionally at the same time, when the thoroughbreds had been good to him. "Mr Djik?" Called de Coninck, rapping again "Please open the door, Mr Djik." Silence. Coninck steps back, readying his weapon, and nods briskly to his young aide. With a flurry of soaking oilskins, van Hee kicks the door open, the lock bursting out of the light timbers, and the policemen step inside. Immediately, both are hit by a dreadful stench, and they choke on the scent of soaking, rotted purification. They proceed to the next room, where they find what remains of Djik, lying in a puddle of crusted, dry blood, a bloated, maggot infested and half eaten corpse. Coninck crouches down, and lifts a shell beside the corpse. "Not very professional." He tucks it into a pocket. "Run down the street, Mr van Hee, best call the Staadspolitie, have them lock down the street. We shall need to interview every neighbor we can lay our hands on." Van Hee runs out the door, and de Coninck walks around the room, casting an eye around the meagre furnishings and the even more meagre possessions. With van Hee gone, he takes the shell out of his pocket again, feeling a chill as he does. He couldn't be sure, but the Major could almost swear that the shell was from a police issue revolver. He frowned, adjusted his hat, and stepped back out into the rain. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ACTIONS -A survey of the local habitants of Vriesia is undertaken. If possible, Aadrensveld-Rhynish agents are instructed to thoroughly map the area, and make contact with the local tribes. -Celebrations across the country! With the establishment of Vriesstaad in Vriesia, the Government declares ownership in full of the new continent, and designates it as the Protectorate of Vriesia, to be administered by the newly appointed Kommandant-General, Rear-Admiral Rudolph Broeker. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FINANCE -2 new colonies are founded (8 M, 60’000 Kreuens) --Vriesstaad in Vriesa --Zoetveld in Middeiland -2 new Civilian Districts are built in Coenstaad (2 M, 20’000 Kreuens) -3 new Material Industry. (30’000 Kreuens) - 6 Vitriol, 3 Coal sold -12 Destroyers and 2 Light Cruisers are commissioned on behalf of Sechsia. (60’000 Kreuens Build Cost, compensated with 74’400 Kreuens.) -3 Heavy Cruisers and 3 Destroyers are commissioned on behalf of Acadia. (67'500 Kreuens, paid by Acadia.)
  24. The Duhu & the man that was fired upon couldn't help but shake his head as he read what the child had written. He sighed thinking to himself going back to his paper work after burning the missive drawing up a report on what happen that day with the new info at his finger tips
  25. Wen Yanli would read over the letter, tucking it away into her drawer as she pet her cat quietly. The teen sat in the silence, preparing for the worst to come.
  26. Based. Ahh i need a cute kha in a maid suit.
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