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  2. Step 1. Make dwarf step 2. Ireheart step 3. Win conclusion. Join the Irehearts on a dwarf
  3. The musin read the missive with a smile “Sons of Krug have always been pretty great. Ancestors bless their efforts.”
  4. The old Knight patiently sat home quietly as he was thinking about the last convo. "I hope she took my advice and didn't do anything... I hope she's alright.."
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  6. This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon. Please note that if this is playable lore, such as a magic or CA, you will need to write a guide for this piece. You will be contacted regarding the guide (or implementation if it isn’t needed) shortly.
  7. A TOURNEY OF TESTAMENT Strength may guide us. Published: 11th of the Grand Harvest, Year 114 SA Over recent years, the nation of Celia’nor has evolved into something quite extraordinary. Our vast and skilled populace possess many talents across an array of different vocations such as the arcane or the arts. But, what lies within the core of our nation is our strength and unanimity as one under our gracious leader, Princess Valyris Ibarellan. Thus - what better way to celebrate this, than with a tournament? Such a display of vigor and valor is befitting given our military successes and the recent restoration of the knights within our Order of the White Gryphon. This two month tourney shall be a great showcase of the values upon which Celia’nor prides itself. “Peace is not my profession. War is my profession. Should you fail at your job, I will not fail at mine.” - Lord Thalon Nullivari, Mar’sil of the Order of the White Gryphon I T I N E R A R Y MALIN’S WELCOME MELEE TOURNAMENT Upon the first day of the tourney, all are invited to witness and, if one so desires, to compete in the melee tournament. Choice of armor and weaponry is your own - fight in hand-to-hand combat to have a chance at winning the grand prize of 500 mina and a custom weapon designed by yourself from Zoddryk Nullivari, the Master of the Forge. Whomever finishes in second place, shall win 200 mina. [[OOC: THURSDAY, FEB 9TH @ 5PM EST ]] THE FIRST SEED JOUSTING TOURNAMENT The grand jousting tournament shall also be held within the Festival Grounds of Celia’nor. Horses will be supplied to those who wish to compete but one is encouraged to provide their own armor. In accordance with the melee tourney, whomever achieves first place shall be awarded 500 mina and a custom weapon designed by yourself from our Master of the Forge, while second place shall win 200 mina. [[OOC: FRIDAY, FEB 10TH @ 4PM EST ]] CONCESSIONS During both tourney events, there will be a variety of drinks sold as refreshments while watching the ongoing battles. These drinks will be provided by our Court Sommelier, Auro’ra Castington. Around the tourney grounds, there will also be an array of merchant displays with items being sold. If you have something to sell and would like to obtain a stall, send a bird to Lady Ro’ya Nullivari [[Amyy#3796]]. TOURNAMENT SIGN UPS If you wish to sign up for the tournament, send a bird to Ro’ya Nullivari [[Amyy#3796]] or Senna Cerusil [[Sailor#4861]] with the following information: [[FILL IN THE GOOGLE FORM BELOW]] https://forms.gle/avVdnbEiNYcnJ4Zk7 AY’PUERAN; Lady Ro’ya Nullivari, Lady of Eld Roth, Virar of Celia’nor, Laurir Kaliri of the High Council, Lady of Festivities, Court Painter of Celia’nor. Lady Senna Cerusil, Laurir of Celia’nor, Mordu’lar of the Celiadiraar and Member of the High Council. Lord Thalon Nullivari, Lord of Eld Roth, Virar of Celia’nor, Laurir Sil of the High Council, Mar’sil of the Order of the White Gryphon, Champion of Wer Relgas. SPECIAL INVITATIONS ARE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING: ARISTOCRACY OF CELIA'NOR Evarir Veralya Wynasul, and their Talonii @Amuletic Evarir Aurelius Haelimah, and their Talonii Virar Thalon Nullivari, and their Talonii @_Sug Virar Serigne Py’lrie, and their Talonii @Allien Virar Theoden Akaln’riv, and their Talonii @FredrickTeufel Virar Aestenia Aevaris and their Talonii @lillyeveans Laurir Ante’ahern Athri'onn and their Talonii @Air Laurir Senna Cerusil and their Talonii @Sailor Lauririi Raziel Amethil @Laeonathan Lauririi Aearion Tawarenion @Smol Nor’onn Kraal Dralguna and their Talonii @KILL_MAPS FOREIGN DELEGATIONS Netseth Loa’chil, Prince of Nor’asath and his citizens @ColonelKuehl1 Lenora Jusmia, of Vortice and her citizens @Bethinwonderland Georg I, King of Haenseti-Ruska and his citizens @gusano Frederick II, Prince of Sedan and his citizens @outcook Agnar Grandaxe, King of Urguan and his citizens @legoUrguan10 Mika Anarion, The Silver Lubba of Lurin and his citizens @mika1278 Renilde I, Archduchess of Petra and her citizens @tilly
  8. DAS EDIKT DER EINSTELLUNG THE EDICT OF RECRUITMENT Proposed by the Herzog of the Landtag in the year of our Lord 1910 SÖHNE UND TÖCHTER VON MINITZ, Let the contents of this proposal stop any foreigner who our lands enters to seek employment and manpower for his own ambition. The people are of Minitz, and Minitz is of the people, let no foreign influencers remove them from their Fatherland. EDICT I Thus is it proposed that a FOURTH Wrongdoing is added to the FIFTH Chapter in the FIRST Book of the Kanun: “The land is of the Herzog, and so are the people that its soil step. The foreigner who our land enters with the intent to recruit and to employ to his own foreign cause is an intruder before the eyes of the Kanun. Let none persuade the hard working Reinmaren men and women to serve the foreign chief or merchant, for their life they have dedicated to their fatherland. And let none use the soil of Minitz as grounds for their own growth, for our plains are of Reinmaria, and our land that of Theoderic. He who wishes to employ the people of Minitz without removing them from their home must have the consent of the Herzog. The malicious foreigner found to have committed such crime shall pay Weregild to the Herzog, or the Chief of the Tribe if a tribesmen they attempted to employ. Their feet shall not touch our soil until the Weregild is extracted.” GOTT MIT UNS, His Grace, Leon Brandt Barclay Herzog von Minitz KRE, GMSTSR Duke of Minitz, Count of Neu Brandthof, Viscount of Tucay, Baron of Boriënwald and Brandthof, Lord of Durres, Harvest Lord, Protector of the Aaunic Heartlands, High Chief of the Reinmaren His Excellency, Maxwell Ritter ad Landren RSTSR Ritter, Lawspeaker of Minitz
  9. DIE LANDTAGSNOMINIERUNGEN VON 1910 THE LANDTAG NOMINATIONS OF 1910 Issued by the Lawspeaker of Minitz in the year of our Lord 1909 SÖHNE UND TÖCHTER VON MINITZ, Following the formation of the Herzograt in 1902, the positions of the Lawmen and the Mayor were established. Both electoral in nature, these offices were formed in the spirit of the Reinmaren collectivism, for all sons and daughters of Minitz to elevate their own leaders within the Herzograt. Thus, it is by the decree of Lawspeaker Maxwell that the SECOND Nominations of these positions of the Landtag are held, thus that the Tribesmen of Minitz to elect their law writers, and the Burghers elect their representative in Landtag. GOTT MIT UNS THE LAWMEN NOMINATIONS The Gesetzmann, or the Lawman is responsible and privileged to amendments to the Kanun, whilst still holding a single vote during voting for legislation. TWO Lawmen shall be elected, serving a period of FOUR years. Any Seated tribesman of the Landtag may nominate themselves for the position, as long as they have undergone the Trial of the Stallion, and concluded the Ritual of Blood, thus gaining the blood of the Reinmaren. THE MAYORAL NOMINATIONS The Office of the Mayor (Waldenian: Der Bürgermeister) shall represent and oversee the needs of the Burgher population of the realm. The Burghers of Minitz, despite not holding their own seat within the Landtag, shall be offered representation through the Mayor. The Mayor of Neu Brandthof may only be nominated from the Tribesmen of Minitz. who, alongside his own vote within the Landtag, shall also hold a second vote for the Burgers of the realm. Furthermore, the Mayor shall oversee the employment of the petty positions within the Herzograt, as outlined in the formation of the Herzograt in 1902. All those who wish to nominate themselves for these positions MUST fill out the following form, and publish. The nomination period shall last for the period of two months from this announcement. (OOC: Nominations will close at 4pm EST on Monday the 6th) NOMINATION FORM: Full Name: Rank of Prestige: (Tribesman, Geehrte, Hochgeehrte, or Ritter) Position: (Mayor or Lawman) [Username: ] GOTT MIT UNS, His Grace, Leon Brandt Barclay Herzog von Minitz KRE, GMSTSR Duke of Minitz, Count of Neu Brandthof, Viscount of Tucay, Baron of Boriënwald and Brandthof, Lord of Durres, Harvest Lord, Protector of the Aaunic Heartlands, High Chief of the Reinmaren His Excellency, Maxwell Ritter ad Landren RSTSR Ritter, Lawspeaker of Minitz
  10. OFFICE OF THE MAGISTRATE Published in the Year of our Lord, 1910 PAR PROCLAMATION DU MAGISTRAT, The age of insecurity is far behind us. If someone asked us what it was like to raise and carve the foundations of our kingdom, we would certainly have an answer. We would certainly respond with pride after every spoken word, all thanks to the successful and hard-working people who were there in the times of the greatest need. As the Royal Government has been ratified and formed, so are its branches arriving at people’s service, which will work every day for the benefit of the citizens of our kingdom. With the introduction of the Edict of Diligence, the formation of the Office of Magistrate is hereby announced. It will first serve as a legal advisor to His Majesty the King, and will also be in charge of solving immigration issues at the level of the entire kingdom. In addition to the aforementioned duties, the Office of the Magistrate will serve as the central archive of the kingdom, from which all information will be collected, sorted, and shared. The main goal of the Office of the Magistrate is the orderly management of the kingdom's internal affairs policy, with additional attention that will be directed to immigration issues, both due to the large influx of new residents, and to care for the future of the kingdom, its capacity, and standard of living. TRH Louis II August, the 1st Royal Magistrate of the United Kingdom of Aaun HIERARCHY ROYAL MAGISTRATE As the representative and the highest authority of the Office of the Magistrate, the task of the Royal Magistrate is to manage the subordinate offices by coordinating work with them accordingly, the organization of duties of subordinate agents, and the maintenance of records and information in the archives of the kingdom, as well as to deal with immigration matters alongside the subordinate offices throughout the territory of the kingdom and beyond, if necessary. ROYAL INFORMANT The main duties of the Royal Informant are to keep records related to the Royal Census, which includes statistical information on the number, variety, and occupations of the citizens of the kingdom. In addition to the above, the duty includes coordination and communication with other offices within the Royal Government if immigration is brought into question by other parties. INSPECTOR-INFORMANT These agents, now to be referred to as Inspector-Informants, fall under the authority of Royal Informant. The task of the Inspector-Informant is to forward important information regarding immigration issues to the Royal Informant, as well as fieldwork which consists of inspecting reaching areas within the territory of the kingdom. ROYAL ARCHIVIST Information that directly concerns the kingdom and all other information enters the central archive, which is in charge of the Royal Archivist. The duties of the Royal Archivist include regularly updating the central archive, adding or removing information from the archive, and maintaining the Royal Directory. THE OFFICE OF THE MAGISTRATE RECRUITMENT The Office of the Magistrate wishes to announce the recruitment of the new Royal Informant and the subordinate Inspector-Informants for the Office of the Royal Informant. Applicants who wish to apply for the position of Royal Informant and Inspector-Informants are encouraged to do so by contacting the Royal Magistrate, Louis II August (Discord: rep2k#4690, IGN: rep2k) AVEC DIEU, LTH, Louis II August, Marquis de Haute-Epine, Comt de Beaufoy e Arentaniebourg, Baron de Rosius, Seigneur Commandant de la Garde de La Rose, Seigneur de Mont Louis, Protecteur d’Arentanie et Magistrat royal du Royaume-Uni d'Aaun
  11. The child, Lord Edvard Baenyx Vuiller was fully ignorant of the situation as he played with his tin soldiers on the floor of the Vuiller keep. Pointing towards Ledicort tilting his head “Dada?” He seemed confused seeing how the lad after all did not have a father around..
  12. a handful of very simple pastel dresses i made while practicing & figuring out how i want to shade, all featuring some sort of embroidered design dont skin snipe lol i wont sell it to you once you buy the skin its yours, u can do anything (change model types, color adjust, lend to a friend, etc) EXCEPT claim u made it post bids in separate replies please :) BIDDING bidding starts at 300 mina minimum bid increase of 20 mina auction ends midnight saturday feb 11th ∘₊✧ ────────────────────────────── ✧₊∘ o o o Little Weeds o o o o o o Rosebush o o o o o o Grapevine o o o o o o Seashell o o o
  13. Druko'Lur has a goblin read the thesis to him as he is illiterate. He then nods in approval!
  14. Plot Emi_Sohma nearby Da_Emps and them (Reason: I've been in human rp forever, please help)
  15. Azzie wondered which snowflake she was in Raziels mind.
  16. "Ay'Larihei! It is not I who will have Justice!" The philosopher in his hermitage had left the crystal caverns of purity. Skin glowing from bathing in the golden pools. "May he who shamed his name, himself, and his kin, bring Kleos back to his house! For he was meant to be of the most blessed of lads""
  17. Letters Patent for the County of Garmont, 1910 Issued and Confirmed by Her Grace, the Archduchess of the Petra, Renilde I 19 Godfrey's Triumph, 1910 TO OUR BELOVED SUBJECTS, It has pleased Our August graciousness to reward the service of Our beloved sister and subject, Charlotte Roberta of the Petra, with appointment to the peerage of the Commonwealth. Accordingly, with the grace of God and the counsel of Our court, we do invest Charlotte Roberta of the Petra as the Countess of Garmont, a role they as peers shall hold in trust to Our Commonwealth for the duration of their loyal fealty. They are enjoined to maintain the law of Our realm, to abide peacefully by Our rule, and to rise to Our defense when necessary. In return, as a sign of Our August graciousness, we do privilege their person to collect rents on their estates and holdings. Moreover, We do henceforth proclaim the issue and descendants of the lawful union between Our beloved sister, Charlotte Roberta of the Petra, and her husband, Prince Frederick II of Sedan, to be known legally as the House of Novellen-Petra-Garmont, a cadet branch of Our honored father’s House of Novellen of the Petra, in the shorthand known as the House of Garmont, whilst bearing the surname ‘of Garmont’ appended to their given names. O SAINTE RÈGNE PETRÉRE HER GRACE, Renilde I, By the Grace of GOD, Archduchess of the Petra, Countess of Temesch and Moere
  18. Name: Markward Orino Age (must be older than 15 years): 27 Race: Human (Farfolk) Allegiance: Minitz (Haense) Why do you wish to attend The Citadel? I always find myself in dangerous situations but, as a nomad at heart, I strive to enroll in all sorts of activities but don't want to make others concerned about my health and be able to help those in need on my adventures. Which classes do you wish to enroll in? SURVIVALIST studies
  19. To the esteemed Lord Raziel Amethil, Greetings from a humble servant of the land. I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to humbly request the opportunity to be taken under your wing as your pupil. I hope that I am not too late for this opportunity and that there may still be a chance for me to join your esteemed ranks. I am aware that I am but a newcomer to Celia'nor, however, I assure you that I have spent the past weeks dedicated to furthering my abilities to better serve the nation. I have been using my skills to protect the citizens of the land as a Diraar, and I firmly believe that the mastery of the arcane arts will allow me to serve the greater good of the nation even more effectively. I find this land to be my home and its people to be worth protecting. I have no doubt with the magic that you will teach me can help me better protect and serve them, and I am eager to hone my skills under your guidance. I am grateful for the opportunity that you have given to the citizens of the Celia'nor to study magic, and I assure you that I will not take this chance for granted. I am dedicated to using my abilities for the good of the nation and its people. I humbly ask that you consider taking me under your wing and allowing me the chance to grow and develop as a person I promise to apply myself with all my heart and to be a diligent student. However, if I were to be rejected, I would still be more than grateful for the opportunity to learn about the rich culture and history of Celia'nor from one as knowledgeable as yourself. Yours truly, Rhys
  20. A depiction of a hellish knight seen roaming the wilds of the Lost Lands Art by Artem Demura The following is intended as private RP All had become relatively quiet now; as peaceful as things had gone within those hills by that smoke-stained bastion. It was difficult to tell the time, given that the sky was perpetually hidden behind a thick layer of clouds wrought from smog and smoke. Ash dusted everything, even gathering in scattered puddles of blood and mud that made up that silenced battlefield. Prime picking grounds for this Biter, who flitted from the scattered corpses of men to feast upon their eyes. Its cousins sought their teeth. Though, it wasn't only men who dotted this field - devils and fiends joined them, feasted upon and picked by other imps and scavengers. Nothing would be wasted, and it wasn't as if the mortals would send another battalion forth anytime soon. Yet there was a flicker of light, and the echo of static just beyond the veil of smoke rising up from the scattered fires ahead. Two figures still lived, it seemed, and looked over that smouldering field of corpses. One was large, larger than any of the mortals the Biter had seen before; dressed in white and bronze, with a hellish tail peaking out of its robes--certainly a devil. The other was shorter, a mortal elf certainly--yet dressed like no soldier. The pair looked entirely out of place. They were speaking to one another, yet their words didn't trail far for the Biter to pick up anything clearly. The Biter skittered closer, chattering and chirping to its cousins through its little gnashing teeth; the imp was no larger than a man's hand. It hopped about and fluttered with fleshy, bat-like wings to give its small leaps distance--though it froze as it realized it caught the eye of that masked devil and quickly hid. The elf seemed distracted, perhaps even distressed, as she took in everything. Hasty words were passed on from that mortal before she made for a nearby hill, moving even further away from that curious Biter. The devil followed, fortunately pulling his attention away from that little scavenging imp. It wondered what their eyes would taste like, if it could even reach them without being crushed to nothing. It decided it was better to not risk such a thing; there was less room for hiding upon that hillside. And so, the Biter watched those two with its beady eyes. Every now and then, it'd hear a few words carried by those two, Chaos, Balance, Destruction; words spoken either with intensity or passion, this odd pair seemed to share some form of argument as gestures were made to the dreary state of the land. They stood there for a long while, just. . . talking, even persisting after the Biter had sought more meals from that battlefield. It wasn't until it spotted another flicker of light and echo of static, that the Biter realized those two strangers were suddenly gone.
  21. the fact that your first amendment was denied is a great example of the LT's current attitude towards voidal magic
  22. Evangeline Daphne smiled as she read the missive, "Truly, I am so glad I could see more writers spread their talents..." Eva remained in a hospital bed, a bit ill from the late war.
  23. Kor'garr the Clanless hums in thought, reclining from his writing desk as he taps the Courtly summary with a bulky grey digit. Calls for a more modern era? Greater Industry? Something he personally agrees with, to be certain. And of course the mention of Sigrun Ireheart as a valiant defender against the undead scourge in Balian. The news-orc rubs his chin in thought, before dipping his Jabbernak feather quill into a nearby bottle of vivid Jungle Berry ink. This is certainly an opportunity of some kind... But what path would be taken to capitalize on the future?
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