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  2. Community HOI4

    >Night >2pm pick one...
  3. (( watching with intrest tho no idea why dwarves and orcs are killing one another..... also whats with They bring thousands... just say axually numb so we get a good idea like in oocly. ALSO salaam from ur daily kafta man who love u all <3 forgive my eng in 3 am in morn with a nephew spending the night jumping everywhere screaming i want dah car car! #Prayforyourfarfolkfriend
  4. Atlas Events predictions? 🤔

    oh man.... i do not want to see that.. at the same time... BRING IT ON! just dont invite whitewalkers ;-; they already made me scared to touch or go near the southern snow border........
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  6. [GM Team,WD team, ] [The Sad Truth of the new rules for freebuilds]

    The actual proximity of blocks isn't really that important. Giving the first person to build a village in an area control over huge swathes of territory isn't the solution to the PVP fort problem. The solution is to disallow pvp forts no matter where they're built.
  7. Crown's Reponse to the Proposal, 1655

    Godwyn Crast, famous victor of the Senntisten Mayoral elections and representative of the people, simply shrugged "The one drop act was not there to authorize slavery, it was there to protect Humanity from it." he shook his head "His Majesty, Frederick Pius enacted certain laws which permitted both slavery and the selling of drugs!" Content the Crast took his leave.
  8. Markev Maer Election of 1655

    "Vote for Godwyn Crast - For a brighter future! Oh... Wait a second, this is the wrong city" said a certain man, before hopping off the podium and escaping the Markev
  9. If you have issues concerning your blacklist please contact the GM Director as I feel it was deserved and not wrongful in any sense. Your appeal may be placed again in 13 days.
  10. [ST] Lock wants to see again.

  11. Globglogabgalab

    I agree
  12. The Iron Brigade of Kronheim

    RP: Name of resident: Dreek Ireheart II Race and Ethnicity: Mountain Dwarf Combat Experience (circle one): None ; Some ; Moderate ; Weathered OOC: IGN: thebulter Discord: you have it ~Hours on server spent a day: ~3, a little more on weekends ~Availability on weekdays: Never before noon EST, usually not after 8pm est on Sundays
  13. [MA] [Lutaumancy] TheNanMan2000

    Huh. neat.
  14. [CA][Fjarriauga] rosediode

  15. [CA][Frost Witch]Vulnikru

  16. Irongroot's GM App (The Sequel)

  17. The Kadarsi Tribe!

  18. [Dark Arts][MA] Ilene

    The witch has been runed, and cannot use any Frost magic. For more information, see this post:

    [RP] RACE: Half-Orc SLAVE NAME/PARTICIPANT NAME: Lurcano'Gorkil [OOC] IGN: ChonGojDragonski DISCORD: ItsChon#9925
  20. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Han Dominion Winter, HSC 8 Year of the Pig As the year 2151 dawns, the Han civil war reaches a crescendo. The fragments of the Jinyiwei loyal to Zeng Xue’s Triple Crescent find themselves under a brutal onslaught in the shadows of Xin Xi’an, as Shi Yimu reasserts his authority over the organization. Though Yimu remains exiled in Huizhou, his tendrils soon reach back to the capital, and Xue soon finds himself cut off from any sort of intelligence. The theocratic revolution on Yuguo soon begins to run into obstacles: with characteristic subtlety, the Jinyiwei sabotages seasonal rice harvests all over the globe, and as grain prices sharply rise, Xue faces mounting unrest. Just as he attempts to compensate with imports from the offworld colonies, the situation worsens, as the Dao Si arrives in the system with a fleet of mercenaries. The Silver Knight Company, under contract and protecting the interests of their own kingdom, immediately establishes a perfectly legal blockade of the Han capital, and begins to prepare for a siege: though Beijing Stronghold is fortified against frontal attacks, it is vulnerable to a land assault. Han troops from Huizhou soon set up camp on the stronghold’s moon, and begin to whittle away at its shields, pressing in from all sides. As damage from the siege begins to be felt on the Dominion’s most valuable facility, the Ar’gakari purpose in the galaxy seems to become clear, as they launch invasions of nations across the Milky Way. But with the exception of certain movements of the Jinyiwei, none within Han space seem to take the threat seriously. News from within their borders speaks only of conflict and inaction… ---------- “What do you make of this, Long?” Huang Jie scanned the reports from home, bearing summons from both sides of the conflict over Yuguo. “Seems to me Xue’s lost his damn mind.” His flagship’s captain, Mao Long, pursed his lips. “You expected him to surrender?” “I expected him to do his duty. That was what we were all raised to do. He’s lost. Why does he insist on inviting more Han death?” “The stronghold is well-fortified. He might win.” Jie looked up with tired eyes. “What if he does? What will be left of the Dominion?” He rose, staring out the window. “Three warring states, too locked in their own differences to even consider what’s happening beyond their borders. We’re weak, captain, and the galaxy knows it. It’s only a matter of time until someone seizes the opportunity.” Long was silent. Beyond the window stretched the horizon of Rhodium below, and the fleets of the beleaguered human coalition’s eastern front. “I’ve been away from home for too many years, Long,” Jie finally continues. “We all have, and we’ve accomplished nothing.” His voice was quiet, thoughtful. “I don’t like waiting.” The captain leaned in. “Sir...what are you suggesting?” Jie nodded, as if confirming something to himself. “I think it’s time I had a word with our hosts.” He pressed a button on his console, ordering a shuttle to be prepared. Then he turned back to his companion. “Signal the fleet. At the end of the day, we jump to Shaanxi.” With that, the grizzled admiral strode out of the room. Before he even reached the planet’s surface, the fleet was locking in coordinates, accessing the Dominion’s anchor network, spinning up their FTL drives. Marines checked their weapons and shuttles. Captains from every nation of the fleet rose from idleness: at last they would have the chance to show their mettle. And at close of day, each ship turned its prow to Yuguo, and split the fabric of reality as they jumped to do something that should have been done a long time ago. ---------- Han Stats Link: Summary Oblivious to the coming Ar'gakari storm, the warring factions within the Dominion continue to build for their internal struggles. Two new shipyards pop up above outer colonies. [12 AP] Yet another colony ship is constructed, as despite the war the Han population continues to rocket upwards. [4 AP] Another freighter is constructed, ready to bear Han troops to unclaimed soil. [4 AP] Proceeds from the sale of xylorite last year are funneled into a survey of some of the Han’s western sectors, where hopefully they will be able to uncover valuable resources. [5 AP] From the forges of Beijing Stronghold comes two of the largest ships the Han have constructed for themselves, both destroyers. [6 AP] [REDACTED] - [2 AP] Hephorstus Enterprises, now claiming a monopoly over the Han's resource production, now sells 200 tons of xylorite on the open market. [0 AP] Just before the Armathwaite blockade is put into place, a colony ship leaves Yuguo, and sets off to the west, bearing a payload of Triple Crescent fanatics. While under normal circumstances colonists would claim the most useful planet they find, these are devoted to their religion, and will be looking for signs of the Old One's will. Who knows where they'll end up? [0 AP] Exiled from his home, Shi Yimu’s son Feng nearly falls into drinking and despair, but eventually journeys north, to seek his fortune with whatever mercenary company will take him. [0 AP] Frontier Colony Affiliation
  21. [Builder] Zarsies Submits To A S/M Relationship

    [Insert thoughtful and supportive comment here] Accept him! +1
  22. Yesterday
  23. [ET] [Actor] Eternal's Actor App

    I strongly endorse EternalSaturn as a member of the ET! I believe he has the energy and creativity to liven up the event lines and engage with the player bases.
  24. The Bavarian Fever (Alternative History, 1940)

    I.Nation: Republic of Iran II.Leader’s History Reza Shah. After overthrowing the previous government of Persia and restoring the country's historical borders, Reza Shah - a former general of the Cossack Brigade - began to lead the country in a new direction of cultural and religious freedom, headed by a secular government, with the ideals of independence and self-governance within the middle east. He erased tension between religious groups and tribes and created a sense of unity within Iran never seen before, albeit using some brutal methods to achieve this. III.Nation’s Recent History The country of Iran - independent and unified - is a free thinking state, with ideals of independence and self governance, as well as self reliance. The country leans more towards the western democratic ways than Italian fascism or communism, though in the rising tensions they have declared themselves neutral, focusing on building up a strong military and economy. IV. Skype originbackwards or Digital Rescue i cant remember which V.Somewhere in this thread, I asked to name something... Alexander the Great
  25. The Virarim: Shield of the Elves

    OOC Application Minecraft Name: Sevenise Discord: Sev #1782 IC Application Name: Amara Heivaris Race: Wood Elf Age: 53 Previous Martial Experience: None, but willing to serve the Dominion however possible
  26. [Earth Evocation] [ST] Lurcano'Gorkil

  27. [Arcane][MA] Ruin'nir Terin

  28. [MArt] Drelthok's Rose + Bonecharm!

    Pending again!
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