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    • Man of Respect

      i have some concerns with freebuild... 1st, can you make your own plot there?
      2nd is the staff well aware of all of the current issues with free build
      And if yes, 3rd why is freebuild being implemented... even if its restricted, people are going to use it to make their own tiny super secret evil necromancer coven where they can never be purged from...

    • Publius

      lol aeldenic characters have zero legitimacy if you want to write up and interesting backstory how about you write based on things that have happened in roleplay
      Edited by Publius

    • Dtrik

      Ginger is just the n-word rearranged 

    • NotEvilAtAll

      More event crud in Dunshire!

    • rukio

      He's in my head again
      I'm going down that road again
      He's in my bed again
      In my skin
      It burns like heroin
      And I can't let him go
      And my bones are caving in
      He's in my veins again
      He burns like heroin
      He stole my faith again

    • Man of Respect

      isn’t increasing the size of GMs while cutting off FMs kinda ironic lol

    • Jondead

      Right, I don’t make these sort of Status reports, but it fits in a way...

      So, hello people, have any of you seen the increased number of people not following Lore, like curses and so on, and having nothing done with it at all? Or people flat out not knowing the Lore? I have a feeling that that is something that has been going on and it intrigues me, and how that goes on for as long as it does, “come on man, we are a community at least read the Lore.” Is what I would say if it really is real and not just me being jaded.

      Or people just showing basic disrespect for people and casually breaking rules like running from Roleplay as an example, just feels strange. Now I know your responses will be “Just report them reeee!!” But the problem with that is, it is on such a high level of mundaneness that... it is almost impossible to report it all, I don’t know, it could just be me, but it feels like LoTC has gone down the hole for too long.

      I know that I will sound like a meme like this, but can be somewhat brought back the Anthos Rules? The reasons I say this is because of the number of PvP instances I have been seeing and how much it flips mages and other roleplayers off, just seems a little weird to me that that is kept up, we have Warclaims for mass PvP after all, of course we can’t get rid of it fully, but let’s tone it down a little, if it is because you are not the best at CRP Nepir made a guide on it, and I am sure people are willing to help you in some way, if you need it that is.

      Now that we are done with those concerns lets move onto something else on the matters of things that likely need changing, and likely is being worked on.

      A guide for new players, this I know is being worked on, and comment on that post boys! The more the better! I need things to work with.

      I suppose we also need a way to do routines for moderation in the game to check for people breaking rules like “Ravens in the sky” over a city watching that sort of area, or something, but opinions, this might be too hard to pull off. Especially with the merge of teams that happened...

      Now this one goes to the Application Team I love and adore (I know how biased wow xD), I think a harder application formation will be key for raising the quality of LoTC at the current state it is in, which for the record the Application form is pathetically easy man, I know it needs to be alright, but raise the standards a little.

      I think that is everything that I personally, in my own opinion, needs addressing. Likely some points I am forgetting, but what can be done in the end. I can’t remember every point, I am human after all.

    • Nug

      help i wanna rp but im so out of the loop on where to go n whats poppin

    • NotEvilAtAll

      Give me a Forum Warning Point for this Status Update please.

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