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Alchemy, Botany, and Materials


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Alchemy, Botany & Materials



What are Alchemy and Botany?

Botany and herbology within the LoTC world are mainstays in every-day roleplay, and even form the foundation of the setting’s variant of science; Alchemy. There exist a large number of plants, some openly able to be used without harvest from approved nodes, and many which must be found in the world and harvested via the use of Alchemy Shears. Herbs hold a variety of unique properties which make them useful for medical roleplay, crafting, and possess the ever-crucial ‘Signs’ and ‘Symbols,’ examples of our unique periodic table, which enables the larger feat of Alchemy to be performed. 


Alchemy, as stated, acts as the ‘Science’ of the LoTC universe. Basic alchemy holds negative reactions with magic, making it favored by personas who relish the more mundane side of the world. Able to concoct a variety of potions and creations, Alchemy is incredibly versatile, and through Further Alchemy feats, is often used to explore facets of fantasy such as steampunk or bodily modification. 


Lore Feature: Animatii

A rare departure from the otherwise starkly medieval setting of LoTC, Animatii is a subsect of Further Alchemy which delves into clockwork creations and inventions of various varieties, from small critters made of gears and cogs, prosthetics, and even full-fledged humanoid automatons which may be played as characters. 


What are Materials?

Serving to fill the role of fantasy metals and materials within the LoTC setting, there exist a large number of fantastical ores, unique trees, and gemstones which can typically be worked given the proper know-how by player characters into whatever one can imagine. They range from Open Materials, which can be considered common-knowledge to be freely worked and plentiful in quantity, and Rare Materials, which are incredibly rare and the techniques to work them must be taught by another player persona who knows the methods.


Lore Feature: Carbarum

Filling the role of Adamantite within the setting, Carbarum is a nigh-invincible material scarcely found, and many will go their lifetime without ever setting eyes upon it. Unable to be broken and damaged even by the likes of the mighty dragons or patrons of many entities, its increased heft and weight is considered a worthy price to pay in exchange for the unyielding relics it is capable of being made into. 

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