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Planes of Existence


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Planes of Existence



What are the Planes of Existence?

Within the LoTC universe, there exist an endless number of planes, existing either by chance or with some known or unknown purpose, and making up the vast expanse of the cosmos. These range from fundamental cornerstones of the setting such as the Soulstream and the Void, Moz’Strimosa–a realm of hellfire and demons–or the various home-planes of the Aengudaemonic pantheon, and the mortal realm itself. 



Aos and Eos are the ‘planet’ of the mortal realm and exist as the player-occupied plane; the primary world which players exist in. It is not a spherical planet, but rather a ‘coin’ with two sides: Aos and Eos, with the nether realm existing in between the two.



The Void is generally referred to as the paradox of creation and is the source  of arcane spellcraft, as it is a limitless source of energy that mortals may extract and mould with years of experience. Often, this energy is inadvertently given form, and loyal scions such as Horrors are born to fulfil this paradox’s purpose, which is expanding its domain, consuming knowledge and spreading its entropic power. Thankfully, the Veil serves as a barrier of protection to keep at bay both the Void and those creatures that are given birth from its uncontrolled power.



The Soulstream is most simply thought of as the plane where souls arrive after death, but is, in reality, more complex than just that. The Soulstream exists as a bridge between planes, a relative centre of the cosmos, and through it these souls may–should they be claimed by a higher power–pass into one of the countless other planes of existence. It is overseen by the Aengul Aeriel, the Caretaker of Souls, who alongside her servant Sokar, ensures safe passage of these claimed souls to their final destination, and manages those who have nowhere else to go. The corrupt are condemned to Ebrietaes, a vast wasteland of the unworthy dead which stagnates within the Soulstream like a vast ocean, and the righteous may, if they are fortunate, be granted entry to the Golden City which Aeriel has constructed as her domain.



Aengulic Realms are much as they sound; the personal realms governed by their Aenguls or Daemons. They are as vast as one can imagine, with no two realms being alike, and serve as that deity’s effective seat of power within the cosmos. They act much like strongholds, and if that deity has mortals whose souls they have claimed, those souls will commonly come to reside within that deity’s realm after death. They often reflect the intrinsic qualities of the Aengul or Daemon in question, serving as extensions and echoes of their very being. 


Lore Feature: Val’garis, The Clockwork Realm

The home of Garumdir, Daemon of Craftsmanship and Innovation, is a massive plane composed of mechanical artifice and pumping pistons, divided by vast cogs which house the various districts of the realm, referred to as ‘Spheres’. Commonly, Garumdir will pluck the souls of great and renowned craftsmen from the Soulstream, offering them the chance to forge and innovate forever at his side in either their normal mortal bodies, or ones wrought of strange and esoteric living steel. 

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