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  2. Sorcery at Midnight

    I was told about this... Very interesting. I'm CST but I play till 7 am at times in my time zone or even later on weekends would that be good enough to possibly get in this with you and whoever else?
  3. chuckaboos reformed.. cant believe he got denied.

  4. Lumiin's Game Moderator Application

    Shame on you for not telling me you had posted an application for this +1 Because you are a complete sweetheart, understanding, and very patient. If anyone deserves this- Lumii does for a sure
  5. Capace's Event Team Actor application

    a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million!
  6. Capace's Event Team Actor application

    He understands rp from ooc. +1 seems like a perfect dude for ET
  7. [✗] [Server] im_a_psychopath Ban Appeal

    After reviewing evidence, your statement, and past bans I have come to the conclusion that your ban will remain for the time being.
  8. Leaving

    Fare thee well friendo.
  9. Today
  10. dsdevil's Game Moderator Application

    Oh how the little piglets would grunt if they found out that the old boar was not accepted. +1
  11. First day at the Warzone

    nice 1v5 pal
  12. First day at the Warzone

  13. dsdevil's Game Moderator Application

    useless +1
  14. [GM] Hex

  15. ImCookiie's Trial-GM Application !

    Mature, straightforward, gets the job done. +1
  16. Sorcery at Midnight

    If esoteric, complex, mystical, hermetic philosophy inspired, semi-religious roleplay sounds like your thing, I’d only be too happy to have you. Bonus if you’re GMT. -Is this
  17. Awsomaniac

    User was successfully implemented!
  18. Awsomaniac

    Changed Status to Accepted
  19. Awsomaniac

    Your application has been: Thank you for applying! You will be implemented into the server shortly! While so, you can take a look of some more server lore if you want, from the Wiki ! And if you yet haven't, I recommend on you to join in The New Player Discord ! There are many people out there ready to help with anything! You can also directly contact me at all times here on the forums, via discord: Ali#0878 or in-game. My username is MyLittleUnicorn, either was it that you need assistance on something, or if you need help on getting started on the server! You can also in-game use the command ' /atreq (message here) ' to get aid from the Application team! We are more than willing to help you with anything! ♥ Good luck and enjoy the journey around Lord Of The Craft! ♥
  20. Awsomaniac

    Changed Status to Under Review
  21. Awsomaniac

    Raphael is born at Santegia . His father was a renowned swordsman in his country. He has learnt the way of swordsmanship his father . Not only that , his father was a smart man so he sent his son to school where Raphael learnt history, art and philosophy . After seeing that Santegia has fallen to Horren scum . He went to Cron where he find an inspiring leader. Margrave Delaney has given rations and armor to Raphael . So Raphael has adopted Caedirnian values and considered himself as a Caendirnian. At the moment , he lives near Cadlew and after assassinations at Cyrilsburg he followed Delaney to Caedirn .

    Full Name: Martin II. Date of Birth: I am so sorry i don´t year but I am 32 Race: Human Gender: Male Status of Blood: Birth Place [I.E: Kingdom of Haense, Crownsland, Saint Karlsburg.]: Empire of Oren, Johannesburg Status of Blood [Nobility, Gentry, Commoner, Former Nobility, etc.]: Nobility Name your purpose for enlisting: for the honor and glory of the Oren Empire Username: stepanobo Timezone: GMT Discord: stepanobo#1740
  23. "Ban" Report on Leowarrior14

    I'd like you to point out a single point/argument that was made here that hinged on your character. Stop making yourself out to be the victim, you're clearly trying to take the subject away from the power gaming that happened. If this same incident occurred with a completely different name, I would have reported it just the same. You haven't justified any of the emotes regarding your power gaming, and your constant shifting of the subject in an attempt to draw attention away from the thing that is being reported is very disingenuous. I'd like to make sure that whoever is covering the report, GM Team/Administration, doesn't fall for this. Just because Leowarrior is acting like a victim and is claiming harassment and targeting doesn't mean that there has been anything of the sort. The only victims in this report were the people who had their Roleplay experience ruined because someone couldn't take criticism, and it'd be a damn shame if Leowarrior gets out of receiving his due punishment because he wants to act like the whole world is against him. If Leowarrior just came onto this thread and acted any other way then he is right now, which is pretending that he's done nothing wrong and everyone who thinks he has is a moron, the entire community would have had a way different response. Even the most vitriolic haters of Leowarrior wouldn't have had anything but positive things to say about this affair if he just came on and, he didn't even have to admit thinking that he power gamed, but just said that he was sorry everyone's Roleplay experience around him was ruined and he was open to hearing arguments as to why what he did was power gaming. But of course, that's not what happened.
  24. ImCookiie's Trial-GM Application !

    Clearly very qualified, and very approachable which is important for a GM. +1
  25. Sorcery at Midnight

    The sea roar filled the night. A breeze rolled in off the water and flowed over the many folds and creases of the mountain. It found its way into the few empty buildings left stranded on the coast - discarded. The sun had been set some hours, and thus the breeze was one of icy cold that sapped heat stealthily until suddenly one would realize with a shiver, that they were dreadfully, icy cold. His thick robes helped to prevent this but a little. The thought occurred to him as he rubbed the back of a hand left exposed to the night air. His staff glowed faintly in that hand, singing it's pointless song. Words of an unknown language rising and falling, rising and falling, dying on the breeze as they were carried away to lands far and wide. Whispers of the world, lost in the vastness of it all. Lost under starlight. Lost under darkness. He inhaled a deep breath, held it for a moment, then began the slow trek down the incline. He hopped over stray pebbles, dodged patches of loose shingle, avoided deviously prepared traps of fallen branches, brambles and pools of still lingering rain water. The images reared up in his mind. Images of this place in the daylight, burned into his soul by the many journeys he had taken up this path to greet the rise of the Sun. That, was a ritual that could never be forgotten. Greeting the glory of the Sun was to greet another day untouched by chaos. Another peaceful day, free from the Nether, Iblees, daemons, taint, the Void, the Old Dark - whatever name you might give the thing that wanted to consume us all. The thing that desired nothing more than to return all this great work to nothing. To spite the one who made it, or to honour some timeless pledge, who could say? The world is an enigma. The thought scared him and gave him the inspiration to press on. There was always more to know. Always more work to be done in the face of the infinite. Standing on what passed for a beach, he looked down into the darkness that swirled below and recalled how the sunlight played on the water's surface. How it swept away all ills of the soul. How this breeze ripped every cobweb that had hidden itself in the mind, every untouched or unsolved problem that made even the sunlight seem a little dimmer. He loved how the ocean accepted all his troubles. Cleansed him of all his ills. He loved his steadfast mountain home that always stood there for him to return to, sheltering him from the world and its intricacies for a few short hours every night. The breeze that offered him freedom, the stars that offered him hope, the darkness that filled his soul with ambition, desire and strength. All the world spoke to him in a thousand names which he greeted happily and thanked for their part in the joy of life. He passed under the trees now. The peninsula stretched out before him, starlight hidden behind the great boughs of trees that had sprung up here despite the odds. They contributed their shivering leaves to the chorus of the ocean, the roar so much more intense as they sung in tune with the rhythm of the waves. Finally, he approached the edge where the sea stretched away in all directions. A single jut of land that stuck out into the waters as if in protest against the roiling deep. His cloak was blown in all directions as the wind changed and changed again. The sea blue of his eyes looked down at the thing drawn on the stone before him, giving off a faint light in the darkness. Raising his hands to the stars, he began his work. What occured next, none can say. At the centre of that ephemeral star, a point of light shimmering in the darkness with the rest of the heavenly host, the red cloak peered out into the universe. It lasted but a moment as red light swam across the ocean, buried itself in the mountain, rose to the high heavens, and then vanished. Swept back to the point of origin. The ritual, the runes, that red cloaked figure. Should one have been looking out towards that island, they might have seen the light as it rose into the night sky, outlined against the darkness. - ((I wrote Awakened Blood Magic a while ago. Took me less time than I thought it would. It’s a messy piece of lore, I’ll be honest, but it lays the groundwork for lots of truly interesting magic roleplay that doesn’t involve incinerating people - at least on a daily basis. If esoteric, complex, mystical, hermetic philosophy inspired, semi-religious roleplay sounds like your thing, I’d only be too happy to have you. Bonus if you’re GMT. Discord: Sorcerous#8213 Lore: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/167865-✓-awakened-blood-magic/ ))
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