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  2. Veist

    A Call for Sensibility

    Ilya Ivanovich strokes his bearded chin and fetches his bow and arrow. Perhaps killing a demonologist would be the glory necessary to attain his knighthood.
  3. Vaynth

    woAH look at you with that green tag !!

  4. MajesticOwyn

    A Call for Sensibility

    “None of my ways involve the worship of demons or the practice of shadow magic. More words which paint my kind as simple animals, an attempt to dehumanize us. I think what you Imperials fear is that we are just as human as you.” ”Blod villi sole fram fe vaettfang tir'morgun, fit villi akveta allt.” Ruari snarled out, continuing to sharpen the head of his winged-spear.
  5. OneGhoulyBoi

    A Call for Sensibility

    “Aren’t you the one who couped Sutica under a heresy such as clericism, then proceeded to seemingly lose power both ‘holy’ and political, even though, according to my studies, specifically on the clerical tenets presented publicly in the Library of Dragur, says that ‘thou shan’t interfere with mortal politics’ yet you took a nation to yourself and is now rebelling against another? You are a hypocrite with your own self, I wouldn’t expect an ‘Ettindom’, whatever the **** that is have good leadership when they are advised by filth like you.” Albert rambles.
  6. Jaeden

    A Call for Sensibility

    “What.” Commented an elven warrior. – “Wub.” Commented an orcish warrior.
  7. Vindicant

    A Call for Sensibility

    “Ah yes, here we see the proud and just allies of Haense. Truly, these people touch the hearts and minds of our people, tearing them away from the ‘tyrannical’ rule over these poor people.” Karyssmov murmurs in response to the valiant and zealous individual known as Ilya Ivanovich. ”Just kidding, you’re a ****. I’ll gut you if I see you, impertinent *****.” Unfortunately, the skygods deem him ‘too vulgar’.
  8. let’s turn capes back on please. 

  9. Kanadensare

    A Call for Sensibility

    A Skygod confirms that this isn’t how it works.
  10. Veist

    A Call for Sensibility

    “God I’m glad Tuvya var Ruthern fucked your wife,” comments Ilya Ivanovich. “And while you watched too.”
  11. Dr_Price


    Born in the early days of Athera, Garnhelm grew up in war-torn Urguan to a family of mining workers. Spending his youth apprenticing under his father in the mines, Garnhelm quickly picked up an affinity for Gem work and Jewelcrafting. he gained a reputation in Oren for selling and trading gemstones to the higher classes. going as far as providing gems and metals of value to members of the royal house. now garnhelm seeks to be the master of his own mine where he can sell the spoils of his land and provide for his family.
  12. Where the heck is the nation plot auction for 7.0?

  13. Pale_Stranger


    Sorry in advance about the tons of edits right after I posted it. I didn’t know there was a character limit on the Rules Questions and Interesting Facts bits, so I had to cut them down so you could see all of them. :D
  14. giambroof

    The Adrian Ducal Retinue

    Minecraft Name: Giambro Roleplaying Name: Theo Tiberan Character Age: 9 Character Race: Highlander Discord: Giambro#2962 “I, Theo Tiberan, pledge my life and soul to the service to His Grace, Duke Ratibor of house Carrion, and to GODANI almighty, until I am discharged or die honourably in the battlefield. For Duke and Duchy, so help me GODANI.”
  15. Pale_Stranger


    The feeling of being out of place was never strange for young Anton. Growing up street-adjacent in the city of Presa de Madera, Anton Marian Louvelle never really knew the Elves he traced his lineage back to. But he did know Uncle Barnaby, who told him countless stories of Anton’s ‘people’, and who sparked a longing in the boy from a very young age. The old man, Barnaby Louvelle, was a treasure, having taken the young Anton into his home and his heart after the death of his mother so long ago, Uncle Barnaby was about the only thing Anton had growing up. But nothing was ever as simple as “Young boy lives happily with his uncle until they both die, one after the other, peacefully in their sleep.”, no, that wouldn’t be nearly as fun. See, I said “street-adjacent” for a reason. Uncle Barnaby was servant par excellence, but the field only rarely brings enough coin to support one’s self and another. So something had to be done. Anton tried, he really did. He took a job as the apprentice to an Apothecary, he even tried his hand as a stable boy, but he never seemed to be really good at any of it. He was fine, sure, but he wasn't great. With no job, no money, and the crushing fear of destitution ever encroaching on him and his only family, Anton took to taking. It was never much, just what they needed. An apple or two here, some money there, nothing too major, but hot damn was it thrilling! It wasn’t the act of doing it that was most addicting, it was the act of getting away with it. Being able to do something so wrong and get away scott free? Who wouldn’t love that? It didn’t end there, why should it? Again, this can’t be the kind of story that ends with “He lived happily ever after!”. No, no that would be ridiculous. Things stayed steady for a while, but as Anton became more comfortable with his new profession, so did he become more comfortable with more intense facets of it. Once upon a time, a very long time ago, Anton decided to take up a bit of burglary. And that was the last mistake he would ever be fixing to make. It didn’t have to go poorly, in fact, it didn’t! Everything went fine! It was some nobody from down the way. No one saw him enter, no one saw him leave, he though. But it was very apparent that he was wrong when two armed guards came knocking on Uncle’s door. Anton was immediately taken, shackled, and thrown into a nice little cell with a beautiful view of the cell adjacent to his. All in all; four stars. He wasn’t in there long, considering, but it gave him a lot of time to think. He thought about Uncle, about the late nights he spent up listening to the old man’s stories about his mother. About the steps that brought him into this small room, and how he only regretted being caught. Wait, what? Only being caught? Really, bud? Yes, indeed. As he sat in that small cell, the Snow Elf’s only regret was that he was caught, and was now sitting here with his aging Uncle having no one to help provide income. He knew it was wrong to think that, or at least he assumed it was supposed to be wrong. But he had to do it, right? He couldn’t hold anything other job down. He was some schmuck, some good for nothing street urchin with a chip on his shoulder that he couldn’t really place where it had come from. Yeah, yeah he had to, no question. After he got out, Anton made his way back to the small hovel that he had called home these many years. The house, however, was eerily silent, with only the soft wheezing of labored breaths to break the quiet. Anton was well aware of the longevity of Humans. It was one of the things that had tipped the boy off to Uncle Barnaby’s sketchy familial relation when he was a child. He just never wanted to imagine that that, no, this day would come. It didn’t happen right then, that would be far too melodramatic, don’t you think? It lasted a few days but eventually, at the ripe age of 65, Uncle Barnaby Louvelle died peacefully in his sleep. Under a cheaply made, wooden headstone, Anton buried the old man and with him the only person he’d ever really come to love. Hope, however faintly it glowed, was still on the horizon. The boy remembered the tales from his Uncle, about the Elves who he shared more than a little blood with. Would they take him? Surely not, Anton assumed. He hadn’t even an Elven name, shirked at a young age for something more acclimating. But it’s what Uncle Barnaby would have wanted, he guessed. And so Anton Marian Louvelle, nephew of his Uncle Barnaby, set off on his first and only trip outside of the city of Presa de Madera to find out what all the excitement was about. But he still keeps a few tricks up his sleeves. For totally legitimate and over-the-table purposes, of course. I promise.
  16. XFrostgamingX

    A Call for Sensibility

    Daylevin glanced up form his small study, his table piled from books of old as a passer-by left a copy of the letter on his desk, lowering his spectacles to read the letter. “Rhys Rhys Rhys...”, he said to himself,” shoulda’ taught him to be more persuasive... And for the Vaeyl? Pah! You attacked Wulfrey’s city while I was gone?!”, he finished, shedding the letter to bits and pieces, tossing it in his rubbish bin, and rested his head on his desk.
  17. Today
  18. Acm12323


    I am a 22 year old boy that is obsessed with the water and longed to be one with the creatures, I am very scared when it comes to monsters but I like to try and calm them down to talk to them instead of fight them, I always look for new friends but most of the time I am shy and fail to talk to others, I get looked down upon for liking the water so much but I can’t leave it. I was born near a beach near the ocean waves my mother and father died when I was 4, I have been surviving alone trying to make by with skills I have taught myself
  19. j0k3rf99

    Et Novi Orbis Terrarum (Rp Thread)

    Russia Logistics and Supply Recruiters would be pushed to up their tactics and propaganda would display the glory of fighting for the Russian Army. The army would aim to enlist 1.2 million more men into the military and would spend the next year allowing them to train before they would be sent along the rail line to fight the Soviets in the East. The Duma would offer a contract to any company which researched different types of aircraft and produced feasible designs and prototype planes which could be used to provide support for the army. Industrialization efforts would continue, and the Duma would offer subsidies to companies which produced arms or goods for the military in a hope to increase production of the products. The Russian Railway System Funds would be sent to Warsaw in order to allow them to build a railroad network, and similar promises are made to Ukraine and Finland. The Duma cites the need to connect all of Russia together, starting with a comprehensive railway system they hope to create. New light and heavy armored trains would be commissioned for construction in Moscow and the surrounding industrial regions. Military Restructuring Following the losses in the east, Prime Minister Ilyin and Minister Brusilov would work together to restructure the Russian military. Following the retreat, training would begin with both the new recruits and the existing soldiers, while high command divided the military into ten different armies and provided the leadership and a comprehensive plan to pursue during the war. The armies would be organized as follows: Marshall of the First Army Group: Aleksei Brusilov Army 1: Commanded by Lavr Kornilov Army 2: Commanded by Nikolai Ivanov Army 3: Commanded by Mikhail Diterikhs Marshall of the Second Army Group: Yakov Zhilinsky Army 4: Commanded by Paul von Rennenkampf Army 5: Commanded by Nikolai Ruzsky Army 6: Commanded by Andrei Zayonchkovski Marshall of the Third Army Group: Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich Army 7: Commanded by Aleksandr Samsonov Army 8: Commanded by Nikolai Yudenich Army 9: Commanded by Dmitry Shcherbachev Army 10: Commanded by Mikhail Alekseyev ACTIONS The military would aim to recruit an additional 1.2 million soldiers. Contracts are offered to any company who can produce a workable prototype for offensive aircraft. Subsidies are offered for companies which produced weaponry or goods for the war effort. Funding is granted to Poland to begin construction on their own railroad system. The military orders as many light and heavy armored trains as can be produced within their budget. The trains would be tested and trained with during the army’s recovery. [Please See Military Restructuring]
  20. Lusinda


    Lusinda or Lusi is a young maiden ready for whatever comes her way and interested in learning new things.
  21. Papa Liam

    The First Summit of Cyrilsburg

    Commissioner Fabius Bracchus marks the event on his calendar.
  22. Mojow


    Gregor was born on a simple farmstead in the old lands of Norland, just outside of their once swamp dwelling. It was upon the fall of their land, and the eventually travel to the new promised lands North, towards Nordengrad, that Gregor prepared himself to make the caravan trip with his llama home to his people. He was prepared for a battle, hearing tales of a war brewing between his people and the Empire once more. He was ready to fight, axe in hand, and ready to till the fields a hunger in his belly. He is driven by the motivation to find success in his meager life as a simple swampwood cutter
  23. Snelfma

    A Call for Sensibility

    “I have a very hard time sympathizing with people who harbor a man who has murdered pregnant women, turned his wife into a demon, and well... makes demons” Zatanaes said in conversation with those who passed by her clinic
  24. Ramblinghobo


    Adamar did not have a great childhood. His Parents were worthless drunks on the edge of society. At the age of 12 he could not stand living in his own house anymore. on his twelfth birthday he left his home and set off into the forests of The Dominion of Malin. for several years he learned all there is to learn about surviving in the vast wilderness. it wasn't until he was 18 that he decided to go back to his home to see what his parents had done all these years. But, when he finally got there he saw that his house had been reduced to a pile of rubble. However, this did not phase him, it brought him great joy. throughout his journey, the hatred for his Parents grew immensely. He ran back to his home in the forest to find that it had been torn down by a band of local bandits. Filled with sorrow, he ventured towards the Jade Peaks in search of a new place to call home. he still remains on the search today, maybe he will find a home soon...
  25. It's not fair
    I found love
    It made me say to get back
    But I'm just a motherfucker that want to be dead
    Stare into the violet fluorescent lights, makes me violent
    I'm trying to get the highest I can get before I overdose and die
    My ribs are nothing but an empty cage, black hole in my chest
    In my head, I feel like I'm a guest, so I'ma throw it all away
    Because when I am dead I will be nothing decomposing in a grave
    I'm matter, but I don't matter
    Grey stains won't dissolve, gonna have to paint it all
    It's not fair, I found love
    I'll never see daylight
    Always burn my bridges 'cause I'd rather fall in ditches
    It's not fair, I found love
    It made me say to get back


    Edited by Hyena
  26. Gallic

    A Call for Sensibility

    “From what I hear, there were two kids, a citizen, an’ me, except I was already in a great, unshakeable torpor.” Gwion retorts, “Oh an’ a bunch of raiders, too. I guess they’d count as souls if, say, the Skygods gazed upon us as a lump sum of all activity.”
  27. Imperium

    A Call for Sensibility

    The honorable Rhys pokes his head from his studies, he sense someone has insulted his honor.
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