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    LeoRabbit99's Game Moderator Application

    +1 just for the fact is he's probably got a bit to much brain power and thinks things over a lot of the time. he also doesn't pick favorites when choosing a lot of the time. I learned that of the year or so now with being a friend with him. He's also very heavy when comes rp and being realistic and all so good choice big time
  3. sophiaa

    Mournstone-Fiscere Alliance

    Sigrid frowns, shaking her head. "Did you read the fourth point, Thoromir? They will be wed soon!"
  4. Narthok

    Mournstone-Fiscere Alliance

    "Ye still cannae help each other in Clan feuds without a marriage alliance" Thoromir would comment, before being told of the arranged marriage
  5. Keening

    Mournstone-Fiscere Alliance

    Gaius Mournstone scrawled out his name at the base of the document, a pleased grin forming on his future. The Vyrannian raised a bottle of Mournstone Mead™ and boomed out in praise; "To the future of House Mournstone and House Fiscere!"
  6. StarGazzer

    Mournstone-Fiscere Alliance

    Uther would plain a feast for his new family, and friends!
  7. Sixth of the Grand Harvest, 1682 On the night of the Sixth of the Grand Harvest, 1682, the clans of Mournstone and Fiscere are found seated around the table in the clan hall of Mournstone. Over a grand meal, they discuss the terms of what would become the Mournstone-Fiscere Alliance. Unrestricted Trade Trade between the two clans will be free, meaning neither shall place taxation on the other’s goods. Non-Aggression The two clans have agreed to maintain non-aggression stances, vowing to remain neutral or allied with each other in hostile and diplomatic situations. Defensive Pact The two clans have agreed to uphold full defense attitudes, vowing to come to the other’s aid if one is attacked. Marital Relations The two clans have agreed to solidify this alliance further than the pen, with a marriage between a member of each clan; Carina Viktoria Fiscere and Albrecht Mournstone. Chieftain and Patriarch of House Mournstone, Purser of Nordengrad, Matriarch of House Mournstone, Alderwoman of Nordengrad, Chieftain of Clan Fiscere, Admiral of the Nordengrad Navy,
  8. The Devoted Throughout the eons, the path of power has been wrought with tribulation and despair. Scratching at the throats of pilgrims, the thirst for knowledge satiates for but a fleeting moment. It would appear that even in surplus, the need is unrelenting. Perhaps it comes from a place of fear, or perhaps more sinister origins are afoot. Whatever it may be, it is inconsequential. As sure we are of death, we can be certain that man will not stop until he has succeeded his creator. It is said that the remnants of such pursuits are scattered throughout the lands of Atlas. For scattered throughout the land lay stones of considerable size and age, their origins unknown to the many Descendants who happen upon them. Usually dismissed as relics of a long-gone civilisation, they are often passed by, recognised only as a curious mark upon the world. In actual fact, these stones are links to the Spirit realms, nodes that respond only to those Shamans who have mastered their crafts, and have learnt to use the Spirits and their many kinds in all manners possible. Indeed, there is much to be gleaned from these stones, should you have what is sought after. When these stones fell to the Mortal World, they were guided by the Spirits. Six in total, each with the intent to offer more to those who were dedicated- to those who would serve them utterly and completely. Only six stones may exist upon Atlas at once, and when one is destroyed, it is replaced by another Spirits'. As War rages on within the Heavens, so too is the fight brought to the Mortal realm. In order to access the stones, one must have mastered three different sub-types at a level of T4 in all of them. They must be: 1 Elementalism 1 Witch Doctor 1 Latuman/Farseer This is required in order for a Shaman to understand the full extent of a Spirits capabilities; how to curse, how to bless and how to introduce such things with more physicality in the world. When a Shaman has achieved mastery, they may finally connect with the Spirit attuned to the stone they have selected. During this process, they will be given a task they must complete; a trial through which their worthiness is decided. When a Shaman passes the trial, they become fully devoted to that Spirit, incapable of using any other Spirits to any extent. For this sacrifice, they are rewarded with enhanced abilities, and will go to their respective realms upon death. Additionally, their forms are changed to a demi-Spiritual nature, in that they no longer suffer Mortal damage in the way they once did. They will suffer damage from ordinary weapons as usual, but these will not result in death- only maiming. To kill a Devotee, one must use Golden Weaponry, which will act in the same manner as an Iron Sword to an ordinary Descendant. Under this change, they will come to further represent their Spirit, and may choose an aesthetic appropriate to this representation. The Stones Scattered around the world, the Stones that represent their Spirits change the environment around them. For instance, a Stone attuned to the Spirit of Plague will cause the area around it to become fetid and diseased. This allows many of the Stones to be easily found, and they are capable of being moved by those attuned to them. They are also capable of being destroyed, by way of a Spiritual nature. In other to do this, one must use a Blessing and a Curse of opposing Spiritual Nature upon it. When destroyed, the Shamans tied to it lose their abilities and revert back to the process before their attunement. At this time an MT related to Shamanism may decide where to set the replacement, which will cascade from the heavens and be planted in an appropriate position. If particular Spirits are of note or reverence at the time that this is done, they have a much higher chance of spawning upon the world if they do not already have a Stone representing them. Skathach - Spirit of Fire Elemental At the stone of Skathach, a Shaman will be tasked with setting ablaze something of considerable value. This may range anywhere from many fields of wheat, to an island, or even a loved one. The purpose of this feat is to first prove that the Shaman has the devotion to risk death in pursuit of power. When the task is complete, and they commune once more with the stone, they will be whisked away to the Immortal Realm of Fire, where smoldering ash permeates the sky and rivers of lava bubble. It is here that they will be confronted, asked once more if they wish to still continue along this irreversible path. If the Shaman accepts, their form is burned to reveal their Soul, their physical form made anew in the image of Fire. They will now have transcended the path of Mortal Man, linked evermore to the Realm they have chosen, the place they will go to when they have died. Alongside this transformation, they will acquire a new arsenal of spells and capabilities, listed below: Fire Elementalism - The Shaman may now use Fire as before to a greater extent, capable of reaching a heat far beyond Mortal comprehension, which colour changes according to its intent. White Flame: May heal an individual of a Shamanic curse of affliction, purifying them of their ailments, and may too heal wounds. Black Flame: This fire burns wildly, and cannot be put out with water. It may only be doused by Magic, or the passing of time. Vessel - The Shaman may now construct a necklace that relates to the Spirit they represent, one which may be placed around an Animals neck, allowing a Lesser Spirit to possess it. When this is done, it comes to embody the Spirit in question, and may spread its influence. For example, if a Tiger were to adorn the necklace, their form would sprout into flame and would spread upon anything it attacked. It may not passively spread, however. These creatures do not suffer the thing that they represent, but will naturally die after two IRL hours. Curse of Fire - The Shaman may curse the land to suffer fire damage without flame, withering to husks of ash after prolonged exposure. If used upon a Mortal, they will experience the sensation of burning without the physical damage, causing tremendous trauma to their psyche. Blessing of Fire - The Shaman may imbue an individual with the Blessing of Fire, allowing their forms to be impervious of fire, with the exception of Lava and Magma. Totem of Dehydration - The Shaman may now construct a Totem that draws all moisture from the environment, causing plants to die and the landscape to dry, becoming arid and devoid of life. Physical Properties - The Shamans organs are instead replaced with Spiritual Flame, no longer capable of suffering mere Mortal wounds. Limbs may be removed as usual, but will not kill the Shaman. They may however suffer the effects of Gold as any Spectre, to the extent that an iron blade may harm a mortal Man. One strike will not kill them, but piercing their form where their heart or brain once was will cause death. The Shaman may produce flame were limbs are missing, and will be able to manipulate it. This will be limited to the size of the missing limb, and may not be extended upon unless there is another flame in proximity from which to draw. Votar - Spirit of the Hunt Immortal When a Shaman first touches upon the Stone of Votar, they will be tasked with a Grand Hunt. They must kill every basic predator upon the world and collect their hides and skins, forming a cloak of considerable variety. The Animals are as follows: Bear, Lion, Shark, Gorilla and Eagle. When the cloak is made, it must be laid out over the stone. In this moment, the Shaman will be taken to the realm of Votar, their body torn limb from limb by the many Beasts he had slain to get there. When his Soul is revealed, he will be made anew. Where once his pupils were that of his race, they will now resemble a Cats eyes, his teeth larger and sharper than before, his muscles stronger and more agile. It is at this point that the Shaman has attuned himself to Votar, and may use the abilities listed below: Heart of Kurak - This ability causes the Shaman to transform into a half-wolf creature, but will retain mental rigidity. Unlike traditional Lautaman that use this spell, the Devoted are able to remain calm and mentally sound during and after this transformation. Lasts 2 IRL hours per day. Blessing of Animal Instinct - This ability causes all animals within a small radius to view the Shaman or his target as a neutral entity, and may even be coerced into attacking enemies of the Shaman. If the animals are owned by other players, then they will instead be made passive. Curse of Weakness - This ability causes the target to give off an aura of weakness, which attracts all Animals in the vicinity to take advantage and attack the target. If nearby Animals are owned by other players, they are instead made passive. Spirit Tracks - This passive ability allows the Shaman to see where an animal or a person has been instead of actual, physical tracks. Unlike the aforementioned, Spiritual signatures are not eroded by the weather, and remain a reliable method of hunting prey. Vessel - When a Shaman of Votar adorns an Animal with his necklace, they are possessed by an Immortal of Votar. Any abilities the Animals possessed will be transferred to the Shaman in question. For instance, if a Toad were to become a Vessel, the Shaman may produce Poisons. If it were a Cat, the Shaman may see in the dark to a greater extent than his peers. Lasts until killed, and dies as any normal Animals like them. Totem of the Hunt - A Totem fashioned in the image of a particular animal may draw more of them to the area, presenting considerable threats to the local population until they are culled or the Totem is destroyed. Physical Properties - The inner workings of the Shaman are changed, and they may adopt the properties of other animals. They may choose to have two hearts instead of one, or relocate the positioning of these organs. Due to their now demi-Spiritual nature, the Devoted will not suffer as much damage from normal weaponry. They will instead be harmed by Gold, acting as a normal weapon upon a Man. If the Tooth or Claw of an animal is used to strike the heart of the Shaman, they will also die. Enrohk - Spirit of Bloodlust, Savagery and War Immortal Perhaps one of the more controversial of Spirits, to touch upon the Stone of Enrohk is to undergo a Bloody Trial. Shamans who happen upon this path must collect 50 heads from enemies of equal size or greater, and must present them all before the Stone. At this point, the Shaman is taken to the Realm of War, where they are beset upon by all sides, their bodies cut down until they are nout but gore and mana, their Soul shining amidst the horrendous display. It is here that they are remade, their eyes removed and replaced without nout but the casting of shadow. They are no longer capable of pure sight, but will instead see the veins of all living creatures, and the mana and blood that courses through them, no longer distracted by the outside world. Their eyes are focused ahead, unwavering of their target. All else around the world will appear as a crimson fog, still decipherable with some effort. As such these Shamans are still capable of basic function and reading, but at something of a slower pace. In this new state the Devoted will have acquired new abilities. These will be listed below: Blessing of Blood - If the individual suffers a Curse, Affliction or Wound they may heal themselves by drinking several cups of blood. Curse of Rage - The target may become enraged, blinded only by the fury and Bloodlust of Enrohk. Similar to the curse of Orcs, they will become crazed, attacking the closest entity to them without relent. Predatory Totem - When placed within a vicinity, all creatures, plants and people will develop the ability to cause harm even if once passive. Plants will acquire vines and thorns that may strangle and bleed, animals and Descendants will develop claws and teeth capable of slaughter. Alongside this, they will desire Blood, and will become enraged, attacking everything their sights are set upon. This Totem may only cause this effect within its radius of influence. Vessel - When an Immortal of Enrohk possesses an Animal, it will become enhanced in all ways. Far more violent than usual, it will ignore the threat of death, its body weaponised where perhaps it may have been lacking. A Shaman may also use the necklace upon a plant that may hold it, causing it to develop a violent nature, protecting whatever region it is in, spreading its influence like a weed. Lasts until killed, and dies as any normal Animals like them. Physical Properties - The Shaman will have enhanced features, being generally more agile, stronger and capable of withstanding more punishment. Their threshold for pain is greater than before, their organs replaced only with congealed blood. As with all other Devoted, they are wounded by Gold, in the same way a Man suffers a steel blade. If the congealed blood that replaces the heart of brain is stricken with gold, they are killed. Ogrol - Spirit of Despair, Sapped Strength and Entrapment Immortal When a Shaman happens upon the Stone of Ogrol, they are taken to his real, their Soul whisked from their body and trapped within a cage. It is here that the Shaman is given his task, one that will result in the retrieval of his Soul. He must gather ten slaves, and bring all of them to the Stone, so that they may forevermore serve the Spirit of Entrapment in Death. When this task is completed, the Shamans body is sundered, their Soul returned with a new form. Where once his body appeared strong, it would now seem weak and strife with fragility. Physically he will be no less able, but will appear altogether more Ghoulish. Alongside this change, he will develop the abilities listed below: Strength Sap - The Shaman may use an active spell that saps the energy from his victim, and will cause them to submit to his will if they accept defeat. Curse of Despair - The Shaman may inflict a sensation of despair upon the target, which will cause them to immediately despair for their situation. Such circumstances can cause even the most rational of individuals to perform the most foolish of acts. Blessing of Leeches - An individual may begin to draw extra energy from those around them, strengthening themselves as their companions grow somewhat weaker. Totem of Souls - When a target has been subjugated, a Totem in the form of a cage of wrought iron may be summoned into the mortal world. Those that are contained within suffer from a constant state of sapping as their strength escapes from their bones. May only be summoned when target is incapacitated or accepts OOC. Vessel - Animals that are possessed by a Lesser of Ogrol may sap the strength out of those that they attack. Lasts until killed, and dies as any normal Animals like them. Physical Capabilities: When the Shaman is stricken with normal weapons, the one who caused the damage will feel their energy sapped from them. When using Gold, this effect will not take place and follows the same process as all other Devoted Shamans. Ghorza - Spirit of Travel, Movement, and Fortune both Bad and Good Immortal When a Shaman makes contact with the Stone of Ghorza, they are tasked with gathering an item from every landscape in the world and bringing it together at the stone. They must then roll out of 2, succeeding if they achieve a 1. If they fail, the process and the collecting of materials must be repeated. When they have followed the wishes of Ghorza, they are transported to the Realm of Travel, their forms lightened to enhance their ability to move and travel. They also develop additional abilities, which are listed below: Translocation - The Shaman may cause items in the vicinity to travel from one area to another instantly, as long as it is within a nearby radius. These items can be no larger than a barrell. This may also only occur once per interaction, whether in combat or in casual conversation within the local Tavern. Roll of the Dice - The Shaman may dictate the success or failure of a nearby individuals previous roll by rolling on top of theirs; includes combat. For instance, if they succeed in opening a door, the Shaman may roll and fail to prevent them from opening the door. This process may work in reverse, and may only occur once per interaction. Curse/Blessing of Movement - A Shaman must roll out of 2, with 1 being the Curse, and 2 being the Blessing. If the target is Cursed, they are slowed considerably by this affliction. If they are blessed, they may move more freely and may break free of any shackles they find themselves in. Vessel - Animals that are possessed with a Lesser of Ghorza may be relocated to by the Shaman. For instance, if the Animal is in a tree above the Shaman, they may teleport to them. However, this may only occur once per interaction. Lasts until killed, and dies as any normal Animals like them. Totem of Fortune - In the vicinity of the Totem, anyone who approaches with wounds will have their effects healed and reversed. However, if approached without any wounds or afflictions, they will begun to suffer until leaving the area. Physical Capabilities: Unlike other Devotees, the Shamans of Ghorza have their inner machinations replaced by a complex series of gears. If they are stricken, it will generally not cause any damage unless it is a Golden Weapon. They will also die if submerged within Water or exposed to considerable amounts. Ikuras - Spirit of Fear and Insanity Immortal Ironically, it could only be an insane Shaman that would wish to dabble in the realms of Ikuras. If one were foolish enough to do so, they would not undergo a trial as the rest. They would instead come to feel every fear at once, their mind sundered into a state of precariousness. Their bodies would be torn asunder and replaced with a terrible visage of smoke and fog, tendrils creeping from them as they strike fear into those who look upon them. In this state, they develop the abilities listed below: Passive - Aura of Fear Due to their terrible forms, being in close proximity to these Shamans will cause people's worst fears to materialise before them, their Souls stirred into a state of discomfort. Vessel - An Animal possessed by a Lesser Spirit of Ikuras will develop an aesthetic as frightful as its maker, causing those around it to see their worst fear materialised as the Animal, which will proceed to attack them. Lasts until killed, and dies as any normal Animals like them. Curse of Instability - When the target is afflicted, they will be incapable of writing or communicating as their mind is jumbled in a state of pseudo-insanity, their minds incapable of working to achieve such a goal. However, all other motor functions shall remain as normal. Blessing of Transference - One who receives this gift shall find that they are able to invoke their deepest fears into another, thus cleansing them of that which had tormented them before. Totem of Grief - Within this region, it will become saturated with the illusions of fallen friends and family, apparitions that collect within one area. To each person they will see those who have died and were close to them, who will attempt to convince them into either harming those around them, or themselves so that they may join them. Physical Capabilities: The Shaman may utilise an ashen tendril to strike out at those around it, but can only be twice as long as their arm may have been. It is only slightly prehensile for a tendril, and cannot grasp or hold as keenly as a hand. The Shaman may sprout many tendrils as they wish, but only one may be active or capable of use. In terms of suffering damage, these Devoted have the same limitations as all others. Red Lines: - Cannot use any other Spirits but the one attuned to - If loss of Singular Devotion occurs, one returns to their prior form - Do not die from normal weaponry, but can have limbs cut off as usual - Gold will hurt them in the way that normal weaponry hurts an ordinary Descendant - Can use all spells relating to their Spirit, with those listed above as additional content; unavailable to regular Shamans Had this sitting around, needs some edits I'll try and fix up.
  9. A Prince's whisper and Nature's whispers play routinely in an addled mind. Soon the imagery follows of war-torn fields and bleeding wilds. The pleading visage of a long lost friend plastered in his sight. A mirror which has cracked. A bitter, horrible emotion of familiarity. "Ah'll watch ya choke an' die on yer every las' breath." the words of a long-fractured man hell-bent on the only thing which keeps him glued together anymore: his duties. Turquoise eyes slit open in the darkness of a still cavern. Regardless, the whispers remain.
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    LeoRabbit99's Game Moderator Application

    Probably the most committed lad I know. +1
  11. A little fairy guy hoots excitedly for her favorite superhero's next adventure.
  12. "And so we rest," remarks a high elf in passing.
  13. Liana murmured to herself, fingers brushing upon the windowsill. ".. Exciting," she stated- tone drenched with sarcasm.
  14. "Well... shite." Was the words Elvira could say that would sum up the situation.
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    Duncaster invites new settlers to join

    Thank you for your proposal. Sadly the hamlet is very poor and we plan to let our inhabitants build by themselves , of course they have to respect some rules and ask first. So unless you are offering this for free . We are not interested at the moment .But i may contact you later.
  18. Please press F to pay respects to the High Elves.

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      Wake me up when September ends

  19. A week or so ago I posted a thread detailing my issues with specific staff members and staff teams, and highlighted why the server may be losing activity or dedication of its playerbase. Amidst the critique, I highlighted certain details on the lore team. I will state this up-front and clear: in my experience, the lore team is stuffed with old players who are disengaged with the server and its populace, and who care more about retaining their personal circle of influence through their lore and staff rank than anything else on the server. A team that lacks the productivity to publish anything for months, but a team that picks apart or blocks player submissions or attempts to salvage lore. A team of biased lore-smashers who care more about keeping their own lore pieces than contributing anything to the server For as long as I have played on the server, I had the opinion that arguments, critique and feedback has to be underlined with factual data. Since the lore team did receive a certain amount of bashing on my thread from both myself and the playerbase, I opted to take them as my first example in (perhaps) a series of more statistics-based comments. First of all, the team members discussed in this thread were drawn from the official staff repository list. Now, what I did was very simple. I logged on the server and checked the playtime on the main account of each lore team member. Nothing fancy, no digging, no research or anything. What I found were the following: - 1/3 of the lore team are wholly inactive with either zero hours last week or 1-2 hours spent on the server. - 1/3 of the lore team are barely active with 3-10 hours of play time the past week. - 1/3 of the lore team is active, usually with 30+ active hours on the server Some other data: - Flambo is actually the 4th most active LT member. - The most active LT member was Elrith. He had more hours of playtime than 65% of the lore team combined. - Jandy was the only LT member in the "active" group who does not fulfill any other staff position than being an LT member. - The three lore team managers had 12 hours of combined playtime. That is around 1/3 of the playtime of either LT member in the "active" category. How is this in any way relevant? In my initial critique and argument, I said staff teams required a purge because they are stacked with old players who are no longer contributing to the server, and are merely part of the staff for power-play and to retain their influence. I do approve that server playtime may not be everything for the lore team. But one main critique not only raised by myself but also by multiple members of the community was disconnection. How can we expect a team to be up-to-date with server matters and players if 1/3 of their members haven't even logged on for the past week, and when 1/4 of their members have 15+ days of offline time?
  20. yes, i am dead.

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    Stargazzerology's Event Team Actor application

    +1 -- Extremely friendly and great at roleplay. Star would be a fantastic addition to the ET team. I suggest you add a little more to the events though, just so they're a bit more clear.
  23. ~| THE BATTLE OF OKARN'THILLN |~ Autumn burns in earnest. The great war continues. "...and the Sorceror-Lord graced upon his people many magicks. They could conjure from the aether alien powers, as it was when the world was young. Yet, their arcane was smote by the forest. Magical flames were snuffed out by the storm, and the winds conspired to cast their beasts to the sky." Warclaim Side A: The September Prince Side B: Fools and Weaklings Actual Time & Date: Saturday, October 6th, 4PM EST [May be updated in the coming days. Check back soon!] Proposed Rules: All conflict will take place in the normal world. See the spoiler below for further details. Location: Discord: Aesopian (GE#1665) ALL YOUR POWER IS NOTHING TO NATURE. IT IS THE GENTLEST WAVE CRASHING AGAINST THE ROCKFACE. OR A TENDER BREEZE BLOWING ACROSS THE MOUNTAIN. YOU MAY DEFILE THE WORLD, BUT IT WILL SURVIVE. IN THE END, THE ONLY ONES YOU WILL BE KILLING ARE YOURSELVES. THIS TRUTH I GRACIOUSLY BESTOW UPON YOU NOW: YOU ARE BUT A SPECK, A BLEMISH ON CREATION TO BE CUT AWAY The September Prince's domain is expanding. Already, he has ravaged whole nations, and turned bastions of mankind into ruins. Nature surges with life and activity. Even in the pedestrian forests far from the wildwood, the beasts and wild things are unusually aggressive. There have even been reports of crocodiles, frogs, and other amphibians arriving on the coasts from far-off lands, come to join the prince's cause. There are harshly-whispered words of union between battered descendants, seeking to combine what is left of their broken power. In the far south, the forces of the Vaeyl prepare themselves for the September Prince's wrath. The storm grows. Find body integrity and soul integrity data below. More information is coming.
  24. Man of Respect

    Duncaster invites new settlers to join

    Hello, I am interested in helping your hamlet to build new housing, reply to this with whatever building resources you might need to help building your city and it shall be done within a day. - Bobby Williams
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