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    The Ascended - The Tears of Aeriel [Rewrite]

    Your argument is invalid if you can replace the subject of your argument with pretty much anything else. Purpose. How much magic has purpose that is better than ours? And how is it better? What purpose do you suppose this serves? The ascended are a community. Not a plot device that gets used up and yeeted away when it has "served it's time".
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    Junar's Event Team Builder Application

    trash builds 1+
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    Avchirran ito Gladewynn

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    Taking a break

    Have fun away from LOTC!
  6. Couldn’t of you just gone on Hiatus? And +1
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    Junar's Event Team Builder Application

    +1 from me , Awesome builder and great personality
  9. Whether or not someone is biased, scrutiny is an ample part of a project. However, sitting on a high horse and coming off with a sarky comment and obvious insult doesn’t help your image, nor does it suggest you’re truly willing to offer a good critique. But if you do want to contribute to some active suggestions and improvements, please detail them to us as we are definitely willing to listen.
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    Taking a break

    Good luck with work and school!
  11. Man writes in paragraph form but I can still understand him. +1
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    The Disunited States of America

    Commonwealth of Virginia Rain was pouring overhead, incessantly drumming on roofs. Some darkly joked the U.S would drown in rain before it does blood. Across Virginia families huddled in their houses. Slaves bedded where they could, in a stable or pen if lucky, out under the stars if not. Various politicians and generals of Virginia also uneasily waited in the rain. Up in the mountains, the West Virginian’s were demoralized. The U.S had been their only chance at secession. Now they knew Governor Letcher and his “lap dog lee” would come a-knockin. In Richmond rich industrialist and politicians meet, scared. As the rain pours, the hour of midnight is reached. A small deer is grazing on the side of the road, eating grass. Suddenly a clamorous THUM-THUMP-THUMP can be heard. It curiously lifts it’s head up, still chewing. Robert E. Lee and his staff were trying to make good time in the night. They had been riding for days, to get to Mount Vernon. There the power of Virginia was assembling, to discuss matters abroad and at home. The column of cavalry flashes past the deer, the sounds of laughter, whips, and speech coming and fading just as quickly. Mud flies into the air, but the column eventually fades back into the dark, and no more noise is heard. The Deer simply goes back to grazing. – A din of laughter, clinking glass, and cutlery on china can be heard. Outside Mount Vernon a ring of Virginian regulars wait to check all. Lee runs through the motions, before riding up the house itself. Dismounting, he hands his horse off to a slave. Walking up to the door, he can hear the clamor of a party. Lee was soaked to the bone, and tired. He idly reflected on his days as an Engineer in the Mexican-American war. When times were simpler, eh? Hee pushes the great doors open, and strides into the house where George Washington used to reside. “Ah Mr. Lee! I didn’t think you’d make it. Get in here before you catch a cold from all that rain! My do you have a heavy enough jacket? Here let me take it, I’ll put it by the fire. Come, come! They are in the saloon, just finished dining. I’m afraid I’ll have to have the slave’s fix you up something proper, they ate all the supper!” Lee allows Letcher’s wife to chatter amiably and lead him to the Saloon. The faint noise of a harmonica and banjo can be heard. Lee shares a smile with himself, even now Virginian troops must play music. He knew Jackson and Baxtonne were out there now, him not needing his staff for the meeting. The Frenchmen Baxtonne was his newest addition. The lad was young, but had served in the French dragoons in their colonies. Finally Lee reaches the Saloon, where his life will change forever. Arranged in the room were the most powerful men of Virginia, and perhaps even the Union. Governor John Letcher raised his glass to Lee as he walked in. Admiral David Farragut nodded, as other men like Joseph E.Johnston, or A.P Hill smiled and welcomed him. Lee and Thomas Jackson were the last to arrive, having been busy seeing to the Virginian militia. Now the men sat in a circle, smoking, and drinking. A Slaved popped in every so often to refresh drinks, and clear trays. “Gentlemen you have all been called here under the most dire of assemblies.” Letcher begins, sipping whisky, and clearing his throat audibly. “As you all know the Union is in a desperate state. As far as we can tell from recent news, it may be dead.” At this muttering and curses can be heard. Virginia supported the Union, provided she never harmed her. But now all U.S legitimacy was lost. These giants of a potentially new Nation weep like women, at the loss of liberty. It was up to them to pursue their own happiness now, whatever it may be. Over the night several important topics were discussed. It was agreed the Commonwealth of Virginia will be officially formed. She will have her own independent Governance, military, foreign, and trade plans. Her constitution is similar to the U.S. It was ironic, only 13 miles north north lay D.C. Lee himself champions the armies cause, having just seen it’s state. Overall several matters are decided, and men pour out of Mount Vernon to get back to work. – “ATTENTION” Thomas Jackson screams. Row upon row of shoddily dressed Virginians snapped into battle formation, somewhat sloppily. They were a motley crew, these men. Besides the veterans of the Mexican-American war, the average troop was a poor conscripted farmer in Virginia. Most of them wore blue uniforms, their old ones. Or blue armbands. Others have begun a recent trend however. They wear Grey, to show their true split from the U.S. Most men were young, sickly, or just stupid. Robert E. Lee saw this all as he inspected his men. This would be Virginia’s 1st Commonwealth Regiment. Maybe one day under Lee they will all become true soilders, and win glory. But for now they are simply what Lee knows to be true. Gorsh Darn Militia. The lowest of the low, and not reliable. Together Lee and Admiral Farragut had begged the new Commonwealth for funds. Virginia would need to defend herself, and her territories. Lee would start with these men, and turn them into a proper army. Him and his staff, Thomas Jackson, Joe Johnston, and J.E.B Stuart would all dedicate themselves to training the army. They would work tirelessly, near Richmond. They plan to establish a twenty five thousand strong Regular army. Half again that number will serve as militia and reserves. They begin acquiring funds, arms, and proper uniforms. Lee chose the uniform himself, and seamstresses begin to churn them out. Farragut for his part was more financially busy then physically. In Richmond he begins to coddle Industrialist for money. He also would take loans from New York and NYC itself. His goal was to begin raising 2.5 million [old] U.S dollars, for an ambitious naval project. They also begin to amass European engineers and equipment. – The set up of the Commonwealth itself is hotly debated. The issue of Slavery is of course still a large issue. West Virginia is asked to send their own delegation to Richmond, to represent and rule for their counties. When they arrive they bring word of a U.S remnant holding out in Harper’s Ferry. But as more men arrive, the heated debates continue. It was clear many were just straight up afraid of the U.S collapse. There was no time for fear however, and the Commonwealth enacts several new policies. She would allow West Virginia to govern itself, provided it’s body of government remained within the Commonwealth. She would also offer the U.S faction in D.C money, protection, and official support. In return Virginia merely ask D.C to recall the Harper’s Ferry garrison, who could travel through Virginia peacefully. Trade is also established with Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. Raw goods, foods, and minerals from Virginia will go up. Manufactured goods and armaments will come down. – Actions Forming Commonwealth of Virginia Formation of the Army of Virginia. Staffing it with officers, and beginning training. Admiral Farragut begins acquiring money with an eventual goal of $2.5 million. Offering West Virginia more autonomy, provided they follow new Commonwealth law and prerogative. Offering Washington D.C a deal. Forming trade pact with Ohio and New York.
  13. A week actually, just want to get back on the team!
  14. Weren't you event team like, two and a half days ago
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  16. Commission - Druid Priestess by 1Valaquenta


    A finished commision :9

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      looks really good

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      thank ye 

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    Junar's Event Team Builder Application

    +1 from me. I recall playing on ‘the other server’ and being amazed at what I witnessed. This man built an entire city.
  18. aah early decision college results


    disappointing me like my mother was when i was born

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    VIP Forum Ranks

    MC Name: Sykogenic VIP Rank: Coal In-game screenshot of your tag and username: (Can I also have the 2 ‘New Member’ tags removed? No clue why I have those.)
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    “A man who had to get his powers from a false prophet thinks he knows the way of the Aspects? I could cast you down boy, don’t think for a second you think this is what the Aspects want. The destruction of the city that spreaded their praise to be wiped clean away? That’s counter productive.” The Bone Druid laughed out, a look of ease and calm over his features. “Fight me. Let me show you how easily your weak powers from the prince can be stuffed out of you. Every druid in the order is able to strike you down with ease like the worm you are. In the eyes of the Order and more importantly the Aspects you’re still a failure of a dedicant.” He moved to prepare himself for the battle, he grew tired and irritated of the Prince’s petty and worthless existance.
  21. ferdaboys69


    Kenswey would walk into Nordengrad, still wearing his uniform. He scoffed at the sight of the empty and tree-less square. “Quite a fuckin’ downgrade, good job Mournstones.” and with that he’d leave the town never returning.
  22. Username Jondead, LookMaNoHaense Discord Jondead#0753 Timezone GMT+1 What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Humans, Elves, Fae, Magi, and Dwarves! Staff History Been Event Team once before, like a week ago or something, but I needed a break, and I am Application Team! Ban History Only joke bans, no real bans sir! Blacklist History: Not that I know of no. Why do you want to join the Event Team? I want to make good and fun events for the new and old players to enjoy, I think I could make some good ones in the future, I also want to help the others with their Events and otherwise have a good and fun experience working for the team again, I enjoyed it last time and I have many fun ideas I want to actually make in the future which I can in act if I get this! Why should we accept you onto the Team? I have a good intuitive and I think I could be a good addition to the team, I have a pretty good grasp of the systems intact from the Team, and I think this would make me competent enough as it is! :DDDD What kind of events do you aspire to create?: I do High Fantasy, Low Fantasy, I can do plenty of Quests and Dungeons of needed, I also have a good idea for some Lovecraftian inspired Events. Just Pure Roleplay Events. What makes a good event? Something which uses player interaction at it's highest, making their decisions actually matter, and making them influence in some way, and not being pocketed for a specific group or nation is also a good thing for making a great event. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: ~The Grand Summons~ A loud bell rang in the distance of the town as a screeching could be heard in the far distance in a dark castle to the east, two doors lining the castles front archway as a creaking came as the doors opened on a push, the doors would reveal a throne room with an empty hollowed monster in the middle of the room, the undeathly hollowed monster seemed to the festering on things, as the Descendants entered the room it would rattle its body and stop feasting turning to look around the room, upon spotting the fighters it would let out a deafening screech and a rumbling would be felt as it rushed towards them, on the slaying of the beast it would crumble into specks of dust and leave behind a few key items for the future of the Event. Along the Eventline capturing these strange happenings would a hoard of monstrous beings be formed, encompassing elements of horror and mystery, a story would be panned out with the entire span of the map, or until the plot was uncovered, a number of strange happenings would take place throughout the entire realm the descendants were on at the time, bearing fame, and misfortunes for the greedy, as many cursed artefacts and other stuff, would litter the places and almost unbeatable horrors would soon follow. (This Event would be a quest/Dungeon Event which would span a few weeks and have puzzles and other fun jiffy things inside of it, which might make a hidden story come to life.) ~A Yellow Wanderor~ A yellow-haired man strolls into a few cities carrying an array of items and trinkets, these small bits and bobs have a strange aroma to it and ran with strange symbols if you were to use one of these items a voice would speak in a distant, soon after the man leaves over a week or two a band of men would wander around to the different towns speaking of a rumour of this strange man, over a full month this man would wander to the towns selling his items and the people would on intervals, go to the towns and could sometimes be seen wandering the roads on their travels, if a person was to attack anyone of the Events would they be met with brutal force which would need careful planning to pull of, on death the people would carry a stock of items and note on them revealing various story elements and plot points in the events. (A town Event line spanning a few weeks to a month, with an interesting narrative AND good rewards for anyone daring enough.) ~The Valour Festivities~ Posters would be strong to poles around the realm in every city and town, to a village, these posters would describe a grand festival in the name of a foreign realm and it’s people on a visit to the Descendants realm, these people would be throwing a festival in honour of the Aenguls and would encompass many strengths and feats based around the Four Brothers and their tasks, other thing at this festival would be a few stalls with trinkets dedicated to some of the Aenguls, and food and drinks for the festivities and might of the events at at place, many things at this Event could be swayed by player actions and other things, the place could, for example, be looted or raided by a group of people and forced to close down, or perhaps someone could use this festival to their favour and sway the people there to tell them their story and give out items and things in that vicinity, who knows. (A festivity event spanning a few weeks that would just be a time of peace and cheer, nothing too special but I like the idea of something like this.)
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