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  3. [!] A being not truly alive nor dead wept bitterly at it’s loss of a true companion.
  4. The Tournament of Two Roses Two combatants training for the tourney Part of the Syndesi Feriae, the Tournament of Two Roses will take place on the 15th of Sigismund's End with the first event starting by the 17th hour. Two separate tournaments will commence throughout the day. The first will be a tournament with a 100 mina prize, with the victor being named the Champion of Roses. The second event will occur after with a 100 mina prize, the victor being named the Champion of Thorns. We do ask that all fighters contact the manager Lord Viktor var Ruthern through letter or in person to sign up ahead of the event time. This way the tourney will run smoothly, thank you. The day also acts as a social event where non Tournament participants can enjoy conversation while watching friendly competition in the arena! SIGNED, (Important OOC Info Below)
  5. Aleksi, Faeviel's son, sat just in front of her mother, both of his sisters to his sides, as he listened to her story, munching to a cookie while doing so
  6. "May stories continue to ring out for dear Evelyn, her song never left unsung!" An elf who has heard of her immortal Kleos will be adament to preserve her story!
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  8. ign: Benleft Category: Writing Work: The Road to Atrus (Link embedded)
  9. Art By: @AlissElyssia Basic Information: Name: Alessia Mancini-Miraqirelle Age: 78, born in SA 3 Race: Half-Human, Half-Mali’ame Profession: N/A Appearance information: Standing at 5’4” and weighing 115 lbs, Alessia has deep blue eyes, long wavy light blonde hair, and lightly tanned skin. Her ears are longer than that of a human, but shorter than that of a full blooded Mali’ame. Her skin is soft and untouched on her face, and she has varying scars on her legs and arms from her time on her family’s farm and from her solo expeditions. Personality: Overall demeanor: Alessia is a rather positive person, one who doesn’t see herself as more or less than anyone else. She wants everyone to be her friend, no matter what, unless deemed an enemy. On the off chance that her positivity is lacking, she will keep to herself. She believes that energy decides your fate and all she wants to do is put out positive energy to get the same in return. Strengths: Hardworking, this can be seen through her dedication to tasks that she is given. Creative, this is demonstrated through her hobbies of sewing and woodworking. Observant, Alessia can learn and retain information after seeing it once or twice. She can also pick up on skills by being shown how to do something. Although this doesn’t make her a master at everything, she does learn quickly. Weaknesses: Impulsive, this can be seen in Alessia’s short, planned adventures and expeditions. She tends to do things without much preparation or thought to it. Although this can benefit her, it has also gotten her into some sticky situations. Verbose, Alessia loves making new friends and with that comes her inability to keep her thoughts to herself or express herself succinctly. She also struggles to answer questions directly, she feels the need to trail off into a story that is semi related to the topic. Unorganized, Alessia tends to be messy and unorganized but not in ways that particularly matter and not to an extreme. Her hair might be messy, and her home may be full of clutter from her adventures, but she still takes care of herself. Likes: Earthy flavored teas Gardening The color blue Exploring/Traveling Warm weather Dishes with Fish/Chicken in them Fruits and Veggies Any and all friendly animals Dislikes: Bitter wines Loud noises The texture of jelly Dairy/bread products Cold weather Red meat History: Born on a farm outside of Elysium. She was kept from the outside world, only allowed to leave once a year. Her mother, a very strange Highlander woman, kept Alessia busy with chores and responsibilities so she could focus on her debauchery. Alessia didn’t mind the work. She spent a lot of time with her siblings and other children that also resided on the farm. She was given adequate education through other adults that worked the farm as well. Besides that, she had a decent childhood. Though she was raised to believe she was human by her mother. For all of Alessia’s life until recently, she wore a Veil or scarf to cover her ears. Her mother told her it was to protect her thoughts from the negative energies of others. No one acknowledged Alessia’s differences as a result of her mother successfully masking her evidence of adultery. Alessia picked up a number of skills during her childhood such as sewing, archery and hunting, cooking, gardening, animal medicine, and a bit of medical alchemy. In recent days Alessia is a resident within the Vale of Nevaehlen. With her main objective being: Go with the flow.
  10. The Lord Marshal of Haense - One aged Ker named Hieran Melphestaus sits within his office, treating a gash from a recent skirmish. From his desk, he retrieves a folder. This one named - 'The Ebonwood Principatus.' With a chuckle to a solitary tear the man reads through missives and letters. From 'The municipality of Ephesius' to the 'Disbandment of Ebonwood.' The thoughts of Minuvas, Tarathiel - so many brothers and sisters lost over the years. And of course.... "Veronna...I wonder what she's up to now...."
  11. [!] a missive would be posted thought the lands of Alamaris, on the top it depicted a woman smiling in a meadow as she stood, wearing her duster and armor with her duster flowing gently in what looked to be a breeze, she had a kind and soothing smile like that of a mother, her eyes giving off a gentle, warm gaze. Her arms rested at her sides above the missive the words "gone, but not forgotten" sat atop the page below the drawing of the woman a message was written "Evelyn Midnight Silver, a true warrior. Evelyn always put others before herself, she was a warrior, a protector, a leader, and even a mother. following the death of her mother Lilith Imperium Silver, and her daughter Ana silver. she found herself knocking at deaths door, as she often did thought her life, though this time it would have been at her own hands, if not for her son Talinn silver, and the woman who she thought of as a sister Keishara Daystar she would have died that day...and yet what she would experience from then was something horrible, after the two of them knocked her own dagger out of her hand. they pinned her to the ground, she reached for her own dagger to make a last attempt at killing herself, a decision that she would end up coming to regret, as her struggle for death soon turned into her trying to free herself from the grasp of those that pinned her to the ground. It was something she herself did not remember doing, during that time she was tied up. though she was soon released from her bindings, this would not be the end of her troubles that lead to her eventual death. on that same day, she was arrested, and found guilty of attempted assault, despite her intentions never bearing any ill intent. the court handled the situation incredibly poorly, and therefore punished her, taking away her job and her ability to see or interact with her own children. instead of providing her what she really needed she was shunned and made an outcast, with her own friends and family splitting in two, some abandoned her and left her in pain, others helped her, and gave her shelter while some, did nothing but watch. from there she had been plagued by nightmares and closed herself off from the outside world. Becoming shy, as she would often wear her mothers blue cloak around using it for comfort...a partial pardon had been offered earlier that stated if she improved in her mental wellbeing, she would be allowed to interact with her children. It gave her hope, a hope that would soon be taken away as she ended up getting better, with some assistance but yet no pardon was ever granted, despite that she held out her head high in hopes that one day, she would be allowed to see her own children. However Unfortunately this would never come to pass, a group of men declared an intention to murder the people whom she had come to know and love in Elysium, the motive was unclear but she pushed herself to fight, to fight and defend the city on her own she was outmatched but she still never turned her back on the people she met and considered friends in her homeland, despite all they had done to her she fought valiantly giving one last push as the group ended up fleeing with a lot of them succumbing to death. Evelyn dragged herself back to Elysium, numerous cuts and stabs being sustained as she lost quite a lot of blood. Talinn Silver would find her when she reached the gates, her own son brought her back to the clinic In a panic, as her life slowly faded she said numerous things to her son, to tell him to live on, to protect his sister, her last words to him were "I love you...So much" as the light faded and died from her eyes, she entrusted her mothers cloak to him, before finally succumbing to her injuries and passing away, a true warrior and a loving mother to the end.
  12. Born the son of a bakers wife, his father died at an early age and Charleston was raised by his mother. Being an "odd" boy, he was usually picked on by other children; except for his only friend, an orphan girl named Miranda. The two of them would play together during the day, often escaping their reality of poverty by imaging themselves the Lord and Queen of their own land, Tiberau. In this land, they would fight their mortal enemies "The Goblin Hoards" who would try to put out the "Frozen Flame" (a necklace Miranda made from a rock and some string) which they imagined as the life source of their kingdom. Charleston and Miranda became close friends through this. One night, Charleston's village was raided by bandits. As his mother forced him to flee before being killed herself, Charleston met with Miranda to escape from the madness but sadly Miranda was hit with a wild arrow while running away. As Charleston tried to carry Miranda as she bled profusely, she gave Charleston the small, pebble necklace and with her last words she said, "Keep Tiberau safe." She passed away in Charleston's arms before he fled into the woods. Now, mentally broken from the trauma of that evening, Charleston has unintentionally built a persona around the imaginary adventures he and Miranda would have as children. He truly believes himself to be a knight of a kingdom called Tiberau and often introduces himself as such. Wandering and searching for a way to resurrect the "Frozen Flame", Charleston seeks to restore prosperity to a country that only ever existed in the minds of two poverty stricken children, and to protect his "Queen" who he had already lost many years ago.
  13. imagine if st will spawn next to you and make a pk event because u irply stepped on a bee

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  15. Most intriguing! A halfling grins a little, glancing around the jungle clearing once more before looking back down to the notice. I must be sure to go there at some point. One can't defend the jungle forever.
  16. "What a pretty road they have" a young elf states
  17. A would-be sailor hummed in thought while sizing up her coffers. "... Could be worth I trip. I like boats... I like the sea. I like an absence of shuul and voidally-tainted shuul."
  18. I can't wait to hear the heavy accents across the server
  19. ︎ Port Avluk ︎ A crown upon the waves It has been known for years that the cursed water near Ando Alur contains multitudes of shuul living within its depths and so sailors rightfully stayed far away from the land - though now that the disgusting void taint is lifted, these creatures are long gone and so people may travel and live freely once more. Sailors of all origins must no longer fear their boat drifting towards the irregular mountainside but now towards the manor which sits upon a rocky outcrop - though perhaps getting stuck there wouldn't be so bad... ——— Port Avluk is a one-of-a-kind manor that sits upon the water and has the goal of supplying the world with various artifacts, automatons, and other valuable goods. Let all nations and individuals know that they may order supplies from this blessed crown - and so all may have said goods shipped to themselves or their respective nations. For those who wish to visit the port in person, please go to Eastfleet and follow the road through Ando Alur. We sincerely wish that all who are curious may come over and experience this gem in person - and so we welcome you with open arms. -Sincerely, Port Avluk.
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