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  2. Ok so, hi again.  I did an application a while ago that you accepted.  It turns out that it was not deemed correct.  This is most likely due to my necessary Username change.  What you recommend in terms of fixing it(recreating the app., sending you the new username, etc.)


  3. T H E M O R N I N G K I N G D O M S U M M A R Y New Outpost [5,000 Gold] [Tip of Peninsula] New Town – Nanhei Hermitage in Liangjing [50,000 Gold] Upgrading Heifeng, Zaoshangfeng, Richuguo, and Shiwo to cities [15,000 x 4 Gold] 1 Unit Mangonels [3,000 Gold] 1 Unit Ballistae [1,500 Gold] Morning Kingdom Statistics
  4. Discord: Arachne_07 #4565 Preferred time of interview: Between 19h-0h (CEST), any day except for Sunday Example RP: *With a gentle, slightly proud smile he hands over his freshly cooked dish to the waiter "Here you go, serve it to the customer while it's steaming, yet fresh!" Depending on the amount of orders, he'd eihter go back to preparing food or curiously look around the tavern to see the guests enjoying the meals. [ROLEPLAY] Name: Alluin Miravaris Race, and are you a citizen of the Silver State?: High Elf, Yes Preferred position: Chef or Waiter Why should you get this position?: My travels have brought me knowledge of food and dishes from all different cultures, which I like to prepare and share with other people, mainly other people of my kin. Combining the tastes and smells of several cultures enriches and enhances meals to the highest possible quality, which of course is necessary in the Silver State Tavern. If there is no need for a chef or cook, however, I'd be happy to serve as a Waiter, which will also offer me an outstanding opportunity to acknowledge myself to the citizenry of the Silver State I just returned to.
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  6. "I bet money he got himself captured on purpose just to cause this sort of response" says Siegmund
  7. Hey there! Add me on discord and I can get you situated in our group 🙂 Carol#7747
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    I like your application because it is detailed but also not too long .Your character is interesting and I hope you will Play nice roleplay with it Greetings from Germany ☺️
  9. #reformedgamer(day #16)

  10. As word of Lotte’s death found Celest, the memories of a lost friend flooded back to her. She rode into Avalain to find Lotte’s bench, their bench. “My wife, you must have found his light, yei?” She’d mutter as she sat down. Her eyes welling with tears would fixate on the tavern as an unusually warm smile rose on Celest’s lips, her mind gripped by one memory in specific. “Even the church couldn’t stand us.” she’d chuckle faintly for a moment before her smile sank. “What is a maer to do without her wife?” Her inquiry rhetorical, though not even she could find the answer as a few stray tears escaped from her, falling down her cheeks. The aging woman would drop her heads into her hands, uttering a prayer in a language few would understand. “Hvild kos, valda. Biddu laeta onae, fit villi ki vera langur, minn vaenr Lotte.”
  11. “Such grace and kindness displayed to the people of Haense! What a grand queen, one who will be remembered through the ages!” states Ilkazar
  12. Do what I did- date who you romantically RP with. Naw but in all seriousness I have dated irl while having an in game relationship with another person. I had talked to my partner about it and asked where to draw a line. It was easy to figure out things. My in game life isnt my actual life so we both didnt actually care.
  13. “I didn’ know tha’ the vessian rats decided who we go to war with. A pity.” Sigmar frowns as he reads the missive
  14. HAESENI HARVEST INITIATIVE - I Issued and Confirmed by the Royal Office of the Queen-Consort 6th of Tobias’ Bounty, 1729 Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, The years succeeding the union of King Andrik III to his consort have been endowed with prosperity. A kingdom having recovered from the plague of War, it has not only been privileged with the birth of an heir, and the matrimonial celebration of its Princess-Royal, but with a bountiful harvest. With a bustling staff managing their upkeep, the fertile meadows encircling Reza are now laden with viridescent life and produce, amongst them wheat. Compelled by such fortunes, it is incumbent upon us to hereby declare the following edict: For the betterment of all Haeseni and any who lack the proper sustenance required in their livelihood, THEIR MAJESTIES’ declare the establishment of the Haeseni Harvest Initiative. Sustenance shall be dispensed every Four Saint’s Weeks (One OOC Month) in Robert’s Square. Conventions shall be held on the Grand Harvest. Under the Supervision of the Royal City of Reza’s administrators, farmers shall be hired to sustain the initiative. Professional Inquiries may be directed to any of the signatories below. May the Saints and Exalted keep watch and sustain all who hunger. IV JOVEO MAAN, Her Royal Majesty, Milena Ekaterina Fyodorovna of the House Barbanov-Carrion, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska and its pertaining realms Her Excellency, Lady Kamilla Stafyr, Maer of Reza Ilkazar of Alban, Royal Advisor
  15. I'm interested, finda been wanting my gal Delphima to become an alchemist who deals mainly with healing.
  16. Nikolaus would awake rather later in the morning where he would turn to his rightside where his wife would sleep in a very still manner. He thought nothing of it at first as she appeared fairly drained and fatigued the prior night but, Nikolaus would soon realize after getting up from their bed and making some noise as he got ready for the day that Lotte would remain idly laying on the bed. He quickly moved her over to be laying on her backside where he instantly checked for her pulse rate... After identifying the reality that was laying before him, he gave his wife one last kiss as he then fixed the white quilt over her entire body where he would then state lastly; “Rest well, my love for you are no longer in a state of suffering. You are in place of peace and happiness where you may look upon your entire family to guide them to relative state of unity as they grieve together following the losses this family has undertaken in recent years.” He closed the door behind him as he glanced back once more at Lotte. Obvious emotion overcame him at that moment as he then made his way downstairs as he lead himself to the kitchen where lunch was being prepped by the house maiden-- Elizaveta. Nikolaus suddenly collapsed and all the emotion he kept within himself was poured out at that moment. A rather put together man who carried years upon years of anguish during a multitude of wars, battles and raids where individuals closest to him were taken in kidnap or simply killed as a result of war; all of these emotions left Nikolaus at that moment as tears filled the entirety of his face. Otto, who was seen eating at the dining room table heard Nikolaus in the kitchen as he then rushed in. He stated rather simply to Nik, “Make your way to Primrose, she among anyone needs you the most. My steed stands outside the manor; take it and ride to Primrose where you two shall comfort each other in this time of heartache.” Otto said as he assisted Nikolaus up to his two feet. Nikolaus made his way outside the manor as he then hoisted himself up to the horse, he would begin to ride to the County of Carnatia in a rather hastily fashion. Lotte and Nikolaus Kortrevich 1704-1729 [!] Depicted above is an illustration of Lotte and Nikolaus at the ages of 27 and 26 where Lotte can be seen wearing a long pink dress where as Nikolaus could be seen wearing a Master-At-Arms uniform of the Royal Army of Haense.
  17. “Seriously? MORE WAR?” Frowned the Mali’ker, ”Oh whatever, this is alway’s happening so I shouldn’t be too surprised!”
  18. This might be a perfect opportunity for character development for my Mercedes, so count me in! I sent an invite on discord.
  19. Borin Grandaxe raises his brow as he notices a couple of humans trying to break into Kal’Short ”Seems ah bit odd fer umros tu go out ov dere way an try tu rob us dwedmar, and now dey beh tryin tu blame us. Interestin...” Borin Grandaxe would walk back into the fortress and grab himself a mug of ale.
  20. A Waldenian man grined slyly, his eyes widening as he cracked his knuckles “GOTT mit uns” He said quietly to himself then turning to his fighting friends ”GOTT vills it all!”
  21. Thath would be polishing the head of his reliable pole-hammer awaiting orders.
  22. Hekkaes Goldhand would chuckle, raising his battleaxe with a crimson rune resting on its hilt, he’d wipe the sweat from his forehead “Su, we eaten’ umros? Oi loike moine medium rare.” he’d chuckle.
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