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  2. “This is neither based nor redpilled.. dismissed.”
  3. A downcast 'ame pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs— disappointed. He reminisces over Jack's explanation regarding love's futility. "Perhaps.." The disheveled figure pondered aloud to the Southeron man stood a short distance away. "Gettin' some 'oes would encourage him t' stick 'round more."
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  5. Your application has been put on pending as there are changes needing to be made before you may be accepted, as follows: → Please include an example for your metagaming and powergaming definitions. → Your Character Biography is missing some lore references! Please remember to include at least two! These can be major events, wars, religion, etc. Here are some links that may help you find some! https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Almaris https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Races https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Nations_and
  6. "Are all old Paladins just lonely...too dedicated to Xan to find a wife or husband? Shame." Pondered Ezyl, using her fingers to count the amount of elderly paladins looking for love on noticeboards. After a few moments she'd wave the hand dismissively. "Poor guys."
  7. "Yes, but have you considered that dueling is really cool?" Asks Flemius, upon having read the missive.
  8. Skin Name: Second Time’s The Charm Skinner’s Username: Miko Discord: Basket#4977 Bid: $10 USD
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  10. Siruonn stopped in their tracks, they grumbled some, spotting the bird tied to the balloon, they untied the creature with a brisk rip at the strings that bound it, before they took notice of the top hat, they paused, reading the note that was at it's side "oh... dear" The ever-smiling mali spoke, crouching by the hat and taking it into their hands, brushing the dust out of it's lid.
  11. "I-I never knew my teacher was so.. lonely." Aldranis muttered, a regretful tone held amidst his words. He'd howl against the night, wishing that he was born female!
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  13. my parents were killed in front of me and I scared i didn't act, i grew up alone from place to place to live with bad influences i grew up being trained to hunt and kill people and that's what i do now, keep away from having serious relationships not to suffer as i suffered from the loss of my parents , and I always hate myself for not doing anything.
  14. "I- ok, time to ask my brother why his deity accepts- how to say- weridos, like this." Alyssa Seregon commented with a cringe, simply throwing the notice into the flames of her house. After she did so, she would then write a bird off to her brother, an other, paladin of Xan. Once the mali'aheral finished writing the letter, she would tie it to an owl's talon and send it off to the cold skies of Karosgrad, all the way to the warm skies, where her brother would be. Minutes later - the mali'aheral would simply be seen through windows, reading books of the void and water evocation and
  15. Changed Status to Under Review Your application has been put on pending as there are changes needing to be made before you may be accepted, as follows: → Please include an example for your metagaming and powergaming definitions. → Please ensure that you have one positive trait for your Personality Traits/Quirks section. → Your Personality Traits/Quirks are a bit lacking. If you’re lost on what more to say, think of their fears, how they act around new people, etc. → Your Skin does not match your physical description. Please fix one! If you do n
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    Born by one of the richest merchant families in New Reza, X spent his first years in comfort and security. When he was 18, his older brother, who wanted to prevent him to get his part of inheritance, made their father and the community believe that X had been spelled by a famous sorcerer and that he would cause the decline of the family. Therefore, X was kicked out of his family and banished from his city. He settled in the snowy wood in the North of Arcas, where he met Nicketon, a woodman that had become an outlaw after he cut down some trees in the royal forest. They lived together as b
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    Your application has unfortunately been denied at this time due to reason, though here are the changes that would need to be made: → Your Metagaming and Powergaming Definitions are on the right track, though they’re not quite there. Take another look at our Wiki’s definitions for help, and I recommend including examples so I can tell you fully understand! https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Metagaming_%26_Powergaming → Your Character Biography is missing some lore references! Please remember to include at least two! These can be major events, wars, religion,
  19. i really appreciate man. its not easy for a monster virgin like myself to put myself out there.
  20. Marcus Vult was born an only child in the Meranesian Islands to two human merchants, Mary and Ben Vult. They were very poor but Marcus loved to watch the ocean and boats travel by, and hoped to leave the island one day. On the morn of his 22nd birthday his parents presented him with a small skiff to try his luck in sailing to the mainland. But the Dark elves did not want him to leave the island so the tried to thwart him and destroy his boat. Marcus just escaped with his boat and sailed out into the unknown. After many days and nights he reached the mainland and walked for weeks until he
  21. A ZEALOUS REQUEST III -- Greetings and salutations to all the lonely men, and women that may have encountered this outstanding ZEALOUS REQUEST. Yet worry not, for your days of loneliness and depression are over, for an individual known as Jack- a wayward paladin of Xan desires for a companion for the very first time in numerous years. Jack, having lived a long, and fulfilling life- has many talents, tricks, and wisdom to share with his soon-to-be beloved which could be YOU! Will you be his mistress? He is a lone man, having never felt the warm touch o
  22. An exhortation to the people, against duelling. "Raise not your hand in wrath, nor in anger, nor in any kind of sin."-Virtue 5:9. The catastrophe of duelling cuts down the lives of young men like so much unryed wheat every year, and casts their immortal souls straight into everlasting death in the Void. Need anything more be written? Is there cause for anything else to be said? This alone should move Holy Church and her Bishops and Priests to wholly condemn this shameful practice. It is indeed lamentable that I, who am a man of little knowledge, despised rig
  23. "Why is my son, a bishop, getting into politics..absolutely disgraceful" Francisco would shake his head in disappointment, "And where are the mentions of GOD and his infinite glory and wisdom? I do approve of the position of Lillian Garnet, one thing I approve of"
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