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  2. Word spreads around Arcas, that in the Sultanate of Korvassa a new business has arisen. Those who wish to buy quality wool, in any color or quantity can simply message Saeed Ibn Hamzah, for new freshly shorn wool in any color! All prices are negotiable! A Planed ball? New palace? or just needing lots of wool for whatever reason? Either mass shipments or a humble few, you can rely that Saeed ibn Hamzah will provide you the best prices for wool! Needing rugs, curtains, or bundles of wool? We sell them cheap for a fair price, send a bird to Saeed Ibn Hamzah (mcname: ibraheemc2000, discord: ibraheemcninja#8537) (Ligit I will hook you up, just ask)
  3. Keaton would dread the dystopian suggestions of this line. “There is no low the Empire will sink to.”
  4. I wanted to have a brief discussion about the player’s relationship with LotC as a server, and about how some of us prioritize certain aspects of our lives. A lot of folks in this community take their character’s affairs very seriously, to the point where we allow the roleplay we partake in to cause us legitimate, emotional and mental anguish, to the point where we forget that we’re playing a videogame – and I’ve noticed that this particularly impacts our younger players, which to me, is extremely concerning. Most of you know me as the Sanoist guy, the GA guy, the Illatian mafia guy, the railroad baron guy, or the Parliament guy. I started playing on LotC the summer between 8th grade and my freshman year in highschool, around the time we switched over to Vailor. I was fifteen, and the reason LotC appealed to me is because I sort of fit your stereotypical description of the anti-social kid in the back of the class who wore gray hoodies year-round. I had a few people who were fluctuating friends, but I don’t think I really had any sort of normal highschool friend group. I was the kid that ate lunch in the stairwell, or in a teacher’s office, if I could find it. My weight was always something that I was heavily concerned with, I was a pretty chubby kid. I was pretty obsessed with listening to podcasts and drawing, even though I wasn’t that good at it, but that didn’t matter, it gave me some way to express myself creatively. Still, I didn’t have much interest in any traditional social activities, like sports or after-school clubs. I was pretty cynical, I thought that I was above the “jocks” and “popular kids,” even though all I really wanted to do was be in their friend groups. That’s why LotC has such a strong appeal to me, it gave me the chance to interact with others free of judgement, and additionally, it was an outlet to express myself. I was a kid with a lot to say, and with nobody to talk to, LotC seemingly had a lot to offer. And it did, over the last five years, I’ve had a lot of fun and met some pretty great players who I’ve formed close friendships with. Those people are fantastic human beings who helped me to get through highschool. However, at a lot of points during my time on the server, I found myself frustrated, upset, and angry at the happenings of my character and our group, anytime something went wrong either in-game or OOC’ly. It would ruin my day, and when I got home, my top priority wouldn’t be homework, it would be the server and how I could remedy whatever way in which I was wronged. It got to the point where I almost had to repeat my freshman year, if it hadn’t been for a very generous teacher who gave me an extra credit opportunity that I didn’t at all deserve. That caused some serious, unnecessary stress on top of what was already a pretty bleak highschool experience. Fortunately, my last year and a half of highschool, I was able to simultaneously play LotC while getting my grades into the 80’s and 90’s. I was accepted to some local colleges, and some were pretty reputable for their government/poli sci/economics programs that I was applying for, but I was also accepted to a certain school in Quebec that I didn’t seriously consider at first. On a whim, I decided to go to school over the border, and I cannot express how much of a good decision that was for me. At first, my reason for going abroad was because it was cheaper than any in-state school I was accepted to, and I was disappointed because I couldn’t afford one of the other schools I had been accepted to, but I soon realized that this was the best school for me. Back in September, I stopped playing LotC, cold turkey, because I was so preoccupied by my classes and the parties I was going to. At first, I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t continue roleplaying, but realized that I didn’t miss it. I made a massive group of friends from so many different walks of life, coming from countries I’d barely even heard of, with varying interests and incredible stories to tell. That’s why, for a solid ~6 months or so, I hardly logged onto the server at all – and I didn’t miss it one bit. This is what I did during those six months at school. I made incredible friends who’d take a bullet for me, and I’d take a few bullets for them. I have a solid GPA, and I’m applying for my department’s honors program this year. I have an internship lined up for the near future (which I was supposed to be doing right now, thanks ‘rona), and I’ll be an orientation leader for the incoming freshmen next semester, which was an incredible experience for me as a freshman. I lost a lot of weight, and I’m no longer camera shy. The reason I’ve made this thread is because, as I return to LotC looking for something to do amidst this quarantine, I found myself getting frustrated all over again, and I have to remind myself that it’s not something worth getting huffy over, and I think a lot of people in this community need that reminder, too, seeing as a lot of folks in this community take their groups pretty seriously – and that’s okay! It’s good that you have a project that you’re working on, and if you’re having fun doing it, then continue to do so. But you have to remember, this isn’t something worth getting stressed over. I think that I’ve recently realized that the reason I played so much as a kid is because that was a substitute for my absent social life, and the reason I got incredibly stressed out is because LotC was, in a way, my top life priority. If something went downhill on the server, it felt like your life was falling apart, because that’s all you really had going for you at the time. That’s because there’s a lot of addictive elements to the server, and that’s something we have to be readily aware of. So here’s my short guide on how to enjoy LotC in a healthy manner; if you’re doing something that stresses you out, or you’re playing with a group that’s seemingly toxic, then leave for a different group, or start your own project. Do something else. The minute that you’re obsessing over in-game affairs and it takes a toll on your emotional health, you’re no longer having fun, and the purpose of the server is defeated. Does this mean you have to stop playing LotC? No, not necessarily, it just means that you need to prioritize fun over all else when you do play. It’s not worth it if you’re getting all huffy and puffy over a game. Additionally, I don’t know which gray hoodie wearing, back of the class sitting, anti-social kid who eats on the stairwell needs to hear this, but you’re gonna turn out fine. Go outside this summer, and try to talk to some of your peers with interests similar to your own (so long as you practice social distancing). I promise, if you give the jocks and the “cool kids” a chance, most of them are actually pretty nice people. Don’t be elitist, you’re not above everybody else just because you don’t play sports and don’t party and don’t post on social media. Take the time to meet others, most folks aren’t two-dimensional, and actually have a lot to offer. And if they don’t give you the time of day right away, keep trying, you’ll find a group of people who appreciate you. I know right now it seems like you might be invisible, but put yourself out there and you’ll see just how fast life can turn around. You will be fine. This isn’t necessarily a leaving post, I assume that I’ll be hanging around LotC for the summer whilst we’re stuck in quarantine, but by that same token, I assume I’ll also be taking another semi-hiatus once the next semester rolls around. You’re all very great and amazing people, and I just wanted to remind you all to take a breather. (And if you’re one of those individuals graduating highschool and have the option to go somewhere abroad or out-of-state, do it. Go on an adventure, I promise it’ll be a great experience.)
  5. Porphyre smiles the Sun’s Smile, anticipating a new wave of cheap immigrant labor.
  6. Porphyre Nicephore took note of this. As a member of the Ministry of Justice, it was his obligation to stop would-be crusaders from committing extrajudicial vigilante killings...
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    Raised by a family of rich elves, his father and mother as well as his eldest Brother. He was well educated growing up, learning many different things about the world around him . Because of this knowledge, Regarnus never understood the lavish rich life. He all ways preferred to do his own dirty work and to get his own fingers dirty. So the second he was old enough to leave home he did so without turning back. He lives as a poor man by choice, having enough money to live comfortably yet choosing not to, until one day the locals in his town learned of his riches and robbed him of everything he had. Regarnus continued on a downward spiral as he did anything to make a quick coin, including joining a group of bandits for a short period of time, until the Elven clans moved the capital of Malinor from Elandriel to Normandor. When he decided that it may be time to reunite with his family, but word of his acts as a bandit had reached his family and his family did not welcome him back with open arms, feeling shunned by his family he returned to the realm of Arcas with a different mindset, that if he wouldn’t be welcomed back then he’d prove the lengths he’d go to make people accept him. Willing to do things that may or may not be acceptable by the law.
  9. THE HELENA OFFICE OF IMMIGRATION Est. 1769 The Office of Immigration was created as an additional Imperial Civil Service branch under the Ministry of the Interior. The Interior, observing the increasingly high fluctuation of migrants from across the land of Arcas seeking entry to Helena, has devised a solution to cater to this high demand. The sole mission of this office is to facilitate the entrance of new persons seeking a better life, to establish Helena as a home of their own. The Office of Immigration is not tasked with bureaucratically excluding those seeking citizenship for the revered city of Helena, but instead will successfully ease the entrance into a swift process. DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE OFFICE OF IMMIGRATION Assented by the Ministry of the Interior. RECRUITMENT Administrate efforts with the objective of recruiting all potential migrants as citizens of Helena Oversee and monitor all forms of immigration in every organization of Helena Service all potential migrants with any inquiries and information Prioritize a potential migrant’s entryway over all responsibilities outside the office Inform and aid migrants on seeking employment Inform and aid migrants on seeking housing Aid migrants with relevant information regarding the city and empire Ensure that all migrants are knowledgeable on all they need to know to reside in Helena Provide tours of Helena RETENTION Administrate efforts with the objective of retaining all newly established citizens of Helena Ensure all new citizens have received the aforementioned duties & responsibilities above under Recruitment Consistently monitor all new citizens, ensuring they have comfortability and aspirations met Aid new citizens in information regarding the functions of government Continue to provide assistance to citizens Seek and rectify flaws in Helena causing citizens to leave POSITIONS OF THE OFFICE OF IMMIGRATION Assented by the Ministry of the Interior. DIRECTOR The Director holds executive power over the Office of Immigration, an administrative position appointed by the Ministry of the Interior. Ensuring the office is properly staffed and operational to its maximum capability, the Director oversees the vast responsibilities of the office. The current Director of the Office of Immigration is: Aela ((@LotsOfMuffins)) VICE DIRECTOR The Vice Director assists the Director of the Office of Immigration in their duties and is the assistant leader to the employees, helping ensure they are on track and fully prepared for their respective responsibilities and duties. RECRUITERS Recruiters inform others about Helena and housing outside of Helena and encourage non-citizens of Helena to become citizens. It is their duty to bring in potential new citizens to the office and to the other employees, who may then integrate them into Helena society. HOUSING SPECIALIST In order to ensure that all information regarding housing and stewardry provided by the Office of Immigration is as up-to-date, informative, and helpful as possible, the Housing Specialist communicates with stewards to keep all knowledge consistent and is in charge of the display and spread of housing and stewardry information. EMPLOYMENT SPECIALIST The Employment Specialist’s duty is to keep all things regarding employment and available jobs up-to-date within the office. All new citizens must have access to the best and most relevant information concerning employment. RETENTION SPECIALIST The Retention Specialist’s job is to ensure that new citizens are remaining in Helena, and if they are not, to investigate the reasoning as to why they decided to leave. It is their duty to attempt to maintain the citizen populace that the Recruiters bring in and report reasonings for leaving to the Director and Vice Director, so that the office may work together to come up with a solution. OFFICE INFORMATION The Office of Immigration is located at Rupert's Row, no. 5 on the main road at the entrance of Helena, across the way from the clinic and a few doors down. It has two floors, the first containing the information desk, information regarding housing and employment, a map of the city, and the second contains information on the laws and general structure of Helena and the empire. To apply to work at the Office of Immigration, please seek out Aela either in-person or via a bird ((LotsOfMuffins ; LotsOfMuffins#0119)) to receive an interview. Signed, Aela, Director of the Helena Office of Immigration Signed, Jasper Carrington, Secretary of State for the Ministry of the Interior
  10. briarthorn

    Alchemist's Guild

    MC Name: alex2271 Discord: alex222771#2965 Character Name: Briar Taliame Age: 20 Race: Wood Elf Reason For Joining: My character’s goal is to become a healer, and she is very interested in studying and learning all she can to achieve this goal. Alchemy is an aspect of this that she wants to study in order to learn more about herbalism and potion brewing, so that she may achieve her goal. Affiliation (Include if you are banned from any cities): Siramenor (Wood Elf settlement)
  11. Tl;dr, but it looks faithful to the original just from my skimming. Also much more concise than Phil’s original piece. :J EDIT: Reading closer, I do see some weird changes, but I don’t really care. :S
  12. My main issue with the magic are enchantments: Mages never seem to know how to resist the urge of profiting from them and therefore they become pretty easy to acquire at places like the Auction House. So in my humble opinion, not only there should be a cooldown for the creation of combative enchantments, but they should also be a cap of strength for them in order to don't unveil the mystery around voidal magics (T3). Some random individual should never be able to cast a T5 spell by just tapping a item, that goes against the logic of needing several irl months to properly understand a magic.
  13. MC Name (IGN): Djcrips Personas (Character) Name: Lawrence-Smov Discord: Fooldude#7120 Timezone: Italian gmt Persona’s Race: Something elf? Persona’s Age: Don’t remember Any particular skills: I WAS a soldier, and i’m a decent blacksmith. I can use weapons and i’ve a normal knowledge of medicine, Nothing special. Affiliations and Allegiances: Myself
  14. Panda grew up with a single mother, she has no siblings
  15. Your application has been put on pending, as there are changes needing to be made before you may be accepted, as follows: Your Character Biography is a bit short. Please include at least 10 sentences. If you don’t know what to add, I recommend thinking more about your character’s backstory. Where are they from, what were their parents like, why are they how they are…? Your Character Biography is missing some lore references! Please remember to include at least two! These can be existing settlements, wars, religion, etc. Here are some links that may help you find some! You only have one right now: Renelia. https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Arcas https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Races https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Nations_and_Major_Charters Renelia was established in 1731, though your character was born in 1719 and your Character Biography says they grey up in Renelia. Please correct this. https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Renelia If you do not make these changes within 24 hours, your application will be denied. When you are finished, please message me on discord @LotsOfMuffins#0119 to let me know, or if you don’t have a Discord, send me a forum message, and please do ask if you have any questions. If you still need help, make sure to check the wiki, and I highly recommend joining our discord and reading through the New Player Guide as well. https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/ https://discord.gg/fwEQA2F https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/191596-the-new-player-guide/
  16. If only the forums were adequate enough to express my overall hype right now
  17. I agree with NanMan. They are better in almost every aspect than the descendants with no downsides to balance them. Also, what kind of rp can they provide that others races cannot? What is their purpose?
  18. OOC: okay point taken. but this one is the one that’s 500 years old and also a paladin and all kinds of that craziness. he killed setherien okay. it’s that one.
  19. Anyone got the Vailor download? Been looking for it just to reminisce about that map lmao

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      easily the best map, but no download

      😞 sorry

  20. Juan ponders on the poster. https://gyazo.com/ae828d15379ff1bbc8176211b09e96f4
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