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  2. ”Maybe is traitor, has been branded by Rubern on the back of his hand, after all.” Elene shrugs, disinterested.
  3. Lathadlen, Warden of the Pale, approves this message.
  4. Statute of Government 19th Sun's Smile, 1756 ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ In accord with the establishment of the Pale of Aldemar as a sovereign territory of the Holy Orenian Empire as of the Edict of Settlement, we do enact the following statute into the legislation of the Pale, codifying the internal governance of the Pale and the procedures therein, as written and confirmed by the Council of Elders. PROVISION I: On the Council of Elders and its Functions I. That the Council of Elders and all those bureaucratic bodies subservient to it be considered the only legitimate authorities to govern the Pale in accordance with the Edict of Settlement of 1756 as lawful subjects of the Imperial Throne. II. That the Council of Elders, as outlined in the Edict of Settlement of 1756, comprised of six Laurir and one Saneyir who elect an elven resident to represent them as their executive personage as Warden. III. That the Council of Elders be presided over by the Warden, who is appointed to his seat by the popular majority of the Council of Elders, to act as regent and steward to the Eternal Throne of Malin. IV. That the Council of Elders shall maintain the ancillary position of Lyelaurir in addition to the Laurir and Saneyir, who shall uphold the will of the people and hold the council accountable for trespasses committed against the common citizenry. PROVISION II: On the Position and Duties of the Warden I. That the Warden shall be appointed from among the common citizenry or Talonnii of the Pale by the popular vote of the Laurir. II. That the Warden shall act as the foremost representative of the Pale, as outlined in the Edict of Settlement of 1756, carrying out the functions expected of an Imperial subject and serving as the de-jure and de-facto ruler of the Pale. III. That the Warden shall uphold the religious and ceremonial function as the steward to the Eternal Throne of Malin, and as such, uphold the ceremony known as the Renewal of the Mantle every twelve years (or upon the appointment of a new Warden) in affirmation of their oaths to the Gods and the disconnect from their former, personal ties in doing. IV. That the Warden exercise the right of appointment and dismissal, holding the right to elevate and strip Talonnii of the otherwise sacrosanct rights they enjoy within the Pale (and by extension their seat of Laurir) with the consent of the Council of Elders. V. That the Warden exercise the right to propose the dismissal of any Laurir to be brought to a vote before the Council of Elders. VI. That the Warden share and exercise all rights afforded to the position of Laurir as seen below in regards to legislation, and maintain the additional right of employing executive precepts, allowing for the Warden to enact temporary legislation lasting up to a period of no longer than four years in times of emergency without requiring the express majority consent of the Council of Elders. PROVISION III: On the Position and Duties of the Laurir I. That the Laurir be comprised of representatives selected from each of the six main Talonnii households within the Pale. II. That the Laurir act as the chief legislators of the Pale of Aldemar, responsible for the implementation and maintenance of any and all legal documentation, edicts and so forth, entrusted with proposing and voting on internal legislation within the Pale. III. That the Laurir exercise the sole right and authority (alongside the Saneyir) to elect and elevate an individual to the position of Warden through popular majority of the Council of Elders. IV. That the Laurir (alongside the Saneyir) exercise the right to preside over and deliberate upon matters of legal jurisprudence pertaining to the laws and traditions of the Pale. PROVISION IV: On the Position and Duties of the Saneyir I. That the Saneyir be occupied by the representative of the Temple on the Council of Elders, appointed to serve by the mandate of the Temple Authority and popular will of the Priesthood of Malin. II. That the Saneyir act as the moral and spiritual guide of the Council of Elders and government as a whole, ensuring that moral degradation and corruption do not permeate the highest institutions of the Pale. III. That the Saneyir exercise the sole right and authority (alongside the Laurir) to elect and elevate an individual to the position of Warden through popular majority of the Council of Elders, and in turn, exercising the sole right and authority to evict the Warden from his appointment through the same process, exercising the sole authority to bring forward a motion of no confidence in the event of negligence or ill-will on the part of the Warden, to be brought to a vote before the Council of Elders. IV. That the Saneyir (alongside the Laurir) exercise the right to preside over and deliberate upon matters of legal jurisprudence pertaining to the laws and traditions of the Pale. V. That the Saneyir be invested with the authority of a veto against the proposal of dismissal against any Laurir if they deem it to be unjust or motivated by ulterior motives ignorant to the well-being of the Pale PROVISION V: On the Position and Duties of the Lyelaurir I. That the Lyelaurir serves the sacrosanct function of the representative of the people’s will upon the Council of Elders, serving in a capacity separate from the Laurir wherein they bear the burden of ensuring the common citizens of the Pale are adequately served by the Council of Elders, and are thus unassailable and shielded to the greatest extent of the law. II. That the Lyelaurir be elected by popular vote of the common citizenry of the Pale, serving in terms of four years, capable of reelection without limit. III. That the Lyelaurir reserves the authority to propose legislation before the Council of Elders, or to conversely convene a People’s Assembly, where legislation may be enforced upon the Council of Elders by a majority’s vote (under the stipulation that atleast fifteen individuals or more are present including the Saneyir) so long as the proposals are not contradictory to existing laws. IV. That the Lyelaurir be invested with the authority of a veto to be exercised at will against any motion or proposal levied by the Laurir or Warden that would be considered unscrupulous or destructive to the rights and wellbeing of the common citizenry of the Pale. V. That the Lyelaurir be invested with the authority to enforce the Right of Appeal to the People in matters of judicial discourse, to protect the common citizenry of the Pale against gross misuse of power or wanton cruelty. PROVISION VI: On the Undercouncil and its Functions I. That the Undercouncil shall be comprised of an assembly of a non-fixed size, which may be added upon and dismissed at the whim of the Warden dependant on the needs of the Pale, wherein both common citizens as well as Laurir (but not the Lyelaurir or Saneyir) may be appointed to serve in whatever capacity is deemed necessary by the Warden. II. That the Undercouncil shall serve in a variety of functions as dictated by the needs of the Pale and the discretion of the Warden. III. That the Undercouncil shall ultimately be subject to the Council of Elders, and may not in any circumstances overstep the authority of that body without express permission granted by the Council itself THERE IS NO KING BUT MALIN, MALAURIR Lathadlen, Warden of the Pale The Council of Elders
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  6. Kasadrin Selvign comes from a notable, elf family whose legacy stems from a long line of warriors and soldiers. Her family hails from an icy, faraway land, where Kasadrin's first memory is of playing with a wooden sword and shield. Her father, unloving and selfish, and her mother, affectionate and kind, used to tell Kasadrin stories about Wryvun and the Mali’fenn, but while she feels no personal allegiance to Wyrvun and “his Six,” she respects their legacy. At a young age, she was taught by many different tutors and philosophers, but was notably more interested in battle maps and war strategies. After reaching the age of ten, her father realized that Kasadrin could be more useful in war than marriage, and although her mother protested, he quickly shipped her off to enlist in the Royal army. At the age of thirty, Kasadrin had trained hard and became extremely proficient in swordsmanship and the horrors of war; she began to use an unorthodox method of sword fighting: two greatswords in each hand. She befriended many in her ranks and found a strong ally in a woman named Adrastea, but many assumed that her position was due to her family's increased status and high social standing. As she reached the age of 45, Kasadrin had risen through the Royal army, and she caught the eye of a noble named Cyrus, who asked for her hand in marriage. Not expecting to be rejected, he swore revenge for his "humiliation" and framed her for killing the Crown Prince, an act that was vital to Cyrus’ plan to become king. Kasadrin sought refuge in Adrastea, but did not anticipate her betrayal and partnership with Cyrus, who agreed to promote Adrastea to Royal Guard in return for her assistance. Hurt and shocked, Kasadrin took the lives of Cyrus and Adrastea with her twin swords, now named Lutana and Solaris for their tragic crimes, and fled to the Fenn Settlement as a wanderer, where no one will know of her name or her sins, and where she hopes for a better life. Kasadrin has no ties to current Snow Elves, but wishes to see the city of Tahu’Lareh at least once in her lifetime, as a tribute to her mother.
  7. The Emperor reviews the end of session from his front study, kitted fully in military costume. “After discussion with the office in question, the Crown does give assent to the Rivaini Act of 1756. The Crown does give eager assent to the Paddington Act of 1756. When the ages of participation are adjusted to nine through seventeen years, the Crown will give full assent to the Imperial Exchange Program of 1754. All issues concluded, the Crown hereby declares this tenth session prorogued.” At that, Peter the Third sets sails for adventure, wig billowing in the ocean wind.
  8. An old man refers the proclaimed harlot to a divine rendition of law, in which written in detail is the iniquity of baring one’s flesh to the temptation of men.
  9. Mary feels personally attacked at the shoulder rule.
  10. Within the public chapel of the Ekaterinburg palace, Maya Alimar knelt in the rows of pews as she prayed for Winnifred’s easy passing into the seven skies. Her jaw was clenched as she fought back tears, the names of many of her family members flashing through her mind. Out of all of them she remembered Winnifred to have always been the strongest, the warrior of the family. They spoke only in passing or brief and fleeting moments of conversation, all in which she cherished. “I pray that you find the peace that you deserve, Winnie. If anyone deserves it, it’s you. Our family has been through far too much for you not to get happiness in the afterlife.” She spent the rest of the evening within the chapel until she was on the verge of falling asleep, her head lowered and gloved hand frequently wiping away the tears that came as she continued through prayer.
  11. Crimson Order of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen The swampy marshes around the capital of Lindenbaum had long since been drained. Now fertile fields surrounded the city in a patchy network of farms. But the far bigger trade of this land was hosting the various Free Companies. They flocked to the Capital like flies to a corpse, all looking for sustenance. The main contracts a Free Company could appeal for were twofold. The more common one was a contract with the Crimson Army itself. The other and most coveted was a foreign contract. Provision and pay in a foreign army, with the chance to loot. And more importantly avoid the insanely harsh Captains of the main army. For a while now the Lord Commander and Great Captains had been hesitant to expand the main army. They were more pockets to fill, and men to arm. But recently a small industrial leap had ensured funds for the Council. And so, the Contracts are posted across the entire Duchy. The first Free Company to get a major contract was a peculiar one. A full one thousand five hundred of them had been signed in a massive deal. The Serek Hounds were a poor but fierce Free Company. They lived in the deepest recesses of the Swamps, and fought accordingly. In stark contrast to the Golden Lances who were wardens of the Wulff Swamps, the Hounds simply lived there. Their expertise however was in ranged weapons, and using a variety of weapons. Not to mention they fought Sereks, some rumored to be seen even fighting with just their hands! These men will be given the newly conceived Crossbows for use. They will also be trained in the arts of melee combat. The Crimson Strings had just been formed as an official army branch. As the armies ranks swell, so to does the industry to match it. The need for ever more ores, food, and manpower is keenly felt. Ever since the alleged Mer’ak attacks on the Capital, the Lord Commander has been on edge. And it is in the idea of protecting itself that the Order is hiring so many of it’s own Free Companies. As the factories and regiments at home shape up, thousands march to war with the Mitrovic Empire. The Black Guard were notoriously cruel and elite troops. They were taking great fun in the purging of the Ascendancy. *Wilfried Schaus celebrates his fifteenth birthday as a quiet affair. Tucked away in a dismal Inn deep within Aldemar’s complex weave of districts. In a damp room with a likely girl, they share a steak bought from the market. He did not take much joy in it. He had wealth, but dared not spend it lavishly. He had moved several times, trying to keep a low profile. Though he had stolen enough, alongside his own funds, he was not content. But it was very clear the Aldemari Civic Guard were nothing like the Order’s own lax provincial militia. Simply stealing until he was caught and hung would not do. So he stashes his funds across a few banks, keeping the stolen items to slowly pawn off to avoid suspicion. *This year he will focus on what he hopes to me a slightly less blatantly illegal affair. He begins traveling to the farming hubs in the outer city. There he hopes to pick up seasonal work across several farms. More importantly he slowly but surely tries to win peoples trust and find any minor gambling or horse racing syndicates operating in the outer areas. Being a genuinely good person and wanting to make lasting connections, the young Schaus tries to see if he can find small time criminal allies to take him under their wing. He uses some extra gold from his stashes to grease the wheels. – Population; 10,9272,70 Income; 79,200 Ap; 3 Mod Actions *Wilfred Schaus’s From Ruination Drama Passive Research [TEN Tech] Open Slot; ‘Galleas Warships’ The new model of war for the Order’s naval interest. A ship very similar to a Galley, but fit for ocean travel and more serious artillery pieces. Financial Actions 2 Mine/Heavy Industry -25k Building 2 Farms -20k 2 Mine/Heavy Industry -25k Building 2 Farms -20k Recruiting 1,000 Free Company Soldiers -18k Recruiting 500 Sturm-Reiter -7.5k Treasury +8,700
  12. Katerina smiled softly as she sat in the grass, her eyes going to once again look upon Winnifred. She slowly moved to stand on her feet, as she faced her friend. Going to move forward toward her as she held in her hands a flower crown, much like the ones the two had made together when they were children. ”It is great to see you again.” She said softly to Winni, going to lift her arms up over Winni’s head to set the crown atop her cousins head. Before looking into Winni’s eyes, her smile growing even more as she quickly went to en wrap her arms around her. Hugging her tightly, after not seeing each other for so long. ”Gods I missed you Winni, but. Now we have eternity together!” She said with her old cheerful tone. ”Come, lets pick flowers together.” She said with a nod, slowly moving to exit the hug as she offered Winni her hand, her smile unfaltering as she awaited to spend eternity as she promised with her best friend.
  13. https://www.twitch.tv/landoez

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    Your application has been The 24 hours is up, however you may reapply immediately. Ø Your metagaming definition is a bit off, please refer to the wiki to change this Ø Your powergaming definition is a bit off, please refer to the wiki to change this Ø You need to include one more reference to the lore in your bio, you can find this on the wiki Ø Your character can not hold any information about magic, nor be of magical origin Ø Your personality traits need to include one negative trait Ø The roleplay response must be at least four sentences long and include at least one action and at least one piece of dialogue surrounded by quotes. You may reapply immediately, however please make the above changes before you do so You can contact me with any questions or concerns through discord (Meteor Dragon#8579), my forum account, or on the server (MeteorDragon9000). General Lore that you may need can be found on the Wiki. You are also encouraged to join our New Player discord, a great place in which you can ask questions toward our staff, and mix with the general LOTC community.
  16. Chicahtoc Empire ================================ I am stat-playing not that I want to. Actions - Expenditures [72,325 Gold, 2 AP] (30,000 Gold) 4 Heavy Manufacturers are built in Chica and Tlania, the coming age of conquest required many sources of weapons. (20,000 Gold) 4 Mines are built in the surrounding areas of Chica and Tlania to supply the upcoming factories (18,000 Gold) 1,000 Eagle T3 Veteran I Infiltrators are trained up and equipped with their combat gear in preparation for the great coming raid. Technology Research : [NA] Magical Research: [2 Passive Slots, Magic 10] [Subtypes: Pain and Ritual] [1 Passive Slot] Pain-Wave, Estli best described this idea exactly by its name-stake. A mage or adept caste a wave of intense pain in any direction of their choosing. 871 EST Completion. [2 Passive Slot] Curse of Major Pain: The ability to effectively torture someone be it for fun or information could sometimes be done with simple crushing of the physical body but if an adept could bring considerable pain to someone for very extended periods of time… [Long-term curse of crippling pain.] (NEW)
  17. ”Without you...my life would have been worse. Thank you, Winnie.” It had been several years since Edyth had hung herself and in that time several of her friends, as well as the love of her life, had passed. She was not surprised by Winnie’s sudden appearance, they were both cursed with the struggles that come with being torn between both sides of the war, after all. As she had done with Kat and Aedan before her, Edyth embraced Winnie as her long time friend entered the Seven Skies. A small, comforting smile would reassure Winnie, a happy nod as Edyth speaks. Perhaps some of her words were familiar to the old female knight, words Winnie had once said to a seventeen year old Edyth, terrified and new to Haense. ”Life...was hard. It’s all a lot better here, where we can rest. You’re under my protection, they can’t hurt you anymore. I promise you.”
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    I am making portraits for character for those folks that are interested. The cost of the portraits is based on the difficulty of making them. Upvote if you are satisfied with your purchase. Cost: Animal races: 1000 Mina Orcs: 700 Mina Humans, elves, and halflings: 600 Mina Dwarves: 500 mina Contact: mateolog#1400 Examples: SaviourMeme’s delivered portrait. HolyBejebus’ delivered portrait
  19. Maya Valeriya was seated within the royal quarters of the Ekaterinburg palace; a courier having given her the invitation moments ago. There, she had gathered her children – Otto, Analiesa, Alexandria, Amelya, and Nikolas – about the hearth with the flames of the fire high and warming behind them. Once she concluded her reading of the personal invitation aloud to the children, she glanced about with a lilted brow. “Why don’t we speak with Auntie Aleksandra or some of the royal seamstresses, so we may wear something special for this occasion. Da? I will have Lady Isabel brief you all on table manners and etiquette for the feast following the wedding as well.” @UnBaed @Zaerie @seannie @Miko0322
  20. A certain Mariya Angelika smiles from the Sevens above. A life marked by fear of fading from the tomes in which her ancestors would someday read, she could peacefully look upon a world in which remembered. Though time had, and ever continued to pull apart the vestiges of her life- her family, her name- something true remained. Though her mortal body walked no longer, her writings and spirit lingered. Perhaps, that was enough.
  21. Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich welcomed Winnifred to the seven skies with ease ”Come now Winnifred, be rid of your ailments and join me and your family here in the skies above. You’ve proven yourself to be resilient no matter the circumstances that faced you. From the very moment you sought to become a Dame, I knew shortly after meeting you how you carried yourself and how prominent your worth-ethic was which reveals itself now within your own son; Viktor. Now, look upon the ones you’ve left behind and see to it that their spirits are held high as they mourn your passing and move forward. Be patient as you await for their own ascent here as I’ve done, for now rejoice with your love ones and return to those you’ve desired to embrace since their passage to the seven skies.” Viktor Kortrevich sat somberly within the confines of the Basilica where he said out loud ”Mamej, why? Why now? Why ever? Ever since I was a boy I looked up to you and to that of Papej as exemplars of what it meant to be brave and courageous. Since my earliest upbringing, you’ve taught me the many fundamentals of life and the essence of living up to the name we hold. Rest easy and may both Papej, Juliyus and I join you one day.”
  22. Princess Tatiana’s countenance bundles with subtle mirth, heavily garbed forearms feld beneath her bosom. She dips her head in satisfaction to her late cousin’s wife, the dowager Queen, and the Princess Margaret of Kaedrin. Somewhere else, Queen Milena, rightfully restored to the stratum where Princess Mariya ‘Blackwing’, and her children – wholly and righteously Barbanov in their own right -- reveled in GOD’s grace, boasts a smile of utter pride. “For you, Marelika, my dearest Maya has brought our plans to fruition. May the generations of our people to come know your name, and virtuous patronage of the arts, be it within the Adrian City of Renz or the Imperial Palace Novellen.”


    I was born in Nashville Tennessee on may 4 2002 it was a cold and stormy night. I was born in a dungeon and taken away from my parents at birth. I do not remember my mom and i dont know who my dad is. I was forced into the prison camp and was raised by orcs. They beat me and tortured me for fun. I had a friend in the prison camp his name was Lee. One day Lee tried to escape and got caught and they took him away. I never saw him again. One day I escaped and found myself here. Ive had a hard life so far.
  24. THE MARUSVAR MASQUERADE Tov and Yermey, 309 ES Mariya Angelika of Hanseti-Ruska, Duchess-Consort of Adria, c. 284 ES by Diane Anion MARIYA, PRINCESS ROYAL OF HAENSE “If I've learnt anything from my time in the capital, it is that we must cherish the moments we can. I cherish that moment, even if I must return to a grimmer reality moments later.” - Mariya Barbanov Mariya Angelika Barbanov (1705-1738) was a Haeseni princess and a member of House Barbanov, later marrying Adrian, Duke of Adria, and thus becoming the Duchess-Consort of Adria. She was the first Grand Lady of the Court, under Queen Milena of Adria and was the host of numerous events and festivities throughout the kingdom of Haense. Mariya later was the female face of the Holy Orenian Empire as her husband became the Lord Protector. She was the daughter of King Marius II and his primary consort, Valera of Adria. Being the firstborn of the pair, she was bestowed the titular honor of Princess Royal at birth. Throughout her life, she was known for her love of the arts, whether that be poetry or being the host of various revelries. THE MARUSVAR MASQUERADE is held in celebration of her life, as well as many other figures of historical note to Haense and its prosperity. THE MASQUERADE February 27th, 7pm EST In honor of historical personage of Haense, such as Princess Mariya Angelika, the theme of the masquerade shall be to dress as a notable figure of Haeseni history or mythology. All attendees who do not wish to donn a costume are asked to wear the color of red in its place, as Mariya Angelika was rarely seen without the scarlet shade in her clothing. However, whoever has the best costume will be awarded a prize of one thousand mina. All who wish to come to the event are required to be wearing a mask, even if they are not in costume of a Haeseni historical, or mythological, figure. The masquerade will be held within the great hall of the Ekaterinburg Palace. For assistance with costumes, please send letter to Margaret Helvets, or Aleksandra Stafyr with Alimar Attire. “Love is stronger than pain. . . Even now, it remains the one constant lifeline in which nothing may sever. No worldly occurrence can break a bond more spiritual.” - Mariya Barbanov Signed, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Maya Valeriya Barbanov, Queen Mother of Hanseti-Ruska, Baroness of Antioch HER HIGHNESS, Princess Aleksandra Mariya Stafyr, Countess-Consort of Nenzing, Lady Maer of Hanseti-Ruska HER HIGHNESS, Princess Margaret Antonia Helvets, Lady Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska HER HIGHNESS, Princess Tatiana Lorina of Alban
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