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  2. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    hi, if you're gonna be making a westero's type mab, can you make it 100% like westeros blease? messa is bad, bls make remove and just make it dornish desert. i bet 100$ the map would be way more cooler if you made it like a westero's coby basta pls. the sahara north of mesa is badly blended, esbecially the north of the desert like how do u go from lush green to sandy desert whats going on blease resbond !! i will helb build with my gr8 sandstone skills if you make this mab better blease
  3. [Player Report] Malin's Isle PvPers Report

    I'm claiming this report. (I'll post something in a bit while I scan through the other reports up right now). I assume all sides have said what they wanted. @Dragonslayerelf
  4. (player report) ADC__vayne

    I'll take the warning points, but I just love how you two get angry over insults such as 'moneky' and 'ur parents moneky'.
  5. Game Moderator Information

    What is a Game Moderator? A Game Moderator (often abbreviated to GM) is someone tasked with handling every capacity of in-game moderation. Specifically, the GM Team is responsible for handling in-game support tickets, resolving player disputes, and lastly creating/enforcing rules. What should I know before applying? Being a Game Moderator is a demanding job in every sense of the word. It is demanding of responsibility, integrity, and common sense. During your tenure as a GM, your actions are no longer representative of just yourself -- rather, you represent the team as a whole. As is the case with every other job of this nature, in time you'll find it is as equally rewarding of a task as it is a demanding one. Application Format:
  6. [✔] [Accepted] application

    Whitelist application has been accepted, player is now whitelisted in game.
  7. Who is down for making Haria on that active list! I know i am habibis!

  8. Today
  9. staff are clearly salty redcoats if they deny
  10. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    StiLl dOnT knOw hOw wE'Ll bE Receiving RePlYS tO OuR ApPs
  11. Out-Of-Character Information Please do your best to correct spelling and grammatical errors, this is an RP server and writing is the main form of communication! What’s your Minecraft account name?: DMCGames What timezone are you in?: Eastern Time Zone How old are you?: 18 Are you aware the content and interactions on this server may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13? (You won’t be denied for being under 13): Yes I am. Have you read and agreed to the rules?: Yes I have read the rules, and agreed to them. I also support them. What’s the rule you agree with the most?: The rule I appreciate and agree with the most is the anti-cheating/hacking rule. Hacking/Cheating ruins the fun of a game and gives you an unfair advantage. Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense? (if so we can help clear it up!): No, I fully understand the rules and I agree with them How did you find out about Lord of the Craft?: YouTube/Google Link(s) to past Whitelist Applications (If applicable):None Have you logged into the server yet? (You cannot be whitelisted without logging in at least once): Yes i have logged on. Definitions Feel free to Google the answers or use our wiki definitions as a reference, but make sure that you write the write them in your own words, not those of another website or person! Plagiarizing will result in the automatic denial of your application! What is Roleplaying?: Acting/Playing a role for the entertainment of yourself and others. Normally in a fantasy setting. What is Metagaming?: Using information that your character has no knowledge of such as saying "Hello Josh!" When your character has no way of knowing Josh's name. What is Power-emoting (Powergaming)?: Using RP emotes to overpower the situation. An example of this would be if Josh went to Brads house and says "Hey, Brad! lets go to the old warehouse and shoot bottles!" Brad says "I'm busy man!" Josh emotes *Josh grabs Brad and injects him with a neuro-toxin, paralyzed, drags him to the car and brings him to the warehouse.* In-Character Information Now you actually make your character - be creative but stay reasonable! Make sure they make sense and that they follow lore. Try to come up with a character that you actually want to play. Character’s name: (what do you want your character to be called?)Dylan Corso Character’s sex: (male or female?) Male Character’s race: (you can find all the playable races here.) Human (Highlander) Character’s age: (upon application, your character must be 18 or older, and depending on the race, they can be over five hundred years old!) 20 Biography (This is one of the most important sections of the application. Please take your time and make it a decent paragraph long. Read up on your character's race and be sure to add at least one accurate reference from the server lore): (where does your character come from?; where have they traveled to?; what year were they born in? et cetera.) Dylan comes from the heart of Oren lands with his family. His father was a well known thief, and was good at it as well. His mother was almost always home watching his little brother and sister, Donald and Paige. His parents were very loving and almost always supported him in his endeavors. At about the age of 12 his personal life started to fall apart. His father was drinking and coming home more and more belligerent. His mother on the other hand became more and more gentle. That didn't help his mother. His father would enter the home and scream at her. She would defend herself and in return was beaten in front of the children. As you can imagine that would be quite traumatizing. But when his father wasn't drunk, he would steal thinks from the local noble families and give it to them as gifts for the terrible things he has done. Dylan's mother on the other hand seemed to give up on life, she turned from this lively, loving woman to a shell of who she once was. Years of thievery finally caught up with his father, and in turn, his family. One day Dylan sat in the families meager home, eating a simple meal of stale bread and butter, thats when the soldiers came... They didn't even bother to knock, they simply burst in and started grabbing Dylan's family. With Dylan being only 17 at the time he had two choices, defend his family knowing they would all be slaughtered, or run and hope to survive with a sad and dismal life. Dylan made the cowardly decision and ran for his life. This decision haunts him to this day. He ran for months, surviving where he could, staying with those generous enough to let him stay with them. When he turned 18 he was still wandering from place to place, looking for a place to call home for the night when he came across an elderly inn keeper. The two of them talked for hours until the inn keeper told him to take a bed for the night. Dylan had nightmares that night of the day that the soldiers come to his home. Dylan woke up to fresh bread and a glass of a sweet tasting liquid he could not name trying to shake off the nightmare. After a small amount of time the inn keeper and Dylan shared names. The inn keeper said his name was James and Dylan told his. James and Dylan became amazing friends until his death at the age of 72, while Dylan was 20. Dylan was on his own again looking for a place to settle down and make a life. He hopes to find a home and make up for his cowardice from that faithful night. Personality Traits: (what are your character's quirks?; habits?; likes and dislikes?) Dylan Corso Loves animals to no end. He hates it when someone brings up his mother which is a sore spot for him. Ambitions: (what does your character aspire to be?) Dylan Simply hopes to make his mother proud by being a good person and showing restraint when challenged. Strengths/Talents: (what is your character really, really good at?) Dylan, while always attempting to help others, is an amazing fighter(taught to himself while living on the streets). While he would not injure an innocent person, he would give his life any day any day if it meant making his mother proud. Weaknesses/Inabilities: (what is a skill that your character needs to work on?)Dylan is extremely angered when someone brings his mother into the situation. He also can go into a psychotic rage when triggered by remembering traumatic experiences Appearance: (what does your character look like?; how tall are they?; hair color?; scars?)Dylan has brown hair, blue eyes, has a stocky build and is roughly 6 feet tall. Dylan also has a brown goatee Skin: (please provide us a screenshot of your character’s skin; if you need help, see our screenshot guide here.)
  12. Rebuke the Canonist Cross

    Cathal, a Heretical Warrior Priest who also enjoys wearing red robes, notices this and mutters "Well...****."
  13. Rebuke the Canonist Cross

    Minister of Culture, Renouyt van Ruyter, kinsman of the great Saint Johan van Ruyter, frowns. "Heresy! In the capital! Weep, for our culture has fallen so low. All who don a red cloak and worship a flame, should die by said flame! Hah, I must write this one down."
  14. [Ghoul][CA]Ghoruub

  15. "the spread of people and settlements in axios is like soup on a plate" -@_SurrenderMaine

  16. Rebuke the Canonist Cross

    A wrinkled and aging Nikolas furrows his brow at the news.
  17. I need a gm to please look at this

    too lazy
  18. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    :) Thats good enough hope for me! ill still keep trying to bring activity <3
  19. Bring forh the stereotypes

    i'm a parent and my killed were orenian orcs
  20. [Pending] [Builder] Anadude strikes back.

    Contact me if your still interested in being an Event Team Builder My Discord is Seventh#9260 App placed on Pending and locked for one week at which time if I haven't heard anything from you it will be denied.
  21. [Denied]Garronds Trial Application

  22. [Denied]Garronds Trial Application

    Hiya! We have decided that we are not going to give you a trial for this batch as we discussed how many trials we would take for this month. There are no issues with your application that need to be fixing, so I do suggest you apply again for the next trial picks in mid-October.
  23. Bring forh the stereotypes

    I'm an orc and my parents were killed by orenians.
  24. [Pending] [Builder] Deluxe498's ET Application

    Contact me if your still interested in being an Event Team Builder My Discord is Seventh#9260 App placed on Pending and locked for one week at which time if I haven't heard anything from you it will be denied.
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