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  2. Olog backpack boi hello I have a base skin for my olog who called 'Rango the Dog' he's in need of a large orcish styled backpack and some armor for his arms and chest area to be built on at this moment nothing to like compact as that'd can be to op just simple armor made for an orcish styled rugged armor and knapsack and side pouch for him. Willing to pay 1,000 minas for this if worth anything still at the moment The people that want to try do this just let me know and I'll give you the bare skin I've been using for the olog
  3. Take a Stand.

    Some people act out, behave like dicks, lose their temper, that's human and forgivable Some people specifically go out of their way to make people uncomfortable or miserable. In a planned, specific, targeted way. That should not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  4. Fall of the Enchantry

    Sarrion would spot her for a brief moment as he was screaming, turning and screaming at her "GET BACK HERE YOU NEED TO SUFFER LIKE THE REST OF US!"
  5. Chorale_'s AT Application 7.0

    I support this young mans dreams
  6. Chorale_'s AT Application 7.0

    Oh, my bad. Corrected.
  7. Chorale_'s AT Application 7.0

    You're using an old format. Mind updating it with your Discord rather than Skype contact info?
  8. MC Name: Chorale_ / Chorale__ Discord: Chorale_#4767 Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (EST) Age: 15, I'll be 16 within a few months. Do you have Discord? (you need to): Yep, you have it. Do you feel that you have a solid grasp on our lore and an understanding of the application standards?: Absolutely. Most times I read over applications for the fun of it when there's nothing else to do. Why do you want to be an AT member and do you have the ability to work and collaborate with others?: I want to be an AT member because it's always been something that I've wanted to achieve ever since I was accepted into LotC about 2 years ago. When I first joined, the server was great. It was very active, and now the server is pretty much composed up of old players. You rarely ever see any new players on. I think that if we present ourselves nicer, such as giving a friendly first glance at the forums, or just not seeing a bunch of this toxicity that some people post on the forums. Meme threads, etc.- I think it makes us look super immature, unprofessional, and it doesn't give new players that kind of feeling that they want, I don't think. I just have directed an IRL friend of mine to LotC, SoSavage609. When she first logged on, there was junk everywhere and she even considered not applying because of what she was seeing on the sidebar. It made me feel horrible and even embarrassed me in all honesty. I'm not saying that all of the new players react that way, but I do think that the server in general needs to work on improving how we look at a first glance to new players, and the AT could definitely step in there and give a little nudge. That story was extremely irrelevant, but I feel like it'd be a nice addition. About the collaboration with others -- I can definitely collaborate with others well as long as they present themselves nicely and aren't just really, super rude when I'm speaking to them. Even then, I can sometimes stay on the more professional side and just let it slide. Beyond reviewing whitelist applications, what ways do you think you would enjoy helping new applicants?: Beyond reviewing whitelist applications, I think that I would enjoy helping new applicants by showing them the ropes. By that, I mean helping them with basic commands once they join, and kind of giving them a tutorial, even though a tutorial island has just been put in place, some players would rather have a one-on-one kinda ordeal. How do you think the server’s application process could be improved?: I think that the server's application process is flawless except for one thing - I think that the AT members should start to be a lot more strict when reviewing applications. A lot of players join, then break a rule and get banned within their first month of the server. Player retention is another big thing, we want new players to stay. I'm sure there are hundreds (if not thousands) of accepted and implemented whitelist applications where the player just logs on once or twice and doesn't log on anymore. I'm glad that it's being acknowledged, as it wasn't before Vaynth was put in as the AT director, and I'm not sure how it can be fixed.. but there's that. Is there anything else you would like to add or that we should know about you?: I was interviewed for this position a few weeks back and I was told what it is that I needed to work on, and I'm putting this back up for perhaps another chance at it. I kept telling myself "dude you've applied 6 times it just isn't for you" but no, it's definitely for me and it's something I've always wanted to do therefore I'm going to strive for it. Tell me a joke: What does a nosey pepper do? It get's jalapeño business!
  9. Take a Stand.

    There's no justification for going after someone who can't defend themselves just to **** with them. Anyone who does it is a sociopathic dipshit. That said, I can't sign something as vague as that petition. Suicide is a terrible problem but I can't just write the government a blank check to try an solve it. I need a clearly defined policy with a narrow scope. Also, no. Aggressiveness and bullying are two completely different concepts and shouldn't be conflated. Who defends this stuff?
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  11. [Arcane Handling/Soul Puppetry][MA]Arelion

    One of us.
  12. [Feat][SA] clever title

  13. The old man would frown again raising an eyebrow at the peculiar attendee of khacon 1638 "No the beast must be purged with holy fire"
  14. "Can I legally stick me wang into a Kha?" inquires Andrew Sibsey, a pilgrim
  15. MC Name: xZaebos Character's Name: Ituri Vanrya Character's Age: 600's Character's Race: Frost Witch Link to your accepted MA: They are given a feat, which originates from Wyvurn to manipulate ice and snow to their will. They can manipulate this ice and snow to a fairly decent degree. Their abilities in this regard are more adept at the manipulation of ice and snow than an evocationist; however, their manipulation is not unlimited or all-powerful and they will tire to exhaustion should they influence the ice and snow about them. They are not capable of using their magic without moisture already around them, and while ambient moisture in the air or the snow on the ground is sufficient to create ice objects 'from thin air'; and so, a witch in a desert will not find enough moisture in the air to be useful. Besides, heat being a hazard to the witch, she would be further hindered by the heat of arid climates to the point of uselessness. This magic is impossible to use when disguised. Along with their affinity for ice magic, a witch is given another boon, the disguise. The disguise is a technique given to the frost witches to help them sustain themselves. Entering a disguise is second nature to experienced frost witch. The disguises are used to hide their natural appearance and to assume a persona. Their disguises are capable of accurately depicting a race in general but witches are simply incapable of fooling people if they would attempt to impersonate someone else. Furthermore, should a witch have her disguise seen through by someone, she will be compelled to offer assistance for any favor their discoverer demands save for a few exceptions (sexual favors, harming witches, or anything that threatens the safety of a coven). A fledgling first mastered disguise is always their original appearance after their transformation. This disguises cannot hide their heat-less corpse-like skin. Along with their magic and disguises, frost witches have several feats at their disposal. Mainly, they can share the 'delightful' agonies of a frost witch with any non-witch not with a diety magic. This feat can be performed by any non-fledging witch after they have been taught by a frost mother. They simply place the curse by touching the back of the neck of their intended victim. The victim will feel a disturbing cold along their back and in their neck. A deep feeling of doom will reach the person and illusions set in over them. One namely being that of the vile hunger the witches feel, the flesh of men. These are not compelling and the victim will not be forced to consume men. Food they eat will taste like ash and dirt while flesh will be sanguine, however they can survive just fine with regular food. Later, their teeth will be racked with an agonizing pain that fledglings feel when their teeth change. This curse is temporary and apex about the second elven day before falling off and finally disappearing completely. Additionally, any cursed will have this fact detectable by a real witch should they gaze into their eyes. Victims can seek reprieve however by either seeking the help of diety aligned folk or by approaching a frost mother. She can remove the curse but they must submit themselves to a single task of the same nature as a discovered witch has to offer. Further, a witch may create a thrall into servitude. The process begins with the approach of a candidate. The would-be thrall has a bit of cursed ice, a 'seed', forced under the skin on the back of their neck. Using the altar as a sort of catalyst, a frost mother then integrates the seed with his or her surrounding flesh in a process that can only be described as torturous. Afterwards, the mother marks or curses the thrall as she would anyone else. Their body would then, over three elven days, begin to chill alarmingly. Their bodily color lightens, hair and skin, and their eyes become a bright blue. Their body hasn't quite gained a sufficient resistance to the cold and so they must be kept warm lest they freeze to death. In reward for their servitude, they are given a resistance to the frigid and so long as they are kept in servitude, they will gain immortality. The only temperatures that are dangerous to them is that of a completed altar's aura. This means they can safely hold cursed eyes and dwell where the witches do. Their bodies remain in stasis and they cannot grow their muscles. Their servitude will include defending witches and covens of those who made their transformations and they must take commands from the frost mother whom created them. These thralls can be unmade, however, by removing the seed (painfully). They will lose their resistance to the frost and immortality, however their features will not revert. The Altar. The altar is a centerpiece of a coven, their foundation beside the mother, and a source of power and resurrection for the witches. An altar is created by a frost mother who, after several hours of working, forces her magic into a bit of ice and compressing it until the ice itself is cursed. She can only make a tiny bit this way but a large enough seed either way. She then has a living male sacrifice who has the seed literally planted in his belly. Unless he is rescued in time, this will always kill the man. From his body, the altar begins to grow. At it's first stage, the altar is close to useless and vulnerable to destruction. When it reaches the second stage, the germinating tree-like structure is still vulnerable and is unwise to be harvested. At it's third stage, the altar is much like a small tree and is invulnerable to normal fire under normal circumstances. The first fledgling sabbaths can be performed at this stage. It takes an elven week to reach these three first stages. The fourth stage is where the altar completes it's physical growth and can easily take up an entire room with its awful branch-like structures. It's roots at this point might start invading other rooms and might want to be trimmed up. The altar is very resistant to weapons and shrugs off fire. Holy fire begins to lose effectiveness. Witch Sabbaths are now available. On the final stage, which takes two weeks from the forth, is the final stage of growth for an alar. At this stage, the altar grows an actual altar, a flat shelf of sorts near it's 'trunk'. At this point, the altar will have a supernatural aura over non-witches that witness it that affect their mind. Depending on their will, they could be driven into a mad retreat or even throw themselves onto the altar to be slain by it. There is a roll system to decide how any character might react, or if the character has special circumstances that might alter how they would react, which could be roleplayed appropriately. The altar is almost immune to any danger at this point and any attempt to destroy it requires an organized, uninterrupted, and difficult amount of labor. This is achieved by removing the core of the altar and destroying/purging it. However, the altar at this point has a sense of self-preservation and will actively defend itself. The altar will create ice monsters to defend itself without mercy. The monsters themselves are nothing special and just ice. They can be resisted as such. The altar will call for any witch who has spent some length of time around it to come to its defense. A witch would surely want to obey as well. The altar will continue to create monsters from the ice around it until enough witches to match the invaders appear to defend it. The altar at this point can also be moved by removing the core. replanted in a new home, the altar will rapidly reach stage four in a weak. It is at this point that the strongest Mother Sabbaths may be performed. It is better to have one powerful altar than two, as there is limited space, two altars will only hinder one another. The altars are not invincible, they just require a strong and concerted effort of godly men or a fire so extreme that it presses the imagination. Cursed ice is a resource that is given by the altar and it is limited. At lower stages, only very little may be taken and this harms the altar's growth or may even kill it. It is expected to document both cursed ice harvesting and growth cycles. The sabbaths are rituals and tasks to boon the witches and their allies. They must have a powerful enough altar to perform and usually involve sacrificing the flesh of men. The first is Germination where two dead men and a sacrifice is given to the altar. The alter will use these men's flesh to speed up its growth (4 days taken off timer). These may only be performed once per stage and twice on stage four. Doing so on stage five is mostly pointless but can be used to help repair a damaged altar. The fledgling sabbaths include infusion and mending. Infusion is a witch infusing cursed ice with their magic and then stitching the cursed ice into a weapon, article of clothing, or jewelry. There are a variety of effects that are all mild, such as resisting some cold, reducing the pain of cold, allowing a witch to create ice more easily. If put into clothing, the wearer can use the magic of the frost witch to change the appearence of the clothing between two presets. This, however, does not change the fundamental properties of the clothing. (no iron dresses). If the effects are passive then they are always active, however, those that or not may be 'turned on' by putting pressure on them. They must be recharged after three weeks by being placed near an alter or by a witch. The cursed ice can be destroyed and along with it, it's effects. These items may not give a non-witch witchery powers. The Sabbath of mending is used to counteract the witches extremely slow healing process. It is used by infusing ice into the witches injury. It only works on very mild injuries such as cuts and scrapes. The ice is permanent. They always leave a scar. These sabbaths can be improved using the Witch's sabbaths which can only be performed by a tier 4 or 5 altars. The Sabbath of cursed things is an improved version of it's weaker variants with moderate effects and protections. Also, if used on a weapon, these weapons will gain a chilling effect. These only last 2 weeks. Along is an improvement of mending, restoration. Larger wounds may be healed like gashes, missing digits, broken bones, etc. These wounds require a sacrifice to the altar of a body part relevant to the injury wished to be fixed. Replaced digits are non-functioning for three hours. Gashes still scar, and deep injuries require rest. The Sabbath of detoxification can be performed, which is used to remove harmful toxins that may persist in a witch longer than a mortal. It is made with shaved cursed ice melted in with blood and flesh cocktail. Recently poisoned witches can see results after remaining with the altar for an elven day, but three days are required for longer poisonings. The Mother sabbaths can only be performed on a stage five altar and always require a mother to at least be present. Cursed things are further improved with this method with even stronger effects. For this sabbath, a sacrifice of relevant body parts is required, like a hand for a sword or shoulder blades for armor. Cursed arms can be created out of pure cursed ice. These weapons, while unactivated, have a mildly cold aura and are dull. However, if a witch activates it, it will sharpen and dip in temperature. This can be used to summon ice for the witch to be used normally. Attacks with this weapon will freeze any wounds it inflicts, causing the flesh to crack like a frost witch. These weapons are resistant to non-holy fire. The effects of other enchantments are profound when created by this method. Cursed ice is not appropriate to create a full set of armor. These enchantments last 3 weeks. Further is the sabbath of replacement, which can replace entire limbs. These limbs require a sacrifice of the limb to be replaced. The limb is replaced with a cursed ice prosthetic. It can be moved using the witch's magic normally. However, when disguised, the limb is floppy and cannot be moved with magic. Replaced eyes are imperfect. prosthetic limbs cannot have their coldness or material nature disguised. The Sabbath of service is a dangerous ritual that particularly dedicated witches can undertake. It begins with isolating a witch without food until they lose their wits, after which, they are to be presented with a male victim. After the consumption is over, the witch is to be impaled on the altar. This will eventually lead to the death of the witch. A hunk of cursed ice will remain where the body was. From here the ivojur is created. THe ivojur is a creature made completely of ice with the power of a frost mother. Large and slow creations, they are a difficult foe to deal with. The ivojur can use two icy whisps in combat rather than their magic, but never at the same time. They can only disguise as their original mortal form and another disguise that's not too different in build. They are incapable of disguising their icy temperature or texture. While they have a will of their own, they exist to protect their witches and coven. They are incapable of harming other witches except when a mother commands them to attack another witch in defense of the coven as a whole. They do not consume flesh nor do they sleep. They can only be killed by destroying their heart. Their heart will regenerate their body if it survives but the body doesn't. Also, a heart that is denied the ability to regenerate a body will eventually die as well. They are also slow, both in disguise and without.Should they die, they reform at the altar after a day. They are unaffected by potions or poisons. They also only feel positive feelings about witches. Witches that die are reborn at their altar. The curse drags the soul back to the altar where the witch returns as an incorporeal banshee. They exist only for the purpose of finding the flesh of animals to reform themselves. They can be harmed with golden weapons. Any animals they use to reform themselves imbue them with (negative) traits of that animal, like timidedness. The whole ordeal is awful for the witch and no witch enjoys talking about it. They also find these events to last longer the more often they die. Cursed ice is ice with the witch's curse infused with it, making it permanent. A frost mother can create it directly but it's slow and exhausting. An altar provides a steady supply of the cursed ice. Outside of certain sabbaths, the ice is usually rigid. Cursed ice also carries its own aura similar to the witch's coldness. In most circumstances, the cursed ice must be melted with holy fire or other magic. Generally speaking, the larger the amount of cursed ice the more difficult it is to crush. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: "Like this?" Asks a witch asks her mother after her finger slides across the back of Ituri's neck. Her voice would normally carry through the coven grounds if it were not for the woman bound and pinned at her back by the witch's knee. "Just like that, and when you do so let" She sits back up and glances to her underling witch. "Energy? Your boon. Your curse, force it into them." The bound, blond, and sobbing woman beneath them kicks her legs fruitlessly. The witch pauses a moment before replying. "That hardly makes sense." "No, it does, but it is something you need to /feel/. Remember how you felt when this woman struck your face today?" She points to the woman beneath her. The woman in question is completely beside herself and her nearly frozen teery eyes lock on some...mysterious tree of ice. She watches in horror as her lover's limp body lies at the base of the tree. The icy branches slowly lower to this body. Their sharp points pierce his chest and lift his body into the air. The branches return to their original location with him skwered on them. "Well instead of doing all of..." She gestures to the woman. "This, you can instead force her to taste your dread and rage. Let her feel your curse dear. Just put it here." She points tot he woman's exposed neck. "And she will live with your pain for a time." The new witch's brows scrunched up. She clearly has some ideas and people in mind. She reaches her finger forward to brush the neck of the woman where she was instructed. Feeling her curse, and willing it, to be shared on the woman's flesh. She waits a moment to watch how the woman reacts, however, she just still sobs and sobs into the ice beneath her. She looks to Ituri for explanation. "This one's too upset dear. Try it on her sister instead. It might drive her close enough to the edge that I can claim her for the coven. I'm only telling you this because you're old enough to know how something like this can rouse suspicion." Ituri notes. "So you're not claiming this one?" The witch asks after a moment. "She would be suspected in that man's disappearance so no. Just bury her. Maybe her sisters." Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope
  16. The old man frowns at the orc's inquiry "No" He'd respond curtly
  17. Take a Stand.

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend, I'll be sure to mention this story on Wednesday when I go to church with my prayer group. The petition, on the other hand; is a different matter, bullying that causes a person to commit suicide is already a crime, I don't want further governmental interference in my online experience, just because some self conscious kids trying to make up for their lack of social lives decide to write mean words on the internet; doesn't mean that the government should start prosecuting willy nilly.
  18. "Dihd diz zkah'erjuhzt gib 'imzelf a tytle?" Hazurk'Raguk ponders.
  19. keintanian represent

  20. [Feat][SA] clever title

    Spread the love to irresponsible people.
  21. [Feat][SA] clever title

    MC Name: SpodoKaiba Character's Name: Steven Character's Age: 139 Character's Race: Wood Elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Atronach Forging Teacher's MC Name: Toxzero Teacher's RP Name: Sarrion Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: n Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: y Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: y Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: n
  22. sending thoughts and prayers to keintania

  23. Vailor file download?
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