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      LotC Community Meeting Minutes 01/22/17   01/23/2017

      LotC Community Meeting Minutes 01/22/17 [!] Arockstar28 opened the meeting.   What’s going on with the forums?   Tahmas: Tythus is handling the situation as we speak. It had been fixed earlier but as Tythus had other engagements, he had to step away. Thus, the attack resumed. Tythus will return and continue working on it later. There is no set time as to when they will be back up.   Can I expect the possibility of a frequent mandatory purge of staff teams to fight stagnancy and people just doing jack****? - Jonificus   Josh3738: These decisions are left up to the team leads. Some teams may be purged while others may not.   Why is the map so big? Why was mobspawning turned on? Why do you still keep it on? - Combine   Teegah: The map is large as that is what the community had requested. Mobspawning is turned as it contributes to; The minas economy. Killing mobs have a chance to drop minas. Items for Nexus crafting: Drops necessary for crafting certain items are only given by killing mobs.   How much money do admins actually cut from the donations? Was Tythus’ college paid by LotC?- Chaotikal   Tahmas: Admins receive nothing from the donations. Any funds collected from the server go back into the server. And no, Tythus’ college education was not funded by the server.   Is there any other race being planned for the future?  - Dewlox   Lore Team representatives: No.   501warhead: When it comes down to it, the addition of races will only be considered if it is practical for the server as a whole. In order to implement new ideas that may be considered, it must be submitted the same way as any other lore - through lore submission and review of the LT.   Axios storyline? Will there be a new race implemented/introduced in the next map? - Z3m0s   RideTheSky: It’s going to revolve around a giant chicken. There are currently meetings ongoing in regards to the Axios storyline. The LT is helping with the process and things are still in the works.Things are not being written down or released as the need for confidentiality is necessary to ensure the community is introduced to it at the same time.   What happened to the chapters of Axios? - Nug   LeoWarrior14: The chapters of Axios were started by Benbo (the previous LT lead) but he has since left.   RideTheSky: Benbo took all the documents concerning the chapters of Axios with him as he left therefore there is nothing left for the LT to build upon. Tsuyose wished to continue but seeing as how there was nothing, the Devs needed to remove it.   How long does it take for a charter to get a response? - Adam_barnett   Arockstar28: Ever has appointed certain GMs to handle charter distribution as well as stating that the times to obtain a charter will be shortened. However, they may still take up to a week to be approved.   Who let a trial GM, not even on the war team, arockstar28, make a worldedit on sand during the height of fighting, in a laggy open field skirmish war claim, which inexplicably crashed the server? -Harold   Josh3738: Present members of the war team determined that it would be an interesting dynamic to add to the war claim which unfortunately caused issues along the way.   Gusmarzku: The idea of a bomb was requested by numerous people.   501warhead: The worldedit was not the cause of the crash. There are several mechanisms set in place on the server that prevent WE from interfering and crashing the server.   Addition to previous question: If this was to happen, why were both sides not informed? -Harold   Arockstar28: The underlying reason was it that the bomb was to be a surprise.   Why did the warclaim get allowed to carry on? -Harold   Gusmarzku: There was no reason to not continue it. As well, Admins and GMs came to the decision to keep going.   Did the warteam agree that the war claim should be voided and redone? -Harold   Gusmarzku: No. The war claim continued as by agreement with Admins and GMs, as stated previously.   Did the warteam agree that this worldedit was even a good idea during the middle of the battle? -Harold   Gusmarzku: Yes.   Who made the decision to allow the war claim as valid, when staff incompetency was the main contributing factor to the crash? -Harold   Josh3738: Once the server was back up, the war claim was still playable. Therefore, as the war claim was still playable, there was no reason not to continue and no reason to void it.   Crashing during an open field skirmish is, historically, a voided war claim.  Why was this one allowed? -Harold   Josh3738: Once the server came back up, the server was capable of continuing its operations so there was no reason to void it.   Why is the ET so large? - FuryFire   RideTheSky: The ET is large as it consists of both actors and builders alike. Seeing as how the actors are trying to interact with as many players of the server as possible, time zones come into play. Recruiting ET members who can accommodate and create events for certain time zones is essential. At this time, the ET is looking for players in the Pacific time zone.   The team is also large at the moment because it allows the ET to be stricter on what it is they want. Considering that the community is large, a large team is also needed. However, the ET management is in the works of sizing down the team. Seeing as how they have no quota, the need for activity is the primary requirement for ET and such is taken into consideration when taking on new members.   Are donations keeping up with the monthly and yearly costs? -Wendigo   Tahmas: The server is up and running, so yes.   501warhead: The Christmas sale helped exponentially with the revenue of donations. It should be noted once again that donations always go back to the server and that the Admins do not receive anything. A warm thank you is extended to anyone that helped contribute to the server during the holiday sale.   Any plans to upgrade the server box/host or have you already? -Wendigo   501warhead: Currently the server has more than 64 GBs of RAM and is running very well. While optimization is being sought after, there is no need to place any more expenditure in upgrading.   What’s the max run time we have with the current reserves of money (did the server need personal funds)? -Wendigo   501warhead: While personal funds have been used in the very distant past, they have not been for a long time now. Our current revenue of donations sustains our run time for the moment and donation savings maintain our run time into the distant future. As for the max runtime, that is unknown.   Current and future plans going forward A) Bring in new players & B) Player retention? -Wendigo   501warhead: There is currently a project in the works to help integrate new players into their respective player bases. Getting to know the other players and establishing a sense of community is necessary for player retention.  A majority of the players here have remained as they have established friendships and relations with other players. Therefore, catering to the newer players is essential.   RideTheSky: The AT and ET are working on a project where a new player will spawn in, immediately be immersed into roleplay with a veteran member, and will essentially be introduced into the appropriate player base.   In the past, this flopped as the players were all introduced to the human capital. So the prime idea is to showcase the diversity of the server to the new players and allow them to choose their own path.   Future plugins? -Wendigo   501warhead: Integrating new plugins takes a lot of time and because of this, along with the possibility of the plugin failing, there are no announcements in regards to releasing new plugins. However, at the moment there is a fast travel overhaul underway as well as an instance dungeon plugin. There may be new skills being worked on, but it is uncertain. There are larger projects in the works that the server will be notified of in due time.   Is anything being done concerning the voting websites? The information is outdated and some websites no longer work? -Wendigo   Tahmas: It’s all Ski’s fault, blame him.   Gusmarzku: I’ll do it.   501warhead: Tythus needs to configure the voting settings as the issue may lie within the registration on the voting sites. It’s up to him at this point.   What benefits have been seen, if any, from emerging the LT and MT? - Cybermarzku   Tahmas: The MT is now able to have more control and work more effectively with the lore pertaining to magics. The MT is also now able to vote on what magics they wish to see implemented.   JaxOff: There is more cooperation between both teams but there is not a significant amount of improvement.   Bokermon: With both teams being together in the same chat it helps a lot, communication wise. It’s not perfect, but it’s better. The MT now has more say in what it is they think will be an improvement/detriment to the magic found on the server.   1.8 pvp when???? - Flurgh   Teegah: Just this past friday there was a meeting between the Devs and some PvPers discussing said issue. During this meeting, swing timers as well  as plans concerning PvP were discussed. Also, there are currently three players on the server who have swing timerless weapons. These weapons were permitted during PvP combat and the Devs observed to see what the results were. The issue arises with the fact that, without the swing timers, there is a hit delay and no possibility of combos.   Assassin of Awesome: Removing swing timers isn’t as easy as it seems. There are problems with it.
        When are we getting rid of the two other inactive islands, that aren’t Tahn? - Kinslayer   Tahmas: This is being evaluated. The activity as well as events done on the respective islands are always being monitored. It cannot be said when or even if the islands will be removed. This is to be discussed among the Admins.   501warhead: Removing the islands will result in less space for new settlements that wish to separate away from the main capital cities. However, the problem still exists that new players will find themselves on these inactive islands and only be confused as to where they are. More will be discussed.
        Open Question Period   Magic Plugin?  

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  2. Artimec awoke in a spell. He blinked drearily as he took in his surroundings, they were the same as usual. An oaken ceiling above, silk sheets below. To his left, a nightstand with several scrolls and tomes stacked atop of it. To his right, a woman lay, sound asleep next to him. She had pale skin and silver hair. He didn’t remember this woman’s name. He sighed and rolled away from her soundly sleeping figure. The spell he’d awoken under was broken, and the weight which consumed him had returned. What had happened yesterday? He remembered preaching before the shrine, acolytes by his side. One by one they said their oaths and sliced their palms before the sacred brazier of the Aspects. Later, he remembered bustling about the clinic, shooing people outside as he concocted a brew of mandragora and frost-vine for an elfess with shattered ribs. He remembered climbing up the austere steps of the Linandria plateau to his home, the woman waiting for him at his front door. They’d gone inside, then… His memories ended there, and he was back in the present. The pale elfess still lay beside him, murmuring soundly in her stupor. Artimec sighed and pushed himself up to a sitting position, slinging his robe on to cover himself. He looked back down. This didn’t mean anything of course, it was a fling. A dalliance. He’d been swept up in yet another night of cheap intimacy to help him forever the pressures of the day. His enemies- and his friends for that matter, degraded him. A *****, a hedonist, a man without morals. He’d long since stopped caring. These elopements, empty as they felt in the end, still provided at least fleeting escape from his realities. Every elf of Linandria hurt was a blow to him personally. Every lost limb, every life lost in a scuffle. Every individual turned to a dark path, a soul he could not save. Life as a leader was heavy, he deserved to indulge himself. Besides, if the world was going to think him a ***** anyway, why try to prove them wrong? At least, that’s what he told himself. Every day a little bit less of him actually believed it. Artimec finally climbed out of bed, causing his companion to only stir a little, still asleep. He rose up and slipped into his attire, he then slung his hunting bow over his shoulder. Leaned against the bedpost before him lay his druidic staff, an ironwood construct as tall as he was. He gazed upon the garnished hawk carved unto the staff’s head. Talon was the staff’s name. It looked so proud, the hawk’s crest staring so confidently ahead, looking forward to the future. The archdruid could only wish he himself still held the same aura. He gripped it and strode out of the house. Artimec felt a gust of chilly wind as soon as he stepped outside. The Caerme’onn seed manor had been built right atop city walls, a direct drop into the murky lake below that surrounded Linandria. The Archdruid looked in two directions. He looked to the city, the sun had begun to rise, and that meant the people would be beginning their daily routines. For him, that meant dedicants to teach, acolytes to mentor, fights to break up and complaints to hear out. Yet another full day of being dragged in one direction to another. He looked across the walls and saw wilderness. The morning dew called to him. The elder trees of Laureh’lin swayed in the gentle morning breeze and the songbirds serenaded his greeting. It was always tempting to just run away into the wild, escape it all. But he never did, he had duties of course. Still, some days the sway was heavier than others. Artimec felt a ringing in his ear. He grimaced, then felt compelled to look up at the sky. He saw a golden-tailed hawk spread its wings and soar in a circle in the open air above him. His totem animal. The bird of prey swooped down and into the wild forest below. The elf knew a sign when he saw it. He gripped his staff tightly, and proceeded to dive gracefully off the city wall, into the lake below. The cinnamon skinned wood elf swam and swam, cutting through the still waters until he reached the shore. His robe clung to his skin, soaking wet. He reaffirmed his hold on his staff and used it to push himself to his feet on the sandy beach. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Something was different today. He hadn’t just run off on a whim, he was being called upon. He heard a hiss in the thicket. Artimec’s pointed ears perked. His dim emerald eyes panned across the treeline to single out the noise. Out of the thicket popped the beady eyes of a cobra snake, sticking its forked tongue out defiantly at the druid. The beast then slid back into the vegetation, slithering off. Artimec knew he had to follow. Hours had passed. The lights of Linandria had long since faded into the distance. Artimec was in the deep wild now, and this was where he felt most at home. He had found himself growing rather irritable, following this ghost of a slithering serpent through the forest. Every so often he would lose track of the trail. When that happened he would take in a deep breath and close his eyes, his eyes would glow a faint celadon green, and he would continue after the snake. Yet as he followed, he would attempt to commune, with the snake, with anything really. The Aspects could surely hear him either way. Why have you brought me out here? How am I to serve my gods? Is this beast a messenger of your will? As if taunting him with non-answers, the snake would pop its head out the thicket, hiss its forked tongue at the elf then slither onwards. Artimec could do nothing but continue trailing after it. Eventually they came upon a cliff. Gulls soared above, squabbling with one another. The treeline had ended just a bit before the drop. The cobra had slithered ahead, into the plain open. Artimec strode out as well, brushing foliage off his shoulder. The two stood, facing one another, elf and beast. The snake opened its mouth and hissed at Artimec, its fangs showing. But it didn’t display anger, only resignation. For it knew its purpose had been served, and its time had come. A piercing screech broke the melancholic sky. Wide wings cast a shadow upon the cobra, and soon a blur of talons snatched up the serpentine beast. The pierce-eyed hawk had been soaring above the two the whole time, and had now come to claim it's prey. The cobra squirmed and writhed within the predatory avian’s grip until it eventually went still and limp. With a fresh kill in its grasp, the hawk circled idly over the stoic-eyed elf. The two shared a similar gaze, a similar understanding. The hawk beckoned to hawk druid in the form of a screech, and flew off, back into the trees. Artimec grunted with new resolve, intent on following his new target. He backpedaled back into the treeline, his eyes scanning upwards. And in the branches, he saw a nest. Artimec climbed, his knees were scraped against the bark and his knuckles were dug raw, but he persisted. He hauled himself onto a branch strong enough to support his weight, and eventually ascended up to the hawk’s nest, one hand gripping a perpendicular branch while his feet found solid footing. There he saw the majestic bird, the corpse of the cobra was now hung in its beak. The golden-eyed beast stared the archdruid right in the eye, then tossed the serpent’s corpse down into the bed of twigs between them. This was a ritual. A sacred moment between two souls who were bound to the Aspects, bound to beginnings and bound to ends. With his raw hands, Artimec ripped the cobra’s corpse in half, creating a spray of blood and viscera. He tossed the head end to the hawk while he himself kept the tail. He raised the gory prize in a sort of ‘cheers’ motion, and with a deep breath, devoured the raw meat, skin, guts and all. The hawk flapped its wings idly in approval and did the same, tossing the other half of the snake down its gullet. Artimec grimaced. There had been venom in that serpents corpse. He felt his vision flash. He was suddenly back in his manor, pale elfess lying at his side. No… he was in the thicket, following the snake. A flash of pain. He was lying in a battlefield, surrounded by corpses, arrows, the stink of death. A bright white flash. Now he was soaring, across the sky, unbound. He woke up, gasping. Staring into his eyes was the golden gaze of the hawk, as if he’d been waiting for Artimec to come to this whole time. A heavy solemnity covered them both like a blanket, and with a collective understanding, both hawk and elf came to realize their duty. The archdruid began perilously clambering down the tree, back onto the grassy surface on which he was most comfortable. The hawk spread its wings and took to the sky, soaring far into the clouds above him. Artimec strode out beyond the treeline once more, to the cliffside with the churning ocean beneath him. He slung his bow off of his back. He closed his eyes. He knocked an arrow, pulled back on the drawstring, and pointed his aim skywards. He opened his eyes. The hawk swooped down from the sky furiously, dive bombing the druid. Its aurum gaze was furious, intense. It had accepted Artimec’s challenge and embraced the role it was to play in the elf’s destiny. The two met their gazes one last time, a fleeting moment, a split second. Artimec let the arrow fly. The hawk landed with a resounding thud, somewhere behind him. The bodkin arrowhead had pierced the predator’s heart, and now it lay still. As the archdruid approached the felled creature, he felt a pit in his stomach. Rarely did he feel remorse for his kills anymore, but for this hawk, this beast whom he saw as his equal, he felt sorrow. Yet, this had been necessary. This was the path that Brother Buffalo had sent him on; the only way he could become one with the secret arts. He had been sent on this path, but in the end the path had found him. Artimec knelt down and plucked a crown of feathers from the hawk’s crest. He fashioned them together and placed them in his hair, under his ears. With two fingers, he closed the hawk’s eyes. “Rest now, Brother.” His eyes began to emit a dim green glow. Gnarled roots slithered out of the grass and formed a vice grip around the bird’s corpse, dragging it underneath the surface to return its body to the wild. Suddenly, Artimec grimaced again, a flash of pain erupting through his frontal cortex. He was soaring once more. Across the air, the sky was no burden. The ground below him was a blur. Trees making way for plains, plains making way for desert, desert making way for vast oceans. He was the hawk, and this was his domain. He was the beast, and this was the Aspect’s gift, to let him see the wild through eyes no man nor elf could ever imagine possessing. He awoke with a start. He blinked drearily as he took in his surroundings, they were the same as usual. An oaken ceiling above, silk sheets below. To his left, a nightstand with several scrolls and tomes stacked atop of it. To his right, a woman lay, sound asleep next to him. Had it all been a dream? Artimec gently pressed his fingers into his hair. He felt feathers, the very same he’d plucked from the hawk’s corpse and adorned himself with. Yes, it had been real. It had to have been. Artimec ripped himself out of bed. He threw on his clothing and rushed out the bedroom, struggling to yank on his moccasins. A drowsy feminine voice called out from behind him. “My prince, is everything okay?” Artimec grunted as he hopped about on one foot eagerly, shoving his second sole into his shoe. “All is fine! I just… got a message is all.” “A message… in your sleep?” “Yes… yes. From the Aspects.” The woman, evidently used to this sort of zealous babble from the archdruid, rolled her eyes and curled back into the covers, falling asleep once more. Artimec paid her no mind. He climbed up the ladder and rushed out the door to find Brother Buffalo, Sena, his mentor. His task was complete. Now was the time for him to become one with the Hawk.
  3. I welcome both of ye! Welcome to the Adventurers' Guild! I hope to see both of ye at the hall (which is still under construction!)! I welcome both of ye! Welcome to the Adventurers' Guild! I hope to see both of ye at the hall (which is still under construction!)!
  4. Motus Consructs, Slaves of The Old Religion “Motus Constructs eradicating a village.” Motus constructs are a crude yet unstable creation created by the crimson cult in its time of madness, they’re neither golem nor atronach but neither alive or dead. They are fueled by a potent managem and a Thanhic core. The core is powered by a potent mixture of burning gas, the gas is also secured and sealed in an airtight canister within the torso. The thanhic core acts as a lid on the cannister, preventing any gas from escaping. The core will fuel an attached mana gem which then fuels the various enchantments on the limbs and head of the motus construct. This mana gem is usually a large block of emerald or better, the better quality the gem, the better quality the construct. The ritual for creating a motus construct is difficult, but can be achieved en masse. Motus constructs are weaker compared to golems and atronachs but their creation can be automated to create an army. They cannot be larger than a common man, but may have additional metallic limbs attached to them. Any mage or tinker may study a motus construct and learn how to craft one from the study. A runesmith may also use runes in place of the standard telekinesis glyph. But both may be used to create a more powerful construct. Part One, The Motus Core “The shape and engravings of the disk that is used in the creation of a motus construct” The motus core is the power source for the motus construct, it is made of thanhic dust that has been compressed into a stone-like disc and then crystallized through a heat process. The crystallization is usually done within an enchanted forge, a mana gem is then placed in a slot above the forge to absorb the mana created from the process. This results in either a glass-like disc of pure thanhium or the destruction of the disc itself. The crystallized disc is then engraved by either a person or a specially enchanted motus construct with the above glyph. This glyph is a telekinesis glyph, and will power any parts with the enchantment at the cost of mana. Each line represents a part and function. The three scythe-like markings are used to control the arms and legs of the construct while the three lines in the centre are used to control other motor functions. Motus constructs must have four arms and two legs, they may also have four legs and two arms and can even have six legs. These extra limbs ensures that the mana generated is used. Should a limb be compromised it will continue to function until removed from the construct, if the limb is removed mana will gradually leak from the construct. This will not affect the construct. Limbs are moved by a series of connected gears, these gears are powered by the mana gem being used. Most motus constructs also spin on a metal disc located beneath the torso to turn their legs, a second disc also allows the torso to spin. When turning, the limbs, which are also attached to their own discs will automatically swing depending on the circumstance. If the construct is being attacked, the limbs will extend and the torso may then turn. Most motus constructs will also have sharp weapons in place of hands, this allows them to possibly maim or injure enemies while turning directions or spinning. Most motus constructs have heads, the head is purely cosmetic and serves no other purpose than to possibly scare or confuse those who confront motus constructs. Each part must be painstakingly inscribed with the motus glyph. if each part of the construct isn’t inscribed, the construct won’t work and may simply explode in due time. Part Two, The Command Core “A command core made from someone’s bones.” Motus constructs must be given orders with a command core, this core encases the managem and the cannister. Metal plating is added over the command core, this plating protects the cannister and the managem from the ravages of time. The command core must always be made of three materials, the first material is bone. Bones must always be shaped into a ribcage (bone block) and must then undergo a vigorous process to be made into the command core. The ribcage is then bleached and calcified by the sun, beatles and other carrion insects may also be used to quicken this process. The bones are then submerged in a volatile mixture of molten minerals. The mixture is unique and can only be forged in large pits of magma. Chunks of obsidian must also be thrown into the magma. When the smeltery is submerged in the magma, the obsidian residue will seek the arcanum and merge with it. This creates a pure yet unstable form of black arcanum, the black arcanum’s impurities somehow allow motus constructs to comprehend orders in a similar way that golems do. However, they do not have Imperas and can only be controlled by the one that placed the canister in their command cores. The smeltery is then recovered and the ribcages are submerged in the black substance. The ribcage will merge with the metal and so will any remaining organic matter, this core is what gives motus constructs the ability to understand orders for they have the ability of free will.. But despite this ‘free will’, this created consciousness, they cannot feel love and are compelled by their motus cores to do as they are told. They cannot feel physical pain nor can they speak to express their sorrow. Despite this inability to speak, they will develop thought and consciousness but their motus cores will stop them from harming themselves upon realizing that they’re but slaves to their creators. Their existence is fabricated and knowing this can and will drive any motus construct mad with grief. The sadistic cult that originally created the motus constructs unintentionally made them this way, for it was a cruel joke on the ‘creator’. Afterall, what is a better of mocking a supposed creator? To grant a creation ‘consciousness’ and gift them a cruel shackle in turn is truly a play on our perceived creation. It mirrors what the crimson cult is truly about.. The enslavement of the natural order. For this reason, placing the canister into the command core is the one thing that cannot be automated by a motus construct. If someone were to foolishly automate the binding process of the command core, then the motus construct will gain a measure of free will and will perceive their creator to be a slaver, they will then turn on their creator, potentially killing them. The motus construct will then degrade mentally, it will become unstable and will tear itself apart, especially upon realizing that its existence is a fabricated one. The binding process of the command core is not the same process as golemancy, you are not binding a soul or thanhic core to you. You’re creating a life, a living and thinking entity that cannot feel love. By doing so, it will only grow to despise you, envy will take hold of it for it shall be envious of the life it cannot have. Motus constructs are abominations and they themselves know it, perhaps their inability to feel love is due to the lack of a soul? Here’s why.. The process that turns the arcanum black grants it a life of its own, the impurities from the obsidian ‘mark’ the raw arcanum and merge into it, branding an unformed consciousness into the metal itself. This heart of stone as some may call it, is then cast onto the ribcage, a ribcage that belonged to a former descendant. This forces whatever life that has clung to the rib cage into the heart of stone, a barbaric practice that turns the ribcage into an unformed mind. When powered, the mind develops this consciousness.. Creating artificial life. But alas, what is artificial cannot be considered alive, what isn’t alive does not bear a soul, it bears a shattered remnant of what was once a shining and brilliant soul. Motus constructs will feel like something is missing, but their lack of free will will stop them from acting on this feeling. For this reason, the creation of a motus construct is a dark art, for it creates false life.. It mocks a soul and is something Aeriel surely despises. Furthermore, Motus constructs can also be destroyed by the followers of Aeriel. Despite lacking a soul, their parts snap and break when the flames touch them. It’s as if they wish to die and will do anything to be liberated. Also, when the flames reach their cores an explosion will occur. It is not known if the explosion is the liberation of an infant ‘consciousness’ or the gas within their canisters, but it never bodes well for the ascended that are nearby. For when the first of the motus constructs were offered mercy, the crimson cultists began filling their constructs with shrapnel and bile. If their cores combust, a violent explosion will fill the nearby ascended or unwitting pyromaniac with shrapnel, potentially killing them. If the shrapnel doesn’t kill them, the resulting infection from the bile surely will. The Usage of Motus Constructs “An army of motus constructs in formation.” Motus Constructs may be used as foot soldiers against any faction. Their original creators intend to use this golden army against the ascended. They may also be created by anyone with the means to create them, but only once they’ve learned how. They’re disposable and easy to create in mass quantities, but only when an assembly line has been created. This is done by creating motus constructs that can gradually create other motus constructs, the motus constructs can then be used to gather the resources needed to then assemble said resources into more motus constructs. This is known as an assembly line and is usually cyclical in nature. The various types of constructs needed to accomplish an assembly line varies but will always consist of the following: An assembly line, motus constructs line the walls of the pit. They’ve been tasked with creating more of their kind.” The overseer is the person running the assembly line. It is he that places the motus cores into the command cores, he and he alone controls the motus army. But despite this, other overseers may be set as dignitaries. If he and the other dignitaries die, the army of motus constructs will also die. The assemblers are the heart of the assembly line, they line the walls and grab any if not all parts. They then put the parts together to create the motus constructs, these motus constructs are limited in intellect and will not stop their tasks even if told to do so by their overseer. They will fill metal canisters with a hot gas and seal it with the motus core. If a creature or object is found on the assembly table they will be ‘assembled’ into a motus construct. The forgers are the motus constructs that forge the metallic parts that will be used to assemble motus constructs, they’re also tasked with forging the cores and bleaching the bones. They forge the canisters that will contain the gas and motus cores. They also cut and polish the mana gems that will be used to animate more of their kind. The miners are equipped with pickaxes, they mine ores deep below the ground and many do not return. For this reason, the assembly line can replace lost miners by simply equipping normal motus constructs with pickaxes. They’re tasked with returning all ores to the ore deposit site where it is then collected by the forgers to be forged into the required parts. Miners will compress thanhium and suspend it over the assembly line, it will then be cut and polished into motus cores. This process can conflict with their own cores which can grant them freedom. For this reason, guards are always on standby near the deposit box to dispose of any ‘malfunctional’ motus construct. Summary Motus constructs are versatile and dangerous, if an assembly isn’t stopped as soon as it begins operating a motus army will be created. Their creation can be seen as an affront to nature and a perversion of life itself, most would see to destroying such vile creations to preserve their way of life. They’re a manifestation of what the crimson cult truly stands for and cannot be allowed to exist. If left unchecked, the motus army will surely overwhelm unsuspecting nations. Weaknesses Each design has its flaws, and the same is true for motus constructs. Each construct has its own flaw, and the greatest and most common flaw in the motus construct is the core. A good blow from a warhammer or a good jab from a sword can puncture the command core which will injure the motus construct. Their limbs can also be severed if enough force is applied and wards may also be used to cause a core malfunction. Be warned though, if the core malfunctions it will simply explode. The explosion a single motus construct would produce would also send shrapnel accompanied by toxic bile in every direction so mages and ascended alike will have to be careful. Sticks and stones may also be thrown at constructs to jam their gears this causes limbs to possibly malfunction. Halflings may also find their shovels useful since a good thwack from a shovel can damage the discs that allow motus constructs to turn. If damaged enough, the disc might malfunction which will cause the torso and legs to separate. Red Lines And Green Lines Green Lines Can be mass produced. Are immune to pain. Has no lifeforce. Can sustain the loss of a limb. Can swing in all directions. Can pivot/turn in all directions. Can be used to accomplish all mundane tasks. Can be used as soldiers. Can be used to obtain resources. (This is limited and all the resources collected must go to creating more of them, this is to prevent people from getting lazy and using motus constructs to achieve tasks like that of mining iron for a warclaim. Although this can change if everyone is fine with it.) Red Lines Possess a restricted consciousness. They know their existence is a lie and want to die as a result. Clockwork, their gears rust and they can jam easily. Their cores are immune to the ravages of time but their parts are not. They must be maintained by the overseers. Requires an assembly line to construct in massive quantities, this requires the permission of both the LT and the Admins, a suitable pit of magma must also be found.. Something I doubt everyone has. They can only be used in events, this is to prevent a nation or group from conquering the entire server with a ‘droid army’ meme. Revenge of the sith was a great movie but come on guys!? When a motus construct is destroyed, its parts can be collected and used. This is a redline as any opposing force can simply collect destroyed constructs to create armor and weaponry. Can obtain freedom. (This is bad as they will want to kill their creators after..) Wants to be a real boy. (Their noses get bigger when they lie too.) Cannot speak. Cannot express feelings. Cannot feel love. Doesn’t possess a ‘soul’ but does possess something that allows them to be destroyed by the ascended, whether this is a corruption or a blessing isn’t known. Can be destroyed by the ascended. Can be destroyed by the holy arts. Can be destroyed by voidal wards. Can be destroyed with magic, especially fire evocation. (Gas go boom boom remember?) Is limited to human height, assemblers and forgers can be at the height of an orc but this is only due to their specialization and lack of proper movement. Immune to necromancy and other dark arts for incredibly obvious reasons. (Metal men are amazing counters to ghouls, well maybe I don’t really know. ;) Reason For Implementation The reason for why I wrote this lore and why it should be implemented is to accompany the hive lore. If the hive antagonist is released a suitable counter will be required to face them. This would be a suitable way for factions to counter Gyloth and his forces indirectly, doing so without this lore will lead to possible infestations and a lack of control. In otherwords, this lore is written specifically to counter my previous lore and help develop my own player group so it can create and attract the proper RP. I’m not writing this lore for my own benefit and don’t intend to ‘win’ anything. If it’s implemented, the plans for motus constructs will eventually fall into the hands of other groups. Infact, I intend on releasing the plans to the library of Dragur where it will be made public knowledge. While this does trample on golemancy and atronachs and possibly even ghouls, this is still very unique lore for LoTC. I hope it gets implemented so we can create fun event lines, otherwise people will likely get bored.
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  8. Ordo Fratrum Santci Lotari The Holy Order of St. Lothar Romanos Palaiologos receiving a blessed blade during the formation and consecration of the Holy Order of Saint Lothar, 14th day of Amber Cold MDXCIX. Formation of the Order of Saint Lothar: Founded on the 14th day of the Amber Cold MDXCIX, through divine inspiration of Romanos Palaiologos upon witnessing a mass baptism to the True Faith. the Order of Saint Lothar was born. With his heart filled with the joy of God did Romanos pledge both his own life, and the considerable available to his house to the formation and maintenance of the first Holy Order of the True Faith. Proclaiming his devotion and patronage to Saint Lothar, did Romanos swear to the continuation of the Holy Saints work, donning the shinny Gold of God's light and the Crimson of his sacrifices. Thus, through the blessing of the Episcopal Council, the righteous purpose of uniting all Humanity within the True Faith. and to bring His peoples of the West and East beneath the protecting wings of the Double Crested Eagle was bestowed. Upon the formation did his Majesty, King Tobias Staunton of the Kingdom of Courland, grant upon the newly formed order his personal land within which the Order of Saint Lothar was free to govern, and use as the Chapter Houses estate. Hierarchy of the Order of Saint Lothar: Swearing themselves to no secular body of government, the Holy Order of Saint Lothar answers directly and only to the Episcopal Council and the Episcopal Prelate elected for the caretaking of this Holy Order. Their mandates, promotions and duties handed unto the Grandmaster personally by either of these two Holy entities, and their members consecrated into the Order through the consent of the Episcopal Prelate or his appointed Chaplain. The Grandmaster: The Holy Order of Saint Lothar is thus headed by the Grandmaster, to whom the tasks of provisioning, training and organizing the Order falls. The Grandmaster is the senior position within the Order, and is directly answerable to the Episcopal Council, or it's Episcopal Prelate. The Chaplain: The Order's Chaplain is tasked with the currying and overseeing of obedience to the Episcopal Council, or Episcopal Prelate mandates, promotions, or duties within the Order. Duties assigned to the Chaplain beyond the aforementioned include holding Sermons, and consecrating initiates into the Order, and is issuing promotions in the absence of the Episcopal Prelate. The Captain: The Order's Captains hold authority to the Sergeants, and answer directly to the Episcopal Council, Episcopal Prelate and his Chaplain, or the Grandmaster of the Order. Their duties include the daily training, and protection of the lands assigned to them and their Ordermen The Sergeant: The Order's Sergeants hold authority to the Ordermen, and act as auxiliary officer to the Captain. Answerable to the Episcopal Council, Episcopal Prelate and his Chaplain, and the Grandmaster and his Captains, the duties of the Sergeants include the marshalling of the Ordermen, and assisting in their training and the protection of the lands they are assigned. The Ordermen: The Ordermen hold no authority within the Order of Saint Lothar, but to the faithful to which they server. The Episcopal Council bestows upon the Ordermen, and all ranks above their station, the ability to detain and bring forth all Heretics, Heathens, and Pagans found, to either the Episcopal Council or its individual members, the Episcopal Prelate or his Chaplain, or to any ordained Clergyman of the True Faith in order for the Heretic, Heathen, or Pagan to be witnessed to their sins and judged by the aforementioned. It is heavily asked that all Ordermen do not bare physical damage to the Heretic, Heathen, and Pagan beyond what is necessary to detain and bring forth their souls to be judged by His faithful. The Acolyte: The Acolytes of the Order of Saint Lothar do not bare any authority within the Faith. Their duties consist of what is required by the Ordermen, and their officers or Chaplain. Holy Knights of Saint Lothar: The Knights peerage of the Order of Saint Lothar derives from the most pious and zealous men within the mortal plain. Their devotion and sacrifice to the service of God, and His word is unquestionable, and so their position within the Order of Saint Lothar night unmatched by most Ordermen. The Knights directly answer to the Episcopal Council, and the Episcopal Prelate, however, unlike the other Ordermen, they do not directly answer to the Grandmaster. Instead, the Knights of Saint Lothar accept the Grandmaster into their Order as a Brother. Thus, the Grandmaster is answerable to the Holy Knight Commandant of the Knights of Saint Lothar, as all Brother Knights are required. Hierarchy of the Holy Knights of Saint Lothar: The Holy Knight Commandant: The Holy Knights of Saint Lothar are directly commanded by the Holy Knight Commandant, who is appointed by the Episcopal Council with great care. His authority being absolute outside of the direction of the Episcopal Council, or the Episcopal Prelate. His authority encompassing the autirity of the Chaplain within the Order of Saint Lothar, save for the hosting of Sermons. The duties of the Holy Knight Commandant encompass the provision of his Knights, the protection of the Faithful and the Holy See, the obedience of the Episcopal decrees to the utmost of his ability. The Holy Knight: The Holy Knights of Saint Lothar are the fully consecrated body of the Order, their service and devotion to God separating them from the Secular Knights of the Kingdoms. The duties of the Knights of Saint Lothar are to the Code of the Order of Saint Lothar, and to the decrees of the Episcopal Council, and its Episcopal Prelate. Knights Errant: Knights Errant are the coming Knights who seek acceptance to the Holy Order as a fully consecrated Brother. They Continue their education in the Church and begin education in the marshal realms. Knight Cadet: Knight Cadets are the future Knights Errants in training. They are not initiated into the Order as the Knights Errant, and have not been trained within the marshal abilities of the Knights Errant. They are expected to follow orders from those above them, and learn the ways of the Church. Seeking mentorship within the ranks of the Holy Order of Saint Lothar, or the Clergy of the True Faith is encouraged. Code of the Order of Saint Lothar: Stations: i. Stand guard for the Episcopal Council and Holy See. ii. Protect God's Faithful from Heresy, and Paganism. iii. Root out the Heretic, Heathen, and Pagan. iv. Safeguard the lands of the Holy See, and uphold peace and order. v. Carry the sentences of those convicted of crimes against the Faith and Holy See. Tenets: i. Share the word of God ii. Keep devotion to God and His word. iii. Obey, without question, the hierarchy of the Order, and ultimately the word of the Episcopal Council. iv. Embrace fellow Ordermen as Brothers of the Faith, and treat them as such. v. Know that to violate the Code is to be stripped of rank, and to be exiled in disgrace. Oath: To God I kneel, for none may stand against him. To the Council I am sworn, for my actions are not my own. To the faithful I pledge, protection from the unholy. To myself I hear, the calling of my duty Deo servio, et soly servies. Fill out the following application and send it to the Grandmaster in the Temple of the Diarchs: IC Name: Age: Race [Human/Elf]: Status of Blood (Nobility, Gentry, Commoner, etc): Place of Residence: Martial Knowledge (if any): Skills: OOC MC Name: Skype:
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  14. ((MCname:)) Fury_Fire ((Skype:)) william.hendrick3 Name: Lefkos Amethil Race: High Elf Practitioner of Arcanism: No. Additional information: Practitioner of multiple arcane magics. Also, perhaps this might look similar to that one familiar you had brought to Linandria to show the Druii? That struck my interest, greatly.
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  19. Does anybody remember Firefly? Such a quotable show. If you remember, please help. I miss it. Post your favorite quotes here. (I hope I'm not the only one who remembers it...) "Mercy is the mark of a great man...I guess I'm just a good man...well...I'm alright." "God said 'thou shalt not kill', he was never specific about kneecaps." "Sad little king on a sad little hill." "I may not be a businessman like you, with your very fine hat..." "A man walks down the street in that hat, they know he means business" "Showed up just in the nick of time! What does that make us?" "Big damn heroes, sir." And of course the dinosaur scene, but too long and too out of context to quote.
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