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  2. Name of your Charter: Falkenholdt Owner's Username: pokantu1 Owner's Roleplay Name: Karl Franz Location (XYZ): Around: X= 1977 Z= -934 Tier applying for: Tier 1
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  4. Matilda would furrow her brow, hearing the news among a crowd of citizens within the city square of Reza. Georg, especially, had been so fervent in his welcoming her to the city and allowing her to take part in several opportunities that she had thought would never be afforded to her after certain circumstances had changed the course of her life. A knot had formed in her stomach thinking on it, guilt gripping her at the thought that she might have done something to prevent this.
  5. It was a really late night during the time. Ser Ulric Vyronov took a stroll to the square of Reza and a Dark Elf, a monk in fact, came through the gates of Reza. The monk came up to Ser Ulric, glaring and surveyed his gaze around the city, noticing the sieged defenses surrounding the square and said, “Oh, this is the city of Reza. I am guessing these are already hard times for you.” Ser Ulric, as humble and laid back as he is, the Knight welcomed the monk into his city. The Knight and the monk decided to converse in the tavern where he was accompanied by Godfric, Prince Georg and Sarah Kortrevich. The Knight offered the monk a bottle of whisky to the monk. However, the monk kindly declined the offer as he does not partake in drinking as he is a monk. Ser Ulric Vyronov ordered a bottle of whisky for himself and a glass of the most crystal cleared water for the monk. As Ser Ulric always does, he gave his new Aunt, Sarah Kortrevich, more coin then she asked for the bottle. As soon as he uncorked the bottle of whisky, all of the sudden, The Red Dragon Knighted Knights came to seek vengence and to kill whoever stepped in front of their path. Ser Ulric Tiberan noticed the door being slammed opened by Ser Rodrik. All of the Knights unsheathed their blades and walked towards Prince Georg. Ser Ulric Vyronov quietly told the monk to depart from this hell storm, “I need you to get out of here safely.” The monk left out of sight, Ser Ulric Vyronov took a swig out of his bottle of whisky and blantantly said to Ser Rodrik and his Knights, “Ser Rodrik, did you come here for a drink?” The traitorous Knight said to Ser Ulric, “Now it’s not the time boy. I have come for everybodys head!” The Knights continued to make their path towards Godfric and Prince Georg. Suddenly, Ser Ulric Vyronov notices this, he corked his bottle back into his satchel and unsheathed his sword, walking in front of Godfric and Prince Georg. Sarah Kortrevich told Ser Ulric with a frown upon her face, “Ser Ulric, please don’t do this!” As she said this, Edwin Brooks swong his sword near Ser Ulric’s temple. With a fast reaction, Ser Ulric parried his sword to block the attack but suddenly Ser Rodrik clinged his sword against Ulric’s blade, knocking it out of his hand. As the men came closer, the three men were trapped in a corner with no where to go. Ser Ulric Vyronov pleaded with the men and said, “Take me! Take me instead! Kill me and spare me!” The same man, who first attacked Ulric, threw up a under hook at the Knight’s jaw, knocking him out cold and as he did so, Ser Ulric hit his head against the corner of the table that was closest to him... The scene went black. The Young Knight woke up from his slumber, looking at his hands all binded up with rope. As soon as looked up, Ser Rodrik stared down at him with the most wolfish, scariest grin you could think of. With a huge gash on his forehead and one on the side of his head, Ser Ulric was obviously dying from loss of blood. Ser Ulric had pale-ish skin that rendered through out his body, as Ser Rodrik noticed this, he ordered one of his men to attend to his wounds. Ser Ulric heard cries and a loud sizzling sound, ringing from his ears. Ser Ulric Vyronov blacked out again momentarily. When the Knight woke up again, Edwin was attending Ser Ulric’s wounds with the same whisky he ordered from Harold Bell’s tavern, pouring it on the wounds of Ulric. Ser Ulric muttered under his breath, gritting his teeth, “Take me instead! Spare Godfric and Prince Georg!” He attempted to wiggle out of his binds but it was no use. Edwin wrapped Ulric’s head with a bandage around the Knight’s head. Edwin said to Ser Ulric, “Ser Rodrik would like to speak with you,” he said with a cold expression, making his way out of the jail cell.” When Ser Rodrik looked down at the Young Knight he arched his back and stared Ser Ulric in the eyes and said, “How much do you value your life? How much do you value Primrose’s life?” The words struck Ser Ulric and made him silent. Ser Rodrik arched his back up, looked at the walls of the jail cell and back to Ser Ulric. The Knight again said, “I do not want to repeat myself, how much do you value your life? How much do you value Primrose’s life?” Ser Ulric Vyronov looked up at the man and said, “You left your family behind! You betrayed Haense and you had everything going for you! I looked up to you once you know and look what you done! I have no quarrel with you, Ser Rodrik.” The Knight’s face looked intrigued with the young Knight saying this. The Young Knight looked at Ser Rodrik anxiously and asked, “Where is Prince Georg and Godfric?” The Knight chuckled and calmly said, “They are writing letters in our Palace, I sure you not. But you didn’t answer my question, how do you value yours and Primrose’s life?” Ser Ulric Vyronov’s jugular veins popped out of his neck, “I am a family man now, Ser Rodrik. My wife’s, my family’s lives and my future children’s lives matter to me! My children need me Ser Rodrik. My wife needs me,” he said with a teary eye, he shook it off, “I know Haense is in shambles at this moment but I will never give in! All I wanted was peace! I never wanted any part of this War! My role is to be a Knight by King Andrik’s side. His life is important! I am forever in his debt.” The men behind Ser Rodrik’s faces were astonished by these words, nodding to the respectful Young Knight. Ser Rodrik clasped his hands together and said the words, “If you bend the knee to Emperor Godfrey, I will spare your life and Primrose’s.” The Young Knight was shooked and his thoughts went else where. The Dragon Knight looked down upon the Young Knight, clicking his tongue on the roof of his mouth, “If you do this, I will spare yours and Primrose’s life. You must, however, bend the knee to Emperor Godfrey.” The Young Knight dipped his head to the ground and was very hesitant by his choice of words, “My role is to be by My King’s side. I will always be by my King’s side until his very last breath,” he said very hesitantly. The Dragon Knight rolled his eyes at the Young Knight and unsheathed his blade with his right hand. Suddenly, he parried down on the Young Knight’s bindings, cutting him loose. Ser Ulric Vyronov squinted his eyes and blinked a bunch of times. He grabbed ahold his wrists that were bruising from the tightness of the rope that was binding his hands together. Ser Ulric Vyronov looked up at the man who was glaring down at him and the Dragon Knight said, “I spared your life because you are just a lad and have good intentions. However, bend the knee to Emperor Godfrey and I will spare your life,” The Young Knight looked up at him with an astonished look, “My duty and service is to protect King Andrik Barbanov from harm, if you allow me to do this, after the war and if Haense is to be taken over, I will bend the knee to Emperor Godfrey.” The Knight gestured with his right hand for the Young Knight to rise, “If I let you go free, how will I know you will not betray me like your brother did to me? I will not falter and let you go until you obey my commands! Now kneel before me and swear fealty to Emperor Godfrey! The now depressed Knight looked up at him and started to kneel down to the ground and said the words, “I, Ser Ulric Vyronov, swear to all the GODs that are HOLY, will protect and serve King Andrik Barbanov’s life until his very last breath and swear fealty to Emperor Godfrey after the War is finished.” The Dragon Knight gestured him to rise up again and to follow him, “You are free to go, Ser Ulric.” As they walked out, the Knight of Renatus nodded to Ser Ulric with a pleased look. One of them followed Ser Rodrik and Ser Ulric out of the keep to the bridge of Helena. As they got to the bridge, Ser Rodrik looked down the bridge into the water. The Dragon Knight placed his left arm around Ser Ulric’s shoulder, “You know what I would do with people like you, Ser Ulric?” He looked to Ser Gregor and let out a chuckle, “I would have gutted you right here and there but you are just a lad. You are free to go. Come, I will lead you to the boat for a safe travel,” Ser Gregor yelled out to Ser Ulric, “Good luck in the wars to come, Ser Ulric. See ye on the battle field,” Ser Ulric gave him a brief nod and headed towards the dock. Ser Rodrik unslinged the rope, untying the knot from the structure that was holding it in place, “Here come in Ser Ulric.” Ser Ulric jumped into the boat and grasped the paddles of the boat, he looked to Ser Rodrik with a stare, “Where is Prince Georg and Godfric? Aren’t they coming a long,” with that wolfish grin he was introduced to when he woke up in the jail scene, Ser Rodrik pushed the boat away from his body and yelled out the words, “Prince Georg and Godfric are dead! Farewell, Ser Ulric Vyronov! We will send your dead back to Reza! See you after the War” He laughed out loudly as he turned his heel toward the gates of Helena. Tears started pouring down his face. Ser Ulric became very depressive at that moment, thinking about all the good times he has had with Prince Georg and Godfric at the moment. He muttered to himself, “King Marius.. Now Prince Georg and Godfric? I don’t think I can take much more of this..” He placed his satchel in front of him, continued to paddle his oars towards Haense. Piov- Prince Georg was like a big brother towards Ser Ulric. He was always there when he needed him. It’s sad to see this character go. Piov, you are a great friend of mine. You are one of my favorite people on this server. We have a lot of great times on discord and on LoTC especially. The role playing by Renatus was spectacular and I expected it to be awfu bu I was wrongl. To be honest, that scene was one of the best role playing experiences I have ever been apart of. NJ- Godfric was a really funny character to role play with. We would vape during court sessions, make fun of Prince Georg never talking to a woman in his life, etc etc. You are one of my favorite people on this server and I hope we can continue this great community we have here in Haense. Both you and Piov are the corner stone of this community. Thank you both for being awesome.
  6. “****, sounds like someone got fired.” A mali’ame muttered. “Yikes.”
  7. ~x~ A write is posted at cloud temple in neat handwriting. ~x~ “It is to the dismay of the group known as The Children Of The Earth that we must publish this writ stating that we no longer, nor have for a sum total of four months recognized Ascanius as one of our independent researchers and therefore are not held responsible for his actions, nor work, nor terms. To those he has effected let it be known he is not part of our studies and shall continue to be excluded and shunned.“ A sincere thanks, Ringer. ~x~ the simple notice ends there, leaving the readers most likely confused. ~x~
  8. Prince Hadolph Tundrak II, Grand Chancellor & Grand Treasurer of Fenn, would fully support the Happy Frog Trading Company, and its stall in Fenn.
  9. My Submission: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Vry8aDz2QlR7Y-Ar2gNCoj9Q_gwY6o2SEIBX32Wst7w/edit?usp=sharing _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Summer in Sutica’s Seven Skies Coming to the gate I can only envision the simple Beauty of nature’s example One that shall give my despair rebate All things alas, I hear the chorus of angels Should it be that I have met the Seven? Nay, for it is but I who be a heathen! I cry out for redemption, and am I greeted with aingeal? I am greeted with the truth of my vision, That I find myself in paradise eternal Where neither be life’s burden nor mistral I have been given rapture as my perdition! Come I to the beach, shipwrecked with sighs and forlorn cries And I am at peace, as the seagulls fly above I stare upwards to see perched on the tree a lonely dove, And I am at peace, having said to the world my honest goodbyes.
  10. “You started it, they’re ending it.” an old man would shrug as he passed by.
  11. Within a quiet home in Helena, a figure bent over his blade, digits clasping a cloth around its hilt. Blood began to gather on the rag, staining it crimson by the time it had reached the weapon’s tip. Edwin’s gaze lingered, the vivid sight of drunk merriments, then deperate cries and tears replaying in his eyes. By the time his gaze had returned to the cleaning, the soggy rag had leaked, blood seeping from the bottom. His hands were stained- it would be a sleepless night.
  12. Rolf Barclay hung his head when the news spreads across the city of Reza. Another two good men lost to the tyranny of Renatus. Where is the world going next? Will he be able to protect his family?
  13. My mistake! Ended up just making it into a youtube video
  14. Ser Antun Kastrovat places the book he was reading down on the tabletop, peering down into the street from the windows of the manor. He’d followed alongside Ser Rodrik and Ser Gregor for quite some time, and while he enjoyed the camaraderie, he sometimes questioned the actions his duties demanded he takes. He let out a sigh and returned to his seat, flipping back to the page he’d left off on. “A damn shame,” he uttered, shaking his head slightly.
  15. “ Good innocent men taken too soon by Renatain aggressors, we must even the scales.” spoketh bottleth to his family
  16. Amelia Philippa blanched upon hearing the news as guilt had gripped her. She recalled meeting Aleksandra's relatives fondly, and the aged woman once more regretted the cost of war.
  17. Somewhere in the wilds of Atlas a young warrior kneels mourning the loss of two of his friends. He lights a couple candles placing them atop of smooth stones that lay near a pond. ”May my friends and my betters find long lasting and overdue peace in the halls of our GOD. Georg and Godfric were true sons of the north both stubborn and strong.” the young warrior would choke on his words and shed a few tears.
  18. Please make the file public or upload it to youtube/soundcloud as unlisted for convenience!
  19. [Ooc] Username: Naz_Mart Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): Every day at least 5 hours. More on days off. Though I do work nights est. Discord: Ross#6791 Timezone: EST [RP] Name: Lazaar Gender: Male Place of residence: N/A Race/Sub-race/Culture: Ker Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: Yes
  20. Rn I’ve got: What I really want to do now is: What I’ve just done (weaknesses for undead)
  21. Hussain Faheem takes off his hat as he look down at the paper “GOD ay just done saw him two saint weeks ago, may GOD rest his sowl he were ayy great man ta drink with with those there vodka ayn' whiskey.” he said with a sad frown “imma gunna honaw him by a-shootin' up some dead carcass..” he straps the crossbow and begin grabbing a bunching of fire rockets and bag of Bolts on his way out of the door with a tear in his eye.
  22. Mariya returns to the gates of Reza, the young girl hearing word of the deaths upon her arrival. She recalls a time in which Godfric had prevented her timely murder, and as for Georg- only wishing she’d created those stained glass windows as promised. She immediately turns back outward- hoping to catch her companion before he could hear of the news himself.
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