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  2. Father Vladrick would nod at the missive "Woman are neit equal to man, for it was the Exalted who pathed the way for our people. Neit their wives"
  3. Father Paco wept for the fallen clergymen and wished he could have reached his monastic colleague Basil in particular with valuable information.
  4. Father Griffith of Gwynon welcomed his trusted friend into the Seven skies as the man entered. "The world down there-- it ate us up. Is it not much better to heave peace? Come, let me show you the way up here." The priest showed his friend their way towards the heavenly manors, and of course, the margaritas.
  5. THE ASSASSINATION OF CARDINAL BASIL Dark and gray clouds formed over San Luciano, bolts of lightning struck the ground around the city and the winds howled. Basil crossed over the bridge towards the city, grimacing and uttering a prayer for the bodies those the savoyards decided to decorate their bridge with, before reaching the gate. He stood outside for a while, shouting and calling for somebody to let him in, soldiers passed numerous times and seemed to ignore him until a figure he recognised reared its head from the gatehouse, Haskir. Dumbfounded as to how the azdrazi was able to get access to the gatehouse despite his requests and warnings to the Serene Prince on the matter, he however would be forced to request entry from the azdrazi who reluctantly opened the gates. After traveling through he passed several terrified souls who seemed to be running for their lives, it made sense to him when he entered the courtyard. A pyre was in the square and atop it sat a halfling and two clergymen begging the savoyards to allow the halfling to live, alas they were ignored. Ironic, he thought, as they seemed to be part-taking in the same practise that they had previously banished Bishop Paul for. Spotting Haskir, the azdrazi that Basil had continuously warned the officials of San Luciano about, but was ignored, he called for the soldiers to put him on the fire instead. The soldiers seemed willing to listen to such requests but when Haskir simply walked away they did not respond and allowed him to do so freely. Sadly he did not have much time to reflect upon this fact as the savoyard soldiers instead turned back to the pyre and shouted at Basil to remove the priests from the pyre who were begging and pleading for the halflings' life. So he spoke with the two and tried to mediate but it was for naught, a soldier amongst the gathering knocked Father Otto unconscious and pulled him from the wood and dropped onto the cold cobble floor. Perhaps he should have ordered a withdrawal from San Luciano when Bishop Paul was banished after all, however what happened after confirmed his belief. Turning to face the soldier who had knocked the defenceless clergyman unconscious he saw a steel boot shot towards him which knocked him onto the ground and then fists began to fly for his head, seemingly in an attempt to knock him unconscious too. Nobody stepped in to defend the two clergymen from this soldier's aggression, not surprised though as he had already decided to withdraw. Whilst pulling Father Otto away into the Basilica to ensure he was unharmed and no lasting damage was done, he was faced with jeers and insults but he ignored them and pressed on. Entering into the Basilica and then joined by Bishop Jordan and a few spectators, one of whom was the innocent elves Father Otto had saved from the savoyard’s wrath and fire. “We must vacate this god-forsaken place, it is clearly a place of sin, sacrilege and wrath attempting to disguise itself as a God-fearing nation. Bishop Jordan could you send his Holiness a letter informing him of my decision to withdraw fr-.” His voice was cut off before he could finish his sentence, an assassin had made it into the Basilica’s ramparts, most likely from its wall access he was granted, and thrown a javelin towards the unsuspecting cardinals back. Unfortunately for the cardinal, the javelin had magical properties and exploded upon impact which blew apart the back of his ribcage and flesh and sent those nearby flying. Father Otto was also fatally injured by the assassin’s explosive javelin. Despite the loud audible explosion and the subsequent one when the azdrazi assassin had thrown a bottle of fire down onto Basil’s already lifeless corpse, not a soul seemed to have heard it despite the growing masses readying for court. After smoke began to rise from the basilica, soldiers began to trickle in yet none seemed interested in pursuing the assassin or securing the city and life in the city resumed as normal. Yet again Cardinal Basil had issued a warning and was ignored by the powers that be, and yet again he was proven to be true. His request for crusade against the dastardly creatures had been ignored by the Pontiff and church. His stern warning to the imperials and church that Simon Pruvia was in fact an azdrazi had gone ignored and he was able to fester for years until he was exposed by the paladins. His affirmation that the azdrazi had destroyed the Providence Basilica had been ignored and then proven true. He warned San Luciano officials that the azdrazi would try to burn down the Basilica; this was proven true when they threw a bottle of fire into the building. His requests to the savoyard prince to expel the azdrazi had been ignored and Basil would die because of it, perhaps if people had listened to the cardinal then the world would be a safe place. He would likely still continue to be ignored even in death and even when proven true, he knew nothing would change and nobody would do anything and yet he persevered because he knew that he was right, he knew that even if he was martyred in his righteous cause that he would reach the seven skies - and for those who chose to ignore or close their eyes, he was not to sure. A few days after the Cardinal’s death, after his death was seemingly in vain, the blueprints and plans for the Providence Basilica had mysteriously made it onto the Arch Chancellor’s desk. Awaiting imperial architectures to approve and implement the re-build and renovations.
  6. Changed Status to Under Review
  7. "Rest in peace, you insufferable bastard," One Master Sergeant Moores remarks, with a bitter chuckle, standing over his former comrade's grave. Gingerly, he places two bottles of whiskey by the Othaman's headstone, before offering up a salute. His face scrunched up in contempt - or at least, it would seem to if one were to only offer a passing glance. Upon closer inspection however, one would come to realise that the foolhardy and constantly jovial veteran was actually trying to hold tears back. "Rest in peace Kelhus... Rest in peace..." He repeats to himself, before hastily wiping the tears from his face.
  8. IGN: DrewDOOD Character Name: Karl Grassley Age: 20 Place if Residence: Lallybroch
  9. Joseph Beckett would stare into a nearby fire after hearing the news of Kelhus passing. "For nearly thirty years we have hated each other," the lieutenant would mutter to the fire "And yet I couldn't help but hope one day we could reconcile and maybe get a bit back of our friendship before that faithful day, many years ago..." The man looks up to the ceiling, as if he hopes to see something that isn't there. "May your soul rest in peace Kelhus. You have done many terrible things to me in the past years, but I will forgive you. Maybe we can finally reconcile once I join the dead in the Seven Skies." the man would smile a bit at his last words as he would walk out of the room.
  10. Though at journey’s end I lie

    In darkness buried deep

    Beyond all towers strong and high,

    Above all shadows rides the Sun,

    and Stars for every dwell:

    I will not say the Day is done,

    Nor bid the stars farewell.

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  12. Gillriik'Ungri sits in his cave home petting his sheep while smoking a dank blunt of Thunder-Krug, as a courier Goblin sprints over to Gillriiks cave and reads this note to him, Gillriik nods slowly before burping loudly "GUUYHD, GUYRDZ NUHB'HYOYZH." He says before shooing the goblin away so he can finish his blunt in peace.
  13. From somewhere far in a dark room, Irena Othaman hears the news of her uncle’s passing . Never being close to him, the girl simply shrugged it off as she would with any other.
  14. IGN: Herodium Character Name: Kaustantin Baruch Age: 20 Place of Residence within Valwyck: Lichenstadt
  15. Hello there! So, I'm going to keep this brief. I've got an open character slot after a recent PK, and I want to try something different for my next character. So, if any of y'all need a player for some sort of construct, (Sorvian, golem, atronach, ect.) I'd be glad to play them for you! The aesthetic/personality is completely up to you, as long as its a construct! If you want to ask any sort of questions, feel free to send me over a DM! My discord is WanderingGriffin4032, and my username is THE7Kharajyrs -=Have a lovely day y'all!=-
  16. From beneath a pile of foliage, Porkpie Grandaxe cheered for the alliance.
  17. The Trelkastriet Property Auction of 392 E.S Issued by the Office of the High Seneschal On the 10th of Jula and Piov, 392 E.S [!] An illustration of the newly constructed Trelkastriet. As the city expands its infrastructure with the addition of the tournament grounds and it’s accompanying 4 manors, His Excellency, Fionn Castaway, the High Seneschal and His Excellency, Otto Morovar, the Royal Treasurer, officially announce that the aforementioned 4 manors of Trelkastriet shall be auctioned off in a Saint’s Day to the highest bidder, in order to combat the high interest in them by the Haeseni population. The auction will be happening at the podium in front of the arena. As the properties share the new district with the tournament grounds, Their Excellencies have deemed it fit that the winners of the auction shall randomly be pitted against each other in a mini tournament, armed with only their fists. The winner of this tournament shall have their winning bid be halved as a reward for their victory. The rules for the auction will be as such; Participants are free to walk around a manor for 5 saints minutes before the auction begins. Each participant must inform either the High Seneschal or Royal Treasurer of the amount of mina they possess upon the start of the auction to prevent the needless driving up of prices. To prevent one family buying up all available properties, there will be a limit of 1 manor per family, family being defined as those who legally share a last name. Each winner will have one Saint’s hour to transfer over their bid to the High Seneschal or Royal Treasurer, otherwise the property shall move on to the next highest bidder. Signed, His Excellency, Fionn Castaway High Seneschal of Hanseti-Ruska His Excellency, Otto Morovar Baron of Ghaestenwald and Royal Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska [[OOC: Date: Friday 24th September Location: Podium in front of the arena Time: After Court]]
  18. THE DUCHY OF VALWYCK; FIEFDOM ELECTIONS OF 392 E.S. [!] a painting depicting the annual gathering of the Baruch Clan along with their Ayrian Subjects. By the will of His Grace, Duke Ruslan Eirik Baruch, the first election of the Fiefdom of Valwyck shall be called for the seat delegated to the House of Baruch. As Duke Ruslan serves as Lord Speaker of Hanseti-Ruska, the seat of House Baruch is without a proper representative who will fully embody Ayrian values and Baruch traditions. His Grace seeks to hold an election for the seat, the first of its kind, in order to allow for proper representation of the Ayrian subjects of Valwyck along with the Baruch family themselves. Representative Representatives are elected to serve the Duchy of Valwyck, encompassing the Fiefdom of Lallybroch, by popular vote. They are tasked with giving voice to their constituents within his Majesty’s Royal Duma by proposing and shaping legislative bills. Representatives may be of any birth, common or noble, as long as they are Ayrian. Representatives serve a six-year tenure or until His Grace, the Duke of Valwyck, calls a new election or removes the representative to reclaim his seat. For a citizen to nominate themselves for any of the above offices, they must satisfy the eligibility criteria: I. Candidates must be at least 13 years of Age. II. Candidates must be residents of the Duchy of Valwyck, or tenants of the Fiefdom of LallyBroch. III. Candidates must be of Ayrian descent. IV. Candidates may only nominate themselves for office. His Grace, Ruslan Eirik Baruch, Lord Speaker of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, Duke of Valwyck, Count of Ayr, Viscount of Voron, Baron of Gant, Laval,and Riveryn OOC INFORMATION Please Include the Following in your Application: IGN: Character Name: Age: Place of Residence within Valwyck (Lichenstadt/Lallybroch)
  19. A wayward student would suddenly sneeze and cough as he prepares the maid uniform that he gotten from somewhere else. His face would scrunched up as he looks at it with an unexplainable expression before moving on.
  20. A Lady of Silver would glimpse such a missive, reading the document in triplicate to ensure she had not been deceived. She then retrieved a cigar from the humidor she kept in her desk, pouring herself a glass of scotch. "Gonna be a long day with this much degeneracy..."
  21. "Take carriage. Go to mamej's. Kill Phil, grab Katerina, go to the Old Stout Crow, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over. How's that for a slice of fried aurum?" - Aleksandr of the Dead.
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