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  3. Ian sword (the character) was born in a huge city of cloud temple. he was born with his brother Ethen. Ethen always used his age of advantage and picked on his brother ian sword. When ian sword became 5 his brother went outside with his friends and played sticks fights and sometimes Ian snuck out and went alone so his brother used to keep threatening that he would tell their mother, because ian didnt have any friends he always stayed home and did nothing. When ian turned 10 he wanted to be like his brother and always asked him if he can play with him and his brother would always ignore him. When ian finally turned 14 he decided that he will become a knight and his mother used to say its dangerous and tried to pursuade him but ian was too sturbon and even his mother couldnt pursuade him, so everyday ian would go out and practices hours and hours of sword training and when he turned 15 he applied to become a knight with his hope high for him to become a knight.
  4. Since this is a thing...um here’s me? >//<
  5. Greta would simply cackle in the general direction of the good men of Kaedrin “Ye can try.”
  6. The good men of Kaedrin shake their fists at this “The dear Bishop’s murder will be avenged, upon the brow of the flaming rose. We will make ghosts of the murderous pair who took his life and take to task any who sought to aid them.”
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  8. Lajos would comfort his brother. “I am sorry öcsém. At least he is resting in peace in the Heavenly Seven Skies. Those murderers and defilers will face the holy wrath of GOD.”
  9. I wish I could have been more help or actually finish my rewrite but I suck so... I'll read this when I've got a break at work or after work and give my input but skimming so far looks good. 🙂
  10. “What did those two do to get a bounty on their heads?” Antar wonders to himself
  11. The good men of Reza shake their heads at this, ”Bishop Krisztian has finally lost his mind, he makes calling for war with ghosts and bird droppings. Is sad in truth, for this old man’s family’s sake.” edit: lmao I didn’t see you pk’ed Krisztian, but this so funny you copy pasted him I’m leaving it up
  12. Already have an olog CA. Do I gotta make another CA to play a Grobog or am I all good?

    1. TheAlphaMoist


      New characters must have their own Creature Applications

  13. my only problem with all of this is this accent, what is it?
  14. bdog0351


    My name is Nakra, I was born in the Nation of Krugmar. While Growing up I was always taught by my father that looking weak will get you killed and that your should always fight with honor. As a kid those words didn’t mean much to me but I later would learn their true value. In my childhood my father saw me as his pride and joy, and decided to train me to be a warrior like him. Besides that my early years of child hood was normal, I helped my dad and my mother doing different tasks for them. But then came the news about a new realm of Arcas which is when my family payed people to take our family over to the new realm. My life from then on changed for the better, I got to be in a new place and help my father more. Though life is not always so great. I left my family and went on my own way and decided to wonder from town to town living off the land till I found a place I wanted to call home. But later that year I received a letter from my mother about my father passing in the “War of the Two Emperors”. After hearing the news I decided to come home for a little while to honor what he did for my life. But after that I took off in the middle of the night and went back to my old ways of roaming looking for a place to call home.
  15. Monsignor Harald Vuiller would stand ready in the seven skies to welcome his fellow brother as he entered the seven skies with open arm. “Welcome brother, I`m glad to see you even tho it was neith your time. but i know i my heart that they will figure out who did this....” Johan Vuiller who had seen the body of Cardinal Krisztàn would be in shock and have a meeting with the church before returning to Vuillermoz. as soon as he returned home he would meet with his trusted men and guards for the men of the cloth was now in need of guards more then ever, as well as having his men train he would send his most trusted to the Basilica of the Fifty Virgins to start looking into what had happen to the late Cardinal. ”I swear we shall find out who did this.”
  16. THE FIDEI DEFENSOR A thesis by Laurence August Pruvia, D.B.S. 15th of Owyn's Flame, 1763 The matter of Church and State is an inherently complex one: where theologians and men of statecraft carefully tread alongside the lines separating the analytic from the seditionist, the division of authority and the questioning of it. This leaves the concept of our Fidei Defensor relatively obscure to the minds of the commonfolk, despite it being the most crucial of concepts for the integrity of the faith and the state. While the Canonist Faith holds a monopoly on theological truth, its function goes far beyond the spreading and institutionalizing of it. The fact that mankind is destined to be bound by one faith: establishes a certain universality to whatever values and notions it upholds. While theoretically sensical, for this to exist, it must adhere to certain pragmatic realities. The most important one being: that a monopoly in whatever form, must be defensible if it is to stay a monopoly. This is done by the Fidei Defensor, which anno 1763 is His Imperial Majesty. While he wields no authority to prescribe an interpretation of the Holy Scrolls or ecclesiastical laws, he is entrusted to protect and enforce them. If Hanseti-Ruska was to hypothetically embrace the Lendian heresy further than it does not: the Church would not have to fight them alone. For we can rely on His Imperial Majesty, his institutions and thus his military to decimate any threat to the monopoly that binds mankind. This backs our word and our scripture, like gold is backing our currency. It leaves His Imperial Majesty with a profound responsibility of mediating, if not destroying, any divisions within the faith. It is why those from Hanseti-Ruska call upon the ‘Fidei Defensor’ to restore order in the Church, while His Holiness the High Pontiff calls upon the same to cease Haeseni heresy. Critics of the state argue that this makes the Church weak, because an entity stronger than us can rule against our interests. It would make us dependent, or worse, an Imperial puppet. But those critics fail to understand an inherent logic to this unicum: that we get a seat at the table due to His Imperial Majesty in the first place. For without the nearly consistent harmony between the Fidei Defensor and the faith: our authority as God’s institution would’ve been questioned, if not diminished, throughout the realm. We can only uphold the ultimate truth, because the consensus on the truth is enforced in this fashion. Would the fair people of Hanseti-Ruska even entertain His Grace Bishop Anton’s declaration against the Lendian heresy, if it weren’t for the threat of Imperial intervention? Would mankind even unite without a singular faith? It is no surprise that the rebel human realms of the fifth Norlandic war were all heretical: for a supporter of the scripture cannot be rebellious to the authority the scripture establishes. To be rebellious, means you reject the notion that the Emperor defends your faith. “But what if the Emperor is a tyrant?” another critic would ask. This too, is very obvious. In the rare case that His Imperial Majesty would act against scripture or the will of God: the High Pontiff wields the sole authority to strip the title of Fidei defensor from him. In such a scenario, the Empire failed to uphold the Church to begin with. We chose to be codependent due to the mutual benefits that come with it. For both God and the State wish to see an unified humanity, under one God and one nation. God arranged this relationship so that the forces of morality and the architects of the state, in order for each other’s success, need to cooperate and unite. But in modern times, where secularization and liberalism are becoming increasingly popular: the balance is altered. The state had civilized its enforcement of law, including ecclesiastical law, from the days of pikes and beheadings. There is now due process: and that process complicates a lot of traditions such as Holy Orders, papal tribunals and witch burning. But is that necessarily bad? I would argue that it isn’t. For the Fidei Defensor hasn’t diluted his responsibilities despite these developments. It is why you find blasphemy and heresy to now be forbidden in Imperial law, and Chaplains in the Imperial State Army. Civilization inevitably leads to an expanding state. But instead of opposing these developments as a Church, as a clergyman or Canonist generally: we must understand that our monopoly on morality is not endangered. Better yet, it is now woven into the fabric of Imperial law and society. From Vice-Chancellor Hugo Wright being a cardinal, to the Reverend Károly being a Senator: we find more individual examples of this church and state harmony day by day. Never has the Church been stronger than it is now, and never are the fears of a Godless state more unjustified. The ambitions of many preceding High Pontiffs are now materialized before our very eyes. Those that refuse to rejoice, but chose to reject instead: are not just heretical, but on the wrong side of history as well.
  17. Joseph Adler had of course caught news of the passing upon investigation. Seeing the grisly crime scene for himself, he’d struggled to feel anything. Perhaps he’d been in the business too long, seen a few too many scenes like it. In any case, he found himself pondering it for a long while, considering how to prosecute such a terrible act. This time, as a quiet nod to a former friend, foe, and associate.
  18. seeking to join a side on dwarf-orc war, type 123

  19. Lady Eleanora Harkness Jameson frowned, glancing up at the brutal display. “I’ve never met the man- though, this truly is a cruel way to display such hatred on a soul. Shame on whoever preformed this brutal act- And may GOD let him rest in peace.”
  20. The fetus of a baby ireheart would chuckle. . .
  21. THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE As issued the 14th of the Owyn’s Flame, 1763 As dictated by the Solicitor-General IN CONNECTION with a recent murder, the Ministry of Justice seeks the apprehension of two individuals DEAD or ALIVE. Below, assistance from the Imperial State Army has provided sketches of the two individuals. INDIVIDUAL NUMBER ONE Donned in full armor and a great-helm, the Ministry knows little about this individual. Any information about this uniform, individual, or particular set of armor can be greatly rewarded. INDIVIDUAL NUMBER TWO Reportedly ginger hair, and facial hair as depicted, this individual was also donning some plate-mail, this time without a helm and successfully identified by a witness. Any information on this suspect can also be greatly rewarded. Both individuals are likely armed, and potentially trained. Approach with caution. The Ministry of Justice is offering a reward in an unspecified sum for their apprehension, once again, DEAD OR ALIVE. Bring these men, or their remains, to the Imperial State Army in Helena. GOD bless. Joseph D. Adler Solicitor-General ((wealthypiano#5651))
  22. John frowns, “Horrible way to go, truly...”
  23. Ruslan Amador approaches Nicholas Ferro with an offer.
  24. Georgina let out a sigh. “Never really liked him,” She said, running a hand through her hair in Vitenna, “But may GOD or Alaha rest him in peace.” Georgina said, pondering over her family’s label as “Carnatians” When she’d considered herself more southeron than Highlander.
  25. “Finally. Divine Justice for Clive the Jester, the God of War.” a courlandic jester with the name of Clive Jr. would blink as he hears the news before perishing as well.
  26. “Seems centralisation is the spirit of the age. I wonder does Kaedrin follow.” Conrad ponders for a moment, before the question of the legal status of provincially orphaned Curonian baronies distracts his interest.
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