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  1. The ‘Sun drying’ process _________________________________________ If we want to have capsules that contains the very fine powder of herbs - we need to consistently cook the herb - until it becomes a fine powder - as this process can take quite a while. After the herb has been consistently cooked, it should become a fine powder that we then will close in inside of a stone contraption - despite the very machine that sun dries needs a large amount of stone for building – as its quite a big machine, as well as we need a magnifying glass alongside a plate of stone or iron. The process goes; The sunbeams will be concentrated by the magnifying glass on to the plate where the contraption of the powder lies inside of - the concentrated sunbeams will then forcefully dry the compound of the mixture of the powders - during this process you will need to consistently watch over the compound of powder, or else it can lose its every medical effect it can have. Whenever this process should be over, and the compound of powder should be forcefully dried, you can then shape the very compound of powder into whatever shape you’d want - here it is very important to note that if the compound of powder is still wet, it will not be digestible for anyone at all. Despite that this process is very long, it will take three saints days to make at least five compounds of powders, again, this process is very long.
  2. APPLICATION The Brotherhood accepts all who have a desire to serve both King and Country, the one requirement being that they have seen a minimum of 16 winters. NAME: Mieh North NOBILITY (Y/N): N if not, GENTRY (Y/N): Y RACE: Human PAST EXPERIENCE : Fought in war to protect a northern Kingdom, which fell during the war. I fought along side the front line, where the sword and the shield were the best to have. We fought off many yet, we still lost. I’m seeking to redeem myself through the Brotherhood, and protect Reza.
  3. Dream_Launch


    Mieh North is from a travelling merchants family, that originated from Asulon, Kingdom of Alras – which is a merchant nation. Her parents decided to travel around even further, as to other countries and they ended up in Adria. Her parents died when she was very young, her mother died of falling ill – yet her father drove himself mad over the loss of his wife, and committed suicide. At the age of seven, Mieh was put into an orphanage after being found in a forest by kingsmen. It was a very saddening and quiet place, Mieh never made contact with any of the kids in the orphanage, which resulted in her staying quiet and away from other people in general. When Mieh turned eighteen she was seen off from the orphanage, to make her own path of life – she now wanders around, trying to find a purpose of her life – if it’ll be love, fortune or otherwise - as the age of twenty-two, she is still searching.
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