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  1. =================== The Radaghastian Herbalists By Lilianna C. Vilchyc =================== The Radaghastian Herbalist is a form of Medicus, that uses herbs and other natural substances, to promote the healing as well as prevent and treating illnesses. The Radaghastian Herbalist use the seeds, berries, roots, bark, leaves, flowers and plants - called herbs or botanicals - for the sole purpose of medical treatments, and they are rather seen as dietary supplements - rather than pharmaceuticals. Most of these herbalistic procedures are safe, and most likely will not cause any adverse side effects. However, many of the herbs that the Radaghastian Herbalists interact with, are also for the sole cause of improving the, already healthy, Radaghastian - with vitamins and minerals from different herbs. Though, the Radaghastian Herbalist take a holistic - the Radaghastian Herbalist does not only take to the account of the disease, but also the sole mentality and social factors, of the person that they are treating - approach to medicine. Though, the Radaghastian Herbalist doesn’t only take to the very account of herbal mixtures - salves - but they also have the very basic knowledge of medical procedures - as the Radaghastians live in very harsh conditions, they take upon whatever fate may bring them - they still have the very vast knowledge of proper medical procedures. The Radaghastian Herbalist is trained right from the beginning; to stitch up battle wounds, fixing broken bones and etc. ======================== A Radaghastian Herbalist, Illustrated by Lilianna C. Vilchyc ======================== =================== A sickle would be used for harvesting the herbs, as the Radaghastian Herbalist would carry a sickle, mostly all the time. ==================== Within the ranks of a Radaghastian Herbalist, there is the very first stage of becoming a Radaghastian Herbalist; Herbalist Trainee, Herbalist Apprentice, Herbalist, Herbalist Seer and the one that oversees the Radaghastian Herbalists, the Herbalist Overseer. The Herbalist Trainee seeks the basic knowledge of herbs and herbal mixtures, as the Herbalist Trainee can go through the most basic procedures of surgeries and etc. Being taught under the official lessons, lead by the Herbalists and Seers - the Trainee can easily go through the most basic knowledge, by joining in on the very lessons that they held. The Herbalist Apprentice seeks either a Herbalist or a Herbalist Seer - at rare times, if the Herbalist Apprentice has shown amazing skills in the herbal and surgical procedures, they can even merely be accepted by a Herbalist Overseer - This is a very rare case, as the Overseer has a norm of only apprenticing a Seer, that will become the Overseer. When you have gone through years of being a Herbalist Apprentice, you will receive the title of an official Radaghastian Herbalist - this doesn’t mean that you won’t gain new knowledge, this simply means that you have gone through the very basic steps, and are able to evolve your skills on your own, from there on. Though, it is also possible for a Herbalist to seek to Seers and the Overseer, as it is most likely that the Seers and the Overseer have more knowledge, compared to the Herbalists. This is a very common thing, as the Seers and the Overseer are fairly older in norm, than the Herbalists. Now, the Herbalist Seers, are specifically picked out by the Overseer - as it proves to a Herbalist, that they have the very potential, to pick up whatever the Overseer may leave behind, once they pass away. A Herbalist Seer studies and researches for new knowledge, and just as a Herbalist, they search and study on their very own, but utmostly have the possibility of reach out to the Overseer. ========================= A Radaghastian Seer Illustrated by Lilianna C. Vilchyc ========================= ========================= Most Radaghastian Seers are fairly older than other Herbalists, as they have been there for a longer period. ========================= The Radaghastian Herbalist Overseer, is the very lead of the Radaghastian Herbalists, the Overseer hosts the meet ups of the Seers - to follow their research and studies, to be kept up to date - so the Overseer, doesn’t grow out of the modern ways of the Radaghastian Herbalists. The Overseer is not one to defy nor say against, as the word of the Overseer, is the final word, no arguing for sure. ======================== A Radaghastian Overseer, Illustrated by Lilianna C. Vilchyc ======================== ======================= As you can see, a Radaghastian Overseer doesn’t slack around. They still study and research on their very own, as well as keep the other Seers and Herbalists busy with their own studies. =======================
  2. APPLICATION The Brotherhood accepts all who have a desire to serve both King and Country, the one requirement being that they have seen a minimum of 16 winters. NAME: Mieh North NOBILITY (Y/N): N if not, GENTRY (Y/N): Y RACE: Human PAST EXPERIENCE : Fought in war to protect a northern Kingdom, which fell during the war. I fought along side the front line, where the sword and the shield were the best to have. We fought off many yet, we still lost. I’m seeking to redeem myself through the Brotherhood, and protect Reza.
  3. Moshiiee


    Mieh North is from a travelling merchants family, that originated from Asulon, Kingdom of Alras – which is a merchant nation. Her parents decided to travel around even further, as to other countries and they ended up in Adria. Her parents died when she was very young, her mother died of falling ill – yet her father drove himself mad over the loss of his wife, and committed suicide. At the age of seven, Mieh was put into an orphanage after being found in a forest by kingsmen. It was a very saddening and quiet place, Mieh never made contact with any of the kids in the orphanage, which resulted in her staying quiet and away from other people in general. When Mieh turned eighteen she was seen off from the orphanage, to make her own path of life – she now wanders around, trying to find a purpose of her life – if it’ll be love, fortune or otherwise - as the age of twenty-two, she is still searching.
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