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  1. Yrenuin who had accompanied Dael in the tavern prior to the dispute snorts at the notice. "Glad I left at the right time."
  2. An oracle skims the notice buried beneath the various trinkets and troves scattering her belongings, submitting a hushed prayer for her newly departed accomplice. "Rest well, old friend."
  3. Wait you're supposed to argue with me, not roast yourself :[
  4. how could you can't believe a 10 year old is saying the b-word
  5. I appreciate you loser. Hope you have an epic birthday!!! 1. What's been your favorite RP-moment? 2. Who's your favourite character, and why? 3. Do you have any cool concepts or plans that you want to do (personally, not ST-wise) in the future? Shark pog. UG!!!!!!!!! BUNGA!!!!!!!!!
  6. There’s very little I can personally say. Simply continue to focus on growing into a better person, not just for you but also the new people you meet along the way. Good luck.
  7. Can I get a post like this?
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