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Build Rules

  1. Do not grief other players’ builds or land-scar the map through poor building or terraforming.

  2. Do not make underground farms of any kind unless approved through lore.

  3. Players may soulstone out of a trap if there is no further RP and they are trapped for 5+ minutes. Do not construct any instant death traps. Further, do not construct any inescapable areas, there must be at the very least a locked door to attempt to exit (with the exception of the area within the gatehouse).

  4. Do not make an area only accessible through breaking blocks mechanically to enter. There must be a mechanism in place for entry such as a door, gate, redstone door, etc. This rule also applies to storage containers and shop-chests.

  5. Do not cover a wall with buttons/signs etc.

  6. If your build is not to an acceptable standard for LoTC, you will be issued a warning to improve it by Moderation/World Team Staff. If you do not heed the improvement warning, your build, items and claim to the land will be removed in 7 days from the issuing of the warning.

  7. Placing blocks to climb structures or bypass defenses is not allowed.        

Freebuild Rules

  1. You may not build within 100 blocks of another build that you do not own.

  2. If your freebuild is deemed over 30 days inactive by a GM, a sign will be placed on the freebuild site. If the sign is not removed within 3 days, then the build will be removed along with your items.    

  3. All regular eviction rules still apply in freebuild. Only the owner of a freebuild or their designated stewards can issue evictions within it. 

    1. The owner of a freebuild is the holder of the property in roleplay. If this cannot be determined, it defaults to whoever constructed the build.    

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