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General Forum Rules

We are an English speaking community and, as such, your posts must be in English, use the latin alphabet, and be in a legible font.

  • Roleplay languages, such as Elvish or Blah, may be used.
  • Character accents may be represented in dialogue.


Certain behaviors are prohibited:

  1. Harassment of other players, including:
    1. Targeted, abusive behavior
    2. Continuous, directed personal insults
    3. Toxic and/or inflammatory behavior
    4. Ill-intentioned or malicious memes
    5. Creating a separate forum account for targeting and/or trolling other players, characters or player groups.
  2. Discrimination against other players or real life people, including racism, sexism, religious discrimination, homophobia, and transphobia.
  3. Sharing forum account information with other players.
  4. Posting content for banned players.
  5. Images, videos and text containing gory or explicit content, including excessive gore, pornography or sexually-themed content, and loud videos or sounds (jumpsccares or screamers).
  6. Advertising other Minecraft servers or soliciting players to join one.
  7. Revealing personal information about a player against their wishes, known as doxxing, is prohibited. Doxxing includes, but is not limited to photos, IP addresses, locations, or other internet accounts.
  8. Double-posting or spamming.
  9. Posting “r” or otherwise reserving a post for later editing and updating.
  10. Plagiarizing content without the permission of the original author, or using it without crediting them.


Roleplay Subforum Rules

  1. Posts should primarily consist of roleplay.
  2. Any memes or OOC comments must be contained in a spoiler.
  3. Responses in topics should be at least three sentences in length, be related to the original topic or prior responses, and contribute to character development or the value of the original topic.
  4. Metagaming is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Using knowledge gained outside of play
    2. Inserting OOC references into roleplay
    3. Bringing OOC motivations into roleplay
    4. Responding to a post as a character that would be unaware of it
  5. Mentioning the death of a non-permakilled character, unless that character has been perma-killed (PKed) is prohibited unless the player has given their consent.
  6. Players must roleplay with a character which they currently control and play.
  7. Players may not use screenshots of roleplay or of another player’s skin without their permission.


Other Subforum Rules

  1. Only players mentioned or involved in a report in the Reports sub-forum may reply to a topic.
  2. Only the Nation Leaders or PROs in an ongoing conflict may post in the Warclaim Discussion sub-forum.
  3. Banned players may only make a separate forum account for the purposes of creating an appeal in the Appeals sub-forum.


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