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Petty Theft Rules

Disclaimer: These rules are separate from heist rules.

NB: For the purpose of our rules, a ‘chest’ refers to any storage container (chests, barrels, shulkers, furnaces, hoppers, etc). This does not include bookshelves/lecterns.

At times, your character may desire goods locked in a chest or areas obstructed by locked doors. You may lock-pick locked doors, signs, or trap doors by using the /lockpick (or /smash, /breakdown) command.

  1. Each attempt requires an emote in the appropriate channel: Lockpicking: #rp or #q, Breaking: #rp or #s

  2. Remember to follow the Roleplay Quality Standards and roleplay your actions with a valid reason.

  3. You must leave signs describing your roleplay, e.g. shattered glass, jimmied dented locks, scattered muddy footprints. If you do not have permission to place a sign, file a /modreq and the staff will place it for you.

Petty Theft

  1. Follow the guidelines for proper roleplay outlined above and limitations outlined below.

  2. Unlocked non-shop chests may be taken from freely without limitations following a sufficient emote. For shops or locked chests make a /modreq and follow the rolling guidelines below.

  3. Upon successfully breaking into a locked chest, you may take up to one-half (rounded down) from one slot of items in the chest (a maximum of 32 for a full stack of items in a slot), given that the slot has at least two items (unique items may only be taken during a heist).

    • If the chosen item can be stacked with other identical items, they may first be condensed by the moderator before being split in half.

    • An Item may be taken from a shulker within the chest, but shulkers themselves, unless empty, may not be taken.


  1. You may not place or break blocks to break into a location or bypass locked doors.

  2. You may only steal from 3 locked chests (or shops) per 24 hours.

  3. A Heist is required to steal items from armor stands or item frames, or to take unique items

  4. You have a maximum of 3 attempts per target object, and 9 target objects total per 12 hours within any one settlement.

  5. In order to lockpick (rather than breaking down), you must have an Admin-Approved lockpick item, which are sold in hidden shops throughout the map. A lockpick is consumed for each attempt (success or failure). The same applies for bolt-cutters.

Rolling Guidelines

For chests, windows, or when an item can otherwise not be lock-picked mechanically.

  1. File a /modreq seeking assistance for breaking/entering and lockpicking.

  2. You must emote each attempt to pick the lock or break the obstruction.

  3. You must pair your emote with a /roll. Use the following guide to measure your character’s success:

  • Wood door — roll 17+ (10+ with a lockpick)

  • Iron door — roll 19+ (15+ with a lockpick)

  • Locked sign — roll 17+ (10+ with a lockpick)

  • Glass window — roll 12+ (2+ with hard/weighted object)

  • Wood (fence) window — roll 15+ (10+ with an axe)

  • Iron (bar) window — roll 19+ (15+ with bolt cutters)

  • Chest — roll 16+ (lockpick or bolt-cutters required)

  • Roll below 5 — Target jams and may no further attempts may occur

  1. Follow the rest of the standard lockpicking rules & limitations.

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