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Villainy Rules

At times, a character might indulge in others’ belongings— albeit find their path hindered with locked passage. You can lockpick a wooden (or iron) door, wooden gate or trap-door with the /lockpick command (alternatively /smash or /breakdown). Other instances, such as chests and signs require a /modreq.


  1. You must adhere to Roleplay Quality Standards and Petty Theft & Heist Guidelines.
  2. Each /lockpick attempt requires an emote in the appropriate channel.
    • Lockpicking must be emoted in #rp or #q.
    • Breaking-In must be emoted in #rp or #s.
  3. Signs must always be placed to describe the roleplay once concluded (scattered footprints, etc). You can request assistance in a /modreq if unable to place down signs due to region permissions.
  4. You must adhere to server-rules, entering locations accessible mechanically. 
  5. You must request region owner permission for major alterations (destruction of large structures, arson, explosions, etc)
  6. Although killing other player’s livestock with sufficient roleplay is allowed, you must leave two of each animal alive.
    • You are not allowed to circumvent the rules to kill livestock.
    • You can not steal livestock without leaving two of each animal behind.
    • You must leave a sign stating the RP that played out or file a /modreq if you do not have permissions through WorldGuard to place said sign.

Disclaimer: Petty Theft & Heist Guidelines can be found here.

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