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Found 3 results

  1. Minecraft name/s: Vanir_ (Previously TaylorStriffe) Age: 17 Time zone and availability: EST. Usually available from 5-10pm on weekdays, most of the day on sundays, and every other friday and saturday (due to my Work schedule). Skype: taylor.urquhart53 What is something you have always wanted to change on the server?: I'd like to focus on the player-staff interactions, primarily. I consider myself a very approachable and understanding person, and I think that I'd do a good job working hand-in-hand with players. As a player, myself, I feel as if the people's voice isn't listened to a whole lot, and I feel like I could help bring that voice to the Staff team. Secondary to this, I'd love to help out with the organization of events (whether they be small or large scale) to help promote casual RP, and again, better staff-player interactions. What are your finest qualities?: I'm understanding, patient, and a good listener. I'm willing to answer questions or help solve problems if they arise. Creativity and fun-loving are also two of my most prominent qualities, and are both things that I pride myself in. What are your worst qualities, and how could you improve these aspects?: Sometimes I have trouble making a definitive decision. I often end up spending too much time thinking about all of the possible outcomes of a decision, which slow my decision making process and can tend to drag out a situation. Usually I solve this by getting the opinions of several different people and then basing my decision off of what they have said. What members of the Staff could you look to for guidance?: iMattyz would be one staff member. We've been friends for a long time and we've always helped each other out in times. I've had good experiences with Tsuyose and Potato. They've always been very helpful whenever I had a problem that needed solving. Who do you not get along with on the current team?:If I did have conflicts with anyone on the team, the only people it would be with would likely be 501 or Dizzy, only due to the fact that we were on opposing sides in the Oren vs Urguan war. Considering that war is long since over, though, I highly, highly doubt, that RP differences would ever cause conflict within the team. How much free time do you have? Will this change in the foreseeable future?: As said above, i'll have most weekdays and weekends open. In about the middle of June, when I have exams, I of course will not have nearly as much free time, but after that it will return to normal.
  2. Minecraft username: MonstaaaMunch Age: 17 Time zone: GMT Do you have any past experience moderating Minecraft servers?: I do, I was a moderator in a extremely popular MMO Minecraft server. And possibly around about 2 years ago, I was a chat moderator on a faction server for a good year or so. Why have you decided to create a trial GM application?: I have decided to create a GM application due to finally feeling that I am ready, and mature enough to moderate Lord of the Craft. I have been part of the LoTC community for a good two years or so and I feel I am ready for the position. I've played many roles on the server from a rich and powerful dwarven warrior, to an evil Flay assassin. I hope you consider my GM application. Additional information: N/A
  3. Minecraft username: Leonidas8227882 Age: I am 16 turning 17 in a few months. Time zone: I live on the Eastern Coast so EST. Do you have any past experience moderating Minecraft servers?: Unfortunately I do not have any experience but I would like to start. Why have you decided to create a trial GM application?: I have been around the server for a long time. I have helped people in OOC,and have even given items to new players to start them off. I wish to take this to the next level by doing mod requests and the like while promoting RP as I normally do. For the longest time when people have been stuck or confused by rules, I have assisted them by getting a GM or telling them how LoTC's rule on such works. Again, I would just like to be there to help and assist people but on a greater scale. This may not be the greatest application you have seen however I keep most of my time to working or doing something rather than writing a fancy essay on something short. Additional information: I doubt it would matter but I am currently associated with no nation in Anthos to avoid bias judgement upon people.