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Found 1 result

  1. L0rdLawyer

    [Denied] [Actor] Wolfkite1 for Uruk ET

    Minecraft Name: wolfkite1 Skype ID: wolfkite1 Time-zone: CST Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions: Nah. Where do you grab inspiration from: GOT, the Wiki, the Urukish Lore Threads What are your current list of characters, and are you willing to sacrifice any: I got Za’Zilaz the Kid, Richard Allen Horen, and Hu-din’Dom. Richard is already set up for deletion or multi race use so yea. What race, or group, do your events best cater to: I best cater to the uruks, plus Hou-zi and Kha. I’m an active uruk who is very knowledgeable in the lore, spirits, blah, old blah, and what events the uruks would appreciate. What do you believe are the key factors for a successful event: The Key Factors to an event would be player involvement and catering to the players. You can’t make every player happy but as long as every player feels important and feels as though they are not being ignored, that is an event that was an accomplishment. What strengths would you bring to the team: I am an uruk, something that the ET Actor Team lacks currently. I am very knowledgeable in the the Urukish lore, language, and their culture. Also I am quite at an eye to eye level with the Hou-zi, Kha, and Uruks with what they want to see for events. Why do you want to be part of the team: I want to be apart of the ET Actor Team because I went to provide quality events for three factions of players that have been ignored and expand my borders from just working with these three core player bases and learn what makes LOTC enjoyable for others. The Westerlands enjoy different things from the Elves, the Elves enjoy different things from the Dwarves, and so on. I want to find out what every player enjoys on LOTC and try to cater to their wants and needs for events. Create three distinct event scenarios based on the servers lore that you would organize: Note: I am a specialist to Urukish Spiritual Lore and Urukish Spirits and interact with every race, they just prefer uruks. Event One: Leyd has become angry. The strength of the descendants weakens everyday. From the Immortal Realm he summons one of his of lesser spirits of Strength and Obedience and casts that spirit to the Mortal Realm. This spirit then would travel across the realm, looking for a race to punish for their weaknesses. When this spirit would come across a group that fits what Leyd sent him down for, this spirit would begin to combat them, wishing to take their souls back to be trapped in Leyd’s Court for eternity. This Lesser Spirit would either enslave the wildlife to fight for him, or summon loyal golems and warriors from the earth, pulling them straight from the cells of Leyd’s Court. The spirit would then combat them. Based on the player's style, if they typically enjoy PVE events, that would be easy with raising a large numbers of mobs for them to fight. If players enjoy a simple PVP fight, resistance 2 or 3 could be applied to myself and any partnering ET for a long lasting fight. If the group enjoys the classic Pure RP event, they would be fighting off hordes of whatever animals live in their area, or the warriors of the past or golems. Event Two: In this event, Genthuraz sends his goblin and dwarven workers across the lands, looking for the greatest smith. These ghostly workers would scan every smith, posting letters to every man, dwarf, elf, uruk, kha, and so on announcing a competition between the Greatest of Smiths. As the smiths who’s attention was caught by these minions and any bystanders that wish to watch would stand, waiting at the entrance of Genthuraz’s halls, which is just a field of grass in the middle of nowhere. Genthuraz would open a portal, walking through. Small portals would open in the air, dropping goblins and dwarves out who would begin to construct a simple arena around the people, and building stands for the bystanders. Genthuraz would look out among the people and start off a timer, summoning in a pile of resources and forges for the blacksmiths to work. The winner of the competition would be the player with the strongest and most defined sword, along with the best emotes. They would take home Genthuraz’s hammer, a sacred spiritual relic, with legends stating that Genthuraz used this legendary hammer to create the first swords for Krug, Malin, Horen, and Urguan. Event Three: Jezdurka, the spirit of Lesser Dragonkin, is filled with rage at the news that a specified group of descendants have destroyed sacred land. Small earthquakes begin to occur at the location, sparking curiosity among that group, causing them to send people to investigate. At that moment, Jezdurka would open a portal, going through and taking a tethered physical form in the mortal realm. Jezdurka would take the form of a large dragon and begin to summon minions from it’s portal’s and it begins to combat the descendants. This event could occur with pure PVP, pure PVE, or pure RP depending on the choice of the players. How long do you plan to be able to work on the team: Until Arockstar abuses me. Tell me a joke: I don’t like jokes, I like facts. The last Urukish event was over 1 month ago. The last event before that was 2 months ago. 1 event in 3 months. #WolfForUrukishET