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Found 1 result

  1. -Aiden the Phoenix Druid would wander around the various islands, heading into all the major cities and villages. He'd post notices about a coming up auction, in which he would be selling a few of his exotic and rare items that he acquired on his travels.- ~x~ First Item Pale Sword Starting Bid: 500 Mina Bid Increments: 50 Mina "A sword of rustic oddity, it grows pale in the moonlight and shines in dull grey in the day." Second Item Limited Edition 'Cloud Temple Monk' Action Figure Starting Bid: 650 Mina Bid Increments: 50 Mina "This very small toy is part of the current Cloud Temple Monk Series. There Is Only A Limited Number In Existence!" Third Item Wyvern's Pocketwatch Starting Bid: 750 Mina Bid Increments: 75 Mina "The Little Watch Would Be Hung By A Detachable Chain. It Is Of A Gold Metal, With The Clocks Face's Hands Made Of Copper. An Image Of A Beast Would Be Detailed Into The Back With It's Barbed Tail Filling Its Viewer With An Odd Sense Of Power And Security."
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