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Found 7 results

  1. For a good while now, there has been a long and heated debate on getting rid of professions; who supports what, what’s possible, etc, with the general agreement that things need to improve. I think there has been little focus on actually resolving the issue though, with no suggested compromise kind of leaving innovation in the backseat of a hot car. With that though, I would like to suggest a system that at least sees roleplay promoted in our current system, with incentives making roleplaying their trade go beyond simply adding atmosphere. Note that I do say craftsmen, as lumberjack and farming roleplay would probably only be popular among western Canadian players. Cutting to the chase though, I believe that those who can show proof of solid roleplay in a profession (eg. a wood elf who is training his woodworking emotes crafting a bow, a dwarven smith emotes smithing armour, etc) receive either tomes or a direct bump to their stats (to avoid said tome being traded). This would supplant conventional grinding with roleplay, and avert people trying to avoid roleplay to focus on skilling. With this, we could also potentially see the use of apprenticing under someone who is more skilled at a craft than you, and even promote guilds with some sort of stylized apprenticing system as well. Extra experience could come from new techniques and whatnot, promoting study the study and development of crafts. Even more exciting to me though, would be room for roleplay items that are not particularly special, but simply with some sort of story to them. Some may argue that the revision process would be too much for staff, but I would simply gesture to Magic and how it is handled currently on the server when it comes to providing proof of roleplay to develop, revised by those better versed on the subject. Though this may get rejected out of hand due to logistics or a past experience, I would be more than willing to develop the idea if there’s an interest, but for now I would like to see some feedback to know where people would want it to go.
  2. #Minecraft Name: Einmana. #Skype: Everyone has it! lotc_freya if not. #Previous History in Object Oriented Languages(C++, C#, Java, etc.): small amount of C++/Java. Experienced in Python if that counts as OOP (debatable). #Previous History in Java?: Outside of a mug, not that much, but I have good understanding of OOP principles and logic. #Any prior experience with Bukkit/Spigot/Another Minecraft server API?: A teeny tiny bit. #If you have any public, open source works or even works you wish to share you can link them here be it repositories/screenshots/etc; Nothing I would really be proud of showing. Can't really show my university work, sadly. You can find the beginnings of my crappy spigot plugin on my github here. #Do you acknowledge that you understand you will still be required to complete a small Spigot Plugin to showcase your ability and/or learn Spigot?: Of course.
  3. _Grease_Bxby_

    Nexus Broke

    Er...my nexus menu broke...I can't do any commands, not even /msg, /bl, /money, or /me. I was trying to make a new character and now I can't do jack sh~t with it.
  4. Im sure many of you can remember the most recent warclaims. Dukes War Savoy Fields, Snelf Battle, and Barrowyk. All absolute ******* lag fests, two of them much bigger than the other and the Snelf one much smaller. But for some reason, all had insane lag. Why? This is very strange if you look back before this onslaught of new plugins had been added. It hadn't been a true problem until Vailor. We're given excsuses such as plugin updating during the battle, packet lag, but why has it only started occuring now? Solution: Bring back simple pvp. Someone brought up a good point: Do you want a bunch of cool war plugins or do you want non-laggy battles where you dont learn you died ten minutes ago and when your sword doesnt break five times over? 10/10 times everyone will pick the second option.
  5. .=. Let the ranting... initiate! .=. So, having spent a fair deal of time back on the server since my last break I found myself digging deeper into Nexus Professions, the Forums, and what it means to have a community (as I run a town on its way to prominence... cough). Lately my townspeople have been bringing attention to a potentially unintended side-effect with the breeding and farming profession. That side-effect? Whenever a breeder or farmer does their work in that respective profession, it will just so happen that the EXP is split between all individuals within their radius. Curiously I experimented with blacksmithing alongside a friend, and to my disappointment it did not apply. After finding myself wandering Athera for an adept stonemason, which for the record is no easy task, I found myself thinking about an unfamiliar topic: centralizing professions. We often hear of Guilds sprouting up in separate provinces, but they're mostly dedicated to RP-related skills, quests, etc. What we sometimes, but rarely see are guilds dedicated to professions. Stonemasons guild, blacksmiths guild, woodworkers guild. You know what I see a lot of though? Complaints on the forums about how bull Nexus Professions are, specifically with how "grindy" they can be. I found a way to appease this, and give rebirth into the idea of Guilds, which historically were intended to bring together those of a specific trade so they may practice as a collective and learn off each other. My proposal is we make it so crafting an item at a workbench, stonemasons table, anvil, or leatherworking station(alongside other things) will split the EXP granted among not just the player who complete the item, but everyone around him. Make this radius small, but still exceptional(so we may have a room of four blacksmiths, but not necessarily cramped into the same block). Think about it: when you're young, you might observe your mother or father cooking a meal on a stove. What do you do if you're interested in cooking? You learn from them by taking their every move and recipe into consideration as an example. Blacksmiths in the old times had apprentices who observed their careful craftsmanship and tried to replicate. People learnedoff one another and passed down their trade generation by generation. The point? Rather than have a command that isn't even finished to teach individuals, and hasn't been for so long (and will probably fail to serve its purpose in a logical or meaningful manner), why not just implement the suggestion above? After my first suggestions post I decided to stop thinking macro, and instead focus on microscopic ideas that can enhance the server and solve some of the problems players currently face. This could reduce the amount of ferrum (for instance) needed to become a legendary blacksmith, and not to mention the time, by potentially half. Maybe even more than that if you find a lot of dedicated blacksmiths to work alongside. I know lots of people who want to take up the trade, but the market and labor is simply too tight to meet that kind of demand. Not everyone wants to be what you need, and not everyone is on when you need them. Not to mention it'd make looking for someone you need from a specific profession easier to find with centralized Guilds. Soplease. /Please/ support this topic and bring it to the attention of our beloved developers. It would mean a lot to not just me, but many people who complain about how "grindy" and "time-consuming" Nexus Professions are. Perhaps it may even sway people to disregard their negativity over it! Regardless of your opinion, which I ask you to drop below, Thank you~ NOTICE: I'm disappointed that only those upvoting the poll are giving feedback. If you're going to disapprove of this, I ask you please let me know why so I can potentially address your point in a future edit, or think of a solution!
  6. [b]Nature of the bug:[/b] The bug is one that does not seem to be much of a game-changer, but it is one that affects the player (me). The bug is one that pertains to the Nexus plot region i own (which IS for 1 person) but the message will overwrite my plot greeting "The scent of well tended Roses fill the air as you reach the Windmill" and instead - replaces it with "You entered region claimable for 3 players" even though it's owned by me. I also seem to have lost permission to interact with the region ground, until i pick up the pillar, and re-claim the plot. [b]First occurrence:[/b] (Providing an exact time helps us locate the error messages, which can help in fixing the bug) The first occurrence is rather far back, unfortunately, several weeks ago, that's as well enough as i know for the first, but it is reoccurring. [b] Describe exactly all the actions you took leading up to the bug: [/b] The actions i took were as follows - Entering the plot region, placing the pillar to claim the plot, editing the name of the region to "Vilut Windmill", and then editing the plot greeting to that as above - the one of "well tended roses". I then close out of the nexus menu and leave region to RP, Note i have met the plot region activity. [b] What messages are/aren't you getting that you would/wouldn't get normally :[/b] (in the event of a crash, please also provide the error log) The message i receive that i shouldn't normally would be the "You entered a region claimable for 3 players" even though the region size and original message is for 1 person. And i also seem to lose permission to interact with the plot region itself, i.e. i can't place or remove blocks within the region itself. So i have to reset the plot ownership by picking up the claim pillar and place it back down/ [b] Frequency of occurrence:[/b] This changes but it seems to happen after every server restart. Normally. Or whenever i seem to log off, then when i log back onto the server - the plot itself seems to reset. And i have to relinquish ownership of the plot region, and place the pillar back down due to me having lost permission during sometime in between logging off and logging in [b] Are you able to reproduce the bug: [/b] Unknown, the bug seems to act on its own and reset the plot region whenever the server restarts, note this bug has no proper pattern
  7. I've been experiencing many bugs with the cooking skill today including the old stuff not working. For example the old dough was Good ol' dough, and the new is Plain ol' dough. Good ol' dough cannot be used to make bread anymore and perhaps some other items too. In saying this, some food items can be crafted with the old dough, and some created with the new. However there is no way to craft any more old dough. The entire cooking recipe menu is a mitch match of old and new items. I have experimented, and for example you can use the old dough to craft caramel cookies- but that same dough cannot be used to craft bread or pancakes. The new dough cannot be used to craft the cookies. It's a little strange- and is confusing my culinary strats yo. When creating the new dough with wheat, it creates the dough- perhaps not as much as before however in addition to this it creates an enormity of bucket stacks. I've burned all mine, but I will also provide a picture example. I..dont think this is supposed to happen. :) - On several occasions I have offered only a few materials needed for 1 or two items and have been given stacks of them. These are severe bugs. Example: Old Dough: New Dough: Buckets after crafting: Turns into: