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Found 1 result

  1. Nature of the bug: Game-Breaking, Abuse First occurrence: I just recognized it today. I'll see what I can do about grabbing an exact time-frame, don't really think that it'll matter though. Describe exactly all the actions you took leading up to the bug: Step 1. Sit on a chair. Step 2. Wait a minute or two until you quite literally 'fall through' the chair and perhaps even the floor if said floor is thin enough. Step 3. Upon 'falling' out of your chair you enter what I would like to call a 'ghost mode'. During this Ghost-mode you can bypass Locked Doors and take items from unlocked chests. Can you steal from donation chests? Don't know, Husky wouldn't set up a test donation box for me :C What messages are/aren't you getting that you would/wouldn't get normally: No messages should be included into this bug. Frequency of occurrence: 100% Chance whenever you sit on a chair Are you able to reproduce the bug: Easily. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik-Z0oGk3rc&feature=youtu.be Can't be bothered to upload a 1080p version, internet is too trash. Other details: I have building perms in the region that I LWC Bypassed. I didn't have perms to the locked doors. After testing with Jistuma I have come to the conclusion that you can open unlocked chests in regions that you have building perms in. For example; if I have building perms in Petrus I can open unlocked chests there while in ghost mode. I cannot open chests in cloud temple because I lack building perms there. You cannot attack someone in this mode unless they are directly next to your original body. I don't recall this bug happening when the chairs had the constant bobbing-effect when first implemented. Things to Test: Can you open/steal donation chests(HuskyPls)? Can you take damage while in ghost mode? No. Can you take falling damage while in ghost mode? No. Can you drown while in ghost mode? No. Can you burn in lava/fire while in ghost mode? No. Does the map render past your character's actual location? No. Can you build while in ghost mode? Yes, however the blocks are only placed for the character that is ghosting. Can you actually edit the command blocks and have them work? I'm too fuckin' afraid to test it. Also.. I found a command block with this code underneath CT: tellraw _Dragur_ {text:"Hi!",bold:true,color:red,hoverEvent:{action:showtext,value:{text:"Hello Motherfucker!",bold:true,color:blue}}}