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Found 3 results

  1. Savoyard Traditions for Birth A study of Savoyard traditions recorded by Roberta Leopoldine de Ravensburg “The mother of Mankind” by Philippe de Amgmoncu, Louisville (1842) For centuries and above, children have always been an important and protected group of the world, from the offspring of the Exalted Horen and St. Julia to the offspring of the common man and woman today. The event of one being born is widely celebrated, from the elvish people to the orcish brutes to humankind. Recently I had done a study of the traditions which the Savoyards do when a child is born within the community. Baptism Like any canonist state with followers of the canonist faith. After days of being born, the child will have a baptism. Being able to be viewed up by the light of god and viewed by the friends and family of the parents whose child is being baptized. In Savoyard culture, Baptism is highly celebrated for the implications of the child undertaking the first sacrament which introduces them into the righteous flock of GOD. After Baptism Celebrations After the baptism, the traditions of Savoyards express that the friends and relatives of the parents will travel to the house of the parents. Where these friends and relatives of the parents will be able to take part in many activities. Where guests are expected to wear gold bracelets with coral, as it is believed it would ward off evil spirits trying to harm the infant. Gifts One of the first activities many Savoyards have is one, which is shared across many other cultures but does not leave out the Savoyards. This tradition is gift-giving, these gifts could be gifts to the mother which is traditional, flowers (primarily roses), fumes, and golden jewelry, and to the father these gifts are traditional, spices, furs, and a sum of a mina (preferably three hundred mina). But most choose to buy gifts for the newborn such as a cradle and other common necessities for a newborn or items the newborn could wield and use in the future. “The feast of Light” by Amelie von Bargiur, Westerwald (1600) Feast Another tradition for Savoyards is to hold a feast, might it be large and hosted by the royal household for a royal birth or a small one hosted by a farmer’s family. Most Savoyards would hold a feast that includes heavy meat-based dishes and lots of alcohol. It is believed the more food eaten by the guest, means the more chance the child will have a more painful and sad life. While less eaten food would predict that the child will live a fulfilling life. Hence the reason why most Savoyards will avoid being gluttonous. Blessings After the celebrations such as the gift-giving and the grand feast. The festivities would end with blessings. A person would then go to a small shrine with many candles and lighten. The idea is each lighten up candle symbolizes a prayer sent to God. A prayer for the child to be blessed with safety in the cruel and sad world, to live a fulfilling life. After each guest does this, they shall all do a large prayer and be escorted out of the house. Savoyard Myths and Practices Besides the traditions which the Savoyards do after the birth of a child, they are also an abundance of myths that a Savoyard believes for a newborn to be comfortable and safe. In this documentation, I will be writing three of these myths and beliefs. Fireplace Many Savoyards have the belief that the cradle of the child should be near a fireplace during the winters or anytime it is cold. They believe that doing so will keep the child warm and their head warms so they will not freeze under the cruel and cold weather. But this method is rarely used anymore considering the warm climate of San Luciano. “The Prince Olivier Laurene” By Lucrezia di Bracchi, Sutica (1822) Light Another myth Savoyards keep to their hearts is lighting up the rooms of their newborns. As the story says, there is a witch named Fuseur d'Ombres who will come from the shadows and take the child from the cradle as when this vile woman was youthful she was accused of witchcraft and adultery while pregnant and burnt at the stake. After this, the woman while burning swore her soul to thy devil. Once this pact was finished, she swore to take any child away from a mother to make them mourn too. But as the story explains, the witch would not be able to touch the light, hence the lighting up the rooms. Scents Savoyards believe that it is important to keep a newborn around scents such as flowers and other calmly smelling items as when the child grows older they will be able to keep good hygiene and know the difference between good and bad hygiene. The scents Savoyard parents will place near the baby’s cradle include lavender and roses Death by Childbirth Whenever there is a tragic event such as a mother dying while giving birth to a child. Most Savoyards believe that the mother could either become a spirit that will protect other mothers while in childbirth if their child had lived when they gave birth, or become an evil spirit that haunts expecting mothers. But, many Savoyards also believe a way to ward off this evil spirit is to pray for luck and health than eating healthy foods such as any vegetable and fruit, then, to stay hydrated. In addition, expecting mothers usually maintain themselves in confinement throughout the third trimester of their pregnancy to avoid perilous or anxious situations. Abandonment A vile and shunned action for all Savoyards is the abandonment of your children. Besides the moral implications of abandoning your child. Many believe that abandoning your child is denying a gift blessed by GOD and aligning yourself with the devil. Traditionally, whenever a Savoyard parent would abandon their child, the people themselves would seek out justice such as sending that parent to a convent to become a nun or monk, which is one of the less harsh punishments. Another action to punish the parent would be to cut off their tongue, legs, or any limb. Sometimes some Savoyards would even kill the parents. Now most modern Savoyards living in San Luciano simply shun the person on the streets or could be arrested and charged with criminal actions. But still, the action of abandonment is very severe. Conclusion After some months of studying within Savoy. I have seen a very interesting viewpoint and an interesting set of traditions for taking care of them and celebrating their newborns. Before closing up this documentation of Savoyard traditions, I’d like to thank the serene courts of Savoy for teaching me the different traditions of celebrating and taking care of the Savoyard newborns. Hopefully, I will be able to publish more of my studies. A print of the coat of arms of House de Ravensburg would be at the bottom of the pamphlet. GOD WITH US Signed Roberta Leopoldine de Ravensburg WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF Her Royal Highness Princess Catherine, Princess Royal of Sutica Hereditary Princess consort of Savoy and Countess of Sarissa Her Highness, Nikita Avreliya von Alstreim Landgravine of Alstreim and Ciambellano of Aggarde
  2. A Savoyard Maiden and Lord in the gardens of the Aggrade Circa 1831 Wisps of sunlight, moreover the blow of warm air, fanfare the arrival of Spring. One might notice the many flowers beginning to bud, their petals unfolding in colours so grand that it almost looks unreal to the descendant's eye. Such impeccability, beauty and elegance they hold. Only one within God's creation can be so pure in his garden. Like many within his garden are his other creations, man. As they grow older, it is almost essential that they find someone that completes them as wholeheartedly and as pure as they are. So their love may blossom and warm them for the following winter. As a degree of Ciambellano of Aggarde, Savoyard civilians and nobility must usher their heirs to this new garden. Upon the households, it is upon the households that in the year of their heirs' fourteenth birthday, they must start looking for prosperous marriages that might uphold their families' values and future. Now, it is not always the easiest feat as a young one to find a companion that is as pure as heart as they might be. But within the next coming years, this shall be changed. The Blossoming of Savoy invites all ages between fourteen and thirty, though anyone unmarried above this age may join as well. These invitees participate in Few months' grand affairs to find a marriage proposal. Within this time, we invite all ladies and gentlemen to interact with one another through events such as balls, tournaments, luncheons, and sporting events. As we must insist on the attendees of the event to attend. All festivities will be open to families and the populace. It is encouraged through these long months that gifts or some sort of token of appreciation to be given to any ladies or gentleman. Allenamento primaverile All With the oversight of The Right Honorable, Lady Joan of Alstion, a small etiquette lesson will be held within the palace throne room. Any question the youth may have will be directed at the court's inner working to help and guide them. As Lady Joan will be conducting all lessons, each guest is suspected to wear their semi-best attire and come well-behaved. Ceremonia de Apertura/ La fioritura All ladies presented must dress in the colour of their chosen flower. Do be cautious upon picking your flower as the petals have many languages that one might speak without the words to say them. These ladies will be presented to the Church and The Royal Household of Savoy. Not only can their peers see their true grace but GOD himself will be able to judge the purity of the ladies. These ladies are expected to wear masks or robes and only address themselves as their flower. Men will be held to a higher standard as they are the very visage of achievement. Though by the views of GOD, they can be reduced to something as impure as a dark mage. When presenting themselves they must be dawned in their coat of arms colours. They are also required to have their own customized sword at the ready. Those who do not attend with the proper attire and items may plummet on social standing, Following the presentation a tournament will be held against all the men, They must use their sword and armour of their house to fight to be the Champion of Savoy. The victor and the chosen flower will commence the ball with the first dance of the evening. This couple will be noted as the purest of heart. Muy Soplo de Primavera Once the Champion and Flower of the Spring have been chosen, the pair will lead the crowd to the ballroom where they are expected to begin the first dance. It is at this point that any lady wearing a mask or robe will start to blossom, shedding her winter coats and revealing the colours of her dress and her visage. With each flower blossoming, the ballroom will become its very own garden where all will dance and mingle. It is recommended that everyone dances with another. Luncheon The attendees are welcomed to come forth for the court scheduled luncheon to converse amongst themselves and partake in games within the Tavern. They can take this time to go off and speak amongst each other. A meal will be provided to break your fast. One of sandwiches, meats, and slow cooked soups. Drinks such as wine and champagne will be at the beck and call of any that ask. The Hunt for Love Within the earlier rises of morn, the horses shall be fed and the dogs will be at flank as all the gentlemen shall begin to prepare their horses. The ladies will be expected to prepare their best woods and trekking gear. All attendees will meet in the square and stables in which both of them will separate. As each male’s title is called, a lady will have the opportunity to become their partner and ‘cheer’ for their selected suitor. Before the hunt begins, each lady will take their flower coloured handkerchief and tie it upon their males arm or weapon to represent immense interest. If any male is not picked, they will receive a penalty and disadvantage on the hunt. The goal of the hunt is to slay the largest game they can find. The ladies will applaud and begin to prepare for the feast, making sure they look presentable. Drinks and snacks will be provided along with games. Knight and Damsel Away from the eyes of the Church, who says we can’t have fun? A simple game of Hostage or Capture the Flag. Groups will split in two, where they must pick their damsel for the other team to hide. The first knight to find their damsel is the winner! Knights hit or tagged must sit waiting to get out of prison. After the game a small drinking competition shall be. Old absinthe shall be drunk in shot glasses, the mystical alcohol having an effect like no other. Heliotropes Ball The Heliotropes Ball is the closing ceremony of the ‘Blossoming of Savoy’! All patriarchs are obligated to attend the ball if their sons and heirs seek to form a courtship. To symbolize a blossoming of love, women are required to dress in green fabrics to represent a seedling ready to bloom. Whilst maidens dress in green, suitors must dress in blue to represent the water to the seedling. Signed, Her Highness, Catherine of Sutica, Hereditary Princess-Consort of Savoy,Countess of Sarissa Her Highness, Nikita Von Alstreim , Princess of Merryweather, Ciambellana of Aggrade The Honorable, Selvia De Orsella, Governess of Aggrade The Honorable, Joan of Alstion, High Ministra of Aggrade SPONSORSHIPS For those in need of supplies or moral support, these local Savoyian businesses are here to help! At their own discretion they may pick one lucky person to support in their endeavours. Summerside Fitness: finest establishment for physical health in the capital! Helping you get fit, so your lady will swoon. Barclay Bargains ™: Bargain, don't beg, for love. Jazloviecki smithy & Tailoring company: Swoon the ladies with the finest swords in Savoy! De sola smithing company : Sollomon dante de sola great great great grandson of Titus de Solas: 250 years of a great ancient Kadreni lineage. Will sponsor your endeavours so you may woo your woman. The invitee list for the first Blossoming: Eligible Bachelors Prince in Savoy, Louis Maxamillian de Savoie Prince of Sutica, Corwin Alexander Baron of Rivera, Cesar II de Rivera Lord William Alstion Lord Guiseppe Emanuele Luigi Fabio Eugenio de Bar Lord Caius Tiberius De Ravensburg Marshal Joseph Brandt Knight Edmond Da Sava Gentry Jan Jazloviecki Gentry Feliks Jazloviecki Gentry Władysław Jazloviecki Suitor Sgt. Bruce Summers Lord Jean di Sarola Lord Reynolt Castile Lord Andronikos Maren Lord Radǔ Mizraji Eligible Bachelorettes Governess Selvia De Orsella High Ministra Joan of Alstion Lady Gabrielle Isotta Maria Prospera de Bar Lady Nikoleta Despina Basrid Lady Melisandra de la Baltas Lady Zofia Jazloviecki Lady Arielle van der Sainte-blandine Lady Roberta de Ravensburg of Sedan Lady Reece Godvia Tuvyic Lady Ostrovina Herzegovina Tuvyic Lady Reza Cesarina Tuvyic Madame Guenda Letizia di Sarola Madame Lucille di Sarola Anyone unmarried may simply speak to one in The court's innerworkings to join!
  3. THE FESTIVAL OF SAINT ADRIAN Copies of the missive would be pinned to notice boards around the Principality of Savoy and Almaris. INTRODUCTION His Excellency the Royal Exchequer of Savoy, Conrad de Falstaff, hereby invites all to the Festival of Saint Adrian this 16th of the Grand Harvest, containing a multitude of festivities and a chance for business owners to present their wares and finest services for a 10 mina fee; this is waived for local Savoyards. Stalls will be scattered over the streets, open for all denizens of the eventful day. TIME AND LOCATION The festival of Saint Tobias will be held in San Luciano in ((Sunday, October 3rd. 4:00 PM EST)) NO REFUNDS ATTRACTIONS The Stalls The Festival will be an open ground for artisans of all trades - and merchants from San Luciano and abroad, to showcase their crafts and ply their wares. A 10 minas admittance fee, for the cost of putting up a stall, is suspended for companies chartered in the Principality of Savoy. Sword in the Stone Contestants will test their strength for 5 minas by attempting to pull an ancient sword, nearly lost to time. Whoever is able to pull the sword from the stone shall keep it and its perhaps mystical properties Apprenticeship Opportunity During the Festival numerous companies will be looking for potential job-candidates. Therefore, merchants and prospective job-hunters are encouraged to find each other during the Festival. EVENTS DURING THE FESTIVAL Grand Regatta As the sun sets over the South Sea, all festival goers will be invited to the Grand Regatta, a partner race around the lagoons of San Luciano for a monetary prize. All are encouraged to participate with an admittance fee of 10 minas to participate. Brawl of St. Adrian A melee will be held for all comers, a chance to demonstrate your mastery at arms to all of Savoy. The winner will walk away with a purse of minas. There will be a sign-up prior to the event, and an admittance fee of 10 minas to participate. MINAS PRIZE Victor of Adrian A Prize amount of 250 Minas A Street shall be named in your honor within San Luciano A Personal commendation from the Prince of Savoy. A Melee weapon of their choosing made by the finest smiths of Savoy. Regatta Winner A Prize amount of 100 Minas A Gilded gondola inscribed with the name of the victor A Personal commendation from the Prince of Savoy. ENTRY SLIP The form attached needs to be filled out and handed in within the next Saint week to obtain a stall or participate in the public events. MC Name: RP Name: Company Name(if applicable): Discord: Will you be participating in the Regatta?: Will you be participating in the Brawl?: Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS FOR BRAWL: Chennster | Augustus King_Kunuk | Ostromir Carrion V Milenkhov | Istvan Hephaestvs | Vladislav of Goza Big_Flopppa | Sylvester Daedalus Quantumatics | Edmond of Sava Venoq | Tuvya of Volsoyva GoodGuyMatt2k | Ernst Barclay REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS FOR REGATTA: Rylothh | Haskir Chennster | Augustus King_Kunuk | Ostromir Carrion V Milenkhov | Istvan Quantumatics | Edmond of Sava Venoq | Tuvya of Volsoyva GoodGuyMatt2k | Ernst Barclay SPONSORS & DONORS OF THE FESTIVAL OF SAINT ADRIAN:
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