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Found 1 result

  1. Slaves and Honouraries of the Uzg (An Orcish Slavemaster, stood over the great mining complex of the Uzg) There seems to be a great deal of misunderstanding when it comes to the concept of both enslavement and honourary RP in the Orcish community, and so it is my hope with this guide to establish a system by which we can all abide. Generally, Slave (Znagah) RP is a very controversial subject, as it can lead to mundane experiences in many cases. People are often keen to find and catch slaves, but don't often know what to do with them past this point. Here I will discuss the process behind catching slaves, the mentality for why we might do it, and how you can create an interesting RP dynamic for your slave. I will also be introducing a new title within the Uzg, so that slave RP can be appropriately controlled. In this thread, I will also discuss the process behind how one becomes an Honourary Orc, as I feel the current process needs much of a reform. So, without further ado, let's get started: Enslavement (Znagah) RP (An Orc Huntsgoth, preparing his hounds for Znagah Hunting) So, the first question, the one that everyone asks. "Why do Orcs catch slaves? Aren't they supposed to follow a code of honour?" Yes, this is true. The Orcs have a strong internal compass of honour, and try to implement this system of thought into their society. However, in the eyes of an Orc, a weak person is a dishonourable person, as they put their civilisation at great risk. Orcs are born to revel in combat, and only the strongest are capable of surviving in their environment. Naturally, they enjoy a challenge, and will often partake in hunting as a means of testing their abilities. If a party of Orcs can walk into a town and take some of the citizens as slaves, the nation is weak. They will often target the strongest of the community, killing off their weak opponents, and taking the slaves and their spoils back to the Uzg. There are many reasons behind why an Orc may take someone as a slave. Perhaps the most pertinent is for the use of sacrifices. Sacrifice (Or not!) (An Orcish Bloodpriest, offering sacrifice to Enrohk) In the Orcish community, Enrohk, the Spirit of Bloodlust, Savagery and War, will only accept offerings of death as tribute. For this reason, many strong enemies are brought before the totem of Enrohk and offered to him, so that he may see for himself the power that the Orcs behold. Depending on the time of the year, and the celebrations that occur, this is done to different levels of severity. In general, only one or two of a Znagah group are called to sacrifice, and are usually among the strongest of the Warriors. Those with more useful skills are put to work in the many labour intensive areas of the Uzg. Usually, as punishment, Znagah are sent to the mines and woodworks in order to pay the debt of their lives back to the Uzg. At any time, a Znagah is free to fight for their freedom; though they are very rarely successful. A slave that is not immediately put to death is assigned to a specific clan, and the profession the clan represents is the one the slave is put to work in. For example, if a slave is thrown to the Raguk clan, then he will spend his time in the Uzg mining and crafting. When Znagah are not working, they are free to roam the Uzg and indeed, the Goi (City) itself. If you are responsible for a Slave, it is generally advised to take them on outings where you can provide a multitude of RP experiences. Expose them to the Spirits, and the vast and interesting method of worship within the Uzg. Perhaps you can use them as a translator for when you pass overseas, and look for trade. Additionally, Znagah are useful for carrying heavy loads. They are not simply punching bags for you to vent your Bloodlust on when you feel bored. Use them effectively, and expose them to the culture you enjoy. However, If a passing Orc decides that he needs the slave for something, he is free to submit them back into labour if they are not being commanded by someone else. The new title I will be implementing into the Uzg is that of the Znagagoth. He or she will be responsible for watching over all Znagah, and can reclaim them from the clans at any point. He is to construct and maintain a working and living area for the many Znagah to inhabit, and is responsible for keeping them in line. Additionally, they watch with a careful eye as the Znagah go about their daily activities. Those with a glimmer of hope may be open to undertaking the intensely brutal trials of becoming an Honourary Orc. Becoming an Honourary (An Honourary Orc, scarred but triumphant) All Honourary Orcs start as Slaves. Whether willing or unwilling, they must go through the basic trials of enslavement in order to prove their worth for the more intense trial system that becoming an honourary involves. The Orcs wish for all to experience the pain and difficulty that their early lives presented to them, in a hope that the outside races will begin to understand their plight. There are two methods by which one may become an honourary. Step One: Approach the Uzg with tribute, express your interest in becoming an honourary and lay down your weaponry as forfeit. You will be instructed to abandon your past. You will be stripped of any semblance of your history, given basic clothing, and your head will be shaven. From here, you must adapt to resemble an Orc. You will be thrown into a clan as a slave, and beaten to within an inch of your life; if indeed, you survive. If you can recover, then you have the internal strength it takes to survive life in the Uzg. The Orcs do not like wasting time, so this first test is a quick and effective one. At this point, you will work and labour as all Znagah do, until such a time that you are called forth. Step Two: Await the fateful day your town is raided, your family is killed, and you are forced into grueling labour. Sounds fun, right? You will be thrown into a clan, and from here, the same process as above begins. As time passes, you will be trialed heavily by the Clan instructed to enslave you. If you survive and surpass these tests, then the Wargoth of the clan you are under may suggest honourary trials to the Znagagoth. The Znagagoth will then approach the slave in question, and perform a number of his own tests in order to assess the worth of the individual. If he or she is deemed worthy, they are brought before the Rex and the small council. They are to address the Rex, and explain their interest in joining the Orcs as an equal. The slave will them be challenged to basic combat, and the outcome of this fight will determine if they may continue. If a Slave is considered unsuitable, they are sent back to their homeland. Once a slave becomes an Honourary, he is an equal within the community. He is entitled to a home, a place in the Krug-hai, and is taught to use Blah. If one is to adopt the life of an Orc, one must do it entirely.
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