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Found 1 result

  1. Elder Scrolls: Shattered Era Story The old man had entered the inn earlier in the day, and sat quietly, nursing his drink, while the bard had played. When the bard took a moment to rest, the man had approached the inn’s owner, asking to tell a tale. The owner saw no harm in letting the old man tell a tale, and so gave permission, so long as it made “Listen closely, all of you. This is no story a man today could claim as truth, but a good story it makes, so I’ll tell it to you now, while our bard takes a rest. “Now, all of you should know the barest of history; that of the Septim Empire, the Aldmeri Dominion, and the war between the two, and the collapse that ended all three, but none of you will know the true cause of that collapse. The Empire, though large, was losing to the Aldmeri Dominion on all fronts. “Imperial Nobles, afraid of losing their positions, and worse, their heads, turned to dark powers to try and gain an upper hand. They approached the Daedric Princes. A deal was struck. I know not what the Princes asked for, but I know what they had been asked. “The nobles had asked the Princes to end the war; to kill anyone who could possible claim some semblance of leadership, and to cripple the Aldmeri Dominion.. Well, once the nobles had completed their end of the agreement, the Daedric Princes completed theirs. They took it further than the nobles had expected though. They killed everyone who could claim leadership in the Aldmeri Dominion, and so they did to the Empire as well. In fact, they went so far as to kill any who held such a claim within Tamriel, from the most northern reaches of High Rock, to the most southern swamps of Blackmarsh. No province was safe.” “This started the end of the fourth era. 40 years past, with the whole of Tamriel in chaos from their leaders falling, and new ones trying to take their places. Now, twenty years ago, some levels of peace actually began. That was the start of the Shattered Era. Now, today, we have finally achieved a level of peace. Each Hold, County, or whatever each leader calls them, have finally been bound to a leader well enough to be claimed. Now, the Shattered Era truly begins. Now, Tamriel can begin to rebuild.” For several seconds after, the inn was silent. Then, a man began to clap, from the back of the inn. The old man bowed, and returned to his seat. A waitress brought him a fresh tankard of ale, on the house, and the bard retired for the night, not feeling capable of following such a story. OOC Information Foreword: Well, here it is, an Elder Scrolls FRP. This is set 70 years after the events of Skyrim, but due to the event I will be calling the ‘World Shatter’, I’ve more or less wiped the slate clean. For those of you hoping this is a Single Player FRP, I’m sorry to disappoint. This is a Nations FRP, in essence. If enough interest is shown for a single player FRP, perhaps I’ll open a Single Player Thread as well, and see if they work together. At this exact point, however, I have no plans to open this as a single player game. Now, onto the actual important stuff. Locations: This game will have you selecting one of the holds/counties/etc. From the map listed below. Certain locations are not actually allowed for the FRP, so below the app you’ll find a list of the tiles, so you can pick a starting location. AP System: AP stands for Action Points. Every time you want to dedicate assets to an action, you spend AP. For example, you could dedicate 1 AP to creating a checkpoint, which would get you wooden barricades, and a squad of new soldiers to watch the road, or you could dedicate 4 AP, and get a stone wall, and a company of veteran soldiers to guard the road. At the very start of the game, everyone will have 4 AP every turn. AP that isn't used, does not carry over to the next post. More AP will be granted over time, when I deem the time to be right. AP will also be granted, on rare special occasions. These occasions will never grant permanent AP. Everyone will have their AP increased at the same time. Anyone who receives AP individually will only have this AP for a temporary duration. At the very start, you will be given four “free” actions, that essentially represents projects you have worked on while solidifying your control in your tile. This allows your county/hold to be more than just a slab of land you just took. Things like building a mine, or searching for interesting things within your county/hold. I suggest PMing these to me, either on the forums, or over skype. This will allow me to work with you. I do not plan on letting anyone waste their “free” actions. Failure to do so will cause you to start out behind the other players. Population: Because it was mentioned above, I’ll talk about populations next. Every tile has a set population at start. You will not be told these populations until you accept your app. You will also not be told whether or not your population is higher or lower compared to others. This is done so you have to actually THINK about your populations, and because that it’s realistic. How dumb would it be if every single tile in the game had the same number of people? Sure, it makes everything a level playing field, but it isn’t realistic. Once your app has been accepted, and you have been told population, you will not be allowed to reapply until the game has actually started, and not if your only reason to leave is because you’re unhappy with your population size. Mages: Mages are traded for your total population. Depending on the tier of the mage, the population cost will be higher. Depending on the tier of the mage, the number of magic schools they can use will be expanded. Needless to say, mages can also train, to move up in tiers. Below is a tier list for all mages. For sake of ease, we will be using the schools of Magic from Skyrim; Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, and Restoration. For the purpose of Enchanting, however, we will be using the Oblivion system of Enchanting; Essentially, the mages known schools control what enchantments they can apply. Novice: 1 School, 5 Population Apprentice: 2 Schools, 10 Population Adept: 3 Schools, 25 Population Expert: 4 Schools, 50 Population Master: 5 Schools, 100 Population Also, it probably doesn’t need to be said, but I’ll say it anyways. People of higher tiers, are stronger than those of lower tiers. A novice will never beat a master. It will not happen. Due to my experience with the Elder Scrolls games, I’ve discovered a few different spells that are not commonly seen in the actual Elder Scrolls series; Long Range Teleportation, Short Range Teleportation, Time Stopping (Actual Time Stopping, Not Time Slowing like the Shout) and Astral Projection, and Illusionary Clones. These particular spells have established systems. Time: Each Modpost will be half a year, to allow for quick passage of time. Populations will be updated every two years, to allow moderate growth. NPC Tiles: Every single tile has an NPC controlling it. Each other tile will grow with you, with wealth, populations, etc. They each have their own personalities, and may not be willing to work with you, due to certain prejudices, and requirements you have yet to meet. Races: In the interest thread, I mentioned a desire to have racial bonuses; since then, I have decided to remove this idea, because a nord mage has as much potential as an Altmer one, and a breton warrior can go toe to toe with an Orsimer. As such, within your App, there is a section where you need to mention what races you do and do not have in your tile. This is not optional. It gives me an idea on how you’ll interact with each and every race, and the NPCs. The only races that can be used are the playable races from the game. Altmer, Argonian, Bosmer, Breton, Dunmer, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Orsimer, and Redguard. Heroes: This wouldn’t be Elder Scrolls, if it didn’t have Heroes. Heroes are people totally independent from the tiles. They travel freely, and help those they want to help. They explore dungeons, fight monstrous creatures, and protect (or extort) the innocent. Each hero has their own personality, and their own abilities. Some are mages, and warriors, while others are scholars with information few others could have. Heroes is a very loose term. Rather than people who always do the right thing, they’re people with exceptional capabilities, that do as they see fight. Much like the main characters of the games, they seem to always become more powerful, and can eventually become extremely powerful enemies, or extremely dangerous enemies. Skype Chat: I do not plan on creating an actual Skype chat for this FRP. Instead, I will simply leave my Skype here, so anyone can contact me with questions, comments, etc. and so I can be added to any RP interactions between players, so I can keep an eye on them. Should someone else choose to create a skype chat, they are free to add me themselves. My Skype: Rivorrar Suggestions: Within the app, you will notice that details about your leaders are not required, beyond name and race. However, for those of your interested in writing details, certain things are helpful to know, such as the star sign your character was born under (No actual bonuses), their age, family members, history, etc. Application * is Required Skype: *Selected Tile: *Leader(s) Name: Race: Leader(s) Details: *Faction: (Name and History) Faction Flag: *Racial Composition: (Does your factions consist of Dunmer, Altmer, Bosmer, and Orsimer? Argonians and Imperials? Nords, Bretons, and Redguards?) Acceptable Tiles Cyrodil Bruma Chorrol Skingrad Cheydinhal Bravil Kvatch Anvil Leyawiin Imperial City Skyrim Solitude Morthal Dawnstar Winterhold Windhelm Whiterun Markarth Falkreath Riften Morrowind Solstheim Ald’Ruhn Balmora Narsus Blacklight Necrom Almalexia Tear Blackmarsh Stormhold Thorn Gideon Helstrom Archon Blackrose Soulrest Lilmoth Elsweyr Riverhold Orcrest Rimmen Corinth Torval Senchal Dune Valenwood Arenthia Falinesti Silvenar Woodhearth Greenheart Elden Root Southpoint Haven Hammerfell Rihad Taneth Skaven Gilane Sentinel Elinhir Dragonstar Hegathe High Rock Daggerfell Camlorn Sharnhelm Northpoint Wayrest Evermor Farrun Jehanna Summerset Isles Firsthold Skywatch Cloudrest Lilandril Alinor Sunhold Shimmerene Dusk