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  • Greetings applicant!


    This page will aid you through the Lord of the Craft’s application process, offering a clean-cut, easy to follow guide on how to be accepted! If you have yet to sign up for an account on our forums, you should do so now!


    A video has been made for players who want to read less and watch more. It'll go through the steps of applying and how to get started on our server. Please take time to watch it and follow the steps below. After the video is a short guide on how to apply and links to where you need to go.


    Application Video


    The application process is very simple, and involves two stages:




    I. Writing your application!

    The application format can be found here. After reading the page (as it contains all the application rules) you may copy the format and paste it to a new topic in the application submissions forum. To create a new topic, select the “Start New Topic” box, which is located on the application submission forum here:




    You are also required to log on the server at least once before applying, as we can only whitelist accounts which have logged in before. Our IP is mc.lotc.co.


    Remember, read the server rules and look at the Lotc Wiki! The Wiki serves as an excellent resource for Lore information, which is vital for your server application!


    Click here to goto the Rule list - It lists all of our in-game rules!


    Click here to goto the Wiki - It’ll suggest topics for new players!


    As a personal suggestion for your application- make sure to to be original, and don’t overly flare your character up! Hold modest ambitions going in, and develop them when you begin playing LotC.




    II. Application review and verdicts!

    Within 12 hours, your application will be reviewed by a member of the Application Department who will give one of three verdicts:



    ACCEPTED - This means that your application has been approved and you are a member of the server. However, you must wait for an Application Moderator, Global Moderator, or an Administrator to whitelist you so you can begin playing.


    PENDING - If you receive this verdict, it means that you have to make a few changes to your application before you can be accepted to the server. Make all the changes requested in the post below your application and ‘private message me’ the Application Department member who reviewed it within 24 hours to be accepted.


    DENIED - Unfortunately, your application wasn’t able to be accepted due to it containing too many errors or faults (which will be listed in the post below your application). You will be able to apply once more after the time period the AD verdicts expires, so don’t lose hope!


    Hopefully you’re soon whitelisted, which means you can start playing straight away, and enjoy all the server has to offer! There’s also a new player guide to help you get started in-game, which can be found here. If you have any additional questions regarding the application process, an AD member can assist you through private messages.


    When you're whitelisted, you finally get to go and find that role-play! However, being new and all, you might have difficulty finding a group that your character's race or personality meshes well with. Fear not! For AD members are here to help you! If you do /atlist , you'll be able to see what application team members are around to help! Additionally, in game, we have a tag* that is pink colored, so that we may be distinguished among other players.