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  • Rules: Yes
    Referral: PC Gamer
    Discord: DarkWolf#6525
    How do you avoid powergaming in roleplay?: It is using real life knowlegde of the game to make decisions for your character.
    How does metagaming disrupt fair roleplay?: breaking the laws of physics or common sense within actions
    Status: Accepted

I look up at the the kind man with weary eyes. “well, I guess I’m just trying to survive and see new things’’. I fidget with my fingers to try to ease my nerves. “ I’m truly sorry but I must be on my way I have to find an inn before the sun goes down’’. I walk away swiftly with the intent to check out the shops after I settle down and take a much needed nap.


Character Name: Chirr'ker
Character Race: Wood Elf
Character Gender: Female
Character Age: 21
Physical Description: She has green eyes, dark red hair with a dark brown complexion. She is 5'6 and she is very fit. She wears a huntress outfit with a red scarf.
Screenshot of Skin:

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Ayo! Thank you for applying to Lord of the Craft. After reviewing your application,

I’ve picked out a few things that may need to be changed to pass our application process.


You have 24 hours to edit on the following changes.

  • Your definition for Powergaming is incorrect. Please review the page on Metagaming and Powergaming

  • Your backstory requires at least ten sentences and at least two direct lore references. The name of the realm is not considered a lore reference, neither is the name of a race nor a year. You can refer to the server’s Wikia Page for support.


Make sure to check out the New Player Guide, and when you have made the changes, 

feel free to contact me through discord at @mightbepan#9864 or shoot me a PM over the forums.

 If you require further assistance, contact me or any Community Staff Member found 

in our Discord.

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Welcome to Lord of the Craft!  

I sincerely hope you enjoy your time here. After I set your

 application to accept, a bot should automatically whitelist you onto the server.

 If there is an issue with your white-enlistment please contact me on

 discord at @mightbepan#9864.

 If you would like any guidance or help in-game, contact me or any Community Staff Member 

and ask for a Wilven Monk for assistance with  LoTC with the following command.

 If you happen to need any assistance upon joining, run the command /creq followed

with any questions or concerns you may have. 

/creq Hi, I’m a new player, and I need help. Can I get a Wilven Monk?

  • We encourage new players to join our Discord so that you can meet current players and ask our Community Team any questions you currently have.

  • It’s also very helpful to read the New Player Guide to help you on your travels. This guide contains prevalent and detailed information about roleplay and other mechanics of the game.

  • As an additional bonus, as per your character’s race, check out your race’s nations on  Nations and Major Charters, we also encourage you to check out our Settlement Guides for other places you may be interested in.

 Should you require any further assistance at any time in the future, 

contact me on discord at @mightbepan#9864. You may issue a /creq [message] 

on the server to open a Community Staff Ticket.

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