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    Changed “Wishes that the sun ceases to exist” to “Fares poorly in open sunlight”.
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    Hruan sought one goal even as a beardling, a singular ideal that has given him drive to push himself to the brink of death multiple times. The creation of a fortress that cannot be penetrated by man or god, a true throne to his personal testament of power. Leaving his home of Urguan with the well wishes of both his mother and father, the dark dwarf wishes to travel across the world to seek strange objects and rare supplies that can push him further towards this nigh-unobtainable goal. While a not very effective architect, Huran has dedicated much of his time mastering unconventional engineering for self-defense, deviating from the path of arcana to instead focus on practical methods of dispatching his foes. This extends to his personal philosophy, maintaining a less devoted mindset to the Brathmordakin while still keeping them relatively close to heart.
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