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  1. southgamez


    I don’t think that your server is made for me, if you can’t accept my Red eyes and you don’t have enough information in fantasy to know that the title demon lord is given to those who have enough power to claim it, and that I never stated I had such title. so in conclusion the only thing that you can say is that I did not include your lore, and thank you for reviewing my application -southgamez
  2. southgamez


    My Character was born between a Human female named Linda and the Demon Lord Ajax as a father. Both of my parents are human, but my father is the most powerful human, that is how he got the title of Demon Lord, my father one told me anyone can receive the title of Demon Lord through hard work and training. my quest since then has been to rise up to the top and earn the same title as my father. But in recent years, my father has been chased by the God’s to exact revenge for deifying the Heavens, when he thought he was safe from danger he was killed by the God of the Fire. And now I am alone with it being just me and my Mother, how will I survive in this world and keep my mother safe from the God’s, I have my Fathers blood running through my veins, and now the God’s are after me and my Mother as well.
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